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The Phillies 6th round pick, Steven Inch has signed. Inch is a 18 year old RHP from Edmonton, Alberta and was at Citizens Bank Park last night.

In Lakewood last night, Matthew Way made his Class A debut and pitched well, going 7 innings and giving up just 1 earrned run, while striking out 9.  Anthony Gose stole his 59th and 60th bases for the BlueClaws.  Jason Knapp returned to Lakewood as a member of Lake County, but is still on the DL and won’t pitch this series.

In the 20 run effort by Williamsport last night both Anthony Hewitt (3-5,3r, hr, 3rbi) and Zach Collier (4-6, 2r- 3b, 4RBI) had very impressive nights.  Josh Zeid (4-3) threw 6 shutout innings.

Jason Anderson’s efforts in relief for Lehigh Valley deserve note.  In 26 appearances the 30 year old Anderson has gone 0-1 with a 2.41 ERA and 4 saves.  Opponents are hitting just .192 against him , .172 with RISP.  His WHIP is 0.93 for Lehigh Valley.  In his last 10 appearances, he gave up runs on only one occasion for a 1.46 ERA.

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  1. Way had something like 11 ground balls to 4 fly balls. It looked like it was a really solid outing.

    The Staten Island pitchers who gave up the 20 runs – one was a HS kid who looks like he’s had a rough go of it so far and the other was a 4 yr college guy who had been pretty strong in his previous outings.

  2. Way did very very well. Can’t wait to go out and see him in person. I”m very optimistic on him since he’s moved this quick so far.

    Remember Knapp signed early last year as well, played well in the GCL (as did Way) but didnt’ move up to Lakewood until this year. If he can step into Knapp’s shoes that would be great!

  3. Wow Gose, looks like he is a burner of the future, Maybe one day when Charlie realizes Rollins (type) is not a leadoff guy this kid can be the man, We shall see. 60 is a lot of stolen bases

  4. Way is a college kid so his quick move shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Word is his FB tops out at 90 (not a problem if he spots it well). As Knapp was a high school power arm I don’t really think they are at all similar. Though it is good to see this draft already bearing some fruit!

  5. read his blog also. I thought it was great. With his site and Schwimmer posting here we all get super knowledge into the lower minors.

  6. There was a Paul Hagen article on Philly.com about Gump’s blog as well. Should blow it up a bit.

  7. Havent chimed in since before the deadline. LOVED the Lee trade, just flat out brilliant. The Indians got guys who are mostly MLB ready to provide young, cheap playing time next season plus the high-risk high-upside guy in Knapp. Francisco is a good utility OF and RH Pinch Hitter to have on the roster. Lee is the dominant elite groundball pitcher they needed. Ever since he turned his career around he has become a groundball, command pitcher. So many of his K’s are just from locating the fastball for a third strike and running it back over the edge of the plate.

    Meanwhile, signing some of these high upside over slot draft picks they have seems like it has worked well so far. I hope they can land Colvin as well, but I REALLY like some of their picks already coming into the fold here. I dont think they will sign Kyrell Hudson, but thats ok because they signed Stewart and Dugan.

    Also, Matthew Way could be a major league ready starter by the end of 2010 but most likely will be left in teh minors to compete for the 2011 rotation out of Spring Training. Reminds me of Happ but with more K’s.

  8. Dugan 3 for 3 today with 2 doubles. He batted 2nd today which I don’t believe is where they have usually had him. Good results.

  9. DO u think Colvin is the most important sign or is getting Stewart and Susac, along with Singleton enough? I hate to sound like Yankee greed but I want then all

  10. Colvin is the most talented and most important sign of this draft but if they end up getting Stewart and Susac I won’t complain.

  11. I agree. I like to keep grades in schools but I have to say that I would give the Phils an “A” for this years draft. Last years draft seemed worthy of an A++. Like the team got a 105 on the test. With and an extra 5 as extra credit. This year may not equal last year but still on an “A” level

  12. Also have a decent game besides Dugan, Julian Sampson.
    A light at the end of the tunnel,maybe.
    The Rosenberg thing is getting serious. They need to move him and schwimer up to get a better reading even is it isn’t closer.
    note: Believe it or not Cisco is tied for about 13 in wins for the league.

  13. Blurb on ESPN.com

    Sleeper alert!

    Sebastian Valle, C, Phillies (short-season Williamsport)
    Tuesday’s stats: 2-for-3, 2B, R, 2 RBI, K
    Signed out of Mexico in 2007, Valle began the year in the South Atlantic League, but at 18 he was simply overmatched in a full-season league, batting just .217 with one home run in 41 games. The Phillies brought him back to extended spring and made some adjustments in his swing, and he’s been one of the New York-Penn League’s best since reporting to Williamsport, batting .352/.382/.624. His fantastic bat speed and projectable power excite scouts, but his defensive reviews are a bit troubling, with many wondering if he can stay behind the plate long-term.

  14. That was on ESPN? I love that all of their baseball related content that is actually worth reading is stolen from other sources.

    That was originally a BP blurb.

  15. Brian Rosenberg with another scoreless outing today: 2 IP, H, 3 SO. He’s now got a .89 ERA on the year to go along with some very impressive peripherals: 65 SO vs. 10 BB, 37 H, 0 HR, 1.13 GO/AO, .200 AVG, 19 SV, 50.1 IP. I was pretty high on drafting him out of Louisville as a reliever despite his relative lack of experience. I was wondering if anyone has seen him pitch this year and can answer a couple questions for me. What’s the velocity looking like on his fastball? It was clocked at 95-96 MPH at times while at Louisville, but many believed he could throw it effectively at 97-98 MPH. His slider was only average at Louisville, but again there was word that with his outstanding mechanics and plus control that he could develop it into an out-pitch. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  16. I’m still convinced BA simply made a serious typo not placing him in their preseason top 30. He was in the GCL Top 20 prospects, but not listed at all in the book (even in the prospect depth chart which goes beyond 30).

  17. Alan, Valle was actually prospect number 31 for the Phillies in the Baseball America top 30. They released the extra scouting report when you ordered the prospect handbook. I don’t agree with that personally, but they did not make a typo.

  18. Jon, I know they included him in the supplement (which I indeed ordered). But every other #31 was at least listed on their minor league depth charts. For the Phillies’ catchers they listed Marson (3), d’Arnaud (7), Naughton, JC Rodriguez and Gosewisch. The supplement was printed later, and I got the impression that BA at least wanted to include a write-up on Valle.

  19. Also his other 3 outs are all GB’s. He must be just destroying them with that fastball.

  20. i am starting to turn into a true believer on the schwimlocity theory. Happ has 10 strike outs tonight and 9 of them were a swinging 3rd strike. honestly, there is no way he should be getting that many swings and misses with a fastball that sits 90-91. four strike outs in the last 3 innings of a complete game. there is something not normal about that for a guy who doesn’t throw that hard. and most of them are on fastballs.

    great game to an alumni of the pharm. Rookie of the year!

  21. cheese It took you this long to believe your eyes. Not that I am trying to be a smart guy but stats are only part of the story.
    I have been saying that Happ’s Reading stats told the story.
    Two HRs in half a year in that stadium.
    Too bad he was injured in 2007 3x.

    BTW 127 pitches seemed a little too much. Stick the complete game it means nothing.

  22. Gene Conley pitched for the 1959 team went 12-7. I could never see how he got guys out, Average speed etc. He was the first I remember with “Schwimlocity.

  23. two more shutout innings for matheison

    im really wondering if hes gonna be a contributer to the bullpen by september. he looks awesome

  24. “BTW 127 pitches seemed a little too much. Stick the complete game it means nothing.”

    CG’s mean teh bp gets a nite off. NO one can prove that there is a difference between 100 and 127 pitches in terms of how it effects a pitcher’s arm

  25. It was 127 pitches but he didn’t have any real high-stress innings so it isn’t a big deal. Studies indicate that its almost more about that one bad inning than 15-20 more pitches in a single overall outing. Considering UC rarely leaves a guy out there over 110, he and Dubee must be confident in his arm to leave him there. I trust their judgment on it as they don’t have a bad reputation for hurting guys (you know, like Dusty Baker).

  26. “Gene Conley”

    I don’t know if that is an example you want to be using, considering where his career went after that year. 🙂

    Seriously, Conley is exhibit A of why people are sceptical of Happ. There is the optimistic take on Happ (my take as well!) – that he has shown that he is better than he looked in the minors, and is likely to be a good 3 rather than a back of the rotation starter. Then there are the pessimists who think he is going to regress to a back of the rotation pitcher, and … all alone, except for Happ’s mom, nowheels who thinks he is going to keep pitching to a sub 3.00 era!!!!

    Oh, and Reading 2006 – that really says it all about nowheels’ lack of appreciation of the concept of sample size, doesn’t it? Yes, 2 HR in 12 games in Reading that year – and 9 HR in 13 games in Clearwater, the same year.

    All that said, great game today – and I hope the Phillies don’t move him to the pen for the rest of the year. Though I can understand why they might, given the circumstances.

  27. I mean, to elaborate, I’m perfectly willing to believe that there are aspects of Happ’s “stuff” that aren’t reflected in common evaluation metrics (velocity, location, quality of his secondary pitches). Whatever you want to call it. That’s why I’m optimistic enough to think he will likely be a 3 rather than a 4 or 5. But that won’t make him an ace, unless he somehow manages to dramatically improve his peripherals.

  28. The difference is that Happ has learned how to pitch. He commands the fastball, locates it in, out, up, down. Moves it all around, changing the hitter’s eye level before going offspeed as well. Happ is a major league 3-4 starter with some possible room for improvement over that. Ive heard Happs fastball called the invisiball because of the way he cuts it a little bit and runs it back as well. Thats what all the great ones do. Cliff Lee, Hamels when hes on, Maddux, etc. They cut the fastball, run it, come up to change the eye level but mostly keep the ball down and induce lots of double plays. They are thinking men up there not just some fireballer. Thats what Moyer is too but he doesnt have any velocity and therefore has NO room for error at all.

  29. Hey guys FYI its not a good idea to wear a knockoff shirt at the game, my friend bought one outside the gate and wore it inside. Sometime in the middle innings when we were at brewerytown the usher came over and said you can’t wear a shirt that says WORLD PHU****ING CHAMPIONS on it. He then proceeded to state that my friend and I could not be served after my drinks were poured. Just a heads up

  30. link

  31. A couple of thoughts on Happ.

    First, of all, having him throw 127 pitches when the team is winning 7-0 is just stupid. Nobody knows when the pitches becomes so numerous that it creates short or long-term problems, but 127 is a lot of pitches in a near blow-out. He’s a nice young pitcher, why risk his health? It seems like an unnecessary gamble to me.

    As for his ability, I see Happ settling in as a solid number 3 guy on a good team. That’s much better than he projected to be a few years ago. He’s intelligent, has a number of pitches and has some legit. “schwimlocity.” They were wise not to trade him and they’d be nuts to take him out of the rotation right now. I love Jamie Moyer, but I don’t give a damn about hurting his feelings right now – he’s 46 and he’s making his cash. He’s got nothing to complain about. Happ is doing too well to pull from the rotation.

  32. Man, glad we didn’t trade DomOnic Brown. That was a freakin bomb he hit tonight.

  33. Another angle on how stupid it was to leave Happ out there for 127 pitches,is that the bullpen needed work. On July 22
    Eyre went 2 innings . Since then no one but the mop up guys has gone more than one inning. This can not be defended because there is no reason except a silly old time stat.
    I would like to see Happ get an extra days rest with the Pedro
    Larry Conley was JUST a personal musing. Please get a hobby.

  34. Martinez, Myers, Mathieson, Durbin, Romero, Condrey all will come back to this roster in the next few weeks. I hope the Phils have time to properly evaluate and place them accordingly. This will be a tough call. I love Moyer and what he brings to the team, but his stuff is short and a tough strike zone or a disciplined offense make life miserable for him. I think he has to be the odd man out. I am not sure where that would leave him.

  35. Darren Byrd, 22-yr-old in Clearwater has been outstanding over his past 4 starts. His K/9 and BB/9 don’t look good, but he should get a shout out for 23 innings of one-run ball.

  36. i guess mr. happ got lucky again last night. i was at the game, as usual, and if you were there you know why they didn,t take him out. dont worry about 127 pitches, the kids made of iron. i explained a year ago how he pitched, fastball just close enough to be a strike but out of the zone. impossible to lay off. now with his slider and change up he that much better. maybe his fip and babip will catch up with him. hell be in the rotation, the phils have shown they want to win.

  37. Don’t know if you guys saw it but Please check out the video of Domonic Brown on readingphillies.com, they have his homerun and him freaking throwing an absolute laser to third to gun a guy.

  38. btw with apoligies to anyone i forget, no wheels was the only other guy with consistant belief in happ. for happ to regress would be extemely hard since his success is not based on conventional ” stuff”. he would have to lose the ability to move move the ball in and out, up and down. which is basically impossible to ” get a book” on. take away the names on the backs of the jerseys and who are your 4 best. lee, hamels, blanton and happ. i have little confidence in martinez or moyer. let moyer continue to start since he would be a horrible relief pitcher( he gives up his runs early) and martinez a shot at long relief. if pedro doesnt like it, goodbye. and i have a feeing myers will be our closer. i had no idea brown was so thin but he sure looks good. rickey b. did you go? if so any comparisons between him and taylor?

  39. Happ-127 pitches. I heard on a broadcast one time the talk of Jim Palmer, in his 3rd MLB game threw something like 160 pitches, maybe 180. He did not collapse into a puddle after that.

    I will re-evaluate the Happ as a starter thing. I think they should , they might , maybe they will go with a jerry-rigged 6 man rotation in which Moyer and Pedro Martinez can be spot started on a recurring basis, according to the performance of the other 4. All of the reflexive hand wringers need not fret, because Cliff Lee or any other starter can still be pitched as if in a 5 man rotation, if need be according to their performance.

    I also think some of the stats-history-tendencies crowd should re-evaluate Happ The deception and pitchability has elevated the status and potential. That other stuff is meaningless. It is like an Eagles-Giants NFLgame comes on TV and the announcer bloviates about the historical series record between the 2 teams, when none of the players from 1939 and such are still active.

    Brown- why don’t they just change it to “Demonic” and be done with it? Domonic Brown and Tim Kennelly both had improvements in their hitting output in the Reading game. Both also committed errors. That might be the source of some of the blah-blah-blah about the Martinez “collapse” in the 6th inning.

    Kelly Dugan- 3 for 3 with 2 doubles in GCL. With the steady playing time he might be a candidate to go to Lakewood at the start of next season.

    Santana has very recently seemed to cut down on the strikeouts . It is good that he has maintained a decent batting average with the percentage of strikeouts per official at bat.

    Julian Sampson- The line I seen said he started the game, went 3 innings , and the number of hits and walks ccmbined was 6. That’s an average of 2 baserunners per inning. What’s that light at the end of the tunnell? The light of an oncoming train?

    Matt Way still listed as catcher on Lakewood roster.

  40. marfis Says:

    Happ-127 pitches. I heard on a broadcast one time the talk of Jim Palmer, in his 3rd MLB game threw something like 160 pitches, maybe 180. He did not collapse into a puddle after that.
    That my friend was a long time ago. This is almost an exact
    duplicate of the Jason Vargas situation with the Marlins except Happ is over 25 years old but then again he was hurt three times 2007. I could list many names in this era damaged
    by over pitching for whatever reason. Happ should get an extra days rest and hopefully a rainout.
    Btw That was a comparative light with a weak cell.

    It would of been so easy for Ruben to give in and trade
    the big guys. Assuming they get a couple new players in trade or free agency, next year’s team could be the best in
    Phillies history

  41. 127 pitches really isn’t that many. Not if there aren’t any big innings. It was a very easy 127 pitches. UC is notorious for pulling guys right around 100-110 pitches…if he was fine with Happ staying out there, so am I.

  42. Here’s a couple of notes on former Phillies AAA Lehigh Valley farmhands:

    Justin Lehr also pitched a 4 hit complete game shutout for the Reds last night. Mike Koplove was traded by the Pirates To Seatlle for Class A Short Stop , Deybis Benitez.
    Mistakes-maybe- I think most would have made the moves when they unloaded these players. Minor so far. Gillick made a mistake or two last season. I think the subsequent moves since then will give a greater result.

  43. ah, I see the “i-told-you-so boys” are in full crow this morning.

    Another great outing by Mr Happ, who certainly deserves to remain in the rotation for the forseeable future. Let Moyer/Pedro share the 5th spot based on oppenent.

    As for his long-term prognosis, I’m still in the wait-n-see camp until he starts facing some of these opponents for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time…

  44. Over Happ’s (albeit short) career, batters (not named Beltran) haven’t him him better the 2nd or 3rd time around. Happ doesn’t pitch to contact and rely on strong defensive play the way Kyle Kendrick during in his successful stretch; he misses bats and makes adjustments as needed. I wasn’t always a believer, but Happ won me over and seems to keep proving his doubters wrong. The league isn’t catching up with him; he’s pitched better in every start.

  45. 3up since happ has to virtually be lefty grove to meet with the approval of many on this site i told you so is only natureal. and yet the caveats continue. maybe a happ has proven many of us wrong wouls show a touch of humility. as for facing teams a 2nd 3rd time it wont matter since the thing that makes him successful is his ability to PITCH not win with great stuff. you can face a pitcher 10 times and if you have no idea what he,s going to throw it wont matter, and if you do know you wont know where it,s going. as for martinez a great accomplishment striking out 11 in 6 innings. i think moyer could do that. i mean pedro,s only a 1st time hof,er., youd think he do as much. and brown seems to be the more natural athelete between him and brown.

  46. Happ must have had a major adrenalin rush in the ninth inning. Did anyone else notice that the last (called) strike in the botttom of the ninth to Tulowitzki was 94 mph on the gun?

  47. Mr. Happ deserves what is coming to him. This game is a struggle for all especially young guys. He never complained when they said he was a starter and put in relief a day or two later.etc.
    If he can improve (watch Mad Dog movies) he should be a mainstay for years. But if they do put him in relief I doubt if he will say a word.

  48. It’s funny how there has been no drama recently and here comes John with snarky comments again…

    1. No one said Happ was a terrible pitcher.
    2. Stop acting like such a matyr.

  49. joe, thats like the pot calling the kettle black. i fail to see my snarky comment but i do see ” i see the i told you so boys again. since theres nothing to criticize about happ the snarky comments seem to be directed towards his supporters. btw where did i say anyone said happ was terrible? and i fail to see where i,ve proclaimed my martyrdom. please dont fabricate things joe .

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