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OF Dominic Brown, SS Freddy Galvis, and P Scott Mathieson were all activated from the disabled list by Clearwater, giving their roster a much needed jolt.  Onto the disabled list went SS Jesus Villegas Andino, P Julian Sampson  and C Orlando Guevara.

C Tim Kennelly homered in his first game behind the plate for Reading, while Jeremy Slayden continued swinging his hot bat since his demotion back to AA.  Slayden is hitting .375 with 7 homers since being sent down, seeing time mostly at DH. It was a rough outing for Kyle Drabek in the Reading loss, allowing 5 earned runs in 6 innings.

Another “under the radar” name in Lakewood is second baseman Harold Garcia.  Garcia,  22, is hitting .292 with 7 HR and 43 RBI for the BlueClaws, to go along with an impressive 29 SB, and .325 avg. with RISP.

Carlos Carrasco on the mound in Game Two tonight for Lehigh Valley in their doubleheader, looking to get on track after a disappointing first half.


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  1. I’ve always thought that Slayden will end up in the majors as an extra outfielder and pinch hitter. His performance in AA this year has convinced me this is so. It’s too bad he’s not another year down the line in his development as we could sure use the type of bat he’s swinging in Reading coming off the big league bench. It’s really unclear if Mayberry can remain in that role and be productive.

  2. That Garcia is flying so far under the radar is a testament to Chase Utley’s talent and popularity. Playing the same position as the unquestioned mvp of the Phillies (if not the NL) will tend to make people forget about you.

    Those are excellent stats ,though, and I always wondered who that guy leading off ahead of Anthony Gose for most of the season was. Was he an international FA signing?

  3. Jeremy Slayden is a two tool player. He can hit and hit with power. That was very evident in last night’s game when he lined a homer to left and doubled on the line to right but with better wheels could have been on third. Later on a fly ball to him in medium left field the runner on third tagged and scored easily as his weak throw bounced to the cutoff man to the left of the mound.

  4. Julian Sampson with a start in the GCL today. Probably to try and get his confidence back.

  5. Yeah, Garcia was signed as a free agent in 9/04 and played in the Venezuelan Summer League in 2005. As far as Slayden goes, he is a defensive liability. I personally would be surprised to see him still with the organization come next year. He was Rule 5 exposed this year, not taken, and then demoted from AAA.

  6. I’ll start to get excited about Garcia was he’s in a more age appropriate league.

  7. I’m watching the clearwater game on TV. My thoughts.

    Dominic Brown is huge ! He looks real good up at the plate. sweet swing.

    Naylor has decent stuff. Low 90s fastball and a slow curve. Missed his spots a lot.

    Galvis looks raw at the plate.

    Durant can really pick it at 1st.

    These kids hack at anything. 1st or 2nd pitch and bam ! they swing.
    I’ve only been watching since the 5th inning though.

  8. I see Marson is over 300 now. He seems to be starting to replicate last years performance. I would like to see some more power, but you can’t ask to much from your catcher. I just hope he continues to develop his defense.

    Also I found this interesting. The people here should get this pretty quick, but can anyone name these two players? 🙂

    Player A.

    AVG.- .281
    R- 56
    H- 93
    2B- 20
    3B- 8
    RBI- 34
    SO/BB 73/20

    Player B.

    AVG.- .277
    R- 38
    H- 86
    2B- 22
    3B- 3
    RBI- 48
    SO/BB 75/23

    Player A is 7 months younger and they both play in the same league(minors of course).

  9. I really hope Scott can make it back. It’ll make a great story.

    Thanks for the update on Taylor.

    How is a 22 year old under the radar? Isn’t he old for Lakewood?

  10. Michael Schwimer just struck out 5 of the 6 hitters he faced. He has a power fastball with inconsistent off speed. His off speed was either a hanger or a nasty one. 3 of the 5 k’s were on fastballs.

  11. Player A is Gose and Player B is Tim Beckham, its always nice to see Gose outperform the #1 overall pick in the draft so far

  12. Not only is Harold Garcia old for his level, he has 16 walks in 356 plate appearances. I don’t see a reason to get excited about him at this point.

  13. Very good PGD. It’s very impressive to see. Both guys are still pretty raw, but you can see Gose potential. I also don’t think he’s a future Bourne. He should hit for more power once he starts to incorporate his lower half(I’m assuming he’s not).

    Also 50 SB’s to 7 for Beckham(8 CS).

  14. Taylor has a single and his first AAA homer, a laser to right field, in the 2nd game of tonight’s DH. Carassco is pitching quite well in that game also, no runs, 3 hits after 5 innings. He has a good breaking ball tonight and is throwing a lot of them.

  15. You know Taylor was mad at that AAA o-fer and was going to take it out on someone. He’s going to be an awesome player when he gets to the bigs.

    Carrasco needs to maintain his aggressiveness and his talent will come to the fore.
    I’m anxious to see both of them at the next level.

  16. Well Beckham has 4 HR’s to Gose’s 1 and I think Beckham’s power potential is what made him the draftee that he was. Gose has been a surprise so far, but we’ll see what happens in 3 years, haha.

  17. why is it that 1000000% of the time someone here posts a pitcher giving up 0 runs thru whatever amount of innings, the very next inning is always a minimum of a 3 spot….lol

  18. I’ve noticed that trend which is why I didn’t post anything about Carrasco’s game.

  19. Joe, I would take Beckham every time. That’s the reason he was the number 1 pick. I just found it kind of interesting. 4-1 homeruns really isn’t to big of a difference, but I understand what you are saying.

    I watched The Leigh game tonight on TV. Carrasco clearly has 1/2 stuff.

    Here’s my uneducated report.

    The pros

    His new slider is now a very good pitch(above average, maybe plus), which he only added in ST(Dubee). He still has a great curve and a good changeup(didn’t throw it much(the one I did see was perfect). His fastball was in the 92 range.

    I did like him working his way out of some jams.

    The cons

    Didn’t have great command. In fact at one time he threw two curves at the batter. After he got out of the way of the first one, the next one hit him. When ever he missed, it seemed to be mechanical. I don’t know if it’s where he is landing or he’s trying to aim it.

    He needs to be more aggressive. I know it is said a lot, but it is true. He seems to just be out there unsure of himself. Confidence is a huge factor for a pitcher and he seems to lack it a little. I mostly like pitchers that are low key, but I would prefer to see him get pumped up. In his final inning of work he was not only missing his spots with his fastball, but it dipped down to 88 with no movement. That’s why they hit those homeruns. It almost looked like he didn’t want to be out there. To his credit he was able to get through the inning.

    Final thoughts

    I’ve met him in Reading a couple of times and he is a great guy. If he’s with the Phillies or another team I will always root for him(maybe not if he’s on the Mets lol). He can be a top of a rotation starter if he can work through his issues. I think if he went up to the majors he would step it up for a start or two, but then start to get hit. I think it would be good for him to spend time up with the team when rosters expand too. He should probably live with Moyer next year. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

    Comparison- Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh

    Just kidding, but they are a little similar.

    Sorry for the rambling, but I figured I would give my entire opinion.

  20. Oh, and I got to see Taylor’s arm again and it is a sight to see. I would have to assume it would be top 5 in the league.

  21. Under the title “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR”

    Gil Meche – SP – Royals
    Royals placed RHP Gil Meche on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 12, with muscle spasms on the lower left side of his back.
    Meche left his start last Saturday against the Red Sox after 3 2/3 innings because of discomfort in his lower back. Because of the retroactive date, Meche could return on July 27 against the Orioles. Meche was 0-4 in his last five starts, allowing 23 earned runs in 23 2/3 innings.
    Jul. 18 – 4:55 p.m. ET

  22. it is kind of funny sometimes to watch any game under aa. its like ” major league”.

  23. How do you get minor league baseball on TV? I’d be interested. I have Comcast now with a pretty good package and haven’t seen it anywhere.

  24. Well , Harold Garcia wise, with yesterday’s 4 for 4, that would be.300. As far as the walk ratios go, that is of less importance. I would say Garcia (and everything here I would also say for Fidel Hernandez, somewhat) would be a candidate for eventual bench role in MLB. As long as these players can get their fielding up to MLB level, than what you want coming off the bench is someone who can get hits. For pinch hitting there is not so much need for the passive , waitin’ for a walk type, but rather an aggressive player who can get hits. Also, if they get to that level, and do play in the field from time to time, they will likely bat 8th, ahead of the pitcher. What do you want, somebody up there coaxing a walk, so Jamie Moyer can get a couple of rips with 2 out?

  25. AF – Every Friday or Saturday night (not both though, at least I haven’t seen it yet), one of the channels in the late “200’s” (the HD range) have the IronPigs games on if they are home.

  26. VZ- Yosber Monzon looks like another RHP developing get ground ball tendencies. Last season, more looked strikeout oriented by the stats. I think may go to states next season, barring them needing a call-up this season, if things progress as tending.
    DSL- Jorge Castillo, IF-OF has became a starter in RF, moved up to .304 BA. Looks like they may soon have a player of somewhat promise at every position , there. Relatively around the 18, or under, level, with a few a bit higher. LF- Luis Beltre, CF-Lissander Mejia (seems to be coming on to be starter, seen on Pedro Martinez clip, he was batting) RF- Jorge Castillo 3B- Yeisson Morales (17, listed 6’3 195 , now playing regular) 1B- Rafael DeLaCruz (around the same age and size as Y. Morales, has not hit weight, so far, but has played nearly every game (also a 3Band Catches) C-Felix Marine, 2B-SS Eladio Berroa and Carlos Valenzuela (alternate at these positions, seemingly)also the lately injured Nevri Jimenez (started off as best hitter, has played 2B,3B,SS, and OF). The DH (around the 20 y.o. level) has played about every game (maybe all , not sure) Geancarlo Mendez (has hit above (sometimes well above) .300, and has drawn significantly more walks than strikeouts. And though Mendez has mostly been DH, the times he played in field- 0 errors. I would say he would go to states next season.

  27. Notice that Julian Sampson place on DL at Clearwater a couple days back . Starts re-hab in GCL yesterday and starts. 3 innings -1 run.
    Again with correspondent Schwimer – 2 innings 5 strikeouts.
    M. Taylor’s 1st game of yesterday’s DH not so good. Maybe 2nd game portends better, by his performance.

    Domingo Santana has seemed to hit a patch of Striking out lately. Sat down yesterday. If OK, think he will be back in, and smooth it out a bit. Altherr now playing LF some, with Dugan in CF, and Brian D. Gump in RF. Gump, though a College player, has hit really well, and it looks like they will find him a place in line-up. Miguel Alvarez is another OF, who seems to be hitting lately and getting some time.

  28. Liked that the Iron Pigs play by play guy last night said that Carrasco opened the top of the 6th with a 96 mph fastball. Nothing wrong with his arm but it must be elsewhere that he is not starting smewhere in the major leagues.

  29. The problem with Slayden’s bat carrying him to a major league 4th OF spot is that he is back in Reading for a second year and doing so well, because his bat basically flunked at AAA. Slayden is too old to repeat a level. He has struck me as having a good enough swing that he should have done well at AAA. This seems eerily like Harman lighting up FSL with his bat and now failing abysmally in his second trial at AA. Slayden turns 27 at the end of this month, so he is very old for AA and his .693 OPS at AAA doesn’t cut it for a guy who doesn’t have any tools beyond his bat. To compare Slayden to a guy in our own system who is almost a year and a half younger and has tools beyond his bat, and yet doesn’t necessarily project to better than a 4th OF, Mayberry put up an .808 OPS in AAA, despite some up-and-down disruption with stints in Philadelphia. Slayden is going to need to show a lot more before he can be considered a serious candidate for even a 5th OF slot in the majors. He is just about at an age where he should be peaking, with little future development to be reasonably expected.

  30. It looks like it took Taylor about 7 at bats to get going in Lehigh. 8^) I’m guessing he’ll be a September call up at this point, especially if he starts clobbering the ball at Lehigh.

    Also, D’Arnaud seems to have shaken off his rough start at Lakewood. If he continues to hit the way he has in June and July, he could end up with a BA over .250 and an ops in the 750-800 range. He’s still certainly a top 10 prospect.

    – Jeff

  31. Rickey Branch Says:
    July 19, 2009 at 10:21 am

    Liked that the Iron Pigs play by play guy last night said that Carrasco opened the top of the 6th with a 96 mph fastball. Nothing wrong with his arm but it must be elsewhere that he is not starting smewhere in the major leagues.

    Maybe he is the closer of the future or maybe he just has to cook for a while longer

  32. Marfis,

    1. Players who do not exhibit good plate discipline will usually see their batting averages erode. If Garcia can not draw walks, it is doubtful he will continue to see hittable pitches.

    2. Walks are still valuable from your down order and bench players. A #8 hitter who took a walk instead of swinging at slop turned the lineup over. With less than two outs, he sets up a sacrifice opportunity for the pitcher and in turn, an RBI opportunity. The pinch hitter who takes a walk sets up an RBI opportunity for the next hitter.

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