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A Nationals Scout has been at Coca Cola Park checking out Lehigh Valley the last three nights and is following the team to Charlotte for their three game series against the Knights.

Joe Savery had a rough night in his first post all star game start, taking the loss (12-2), and giving up six runs on 8 hits in 5 innings of work last night for Reading.

Michael Schwimer pitched two shutout innings for Clearwater last night, striking out 5 of the 6 hitters he faced, while Steve Susdorf added another multihit game to his book, raising his average with CLearwater to .414.

23 year old reliever Eryk McConnell was added to the Lakewood roster after throwing in six games in the Gulf Coast League, picking up 4 saves with a 1.50 ERA.  He threw in last nights game and went 0.2 scoreless innings.

As far as Harold Garcia goes, “under the radar” simply means a player that doesn’t get much attention that may be deserving of some.  His year shows he is deserving of some.  Last night, 4-4, with his 30th stolen base of the year.  I wasn’t saying he is the next Ryne Sandberg, I was simply pointing out he is having a great year.

Recent comments by new Reading Phillie Tim Kennelly on his first AA Game and home run: “It was an amazing feeling, I just got moved up aned obviosuly you want to try to impress people…I got a good pitch to hit over the middle of the plate, put a good swing on it…I was told I was coming up a few days before it happened, I got here half way through batting practice, watched the first game, took it all in, caught the second game and it is a good opportunity to be up here…Steve Roadcap is a great manager and as a former catcher expects alotout of catchers….I have a different swing this year, and playing very day and sticking with the same apporach, day in and day out and it has helped me get results.”  (Readingphillies.com)

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  1. its getting to the point where its laughable that the phils just wont let Susdorf go to Reading because he wasnt considered a “prospect”

    some guys have flashy tools, and some guys can just hit. im starting to think he can be one of those kinda guys in the majors if he keeps developing. Reminds me of a Scott Hatteberg type of hitter.

  2. also, with kenellys playing lately, its really interesting to see who projects to be the best over the long run between marson, kenelly, d’arnud, and a few other young catching prospects we have. we seem to be pretty stocked at that position. wasn’t kenelly playing other postions too though?

  3. I know he’s had 90 at bats and has hit .400!!! They should promote everyone that does well for a month!!

  4. VSL’s CF Rudney Balentien with 3 HRs today in their 9-7 win. He’s 19 now in his 2nd season with the VSL Phillies.

    He’s T4 in the league in HR (8) and 1st in OPS (1.150).

  5. only guys woh would be of any real value to us would be Dunn and Zimmerman (3B, not the pitcher).

    Dunn can play first, and is a better offensive player than Howard is. (really, check out their respective OPSes, Dunn is being way underrated right now)
    And zimmerman is a very good 3B all around.

    But they have no pitching, which is what we need.

  6. mus guess is Ronnie Belliard..Someone who can play multiple infield positions and once and for all allow us to get rid of BRUNTLETT!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I feel very confident saying that Ronnie Belliard would not be the player the Phils are looking at.

  8. just tell the scout to cover his eyes when Taylor comes to the plate, cuz they have no shot at him

  9. I don’t know why you say your very confident that the Phillies would’nt want Ronnie Belliard.
    He is exactly the type player the Phillies need to be the utility infielder. He’s younger than Miguel Cairo. Hits better than Cairo. And Eric Bruntlett should’nt be mentioned in the same breath as Belliard and his career 95 OPS+.

  10. Tim Kennelly with a HR and a Triple today.
    Since coming off the DL, Brown has been on fire.
    Anthony Hewitt with another nice day at the plate.
    Susdorf went 0-4.

  11. Would also think Willingham is the guy the Phillies would be interested in. I know they had some interest in him in the past.

    As for the Nats, they might have some interest in a guy like Kendrick would could be successful in their park…

  12. Mr. Happ now has the fourth lowest ERA in the National League, the seventh lowest in major league baseball. Now is the time to trade him before he loses a game.
    My god the press will not give the guy a break. e.g. Postgame show Mike Weiselnelli’s faint praise.
    P.S. Quite a bargain per win and eight starts missed

  13. Looks like TWO (2) of our pitchers with “fringy” stuff did pretty well today.

    Happ gave the “others” no runs in 7 inns, now 7-0, pretty good for a fringy stuff pitcher; Carpenter, he also of the “fringy stuff,” also did 7 inns. one (1) run with 8 strikeouts. Lowered his ERA to 2.75…fringy era…?

    Something about knowing how to pitch.

    Fly in ointment: Savery last night. Got crushed. First bad outing in last several starts.

    Carrasco did great for 5 inns…then gave up 3 runs. What is it with this guy? Does he suddenly lose his stuff 2/3 through the game? Seems habitual now. What to do?

    Theme: bring up Carpenter…now!

  14. I think it must be winningham, that would be nice but i would like lahnan if they were willing to trade him. I think it would take more than kendrick to get willingham but if they want him they can have him.

  15. was going to give credit to Rudney Balentien for his 3 HR’s for a total of 8 for season and batting .369. Since they still list him as 6’0 160, they will have to see where a smallish OF can go, and he’ll have to do well to get a look.
    This is not his 2nd year in Venezuela, by the way, he was in the Dominican last season.
    Another 3 inning save for Austin Hyatt in Williamsport. Showing the ability to pitch alot of innings frequently. That will carry a pitcher a long way. And don’t give me any of that “level of competition” stuff either. These are what you call professionals, culled from the best of the college ranks, the rookie leagues, and “lord of the flies ” style Latin American Academies.

  16. As far as Nationals go, John Lannan might be a guy they’d look at. Belliard, though he could fill in at alot of positions doesn’t really play any of them well, and that’s why he doesn’t play much. He might make a RH bat off the bench, penciled in to replace, say, Mayberry. I doubt they would feel secure with Belliard in key defensive moments. Not a utility Infielder type, thought he can play there. More of a pinch-hitter, fill in in infield or outfield type. Willingham is a guy they traded for who has played as a regular and did well, I doubt they will trade him somewhere to sit on the bench. A player they may look at would be IF-OF Willie Harris, though a LH hitter. Maybe Alberto Gonzalez , Switch Hitting , Good Fielder at Middle Infield spots. Maybe John Lannan, Willie Harris, and Alberto Gonzalez for maybe 5 fairly high level prospects, not as good of a package as for Halladay, of course.

  17. Just watched the Kyle Drabek interview on readingphillies.com. Pretty mature kid it seems, I watched it to see if I could see the violent head motion KLaw was talking about at the end of his delivery. Didn’t really see anything like that, delivery looked pretty smooth to me.

  18. Marfis Alberto would seem worth the investment. Harris also.
    I like your go for broke attitude.
    Mr. Susdorf is screaming again.

  19. Lannan will not be a free agent until after 2013. The Nationals would be nuts to trade him.

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