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Both Reading starter Yohan Flande and Lakewood starter Justin DeFratus have had trouble adjusting to their new environments, FLande in Reading, and DeFratus starting.  Flande is now 0-4 witha 7.58 ERA in his first 4 starts with Reading, while DeFratus is 0-3 with an 11.15 ERA in his first 4 starts for Lakewood.

Anthony Gose stole his 50th base of the season last night for Lakewood in their 14-11 loss.

A fractured left hand will keep Reading starting catcher Tuffy Gosewich out of the lineup for an extended period of time.

More recent comments from Steve Shrenk Reading pitching coach:

On Vance Worley and his recent outings: “you are gonna have the bumps in the raods, and he is doing a little too much out there, instead of just being aggressive and making them hit his pitch, we are working on a couple of things with his breaking ball…when you are working on things you have to do it on the sides, and the last couple of times he has done it out there at the game and it has kind of showed.  Hopefully, he will get back on track here and we will get things going…He is doing ok handeling the bumps in the road…he doesn’t look at the numbers as much as hetries to give his team a chance to win, and that is what he tries to do every time out.  It is disappointing to him because of the competitior that he is…that is what is hard on him, letting everyone down, but he will realize that it is going to happen and what he does next time out is what people are going to remember.”

On Mike Stutes“He is throwing the ball well now…he had his little downspelland now he is starting to come out of it.  He needs to come out and be aggressive with the fastball and throw strikes..we would like him to see him use his pitches more resurcefully.”

On Mike Zagurski“Mike has been making strides faster than I thought he would have…He is doing well.  I have been babying him a little bit, to make sure he is ok coming off the Tommy John surgery.  I dont want to push it too far.  He loves to be in the tough situations.”

On Chance CHapman  ” He is going to get the middle to late innings and he is having success with that and we are not going to change it.  He has been doing a good job in the 6th, 7th and 8th innings.” 

(Source: Readingphillies.com)

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  1. im really interested to see Kennelly do something in Reading. I would also like them to move Susdorf up there to replace Taylor and provide the team with some offense now that Brown is back. Im scared a bit that Flande is showing his mettle after dominating all season in A ball. Im hoping Shrenk can work with him and make the adjustments. Glad to hear Worley and Stutes are making adjustments as well, they have been horrendous lately. Im glad Zags is back, and im excited to see Scott Maitheson jump back up there too.

  2. So with Gosewich out is Kennelly going to play every day at catcher in Reading?

    I think he is a legit prospect as a catcher, but obviously he has play majority OF lately which makes him a lot less initriguing

  3. I think they will split the time at C between Kennlly and Nelson. With Taylor gone, Im sure there will be some at bats in the OF for Kennelly as well. His bat is excellent, but his defense at catcher needs work

  4. Well, they might be bringing up Brown for the outfield and keeping Kennelly behind the plate.

  5. keep kennelly behind the plate. this team has so many outfielders right now thats the only way he has a prayer to play for the big club.

  6. even if they are not, we still have a ton of pitching prospects, not too mention the game of baseball is all about adjustments, at every level especially the major league level…..they players who succeed are the ones who are able to perform well, then struggle when the opposition adjusts, and then they adjust to the scenario and on and on it goes….just because a minor leaguer struggles once he is promoted does not mean he will never adjust and then perform up to the newly set standards.

  7. Amaro said Brown will not be going to Reading any time soon. I think they want to make sure he can come back from injury ok. Also, if he is trade bait, you might not want to expose him to AA.

  8. Kennelly is a legit prospect no matter where he plays. He was at the top of the florida state league in most offensive categories.

    Btw how can you judge Flande/Cloyd off of 2-3 starts at a higher level? I guess Michael Taylor wasn’t a prospect either when he struggled with A+ for a couple weeks after his promotion.

  9. i was at the Lakewood game last night and Defratus had a solid first inning and then imploded.

    Impressive players were Gose. (he is so quick its scary. The pitcher knows he’s stealing and he basically can’t do anything about it) I wonder if they’d consider moving him to Clearwater before the end of the year or not??

    D’Arnaud had a good game too.

    ALso congrats to DeLosSantos. He had an inside the park HR!

    A shot to left centerfield where the left fielder and center fielder collided. Thankfully no one was hurt but it really juiced up the crowd.

    The Claws almost made a miraculous comeback coming back from 12-2 to make it 12-11 in the 8th before losing.

    Overall a great game and the best $8 I’ve spent all year!

  10. DeFratus appears like he needs to stay in the bullpen….it is apparent that the extended innings he is now pitching as a starter are drastically reducing him to a fringe prospect at best…I am a firm believer in developing middle relievers from your system, considering how expensive veteran FA bullpen arms are now becoming, I would much rather use that $$$$ in acquiring players at other positions.

  11. The Phils might have too much catching for the first time ever when one catcher is leading the NY-Penn league in hitting (Valle); another is hitting over .400 for July at AAA (Marson) and another is hitting .340 in his last 100 at bats in the Sally (d’Arnaud). And even a 40 man roster catching guy and only left handed bat of catching note in the system had two hits last night for Clearwater (Naughton). That does not leave too much room for Tim Kennelly behind the plate in the future. Did someone say trade material?

  12. Does anyone know if Mathieson is still officially on the disabled list at Lehigh Valley (he’s still listed that way on the ironpigs website but that seems quite unreliable.)

    I know he’s currently on the Clearwater roster but I didn’t know if that was considered a minor league rehab assignment.

  13. I really like Gosewisch, I went to see the Reading/Senators game last weekend and watched Brummet warm up on the side. Brummet gets done with long toss and decides he wants a new ball before getting on the bullpen mound. Schrenk reaches in the bucket of balls to get a new and Gosewisch nudges Schrenk and gives Brummet the same ball back, lol!

    Anyway, he looked real good behind the plate and hit a ringing double. He looked like he was jumping at the ball on a couple of earlier ABs. Long store short, i think he’s got a shot at making it as a backup catcher for somebody.

  14. “Kennelly is a legit prospect no matter where he plays. He was at the top of the florida state league in most offensive categories. ”

    True, you know what I mean though….if he can play everyday C at Reading and keep up his hitting we are talking about a top 10 system prospect potentially. Vs a lesser one as an OF

  15. harrisburghusker –

    Gosewisch is short on talent, but long on heart. He seems like a genuine team guy, and appears to have a bright future as a potential baseball “lifer” in the minors. I could see him taking a coaching position in a few years.

  16. If guys like Mark Parent, Tom Prince, Paul Bako, and Sal Fasano can stick around for so long as backup catchers, I don’t see why Gosewisch couldn’t be that kind of guy. I do agree with your comment though, he isn’t exactly the prototypical body type playing catcher

  17. We do have a lot of catchers – but, it’s like having too many starting quarterbacks or first basemen – ultimately, you have to choose.

    I am sorry that Gosewich appears not to have much of a future as a player. In Bill James’ historical books, he takes a few pages to summarize interesting and funny little facts associated with each decade or period in baseball. One of the categories is, essentially, names of the decade that sound most as if they had been plucked from a Charles Dickens novel. This is a long way of saying that it would have been to have seen “Mr. Dickens, let me introduce: Tuffy Gosewicsh” – a Dickensian name if ever there was one.

  18. Kennelly is a hitter. With–so far–limited HR power but he can get xtra base hits aplenty.

    Still young (21?), he needs to find a suitable position that he can concentrate on and polish up. He has been assigned to play catcher, outfield, and 3rd base this season.

    Thaty may have been to fill a necessary open spot for several games, but he doesn’t get to play any one position consistently day by day.

    With a move UP for him, it’s time for the org to make a decision on position so he can dedicate himself to perfecting that position. Further delay will give us what he is now: Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

    Is he destined to be a utility guy ? Play 3rd base, OF, Catcher, too?

  19. Kennelly hits his first homerun with the R-Phils tonight..Drabeck is struggling, but you can probably attribute it to not starting a game in 11 days.

  20. I agree that Gosewich has little chance of becoming a ML player but guys like him are important to have in a system. They understand their role and help teach younger players coming through how to play the game the right way. A push from a guy like that can have a much greater affect then getting it from the manager.

  21. Mike Cisco got bombed tonight in Clearwater…on the bright side, Scott Mathieson threw a shutout inning for the Threshers.

  22. The main reason why we don’t want Halladay is the $
    I’m not sure what he’s being paid now, but I know it’s 10 M +.
    That money can be used one of 2 ways: resign Werth in 2010, unless Taylor/Brown or another prospect is ready to fill his shoes. Werth will be a Type A FA if he does walk, so there’s draft picks for us. The second option would be to pursue Joe Mauer assuming that he doesn’t reup with Minnesota, which is probably a 50/50 bet, because his agent is the kid of guy who is loyal to a team, plus Mauer is from Minnesota to begin with. The only way I wouldn’t pursue Mauer is if Lou Marson or another catcher, possibly Ruiz, has established themselves as a top player. Mauer could easily hit .400 if his
    home stadium was CBP. The Rangers are a
    good example of what we can do with surplus catchers. Laird was dealt for solid players. Our main competition for Mauer would be Boston, because Varitek is too old and Im not too familiar with the other catchers there. The Yankees won’t give any play becase Posada has a good 5 years left.
    Just let me know your thoughts.

  23. Kennelly batted 2nd, Caught, Hit Home Run in AA debut. That’s all right. The fact that he has played only sparingly at catcher in the minors would seem to indicate that he is less highly regarded defensively than numerous other players. That would seem to make him a big long shot to ever develop toward full-time MLB catching status. He should continue to play a variety of positions and may be MLB utility player in 2011 or so. There is no need for people to try to advance players just promoted from the Florida State League to the MLB level. He is lacking some things to be a top 10 prospect.

    Clearwater—3 additions. Scott Mathieson, Freddy Galvis, and Dominic Brown activated from DL.. Julian Sampson, Jose Villegas-Andino, and Orlando Guevara moved to the DL.
    Perhaps all pressing injuries that needed DL assignment. If not, It may indicate a reluctance to release players like Derrick Mitchell. I only thought they would add the 2 position players, and I thought they might release Derrick Mitchell, and Arlon Quiroz. Maybe they want to , and might find ways to keep them.
    Gosewisch is sound defensively, might hit a little , and could make an MLB back-up. They must have some regard for that as shown by his numerous assignments to Instructional League, Arizona Fall League , and the like.
    Mathieson is assigned to Florida State League, and the Lehigh Valley thing is likely an oversight.

  24. I am 100 percent for paying Mauer whatever another team can pay him.
    Posada doesnt even have close to 5 years left thats crazy talk. He will 38 next month. No way will he be playing catcher at 43. His numbers look good but they will be a steep fall off and he already plays bad defense.
    I think the yankees have a top catching prospect and I really hope Bosten trades for one of Texas prospect or Victor Martinez.

  25. the yankees have jesus montero. number 3 in ba. i dont want to start making buying players an easy way out. i love mauer but he doesnt belong here . he belongs in minny. stick to the farm. look at the mets free agency and hubris gone wrong.

  26. First of all, I seriously doubt Joe Mauer will leave Minnesota – as ESPN said, he IS Minnesota – a local kid on his way to the HOF. Second, if he becomes available somebody will pay him such ridiculous money that the Phils would not match them. Third, it’s not like the Phils have no plan “B” – many of their best prospects are catchers. There’s no Joe Mauer in the group, of course, but we have some nice options back there.

    By the way, I think if Mauer leaves, he’s going to the Yankees and not Boston. Boston has its catcher of the future in AA – Ryan Lavarnway. Again, no Mauer, but this kid is going to be good. Second, if Epstein is as much the Bill James disciple as I think he is, the last position he’s going to spend a ton of money on is catcher. Not because great catchers are not worth their weight in gold (they are), but because catchers, particularly big catchers, have, as a group the fastest decline in performance of any position due, in large part, to the strain on the body of catching. So, when you look at a 7 year contract (I’m sure Mauer will insist on that), although Mauer is still very young and would only be 34 when that contract ended. But Mauer is special, so maybe they would make an exception.

    Still, my gut says that he stays in Minnesota. He probably doesn’t want to leave and the team and the fans want him.

  27. Sorry for not completing the sentence (it’s early), I meant to say” So when you look at a 7 year contract (I’m sure Mauer will insist on that), you very much risk a serious decline in performance near the end of that deal (when the payments are likely to be higher), although Mauer is still very young and would only be 34 when that contract ended.

  28. This of course was a month ago but..
    and 103 innings, has won seven straight decisions and entered having thrown back-to-back complete games, but left two pitches into the fourth. He tried one warmup pitch before heading to the dugout.

    “Just out of nowhere I felt a pinch,” Halladay said. “It wasn’t a lot of pain right after so I was just kind of hoping it was a twinge or something. But I felt it on the next pitch [the warmup].
    If this was a ordinary deal I wouldn’t think twice but

    ps. I went to North Jersey friday. Is there any better music
    on the radio then listening to Met fans cry. Today should be more of the same.

  29. I have not seen Susdorf since the College World Series, but he has posted big numbers this year. Is this legit or is he a little old for his stops thus far? The guy has been raking since moving to Clearwater. How does he rate defensively? Let’s send him to Reading and see if it continues. They are in need of an outfielder and it would make more sense now to send him instead of Brown.

  30. I think you sorta hit on the problem. If Brown goes to Reading they need a big hitter at Clearwater. Its a shame at Reading Susdorf would be with his peers. He seems to always be above .400 OBP,but lack of power hurts..

    Does anyone know about Mr. Susdorf defensively.

    BTW conrats to Howard he lost so much wait, he is getting close to Mayberry’s structure.

  31. nw just a few random thoughts. when are managers going to realize its ok to walk a .200 hitter who just happens to hit .500 against tour team. i.e. seaver should have walked tommy hutton nearly every time. obviously you know who i,m talking about, messers. helms and paulino.
    is minaya the worst g.m.? give a healthy reyes, wright, santana, rodriquez, and beltron to larry beinfest of the marlins and he would turn them into 20 of the top 50 prospects in ba. ah, the beloved mets farm system. the reason they are so bad is that signing latin ballplayers they are rated so highly but there only 16 or 17. by the time their 21 their no longer highly touted.

  32. Susdorf seems like a George Brett type player (in playing style, not level of talent). High avg, capable in stretches of hitting .350+, moderate power (15-20 HR guy eventually). Seems like a good 4th OF, maybe in a career year in majors at age 28 or so, he hits .320+ and starts most games. To me that is his upside. AA/AAA will tell us more about his chances of achieving that.

    If he stays at Clearwater this year, can we jump him to AAA in 2010?

  33. I believe Susdorf should be at reading now. Let the team see if he is capable of the higher competion. As I follow this site and learn, and am older in my late fifties, I have come to realize not to get excited about these kids until reading, it seems to be the level that separates the prospect from the org. filler. Flande is one case , and there are others savage, and so on, so I will learn to wait to see, even my favorites Swimmer and Knapp ,Want to see them there.

  34. If Susdorf can hit one of those good bumps in the road in the next couple of years who knows. Desire and attitude are so important to all prospects. good luck young fellow

  35. mikemike you are a wise young man. pitchers imo better or equal to halliday. haren, f.hernandez, oswalt,greinke,lincecum ( is it me or does it seem like he pitches every 4th day?),beckett, verlander, slowey,santana,lester. i may have missed someone but i should add i mean THIS year.

  36. John, you are right. Whenever I hear someone call Halladay the best pitcher in the game, I wish they would preface that with over the last 5 years. He’s a great pitcher and very consistent, but I feel he’s at his peak right now and while I don’t expect him to decline rapidly he’s being passed by the next great pitcher, whoever the media decides that is.

  37. You know Anonymous, there is too much value placed on AAA. The best prospects go from AA to the Show. AAA is filled with marginal talent and crafty veterans. Look at how guys like Donald and Marson struggled early at AAA. The reason for that is they are seeing more breaking pitches. However, at the major league level, pitchers have egos and they go right at the young hitters. You think they will pitch around Donald to get to anyone in the Phillies lineup? If Susdorf can hit at Reading, he will be a good major league player. By the way, I guess I place too much value on guys that hit .330 and hit 15 home runs. At CBP, those 15 become 20-25. In my book, that projects to a starting outfielder on any team, not a 4th.

  38. Not to be off topic but Oswalt is not a better pitcher than Halladay..that’s crazy talk.

    Back to the minors, actually most prospects play in AAA before the Majors. Its a myth that top prospects skip AAA. Its very few and far between that a guy skips that level on his way to the Majors. Usually its guys on a HOF trajectory like a Griffey Jr or Winfield (never played minor league ball). Its very rare for a guy to not at least get a couple months in AAA before being promoted.

  39. nepp i dont think its crazy. as i said its just my opinion but at worst their pretty close. for some reason oswalt, imo, is not seen for being as good as he is, plus he pitches in a bandbox like cbp. but at any rate the real point i was making is that i hear what sig mentioned above. that halliday is the best pitcher in bb. he,s one of them, certainly not an unarguable best. a guy who i think is very overated is cliff lee. i would look alot of places before i looked at him. any thoughts?

  40. john from philly.ne Says:
    July 18, 2009 at 7:48 am
    mikemike you are a wise young man. pitchers imo better or equal to halliday. haren, f.hernandez, oswalt,greinke,lincecum ( is it me or does it seem like he pitches every 4th day?),beckett, verlander, slowey,santana,lester

    OK and whats the point of that post?? How is this relevant to the halladay trade talks? Not 1 on your list is even close to being on the block with the exception of MAYBE Oswalt(who isnt as good as halladay anyway, sorry)

  41. One more thought Halladay himself cant be too happy and must be desperate for a trade and putting whatever pressure he can to get it done. The team as lost 6 of his last 8 games
    for the most part not his fault but he has to be getting sick of it.

  42. Gose’s speed is ridiculous.

    I like Slowey longterm, but his ERA is close to 5. He’s not better than Halladay either.

  43. if you read the post it was in responce to the constant statements that halliday is without exception the best pitcher in bb. its not exactly solving the riddle of existance just some bb talk.

  44. Mathieson went from Reading to the Show in 06.

    While it was more of a break(injury) then talent that got him there, he still showed the stuff of a star in the making.

    If things go well, and we don’t get halladay, the rotation probably will look something like this;
    2010: Hamels Myers and one of these 5: moyer blanton carrasco carpenter or mathieson, while I won’t rule out Pedro because he can have a career resurgence

  45. “Susdorf seems like a George Brett type player”

    LOL. How about a poor man’s Daniel Murphy.

  46. Most prospects hit AAA. They just don’t stay as long. The reason I think is that if a prospect is at AAA and there is an MLB opportunity, there is a lot of pressure on the big club to fill the spot. Few people hound the organization to call up a AA prospect to fill a AAA opening.

    Having seen at least a dozen games live in both leagues, AAA ball is easily superior to AA.

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