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Andrew Carpenter is trying to bounce back from two of his more difficult starts in what has been an extremely consistent year for him.  His opponent tonight, Norfolk, is the same team he faced last week when he gave up 3 runs on 9 hits over six innings.  It should be interesting to see how Carpenter responds to what could a competition for the July 4 start for the Phils.  Carrasco acquitted himself quite well last night and has now had quality starts in 6 of his last 8 outings.  Check back often for an inning by inning recap of the goings on at Coca Cola Park.

First Inning–strike out, walk (stolen base), strikeout, strikeout.  Fastball at 87-89. 23 pitches, 14 for strikes.  Alot of deep counts, but struck out the side.  Big first inning for the ‘Pigs, 4-0. (RBI single Andy Tracy, Sac Fly Tiffee, 2 run single by Marson)It’s notable that there are about a dozen scouts in Allentown tonight.

Second Inning–ground out, ground out, ground out. 10 pitch inning.  33 total pitches, 21 for strikes.  Fastball at 86-87. 4-0 ‘Pigs.

Third Inning–single, line out, pop out, pop out.  Impressive inning.  The lead off single was a very weakly hit, seeing eye single.  Line 3IP 1H oR 1BB 3K.  43 pitches, 28 for strikes.

Fourth Inning–ground out,fly out,single (hard hit), strikeout.  Using mostly off speed stuff.  FB at 87.  54 pitches, 35 for strikes. Line 4IP 1H 0R 1BB 4K. ‘Pigs 4-0.

Fifth Inning–ground out, fly out, fly out.  Easy inning, again alot of off speed stuff, keeping Norfolk off balance.  65 pitches, 39 for strikes.  5IP 2H 0R 1BB 4K.

Sixth Inning–pop out,single, strikeout, strikeout.  80 total pitches, 50 for strikes.  Line: 6IP 3H 0ER 1BB 6K. 5-0 ‘Pigs. (RBI Single, Spidale)

Seventh Inning–strikeout,single, fly out, line out.  95 total pitches, 61 for strikes.  Line: 7IP 4H 0ER 1BB 7K.  Fastball is at 86-87.  Still keeping Norfolk extremely off balance.

Eighth Inning–single, double play (1-6-3), fly out.  107 pitches, 72 for strikes.  Line: 8IP 5H 0ER 1BB 7K.  This is the longest outing for an Iron Pigs pitcher this year.  Majewski up in the ‘pen.

That is it for Carpenter after 8 shutout innings, in line to pick up win number seven on the year.  8 innings, 5 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 7 strikeouts, 107 pitches, 72 for strikes.  Obviously, an excellent outing.

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  1. jake did he start this game, was this the restart of a suspend game, from before

  2. Marson with a bases loaded single. Love to see that average climbing.

  3. Let’s say Arbuckle likes Carpenter. (He might, I don’t know. But, he at least knows him, so it’s plausible. Let’s assume.) Savery, too. Would Carpenter and Savery be an attractive package in trade for Meche? What level of prospect would need to be added to those 2 to swing a deal with Kansas City?

  4. Thanks gregg! Carpenter is looking good!

    Do you see Arbickle again?

    I think your missing the first inning walk in your running line btw.

  5. I’m watching the game on some random channel (15 if you have Verizon), and Carpenter looks methodical out there. He slows the game down and throws over when there’s a runner on first, and speeds it up when he’s rolling. He’s working all areas of the strike zone, keeping Norfolk off-balance.

    I thought initially that he’s a career AAAA guy but he’s having a good enough year at this level where he’s capable of being a back of the rotation arm. He won’t throw too many gems, but he’ll put the team in a position to win most times and that’s all you can ask for from your #5 starter. I’m starting to come around.

  6. Hey Greg, ask him what he wants for Gil Meche lol.

    I do hope he knows how much we were happy with him.

    Especially a site like this that knows what a good job he and his staff did.

  7. Thanks a ton for these reports the last two nights gregg.

    I think that Arbuckle knows what he needs to know about Carrasco and Carpenter, he’s seen them first hand for 3 years. I think that he’d be there just to check them one final time before moving ahead with a deal. Meaning, that a deal might be close to agreed on, but they wanted Arbuckle to just have a look before the deal is agreed to.

    Contrary to what some have been saying here, Meche is not going to be a salary dump, and hes not going to be had for just a marginal prospect. Hes been durable the last 2+ seasons in KC, and hes been above average, this year being his down year, but still an ERA+ of 101 with a few real bad starts in there.

  8. phuturephillies What would you consider fair, in a trade for Meche,{who I know nothing about]. Is he a two or back of the rotation guy.

  9. Awesome stuff, thanks Gregg. Have you noticed the velocity separation he gets between his fastball and offspeed pitches?

  10. Boston–
    Generally it is high 70’s vs. mid to high 80’s. He has thrown a splitter that has been dominant tonight

  11. I am glad Carpenter is pitching well. It’s unlikely he’ll ever be more than a 4 or a 5 in the bigs. If the team has to package him, Marson and, perhaps a guy with potential in the lower minors for Meche, that woudl be fine. Not ideal, but I could live with that.

    If they trade Taylor, Drabek, Brown, or even, to a lesser extent, Donald or Carrasco, in such a trade, it would be a real downer.

  12. By the way, great, great reports. Even though it’s on TV right now, not everyone is able to take it in.

  13. A quick note on Savery, since I haven’t seen it mentioned here elsewhere on this site. Apparently Savery chucked a ball into the stands in protest after having to pitch in pouring rain. Though the stands were unpopulated, that’s a no-no.

    Though it’s a Trenton Thunder blog, the author is covering the full series between Trenton and Reading, so it’s worth reading other entries. I’m taking a trip myself on Monday, figure I can catch that game and the SWB/Rochester doubleheader in one day.

  14. I heard Bannister’s name mentioned on this site and now as a whole we believe its Meche. Is there any chance its possibly Greinke? Or is there no chance the Royals part ways with such a talent? Could he handle Philly anyway with his prior issues?

  15. from espn
    Pirates down Royals 5-3

    Kansas City Star (22 hours ago)
    Its getting so bad for the Royals that at times, and Fridays 5-3 loss to Pittsburgh was one of them, its hard to identify their biggest problem.Was it that Gil Meche suddenly cant keep the ball in the park?
    Doesn’t sound good. Not that I know much about him except he makes a hell of a lot of money 11.4mil.

  16. So…Savery is a bit of a agresswive guy…who will have to start acting like a pro on the field.

    I recall that he has blamed himself for being out of shape last season, but he has come a loooong way from that this season.

    Mix some of that agressiveness with talent and a “colorful” character learning maturuty in a hurry, and we’ve got a 3rd lefty for the rotation.

    He is only short of a better command right now; he joins a group of “near” pitching candidates for the rotation in ’09, barring trades.

  17. Carpenter’s stuff (which, admittedly I’ve only seen the few times he’s pitched with the Phils) reminds me of Chad Durbin’s. It’s not overpowering, but everything seems like it has decent movement. I could see him having a similar career as a possible back of the rotation starter or a reliable middle reliever.

  18. Also, if the Phils were trying to get Grienke, I’m sure we’d see the Royals scouting Drabek and Taylor. If Carpenter were in the deal, he’d probably be the fourth or fifth best prospect in it.

  19. Meche’s history with Seattle would certainly put him in line with the Phil’s other acquisitions of the Gillick/Rube Jr. era.

  20. Susdorf went 4-6 tonight and is now 14-28 since returning from injury. He’s not a true prospect but he’s fun to follow.

  21. Art D.
    Maybe Savery just needs a little Moyertime. It seems to fix what ails ya. If he were a second round pick,everyone would be happy. Just remember he didnt pick himself.
    I was kidding when I brought up Grienke but I believe he is the proper solution whatever it takes. I cant see a bandaide.
    With Happ finally getting his propers and Blanton pitching himself into shape, that is three.
    Rube needs to think on his own and make a bold move not the chicken …. moves of the past.

  22. Meche’s FIP this year is 3.68, compared to a 4.27 ERA, and he’s thrown 50% groundballs. He had a FIP of 3.68 last year too. When you translate his numbers to the NL he gets a bump too, plus he’d be playing with a better defense behind him.

    I know it won’t be popular, but I’d give up Carrasco for him, to be completely honest. He’s under contract for 2011 and 2012 as well, so its not a rental.

    And lets forget the Greinke talk, we’re not Mets fans who think we can offer a few good prospects for one of the best players in all of baseball.

  23. Didn’t realize he was under contract through 2012–and fairly priced for these days at $12 million. Lets move on this.

  24. I was just gonna put a possible Greinke deal together to ask everythig but PP shut it down lol. Meche is fine with me

  25. I hope we don’t get all excited about getting Meche and then he turns down the trade due to his full no trade.

  26. Greinke is just a complete non-starter.

    He’s one of the four or five best pitchers in baseball, he’s young, and he just signed a new multi year deal.

    If we’re putting deals together for him, we might as well put deals together for Dan Haren, Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain too. There’s just no way these guys get moved.

  27. Thats why I didnt bother when u made that statement. Its good to dream, but reality wins championships so ill focus on whats real. Instead of the moves I can make in MLB baseball for XBOx

  28. Carpenter and Werth for Santana! The Mets need corner OFs.

    PP, Cain is a guy I see get mentioned a lot in trade rumors, and frankly I don’t get it. People seem to be completely serious when they suggest trades for guys like that. Meche is at least a name that makes sense, and one I hadn’t thought of before. I think I’d rather see a deal for him than the other more prominent names that have been thrown around (Peavy, Bedard, Oswalt, etc). Of course, if we did happen to trade for him and one of our big three was going the other way, I’d change my tune.

  29. mikemike bb reference compares meche to myers, arroyo, marquis. btw great reporting its amazing that no network has even picked up your report on arbuckle and the other scouts. ill let them know. at least wip.

  30. If you trade for Meche and his contract someone will have to go . At best it probably takes you out of the winter FA market.

    What would it take to get Bedard if he is healthy?

  31. lets see besides arbuckle you said the o,s mariners d,backs and indians? that,s hernandez haren or lee. i hope.

  32. Prospects for a potential closer if Lidge isnt right would seem
    a higher priority after Happ’s jem yesterday but admit Lee/Haren is looking better and better. It has to be a top 20 major league pitcher or forget it. Lee….hmmm big winner

  33. Heck no. It’s infuriating to see teams trade good prospects for relief pitching. And it never works.

  34. yeah like bourne for lidge didnt work. although most of the time it doesnt work. someone is going to have to be here by this week unless there going to a four man rotation. carrasco or carpenter are the only guys left. meche would be fine as long as they hit. thats the key. they have to hit. from greggs post it looks like any trade will be carrasco and marson, unless they have scouts at aa. rickey b.?

  35. Sounds like it’s Carrasco …

    Philadelphia Phillies rookie left-hander Antonio Bastardo will miss his next start, scheduled for Wednesday, due to a strained left shoulder, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Sunday.

    Bastardo, who had posted a 6.75 ERA in five starts, is scheduled to see team doctor Michael Ciccotti in Philadelphia on Monday.

    Lefty Cole Hamels will move up a day to take Bastardo’s Wednesday start at Atlanta, and the team is expected to promote its top prospect, right-hander Carlos Carrasco, from Triple-A Lehigh Valley to make his Major League debut on Thursday.

  36. Russ: thanks for the info. I feel for Carpenter, who pitched very well last night — but promoting Carrasco is the right move, as he has better stuff, higher upside, and has been pitching in Triple-A just as long as Carpenter. Good to see the organization do the right thing.

    Handzus: while on the surface it may seem nuts for the Giants to deal Cain, there’s actually a rational argument for it. With Lincecum entrenched as the ace, Madison Bumgarner and Tim Alderson on the way, Barry Zito locked in as baseball’s most expensive #4 starter, and Jonathan Sanchez still having #3 potential if he can figure it out, it’s an organization not exactly hurting for pitching. Their offense, on the other hand, is brutal — with nothing in the pipeline (aside from Buster Posey) that’s going to help in the next 2 to 3 years. If they could swing Cain for a couple of young, impact bats, then it’s at least worth exploring for them.

    Any hypothetical conversation with the Giants about Cain would have to start with Michael Taylor and Jason Donald, and even at that, I’m not sure Sabean would bite. A far more realistic — and interesting, in a food-for-thought manner — situation would be a swap built around a Ryan Howard for Matt Cain proposition.

  37. its only right for cc to get his shot. maybe its lightning in a bottle. but by then maybe a trade. cleveland traded derosa maybe they are throwing in the towel. if cc does get a start and is lights out obviously it helps in a trade situation. i have a feeling cleveland will ask for a kings ransom for lee. now we,ll see how tough ruben is.

  38. John, few scouts were in the scouts box behind the plate on Thurs. night to see Drabek except the Sony Handycam was set up on a tripod there to record all his pitches.

  39. I wonder if pittsburg would be interested in a spidale and swimmer for capps trade.

  40. Meche signed a five-year deal prior to the 2007 season, so he’s signed through 2011, not 2012.

  41. Lauber’s blog reports the Phils are interested in Bannister, no mention of Meche.

  42. I don’t want anything to do with Bannister. We can get as effective a starter from our own system.

  43. moyer,s back to his usual. you simply cant pitch him against a VETERAN RIGHT HANDED LINEUP. look for a deal. with hamels happ and blanton pitching well they need 2 pitchers. if they bring up carrasco that limits who they can deal for a meche. did anyone ever think myers getting hurt would be so disasterous. maybe carpenter. he looked decent when he was up before, and he cant be worse than moyer. im getting a bad feeling about taylor going. trade brown instead, we dont need another lefty with utley and howard.

  44. Nobody is every going to like watching Jaime Moyer pitch. He just isn’t exciting and doesn’t imspire confidence. The fact is he has a 3.80 ERA over his past five starts and he’s winning again today.

    Moyer is going to be in the rotation for the remainder of the year. End of story.

  45. May continues to deal. Anthony Gose is 6 for his last 6 at the plate getting his average up to .275. Who would have thought he would have been hitting better than Collier at this point? He has a chance to be a special, special player if he can get some plate discipline.

  46. im not so sure about that with moyer their winning because their hitting. are you sure about that 3.80 era over his last 5 starts? sounds off. any details on this may, i dont know anything about him.

  47. PhillyFriar, I suppose you’re right. For the right bat, I guess the Giants could do it. But it would seem to make more sense for them to look at guys like Nick Markakis than Michael Taylor. Because prospects are great, but young proven players are so much better and that’s what Cain is. And besides, that’s a lot of “ifs” for the Giants. Bumgarner and Alderson always have the chance of busting, and is it unfair at this point to say that Sanchez is more likely to become Daniel Cabrera than Vicente Padilla? I don’t think so. All I know is, if I were Brian Sabean, I wouldn’t trade Cain. And if they were entertaining offers, I don’t think the Phillies have what fits for San Fran.

    Anyway, if Carrasco gets the callup, i’ll be excited to see him pitch. But I honestly wouldn’t have any problems if they went back to Carpenter. He’s had the better season to this point, especially since he came back from the majors the last time. He really seems to have taken some lessons away from his time up.

  48. Does anyone believe the phillies want wang. I can’t believe he would be someone they would want.

  49. i never heard that. anybody going to the trenton – reading game monday?

  50. Looking at wang isnt really a bad idea. He has had a disasterous year, but this could be an opportunity to buy low. He has a devastating 93-95 mph sinker that would work great in our park. He hasn’t done very well in the pressure of new york lately, but lets remember, despite his bad start the dude won 19 games in back to back seasons. I think if we get a chance to get him really cheaply, than we go for it.

  51. Wang would be a great guy to look into, depending on the cost. If you can get him on the cheap it’d be a very good move.

  52. I know when the Phils moved Jason Micheals the Yanks were interested. I believe the Phils asked for Wang and were quickly laughed down.

  53. John, I’m going to the Reading/Trenton game. I’m scheduled to score the Scranton/WB-Rochester doubleheader for Baseball Info Solutions, so I’m heading from Trenton after the game straight up the PA Turnpike to catch a 5:30 start time. I can’t resist the opportunity to see three games in a single day.

  54. “did anyone ever think myers getting hurt would be so disasterous”

    Well, actually, yes, most of us. It was clear at the time that:

    (1) Despite all of the Myers bashing around here and a bad start, he was at worst a solid 3-4 and a marginal 2 at his best. It’s harder than some people think to replace that kind of guy.
    (2) The phillies, despite a ton of good pitching prospects, lack someone ready to step in now and pitch well.

    That said, obviously the recent slide has little to do with losing Myers specifically.

    They’re going to make a deal at some point to fill that spot. I actually agree with what you have said previously John, that to have a good chance to repeat they need to add a legitimate 1 or 2. But theere may not be one available. Adding a 3 or 4 will significantly increase their chances of getting to the post season but not significantly increase their chances of winning once they get there.

  55. The disasterous thing was not Myers. Not keeping Hamels in XST was much more damaging. Park pulled his bs and not only lost games but was not available in the pen.
    They have a chance because of Omar and middle management of Florida who like to disrupt baseball operation . If Atlanta doesn’t come around they are in.
    I agree with #1 or 2 but for the post season especially

    The Phils have scored seven or eight runs in all of Myers four wins. He was the ultimate OK. Give it a month I may agree with you

  56. nowheels,

    Obviously you are correct in retrospect regarding Park; not so sure about Hamels, after all, that would have stretched a thin rotation even further (and the two points are in tension – if they left Hamels in XST they almost would have had to start Park, Park AND Happ).

    But really how much damage was done. even in retrospect? Amazingly, the Phillies managed to win 5 of 7 Park starts (yes, that surprised even me when I looked it up). Hamels lost a couple more games than he would have lost were he healthy, but how many of those games would the Phillies have won without him?

    Whereas Myers is goign to miss most of the season, with no clear replacement in sight.

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