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As reported yesterday on Scott Lauber’s blog, Philled In, Jason Donald has been in Clearwater for about a week rehabbing from knee surgery.  Donald should be back in the Lehigh Valley lineup right around the International League all star break.

Andy Martino, the beat writer from the Inquirer mentioned yesterday that he believed the best candidate for the Phillies bullpen may come from within.  He specifically mentioned the possibility of  Kyle Drabek in a bullpen role in Philly this year.  Thoughts?

Several additions to the Lakewood roster today: Of Vladimir DeLos Santos, C Ryan Gugel, RHP Jordan Ellis and RHP Freddie Ballestas.

In Williamsport, 7 shutout innings  from 22 year old Siulman Lebron, in the 1-0 Crosscutter victory last night. Lebron (2-0) gave up just two hits over his 7 innings, while walking one and striking out 10.

A transaction of note has catcher Sebastian Valle  being sent from Lakewood to Williamsport.  In Williamsport he will presumably play every day, rather than sit behind Travis D’Arnaud in Lakewood.

A rough first couple of games for top Phils pick Kelly Dugan.  0-8 with 3 strikeouts in the GCL.  On the bright side, 18 year old pitcher Julio Rodriguez threw five shutout innings in the GCL Phils 2-1 win last night. He gave up just 3 hits and struck out 7.

Oh, and Michael Taylor had another three hit game for Reading raising his average to .340.  He is making it extremely tough to keep him at AA, and dare I say “untouchable”?

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  1. i mentioned on your other site with rollins struggles, more than ridiculous, that very well have been the reason for the phils leaving donald at ss. at any rate its good to see him getting ready. as for drabek i wouldnt move him to the pen at all. havent they learned from madson last 3 years and myers back and forth it plays with a pitcher,s head. drabek is far to valuable. i,d much rather see carrasco up and see how things shake out.

  2. I think it was written somewhere else, and mentioned on here, the Phillies were considering making Drabek the 2009 version of David Price. I’d be surprised, but I think it’s a great idea.

    They should not trade Taylor, they should send him to AAA.

  3. Scouting report on Lebron? He had really excellent control and K:BB in the DSL, looks like he’s off to a good start in that department in SS

  4. John I completely agree with you. Carrasco should have been called up before Bastardo. Not that I think Bastardo has performed poorly, but the Phillies seemed to have a an order of SP going into the season then completely rearranged it once they needed to call up a pitcher.

    Why was Carrasco competing for the 5th starters spot in spring training if wasn’t going to be among the first called up if the phillies needed a starter?

    The Phillies do a great job with their minor league system except for between the top of the system and the big club. They always seem to call up players you don’t expect.

  5. If you are within driving distance to any of Readings games, home or away, it is worth the time and expense to view Taylor in person. Even on an 0-4 night, which is rare, this young man will impress you. Tonight, with Drabek on the mound, you will get a good look at 2 exciting reasons to envision a very positive future for the Phils.

  6. From yesterday’s daily discussion, which I don’t think alot of people are going to look at now. D’Arby Myers was placed on Lakewood’s Temporarily Inactive List a couple of days back. Sebastien Valle is also on that list, as is , now, Troy Hanzawa. So, they are filling that list up.

    Some organizational moves, for those who didn’t see them.
    Manny Ayala was released from Clearwater , and Ryan Arrial was released from Lakewood. Jon Velazquez was promoted from Lakewood to Clearwater, as was Santo Hernandez a couple of days earlier. Doesn’t seem to me as if Clearwater will need any starters, barring a promotion to Reading for Flande, so I guess they will add a couple of releivers, as they only have 10 pitchers now. My guesses—-Luke Wertz and Sean Grieve.

  7. I’m not crazy about the Drabek to the bullpen scenario either. If they do bring him up (by Sept. they definitely will)
    it should be as a starter. Bastardo can more easily move to the bullpen. I can see Carrasco as either a long man in Phils pen or starter if they trade someone from present rotation.

    message for Ruben: strongly consider trading from the current roster (Werth, Mayberry, Coste ,Happ or Moyer) and replacing as needed with minor league talent. Mayberry and Happ are still young if you’re dealing with a club that wants prospects. Werth, Coste and Moyer are vets if another club wants experience.
    I want a solid #3 starter behind Hamels and Blanton.
    I want a reliever with experience in the 7th inning role.
    I want a bench that can play. And hit right handed.
    That’s all. Everyone have a nice day. See you in Reading tonight. ( I’ll be the short guy with the 3 week old salt and pepper goatee. Not sure if I’ll keep it. Opinions solicited)

  8. See that Doug Dravek and I will be making the trek to Reading tonight. Will be watching how Kyle follows up his 8 inning, 96 pitch gem from his last start. Will be watching Taylor. He is 10 for 20 over his last four games and hitting the ball up the middle and the other way to a .340 avg. Hope he can get that OPS over 1.000 tonight.

    Really impressed by the numbers the Dominican pitchers are putting up in the organization from Bastardo, to Flande, to Lebron to starters Bonilla, Alvarez, Cespedes in the DSL. Those three are first, second and seventh in strike outs and all averaging more than a strike out an inning in that league. Lebron’s game last night was one for the ages. Never saw a line of 7 innings with ten strike out, two hits, no runs with 10 ground outs and only one fly out. After two starts his GO/AO is an unheard of 4.75.

  9. btw outmans on the dl. elbow. rick i would agree in certain circumstances but not this year. it would do to much damage to the chemistry to be that drastic. this year coste you can have, brunlett, the bullpen really has to be reassesed. the big question i have is mayberry has really impressed me and as i said taylor has to be at aaa now. but next year will very difficult to decide between mayberry and taylor. if taylor is for real and i have no reason not to think he is hell be the rf,er. i think next year the mlb roster could be really different.

  10. “Jon Velazquez was promoted from Lakewood to Clearwater, as was Santo Hernandez a couple of days earlier.”

    Velazquez? Not Cloyd? Boo

  11. Carrasco wasn’t called up because he isn’t pitching very well at AAA. Regardless of how guys are viewed before the season starts, once it begins, guys earn/lose opportunities based on how they perform.

  12. I also agree that adding Drabek to the Phillies bullpen doesn’t make sense.

    They are not going to bring him up and immediately put him in a key 7th-8th inning position so he becomes a long-man who gets sporatic work. That doesn’t do him any good.

    Lidge will be back either today or tomorrow which moves Madson back into his normal spot and filters down through the rest of the pen as well.

    The club’s main problem right now is starting pitching, not bullpen arms.

  13. Taylor is becoming more and more valuable each day and I would trade him if it meant(obviously there are no guarantees) another run at becoming World Series Champions. To repeat is beyond difficult and to potentially be in that position is worth any prospect. Unless watching exciting players play game in and game out, but not necessarily winning a championship is more to your liking, then I would keep him.

  14. tjc Says:

    Thanks for reinstituting the Daily Discussion threads.

    As a named violator I have to agree. It allows a little more freedom. After all people dont usually think in a straight line and those who are senstive can avoid a more open discussion.
    In short everyone is happy.
    Lebron’s 7innings is impressive in that league . I know he is a little older and has been pitching but great job.

    Drabek to the BP seems to solve several problems. I would
    thinks it is consevative to his arm most of all. Maybe midJuly
    to midAugust in the minors to see if it works out. Next year the rotation. And dont forget “Moyer Time” good for any growing boy.

  15. BTW. With Webb undergoing surgery another door is closed.
    I could see a late season play for Bedard if he comes cheap enough and if they will at least offer him a contract for next year to get a draft pick
    Yeah why not Cloud

  16. Don’t like idea of drabek in pen,healthwise
    And i have been try to hold my enthusiasm on Tayor but hell he looks like he could be a player,I have not been to Reading since Marvin Freeman pitched there,lol
    I might have to make the trip

  17. I got out to Reading last night (thought Drabek was starting, and did’t see the updated probables). A few obervations:
    ~ Taylor – impressive all around. His first hit was a solid grounder up the middle on a full count (play-by-play called it a fly ball on MiLB.com?). Would have gotten an RBI but for terrible baserunning by Chavez. The second hit was another grounder up the middle off a hard throwing side-arm RHP, another good piece of hitting. We left after the 7th, so we missed the last hit. Hitting wise I was impressed with the plate discipline and bat control. Based on the swing I saw, his high BABIP makes sense. He had a couple throws that were impressive, almost getting a guy at 2nd on a sure double from the LF wall and another throw on a line to 2nd that made you say “Wow.”
    ~ Brummett – Not a gret performance. Fastball around 90 with breaking stuff at 80. Had a lot of control issues and worked out of some jams with a couple double-play balls. Most of the balls that were hit, were hit hard.
    ~ Coaching – My dad made a comment that the team looks well coached. I agree. They were doing all the little things right (throwing to the right bases, hustling). Seems to be a big improvement compared to the reports of poor coaching last year.

    Maybe I’ll be able to get back there next week to see Drabek.

  18. Let’s make a 2012 lineup. Always fun. All but 2 are homegrown how bout that!

    1. Vic CF
    2. Marson C
    3. Utley 2B
    4. Taylor LF
    5. Brown RF
    6. Tough one 1B??
    7. Donald or OTHER 3B
    8. Galvis SS
    9. Hamels

    S1: Hamels
    S2: Drabek
    S3: Carrasco
    S4: Worley
    S5: Savery

    CL: Madson
    SU: Knapp
    7th: Stutes

  19. Bullpen’s the only way to limit Drabek’s innings but allow him to contribute to the big club. I say do it. Is there a bad track record of converting guys with TJ to the bullpen, or is that just general caution on the part of commenters?

  20. I can see Drabek coming up in Sept for the bullpen but he wont before then.

    pat Burrell, i like some of your lineup. However, if you are really committed to our MiL, mayberry can play 1st base i believe. Also not really sure how i feel about Galvis pencilled in as the starting SS, i feel like it is a position we need to get more than an 8th hole hitter out of.

  21. Calling up Drabek for the bullpen in a month or so makes sense. It exposes him to the big leagues, while limiting his innings–a big issue when you consider that he’s likely to crack 100 IP in the next two weeks, after throwing something like 60 combined in the last two years because of the TJ surgery. And it improves the bullpen with a guy who could do multi-inning stints a couple times a week, somewhat like how Park is being used now.

    They’d have to be careful with him–something like the “Joba Rules,” in which he could never go back to back days and maybe wouldn’t pitch more than one in three, would be called for. But if he’s going to be limited to 160 or so innings this year, I’d like to see the last 20-30 come in the majors, and not as a starter.

  22. I just don’t see the point in putting him in the pen. If the team is fighting for a playoff spot, then Charlie will never use him in a meaningful situation anyway. That’s just the way he is. Why put him on the 40-man and then the bullpen if you aren’t going to use him?

  23. Dajafi: you’ve hit the nail on the head. Drabek in the major league bullpen, provided he proves over the next month or so in Reading that he’ll be able to handle it, achieves two goals — limiting his innings, and exposing him to major league hitters.

    Andy Hertzog: thanks for the firsthand report. They’re always much appreciated.

    AB: agreed on Cloyd. I have to think the organization thinks of Velasquez as organizational filler, and that’s why they’re more willing to shift him around to cover needs. But I agree that Tyler’s ready for a new challenge at this point.

  24. What a draft that was. They got Cloyd out of a summer league, he had no clue he was even being looked out.

  25. Anyone at tonights game will want to pay particular attention to the at bats of Dopirak. He will probably be the best hitter Drabek will face in AA.

  26. I agree with others that bringing Drabek up to the Phils’ bullpen later in the year would be an effective mechanism for limiting his IP while simultaneously exposing him to major league hitters. Studies suggest that increasing IP by 30% or more greatly increases likelihood of injury for young pitchers. I know we all want Drabek to be an ace in the bigs ASAP, but let’s make sure he stays there…

  27. I guess it see the point some posters are saying about bringing up drabek,but i would be real careful,and maybe its time to see Taylor move up to aaa ,I bet he would see a ton of breaking balls,I thinks its time

  28. You only bring Drabek up if you think its to stay and if he’s going to pitch. Lidge is back tonight and Eyre will be back next week If they both come back healthy and Condrey comes back healthy in two weeks, there really won’t be a need in the bullpen for now. The bigger issue is what to do if Bastardo can’t hold onto the starter’s job and I think you have to try others before Drabek due to the innings pitched thing. Drabek will absolutely go to spring training with a chance to start the year in Philly although I expect the Braves’ handling of Hanson is more likely (June 1 promotion). It is so much fun watching Taylor and imagining him playing in Philly but I don’t think you shake up a first place, world series champion veteran club mid season by trading Werth for a pitcher to replace him with Taylor. For all you guys talking up Mayberry, let me know when he gets a hit of a righty throwing a slider because it will be his first. All he’ll ever be is a platoon player against lefties and that’s ok because he could do that role well. Also, let’s stop talking about trading our leftovers for a #3 starter. The other teams see what we see and it will never happen. Quantity doesn’t get you quality.

  29. PAT I like the 2012 lineup but, i don’t understand why u do not have moyer anywhere? but maybe Hewitt can play firstbase and at least lead the league in stikeouts and have a ton of power,no change there!only kid’n about moyer

  30. What about Ryan Howard at 1B? He’ll be 32. With all those cheap, young players in the 2012 lineup, surely the big man can stick around. Then if you put Gose in CF, we’d have an all homegrown lineup. Not bad

  31. 2010-2012 lineup c ruiz 1st howard, her we go again with the howard wont sign here, hell be a lifelong philly as i said last year to the gang that said hell never sign here., 2nd utley, ss donald, 3rd 2010 feliz 2011-12 ? rf taylor cf victorino lf ibanez- brown. staff hamels,drabek,worley, happ, carrasco. bp cloyd,bastardo,stutes,knapp, madson set-up hes not a closer, closer lidge. traded rollins 2010 to boston for buckholtz and delcarman. werth. bench marson, mayberry barnes drafted this year. world champions

  32. Howard was under the Phillies control, so he had to sign here (right?). It’ll be different when he hits the open market. I’m not worried about that, at this point .

  33. I’m looking to catch a game in Trenton on Monday (12pm start fits into my schedule).

    Throw me into the camp favoring leaving Kyle out of the big league mix. As mentioned, he is coming off of arm surgery and no good messing that up in a desperation attempt to bolster the pitching staff.

    I noticed Taylor playing with an ace bandage on his right arm.

  34. Rollins for buckholtz and delcarman? Id take either one for Rollins but Boston didnt become dumb over nite. If they did swing the deal right now

  35. I guess everything is on hold until Lidge and Eyre come back and we see whats up. Condrey on the other hand will still
    be Condrey(the less pressure the better).

  36. Is it possible for the Phillies to trade one of their top outfield prospects for an equally impressive infielder? Preferably a guy that plays 3rd.

  37. Just wanted to congratulate Kelly Dugan on his first hit.

    Domingo Santana had a double in the game as well.

    Scott Mathieson had a great rehab 2IP 3K’s, nothing else.

  38. stroup the fifty round choice of the red sox last year, does anyone know what he got to sign, I never thought he would sign,

  39. Stark saying that Cleveland would need to be overwhelmed by an offer for Lee.

    # The Phillies have given indications that they’d part with Michael Taylor and/or Jason Donald in a deal for a top starter.
    # However, they won’t listen on these players: Dominic Brown, Lou Marson, Kyle Drabek, Jason Knapp, Carlos Carrasco and Antonio Bastardo.


    I really like Taylor, but if we are able to get a Cliff Lee for Taylor and others then it should be done blindly. Not giving up a top pitching prospect for a top of the line starter seems pretty unrealistic though.

    Haha, put Carrasco in there…

  40. how can you give up taylor plus for lee who is going to be a free agent I believe?

  41. Lee has a team option for 8.5 mil for 2010 which is very palatable for the acquiring team

    Anyone know what Stark meant though when he said that if traded, Lee “has a right to demand a trade next offseason?”

  42. Think Howard playing left field…but with an BA of .310…loots of xtra base hits, plenty but fewer HRs…great OF arm and coverage…speed in the field and on the bases…and right handed.

    Does this qualify as a Phils Phan’s wet dreams…to continue for 10 or so years at CBP…???

    And in RF, a possible another All-Star with all 5 tools.

    All forming one of the best two-thirds of a splendid ML outfield.

    Spare neither one for trades…please. Short term advantage for long term mortgage.

    IMO, trading either one for ANYBODY would be ruinous for this franchise…!

    Think trading minor leaguer Ryan Howard for some pitcher when we still had our guy from Cleveland….

  43. FMBNG, I would be extremely wary about trading the team’s franchise shortstop just because he had a bad third of a season. He’s certainly better than his season batting line.

  44. I would reluctantly give up Taylor for Lee. Taylor has done nothing but impress, but proven top pitching is what we need while this team is in its championship window

  45. How sweet is todays pitching line up. Interesting arms going at every level.

    AAA – Carrasco
    AA – Drabek
    A+ – Naylore
    A – Knapp
    A(ss) – Pettibone


  46. I disagree John. I think people look at 2007 and think that is a normal performance from Rollins. It was an anomaly. 2008 was a drop, but still a better season than his career averages.

    According to Baseball-Reference.
    162 Game Avg.
    .274/.329/.435, 16 HRs, 40 2Bs, 109 runs, 37 SBs.

    The counting stats were down due to missing time with injury, but otherwise he was solid.

  47. Drabek is plowing ahead tonight – 5ip, 2h, 7k

    I’d say the chances are getting better and better that we’ll see him in Philly in September

  48. “Jeff O Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 7:29 pm
    Drabek is plowing ahead tonight – 5ip, 2h, 7k

    I’d say the chances are getting better and better that we’ll see him in Philly in September”
    Until the 6th. 3 in the inning.

  49. I shoulda shut my mouth. He’s still having a solid game though – 8ks, no BBs through 7

  50. I really dont like the way they are taking Drabek deep into games. I hope this isnt a good ole boy thing trying to resurect
    the complete game. These innings are getting out of hand.
    Bastardo is getting a bad rap HE isnt calling all fastballs.

  51. Pettibone threw 6 shutout innings though. He’s off to a nice start. Unfortunately his third baseman isn’t – 0-3 with two strikeouts. He also made an error. It’s amazing that, in a few years, the 2008 draft could be looked at as one of the Phils best – yet the first round draft pick has all of the makings of being a colossal bust.

    – Jeff

  52. A 7 inning outing isn’t ridiculous in the slightest. What slags a young arm is if he’s out there throwing 120, 130 pitches. I doubt Drabek is much above 100.

    I’m down on Hewitt too, but we should wait til further along before declaring him dead and buried as a prospect.

  53. Alan If you think Drabek needs to pitch 200 innings this year Ok. That is where he is headed in a minor league schedule.

  54. I count 175 innings if he makes 26 starts. I personally don’t buy the Verducci Effect. If he is comfortably pitching well, let him keep making his starts and pitch him as long as he is effective. I think fretting about going into the seventh inning is a start is unnecessarily conservative. The Phillies’ organization is well aware of his innings total.

  55. “nowheels please Says:
    June 25, 2009 at 8:07 pm
    These innings are getting out of hand.
    Bastardo is getting a bad rap HE isnt calling all fastballs.”

    No, but he obviously WANTS the FB. Ruiz can call breaking ball until he is blue in the face, but Bastardo is the one who ultimately decides.

  56. Hewitt is on the right track I think. I listened to the game tonight and he almost laced a double down the line(inches foul) and hit a ball hard that was caught in the outfield. The ump sounded like he wasn’t too good and the broadcaster didn’t agree with a lot of calls so his called out on strikes might have just been bad umping.

    The broadcaster also said that they are working on getting him quicker to the ball and that he is seeing improvement.

  57. What was the website that gave just phils associates box scores on one page? Firstinning?

  58. Ryanhoward06, did the announcer say how hard Pettibone was throwing and what he threw?

  59. mikemike, Stroup signed for $150k on the signing deadline day.

    Angelle with some nice results in his first pro appearance. Some excellent pitching today in the Phils system!

  60. An over slot guy from the 07 draft, Jiwan James, is off to a nice start at W-Port showing some good plate discipline and power.

  61. I’m waiting 3 years to see what becomes of Hewitt. I will never complain about the Phils being too aggressive with a draft class.

    and with Drabek possibly pitching too many innings, I think they should just shut him down after 150 this season and give him a serious opportunity to compete for a starter’s role out of ST next season. That way, if he manages to pitch 180 innings next year I’ll bet you he’s a ROY candidate- If not he got his feet wet and has a lesser chance of injury. Its a win-win no matter what.

  62. BTW Pettibone is living up to the expectations I had of him after last year’s draft. He’ll probably get a promotion to Clearwater when this year’s class enters the ranks.

    And I personally feel like there are some people we can close the book on as prospects this season in light of the fresh emergence’s. I’d hate to speak too soon or downplay anyone in our organization- but I’d bet anything that Julian Sampson and Drew Naylor will never really amount to anything substantial. Naylor may get a cup of coffee but he will never stick, and Sampson flat out sucks.

  63. Sampson certainly does not suck.

    His development has been slower than anyone would have hoped. But the Phillies have been very aggressive with him, despite the fact that he wasn’t nearly as experienced as some of the prep pitchers coming out of California, Texas or Florida.

    He’s got low-mid 90’s stuff. Guys like that will get tons of chances. Look at a Clay Condrey type of pitcher. He doesn’t have plus raw stuff and he’s carved out a modestly high leveraged role in a big league bullpen.

    Sampson’s K/BB peripherals aren’t great this year. But he’s still generating 2 GB for every FB. For me, he’s going to be one of those guys who just kind of takes off. The light will come on (maybe it wont, who knows) and you’ll start seeing the results.

    What’s weird is, he’s only been throwing 3-4 IP per start. Hes walking guys, so he’s throwing a decent amount of pitches, but its odd that they are babying him as much as they are. It might be a case where he’s doing more work in between starts with the pitching coach and they aren’t overtaxing him in game situations.

  64. Boston Phan- One of the main reason’s why I listen is to see what he is hitting, of course they never say.

    He didn’t have any control in the first, so it was nice to see him come back and settle down.

    He’s been great so far this season. It sounds like he is mixing in breaking balls and for the most part hitting his spots and painting the corners. From the sounds of it he’s moving the ball around. I have heard the broadcaster say really high and inside a couple of time, which I think his him backing the hitter off the plate. I would love to read a report from someone who is there. It is tempting to go up there.

  65. A second walks for Hewitt in 1 week shows he’s at least making some adjustments. 2 Walks last year took him about a month to reach.

  66. Dude, I’m as liberal as you can get with a prospect’s performance v.s. their scouting report and ceiling- and I HATE shortchanging anyone– but Julian Sampson flat out sucks. Apart from his age- which isn’t even incredibly young for his league, none of his major stats or peripherals suggest even in the slightest that he will have success above his current competition—- which he still isn’t having any success against.

    PP I hold your opinions in EXTREMELY high regard, but in Sampson’s case I think you’re way off the mark. He flat out sucks. He will never have sustained success against competition his own age and he will never EVER make the major leagues. Period.

    If I’m wrong you can rub it in my face. at least I will have been right about Drabek being a better prospect than Carrasco.

  67. I’m in the crowd, and have been in the beginning, that they should have spent the money for Workman instead.

  68. And just to back up my statements, his whip this year is 1.83, avg is .339, k/bb is 1.22, and k/9 is 4.15. That tells me that he is pretty much age appropriate for his level, but still doesn’t have the stuff to strike out a significant percentage of A+ batters, doesn’t have the control to limit his walks, and is extremely hittable. His only positive peripheral is his BABIP, which at .363 says he’s kind of unlucky. But with his SO totals I’d say he just sucks.

    I hope he proves me wrong but I doubt he will. At this point I’d just rather spend my mental energy focusing on more promising young prospects like Cloyd or Pettibone. Sampson is a lost cause.

  69. BTW guys like Clay Codrey are a Dime a Dozen. Righties with low to mid 90’s fastballs and fringe secondary pitches aren’t exactly rare.

  70. Jarod says

    No, but he obviously WANTS the FB. Ruiz can call breaking ball until he is blue in the face, but Bastardo is the one who ultimately decides.

    I dont know if you watched the game but Bastardo didnt shake Ruiz off as far as I can remember. A young pitcher
    goes by the game plan and it stinks. Its almost like they want Bastardo to fail or are afraid to try. Dubee didnt come out until after the damage was done.

  71. Just a few points of clarification from previous post(a day late): Trading Werth or Moyer, while highly unlikely, would have the most effect on team chemistry. I just see them as replaceable. Mayberry and Happ stay if both are traded. I know Coste has minimal value but with Marson beginning to hit again , trading him just creates space.

    I know my wish list for Ruben would involve trading greater value than the players I listed. I think, and last night’s game might have proven it, that this current team needs a change. It could come from within the organization, at least in part.

  72. “Jarod says

    No, but he obviously WANTS the FB. Ruiz can call breaking ball until he is blue in the face, but Bastardo is the one who ultimately decides.

    I dont know if you watched the game but Bastardo didnt shake Ruiz off as far as I can remember. A young pitcher
    goes by the game plan and it stinks. Its almost like they want Bastardo to fail or are afraid to try. Dubee didnt come out until after the damage was done.”
    I did, but I can barely remember any of it. It that is the case, I wonder if he was injured/hurt when he was called up?

  73. if youve noticed over the past 2 games bastardo has looked like hes unsure what to throw in the middle of a pitch. if hes throwing a fb he,s not throwing it with authority. it looks like hes confused as to what the phils want. im not excusing him he doesnt belong in the rotation but i think their confusing him. i think its time to try carrasco. at least were finding out what these guts can do. despite what i just said bastardo is a 1 pitch pitcher who will get raked. hes not ready far from it. and please dont even think about drabek.

  74. At the risk of straying from the minor league only rule, I find the “replace Rollins with Donald next year” comments rather silly. A few points:

    (1) While Rollins prolonged slump this year is certainly cause for concern, it’s just silly to talk about a “1 1/2 year” slump. Last year didn’t match 2007, but if you look at his career as a whole, and take into account that last year offense was down significantly league wide, his 2008 was (in context) very much in line with his performance 2004-2006 (less power, but in context better ability to get on base). It was 2007 that was the aberration.

    In 2008 he was an above average hitter for an NL shortstop and a gold glove winner. If he can get back to that level, there is no reason in the world to even think about replacing him.

    (2) Donald has had a year really every bit as bad as Rollins, yet in AAA instead of the majors. I’ve heard all of the excuses for him – I’m not dismissing them, but I fail to see any reason to discount Donald’s season any more than Rollins.

    (3) Now, that said, Donald certainly is more of a viable prospect as a shortstop than a third baseman. But I’m not at all ready to give up on (by far) the best shortstop in Phillies’ history based upon 1/2 season of poor play.

  75. I don’t know if Sampson is a lost cause guys, it’s basically his second year in a pro ball out of a cold weather state. Sure he hasn’t done much but he was rushed last year to Lakewood and probably shouldn’t have been promoted to CLW this year. If this time next year he’s still in CLW struggling and not striking anyone out, then I’d say he’s on his way to being a lost cause. As for now, patience, remember he was hurt for earlier too.

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