Around the System–Back of the Bullpen (Part Two)

With some minor league roster juggling sure to occur within the next several days, a second look at who may or may not be promotion worthy. From my vantage point, speaking strictly of the back end of the ‘pen, Zagurski to Lehigh Valley, Schwimer to Reading, Rosenberg and DeFratus to Clearwater.

Lehigh Valley-

Cedric Bowers, Age 31–   2-1 with a 1.57 ERA in 25 appearances. 34.1 IP, 22BB 41K, .162 opponent average.  1 save.  .135 opponent average with RISP.

Sergio Escalona, Age 24– 0-1 with a 3.07 ERA in 22 combined Reading/Lehigh Valley appearances.  29.1 IP, 11BB 26K, .227 opponent average.  1.19 WHIP.  12 saves,

Gary Majewski, age 29–  0-3 with a 4.36 ERA in 25 appearances.  33IP, 10BB 22K, .285 opponent average, .279 opponent average with RISP.  1.42 WHIP. 3 saves.

Jason Anderson–Age 30,  1-1 with a 3.12 ERA in 26 appearances.  40.1 IP, 9BB 23K, .230 opponent average, .105 opponent average with RISP.  1.07 WHIP.  5 saves.


Chance Chapman, Age 25–6-2 with a 2.55 ERA in 23 combined Clearwater/Reading appearances.  35.1 IP, 14BB 30K, .225 opponent average. 1.16 WHIP. 1 save.  Note: Chapman’s Clearwater stats are substantially better than Reading thus far.  His Reading ERA stands at 6.00 in 12 appearances.

Pat Overholt, Age 25– 0-0 with a 5.08 ERA in 24 appearances.  28.1 IP, 16BB 21K, .272 Opponent average (.324 with RISP). 1.66 WHIP, 8 homers allowed.

Sam Walls, Age 25 0-1 with a 2.35 ERA in 6 combined Clearwater/Reading appearances.  7.2 IP 5BB 6K, .240 opponent average, 1 save.

Mike Zagurski, Age 26–1-2 with a 3.42 ERA in 22 combined Clearwater/Reading apperances.  23.2 IP, 9BB 25K, .250 opponent average (.150 with RISP), 1.27 WHIP, 3 saves.

Note: Matt German, who was being used in the late innings has been on the DL since early May.


Chris Kissock, Age 24,– 0-4 with a 4.54 ERA in 22 appearances.  33.2 IP, 5BB 27K, .318 opponent average (.333 with RISP), 1.40 WHIP.

Carlos Monasterios, Age 23–4-4 with a 3.04 ERA in 13 appearances (7 starts).  47.1 IP, 14BB 41K, .211 opponent average(.226 with RISP). 1.04 WHIP.  Note: I wasn’t quite sure where to put Monasterios.  His last several appearances have been as a reliever in the mid to late innings.

Michael Schwimer, Age 23–1-1 with a 2.32 ERA in 24 appearances.  31.o IP, 8BB 37K, .202 opponent average (.300 with RISP), 0.97 WHIP, 7 saves.

Note: Both Zach Sterner and Jared Simon, who have pitched in the back end of the bullpen have been on the DL since Mid May.


Ryan Bergh, age 24, 3-3 with a 3.28 ERA in 23 appearances, 35.2 IP, 9BB 24K , .237 opponenet average(.263 with RISP), 1.14 WHIP, 10 saves.

Justin De Fratus, Age 21–2-0 with a 1.58 ERA is 24 appearances.  45.2 IP, 6BB 46K, .220 opponent avg. (.250 with RISP), 3 saves, 0.94 WHIP.

Brian Rosenberg, Age 23–4-2, 1.55 ERA, 29.0 IP, 9 BB 39K, .227 opponent avg. (.171 with RISP), 1.17 WHIP, 11 saves.

55 thoughts on “Around the System–Back of the Bullpen (Part Two)

  1. No news about bullpen moves, but Lakewood announce some starters moving to Clearwater today.

    Lakewood has announced the promotion of pitchers Jon Velasquez and Santo Hernandez to Clearwater along with OF Steve Susdorf. Rumor has it that Tyler Cloyd will also join them following the SAL All-Star Game on Tuesday. No sign yet of any players being promoted to Reading, but is would make sense to move Yohan Flande now that the FSL All-Star Game is over, and perhaps Time Kennelly too, who has been playing a lot of OF in Clearwater lately.

    Clearwater and the FSL are always slow to update their transactions lists so I will try to get some news this afternoon, or at the game tonight.

  2. I’d like to know if Schwimer has a good 2nd pitch that can carry him to the majors. Scouting reports last year said he throws in the low 90s. That should be enough.
    By the way, with Texas in the college World Series, I haven’t seen Brandon Workman. Is he hurt?

  3. Thanks, Gregg and Jeff. Escalona is groomed for the Scott Eyre spot next year. From reports I’ve heard, Zagurski is coming around. He should move up to AAA. The Phils may need him soon enough. They can’t find anyone to Save a game. I like Chapman and German but I’m not penciling either one in for a spot in Philly any time soon. Kissock played Winter ball so the Phils were giving him a long look but I’m not sure he’ll make it past A+. Schwimer and the guys at Lakewood give me hope although I like DeFratus as a starter.

    Relievers get the least respect. We all tend to take them for granted or when they implode, scream how terrible they are. They are a lot like pinch hitters. Many of them don’t know if they’ll get into the game or when. You have to have your head in the game all the time but it may all be for naught. You have to get hot quick, come in with men on base and understand hitters you don’t often face. Relievers don’t usually have 3 or 4 pitches and if they do they don’t get the opportunity to use all of them.

    thanks again.

  4. I saw workman pitch three innings in the missouri game I think it was missouri , it was the game before the tourament started. To me and only on watching him on television, he looks like a one pitch pitcher to me .

  5. Its good to hear that Susdorf got moved up since he was a college guy and doing well again. We continue to have lots of top flight pitching and its critical that they keep it up as they move up. I’d be very surprised if BJ and Schwimmer don’t both get bumped up a notch any day.

  6. The 2008 draft was ridiculous.

    Knapp, Gose, Collier, Schwimer, Rosenberg, Susdorf, Stutes, Worley, May, Pettibone, Cosart and Cloyd all having some type of potential and/or performance. Really insane when you have 12 guys from one draft that could contribute.

  7. Perhaps a bit of backpeddling on the promotions from Lakewood. I see that Velasquez has been removed from the Threshers official roster and put back on Lakewood’s since earlier today. Still nothing that I can tell that has happened at Reading.

  8. Jack

    Here’s something from pgcrosschecker on Schwimmer

    “Schwimer developed a changeup to get lefthanded hitters out, to go along with a 90-92 mph fastball that has touched 95 and gets plenty of cut and run. He can also mix in an 84-85 mph slider with good strike-zone bite and an 81-83 mph splitter”

  9. Have to think that when you get below the AA level, a guy being used as a reliever has little chance of ever seeing a big league bullpen.

    Unless they are being groomed as a closer, the guys with ML arms are put into the starting rotation so they can log innings.

  10. I forgot about him and Schreve when mentioning the draft earlier. Yeah Cisco is definitely another gem.

  11. “That Dude” – Wasn’t that bastardo last year? Keep putting up numbers and you will be recognised.

  12. I think Cisco gets little credit this year because he was hurt to start the year and has spent a lot of time on the DL. While everybody was developing their favorite pitcher prospect to watch this year, Cisco wasn’t pitching. The kid could be a real keeper though.

  13. That’s odd that Velasquez’s name would appear on the Clearwater roster (as it did this morning) & now it’s not? Makes me wonder if Cloyd is going up after the All Star game now?

  14. The pull back on Velasquez may have been because the Clearwater roster only had two open spots, and the team has not yet given the news to who is moving up or getting released from Clearwater. The Clearwater roster is at 25 now without Velasquez, and can’t take any more unless someone is moved off of the Threshers roster.

  15. i dont see anyone above a ball who looks good statisically. monasterous, schwimmer, defratis and rosenberg look like the only keepers. of course things change but the rest of the guys are too old or have bad k to bb ratios which is the kiss of death in the minors. ive seen zagurski and hes nothing special. good to carrasco starting to show up.

  16. I guess Overholt has fiizzled out completely, a la Bisenius. Not that he ever had Bisenius mid-90s stuff, but there was a short stretch many thought he might be a 6th inning guy. Now his ceiling is a 6th inning guy at AA.

  17. john from philly —
    Zagurski started slowly, he is coming back from injury afterall, but has really picked it up. Last 10 appearances:
    12-1/3 IP, 10H, 5BB, 18K, 2.92 ERA. The walks are still too high, but gotta love the K rate and the WHIP is good, even with the walks at 1.22. It’s starting to look like he is going to make it all the way back.

    DiamondDerby —
    Bisenius had injury, I didn’t think OVerholt did. Overholt seems to lack the really good control he needs to succeed.

  18. maybe zagurski has gotten markedly better but when i saw him pitch last year he wasnt special. alot of theatrics.

  19. john… i don’t think anyone ever expected Zags to be something special. He was never tagged as having electric closer stuff. The thing about him, is that he is a solid, left handed, and can get guys to swing. That translates to lefty specialist in my mind, which is all any of us ever thought he would be.

  20. 3up3KKK,

    not necessarily in terms of A ball relievers. In alot of cases, the pitcher was a college reliever as in Schwimmer or Rosenburg. Those guys aren’t starters and probably dont have the electric stuff to close, but they still have a good chance of working through the organization.

  21. Hey, I had Cisco as my #12 prospect this winter. Of course, I was on pain medication at the time, but he has been doing well this year (and was phenomenal last year). For a 32nd (or so) round pick, his performance has been quite impressive.

    – Jeff

  22. Where do you guys get your scouting reports? I always search for information on the young guys and come up empty. Thanks

  23. pgcrosschecker is a good spot, they have scouting reports for everyone taken in the first 10 rounds this year. And last year they had scouting reports up for the first 15 rounds.

  24. Does anyone have a report on our old friend Scott Mattheson? I know he has had two TJ surgical procedures. He had a world of potential before going under the knife.

  25. Another rough one for Hewitt tonight. Seems like he’s late on a lot of balls or K’ing. Hope he gets on track.

  26. wow…brandon workman just came out of the pen and cheesed two guys in a row to keep the game tied against LSU…woulda been nice to have him doing the same in clearwater

  27. Pat the Bat: Hewitt was, in all likelihood, a waste of a draft pick. A worse version of Greg Golson. Golson at least got a cup of coffee in the big leagues. Hewitt probably never will get past Double-A, because he can’t hit. He also made his 2nd error at 3rd tonight in like 4 games. Not sure what he brings to the table at all as a baseball player.

  28. workman didn’t show that curve the last time I saw him. but they were swinging at bad balls too.

  29. Rodeo, options are per season. The Phils can bring him up and down as many times as they’d like this season and it only uses one option.

  30. Rodeo–
    An “option” is used only once a year, not every time someone is called up. So, the Phillies, once they make a decision to move someone to the majors one time during a particular year, can then move them freely back and forth without using a second option.

  31. dcwildcat53 Says:
    June 22, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    dcWildcat53, I agree that Schwimmer and Rosenburg certainly have a chance. Usually college relievers are fast-tracked through a system because they are closer to their ceilings than are other players and I suspect those 2 guys to move quickly.

    My point is that moving a HS or international pitcher to the bullpen in A-ball is usually an indication they are going nowhere.

  32. The kid at williamsport warren, can someone tell me about him, not familiar with him.

  33. TJ Warren is an outfielder who has been around for a couple of years and who was passed this year by Gose and Collier in the pecking order. I would think this is his last chance but he always teases with ability.

  34. Workman has a pretty nasty curve (mid-70’s with BITE), would look good in a Phillies uniform.

    As for Hewitt, could we switch him to bat boy…?he’d probably be the best runner to the plate and back to the dugout. I kid, give him some time, he was drafted last year, and faced almost nobody like he has faced so far.

  35. The GCL Phils have some interesting guys in Santana, Dugan, Cosart, and the kid from the Czech Republic Sladuk.

  36. Can you believe that Hewitt hasn’t struck out in two straight games? Now lets see if he can hit the ball out of the infield. lol.

    I do like that he is making contact(it must be off bad parts of the bat for where he is hitting it). If they can get him to just square up some balls he will get on the right track. I’m not talking power, just solid contact. Right now it looks like pop ups and soft ground balls.

    If he bats .250 with a good SO/BB ratio this year I think he has a good shot.

  37. This experience with Hewitt just defies rational explanation. I would think that, with a young player as raw and undeveloped as Hewitt, the ONLY

  38. This experience with Hewitt just defies rational explanation. I would think that, with a young player as raw and undeveloped as Hewitt, the ONLY way you could justify picking him is if you think he will be a Hall of Fame player if he lives up to his potential – I am dead serious. Short of that, it’s just a ridiculous shot in the dark. They made so many other smart picks last year. I don’t get it.

  39. Jeff Jackson, Reggie Taylor, Greg Golson, Anthony Hewitt – do they ever learn a blessed thing?

    Look, I know that a lot of first round picks (perhaps the vast majority) do not pan out. I understand that. But it seems to me that there is a certain type of player that rarely makes it. Specifically, those players that have fantastic raw physical gifts but have little demonstrated aptitude rarely make great major league players. I don’t mind their drafting this type of player, but using first round picks to do so seems risky to the extreme.

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