‘Pigs Weekend Update

6/5/09–Andrew Carpenter was on the hill to face Indianapolis in the final game of the four game series and looked outstanding once again in the 3-0 shutout ‘Pigs victory.  Carpenter (4-0)went seven very strong, shutout innings giving up just four hits (3 singles).  He walked two and struck out six. The game was tied at 0-0 until Rich THompson knocked in Jeremy Slayden on an RBI triple.  Lehigh Valley added two more in the ninth on a John Mayberry RBI double, and David Newhan RBI single. Tyler Walker pitched a scoreless ninth to earn his 3rd save. Thompson, Mayberry, and Marson all had two hits for Lehigh Valley, who took 3 out of 4 from Indianapolis.

6/6/09–On to Louisville for Lehigh Valley, who like the Phillies on Saturday blew a late lead in a 5-4 loss to the Bats. Lehigh Valley  jumped out early on a two run double by Andy Tracy and an RBI single by Lou Marson, giving the ‘Pigs a 3-0 lead.  Lehigh Valley gave one back in the bottom of the first, but tacked on another to make the lead 4-1 in the 3rd on Lou Marson’s second hit of the game, an RBI double.  Louisville bounced back once again, this time with two runs in the fifth, to cut the lead to 4-3.  After the rocky fifth, Kyle Kendrick settled down to retire the last 11 batters he faced (other than a Jason Donald error).  Kendrick went 7 innings, giving up 3 runs on 7 hits.  He walked one and struck out 2, throwing 67 of his 106 pitches for strikes. A two run homer in the 8th by Daniel Dorn off of Sergio Escalona (0-1) was the difference maker.

6/7/09–Solid starting pitching was wasted once again because of the ‘Pigs inability to score, this time resulting in a 4-1 loss to Louisville.  Gustavo Chacin got the start and pitched fairly well, giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on 9 hits.  He walked one and struck out three and the ‘Pigs were down 2-0 when he left after five. The ‘Bats added a third run in the 6th off of Gary Majewski and another in the 7th off of Steve Register to make it 4-0.  Lehigh Valley scored a lone run in the 9th on Jeremy Slayden’s 4th homer of the year. Lou Marson’s bat continued showing signs of life with his second multi hit game in three nights.

 Notes: With Andrew Carpenters’ recent excellence on the mound(2 earned runs in over 27 innings of work since his major league start), he is keeping Antonio Bastardo’s major league margin for error very close to none.  Even with how well Bastardo pitched in his first outing, I wouldnt be at all surprised to see Carpenter called up for a start if the right matchup presented itself.  Right handed hitters average against Bastardo is much higher then lefties.  If a righty laden lineup was approaching, I believe Carpenter would be on the hill.

Jason Donald had a tough weekend, going 0-12 with 2 errors.

–Pablo Ozuna has to leave Fridays’ game after he sliced his middle finger while trying to apply a tag at second base.  He needed stitches and will be out about a week.

Carlos Carrasco and Kyle Kendrick each have four consecutive “quality starts”.

Miguel Cairo has a 11 game hitting streak, and has hit in 16 of 17 since joining the ‘Pigs..

–Lou Marson wore uniform #6 rather than his typical #4 on Saturday evening and immediately got 2 hits, with 2 RBI’s to go along.  Not that I am superstitious.

Jason Donald had his second two error game in his last 5 games played on Saturday night in Louisville.

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  1. Looks like Marson is bouncing back while Donald continues to struggle.

    What’s weird is how quickly the talk of Donald being the Phillies’ everyday 3rd baseman has disappeared.

  2. yeah you whats wierd is carrasco no longer being talked about as an ace. it usually happens when you have a bad year. actually thats not wierd its what usually happens.

  3. Before we get too high on Carpenter’s resurgence, look at who he beat in those last three games. He pitched well but against bottom feeders.

    Remember Andrew looked great at Clearwater, bad at Reading, great at Clearwater again, bad at Reading again and then was promoted for some reason to Lehigh where he put in a bunch of not very impressive starts (seven I think). Then he comes to Philly for one start which was pretty bad and then back to Lehigh where he turns it on against bad teams. When he starts doing that against the better AAA teams, I will start paying attention to him again.

    Bastardo has talent but he doesn’t get deep into games very often. I think he may still end up as a premier set up man or left handed specialist. We’ll see. But the kid is talented. What happend to his so-fine change up?

    It is still likely that the Phils will trade for another starter and let go of some of the kids. Hopefully they will keep Drabek because he isn’t that far away from being a top of the rotation guy in Philadelphia. Hell that could happen next year. So you have Hamels, Mr. X, Meyers, Blanton, and Drabek or Happ or even the ever popular Carrasco. they look pretty solid for a long time so they can trade a few other prospects for Mr. X. But NOT Michael Taylor. I want him in Philly because I havfe long considered him another Matt Holliday.

    (I have heard Brad Penny’s name but I really hope not. Chacin would do a better job.) Maybe Erik Pedard might be the best fit for us.

    But Drabek and Taylor are off the table for me.


  4. Thanks for the report, gregg. The insight on Marson was clearly the most valuable, though – #6 is clearly a fortuitous number!

    Donald must still be recoering from injury. I still think he will be a productive major leaguer, he’s just not showing it this year. He basically hit 300/390/490 at A+ and AA, so it seems likely that this significant a drop-off at AAA is due to some exogenous factor.

  5. Sorry to put this here gregg, but I noticed that the Red Sox just promoted Aaron Bates to AAA, and across the board Michael Taylor has superior numbers to Bates.

    Bates: 340/405/505, 1 SB, 7 HR, 49 Ks
    Taylor: 351/413/600, 9 SB, 10 HR, 25 Ks
    Taylor’s ranks in those categories: 1st/3rd/2nd, T-7th, T-4th.

    I know this is not news to any of us here, but it is time to say goodbye to Jason Ellison and say hello to Michael Taylor. I’m very much on the “take your time, one level at a time” wagon, but enough is enough. If the Sox can promote a lesser player in one of the top 5 systems in baseball, surely the Phils can do the same.

    Is there something about Jason Ellison that makes him hard to release? Does his contract trigger a bonus if he gets released before a certain date?

    I noticed last year that the Phils gave Taylor 250 ABs in Lakewood while he was destroying pitching there. Maybe that’s their magic number for him? If so, he has 65 ABs to go. 20 more games in AA? Let’s hope it’s fewer.

  6. I’d actually prefer they promote Brown to AA. I’d like to see a Taylor/Brown/Berry outfield along with that strong pitching staff.

  7. Nick Brown is hitting 174 over his last ten games, now is not the time to move him.

  8. Maybe they’re trying to contend in Reading this year? Teach the youngsters something about playing for a winning club?

  9. One more time what if you bring in an outsider and he falls on his face, he will keep pitching to make the deal look good. If it aint broke…….
    hypo: If i said Taylor could be the best hitter in Phillies history what would your logical argument against that statement. I am not saying he is just give me an argument against.

  10. Not AAA related, but still farm related…

    Gose 2 more steals tonight, up to 39 on the year. Also he made the Sally All Star Team with D’Arnaud, Cloyd, Garcia, DeFratus, Rosenberg

  11. ok i meant to say will be. Taylor is in AA because he hasnt been promoted that is not his fault

  12. Claiming that Taylor will be the “greatest hitter in Philies history” is completely ridiculous. He’s a great hitter, but that’s such an such a short-sited and over-the-top statement that it almost doesn’t even warrant a rebuttal.

    And where exactly do you want to promote him to? The majors? We have two corner outfielders that are currently better than him. Relax, its only June! A month ago you were clamoring for Knapp to be promoted…. thank god your not the GM.

  13. nowheels didnt say taylor will be the greateae hitter in phillies history he asked a hypothetical question ” if i said taylor COULD be the best hitter in phillies history”. read the post.

  14. “Why can’t we all just get along?” seriously why all the sarcasm and cutting remarks? it doesn’t add anything to you argument by demeaning other posters. If a poster said howard would be one of the greatest phils ever he would have been scoffed at. I think taylor has a world of talent, works hard, is intelligent and has character. These are things called intangibles that may dictate future succes. I like brown a lot but I’d give him up before taylor. I see him as a .310-35-115 type guy in his prime years.

  15. i temd to agree with you marky although i havent seen either one. but based on what i read it seems taylor especially being righthanded and a heady player is my choice. but thats only what it is an opinion. everything i read seems to have them neck and neck. i,d love to see them both in reading to get a more balanced look. btw watching outman tonite he,s real good. but i agreed with the deal and would still do it.

  16. I seriously believe that the quality of our discussions would improve tremendously on here if some of the regular poster at least made an attempt at using punctuation and grammar.

  17. JSlasher88
    I dont know why that bothers you(you are not alone) but I for one will try.
    how about promoting Taylor for interleague with Toronto and Tampa Bay or would you like Bruntlett as the defacto DH like last year. And please dont give me the Arb clock thing I might be dead in five years

  18. Yep, Taylor COULD be the best hitter in Phillies history, Maybe even the best player in the history of the game. However, since he is still in AA-ball, such hypotheticals serve no purpose. I’ll reserve such talk for when he gets to the big leagues and continues to tear it up.

    Last year, many of the same people were all over Donald and Marson as the guys who should be called up to replace Bruntlett/Ruiz because they both suck. In April Knapp should have been jumped all the way from Low-A ball to the majors because he just had to be better than Blanton / Moyer / Park, etc.

    Now it is Taylor’s turn. I understand being excited about the improvements in the teams minor league system but the guys are there because they have things to improve on.

    Could Taylor get called up and hit .300? Who knows. But since the Phillies already have an OF with 3 proven players who have all be successful at the big league level, there is no need for the organization to take that gamble yet.

    Although some fail to grasp the economics of baseball, the Phillies (or any other team) will not burn a option year and start the service time clock so that Taylor can get 20 at-bats in interleague play.

  19. Your argument boils down to he is not in the majors because he is not in the major. You fail to grasp that this is not a small market team any longer.

  20. Taylor is hitting .351 in Reading yes, but Reading is not the major leagues. But that aside, what would qualify Michael Taylor to get the call over John Mayberry?

    This really is ridiculous. Michael Taylor has 52 AA games under his belt. There is no baseball universe where that qualifies you for MLB playing time over more polished players. A poster brings up Aaron Bates and starts crying about how Taylor is trapped at AAA. Bates is 25, spent three years in the Eastern League and is organizational filler. There really is more to prospect evaluation than reading his OPS in June.

  21. I think production for mayberry and taylor this year if given 200 ab’s would be very close-250-10-30(mayberry) and 275-8-25 for taylor(just guesses obviosly). Although i would give a slight edge to taylor, I would rather see them wait to call up taylor and extend arbitration years since the dif. between the two would probably be negligible. Also mayberry is supposedly a little better fielder than taylor which is pretty good. Mayberry’s glove and arm are major league ready for sure. I still think taylor is the future and want to protect him(keep him as long as possible)

  22. I of course see your points and tend to get overexcited about a .472 June but I am trying to make a point about not trading
    Taylor. That he is major league ready now and “could” be brought up for interleague or if Werth struggles. Mayberry is probably better but if he is unable I would have no trouble
    bringing up Taylor. Also Raul needs a few days off even if he doesn”t think so. He needs to be strong at the end.

  23. Nice game by Donald. Lets hope he has turned the corner. Trading Donald would leave a replacement hole we dont need.
    I would sooner trade a pitcher if it becomes needed.

  24. I understand some of the love for donald and think he is going to be a productive hitter in some capacity but i’m not crazy about the argument that he’s the best we’ve got so we can’t trade him argument. What if our only 3b was T. chapman(6 or 7 years ago) or costanza (more recently) would they be untradable? If he isn’t the long term answer at 3’d than we need to find the answer ie. trade from our abundance of pitching prospects for a top tier major league ready 3b man like wood from the angels.

  25. By the way I think donald will be much better than them but they were thought highly of at one time. Costanza was a 2nd rounder and chapman batted like .320 one year.

  26. It just that the return on Donald would be less than he is worth here for now anyways.
    Btw I am falling off the Penny wagon

  27. I agree nowheels that now is not the time to trade donald; he is better than he is showing.
    Than that means you were once on the penny bandwagon lol. I don’t want any part of that trade.

  28. I followed the Marlins in the Giles era. He like Park flouished in LA. That stadium is unto itself and trading for anyone on those stats is iffy.
    btw Cisco got a wrieup on milb

  29. Not sure what the size of the team’s market has to do with anything. You think its a good idea for big market teams to drive up the cost of their players so they are paying peak $$$ for non-peak seasons simply because they can?

    The Mets will be testing that theory shortly with Jose Reyes since they wasted 2 years of ML service time so he could get 274 and 220 at-bats at the age of 20/21. He will cost them $9M in 2010 and $11M in 2011 before becoming a FA at the age of 29. Compare that with Jimmie Rollins who also came up at a young age (full-time at 22) but was playing his peak seasons (26-31) at less than $8M per season and wont become a FA until he is 33.

    As for Taylor specifically, my argument boils down to the fact that I’ve see many players over the years post terrific numbers at AA/AAA but not translate that performance to the majors.

    I certainly hope that Taylor becomes a star for many years but as of today, he is 2 months into his first season at AA. Fortunately, he seems to have a more level-headed opinion of himself than some here do.

  30. Of course this is all guesswork, but Taylor’s numbers are so high on the chart that you have to take them into account. Based on what I see now, I have little trouble concluding that Taylor is a superior prospect to Mayberry and may even be quite a bit better than Mayberry is right now. But, truthfully, nobody knows for sure.

  31. Alan,
    Speaking about prospect evaluation, on how many occassions have you watched and evaluated Taylor or Mayberry this year? Could you provide us with a detailed analysis?
    Any player from the minors promoted to the majors would more than likely be replacing a more polished player, but that does not mean that the promoted minor cannot handle the responsibilities or competition. How many games did the fellow from the White Sox have under his belt before being promoted?

  32. Nowheels you need to chillllll. Just because you’re going to die soon doesn’t mean we should just throw all of our prospects into the majors so you can see ’em. Baseball is a business, and the most successful teams are the ones that handle their personel well.

    And nice effort on the grammar. Now all you need to do is start writing complete sentences, capitalizing the first letter of each sentence, adding punctuation and using proper syntax and subject-verb-object sentence structure. You’re almost there, buddy!

  33. I absolutely agree that Taylor is a better prospect right now than is Mayberry.

    The question is if he is a better player today than is Victorino / Werth / Ibanez because the only reason to call him up now is to replace one of those 3, not to sit on the bench as the 4th OF.

  34. NowWheels. That to me is the answer people like you and me get. I am fifty seven, and it seems the way to get a point across, is to insult someone, Grammer or punctuation. What does your age or grammer have to do with the point you were making. Some times college people have no common sense, They should learn respect, But they think because they went to college they are above others, no common sense.

  35. Alan,

    I did not argue that Taylor should get called up to the majors, so don’t drag me into that. In referring to my post about Taylor and Bates, I did not “cry about how Taylor was trapped at AAA,” as you claim. I only cry during romantic comedies and starts by Adam Eaton.

    First of all, I am aware he is in AA, as I wrote. Second, to recap, here were my points:

    1. The Red Sox, who have a better system, called up a player to AAA who is inferior to Taylor.
    2. Jason Ellison should be replaced by Taylor.
    3. If the Sox can find room for Bates, surely the Phils can find room for Taylor at AAA.

    This then led me to a question: Is there a reason the Phils need to keep Jason Ellison? I can’t think of one, but there might be. That could be a possible explanation as to why Taylor has not been promoted yet.

    Finally I suggested that the Phils might have a target of 250 ABs for Taylor at Reading, meaning he probably has 20 games or so left there.

    Addresing your points:

    1. Bates is 25…but what bearing does that have on whether or not he should get promoted? Neil Sellers is 27 and doing very well in AA. Should he get called up to AAA? Promotions are usually based on performance or organizational need. I admit that there was some organizational need in that one of the Sox’s top prospects, Josh Reddick, was coming off the DL and they needed an OF spot in which to play him.

    2. Bates has not spent three seasons at AA; he has spent *parts* of three seasons at AA, equivalent to about 1.67 full seasons there. I do not think that disqualifies him from prospect status.

    3. If Bates is organizational filler, why call him up to AAA? The Sox did not have a need for a 1B/OF at that level. He could have just sat the bench when Reddick came back. Bates was a 3rd round pick (83rd overall, close to the Phils’ pick this year) and is not organizational filler. He changed his mechanics over the off-season and it has helped him immensely. Is he a future star? Looks unlikely. But there is a non-zero chance he ends up with the Sox. It is more likely that he ends up like Brandon Moss – a trade chip the Sox used as part of the Jason Bay deal.

    Finally, I did not mention OPS once in my post, but I do think that OPS is a good rule of thumb in evaluating a player’s performance, and Taylor’s OPS is far superior to Bates’s (obviously).

    I still think that Taylor has proven all he needs to at AA and should get promoted to AAA soon. If all it takes is 20 more games, then I’m happy to wait.

  36. I think that if Taylor was to be given a spot now that his productivity would be considered an asset to the team and at a small financial expense. Only time bares out whether or not one is better than the other, but then at that point anyone can be right. I have watched all of the names play and I certainly believe that Taylor facing the same competition has opportunity to produce now with major upside going forward.
    I also think he is soon to be traded.

  37. Lets just put it this way. Are Bruntlett and Taschner better than Ozuna and Mayberry/Taylor? Not defensively and not offensively. And with interleague coming up. I for one would like to see the best team on the field. Who can disagree with that.
    Btw Picking one tidbit a person says does not make your argument. Yeah I have been there to see Willie Mays, and Duke Snider so what.

  38. Boo Boo Magoo
    Taylor is hardly every prospect. Carpenter has been remarkable. Other than that WHOM else have I promoted>

  39. And why should the Phillies/IronPigs keep Ellison? He can play center field. Rich Thompson can not play there every inning of the season.

  40. One needs to be pointed out,that is quality of instruction that seems to be running through the Phillies organization this year. I am not there of course but over the years I have noted signs that point to poor managers and coaches. Most every player that should be advancing is. Good Job

  41. Nowheels and all of the other people who don’t have a basic understanding of the interplay between arbitration, free agency, and payroll economics.

    We GET that you don’t understand why it makes zero sense to promote a potential future star player to play part time before a spot opens up for full time play.* But you need to understand (at least) that 99% of the people who post here DO understand said fact, and EVERY major league team does so as well (even teams who promote prospects prematurely, e.g., the Mets, don’t bring up a potential star to play part time). So while you may not agree, I’m not sure what purpose there is to your continued advocacy of Taylor’s promotion. It isn’t happening (barring circumstances which would open up a full time slot for him, and probably not even then), and 99% of us understand why. So stop acting so mystified.

    (There are other reasons as well – for example, most people think, correctly IMO, that full time play in the minors is better for a player’s development than part time play in the majors. But that is a secondary concern with at least some room for reasonable minds to differ.)

    *I’m not going to explain it again; it’s been explained by myself and others dozens of times. You have a way of ignoring those posts, and simply repeating your nonsensical observation that the Phillies aren’t a small market team.

  42. Larry try this. An improved product makes more money. Is that too hard.

  43. And yes Larry you are wrong. You cant learn to hit major league pitching in the minors.

  44. At least you don’t have to argue about promoting Carrasco – horrible line last night.

  45. “Larry try this. An improved product makes more money. Is that too hard.”

    Is anyone going to come to the park (who wouldn’t have come anyway) just to see a guy who, however good he may be, is going to spend most games sitting on the bench? Is a bench guy, pinch hitting occassionally, starting a very few times, going to make the Phillies so much better that there will be an attendance increase? I think the answer to both questions is pretty clearly no.

    Honestly nowheels, I know I’m being harsh (though partly – mainly, even – because you can be pretty harsh also – but IMO your position is indefensible. Here’s a little challnge for you – can you find any star level player who, since the current arbitration rules were enacted, was promoted to the majors at a young age to be a backup? I can’t think of one. The only stars I can think of who started out as bench players are guys like Ibanez, who developed late and weren’t really regarded as potential stars when they were promoted.

    “And yes Larry you are wrong. You cant learn to hit major league pitching in the minors.”

    Well now, on this issue we are, as I said, in the realm where reasonable people may differ (unlike your position w/r/t the arbitration/free agency clock, where you don’t have a leg to stand on). Now, I disagree with your statement (at least I wouldn’t put it that strongly), but let’s assume for the sake of argument that you are essentially correct. You also don’t learn to hit major league pitching sitting ont he bench. My take is that playing every day in the minors is better overall for his development than occassional at bats in the majors, but I could be wrong. As I said, that’s a secondary concern.

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