Around the System (Corner Infielders)

Now a look at how corner infielders have been performing so far this year in the minor league system.  These are players on the current rosters of the Phillies minor league affiliates whose primary position according to is either first or third base.

 Lehigh Valley (AAA)

Andy Tracy Age: 35.  Primary Position: 1B.  .212/.312/.432 .   8 HR 30 RBI , 2 SB, .256 with RISP. 4 errors .987 fielding %.

JJ Furmaniak, AGe: 29. Primary Position: 3B. .189/.264/.302, 2HR 13 RBI, 2 SB, .161 with RISP, 5 errors, .947 fielding %

David Newhan, Age: 35. Primary Position: 3B. .299/.398/.494,  3 HR 11 RBI, 1 SB, .235 with RISP, 4 errors, Fielding % .926

Reading (AA)

Brian Stavisky, Age: 28, Primary Position: 1B.  .238/.346/.325.  1 HR 13 RBI, 1 SB, .250 with RISP, 4 errors, .987 fielding %

Neil Sellers, Age :27, Primary Position: 3B, .314/.386/.474, 5 HR 21 RBI, 1 SB, .255 with RISP, 8 errors, .938 fielding %

Clearwater (A)

Michael Durant, Age:22, Primary Position: 1B, .209/.270/.395,  6HR 16 RBI, 0 SB, .194 with RISP., 4 errors, .986 fielding %

Matt Rizzotti, Age :23, Primary Position: 1B; .243/.356/.432  4HR 24 RBI, 0 SB, .359 with RISP., 3 errors, .963 fielding %.  Only 8 games at first, all others DH.

Yonderman Rodriguez, Age: 22, Primary Position: 3B,  .264/.346/.322, 1HR 8 RBI, 6 SB, .212 with RISP, 5 errors, .956 fielding %

Cody Overbeck: Age: 23, Primary Position: 3B, .219/.296/.469. 5 HR 14 RBI 0 SB, .250 with RISP., 2 errors, fielding % .938

Tim Kennelly: Age: 22, Primary Position: 3B, .306/.382/.451, 2HR 29RBI, 2SB, .367 with RISP., 14 errors, 9 errors.  NOTE: Kennelly has played 10 games at 3B, 5 games at 1B, 8 at catcher, 7 in the OF, and 9 at DH.

Lakewood (A)

Jim Murphy, Age: 23, Primary Position: 1B, .323/.446/.489, 4 HR 24 RBI, 0 SB, .405 with RISP., 1 error, .996 fielding %

Jeremy Hamilton, Age: 22, Primary Position: 1B, .279/.337/.360,  1 HR 14 RBI, 1 SB, .385 with RISP., 2 errors, .990 fielding %

Travis Mattair, Age:20., Primary Position: 3B., .242/.356/.298, 1HR 14 RBI, 6 SB., .279 with RISP., 4 errors, .970 fielding %

Disabled List: Terry Tiffee (AAA), Mike Cervenak (AAA)

53 thoughts on “Around the System (Corner Infielders)

  1. Obviously, this is a bit ugly and it is a concern but I still believe that Travis Mattair is a Top 20 prospect & that he will become a mainstay @ 3B for the parent club.

  2. Needless to say, this area is lacking tremendously. They have 1 corner INF prospect to speak of.

  3. On that whole list Kennelly may be the one to get most excited about – and we are talking someone who might profile as a nice 25th man roster guy with his defensive flexibility. I wonder if he is any good behind the plate.

    On the positive side Anthony Hewitt is supposedly playing well in EST.

  4. Mattair’s hitting .324 over his last 10 games. Kennelly played rightfield in the off season in the Australian national tournament.

  5. That might have been an article worth skipping, hard read, not exciting, through no fault of the author, it just might have been simplier to say, “The Phillies minor league system does not have a single player with the potential to play regularly at the major league level.” Or maybe even, to preview some of the 1st/3rd players in the up comming draft.

  6. Awesome on Draybek getting the bump, I agree with the move. Even if he’s stats balloon up a tiny bit I’m happy with it. Kid’s mental makeup and stuff should keep him more then competitive. I think it’s pretty clear, if he stays healthy and TJ’s holds without any reoccuring problems we’ll have a number 2-3 in a year and a 1-2 after a few years, he’s a star in the making.

    I for one am glad there is no need to baby him. “CC” type prospects have to be one of the most infuriating type of prospects in baseball.

  7. Gregg, I think he was being critical of the prospects, not the feature.

    Good job. Do you have any information on Hewitt to cheer us up with?

  8. every system has holes, and this is ours. we haven’t had a decent 3b prospect since Rolen. i don’t know what it is, but we just don’t seem able to get it. hewitt is a potential answer, but he is 4 years away from having an impact at the mlb level, if that.

    mattair is the real disappointment.

  9. Im actually hoping to track dwon one of the Phils minor League coordinators at tonights ‘Pigs game to ask about Hewitt, among other issues….

  10. “Drabek goes to Reading why not Brown too?”

    They have to leave someone in Clearwater to go to the All-Star game. Drabek, Brown, and probably Flande will make it for Clearwater, and I’d give Kennelly an outside shot, but since he does not play one position regularly he is doubtful to make it.

  11. It is depressing to look at this list of corner infielders. If Donald doesn’t work out at 3rd we better have other options.

  12. Obviously, we know why they drafted Hewitt last year. In terms of the comment that Hewitt was playing well in EST, where did that come from because I haven’t seen anything on him. We all still hope that Mattair figures it out because he really looks like a ballplayer and is a really good kid. He’s still young but he needs to carry his current hot streak for the rest of the year. Phillies, please resign Pedro for 2 more years now!

  13. Brown doesn’t go to Reading too because until someone from Reading gets promoted (or demoted, i guess), the outfield is overloaded.

  14. Wow, thanks for ruining a great day 🙂

    Any possibility of a minor league trade to get the Phillies a legit 3rd base prospect?

  15. Even we over here on the Tim Kennelly Bandwagon know not to get too excited about someone who’s made 14 errors in 30 games in the field. Put that man in left and let him rake!

    Gregg, thanks as always for the post. You’ve done a great job this year. I’d love to hear an update on Hewitt – let’s hope he is killing it in XST and has a great year in Williamsport.

  16. Can’t get used to the idea of Hewlitt, with Herschel Walker speed, sticking at 3B. They have to move him to CF or RF at some point.

  17. Close down the Michael Durant project and move Jim Murphy to Clearwater, that .323/.446/.489 line along with only 1 error looks mighty impressive. Plus it gives Hamilton everyday starts at Lakewood.

  18. I like how no one even acknowledged the anonymous guy who claimed Mattair would be a mainstay at 3rd for the Phillies. Right, the guy can’t hit to save his life in Clearwater, but sure, pencil him in for the Majors!

  19. How old is Murphy and is he a legit prospect? Or just a org. filler. How do you get information on xst . has anyone seen Hewitt to make that statement or is it wishfull thinking?

  20. Yeah, lets hear SOME information on Hewitt!!! I’ve been googling the crap out of that topic for a while now to no avail.

  21. “Reggie Taylor Says:
    June 1, 2009 at 3:09 pm
    I like how no one even acknowledged the anonymous guy who claimed Mattair would be a mainstay at 3rd for the Phillies. Right, the guy can’t hit to save his life in Clearwater, but sure, pencil him in for the Majors!”

    Gee, I thought this site was supposed to be about “prospects” & projections! Mattair is 20 years old, in his second year as a pro.

    If some of us don’t believe that this guy hasn’t got a chance, that’s fine, but if you are making decisions based on performance only, then we should probably all give up on: Hewitt, Gose, Valle, Collier, Myers, Castro & D’Arnaud. Hewitt was horrible last year and the rest of these guys all have averages lower than Mattair’s.

    P.S. – Mattair is in Lakewood, not Clearwater

  22. Most reports on mattair that I read thought he would hit, maybe it will still happen, but the results so far are not good.

  23. the reason no one replied to ‘anonymous’ is because the assertion, based on empirical evidence to date, is rubbish.

    and I’m assuming extended ST reports are typically, if not always, of the ‘friend of a friend said….’ variety.

  24. yea it would be one thing if mattair was struggling at clearwater but he repeated lakewood again and still cant put up atleast decent numbers

  25. Mattair seems dangerously close to losing legitimate prospect status, although he’s hitting better recently, as previously noted. But all the strikeouts aren’t encouraging, considering the ridiculous walk rate he was posting earlier this year the fact that he’s now at 45 Ks in 45 games to 26 walks is disheartening.

    Jeremy Hamilton is hitting .323 over his last ten games, and since he was just drafted last year i’m a bit hopeful that things are coming together for him. I’d like to see Jim Murphy moved up to Clearwater so Hamilton will see regular time at first, like TAFKAMB suggested.

  26. I too would love to find out more about how Hewitt is doing in XST. I also looked all over the web for info on that but haven’t found any sites that provide much info about XST. Has anyone tried e-mailing one of the Inquirer writers with this question? Maybe Zolecki has some sources that could help.

  27. It’s too early to give up on Mattair. He has 26 walks in 192 plate appearances. That is good plate discipline. His fielding percentage and range factor are improved over last season. Generally I won’t give up on a Lakewood prospect until they pass the age of 21. I’m not zooming him to the top of my prospect list, but he’s not out of the picture.

  28. Is anyone else concerned about Dom Brown’s lack of power recently? Probably nitpicking because of how good he’s been this year, but he hasn’t hit a home run in a while, and that was the biggest question about him, was whether the power would come.

  29. Even though he’s with the big club nowand playing OF, Mayberry should also be considered a 1B prospect.

  30. Where did the 14 errors for Kennelly come from? Am I missing something?? According to me he has nine. Which, considering the amount of positions he has played this season, isn’t too bad!!

  31. If Howard or Feliz was injured for any extended period, there is concern. I agree that Mayberry can play 1B. Cervanek was the fill in guy but he’s done for the year. We don’t want Bruntlett playing everyday. Donald hasn’t been given much time at 3rd. The Phils would be up the proverbial crick without a paddle (yes, the word is crick). Maybe the talk about picking up Mark DeRosa makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks Gregg for pointing out a major weakness in the organization. “Around the System” is a great feature. It shows the depth, strengths and weaknesses so well.

  32. Most anyone can play first. where did you get that he is a first basemen. I thought he was a good outfielder.

  33. First base sounds like a great option. Taylor should play at least some right field although Raul has done that in the past in case Werth doesnt fly right. Brown and Taylor in right next year sound yummy

  34. So it is possible next year, the occasional line up could be Taylor in right Brown/Mayberry in center or some combo.
    with the rest of the Phils seems right lol

  35. nowheels, no I don’t think that’s possible.

    Putting his nice pitching in Reading this year aside, the best 1B prospect we have in our system right now is Joe Savery – right? Hopefully he can continue to show improvement on the mound, but it’s nice to know that his fallback position is also one of need in the org.

  36. I’m pretty sure the phils have a plan and it doesn’t include brown and taylor both starting next year. Pretty sure taylor will get a few(50-100) ab’s next year then start his rookie year in 2011 in place of werth in right. Brown will probably see some at bats at the end of the year like taylor the previous year then start his rookie year in 2012. I’m pretty sure that comment by nowheels was said in gest though.

  37. I just meant anothyer option not a biggie lol Taylor would make a big target at first. Brown and Taylor COULD happen next year,if Werth goes down or continues his slump

    BTW isnt it remarkable how Howard has reached defensive maturity this years(defensive maturity if you can call it that seems to be the last to achieve)
    Ps baseball is a game of change and whats happening now
    (quote by FLIP WILSON)

  38. Rizzotti is the best 1B prospect. Savery has a .206 batting average in 39 plate appearances. I know he hit well at Rice, but as of right now any hitting potential he has is a myth until he plays regularly and actually shows it.

    It really shouldn’t be an issue though. Ryan Howard is signed through 2011. Raul Ibanez has played 135 games at first base, and he is also signed through 2011. Greg Dobbs can play there, Chase Utley can play there. And if all that fails, first basemen are relatively easy to attain on the open market.

  39. Mayberry was an excellent first baseman throughout college. atheletic fielder with good arm on throws. Could be considered top prospect for that position.

  40. I agree with everyone that we are fine in a pinch at 1B, but the bleak future at 3B pretty much assures Pedro Feliz will be back in ’10.

  41. A sobering thought is that many, if not most, teams’ farm system strength is at the corners. There are many big bats at the corners in the minors and more coming every year. Great pitching talent can always get you want you need at other spots though. As long as our pitching depth continues to shine, we’ll be fine.

  42. I agree with many above, Hamilton is old but he was just drafted. They need to play him everyday and see what they have. Admittedly his ceiling is Lyle Overbay but that’s much better then anything else they have.

    Oh, and heaven forbid something happens to Howard I think it’s more likely Utley would move to 1B and Bruntlett/DONALD (prospect related statement) would play at 2B.

  43. Reggie Taylor – does back to back HRs in tonights game (so far) answer your question about Brown’s power? Haha, small sample size, but so was his dry spell. Just the way the game goes, I guess 🙂

  44. just want to point out that utley is the best defensive second baseman in all of major league baseball. so it would actually make more sense to have bruntlett or dobbs at first, becuae it would hurt the defense to move chase away from second. but charlie manuel is an idiot, and probably still thinks that chase is below average.

  45. One glaring thing that I see is the AGE of Mattair. He is only 20 years old. I understand the minor league hitting instructor has been working with him on some things. Nice to see those changes paying off in the last 10 games. I guess I would take a smooth fielding infielder, who is not going to cost you games at 3rd, and give up a little power. Note that he has the highest Batting Average with RISP for all 3B. Delivers when he needs to. I just would like to know why is numbers are so low at Lakewood vs his road numbers.

  46. I would like to give Mattair the benefit of the doubt and see where his numbers are at the end of the season. When the nickle drops, some of these guys can progress quickly. Mattair might be one of those guys

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