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Trade deadline is tomorrow. I won’t even bother trying to steer the discussion in any direction for the next 2 days. You guys will talk trades anyway, so do it. I’ll just post the schedule for today. Ill do the same tomorrow. If trades are made and our system gets emptied out, I’ll talk about it. Otherwise, just discuss whatever it is you’d like to discuss. Heres the schedule…


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  1. Susdorf was promoted to Lakewood and got the start yesterday. He did go 0 for 5 but did have a BB. Savery went 1 for 4 with a double playing as the DH once again. Michael Taylor had another big game for Clearwater going 4 for 5, and he seems to have finally adjusted to High A going 11 fo his last 20 (.550). One interesting guy who I’ve been watching is in no way whatsoever a prospect but has pithced well enough to earn a September callup but I’m guessing he won’t. Les Walrond has pitched lights out in his last 7 starts with 51 IP, 1.06 ERA, 50 K, and a 1.00 Whip. Obviously at the age of 31 he most likely wont ever play much in the majors but I think he deserves a spot in the bullpen this September

  2. It’s hot here in DC and i’m just settling into my desk chair, so I’m not really focused, but what’s the Mel Gibson reference?!?

  3. very happy with taylor’s progress. if he continues at this pace, he will shoot up the rankings and should get some national recognition. he is an absolute physical specimine with a cannon for an arm and some real pop. he could be 23 at AA next year if he finishes this year strong. he is hitting .329 in July. very pumped about him.

  4. Considering we’ll have a fairly large opening in the OF next season after Pat the Bat signs with the Yankees or BoSox, it’d be nice to have a couple legit OF prospects. Right now I’m guessing Patty will be wearing red this time next season..and playing balls off of a large green wall.

  5. I’ve recently become a big Taylor fan. I see him getting started at AA next year if he continues to hit like this with an ETA in Philly of mid 2010. I wouldn’t get too excited about his progress though as he is a college hitter and this is the type of progression someone with his age and experience should be making, but he is starting to look like a steal in the 5th round.

    If I was making my top 30 today I’d have him in the top 10.

  6. drew,

    i was looking at walrond too. I realize he’s old, but he’s lefthanded too, why not give him a shot for that role next to Romero. Crazier things have happened and that way Happ can start. I’m willing to bet that Blanton is the next Eaton which just pains me with what we gave up for an “innings eater” who has an ERA north of 6.

  7. Blanton’s got better “stuff” than Eaton…and he at least can stay healthy. We still paid far too much for him.

  8. Well, I was going to do some Taylor pimping, but a few people beat me to it. I actually attributed his rough start to being nothing more than a slump. It’s not unusual for a guy to get pretty cold after being hot, and he was scorching down in Lakewood.

    – Jeff

  9. Mike, but at least at some point in his career Blanton has won more games than he’s lost. Granted i’d give a lot of that credit to the park but he has better credentials coming in than Eaton. So i’m at least more optimistic about him than I ever was about Eaton

  10. **I wouldn’t get too excited about his progress though as he is a college hitter and this is the type of progression someone with his age and experience should be making**

    hmmm….how many other college have we seen that have gotten off to the start he has? i am struggling to name one between taylor and burrell. this guy killed the SAL in his first full season and is doing it at High A.

    Everyone loves Donald’s bat, but he didn’t come close to Taylor’s A ball production.

  11. “hmmm….how many other college have we seen that have gotten off to the start he has? ”

    Susdorf? 8^)

    Does Taylor remind anyone else of Dave Winfield? Winfield was a trememdous athlete and a good base runner in his early years.

  12. Mike,

    I agree. I certainly think that he deserves a chance over a guy like Eaton. But they don’t have many spots left. I hope he gets his shot though.

  13. Blanton’s got better “stuff” than Eaton…and he at least can stay healthy. We still paid far too much for him.

    That’s like saying that the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria are all good boats.

    the problem is they’re all at the bottom of the ocean!


    maybe when rosters expand in September if he keeps it up. I’ve been watching him closer since his 17K performance. That’s hard to ignore no matter how much junk you’re said to be throwing.

  14. Blanton really doesn’t have better stuff. His fastball is several mph slower than Eaton’s. Blanton certainly has better control and durability than Eaton, but Blanton actually has lousy stuff, as indicated by his very high H/9 IP and low K/9. He barely survives on a low walk rate, if his ERA in Philly to date and his road ERA for Oakland the last few years can properly be described as surviving. In reality, he seems to have lived off a throw it up and let them hit it approach in the A’s pitchers’ park. Can’t see that approach ever working in Philly.

  15. Remember, even though Eaton is in the Minors, we’re supposed to be talking about prospects.

    So let’s segue…

    Dominic Brown is still not playing. I wonder what’s up with his shoulder.

    Since the Phils seem to be lacking a late inning pinch runner/defensive replacement, would they consider calling up a guy like Javon Moran. Quintin Berry would probably work too, especially when you consider he’ll almost never get ABs.

    And does Golson get a September callup?

  16. Any trade rumors involving Quintin Berry? He has sat out the last two nights after having a 14-game hitting streak going, and he is within one steal of tying the Clearwater franchise record for steals in a season. I think he had only sat out of one game all year long, so for him to sit out two games in a row right before the trade deadline sort of makes you go hmmmmm…..

  17. Apparently the Rays are scouting Jayson Werth for a possible trade…though who we’d get back in that deal is a mystery.

  18. PP Fan, a guy of his age SHOULD beat up on the SAL and low A pitchers or else he wouldn’t have even been drafted. When he catches up to players around his age will be when the real test is.

  19. What about Edwin Jackson? He was on the block earlier in the season and they have plenty of starting pitching especially with the emergence of Matt Garza who’s been lights out since May.

  20. A couple of random thoughts:

    1. I’m still not getting over the Blanton trade. I hope I’m wrong, but, as I see it, it was just a complete waste of talent. Please explain to me how it makes sense to empty a nice little chunk of your farm system to obtain a pitcher (Blanton) who thereby deprives arguably a better pitcher (Happ) of a shot to pitch in the rotation. I know why they did it (Blanton has experience, not a free agent for a few years, eats up innnings, blah, blah, blah), but, on further examination, it doesn’t seem to work – at all.

    2. I am really not that concerned about whether they trade Carrasco – if they can get good value for him, I’m all for it. I think he’s a decent number 3 starter, at best. IMHO he’s been overhyped quite a bit. The good news is that I think other teams still want him.

    3. Even though the team, as a whole, is not good, there are a lot of exciting things going on at Reading (and nothing, except Michael Taylor, is exciting at Clearwater or Lehigh Valley). Donald, Marson, Carrasco (he’s not bad, just overhyped), Golson, and perhaps Slayden and Harris, will play in the majors and I think Donald and Marson will be big time players.

    4. It seems that we have more talent at Lakewood and below than we’ve had in quite some time. This bodes well for 2009-11. Hopefully, we will fill in gaps during the offseason and not through trade-deadline deals that sap us of much of this talent. And don’t kid yourself, the Blanton trade left a pretty distinct little hole in our talent pool.


  21. Slayden and Harris are organizational guys…nothing more. Donald and Marson will be MLB regulars at some point soon.

  22. FWIW Francisco Rosario had an ill-fated rehab outing in Clearwater last night. Did not even make it out of the first inning. He struck out one, walked one, induced a fly ball, and walked another before being lifted. It was a road game, so I didn’t see it. Either he was on a VERY low pitch count, or he aggravated something (I would assume) to be pulled that quickly.

  23. On Slayden and Harris:

    Slayden is more than an organizational guy. He has progressed level-by-level each year and has only gotten better as he has progressed. I don’t think he’ll ever be a star or anything like that, but he can hit and I suspect he’ll be a 4th or 5th outfielder somewhere – kind of like Jason Michaels or David Dellucci.

    I agree that, when the year started, Harris was merely organizational filler, but he has performed at such a high level this year (both at Clearwater and Reading), that one can no longer ignore him. I’m not entirely sure what to make of him, but if he keeps hitting as he has, he may surprise everyone. We need to see if he can keep it up with more at bats and at higher minor league levels, but he’s become an intriguing player.

  24. Unfortunately, I think Brandon Watson would get a shot in Sept before Golson. Phillies in general don’t like to burn options if they can help it.

  25. Interesting that Berry has been held out of the lineup, thanks for that Jeff. He’d definitely be a complimentary piece, not a centerpiece in a deal.

  26. I still find that Savery kid somewhat exciting at Clearwater, in addition to Taylor. I noticed that he’s up to 120 innings now, which is the same number of innings he pitched last year with Rice and then in the NYPL. It looks like he should have 6 or 7 more starts if he stayed on his regular turn. However, don’t teams usually try to limit innings increases to 20 per year or so? Hence, is it likely the Phils shut him down before the end of the season?

  27. If I were the Phillies and handling Savery, I’d have him make 6 more starts, pitching 3 innings per start and thats it. Piggyback him with another starter, and let him DH the rest of the time. There’s no need for him to throw more than 140 innings this season.

  28. I’m new to this site and a little out of the loop on Clearwater guys. Why is Savery DHing? Are they still on the fence whether he can be a MLB pitcher? I knew he did double duty in College, but a lot of guys do that.

  29. RodeoJones – serious question…name the last phillies draftee that put up those numbers in the SAL in his first full season. i can’t. jason donald was 22 as well in the SAL. as a matter of fact, he lead the league in hitting and surely wasn’t the only college player in that league.

    NEPhilliesPhan – oh man would i love edwin jackson. i just can’t see how they would trade him. he is 24, low salary and very good. and with kazmir’s injury history, they would be foolish to deplete their rotation. but i enjoyed dreaming about that possibility. that would be fun!

  30. PP Fan – I don’t have time to do the research on that but if it’s been a while I’d attribute that to bad drafting mostly.

    I hope with Savery’s injury history they are careful with his innings. They say 30 innings is the magic number, i.e. never pitch 30 more innings then you did the year prior so PP’s proposal sounds reasonable.

    Matt – It’s been discussed here and I think the consenous is somewhere along the lines of they’re doing it to appease him, keep him focused, fill out a weak lineup or just keep him interested on days he’s off although I don’t recall any ‘official word’ on his use. They certainly aren’t giving up on him pitching yet.

  31. I’m not completely familiar with Savery’s stuff, how hard does Savery throw? What pitcher would you all say he is most similar to in the majors if he doesn’t tank?

  32. From BlueClaws beat writer Matt Manley: Dominic Brown hurt his shoulder while diving for a ball in the outfield during the roadtrip last week. They think it’s nothing, but they’re sitting him until the soreness goes away.

  33. this on espn as per NEPhilliesPhan’s comment:

    According to Mike Tingle of ESPN Radio 840 in Charlottesville, the Tampa Bay Rays will be sending scout Mike Cubbage to take a look at Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth on Wednesday.

    Werth, who’s hitting .272 with an .843 OPS this season, can be had for the right price.

  34. I’m not completely familiar with Savery’s stuff, how hard does Savery throw? What pitcher would you all say he is most similar to in the majors if he doesn’t tank?

    Jeff would be a better guy to answer this since I cant see radar gun readings. But when hes at his best 91-93 with movement (down and away from RHB), slider and changeup, changeup is the more advanced pitch. Kind of tough to really compare him to a major leaguer off the top of my head

  35. i’ll tell you…looking at their team…it might very well be for edwin jackson. or maybe it is for lefty reliever J.P. Howell, who sports a 2.54 era.

    very interesting.

  36. I doubt the Rays would part with Edwin Jackson for just Jyson Werth, but at some time, be it this year or next, David Price has to go into that rotation. He’s already overmatching AA. Maybe it will be Sonnanstein’s spot. Chuckles Lamar knows that system in and out. I’m sure he’s hot on Hellickson and I think Wade Davis just had TJ surgery.

  37. I read Savery’s blog about DHing, and he didn’t really give a reason either. He just said that he was pretty stoked to be able to swing the bat.

    Personally, I think it’s a good idea to let him swing the bat. If he’s that good of a hitter, (when he makes the majors) he can be a great asset to the lineup when he pitches, and an additional option as a pinch hitter on his days off.

    It will be interesting to see how the Phils handle his innings for the rest of the year.

    And since we’re talking about Clearwater (Yes, I’m looking at you, Crupper): With Taylor playing really well, could we get a first hand scouting report from someone who has seen him play a few times?

    – Jeff

  38. Rays are looking for a reliever, I don’t think they’ll be trading one, right?

  39. the phillies need werth badly when they face lefties and jenkins cant even hit righties right now so the rays better willing to part with their many good pitching prospects if they want werth

  40. I don’t want to get off topic but if Werth goes its either with prospects for a starter OR to get prospects for and to make room for ManRam.

  41. “I don’t want to get off topic but if Werth goes its either with prospects for a starter OR to get prospects for and to make room for ManRam.”

    Right, can’t see Werth dealt and no RH OFer not coming to Philly in a deal.

  42. Drabek today: 3 innings, 1 hit and no runs according to the box. All outs by ground balls. Looks like it was a rain shortened game.

  43. Drabek’s line is absolutely awesome after such a long layoff. I hope they bring him back slowly. It’d be nice to see him in Philly in a few years!

  44. Dominic Brown has been out for over a week, if he is hurt why is he not on the DL , like anybody else that’s hurt. If soreness last this long he should be in rehab and then he can work on his defensive skills. he makes too many errors and he does not know how to route a ball.

  45. its great to see drabek back but does anyone know why collier and gose havent been in the lineup lately

  46. Werth to Rays? That’s intriguing. To even consider this type of trade, we had better get a hell of a lot because Werth is a critical element to the team’s success. Werth does so much and is versatile – it would not be easy to replace him and he comes with a very low salary.

    But, I am going to take a calculated guess at what this is about. To me, this is about the Phils trying to get ahold of Rocco Baldelli. They love this guy and always have. The problem is that Baldelli (who is now rehabbing in the minors) has severe and perhaps incurable illness (I won’t embarass myself by trying to spell). So, he is a huge, huge risk. If they do this, they better get another solid prospect in return.

  47. I doubt it Werth was dealt for non-immediate help Baldelli would be included. That would be the Rays selling low.

  48. There was a amazing stat in the GCL game. The Yankee pitcher hbp 4 Phillies out of the 20 he faced and didn’t walk anyone.

  49. Werth is a guy we should be hesitant to trade. He has a good eye, lots of power, is a good defender with a good arm and can even steal a base. He isn’t your average bench player. If Burrell isn’t back next year we need Werth to start. I’m for signing Burrell but it may not be possible without overpaying him and I doubt the Phillies are willing to do that again. Burrell has become one of the premier RH bats in the game, it would be a shame to lose him, especially since he wants to be here.

    I don’t care who we trade as long as we go for the best starting pitchers in baseball. Halliday is a Big Three pitcher, so if he’s available, pull out all the stops and go for it.

  50. Taylor 2-2, run , 2b, rbi so far tonight. I guess he’s gotten used to A+ ball huh. His BA is up to .286 now.

  51. Anyone know how you can listen/watch games lower than AA on the net? It seems that MILB.com’s coverage stops at AA for the Phils.

  52. Does anyone know anything on Travis Blackey I know he is still is with the Phills Organzation but y don’t they just release Seanez and call him up I thought he was pitching well in spring training

  53. blackley has a 4.74 era in triple a right now so i dont think the phils will do anything with him, seanez only pitches in blowouts anyway plus they just called up happ so they got another lefty in the pen now, if anyone should get called up if they release seanez it should be walrond (2 er in his last 39 ip) and a 2.6 era for the year

  54. ok thanks for the info to be honest I never herd of this walrond what ever happend to Matt Smith and JD Durbin last year he (JD) won his last five consecutive starts

  55. JD Durbin started the year in AAA, got shelled, went down to AA, pitched decently in about 7-10 games (not looking at his card now), and is now back up with AAA. He’s a nonprospect, organizational filler.

  56. JO: Bingo!! RE: Savery DHing:

    Also pleased that Savery–who has been known as a superior athlete and played 1st base at Rice when he wasn’t pitching or recovering from arm surgery and who LOVES to swing the bat–is infusing himsaelf in a lot of different aspects of the game!!

    That shows his ambition/love of the game as well as his work ethic; they all will combine with his skills to make him valuable in several ways…even when he is not pitchingt, and also could prevent an automatic out at the 9th spot in the lineup when he pitches.

  57. I’v seen Walrond a couple of times (including the 17 strikeout game.) I don’t see any pitches that he throws that would get major league hitters out, based on “nastiness”. His fastball sits 85-87 (if you believe the stadium gun.) His breaking pitches aren’t great either. I believe slider, change, and I swear I saw some curveballs, unless his slider was just getting slurvy. That being said, he generally has good control and can put the ball down in the zone, with his fastball and breaking pitches. In AAA and probably the major leagues, he could be an effective groundball pitcher. He’s a better option than Swindle in my opinion.

  58. Walrond is actually tougher on RHB than lefties.

    v RHB: 286 BF — 59 H (.225 AVG) — 23 BB — 66 K
    v LHB: 131 BF — 29 H (.252 AVG) — 13 BB — 32 K

  59. Michael Taylor tore Lakewood apart but I had to give part of that to his age. So he went to Cleawater and for a while, looked lost. But he is turning it on again and if he is as talented as he looked at Lakewood, he should just get better and better at Clearwater. If that happens, he could see Reading in Septembe and then start there again next year. Since he will be 23 all of next summer, he can afford a year at Reading and maybe a late callup to LV mid-season.
    Then if he continued to do well, he could be a hit in ST 2010. he would be just 24.5 at that time. He COULD be a pleasant surprise. With all he seems to have going for him, he could be a big hit in Philly.

    Now that’s 2010, will Carrasco be able to join the staff then? Hamels will be around 26. Carrasco would be 24. Kendrick (as a #5) would also be young. I guess Blanton would be an adequate #4. All we need is a legitimate #2. Could Happ be that good?


    I think I’ll go watch Wizzard of Oz

  60. Matt Says:
    July 30, 2008 at 10:47 pm
    JD Durbin started the year in AAA, got shelled, went down to AA, pitched decently in about 7-10 games (not looking at his card now), and is now back up with AAA. He’s a nonprospect, organizational filler.______________

    I think Matt is right. JD has done this scene before. I could be wrong but I don’t think guys acquire talent as they move along. They have it or they don’t. if they do, they can refine it and improve it but it has to be there in the first place. And if it’s there – you will see it.


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