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Daily Discussion, 7/25

Happy Friday. Just a few quick notes from me today. First, I wanted to again thank those of you who have been here from the beginning, and those of you who might have just found the site last week during Blanton-Fest. Traffic has really surged over the last 2 months, starting a few weeks before the draft, and the momentum has continued. Seeing new opinions is always something I enjoy, and even with the huge influx of new visitors, everyone has behaved reasonably well. I did want to make a quick point though. The people who volunteer there time here writing reports (we now have a correspondent for every affiliate, which is awesome to me), are just that, volunteers, and I think its disrespectful to these people to get off topic in the comments section of their respective weekly reports. I purged a bunch of comments from the Reading post yesterday for that reason. I’m going to be more attentive in creating a daily discussion thread like this one every day for people to discuss there general thoughts. Around trade deadline time, I don’t mind discussions delving into the big league team, we’re all Phillies fans, but I’m trying to keep this site focused on the minors, since there are tons of sites and blogs devoted to discussing the major league team. We’ve kind of cornered the market here on intelligent (I think) minor league discussion, and I kind of want to keep it that way.

Also a quick update on the Wiki Project. A few of us have been working on adding info to the site, but I’m always looking for more people to help out. I haven’t posted much about the specifics of the Wiki site yet, but my goal is to have all of the information, or at least a good chunk of it, added to the site by October, and then spending the rest of the winter touching it up and making it look nice. When the Wiki site is “ready”, I’m going to be making some changes here, nothing radical, but just touching things up, moving a few things, and generally making it more visually appealing. There will be more on that in the coming days/weeks/months, and again, if you’d like to help out, send an email and I’ll give you the details. And now onto today’s games…

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