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Monday Daily Discussion

Not a great day for most of the Phils minor league system as: Kris Benson was hit around in his first rehab start at the AAA level.  He was on a pitch count and lasted 4 innings, giving up 4 runs on 5 hits in those 4 innings.  While he did hit 93 on one fastball, he hovered mostly around 88-89 mph. He doesn’t look to be the answer for Brett Myers struggles at least at this point.  My vote goes to JA Happ who has pitched extremely well in June.  Gordon to the DL, in the hopes of a healthy September, Myers to the bullpen, and Happ into the rotation.  Could that be worse than what we currently have?  Interesting matchup tonight with Travis Blackley taking on Francisco Liriano.  Yes, that Francisco Liriano. Continue reading Monday Daily Discussion

Threshers Win a Wild One Against the Mets

The Clearwater Threshers were in Port St. Lucie on Saturday night for the third of four games.  After a rainout on Thursday night the teams split a double header on Friday.  On Saturday night the Threshers jumped out early on the Mets when when Clay Harris got the first of his three home runsto give the Threshers an early 3-0 lead.  Harris would eventually homer in his first three at bats of the game as the Threshers jumped out to a 7-2 lead after five innings with five of the RBIs credited to Harris.

Appearantly the Mets were not as happy about Harris’ night as some of us were, and he was hit by a pitch in his fourth at bat by Mets hurler Casey Hoorelbeke.  This prompted the benches to be cleared for both teams, but without any real harm done.  In the next inning Threshers starter Edgar Garcia was ejected from the game when he promptly hit the first batter he faced . 

Apparently not phased by the fact that the bases were loaded in the eighth inning when Clay Harris stepped to the plate for a fifth time Casey Hoorelbeke of the Mets hit Harris for the second time in the game and was ejected while Clay was credited with a career high sixth RBI on the night.

In the ninth inning Tuffy Gosewsich was hit by a pitch that got another Mets pitcher ejected, and in the end the Threshers got the last laugh winning easily by a score of 11-3.

Front page story at here

Story from the Threshers blog here

Friday thoughts; vacation

Happy Friday. Its an especially happy Friday for me, as I leave later today for my first true vacation in years. I’ll be out of town until July 7th, and in addition to relaxing and unwinding, I’ll get to see at least one or two Cape Cod League baseball games. I haven’t been to Cape Cod since I was a kid, so I’m looking forward to that part of the trip quite a bit. Gregg, our faithful Lehigh Valley correspondent, is going to start a daily thread while I’m gone. Feel free to discuss anything you’d like, but please do be civil in my absence. This place has really taken off over the last 6 months, its due in large part to you, the daily reader, so just be nice to each other while I’m gone. With all of that said, a few parting thoughts…

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Iron Pigs Update

Lehigh Valley continues in last place in the IL Northern Division at 31-51, 19.5 games behind division leading Pawtucket.  Among the hitting leaders, continues to be Mike Cervenak who is 3rd in at bats (297), 7th in runs(48), 1st in hits (92), and 8th in average (.310). Andy Tracy is 5th in the league in walks (40), and 8th in the league in on base % (.392).  Although struggling a bit lately, Brian Mazone remains among the IL pitching leaders.  He is 7th in wins (7), 9th in ERA (3.29), 2nd in starts (16), first in innings (104.0), 4th in homers allowed (13), and 5th in WHIP (1.12).  James Happ continues to lead the lead in strikeouts (99) and is 7th in innings pitched(94.1). Matt Childers has been very strong lately and is now 4th in the league with 11 saves.

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Futures Game rosters announced

Its Team USA v Team World again. The Phillies representatives, per Baseball America

Double-A Reading/Phillies
After a slow start to his pro career offensively, Marson has improved markedly the last two seasons, showing improved power and a better ability to make consistent contact.

Double-A Reading/Phillies
Donald’s production as a pro has mirrored his college career at Arizona, only now he’s using wood bats. His steady approach and defensive versatility stand out.

Double-A Reading/Phillies
Packed with offensive potential, Golson was having his best minor league season before a sprained left wrist sidelined him in June.

Double-A Reading/Phillies
The Phillies’ top prospect since Cole Hamels graduated to the majors, Carrasco has flashed an improved curveball to complement his fastball and changeup this season

Golson likely won’t play, and its not a rule that he’ll be replaced by another Phillie.

Jayson Stark name-drops Carrasco

In his latest Rumblings column, under a tidbit about the Phillies interest in Erik Bedard

The Carlos Carrasco Watch: Carlos Carrasco is no household name to most fans. But among the scouting community, he’s the most-watched pitcher in the entire Phillies system — a 21-year-old right-handed rocket-launcher the Phillies would have to agonize over seriously before trading. One scout’s review: “Why is this guy still in Double-A? He’s a big-time arm with quality stuff who could eventually be a top-of-the-rotation guy. I don’t see them trading him. I really don’t.”

Its good to see that scouts are still very high on Carrasco. Obviously.

Reading Phillies Weekly Report (6/18 – 6/24)

Hello, everyone. This is my first report on the Reading Phillies. Hopefully, many more will follow. I am far from experienced when it comes to writing posts, so, if anyone has any suggestions I would be thrilled to hear them. I hope you enjoy the weekly reports on the Reading Phillies, which will usually be posted on Thursday of every week. Lets get to it…

The Reading Phillies won 3 and lost 5 on the week, dropping their record to an Eastern League Southern Division worst, 29-46. Luckily, the minor leagues are about the prospects and not the standings. Several big name prospects, most notably pitchers, had good weeks. Here are the game by game recaps.

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Threshers Update 6/25

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last full Clearwater report, but not a lot has changed over that time. The first half of the season ended with the Threshers alone in last place with a record of 32-38 13.5 games out of first place, and the second half of the season has begun with the Threshers again in last place with a 1-5 record 4.0 games out of first. Edgar Garcia, Matt German, Brett Harker, and Gus Milner all took part in the FSL all star game for the Threshers at the end of the first half, and each performed well in the game.
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Pitch Count Estimator v Reality, vol 1

As I talked about last week, my newest obsession is the Pitch Count estimator I built in Microsoft Excel, as well as the Game Score calculator I built into the same file. My goal is to have people post the pitch counts of games when they find them, so we can try to figure out if this method has validity, and how accurate it is. It was then pointed out to me that milb gives pitch counts for all AAA games. While we don’t have many pitching prospects in AAA, we do have JA Happ, so I decided to plug all of his starts into the formula and get the estimates, and then compare the estimates to his actual pitch counts, which I hoped would give me an idea of how accurate the model is. So, lets get to it…

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Wednesday nuggets

A few quick notes on this Wednesday morning.

* First, I’d like to welcome our newest contributor, neduolcaz (Zac), who will be taking over the Reading report, giving you some weekly insight into our AA affiliate. As always, I greatly appreciate the help of my contributors here, who help make this site what it is. Be polite and welcome Zac aboard.

* I checked the Lakewood boxscore last night before heading to the gym, to see Julian Sampson had pitched 3 innings, allowing 0 ER and just 3 hits. I came back 2 hours later to find out he got shelled for 7 ER on 10 H and 2 BB in his final 2 innings. Such is the life of a young pitcher in his first full season. In many cases, guys are left in games like this to just experience that aspect of the game, to try and work out of it, and to take something from it. Sampson, as was expected, has been inconsistent, but there have been plenty of promising signs.

* Michael Taylor has struggled in his first 5 games at Clearwater, going 3/19 with 1 2B and 7 K, and has yet to draw a walk. There’s certainly no reason to panic just yet. Some players take longer to adjust, not just to the different quality of players, but to completely new surroundings. I can imagine the Jersey shore is a bit different than Clearwater Florida in the middle of the summer. I fully expect Taylor to turn things on in the next month or so.

* We talk a lot about Adrian Cardenas, and what position he should play, and how good he is defensively, but the thing about him that impresses me the most is this

v LHP: 47 AB — .319/.385/.468 — 5 BB — 9 K
v RHP: 151 AB — .312/.382/.470 — 18 BB — 23 K

Cardenas is actually hitting better against lefties than he is righties. Its very common for lefthanded hitters to struggle against lefties in the minors, and learn to hit them better as they see more of them. Chase Utley is a recent example of this, struggling against lefties for his first 2 seasons in the majors. Cardenas, while not facing tons of ML quality lefties, is more than holding his own against southpaws, something which can only be seen as a positive at this point in his development.