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Not a great day for most of the Phils minor league system as: Kris Benson was hit around in his first rehab start at the AAA level.  He was on a pitch count and lasted 4 innings, giving up 4 runs on 5 hits in those 4 innings.  While he did hit 93 on one fastball, he hovered mostly around 88-89 mph. He doesn’t look to be the answer for Brett Myers struggles at least at this point.  My vote goes to JA Happ who has pitched extremely well in June.  Gordon to the DL, in the hopes of a healthy September, Myers to the bullpen, and Happ into the rotation.  Could that be worse than what we currently have?  Interesting matchup tonight with Travis Blackley taking on Francisco Liriano.  Yes, that Francisco Liriano.

Tyson Brummett continues a rocky transition to (AA) Reading getting hit around a bit again on Sunday giving up 6 runs in 5.1 innings as Reading continues to struggle.

A well pitched game by Darren Byrd lead Lakewood to a 3-1 victory.  Karl Bolt continues in his attempts to get noticed raising his average to .303 on the year.

 Clearwater, while welcoming Carlos Monasterios back off of the disabled list was shutout 5-0. The difficult transition for Michael Taylor continues.

Another interesting note is that D’Arby Myers was sent from Lakewood where he was hitting well below .200 to WIlliamsport of the New York Penn League where hopefully he will regain some confidence. Travis D’Arnaud has opened the season smoking the ball for Williamsport hitting .375 in his first 12 games including a 3-4 performance last night, which included 3 runs and 4 RBI’s. Between Jaramillo (who has picked up his game), Marson, D’Arnaud, and Valle, we have some depth at a position most clubs are looking for help.


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  1. very good summary. happ is looking good and seems to be in the phillies near term plans. i think that you are right on with meyers going to the set up role and happ getting called up. it would be a shame if someone as talented as meyers becomes a set up guy. on a positive note, i think that happ is ready for the bigs.

    you also make a great point about our catchers. very, very promising!

    i agree with d’arby move. he is so raw. needs more time.

  2. I saw Happ live for the third time this year on Saturday night. While I am not a scout, his “stuff” at least compares with that of Kendrick/Eaton. In my opinion, the Phils lose nothing by calling him up and placing him in the rotation for the struggling Myers. We then get more bullpen depth, assuming Myers regains his head, and potentially have Gordon at least somewhat healthy for the stretch run.

  3. See Clay Harris had two more hits yesterday and is now 18 for 28 with 16 rbi in his last 9 games. Can’t hurt to see what he can do at AA . Clay is 25 and soon to be 26 maybe he is a late bloomer. Got to like his 1.003 ops for the season which would be second in the FSL if he had enough plate appearances. Reading has only organizational filllers at 3rd, 1st and DH and have the worst record in the EL. They could use him.

  4. For those who asked earlier, Jason Donald has been out of the Reading lineup due to a slight hamstring pull.

  5. I agree. Give Happ a shot and put Myers in the bullpen to get some use out of him because at this point he is a drain on the team. I originally thought Myers should replace Condrey but if Gordon needs a break, give him one and he might provide some use later in the year.

  6. interesting little tidbit, the phillies looked like they took a huge jump and moved Yonderman Rodriguez, formally of latin american ball, from the GCL roster all the way up to clearwater.

  7. They should trade Myers to someone as a closer…of course this assumes we are going to keep Lidge after this year. I agree it is time to give Happ another chance in the rotation.

  8. Sebastian Valle has me very excited, he looks to be something special and is quite frankly dominating as a 17 year old. Is C his long term position? Any possibility of him moving somewhere else on the diamond?

  9. why would you move Valle? keeping him as a catcher increases his value tremendously. who cares if he is blocked by marson. he could become an extremly valuable trading chip at the catcher position.

    that being said, and while i am as excited as you, it is way too early to annoint him. he has to do it up the chain like marson is doing at AA.

  10. “interesting little tidbit, the phillies looked like they took a huge jump and moved Yonderman Rodriguez, formally of latin american ball, from the GCL roster all the way up to clearwater.”

    It happens fairly often that the Threshers take a player from the GCL for a game or two in the middle of the season if they have a short-term need since the GCL is literally next door to the FSL. I saw that he was at Clearwater too, but didn’t say anything because my bet is that he will be gone in a day or two. If Yonderman is still there in a week it will be something to ponder.

  11. It has become very obvious that Happ is ready for the big leagues and there is now a place for him as Myers is entirely lost. Also, Happ is not like Eaton or Kendrick – he’s a left and he is striking out a lot of hitters and his control has gotten better recently. He’s ready.

    Honestly, for now, I don’t care where Myers goes – I just want him the hell out of the starting rotation.

    It would be stupid to put C. Durbin in the rotation. Why do that? He’s a great middle reliever and a bad starter (just check the stat.s – his starting performance is putrid). Why put him back in a situation where he is likely to fail and simultaneously hurt the bullpen? No, keep him where he is and work on addressing the weakness in some other way.

  12. From all reports Valle is a very good defensive catcher as well (from BA last year, not just Conlin’s recent column). I think you leave him at catcher and let the chips with Marson, D’Arnaud and Valle fall where they may. Too many catchers is a good thing. Teams will overpay dramatically for catching prospects in trades. Frankly if we are thinking about moving someone to get their bat in the lineup along with the other catchers, Marson is probably the most athletic of the bunch and could handle other positions. That is getting ahead of us, however, as D’Arnaud and Valle are probably at least 3+ years away from the majors.

  13. I wonder if anyone would take Myers in a trade as a closer. He really seems like someone who would benefit from a change of scenery.

    … maybe the Phillies could take a flyer on Chacon, I hear he’s looking for work…..

  14. Valle is 17. If Marson makes the club next year his arbitration years could well be up before Valle is ready.

  15. Allowing Durbin to start would be a terrible move by the Phils brass. Why change somwething that works when there are other reasonable alternatives. Happ is 25; 25 is about the end of the road for a minor leaguer. His time to be a major leaguer is right now. If this isnt the situation for him, then when will it be? If he is not promoted it is almost like a vote of no confidence in the guy. Giving Myers an extra 2 days will also be the wrong move. What is going on in that man’s head cannot be fixed with 2 extra days. Time to give him what he wants and throw him back to the bullpen or give him a 2-3 week DL stint: “Phillies place P Myers placed on disabled list (brain)”

  16. why not send myers down to reading or LHV?

    cant we bring up Jaramillo or Marson and send Ruiz out of there?

  17. Myers is too much of a stubborn headcase to ever recover from a straight-up demotion to AAA.

  18. I don’t see sending someone making about $8 per year down to the minors or Adam Eaton would have been gone last year. Happ does have very good stuff. He leads the IL in strikeouts and bounced back well from injuries last year. He generally has a low 90’s fastball, a good change up and a decent curveball. His control was a big problem last year, but that too is much improved. There is not much more for Happ to prove at AAA after almost 2 full seasons there, and I believe it is time for the Phillies to see what they truly have, which I think may be prove to be a legit #3 starter in the future.

  19. I don’t think the Phillies have had a 17 year old tearing it up like Valle has in my phanhood. A 17 year old with that kind of bat projects to be quite the player, one who could have his career shortened by playing behind the plate. I agree it’s too early, he’s only in the GCL, but I think it’s something that should be in the back of the organization’s mind.

  20. CC profiled on Sportsline’s fantasy column

    3. RHP Carlos Carrasco, Phillies

    Carlos Carrasco could have a big impact for the contending Phillies. (Getty Images)
    The Phillies top pitching prospect has been more steady than spectacular in Double-A, but Carrasco’s talent is intriguing enough to make him a candidate for a second-half call-up. He could have been one a year ago, perhaps.

    In 94 innings to date, Carrasco has fanned 89 and opposing batters are hitting .261 against him. More important, he is a pitcher who gets outs on the ground more than the air. That would play well in the homer-friendly park in Philly.

    If Carrasco doesn’t become a candidate in Philly, he could at least be a bargaining chip for the Phillies to add a big-time ace on the trade market. We tend to think, though, the Venezuelan is someone the Phillies need to keep around.

  21. I think it’s pretty clear that we all want Happ up, and either Myers or Gordon DL’ed, and Ruiz gone and either Jaramillo or Marson up.

    Therefore, we’ll get none of the above.

    Expect Madson to start.

  22. No one is talking about the true stud starter we have waiting at Reading…not Carrasco, J.freakingD. Durbin.

  23. Myers has too much service time to be sent out-right to the minors. He would have to accept the assignment or he could opt to become a FA instead.

  24. That Carrasco notice is interesting.

    Stark also put in a note about a “Carrasco Watch” last week, which seemed odd for a AA player who is progressing solidly but hardly a top 10 prospect.

    Given how close Stark and the Phillies are, I have a feeling the Phils are trying to hype Carrasco for an impending deal.

  25. Carrasco seems to have plateaued in AA a little bit. I’d be OK with including him in a deal for Bedard

  26. Throw caution to the wind. Move Myers to the pen and bring up both Carrasco and Happ. Run with 6 starters for a while and see who comes out on top.

  27. If a Seattle Mariner scout shows up Weds in Reading for Carrasco’s next start my guess it will be Victorino and Carrasco for Bedard since Seattle gave up so much in that 5 for 1 deal to get him. They would have Bedard still under contract for next year. I wish the scout would be from the Indians as they continue to fade in the AL Central but would the Phils have the pieces for even a rental of CC.? If Carlos is being packaged the teams represented at his July starts will be the tale of the tape. I would be surprised if the FO trades him for a rental they have no hope of signing. But Gillick got Moyer in 06 from Seattle for two forgetable minor league pitchers and he got Lohse last July 30th for the AA minor leaguer Maloney. Both rentals at the time but Carlos is the No. 1 pitching prospect in system. The 09 rotation would be Hamels, Bedard, Kendrick, Eaton and Happ. Myers would go back to the closers role as they never will find enough money to resign Lidge.

  28. Let us not forget about Scott Mathieson……he pitched very well in his brief stint in Philly and hopefully will be healthy!! I agree that Victorino will be part of the Carrasco package …unfortunately Sabathia wont be coming to Philly. Im kind of glad though since it would only be a brief stay! Myers and Durbin will switch spots but if they are also looking at adding a lefty to the pen (which has been reported), someone must go. Taguchi will probably be gone, but must be replaced…so who is the odd man out? Gordon?? Condrey??

  29. Scott Mathieson had a second tommy john surgery and im sure is no longer in any kind of plan for the future. The Phils do not like stirring the boat, so i cant see Durbin starting a game outisde of a 3 inning role. Condrey does not really provide any value over that of a replacement player, so i imagine he is the odd man out unless Gordon goes to the DL.

    Anyone else want to see Carrasco play a meaningful game before he is traded?

  30. Hey, I just checked the scores and the GCL Phillies just won 1-0. Cloyd threw three shutout innings, and both Gose and Collier major their pro debuts – Collier doubled in his only AB and scored the games only run. Nice to see.

    Interestingly enough, Matt Smith (remember him?) started the game. I thought he was cut loose, but it looks like he is rehabbing

    – Jeff

  31. Hes in my long term plans (like that means anything)…..Im still holding out hope that he can return healthy and fill a back end of the rotation role for the stretch drive next season….I know its a tiny light at the end of the tunnel but Im hoping!! Condrey has pitched well for the Phils and I would hate to see him go. Sooner or later, they have to give these guys a chance (Happ, Mazone, Carrasco, etc.)….who knows, could be lightning in a bottle like Kendrick last year or even Marty Bystrom!!!!

  32. Cloyd is now 2-0, 0 runs in 11 innings, with 11 K’s, pretty good start for a late round 20 y/o.

  33. Cloyd is 21 years old and should really be at Williamsport rather than GCL age-wise. Hopefully they will bump him up based on his start so we can see if he is a real prospect. He probably got started in GCL because of the lack of college this year.

  34. kudos to groty, i saw happ pitch a few times last year and thought that the only thing he really needed was a 3rd pitch. unfornuately its extremely rare to bring up a catcher in the middle of a penett race. my 2 untouchibles, marson and donald.

  35. Robert (I’m just going to call him Rob) Roth pitched well again for Williamsport. 3 outings, 3-0, 20IP, 9H, 2ER and a miniscule 0.9 ERA. Not much of a strikeout guy but he’s been untouchable. He’ll be 20 in August. D. Myers was 3-3 with a 2B. Let’s hope he can straighten out for James’ sake. Overbeck has 12 RBI’s in 13 games. He’s not lighting it up but he’s productive. Somebody also finally slowed Haislet. This kids been on fire. I’m glad to see Matt Smith rehabbing. Here’s another lefty reliever who could be helpful. Yonderman Rodriguez was back in the GCL last night. 1 day stint at Clearwater. Cloyd… nice game.

  36. re. madson. it took two years for him to straighten out his arm after their last brilliant move to start him, he,s a reliever 2 innings. as for victorino he,s a pitchers best friend. hes going nowhere. bring up happ, carrasco. release taguchi send down condrey and since gordon will probably be dled as usual use myers as your 7 or 8th inning man. hes a natural reliever anyway. by the way bill conlin did everything he could to drum lonnie smith out of town in 1980. next year marson c donald 3rd golson rf, staff hamels, carrasco, kendrick, happ, and outman. does anyone recognize the similarity between happ and pettite facially. i hope he pitches like him.

  37. Do we think it is possible for Donald to play one game professionally at third base before everybody anoints him the starting 3B of 2009?

  38. Waaaay too much to ask. Similarly, Carrasco pitching one inning in the majors before he’s annointed the #2 starter.

  39. I am a huge Carrasco fan but to annoint him a #2 starter is premature. Lets not forget this kid is only 20 years old. Tremendous upside but lets let him get his feet a little more wet in the minors.

    Happ might be 25 but I wouldn’t consider him at the end of his prospect status. Lefthanders for some reason take a little longer to come along than righthanders. I think if Happ could have been a reliever he would have been here already, he really is only a starter so that is what is holding him back

  40. That didn’t seem to bug the Phillies with Josh Outman. . . .

    Decision’s supposed to come today. Thinking HAPPy thoughts….

  41. Listening to Lakewood on the radio/internet. What an exciting team to listen to! Sounds almost like Fresno State last week. Bolt has hit the ball very hard twice, scored twice, stuck in a run down and escaped with Mattair taking an extra base behind the pickle. Galvis hitting a long fly ball for a SAC. New kid Kennely contributing and Miller finally get comfortable at the plate. Brownie with 2 hits.
    Today’s a 7/7 double header. Turn it on if the boss will let you.

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