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A couple of interesting notes from the GCL Phils game yesterday.  Second Round draft pick Anthony Gose began his minor league career with an 0-2 with a strikeout, while Supplemental First Rounder, Zach Collier, was 1-1 with a double in his debut.  Former Phillie reliever Matt Smith continued his rehab with his first appearance this year and pitched a scoreless inning. 18th round pick, Tyler Cloud, had his second consecutive strong outing going 6 scoreless innings, giving up only 2 hits and striking out 8.

A third consecutive outstanding start for Williamsport by Robert Roth (3-0).  Roth went 7 shutout innings giving up only 3 hits.  He walked one and struck out 2.  His ERA is 0.90 after 3 starts and the opposition has managed just 9 hits off of him in 20 innings. D’Arby Myers had a big game, in the victory, going 3-3 with 2 runs, a double and a stolen base.  http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2008_06_30_stcasx_wptasx_1&t=g_box&did=milb

Lehigh Valley was shut down by Francisco Liriano last night 2-1.  1B Andy Tracy earned player of the week honors for an ourstanding week last week.  http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2008_06_30_lhvaaa_rocaaa_1&t=g_box&did=milb

If I were a betting man, I would say that we have seen the last start for Kip Bouknight (3-9) after his performance last night where he gave up 8 runs on 10 hits in one inning of work.  His ERA stands at 6.95, and he is currently making JD Durbin look like Cy Young.  Look for the return of Andrew Carpenter if he can give Clearwater another solid start or two.  Reading did mount an impressive comeback for a 13-8 victory.  http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2008_06_30_nbraax_reaaax_1&t=g_box&did=milb

 Lakewood was rained out last evening and Clearwater had the day off.


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  1. forgot to mention that Anthony Hewitt agreed to terms… certainly news worthy

  2. Nice recap, gregg. A couple of additional observations…

    Although he lost last night and was a bit wild with 5 walks, Travis Blackley has strung together 6 quality starts in a row and has a 2.93 ERA during June. I still think Happ should be next in line for the rotation, but Blackley has positioned himself well should the Phils need a spot start for a doubleheader or something of that nature.

    There are some promising arms off the radar a bit who are nonetheless throwing well in the lower minors. Cloyd and Roth you mentioned, and de Fratus and Worley at Williamsport have looked the part thus far (although, granted, it’s still early). Finally, Darren Byrd has been lights out at Lakewood; Clearwater may have been a step too far for him this year, but he’s been great at Lakewood and he’s still only 21, so he’s one to keep an eye on as we go forward.

  3. It’s nice to see Collier have a solid debut. Sooner or later one of these high-ceiling toolsy guys is going to become a stud for the Phillies.

    Speaking of toolsy guys, Dominic Brown is rather quietly having himself a solid season – hitting around .300, decent amount of steals, nice obp, and he’s been very consistent. He’s becoming one of my “must watch” guys.

    – Jeff

  4. Blackley’s issue is his control. He has very good stuff and a great pickoff move, but he has gotta cut down on those walks to remain effective.

  5. While I was checking up on Brown’s stats, I noticed that Lakewood is playing a doubleheader today. They took the first game, 4-2, behind a nice effort from Sampson – 6.2IP, 2 runs (1 earned). Brown was 2-3 with a walk, scored a run and threw a runner out. Game two will probably be starting shortly…

  6. On another front . . . Robert Swindle just keeps on piling up the statistics and good appearances. Last night he got 3ks in one hitless inning (he may have struck out the side). I understand his velocity is terrible, but, when you get to AAA and dominate, there’s only one place left to go, right? And it’s not AA.

  7. Listening to Lakewood on the radio/internet. What an exciting team to listen to! Sounds almost like Fresno State last week. Bolt has hit the ball very hard twice, scored twice, stuck in a run down and escaped with Mattair taking an extra base behind the pickle. Galvis hitting a long fly ball for a SAC. New kid Kennely contributing and Miller finally get comfortable at the plate. Brownie with 2 hits.
    Today’s a 7/7 double header. Turn it on if the boss will let you.

    For the radio/internet for the Blueclaws game:


    Blueclaws won 4-2. A couple of ejections, a run-producing balk. Great stuff.

    Game 2 on now. First inning started exciting with a double play pick-off. BC’s up 1-0.

  8. Randy Myers is heading to The Pigs. Wow! I didn’t hear who got called up. Will they bring up Happ for Myers next start? I’ve got to believe.

  9. Well, Dominic Brown is having a nice day. In the second game, he just hit his second double, and he’s knocked in a run and score one. He also stole a base and threw out another runner.

    Wow, Myers was demoted?!?

  10. brett myers accepted a temporary assignment to AAA today. It actually shows a bit of class on his side that he is willing to take the time and go down and work knowing that it is the best thing for the team. They havent announced who will take his spot yet, should announce that tommorow. But it looks like it could be Happ.

  11. Tyler Cloyd has always been solid. I have watched him since little league and he has always been untouchable. I have never – high school, division II, and even in the Div. II World Series, seen a bad outing. So far he has pitched 5 scoreless innings on 58 pitches and 6 scoreless innings on 59 pitches. 11 k’s in 11 innings with only five hits.

  12. Since Happ is already on the 40-man, wouldn’t it have been easy for them to just announce he’d be replacing Myers? The fact that they’re waiting until tomorrow to announce his replacement makes me think Carrasco is a very real possibility.

  13. They’ll wait to call up Happ until Thursday. That way they don’t haveb to start paying him major league salary till Thursday.

  14. NEPhilliesPhan, how did Gillick do that? I thought I read the whole press release and I didn’t see that.

    I think it’ll be Happ.

  15. Sorry about the Randy reference. I was trying to get out of the office quick and mixed two thoughts together. One was work and one was Brett Myers.

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