Tuesday Tidbits

Some general thoughts this morning…

* One of the more intriguing arms to me on the GCL team is Reginal Simon. Generally speaking, the 19 and 20 year old guys making the jump to the GCL from the Latin American based teams are non-prospects or fringe guys, but the younger guys are more likely to turn into legit prospects. Simon is 18 and put up decent numbers in the Dominican Summer League last year. In his first taste of pro ball, its been a mixed bag, but there have been positive signs. His most promising peripheral is the 24 to 7 strikeout to walk ratio. He has been home run prone, allowing 4 in only 31.2 innings, but I think he does have a promising arm, and will be a guy worth watching. He’s going to probably be a one level at a time guy but I think he’s got a chance to be a useful arm at some point.

* In the comments of a previous post, I briefly touched on the difficulty of hitting in the New York Penn League, how it favors pitches for a number of reasons. And that makes what Travis d’Arnaud is doing all the more impressive. His current batting line of .333/.390/.517 should tell you all you need to know, but just in case, here are a few more notes. He’s controlling the strike zone well, with 12 BB and only 16 K. He’s hitting for good power now, with 11 2B and 3 HR, good for a .184 ISO. The only split of any “concern” is his L/R split, as he’s posting a ridiculous 1.120 OPS against LHP and only a .760 OPS against RHP. But just to give you an idea of how good his season has been. The league average for the entire NYPL is .247/.323/.358, or a .681 OPS. In my last Top 30 update I ranked him 9th in our system, and if anything, I’m still underselling him.

* Tim Kennelly is a tough guy for me to figure out. One of the Phillies many Australian signees, Kennelly burst onto the scene in 2005 with a great GCL debut, but he struggled in 2006 splitting time at Lakewood and Batavia, and then last season struggled again at Williamsport while also serving as a brief fill in for Lakewood and Clearwater. This season, his age 21 season, he’s settled in at Lakewood after a late start (logged only 18 AB in May and June), and he’s tearing the cover off the ball to the tune of a .365/.462/.492 line in 63 July AB’s. While he’s a year old for Lakewood, this is his first real extended run in full season ball, and so far so good. His 12% BB rate is cause for excitement, though he’s only shown modest power so far. Kennelly has mainly played catcher and 3B prior to this season, but he’s also logged time in the outfield this year. Its still tough to really know what we have here, but he’s another interesting guy to keep an eye on.

* Sticking with the under the radar theme, I want to talk about Quintin Berry. I had Berry tabbed as my #25 prospect entering the season, but expressed some skepticism as to whether his skills would translate as he moved to higher levels. For the first three months of 2008, he was a big disappointment. Sensing that I’d dropped him out of my Top 30, he’s responded with a blistering .370/.400/.450 line in 100 July AB’s. What makes his July so strange is he’s gotten away from what he does best, draw walks, and is hacking away, but hitting for a high average. From April through June, he drew 39 walks but hit only .239, but in July he has only 5 BB and has hit .370. It shows me he is capable of hitting for a decent average (with help from friendly Batted Balls in Play numbers), and we know he can draw walks. Berry is 13/16 in SB in July, and for the season is at 39/49, 80% success if you do the math. 80% is right around the cutoff point in terms of where you need to be stealing for it to be effective and worthwhile. At this point, Berry looks like a 4th/5th OF, and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially out of a 5th round draft choice.

Feel free to discuss this, and anything else you’d like. Please try and keep the trade talks to a minimum, unless you’re specifically discussing the Phillies prospects involved. I’ve not done a lot of policing of the comments sections of late, but I was tempted to remove a bunch of comments from the Anthony Hewitt post yesterday. We’re all Phillies fans, but there are plenty of general Phillies sites out there to discuss Roy Halladay, Manny Ramirez, and tons of other deals that won’t happen. Lets try and stay on point here.

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  1. Has d’Arnaud been throwing out alot of base-stealers? Scouts raved about his defensive skills before the 2007 draft and I figured his exceptional defensive package would carry him. Glad to see he’s been hitting like a champ. How long until he earns a promotion?… not to mention a profile page….

  2. For Q Berry, think maybe his problem was that he was trying to be overly patient and was taking too many good pitches?

    Love guys who are patient at the plate but not at the expense of watching fastballs go down the middle for strikes. Hopefully he is finding that happy medium between patience and aggression..

  3. I’m not adding any more profile pages here. All of the profiles are going to be on the wiki site, so he’ll get his this fall when I have more time.

  4. So is D’Arnaud a “one level at a time guy” or will the Phillies be aggressive with him? From what I remember when he was drafted, I believe that scouts said he was extremely sound defensively, but there were mixed reports on his hitting ability. His performance this year has certainly been an eye opener.

    With him and Marson, I don’t think Carlos Ruiz should be looking into buying any houses in the Philly area.

    – Jeff

  5. wondering out loud if D’Arnaud looks this good if the phils would consider a Marson for (name impact SP) swap and then go and get a stop gap measure at catcher (Bengie Molina??) for a couple years till D’Arnaud is ready. Realizing that D’arnaud is pretty far away guess that’s not possible, but also realize that Marson’s trade value is as high as it probably will ever get.

  6. I get the feeling that Gillick loves Marson, Arbuckle and Amaro don’t seem as enamored. d’Arnaud is likely a one level at a time guy, meaning he’ll be at Lakewood next year, and is at least 3 years away from the bigs. If Marson is traded, its likely to be for a big name type of guy, as he’s now pretty much a Top 100 guy, prospect wise.

  7. When can we start getting excited about Susdorf? This guy is absolutely Murdering the New York Penn League. He has more walks than Strikeouts and 12 out his 20 hits are XBHs.

  8. We can always be excited about Susdorf…he seems, at first glance, to be a “ballplayer” as opposed to a pure athlete. Those guys sometimes rise to the top despite not having great athletic ability. And he’s clutch.

  9. Baseball Reference lists D’Arnaud as 7/27 in CS (27%), which isn’t great. Also 5 PBs and 2 errors. Does have 24 assists in 30 games. Lou Marson is 29/80 (36%), 6 PBs and 9 errors.

    Also, good to see Michael Taylor coming around in Clearwater. And I haven’t seen anything about Clay Harris, who’s tearing it up this year.

  10. clay harris was getting some juice on one of the other threads, maybe the tuesday tidbits from last week?…

    it would be stupid to trade marson just because we have d’arnaud, just the same as is was stupid to trade cardenas because we have utley. prospects are flaky, you can never know for sure what they’ll do until they get to the next level of development. at this point, marson is significantly closer to being a major leaguer than d’arnaud, and therefore far more projectable and valuable. he will be a september callup and have a chance to be the starting catcher in 09. would you want to miss out on 2-3 years of his offense and continue to have to play ruiz 60% of the time waiting for d’arnaud to get here in exchange for aj burnett, i think not.

  11. I love watching Susdrorf. I had a chance to watch him live while in Williamsport & the guy has such a sweet swing! I think of Will Clark EVERYTIME I watch him. As for D’ Arnaud the kid is a beast. Great hands behind the dish & he hits almost everything hard.

  12. If we traded a catcher I wonder if D’Arnaud is a better candidate. It looks like we might want Marson on the big club as early as sometime next year. D’Arnaud is probably at least 3 years away, maybe more. Both have high trade values now (Marson more because he is closer to the majors). I am not saying we should trade D’Arnaud. I just would prefer that to trading Marson when Ruiz is showing that we might need another catcher next year.

  13. Kennelly seems like he will be a great utility ML prospect. In the Aussie national tournament last winter he was playing right field. Wonder if he can play the middle infield postions? D’Arnaud is banged up sitting out a couple of games with stitches to his nose. Having watched Marson at Lakewood and Reading this year and D’Arnaud on Milb-tv with the Crosscutter got to go with Travis as the catcher of the future. I like his build, his arm, his bat and seems like a more take charge guy than the more soft spoken Marson.

  14. D’Arnaud is just so far away that it’s hard to project his future.

    By contrast, Lou Marson just does better and better at each level. The only thing he doesn’t do now is hit for power and that may yet happen.

    I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea to trade Marson as our catching spot is so weak (Coste is a great number 2 catcher, but he should stay put there) – it’s a mistake to treat Marson as expendable just because D’Arnaud may be a top prospect in a couple of years. If D’Arnaud were at Clearwater, I might feel differently, but he’s just in a completely different stratosphere right now that’s it’s useless to plan our future with or without him.

    In light of the scoring problems the Phils line-up has had, I’ll take Sweet Lou and his OBP any day of the week – can’t wait to see him in September.

    By the way, I’ll reserve judgment until I see him play some more, but my immediate impression of Marson was that he had that extra something that makes you take notice of him (honestly, I think Donald has it too). I don’t know if it’s confidence, or athleticisim, or just star power, but, when you see it (Chase Utley had it written all over him, even from the first day you saw him), it makes an impression and it often means that the player is going to turn into something big.

  15. Jayson Stark is reporting the Phillies are on the verge of acquiring Ron Mahay from the Royals for Jason Donald . Sounds like it may happen

  16. To me, all this trade talk is getting a bit ridiculolus. I’m a fan of hanging onto your prospects unless you’ve got something really nice lined up. The Phils already depleted their system by trading Cardenas, who, according to an MLB.com writeup, is believed to have the arm to play third for Oakland. They got weaker by trading Outman. Hang on to your prospects, because you never know what will happen at the MLB level. Obviously, Carlos Ruiz is heading down the path toward Back-updom, and Marson certainly seems capable and will hopefully get a shot during September.

  17. Donald for Ron Mahay… just kill me. Seriously, kill me.

    I’d like to see Marson get a shot to win the job in ST next March. D’Arnaud is exceeding all expectations, but he’s so far away that you can’t plan on him and he’s not really a trade chit yet. As he gets a little closer, then maybe you can deal him (or Lou), or figure out a position switch for one of the two.

  18. I apologize / the Jayson stark report uses the phrase “could be on the verge” not is on the verge.

  19. Reading made some moves yesterday. Donald and Marson are off to the Olympics. Kick some butt guys! Carpenter was brought up from A+. Sergio Escalona came up from A-. Is this a temporary move or is he double jumping? He pitched well last night. Durbin’s moved to AAA. Suomi will fill in for Marson.

    There’s a lot of excitement at Williamsport and GCL. Let’s hope it continues. I think there will be a lot of new guys on our Top 30 prospects. Not just because of trades either.

  20. i’m just disgusted if that trade goes through (mahay for donald). How come our best go for slightly above average talent while the yankees can sell their crap to pittsburgh for much better talent. This three headed monster of Gillick, Amaro Jr and Arbuckle need to go.

  21. Well, in all fairness, I think it comes down to cash. The Yankees were picking up some good salary in Nady. Mahay makes pretty good cash though.

    This deal is a typical Phillies deadline deal, or as I like to call it, “Pulling a Mike Williams”

  22. it’s too bad we need to give up a top 3 propsect because the farm could not develop a situational lefty. This has been a problem with the phillies for years. They just so happen to get lucky with Romero last year.

  23. i don’t hate that trade. mahay is a low cost quality left handed reliever with tons of experience and so can handle the pressure of a pennant race. the margin of error is so small right now. one game might determine if we win the pennant. it seems that it is impossible to acquire a starting pitcher of any value. so they are trying to improve their pen and their line up. they are trying to win now!

    i like donald a lot, but you got to give up something to get something. he also projects as a mlb third baseman and we have more than an abundance of prospects at that position. so he is expendable. further, he won’t make an impact in the majors for a few years.

    the only value of a prospect is to help the big club. and it all has to come together at once to make a run. i have no problem borrowing from the future to win this year. at least this guy can pitch unlike blanton.

  24. by that i mean: mattair, overbeck, hewitt.

    these guys are much farther away than donald, but either overbeck or mattair will be at Clearwater next year, so not that far away. and i am fine with feliz as a stop gap. i think that it is hard to agrue that donald make more of an impact than feliz.

  25. Ken Rosenthal’s last update was posted at 12:09 and he stated

    “The Phillies, in pursuit of a left-handed reliever, inquired about the Royals’ Ron Mahay, but are not the front-runner to acquire him, according to major-league sources.”

    Here’s hoping that his info is more recent than Stark’s!!!!

  26. Adam Eaton is in LAKEWOOD today and will pitch for the team on Thursday Night.

  27. This from the Neyer chat on espn

    “Aaron (Collegeville, PA): I had a colleague tell me the Phillies were looking to fill out their bullpen with Ron Mahay from KC. Any truth to this ambition?

    Rob Neyer: That’s what Jayson Stark is saying, and he would know. Supposedly they’re talking about Mahay for shortstop Jason Donald, which would be an *excellent* move for the Royals. ”

    That ought to make you feel better, be right back i need to go puke

  28. honestly mahay would be a good addition to any team. his numbers are excellent, and hes not just a lefty specialist. in fact, his ops is lower by a little bit against righties.

    however, we definitely dont have any depth at 3rd base. donald isnt even playing there yet. mattair, overbeck, and hewitt are way too far out to project at this point.

    also, i think donald is far too much to pay for a 37-year old reliever. more appropriate would be an arm or two from down in the system…maybe worley and de fratus or something like that?

  29. looks like tejada might be on the market. oh what i would give up for him. imagine that line up.

    hey wade – throw us one more bone brother.

  30. Don’t think that the Phillies have an abundance of 3B prospects but also not sure that Donald was a 3rd base prospect either.

    Everyone is speculating that is where he will end up but until he shows he can actually play the position, who knows.

    Overall, can’t say I love the idea of a Donald/Mahay swap. Mahay is certainly a quality reliever who is under contract for 1 more season but Donald is a pretty high cost.

  31. cromp,

    i wouldn’t give too much credence to Neyer. He’s known as a METS LOVER! He’s admitted to me in a chat conversation to having a poster of David Wright in his house, i thought bedroom, he only admitted to office. hmmm.

    the only positive if the Mahay debachle (sp) goes down is that they won’t mess with Happ in the bullpen.

  32. $4M for a situational lefty is too expensive, we’re already paying one situational lefty that much. A C prospect for Mahay is fine. Not one of our better prospects.

  33. check out the comments thread on the trade deadline blog post on the mahay deal over at favrESPN…laffable

  34. A “C” prospect doesn’t get it done. there is very limited supply and lots of demand out there. you have a choice. stand pat while others add pieces or over pay and try to win now.

    i vote “win now.” it has been too damn long since we had a parade.

  35. PP, check out mahay’s splits…he seems to be more than just a situational lefty, at least this year

  36. pp fan,

    the problem is that winning now is getting sabbathia or harden a month ago, not mahay now. As is always the case with our management we pick and choose the wrong spots. Bullpen is a strength right now and while its taxed a bit, if you’re losing 10-0 because of Eaton or Myers or Blanton, Mahay won’t do a lick of good.

  37. Is Mahay going to be a difference maker? I’m pretty much a “win now” guy too, but if Donald goes, please make it part of a bigger package. Mahay will help, but he’s not going to bring a parade to Broad St.

  38. Stark now reporting….

    “A source with knowledge of the Phillies’ trading discussions now says they’re “not close” to any deal for left-handed reliever Ron Mahay. They plan to continue to explore all their left-handed relief options.”

    I can breathe easier….

  39. philly jamaal – you might breath easier, but make no mistake. the phils need to add pieces to make a serious run this year. which means they will be giving up prospects, which means they will probably be overpaying given the limited supply

  40. unfortunately, revenue sharing in baseball has meant more parity/mediocrity, meaning more teams in the hunt, and therefore more buyers less sellers

  41. I have no problem giving up prospects….it’s just that I don’t think Ron Mahay makes this team that much better and I think you could do better than Mahay if you’re trading Jason Donald….but then again Gillick didn’t ask for my opinion

  42. “A source with knowledge of the Phillies’ trading discussions now says they’re “not close” to any deal for left-handed reliever Ron Mahay”…thats stark…but he says we are the best fit…

  43. I’m just opposed to the idea of trading a top prospect for a reliever of any kind. Who’s good among relief pitchers fluctuates so much from year to year that it just doesn’t make sense to give up your second best position prospect for a guy who could revert to his 2005 form (6.81 ERA, 1.77 WHIP, .313 BAA) at a moment’s notice.

    And if you’re so interested in Mahay, then why call up Happ in the first place? I don’t think Happ’s ideally suited to relief, but I’d much rather see J.A. given a shot than see the Phils dump Donald for a LOOGY.

  44. sorry, i need to check my updates quicker…

    The last few days i have been checking updates just praying to get to 4pm thursday without seeing the Phillies involved in anything. Donald is a guy who seems to be very much on the rise. If Neyer is complimenting a Phillie then you know there is some buzz…that guy hates the Phils.

  45. I *HATE* the idea of losing Donald for Mahay. I could have dealt with him for Marte, but not for Mahay.

  46. Couple of thoughts:

    1. Mahay is NOT a LOOGY…he’d be more of a setup guy.

    2. Grabow (another rumor) has bonechips in his elbow from last year that have never been dealt with. He refused surgery in the offseason on it but pitched in pain all last year. STAY AWAY!!!

    3. Donald is a high price for Mahay…

  47. My biggest issue with such a trade is that we would have given up both Cardenas AND Donald in trades and one of our few strengths in the minors (middle infielders) would now be a huge weakness. It would leave 18 year old Freddy Galvis as our top middle IF prospect which is a scary thought.

  48. I would rather have traded Carenas and Donald together in a bigger package, for better players than Mahay/Blanton*

    *all of that is wishful thinking and Mahay is, at least, having a decent season.

  49. He’s having an excellent season…Donald would hurt though as he seems to have found his power stroke (14 HRs, 18 2B already) which was something of a questionmark for him.

  50. Bedrosian’s Beard – good point. we have to keep in mind, what we want and what the market will yeild are two very different things. this isn’t fantasy baseball where you can pilfer the sucker. with the supply/demand where it is, you have to over pay or you don’t get. it is as simple as that.

  51. I get that and I agree you have to give to get, but some deals are just bad and/or shortsighted.

  52. Rosenthal mentioned that the Phillies inquired about Maddox a few weeks back before we got Blanton…I would have killed for Maddox…he could teach Kendrick how to be a real pitcher if nothing else. I’d personally make a run at him just so he could be our pitching coach next year. I’ve always thought he’d make a great manager too…if he ever stops playing.

  53. maddux to me is just a rich man’s jamie moyer. also maddux has always said he’d want to stay on the west cost hence the speculation with the dodgers. I too agree he’d make a great pitching coach one day.

  54. Yeah…Maddox has nixed any attempt to trade him away from SD…He’s always been one of my favorite players though…for a Non-Phillie that is. Its fun to dream though.

  55. Nice to see the rumors have died down about Donald. I like the kid a lot, and I agree with the posters about packaging Cardenas/Donald rather than splitting them up two acquire two players who are only moderate upgrades over Happ (actually, Happ is probably a better starter than Blanton at this point).

    The problem is that even including Marson, the Phils fall short of having the bullets to get Sabathia or Halladay. And since there aren’t any real second tier pitchers (maybe Sherill or Burnett) instead of trading ‘A’ prospects for ‘A’ major leaguers, they are dealing ‘B’ prospects for ‘C’ major leaguers.

  56. ‘this isn’t fantasy baseball where you can pilfer the sucker.’

    Sure you can! It happens to Ed Wade twice a season and Beane just did it to Gillick. Major league teams sucker other teams every year.

  57. Sherill is a LOOGY nothing more…he’s not as good as his “Save” total suggests. He’s a 31 year old journeyman LOOGY. He’s not worth a tenth of what the O’s want for him.

  58. Padraic,

    You’re right about that. Which makes me say: then don’t do a deal. If Happ could do the job/similar job to Mahay, keep Donald and let Happ do it.

    If it came down to Blanton or Paul Byrd or someone of that ilk, I probably would side with Blanton’s (possible) upside, but I have a hunch that Cardenas+ could’ve done better than him. BUT-i’m not in the front office, so I have no idea.

  59. BB,

    The interesting question is whether the Phils could have got Sabathia for Marson+Cardenas. I have to think they could have, and that it would have been a better deal.

  60. Matt LaPorta is apparently the second coming, so i dont know about the marson cardenas package. Somewhere recently on this site we got to talking about how the yankees play the PR game well and get their prospects noticed. I think Marson and Donald are going to look a lot better once the natural PR of the offseason prospect rankings come out. Those two have definately shot up the list and should finally garner the respect we give them with other teams.

  61. I guess I missed it, but what’s with the Durbin watch? His stat’s don’t seem to warrant a space there unless you’re pointing out how bad he’s doing…

  62. **The interesting question is whether the Phils could have got Sabathia for Marson+Cardenas. I have to think they could have, and that it would have been a better deal.**

    wake up…you are dreaming. i mean you are so far from reality that it is silly. if we could have gotten CC for those two he would be wearing a phillies cap. we were not even close. couldn’t compete. end of story.

    we all love our top prospects, but you have to look at this from a big picture point of view and the reality is they aren’t as valuable as we like to think they are. i am sure that gillick has offer marson, cardenas, carrasco, donald and everyone else in our farm to teams with a quality starting pitcher. if we were close, we would have gotten it done. but the reality is the market yields an AJ Burnett for those guys. i.e. a high priced, high era guy. sorry to be the bearer of bad news/reality.

  63. PP Fan, I would be much more likely to take your opinion seriously if it was filled with less invective and more information. As the “bearer of reality” I would expect at least one source.

    Sure LaPorta is a better prospect than either Marson or Cardenas, but both of them are better than anyone else Cleveland got in the deal.

    Maybe you’re right and I’m wrong, but you certainly don’t have the facts to back up that kind of tone.

  64. if we could have gotten CC for those two he would be wearing a phillies cap. we were not even close. couldn’t compete. end of story.

    Not to play devil’s advocate, but I’m not so sure about that. The way it worked out, the Brewers had a near major league ready position prospect who was blocked by Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun — which made them the natural best fit for Cleveland. Word was that the Phils refused to include Marson or Carrasco in a Sabathia deal, which made it a non-starter. Not saying that the Brewers wouldn’t have gotten him anyway, but just because the LaPorta package fit the Indians better than a Marson/Cardenas/whoever package doesn’t mean that the latter wouldn’t have been good enough to get him under other circumstances.

    And one thing’s for sure: Gillick could have had Harden if he had wanted him. Sure, it would have required Marson, Cardenas, and maybe a lower level prospect or two, but it could certainly have gotten done — after all, that’s objectively a better package than what Oakland ended up getting from the Cubs. That being said, Gillick made the right call not pursuing such a deal, because: (A) Marson should be nearly untouchable; and (B) Harden is way too big of an injury risk.

    Agree with you that fans are generally overly optimistic with regard to their own prospects, but it’s not dreaming to think that the Phils had a legitimate shot at both Sabathia and Harden. My two cents, at least.

  65. Here, incidentally, is a source that flatly contradicts your claim that “i am sure that gillick has offer marson, cardenas, carrasco, donald and everyone else in our farm to teams with a quality starting pitcher.”

    From July 14th:
    “The Phillies made an initial offer last week for A.J. Burnett, and the Jays were thoroughly unimpressed. The Phillies won’t discuss prospects Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson, or Greg Golson in trades.”


  66. Pedro Feliz was just placed on the 15 day disabled list. Back problems are hard to shake off sometimes This may precipitate the need to find a righthanded bat to fill a need.

  67. wow padraic – you found something on the internet. that must make it true….

    and if you read my quote, i said quality pitcher. you made my point. it would take those guys to get an AJ Burnett, but Gillick won’t give them up for that type of guy. he is offering those guys for his type A mlb’ers. it is documented that the indians had scouts at Reading leading up to the trade. seriously, who do you think that they were looking at?

    the indians wanted a top of the line power bat. a guy they can plug into the 4 hole for years. we did not have that or even close to that value. adding a slap hitter like cardenas doesn’t overcome that need.

  68. Perhaps one of our many 3b prospects will be called up to replace him. Oh…Cevernak.

  69. Don’t know how true this was (came from Eskin on WIP) Phillies offered Marson, Donald and Happ to the Blue Jays for Halladay, but backed out when the Blue Jays wanted Fabio Castro included as well… That would have been interesting…

  70. PPfan, I don’t want to start a major argument, but you posted your opinion – on the internet! – claiming objective knowledge about reality, and the deigned to explain it to a silly fool like myself. Could you maybe just provide the slightest bit of evidence for your claim?

    And if you bothered to click on the link you will see that the statement came from Joel Sherman, a writer for foxsports.com and The New York Post. Now I’m no fan of Mr. Murdoch’s media empire, but they just might have a little more of an idea of what’s going on than you do.

    “and if you read my quote, i said quality pitcher. ”

    I did read your quote, though maybe you didn’t read mine. The statement said Marson isn’t being offered in “trades,” plural, as in *any* trades.

  71. Jayson Stark also reported that The Phillies were relunctant to include either Carrasco or Marson in the trade talks for C.C., So if they weren’t willing to include them there I highly doubt they would have for anyone else

  72. you never know, i would have doubted they would have given up that package to get Blanton. When you are playing poorly and falling in the standings, crazier things have happened…

  73. Halladay is signed through 2010 so the deal is a different beast then the CC deal, who is a 2 month rental. I love all of those guys but if they turned down Marson, Donald, Happ and Castro for Halladay they’re crazy IMHO, but I doubt it’s true.

  74. “crazier things have happened…”

    Mook, I think both sources might be true: when it came to Sabathia, the Phils didn’t want to give up Marson/Carrasco, but since Hallady is signed through 2010, he is more attractive.

    Hallady’s deal (though expensive) makes him the best pitcher available so far, and that has a way of making prospects “touchable.”

    Anyway, I respect the wishes of our host, so this will be my last post on trades until/if one is actually made. I think the point has been sufficiently made (despite the claims of the arbiter of reality) that Marson wasn’t really on the table when Sabathia was being dealt, and that (from my view), this was a mistake on the Phillies part.

  75. if the phillies actually turned down a trade because of castro i must be living in neverland. castro if he was decent would be here now. it would only be his 3rd try. do you really think castro could be a deal breaker? just keep donald, marson, and bring up happ. by the way if you can play ss you can play 3rd. ss is the harder position.

  76. “Don’t know how true this was (came from Eskin on WIP) Phillies offered Marson, Donald and Happ to the Blue Jays for Halladay, but backed out when the Blue Jays wanted Fabio Castro included as well… That would have been interesting…”

    U sure it wasn’t CARRASCO and Castro?

  77. phuture phillies excuse me for saying this but. Hewitt five strikeouts today. Is this the growing pains with drafting speedy raw talent the phillies seem to like.

  78. games like today’s are goign to happen for Hewitt. He’ll go 2-4,then 0-5. Growing pains. Shouldn’t over analyze every at bat.

  79. Rocky
    1- Donald hasn’t played 3B, so there isn’t a chance the Phillies pull him from the olympics and call him up. They’ll call up Neil Sellers if Cervenak is that bad most likely.

    2- Growing pains, look at the Red Sox 1st round pick Casey Kelly who they paid 3 Mill for. 3-28 with 12 K’s so far.

  80. I read the Red Sox ultimately see Kelly as a pitcher but they’re giving him a chance to hit a bit right now.

    Re: Hewitt, it’s like Bedrosian’s Beard says above. And as I said the other day, it’s best not to overanalyze GCL performance in general. Check out these 2006 performances from a couple of Phillies outfielders…

    Player #1: .313/.353/.430 with 2 HR, 13 RBI, 11 SB
    Player #2: .214/.292/.265 with 1 HR, 7 RBI, 13 SB

    Now, who would you rather have: d’Arby Myers (Player #1) or Dominic Brown (Player #2)? The GCL is an instructional league where players are making big adjustments either from high school or Latin American ball, so let’s not get too overanxious.

    All that being said, of course, the platinum sombrero is not good.

  81. cut him…what a wasted pick…he will never be anything…reach…can’t hit…oh wait, i am one of his fans…its just one game…he has shown good pop…he is young…he is adjusting to new positions…give the kid a break

  82. PP Fan. not knowing as much as most on minor league baseball and prospects. It seems to me as a outsider that this kid had a four strikeout game and a five he is overmatched at the lowest level . And then it was explain to me about two others by philly friar and I understand. You are overreacting to a question. No one suggested that he should be cut or a wasted pick this blog I thought was to ask questions and discuss minor league prospect not to ramble on like you did.

  83. Andrew Carpenter is starting for Reading tomorrow.

    Worley is pitching tonight not Eaton for Lakewood.

    Susdorf was promoted to Lakewood.

  84. phuturephillies I was in baseball america and don’t know what I did but a name cole figuerosa came up as a phillies . It says they busted slot for him out of florida. Never heard of him and don’t know what year can you help.

  85. rocky the point is it is silly to judge a prospect from game to game. 5-5 with 2 homers or 0-5 with 5ks. if you do, you end up going back and forth like a yo yo. talent bears itself out over time.

  86. yeah I can see that now looking at some other players. And what they did at that level and where they are now.

  87. Rocky, the guy your talking about was drafted by San Diego and was just signed on the 22nd he has nothing to do with the phillies.

  88. Thanks I think bba had him mixed up with sheve. They had cole figuerosa as signed by the phillies for 400,000 but they meant sheve. They were talking about slot busting and how close we are for these guys to sign.

  89. Lou Marson looked great today in Santa Clara, he has a really smooth swing and looked great during batting practice, making solid contact on all his hits. He put on a nice little show and hit 2 out to dead center. i work for the Bayarea CSN affiliate out here but being a local philly guy i watched donald and marson and was happy they are headed to Bejing.

  90. lets hope happ is hear to stay, think of how much he can learn from moyer, by the way as a starter. next we need marson and donald. what does it say about rollins that they havent moved donald to 3rd? just a thought.

  91. This is what Baseball America wrote: “Padres landed Florida sophomore-eligible shortstop Cole Figueroa (sixth) for $400,000 on July 24, matching the $400,000 the Phillies gave CC of Southern Nevada righthander Colby Shreve (sixth) one week earlier. “

  92. To whoever said they’re “praying we don’t make a move”, that’s just stupid, in my opinion. This team is not set up for the long term- regardless of how we hype our own players, we really don’t have a serious group of impact prospects. All of our best players in the big leagues are in their primes NOW, around 30 (except for Hamels), and next year Burrell and Moyer are probably gone, leaving big holes in our lineup and rotation. If you can swing a deal to get better now, you HAVE to do it. Sometimes people here miss the forest for the trees- you have prospects to make your big league club better, the Phillies are the real team. Sometimes I think people on here are really looking forward to us being a mediocre team led by Donald and Carrasco. Those guys’ best-case scenarios are not close to the talent we have up there now in their positions, so what makes you think they will be cornerstones of a winning team? Marson is probably our best prospect, but even he doesn’t project to be a star, but an above-average catcher at best. People, we have the best Phillies team that we’ve had in 15 years, so if you can make it better and make a run at a title now, you do it. No one is gonna celebrate a Reading Phils championship.

  93. They are praying that we don’t trade Ferguson Jenkins for Larry Jackson and Bob Buhl. Trading for mediocrity will not win this team a World Series. Moves like the Blanton trade are eyewash and don’t make us better and actually hurt because better moves are in the future as guys near the majors. We have glaring holes in the lineup with Jenkins,Ruiz and Pedro. Trading Marson, Carrasco, Happ or other talent for a lefty reliever won’t put consistant scoring on the board. We are not good enough to go all in.

  94. Mahay for a Slayden and/or Overholt ot Castro, something like that. That might ne a good trade. But a top prospect is too much.

  95. Well considering the Royals wanted Donald plus another prospect for Mahay…I don’t see it happening.

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