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The Clearwater Threshers have continued to struggle over the last couple of weeks since my last Clearwater report. They have a second half record of 10-18 and are currently 11.5 games out of first. Obviously the biggest news in Clearwater lately was the Phillies trade that sent both Adrian Cardenas and Matt Spencer from the Threshers along with Josh Outman to the A’s for pitcher Joe Blanton.

The team has signed two independent league players to take their place who both joined the team in time for the Threshers 5-1 win on Monday night. Andrew Carpenter threw a complete 9-inning effort in the win giving up just one run (a solo home run) on four hits with seven Ks and no walks in the game. Carpenter has a record of 2-3 in six games with the Threshers and an ERA of 2.55 with 27Ks and just 6BB. It seems he has recovered from whatever ailed him at Reading to start the year, and should probably be moved up to give him a shot at getting back on track at AA before the year is out.

For the Threshers pitching staff Joe Savery has also finally begun to show some consistency in his efforts. He has won his last two starts, and has given up just two earned runs in his last four starts combined. Maybe the little experiment of using him as a DH for a couple of games did the trick.

Darren Byrd has also started to look good for the team after a very rough start to the season. He remains winless on the year with an 0-4 record in nine starts as a Thresher, but seems to be on track after being sent back up to the team from Lakewood.

Drew Naylor also finally picked up a win at Clearwater in his fifth try. In his last outing he went 6.0 innings giving up no runs on seven hits with seven Ks and just one walk. He had four pretty rough outings to start things at Clearwater, so let’s hope he is finally on track.

For the offense Michael Taylor has finally started to get on track after a rough first couple of weeks up with the Threshers. Taylor hit under .200 for his first few weeks, but has finally gotten his average up to .232. He has hit safely in six of his last seven games including three multi-hit games. He is 8 for his last 25 AB (.320) with 8 RBIS, a HR and 3 doubles over that period.

Gus Milner remains strong in the offenseive department for the team as well. With the departure of Adrian Cardenas, Milner now leads the team in hitting at .279 on the season, and leads the team in about 80% of all other offense categories.

NOTE: Every year I give out awards to the players through my website. Fans get to vote for the winners and then I give them out near the end of the season. I’ve put the nominations page up for this year’s awards, it you want a chance to give your input. I’m going to take nominations for two week’s or so and then narrow it down to three finalists in each category for a two-week voting period. View past winners here.

And finally … one shameless bit of self promotion. I’ve started to do some new video updates of the Threshers games that are available on YouTube. I’ve done them daily for about the last two weeks. They are very time consuming to do, maybe not all that informative, but they are pretty funny (maybe). The first video that pops up was a new experiment, so it is kind of lame, but click around and watch a few. There are some funny moments in each one. Unfortunately there won’t be any new videos for the rest of this week because I have company in town, and have to entertain them instead of myself, but check it out if you haven’t already.

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17 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Report

  1. The Naylor adjustment is nice to see. I think he’s going to start back in CLW next year unless he’s absolutely lights out from here on out. Carpenter really needs to be moved back to Reading soon, since his numbers in CLW don’t really tell us much about what he can do, since we already know (last year) he’s able to get out High A quality bats.

  2. Who will have a better big league career in your opinions?

    Carpenter was dominate in A ball. But with low K#s and prone to fly balls he may not be a good fit for the Phills.

  3. If they were stocks, with each costing $1, and I had $100 to spend, trying to maximize my return, I’d buy them in this amount

    Sampson, $60
    Naylor, $25
    Carpenter, $15

    Carpenter has the lowest ceiling. His stuff is fringy, I’m not a huge fan of his mechanics, and he’s already had some minor injury problems. Naylor has better stuff, but only an average fastball. Guys who don’t pitch off their fastball tend to struggle in the high minors and top out as #4’s in the big leagues. There is some value in that. Sampson has the best arm of the bunch, and the best fastball of the bunch. He’s still very raw, but scouts love everything about him, except his ability to hide the ball from hitters. I think that is something that can be taught, there are ways to very slightly alter your delivery without throwing your mechanics out of whack. A hard fastball with lots of movement that should generate a lot of ground balls, plus the change for two average/above average offspeed pitches makes him my pick. Of course, he’s further away, so its a long term investment.

  4. “Sampson, $60
    Naylor, $25
    Carpenter, $15”

    Sounds about right to me.

  5. Phuturephillies. The low strikeouts for Sampson is something I can’t figure if he has a good fastball. Then to me he should be able to put it by the hitters at the low a level. I am not saying high strikeout totals but at least three or four a game.

  6. great report jeff.
    interested in the mood of the clubhouse down there with cardenas gone. i likewise was higher on Taylor after his numbers at lakewood and disppointed with a slow start but happy with how he’s picked it up. Interested to see how he does without Cardenas there now. He (taylor) and Savery are the two i check out with regularity there.

  7. Glad to see Taylor adjusting. You’d have to expect some difficulty after a jump but glad to see he’s handling it. I predict he’ll finish the year at high A and if he continues to perform there will start out next year at AA. Being a college hitter if he keeps up I see no reason not to ‘fast-track’ him.

    O/T – Another quality start for Brummet last night in the Reading win.

    Benson had a decent start but I don’t see him being anything else but the teams 7th starter with Happ moving ahead of him in ‘call-up’ order barring some outstanding outings by him or Mr. HAPPy having some terrible starts at AAA.

  8. Rocky, he’s still learning how to pitch, and if he leaves pitches over the plate (command isn’t there yet), then the K numbers might not be there yet. But thats something that I believe will get better. If he’s still not striking out a ton of guys in 2 years, then I’ll be concerned. Right now though, not so much.

  9. I forgot to mention this, but went back and edited the article…NOTE: Every year I give out awards to the players through my website. Fans get to vote for the winners and then I give them out near the end of the season. I’ve put the nominations page up for this year’s awards, it you want a chance to give your input. I’m going to take nominations for two week’s or so and then narrow it down to three finalists in each category for a two-week voting period. View past winners here.

  10. Brummett continues to pitch well at each level, I like that they fast tracked him this year, because having him beat up on kids in A/A+ ball doesn’t show the org anything. Now he’s basically pitching against people his age.

  11. If Savery finishes the year with production close to how he has pitched the last few outings, does he start next year in Reading and reclaim his spot in the top 5 of our system?…top 3?

  12. phuturephillies. thanks. I am reading about what it might take to sign pettibone. Back on july fifth they said the family is split on signing. they are looking for the kind of money may got three hundred and fifty plus one hundred and fifty for college. That seems like a lot for a kid not rated that high by BBA. What do you think.

  13. Ed, right now I don’t think Savery is any worse than fourth or fifth in our system, probably depending on just how much faith one has in Dom Brown and Travis D’Arnaud, both raking at lower levels.

  14. Savery’s improvement is a welcome sight. How does his stuff look, ie, what’s he hitting on the gun? Also, is he getting stronger as he puts the shoulder surgery further and further behind him?

    Thanks for the report

  15. The firsts for Joe Savery continue in the hitting department. He picked up his first professional RBI, and scored his first run in a 12-7 Threshers loss on Wednesday afternoon.

  16. I saw Taylor play two games last week and he is quite a physical specimen. Excellent bat speed and power. Doesn’t move that well side-to-side in outfield but a very plus arm!

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