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As I’ve watched site readership grow, the thing that I’m most excited about is the number of active commenters we have, as discussion is really what makes this site tick. With this also comes unintended consequences, namely specific posts getting taken off topic with discussions not really relevant to that post. Because I try to give his place a “website” feel, as opposed to just a run of the mill blog, I try to keep everything on track. But I think I’ve figured out how to do that, and how to also promote plenty of discussion as well. Every morning I’m going to start a new thread called the daily discussion. In that, I’ll post the games for the Phillies affiliates that day. You can use that post every day to discuss the day’s relevant games, or any other random topic related to Phillies prospects. If you want to ponder trading Savery, Cardenas and Carrasco for Joe Blanton, you can ponder it in the daily discussion. My goal is to try and keep the other topics on topic. I don’t want to talk about the major league team in Jeff’s weekly Clearwater post, because he spends time working on it, and we should be discussing the things he touches on, and the Clearwater team, not lots of other random stuff. So now we’ll have an outlet for the random discussion, and hopefully it promotes even more discussion. So, check below the fold for today’s games…

And here are your links to the daily scoreboards, which I recommend you bookmark for easy access

Lakewood (Sally League)
Clearwater (Florida State League)
Reading (Eastern League)
Lehigh Valley (International League)

38 thoughts on “New feature; Daily Discussion

  1. Great idea, James! I’ll likely throw one topic into here every day, just random things I’ve had on my mind.

    Since Happ is pitching today, he seems like a good place to start. As of right now, where does he rank among Phillies prospects? Obviously, he’s behind Carrasco and Cardenas. But how does he compare to Savery, Drabek, and Outman. At this point, I personally believe Happ has moved ahead of all of them. Savery and Drabek both have more upside, there’s no denying that. But Happ is pitching well in AAA, and if not for an injury last year, would probably have entered this year much higher on prospect lists. I would argue that Happ may just be our #3 prospect. Throw out 2007, which is a clear and injury caused aberration, and all of his peripherals except his BB/9 at times are great, plus, after 2006, he was ranked by BA as having the best changeup and best control in the system. Instead of going through all of his peripherals, I’m just gonna link his tBC page.

    So does anybody else think that Happ is now our #2 pitching prospect and quite possibly our #3 prospect overall?

  2. I’m still very skeptical of Happ for 2 reasons

    a.) way too many walks
    b.) Only 1.26 GO/AO

    He’s 25, the time for him to step up is now. He walks too many guys, and because he doesn’t have high groundball tendencies, those walks could come back to bite him. He’s going to allow home runs, if hes nibbling and walking guys, they are going to be 2 and 3 R HR’s, which is what will hold him back. The strikeout numbers are very good, but I’m still quite concerned. Without really sitting and thinking hard, I’d still rank him behind Carrasco, Savery, Outman, Naylor and Drabek in terms of overall prospect status, and probably behind Bastardo as well. He and Carpenter are a lot alike in terms of their prospect status for me.

  3. pp are you going to decide what goes on dd, cause i cant as far as my stuff. by the way what do you, and anyone else think about a daily posting of what the top prospects did the night befour.

  4. Here’s another tidbit: the Real Deal is packing his bags to head to Reading. Other than Jaramillo, there’s no one who’s disappointed me more at Lehigh Valley. It’s almost unthinkable that a guy who tossed a major league shutout last year can’t keep his ERA under 9 in AAA.

    And some food for thought: I’m actually kind of excited at the likelihood that the Phils are doing with Chance Chapman what they did with Pat Overholt last year. Overholt talked about switching to starter last year in an article in the Reading Eagle, the idea being that it would hasten his ascent to the majors. I have to think that’s the same plan with Chapman, who has swing and miss type stuff (127 K in 94 IP his last year in college) but obviously needs some refining. While Chapman might struggle a bit this year, Overholt did the same, and look where Pat is now: 20.2 IP, 7 H, 21:9 K:BB, .101 BAA, 0.87 ERA.

  5. great idea and great resolution to this “problem.” love it!

    did others see this nice post on espn about happ and naylor?

    this analyst seems high on happ, at least as a potential 4/5. which we really need right now.

    but i really love checking out the reading box scores every night. i am really pumped about golson. 5-6 with a homer and a steal? awesome! he also said something really interesting recently. that he has slowed/controlled his swing more with 2 strikes and that has lead to more singles and less Ks. that he is actively trying to do that this year and it is working. good to see the maturation.

    also, bastardo is pitching really well in AA. did others notice that he picked off a player in his last game? did anyone see it live? does he have a good move?

  6. If you want to make general comments, such as your latest comment about the major league pitching not being good enough, maybe you should do it in the daily thread. If you want to stick to just the prospects being discussed in an affiliate report, then its fine to post it there. Use your judgment. If I feel like something doesn’t belong in a certain spot, I’ll let you know and give you time to copy/paste it before I remove it. Im just trying to streamline things and make it easier to read.

  7. Right now I would rank Happ as the Phils 7th best starter. Still have to give the 6th slot to Chad Durbin though both he and Happ are probably better than the 5th starter Eaton if given chances to start for the big cllub . Watched Blackley last night on milb TV. Guy can’t throw strikes. Had Jaramillo jumping all over the place for two inning knocking down his sliders which he bounced continuously. Look forward to watching Happ tonight against the Cleveland farmhands in Buffalo.

  8. I’m on the fence as to whether or not Happ has the stuff to succeed at the MLB level…I just don’t know if he can be anymore than a spot starter despite his strong start in Lehigh.

  9. Great idea!
    I’ve refrained from posting several times, because I didn’t want to go off topic.

    What if you had ongoing discussion threads for every prospect? That would help clean up these threads, limit redundancy, keep conversations going and make them more available for future reference. This could be separate from the daily discussions, attached to the player tag or prospect profile. This is not completely necessary, its just an idea. I don’t blame you if you’d rather avoid the pitfalls of a message board, but consolidating threads would be an easy way to expand your content and boost your hit count.

  10. Bolt at Lakewood last night was 3 for 4, with 2 doubles and a triple. In the last three games, he’s 7 for 11. Will he finally get some daily play?

  11. The one guy who is really starting to intrigue me is Michael Taylor. Hitting .351, getting on base at a .420 clip, slugging .565 with 17 XBH. Those are some pretty outstanding numbers so far at Lakewood. It seems allowing him change back to his old swing has really paid dividends. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him to see if he can continue his early success.

  12. Taylor brings up a good point. Who do we think is ready for a promotion to the next level? Here’s my list:

    LAKEWOOD – Michael Taylor
    CLEARWATER – Nobody
    READING – Overholt, Outman – others are VERY close, including Donald, Marson and Golson. Carrasco, however, is not the list of players who are very close – in two months I may feel differently.
    LEHIGH VALLEY – If he sizzles again tonight, I would say JA Happ/

  13. LAKEWOOD: Taylor, Durant, Naylor
    CLEARWATER: Nobody (Maybe Cardenas, but he should probably stay at least for another month)
    READING: Overholt, Outman, Golson, Marson

  14. Here’s my list:

    Lakewood: Taylor, Naylor, (possibly durant…I’d like to see him raise his average a little before promoting him)

    Clearwater: Cardenas continues to rake and appears as though his injury is no problem now

    Reading: Golson, Marson, Outman, Overholt, and possibly Bastardo later in the year if he can continue the quality starts for a couple months

    Lehigh Valley: Happ, I know he’s not the ideal lefty but Swindle seems to be doing well in AAA with 8 strikeouts, and no walks also..

  15. hey catch 22
    I got a guy for you from clearwater, might not be considered a prospect being 24 in high a but how about Sam Walls. He has been lights out in the pen for the threshers 23.2ip, 11H, 21K’s, 10BB’s, 2.38GO/AO, .143 AVG, .89whip, and 1.14 era

  16. lakewood: naylor, taylor
    clearwater: noone
    reading: outman (to philly), overholt, golson
    LV: noone

  17. Am I way off on thinking that it would not take a package of Cardenas, Carrasco, and Savery to trade for Joe Blanton. I persoanlly feel an offering of Outman, Marson, Naylor, and Taylor would be enticing enough for the A’s to pull the trigger.

  18. Considering that in 2 years, Marson will be a more valuable player than Blanton by himself…I still wouldn’t trade him. If anyone should be untouchable in the organization it should be Marson.

  19. Agreed. Marson plays a premium position and is doing well at AA at a young age. Unless you actually think Ruiz is a long-term solution (I don’t), it doesn’t make sense to trade him for a 3-4 starter.

  20. Personally I think you two are over valuing a national league catcher. I think that a cather in the NL shouldn’t be counted on to carry an offensive load when he is at a position that causes so much physical fatigue. Also we need to over pay for a guy like Blanton because pitchers are not going to want to come to Citzen’s via free agency and he most likely will be the only quality arm available at the deadline.

  21. Speaking of trades: with Blake DeWitt hitting real well with the Dodgers, Andy LaRoche, who is performing well for the 2nd straight year at AAA, has nowhere to go in that organization. Many people on this site have debated if Cardenas or Donald can move to 3B, but wouldn’t it just make more sense to make a play for LaRoche? I would definitely trade Cardenas and Outman for him. And if the Dodgers can’t find a trade for an established major leaguer, I can’t see why they wouldn’t to this. Thoughts?

  22. Marson is projected (and is proving at AA) to be a far superior player to Carlos Ruiz. The only question on Marson going into this season was his offense and he is quickly showing that the steps he made last year were just the start. He has great plate discipline, decent gap power, high average/OBP and he is an above average defensive catcher…there aren’t too many of those in the minors right now anywhere. Considering Ruiz is already peaking/peaked and Coste is 35, we will NEED a new starter around 2010 which is about perfect for Marson to take over the reins. Blanton is replacement level or a shade above what we have…trading 3 of our top prospects in exchange for a #4 starter.

    If there were a 2/3 starter available via trade I would happily bid adieu to Marson Outman etc but being as there isn’t, why get another back of the rotation guy?

  23. **** would definitely trade Cardenas and Outman for him. And if the Dodgers can’t find a trade for an established major leaguer, I can’t see why they wouldn’t to this. Thoughts?*****

    I would do that trade in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even hesitate. Although I’d be more comfortable with something like Outman, Donald, and another mid-level prospect instead of giving up Cardenas.

  24. I’ve always been a big Andy LaRoche fan.

    As for Marson, if I were doing my Phillies Top 10 prospects list right now, Marson would probably be #2 or #3. No way I’m trading him unless we’re getting back a young #2/#3 SP under team control till at least 2011.

  25. Two young guys not ready to move up but to keep an eye on and are starting to get it going.after last night. Freddy Galvis is hitting .333 over his last 10 games for Lakewood. It was amusing when the Lakewood guys got all excited when he pulled a base hit single last night. And Edgar Garcia went into the 8th innings for Clearwater last night to strike out 9 for his 6 straight start of pitching at least 6 inning and giving 3 or fewer earned runs. Razor Shines’ team had a bad night on the bases according to the Daytona Cubs play by play guys as 6 Threshers were thrown out on the bases including Tuffy Gosewisch twice at home.

  26. This is what Kevin Goldstein said about Garcia a few weeks ago in the Q/A I did with him

    KG: You know, he COULD be even more than that, but that’s only a ‘could be.’ Speaking of consistency, Garcia is anything but that. I know scouts who have seen him multiple times and say he’s not even the same pitcher from start to start. His velocity, the effectiveness of his breaking stuff, his command . . . it all comes and goes. When he’s on he’s really good, when he’s not, he’s pretty average. The good news here is that youth is on his side – there’s not a lot of 20-year-olds in High A, and as you point out, he’s certainly holding his own there.

  27. As for Andy LaRoche, if his thumb injury is totally behind him, then thats a very interesting name to toss out. I wonder if the Dodgers still covet him the same way because both he and Dewitt are 23-24 yrs. old and Dewitt is steadily making a claim to be the full time starter this year. I’d give Carrasco and Donald and a low A player, thats probably not enough but what do you guys think?

  28. Well, with Ned Colletti you never know. Logically, LA doesn’t have a reason to trade him. They still have a very strong minor league system, so they don’t need tons of prospects. Our most tradeable assets on the big league club are Victorino and Ruiz, but they have a ton of OF already, plus Russ Martin. Not sure a deal would really work.

  29. Not sure what the Dodgers have in the pipeline but Cardenas should draw some interest as the future replacement for Kent at 2b as part of a deal for LaRoche.

  30. Very good point Cromp…Hu was supposed to take over SS when Furcal’s contract ended this year but the Dodgers are likely gonna resign him now so moving Hu to 2B makes complete sense.

  31. great points above about who is ready for promotion. lakewood, it seems naylor, taylor, and durant. clearwater caedenas. reading, the next step are the philies not lehigh, carrasco, outman, bastardo, donald, marson golson, opps forgot savery at clearwater. since i would bet the phils will not sign burrell it appears golson will be next years lf. funny thing a win from # 1 a loss from #5 so our season depend on #s 2, 3, 4. ill keep moyer, kendrick and myers, but myers belongs in the pen. bring up carrasco, happ, and outman.. no guts no glory as they say. why even worry about laroche when donald should be playing 3rd at reading right now. youllll be sorrry.,if they dont. from what you say it appears this marson is the real deal.

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