Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

‘Pigs Roster Moves

Friday was a busy day for the ‘Pigs as they attempt to revamp their roster towards medicority and remove some of the dead weight they acquired.

Infielder Chris Woodward was released presumably to make room for Oscar Robles on the roster.  Woodward, 31, was somewhere between bad and horrible during his month with the ‘Pigs hitting .206 with no homers and 1 RBI in 63 at bats, while commiting numerous critical errors.  Having watched Woodward several times in person, it was clear his head was somewhere else, disappointing for a player with the major league expereince he had.

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Outman and Castro to the bullpen

The Reading Eagle has the scoop

Word came down from Philadelphia Thursday to shake up the Double-A club’s pitching staff, with Josh Outman and Fabio Castro sent to the bullpen.

The move of Castro isn’t a surprise: All but one of his 26 appearances with Philadelphia over the last two seasons have come out of the bullpen.

For the 23-year-old Outman, however, it’s big news since he’s been projected as a starter and a potential member of the rotation in Philadelphia.

The order to get him accustomed to coming out of the bullpen signals that the Phillies see him helping them, and soon. He could very well be in the big leagues by mid-June.

“They feel like the need in the major leagues (right now) is for a left-handed reliever,” said Phillies minor league pitching coordinator Gorman Heimueller. “I think he suits that (role). I have no doubt that he’s got the stuff to do it.”

Veeeeeeery interesting. If the goal is to break Outman into the majors as a reliever, with the ultimate goal of having him start next season, then I like this move. If they have already given up on him as a starter, then I don’t like the move at all. Only time will tell.