Some light Wednesday morning reading


The latest hot topic appears to be Zach Segovia moving into a position to make the bullpen out of spring training. The Inquirer makes a brief mention here, citing his most recent impressive outing against the Yankees, and the Daily News talking about his control and composure. This idea seems to really be picking up steam recently, and maybe more because of everyone else’s general state of suckitude rather than Segovia’s complete dominance. As I highlighted in my profile of Zach, pitching out of the pen, at least for now, might be his area of greatest value to the big league club. The overpowering velocity isn’t there, the strikeout numbers aren’t there, but he doesn’t walk a lot of guys, and that’s an important component for any quality reliever.

Quick update on our top Draft and Follow prospect, Rashad Taylor. Through 71 AB, his batting line:

.423/.535/.809,  25R, 4 2B, 4 3B, 5 HR, 21 RBI, 19 BB, 12 K

Hey Pat, please make this guy a quality offer.

Also, a plea to my fellow Phillies fans….don’t panic about Cole Hamels and his spring struggles, he’s going to be fine.

7 thoughts on “Some light Wednesday morning reading

  1. Unless a Lieber trade comes through and doesn’t bring a reliever, there really doesn’t seem to be room in the pen for Segovia. He could be first guy out of Ottawa, but I doubt he breaks camp with the big club.

  2. Draft and Follow???
    I’ve never heard of it, how does it work? When and how are the players selected, where do they play etc.? Where is the player you mentioned playing right now?

  3. I’m sorry I just found your link to the Draft and Follow section. Forget my last comment.
    Keep up the good work, I love your site!

  4. I think if you check the official websites of the various affiliates, you might be able to find a few box scores. I’m not terribly interested in the minor league spring training games, but once the regular season starts, I’ll of course have detailed writeups for every game.

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