Simon offered back, more on Bourn

In the notes section today, The Inquirer mentions the Phillies have offered Rule 5 reliever Alfredo Simon back to the Rangers. No real shock here, as Simon has been downright awful, and unlike guys like Clay Condrey who can be sent back to the minors, Simon would have needed to remain on the 25 man roster all season.

Also, DelewareOnline has a nice piece on Michael Bourn, and indicates his chances of making the team are getting better each day. This part was interesting..

The Phillies are so impressed that, more than ever, they view Bourn as their next center fielder. And, under different circumstances, his spring success would make them even more inclined to deal Aaron Rowand, who will become a free agent after the season and has been the subject of trade rumors since October.

But expectations for the Phillies are sky-high. And for now, they are hesitant to have someone with just 152 Class AAA at-bats in the lineup. “He’s done nothing to make us say, ‘We need to see this or that before we can put him on the team,’ ” Arbuckle said. “But you’ve got to see it over a period of time. There’s a comfort level that needs to be established. If we were in a building stage, then you can take a young player and say, ‘If he makes some young mistakes, we can live with it and move on.’ “

The rumors about Aaron Rowand trades have been plentiful, but this makes it appear that they don’t trust Bourn in CF everyday, despite saying great things about his potential and future, and how much better he looks in camp this year. You’d think the only way anything would happen would be an injury to Rowand or Victorino, where Bourn could get every day AB’s. Either way, this will be an interesting story to watch the rest of the spring.

5 thoughts on “Simon offered back, more on Bourn

  1. The question to me is if you can gain enough by dealing Rowand that the risk of Bourn being ready is justified. As I wrote at TGP earlier today, my strong hunch is yes, particularly when you consider that even if he flops, you can shift Victorino to CF and probably use the money you’ve saved by dealing Rowand’s contract to get another lefty bat to platoon with Werth in RF.

  2. What about just putting Vicorino in CF and platooning Werth and Bourn in RF? I like Bourn, but I think he has a low ceiling due to his total and complete lack of power. He’s a better version of Jason Tyner, at best.

  3. Well, here’s my personal take on it. If Bourn posts an OB% in the .350-.360 range, he has little value, even with his speed and defense. However, if he can put up a .400+ OB% out of the leadoff spot, there is value there. The question is, can he do that? The odds say no, as posting a .400 OB% is rare, but he showed that ability in the lower minors, and he showed he had a great batting eye before something went wrong. His lack of power is a problem, but not if he’s getting on base 40% of the time, and not if you have a solid RF.

    That brings me to my next theory……the Phillies should offer Toronto Lieber and Victorino, plus possibly a pitching prospect for Rios. People here really like Victorino, but I really am not ready to believe in him at a corner spot over 162 games. He won’t hit for power either, and I don’t think you can have two light hitting outfielders are out of 3. Bourn in CF, with a quality RF offensively, is a positive value to this team. Rios is largely overrated based on his half season breakout last year, but he’s a plus defender and has potential to be a power bat who hits for good average. Victorino is probably overrated to a degree too though.

    Honestly, I have no idea what is going to happen here. I’d rather see Bourn get a shot to be the everyday CF if his plate discipline returns. He’s younger, he’s cheaper for a longer amount of time, and he has more raw speed than Victorino. But we’ll see.

  4. I’d do that deal–you’re right that Rios is more of a bona fide corner OF than Victorino, and he’ll be under his employer’s control pretty much through his peak–but I doubt Toronto would.

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