Suggestion for next player profiles?

I’ve been slacking a bit, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write as much as I’d like to, so I’m going to take suggestions for player profiles and then hopefully get cracking. So far, we’ve covered Michael Bourn, Edgar Garcia, Brett Harker, Dan Brauer, Andrew Carpenter, Fabio Castro, and Mike Costanzo. Who’s next?

17 thoughts on “Suggestion for next player profiles?

  1. no idea, but at some point could you enlighten us as to who the heck this kid brennan king is? He is having a good spring and i want to know if i could be excited or if its a flash in the pan.

  2. King isn’t really a “prospect” at this point. He turned 26 in January, and has been bouncing around the minors since 1999. He spent all of 2006 with Scranton, and posted a .261/.302/.440 line….not awe-inspiring for a 25 year old in AAA. However, it was his first season above AA, and some hitters do develop later than others. But, don’t get your hopes up.

  3. Phillies Prospects seen at Maxium Party in Tampa last night??? Maloney and company….

  4. Update on Zagurski would be nice. One of the nicest players I’ve ever met and all around great guy. Would love to have him back it Lakewood, any chance to ever see him in the show???

  5. I don’t know enough about Correa, but I’ll try and find some more info. I can do Zagurski too, though I’m afraid I’m not as high on him as some.

  6. How about J.A. Happ or Zach Segovia, I think both might be in Philly some time this season.

  7. Anything new on Outman??? And will he start the year in Clearwater or Reading?

  8. IF Bisenius makes the staff, the next to be called up for the pen could be either Segovia or Happ. Would you enterttain a trade for another with them in line and close…??

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