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A Closer Look: Steve Susdorf

I’ll admit it: this post was partially inspired by a couple of comments I’ve read on the site here to the effect of, “Well, Susdorf isn’t a prospect, but…”  While I understand the sentiment — no, he isn’t your classic toolsy high schooler, or Top-10 Round college stud — I have to say: Steve Susdorf is very much a prospect, at least until he stops hitting like a man on a mission.

Check below the fold as we look at where Susdorf’s been, and try to figure out where he might be headed.

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A Closer Look: Travis D’Arnaud

It’s been quite some time since I did one of these, and for that I apologize.  We spend a lot of time on this site talking about the Kyle Drabeks and Michael Taylors, and I don’t know if there’s enough occasion to give the other guys their due.  When I started this feature, I vowed to look at some of the more under-the-radar guys in the system, and while Travis D’Arnaud may not necessarily qualify, I feel like he’s slipped from our consciousness with his rough start to the 2009 season.  But I want to go ahead and dig into his numbers from this year, and see why it’s far too early to be disappointed.

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A Closer Look: Matt German

This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for a while because I find Matt German’s case to be intriguing. For those who don’t know, he’s a 6-foot junkballer tearing up Reading after doing a pretty good job in Clearwater last year. I thought he deserved some press just based on the stats he’s posted thus far.

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A Closer Look: Chance Chapman

We move on to our second installment of A Closer Look, but we don’t move very far, staying in Clearwater to take a look at Threshers pitcher Chance Chapman.

Chapman was the Phillies’ 8th Round Pick in 2007 out of Oral Roberts, and he signed almost immediately for a $20K bonus.  BA had this to say about him when he was taken…

Chapman’s strikeout pitch is a big league slider, and he also has an 88-91 mph fastball with life. When he commands his fastball, he’s tough to hit. Chapman’s age works against him, as he’s 23 after spending three years at Cuesta (Calif.) Junior College and missing all of 2004 with an injury.

Now in his third season of pro ball, I think it’s fair to assess what Chapman has achieved so far, and project where his career might be headed.  Check below the jump as we tackle the numbers.

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A Closer Look: Freddy Galvis

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. We break from your regularly scheduled programming to introduce a new feature that will run from time to time on Phuture Phillies: “A Closer Look,” wherein we’ll break down some numbers, hopefully drum up a little discussion, and possibly even jump to a few conclusions on some players who may normally fall through the cracks of regular discussion.

I thought Freddy Galvis might be an interesting name to kick off this series with — especially given his Opening Night home run on Thursday.  Granted, he’s not your classic “under-the-radar” player, but he’s well outside the organizational Top 10, so let’s dive in and see what we can come up with.

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