2023 Mini-Camp, (2/15)

Spring Training begins on Thursday.  Forty players from the 40-man roster and 21 non-roster players will descend on Clearwater shortly.  Many are here already.  Thursday is the report date for pitchers and catchers.  Non-roster players are due next week.

The Phillies have held several mini-camps for their minor league players since Instructs were abruptly halted due to an approaching hurricane.  Wednesday, sixty-one minor leaguers will report for an invitation-only mini-camp.  These players include our youngest stateside prospects and most of the recently signed minor league free agents.

Mini-camp Roster

Right-Handed Pitchers (27) – Mike Adams, Adam Leverett, Tyler McKay, Andrew Schultz, Braden Zarbnisky, Trey Cobb, Jesus Cruz, Zach Linginfelter, Yoniel Ramirez, Matt Seelinger, Noah Skirrow, Christian Hernandez, Matt Russell, Rodolfo Sanchez, Josh Bortka, Jean Cabrera, Eiberson Castellano, Estibenzon Jimenez, Orion Kerkering, Gunner Mayer, Tommy McCollum, Alex McFarlane, Nicoly Pina, Alex Rao, Jaydenn Estanista, Jose Pena, Enrique Segura.

Left-Handed Pitchers (8) – Jakob Hernandez, Brian Marconi, Taylor Lehman, Ethan Lindow, Erubiel Armenta, Tristan Garnett, Jordi Martinez, Mavis Graves.

Catchers (7) – Herbert Iser, Anthony Quirion, Ryan Leitch, Caleb Ricketts, Jordan Dissin, Rickardo Perez, Gustavo Sosa.

Infielders (8) – Cam Cannon, Pedro Martinez, Wendell Rijo, Lee Hao Yu, Casey Martin, Kendall Simmons, Erick Brito, Bryan Rincon.

Outfielders (11) – Garrett Whitley, Carlos De La Cruz, Ethan Wilson, Marcus Lee Sang, Leandro Pineda, Baron Radcliff, Chad Castillo, Emaarion Boyd, Justin Crawford, Cade Fergus, Gavin Tonkel.

Fifty of these players were acquired via the draft, non-drafted signing, or international signing.

Via the draft (27, 18 college, 9 high school) – Josh Bortka, Orion Kerkering, Adam Leverett, Gunner Mayer, Alex McFarlane, Tyler McKay, Jose Pena (HS), Alex Rao, Andrew Schultz, Mavis Graves (HS), Jakob Hernandez, Ethan Lindow (HS), Jordan Dissin, Herbert Iser, Caleb Ricketts, Gustavo Sosa, Casey Martin, Bryan Rincon (HS), Kendall Simmons (HS), Chad Castillo, Emaarion Boyd (HS), Justin Crawford (HS), Cade Fergus, Marcus Lee Sang (HS), Baron Radcliff, Gavin Tonkel (HS), Ethan Wilson.

Via International Free agency (13, 7 Venezuela, 3 Dominican Republic, 1 Mexico, 1 Taiwan, 1 Curacao) – Jean Cabrera (Ven), Eiberson Castellano (Ven), Christian Hernandez (Ven), Estibenzon Jimenez (Ven), Rickardo Perez (Ven), Erick Brito (Ven), Leandro Pineda (Ven), Nicoly Pina (DR), Enrique Segura (DR), Jordi Martinez (DR), Erubiel Armenta (Mex), Lee Hao Yu Lee (T), Jaydenn Estanista (C).

Via NDFA signing (10, 9 college, 1 high school) – Tommy McCollum, Matt Russell, Noah Skirrow, Braden Zarbnisky, Tristan Garnett, Taylor Lehman, Brian Marconi, Ryan Leitch, Anthony Quirion, Carlos De La Cruz (HS).

And, 11 by other means.

Via the Rule 5 Draft (6) – Matt Seelinger (2022), Trey Cobb (2023), Zach Linginfelter (2023), Yoniel Ramirez (2023), Cam Cannon (2023), Pedro Martinez (2023)..

Via free agency (4) – Mike Adams, Jesus Cruz, Wendell Rijo, Garrett Whitley.

Via trade (1) – Rodolfo Sanchez (Trade w/ TB in 2020. This is NOT the Mead trade. That was in 2019 for Cristopher Sanchez.).

Current assignment – either the affiliate where the player finished the 2022 season or where he was assigned this offseason.

Lehigh Valley – Jakob Hernandez, Jesus Cruz, Garrett Whitley, Noah Skirrow, Brian Marconi, Trey Cobb, Zach Linginfelter, Yoniel Ramirez, Matt Seelinger, Cam Cannon, Pedro Martinez.

Reading – Adam Leverett, Tyler McKay, Andrew Schultz, Ethan Lindow, Herbert Iser, Ethan Wilson, Mike Adams, Wendell Rijo, Braden Zarbnisky, Taylor Lehman, Carlos De La Cruz.

Jersey Shore – Casey Martin, Kendall Simmons, Marcus Lee Sang, Baron Radcliff, Christian Hernandez, Erubiel Armenta, Jordi Martinez, Lee Hao Yu, Leandro Pineda, Matt Russell, Tristan Garnett, Anthony Quirion, Rodolfo Sanchez.

Clearwater – Josh Bortka, Orion Kerkering, Gunner Mayer, Alex McFarlane, Alex Rao, Caleb Ricketts, Chad Castillo, Emaarion Boyd, Justin Crawford, Cade Fergus, Jean Cabrera, Eiberson Castellano, Estibenzon Jimenez, Nicoly Pina, Erick Brito, Tommy McCollum, Ryan Leitch.

FCL – Jose Pena, Mavis Graves, Jordan Dissin, Gustavo Sosa, Bryan Rincon, Gavin Tonkel, Jaydenn Estanista, Rickardo Perez.

DSL Phillies Red – Enrique Segura.

Player Statuses.

RHP Jesus Cruz was acquired during the offseason and is the only player among this group with major league experience.  He has 46 days of service time and has 2 options remaining.

All players listed above will be Rule 5 eligible this December except Braden Zarbnisky, Estibenzon Jimenez, Tommy McCollum, Jaydenn Estanista, Matt Russell, Tristan Garnett, Anthony Quirion, Ethan Wilson, Mike Adams, Josh Bortka, Orion Kerkering, Alex McFarlane, Alex Rao, Caleb Ricketts, Chad Castillo, Cade Fergus, Ryan Leitch, Jose Pena, Jordan Dissin, Gustavo Sosa, Gavin Tonkel, Rickardo Perez, Lee Hao Yu, Emaarion Boyd, Justin Crawford, Enrique Segura, Mavis Graves, Bryan Rincon.

This doesn’t mean I’m ready to come back full-time.  I prepared several articles a while ago when I received the information.  I put it on a timed release when I went on hiatus.  I’m not accepting comments.  I’m not ready to deal with that yet.

The following is an update I received a couple hours before the above was set to be released.

A bunch more players have been added to the minicamp.  Most are “graduating” from rehab.

RHP – Chase Antle, Hans Crouse, Nathan Karaffa, Tyler Phillips, Brett Schulze, Eduar Segovia, Cam Wynne.

LHP – Samuel Aldeghari, Keylan Kilgore, Wesley Moore, Spencer Van Scoyoc, Danny Wilkinson.

OF – Yhoswar Garcia, Gabriel Rincones.

Catchers Adony Mejia and Leonardo Rondon round out the roster.  That’s 77 now by my count.

With so many guys coming out of rehab (still about 15-16 in rehab by my count), the cynic in me worries that there will be a lot of releases to get down to the 180 players allowed stateside on affiliated rosters.  The Phillies can “hide” people in XST until June.  When the FCL season starts, however, they will have to comply with the 180-player limit.  As always, players added to the 60-day or full-season injury lists will not count against the limit of 180 players.