2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Poll Outcome

The 2023 Readers’ Poll has come to a conclusion. 

Here are the final results:

  1. Andrew Painter
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Grif McGarry
  4. Johan Rojas
  5. Justin Crawford
  6. Lee Hao Yu
  7. Andrew Baker
  8. Carlos De La Cruz
  9. William Bergolla
  10. Francisco Morales
  11. Erik Miller
  12. Alex McFarlane
  13. Emaarion Boyd
  14. Nikau Pouaka-Grego
  15. Rickardo Perez
  16. Gabriel Ricones
  17. Dalton Guthrie
  18. Michael Plassmeyer
  19. Simon Muzziotti
  20. Yhoswar Garcia

Honorable mention (average of 1 vote per poll):  Jordan Viars, Jhailyn Ortiz, Christian McGowan, Marcus Lee Sang, Ethan Lindow, Taylor Lehman, Tommy McCollum, Donny Sands.

The final poll results were a surprise.  I was half kidding when I came up with the STOP suggestion.  I might have ignored the poll if it had been close.  But, even though 1/3 of the votes isn’t a majority, it is a pretty decent-sized plurality.

Any prospect who collected 20-plus votes was added to the honorable mention list.  But, I’m pretty confident that the remaining ten spots in the poll had it continued would have been filled by (in no particular order) – Jordan Viars, Jhailyn Ortiz, Christian McGowan, Ethan Wilson, Ethan Lindow, Marcus Lee Sang, Kendall Simmons, Hans Crouse, and maybe Donny Sands and Alexeis Azuaje.

The final poll:

Yeah, STOP! Twenty’s enough: 29 votes, 33.72%
Jordan Viars: 13 votes, 15.12%
Jhailyn Ortiz: 9 votes, 10.47%
Christian McGowan: 7 votes, 8.14%
Donny Sands: 5 votes, 5.81%
Tommy McCollum: 4 votes, 4.65%
Ethan Wilson: 3 votes, 3.49%
Ethan Lindow: 3 votes, 3.49%
Taylor Lehman: 3 votes, 3.49%
Marcus Lee Sang: 2 votes, 2.33%
Jaydenn Estanista: 2 votes, 2.33%
Kendall Simmons: 1 vote, 1.16%
Micah Ottenbreit: 1 vote, 1.16%
McKinley Moore: 1 vote, 1.16%
Orion Kerkering: 1 vote, 1.16%
Estibenzon Jimenez: 1 vote, 1.16%
Hans Crouse: 1 vote, 1.16%

Thank you to all who participated.

6 thoughts on “2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Poll Outcome

  1. I hope we can get back to having enough interest to sustain a top 30+ in future years. It might not happen soon but I guess that’s the tradeoff for having a ML team that’s actually in contention.

  2. #10 on this list has been designated for assignment. Will he get snatched by another org? Let us see.

    1. I think it speaks very loudly to the depth of prospects in this organization. After the first 3-5 (perhaps even after the first three), the quality drops precipitously.

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