Free Agent Options: Starting Pitchers

The Phillies will be involved in the free agent market to fill some holes and upgrade some other positions. 

With the departure of full-time starting pitcher Kyle Gibson and part-time starters Zach Eflin and Noah Syndergaard, the Phillies rotation has become a little thin.  The timeline for help from the farm is, in my opinion, very optimistic.

You can view the most recent stats for starting pitchers are attached here.

The pitchers are listed alphabetically.  Any year prior to 2022 is highlighted in yellow.  The blue highlighting is for my benefit.  At some point, I will probably remove the breakdown years for the guys who pitched for more than one team.

While someone like Carlos Rodon would look nice in red pinstripes, the Phillies are more likely to shop from further down in the free-agent market.  Not necessarily the bargain bin, but more like middle-of-the-pack.

Still, I can ignore the TOR arms.  Pitchers of interest for the Phillies might be – Tyler Anderson, Chris Bassitt, Johnny Cueto, Nathan Eovaldi, Zack Greinke, Andrew Heaney, Nick Martinez, Wade Miley, Martin Perez, David Price, Jose Quintana, Carlos Rodon, Drew Smyly, Ross Stripling, Jameson Taillon, Justin Verlander, Michael Wacha, Tijuan Walker, and Trevor Williams.

Depending on years and dollars, maybe the Phillies show interest in guys like Zach Eflin, Rich Hill, Michael Lorenzen, Jordan Lyles, Noah Syndergaard, Chris Archer, Mike Clevenger, Zach Davies, or Jose Urena.

Former Phillies’ starters, Eflin and Syndergaard, provided the mid-range pitching results the Phillies are likely looking to sign.

Of particular interest are guys like David Price, Trevor Williams, and Nick Martinez who give the Phillies flexibility since they can function as starters if needed.  Like maybe in the rotation to start the season and moving to the bullpen if/when one of the prospects is ready to make the jump.

Martinez is of particular interest with 10 starts, 15 finishes, and 8 saves on his resume.  San Diego is still trying to work out an agreement as I type this

The Rangers are trying to come to an agreement with Martin Perez as I type this.  He may be tagged with a qualifying offer if the sides don’t reach an agreement.



12 thoughts on “Free Agent Options: Starting Pitchers

  1. I agree that Rodon seems out of their price range. I think they’re looking for a 4th SP and are expecting Falter to start the year with the 5th spot. If healthy, they’d bring back Eflin but he’s never been healthy for a full year. Eovaldi’s health is a big factor also. I think they’ll go thru this list and find out the money and years demands of these guys as that will be a big factor.

  2. Falter, Christopher Sanchez, McGarry, should be as good as many of these starting pitchers on the market.

    1. Denny, with all due respect, no, they’re not. I love McGarry but he’s a bit of a project. Falter is fine for a #5. Sanchez is a AAAA player. Painter is another story altogether.

      1. Guess it is just my frustration with the Phillies giving out $8 million to $15 million a year contracts to”inning eaters”. After spending these bucks they don’t pitch or at best they end up 10-15 with ERA’s in high 4’s or into the 5’s.

    2. Add Plassmeyer to the list. I expect 1 or 2 minor league signings for depth in next couple of months as well.

  3. I’m hoping the Phillies, as long as the years and dollars are good, resign Thor. 2023 will be his 2nd year off TJS when pitchers often times regain their velocity. Also, I’d like to see Eflin back in the bullpen but he probably wants to be a starter. I just don’t trust his knees to hold up as a starter. Wondering if moving to the bullpen will extend his career?

    1. Keep an eye on the two AFL relievers they will be in Philly next season at some point…Morales and Brett Schulze
      They may be on TV tomorrow night in the championship game….on the MLB.Network…8PM ET

  4. With everything going on, Romus, I forgot about them. Did they have good AFL seasons? Morales has been inconsistent throughout the Minor League season, but always had good stuff. How about Schulze?

  5. So who’s more desperate, Jose Urena who signed back with the Rockies for $3M or the Rockies, who was willing to give $3M for a pitcher with a 5.14 ERA and 0.3 WAR? Urena made 17 starts for the Rockies!

    Hard to believe that Urena was willing to go back to Colorado.

    This is the type of move that Colorado makes that makes you wonder what they are up to. Last season, the Rockies doled out the cash to Freeland, McMahon, and Bryant. And now they bottom feed for Urena? It’s puzzling.

    1. You kind of alluded to the main reason already; pitchers don’t want to pitch in Colorado. They can get hitters when they’re good because hitters don’t mind getting bloated stats for their next contract. But for pitchers, they historically need to target under-performers or guys coming off of injury.

      That, or they need to trade/develop their own young guys.

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