Phillies Claim Two Pitchers

The Phillies made two waiver claims and cleared five players off their 40-man-roster.

The Phillies claimed RHP Luis Ortiz and LHP Andrew Vasquez off waivers from the San Francisco Giants.  Both are relievers.

Ortiz was drafted in the first round by Texas in 2014.  In 2016, he was traded at the deadline to Milwaukee as part of the Lewis Brinson/Jonathan Lucroy deal.  In 2018, he was traded at the deadline to Baltimore as part of the Jonathan Schoop deal.  He pitched in Triple-A the past two-plus seasons and has seen time in the majors in 2018-19 with Baltimore and 2022 with the Giants.  In 8.2 innings, he posted a 1.04 ERA, struck out 6, and walked 3 while facing 33 batters.

Vasquez was drafted in the 32nd round by Minnesota in 2015.  He was traded during the 2021 season to the Dodgers in a swap of minor leaguers.  He became a free agent and signed with Toronto in March of 2022.  He was claimed off waivers by the Phillies on August 2, 2022, but was selected off waivers 15 days later by the Giants when the Phillies tried to designate him off the 40-man roster.  He posted a 2.23 ERA for 3 Triple-A teams last season, 2.25 with Lehigh Valley in 4.0 innings.  He has pitched in the majors in 2018-19 with Minnesota, in 2021 with the Dodgers, and in 2022 with Toronto and San Francisco.

The Phillies outrighted four pitchers and an infielder:  RHP Mark Appel, RHP Hans Crouse, LHP Kent Emanuel, LHP Damon Jones, and infielder Yairo Munoz.

13 thoughts on “Phillies Claim Two Pitchers

  1. Don’t get the Appel outright. He performed pretty well for them. Oh well. Not going to dissect little moves because we all know it’ll take a while for the real fun to begin.

    1. They’ll be outrighted to the minors but are more likely going to elect free agency.

      Really no surprises here. These are all guys I identified as becoming free agents if they were moved off the 40-man roster.

  2. So this is the second time in ~3 months the Phillies have claimed Velasquez. There must be something they like about him. And once upon a time ago … Luis Ortiz was a big time, hard throwing HS pitcher. Unfortunately for him, he had a difficult time saying “No” to food. The last time I saw him, Ortiz had ballooned to the size of a house (apartment building may be a better description … I mean really big apartment building).

    1. Both Alvarardo and Dominguez have had problems with their weight. Alvarado apparently lost 50 between his time with the Rays and his stint with the Phillies. Dominguez must have gained a lot of weight post-surgery and lost 40 pounds since he’s been back with the big league team. Perhaps they feel they can induce Ortiz to trim down as well, with similarly good end results.

  3. Vasquez in the minors has really good BB, SO, and WHIP numbers. Any pitcher who can limit the walks especially can be very useful in the bullpen. He will be in age 29 season and will likely showcase for the 2nd or 3rd lefty in pen. Ortiz will be a depth righty in pen but his spot is less certain and he could be put through waivers if that spot is needed.

    Last year in November the Phillies signed a little known pitcher named Andrew Bellatti in a minor move. Vasquez is one of those moves that could be similar this November.

  4. Luis Ortiz was about #5/6/7 prospect for Rangers in 2015, year after he was drafted in 1st Rd. His combo of FB/SL had me really hoping we’d get him in the trade for Hamels. Instead the prospect pitcher included was Thompson. In hindsight Thompson was more productive but Ortiz always had the higher upside.
    I like this signing simply for the hope they can help him with his weight and unlock something. In his sss 8.1 ip last year he was actually pretty good because his FB was higher, just under 95, and his Slider more effective and suddenly his most used pitch!

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