Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, League Championship Series

The Phillies continue their first playoff journey since 2011.

They swept their best of three wild card round in St. Louis and punched their ticket to the NLDS.  They chopped the legs out from under the Atlanta baseball team taking the best of five series in four games, clinching at home.

Now, they’ll travel to San Diego for an NLCS between the two lowest seeds who each had to advance out of the wild card round.  The seven-game series will follow the 2-3-2 format.

Television schedule (times for games one and two only)

Tuesday, October 18
Game 1: Phillies at San Diego at 8:03 PM on FS1/Fox Deportes

Wednesday, October 19
Game 2: Phillies at San Diego at 4:35 PM on Fox/FS1/Fox Deportes

Thursday, October 20
Off Day

Friday, October 21
Game 3: San Diego at Phillies at 7:37 PM on FS1/Fox Deportes

Saturday, October 22
Game 4: San Diego at Phillies at 7:45 PM on Fox/Fox Deportes

Sunday, October 23
Game 5: San Diego at Phillies (if necessary) at 2:37 PM on FS1/Fox Deportes

Monday, October 24
Game 6: Phillies at San Diego (if necessary) at 8:03 PM on FS1/Fox Deportes

Tuesday, October 25
Game 7: Phillies at San Diego (if necessary) at 8:03 PM on Fox/FS1/Fox Deportes

And, then on to Houston.

RHP Zack Wheeler will be the starter in game one, RHP Aaron Nola in game two, and TBD after that.

San Diego is countering with RHP Yu Darvish in game one, LHP Blake Snell in game two, and TBD after that.

The Phillies announced their playoff roster this morning, 13 pitchers and 13 position players.

  • Left-Handed Pitchers 
    • Ranger Suarez,
    • Bailey Falter,
    • Jose Alvarado,
    • Brad Hand.
  • Right-Handed Pitchers
    • Zack Wheeler,
    • Aaron Nola,
    • Kyle Gibson,
    • Noah Syndergaard,
    • Andrew Bellatti,
    • David Robertson,
    • Zach Eflin,
    • Seranthony Dominguez,
    • Connor Brogdon.
  • Catchers
    • J.T. Realmuto,
    • Garrett Stubbs.
  • Infielders
    • Rhys Hoskins,
    • Jean Segura,
    • Alec Bohm,
    • Bryson Stott,
    • Edmundo Sosa.
  • Outfielders
    • Kyle Schwarber,
    • Matt Vierling,
    • Brandon Marsh,
    • Dalton Guthrie,
    • Nick Castellanos.
  • Designated Hitter
    • Bryce Harper.

The Phillies also announced their starting lineup for tonight’s game behind starting pitcher Zack Wheeler.

Best guess at tonight’s lineup.

  1. Kyle Schwarber, LF
  2. Rhys Hoskins, 1B
  3. J.T. Realmuto, C
  4. Bryce Harper, DH
  5. Nick Castellanos, RF
  6. Alec Bohm, 3B
  7. Bryson Stott, SS
  8. Jean Segura, 2B
  9. Brandon Marsh, CF

They will face RHP Yu Darvish.

The San Diego lineup that will face Wheeler –

  1. Jurickson Profar, LF
  2. Juan Soto, RF
  3. Manny Machado, 3B
  4. Josh Bell, DH
  5. Jake Cronenworth, 2B
  6. Wil Myers, 1B
  7. Ha-Seong Kim, SS
  8. Trent Grisham, CF
  9. Austin Nola, C

These transactions were made to set the roster for the NLCS.  Being reassigned is NOT the same as being optioned.

10/18/22 Philadelphia Phillies activated RHP David Robertson.
10/18/22 Philadelphia Phillies reassigned RHP Nick Nelson to the minor leagues.

223 thoughts on “Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, League Championship Series

  1. David Robertson worked out, took fielding reps and had a BP session. Possible addition to the roster for this Series

    1. My guess is, even if he is not quite ready, if they think he will be by Friday, he’ll probably be added to the roster.

      1. Honestly, even if he’d only be ready to go on Sunday I’d add him.

        Let him take Gibson’s spot so Thomson isn’t tempted.

          1. That’s odd to me. We already have innings eaters in Falter and Thor. Nelson at least has fairly good stuff when he can harness it. Ideally neither would ever see game action, but if I was forced to choose one it’d be Nelson.

            1. Yeah…I am with you on that.
              Gibson is well-rested now, so if he has to come into a game he should not have any arm weariness….just maybe rust.

            2. In my view, having Gibson on the roster serves an important purpose. He can pitch as many as 7 or 8 innings if there is a blow out loss or if they are ahead by a lot of runs. You don’t want to use high leverage arms in low leverage situations in a series like this.

  2. He is activated, and replaces Nick Nelson, per Jim Salisbury. I wasn’t sure who would have been left off, Brogdon has been shaky.

  3. Tomorrow it is LHP Snell for the Padres…he likes to throw mid-90s hi-heat inside…..hope Harper can get out of the hi-inside FB by turning his back to the pitcher this time, and not facing the pitcher.

  4. I’m around Robertson’s age, that’s pretty quick for a calve injury. I’m not a professional athlete, but don’t be surprised if he re-injury’s his calve. I’d be willing to bet halfway through a relief appearance it rips again. I hope he is held back to pitch until Friday. He better be using that foam roller every day, getting injections, drinking lots of fluids … again that’s really pushing it it. Fingers crossed for him, and to be very effective

    1. It depends on the injury, but also professional athletes are freaks of nature. If normal people were to get TJ surgery, they likely wouldn’t be able to keep doing normal things a year after the fact, let alone pumping out 95 MPH fastballs. Plus they get way better medical care than we plebeians do, generally.

      But our starters can make it a moot point by going seven. Let Alvarado and Seranthony handle the rest (and preferably stop using Alvarado in multiple innings).

  5. If a LV Pig played a few games with the Phillies, do they stay near the team just in case of an injury? Or do they go home and enjoy the off season? Any thoughts?

    1. Maton, Hall, Nelson, and Sanchez are in San Diego. Maybe a couple more.

      Kingery, Munoz, Marchan, Sands, Nittolli, andPlassmeyer are in Clearwater working out, just in case.

  6. If baseball savant is correct, Schwarber just hit the third fastest home run of the year (beat only by Stanton and Oneil Cruz). Pretty good time for it.

    1. Agreed, 2-0 game, 9th inning, the best defense should be on the field — should replace LF (which he did), RF, and 3B. I’m old enough to remember Luzinski still in the game in left field . . .

    1. Agree with 3up. Thomson was asleep at the wheel when he didn’t use Sosa for Bohm at 3B in the 9th inning. Also should have used Wheeler one more inning. Pulling him psychologically breathed life into the Padres.

      1. Wheeler’s velo was down in the 7th. He was interviewed after the game and said that he spoke to the coach and wanted to come out. He was done. Great game. Save him for later.

      1. That differential is absurd. There’s no way you can possibly adjust to the last moment differences in trajectory, especially when the FB is 98-102. You were on this guy all along Hinkie and you were right. He was so worth the risk.

  7. Story time:
    Schwarber comes up …
    I call it …
    I say out loud “He’s due”
    Wifey goes “ahh you always say …..”
    488 ft
    Wife “that”

    Lol …. Totally called it
    For the record, my call rate is pretty good 🙂

  8. Big win! They are playing great baseball. Pitching has been exceptional. So great that Schwarber is waking up. Harper continues to be from another planet. Just mashing everything. Man if we can steal game 2 also, wow that would be great.

  9. I would guess that Wheeler at 83 pitches needed to come out as his velo was dropping slightly and he will / may have to pitch in game 5. Tompy did this in the Braves series when he let Wheels throw about 80 pitches and he was lights out tonight. That late in tonight’s game let the bullpen blow the last 6 batters away. Why wasn’t Sosa in the game in the 9th ????

  10. Pulling Wheeler after the seventh inning was absolutely the correct move. They discussed the parameters after the sixth inning, made their decision, and followed through after the seventh inning when Wheeler’s FB velocity continued to drop.

    Thomson only removed Schwarber because he had just batted in the ninth inning. He left Bohm and Castellanos in the game for the ninth inning because they were due to bat in the “tenth” inning. (Yes, he actually said tenth.) Shades of Danny Ozark there. eh?

    He also stated that when the second base umpire moved into position after the ball was in play, he blocked Stott from Bohm’s line of sight, that Bohm didn’t see Stott, and that Bohm was actually trying to lead Segura at the bag. He also opined that the ball should have been caught anyway. It’d be interesting to see if he petitions for the error to be changed from Bohm to Stott.

    1. By the way, they probably don’t double Soto. But, they should have gotten one out.

      Did you notice how quickly the announcers were to jump on the Phillies’ defense trope?

      1. Yes, I noticed that. When the national announcers do games, they always revert to the pre-determined storylines and stereotypes. The Phillies can’t field. The Phillies have bad relief pitching. The Philadelphia fans are brutal. Blah, blah, blah. And when that error was made, the announcer said something like the Phillies defense was collapsing. Really, one error and it’s a collapse? But that was the storyline, so he went with the easy narrative rather than the truth, which was one guy made one error.

        At least we didn’t have to ensure A-Rod saying everyone’s name incorrectly. Smoltz is not bad for a national guy and the play-by-play guy was good on the whole.

    2. I heard RT’s explanation of this play, but I have watched it multiple times and I don’t see how the umpire could have blocked Bohm’s line of site. The ump was clearly on the grass between the pitchers mound and 2nd. Stott was coming from a normal shortstop position. Bohm was on the infield dirt. Segura was no where close to the bag. Imo this is RT being a good manager and covering for Bohm publicly to keep him free of public criticism so he doesn’t lose confidence during the playoffs. But I think it was just a straight error by Bohm. No obstructed view by the umpire that I can see.

      1. Agree that the explanation by Thomson was to provide some support/cover for Bohm from media questions. Don’t think it was an egregiously bad play but his tendency is to aim the ball to 2nd on those plays and it often causes him to drop down too much.

        Also, Stott also took a bad angle to the base and should have made sure to catch the ball and get an out vs. trying to hold the bag and save the double play so he could have rescued and out in that situation.

        Either way, Alvarado was able to overcome the mishap and get the job done.

        1. When I watch Bohm play defense, I consistently see poor fundamentals. Imo this play was another example of poor fundamentals. His side arm throw had a tail to it that took the ball to the 1B side of second base. The runner is sliding into second. If Stott catches the ball on the 1B side of the bag he gets trucked. Segura was not close to the bag. Straight error. No excuses.

          1. Have to agree……and he was closer to the bag with his momentum.
            Playing third, 8/9 years and with reps in practice , as long as he has, that play has happened many times over his career.
            I am sure he realizes it was on him…..he should just forget about it and move on.

            1. rocco…glad you asked, they extended lights out until 11:30 PM with the Phillies playing now….but if it goes extra innings or later, I am covered, I get my transistor radio out and listen to the game in bed.
              Smart, eh…can’t pull one over this old geezer.

          2. V1……..agree with you……….it was definitely on Bohm and I don’t care how they intend to pkg it to soothe a tender psyche. When you don’t get your feet set right and than sling it you get the result you got last night. I don’t get the dissection on here about Rob Thomson’s gametime decisions. Personally, I think he’s doing a tremendous job for a 1/2 year in the position. Probably goes overboard explaining to the media all his moves. He’ll get smarter about that the more he gets smacked in the chops. The thing that smokes me is the bats. 3 hits last night by 2 players. Rhys in the 2 hole, wow….he needs to produce when it counts not in garbage time when we are up by 8……..really getting tired of him whiffing and watching a called strike 3.

    3. I hope the strategy is to as much as possible not let certain players get multiple looks at Ser Anthony and Alvarado.

      Profar is a switch, Soto a Left and then Manny followed by Bell another switch so tonight easily could be SerAnthony to face those 3 in the 9th if it lined up that way.

      If you’re in the 8th and facing Cronenworth down I’d let Alvarado tackle those guys

      Unless of course you’re winning 7-0

  11. Kudos to Alvarado for staying cool after that misplay, and Wheeler was tremendous. Ser’A is now a real weapon and one terrific W.

    1. That was a huge step forward for him. I’ll admit I thought it was all going to unravel after that.

    1. Yes, Klentak gets credit for Haper and Wheeler signings and JT trade. Segura for JP was probably a wash.

      The rest of his moves, including his drafting and developing was a disaster.

      1. It’s hard for me to speak positively of Klentak (other than to say he seemed like a nice guy). But I will give him props for Realmuto, Wheeler, and Segura. He also discovered/hired Gabe Kapler (which to me is a feather in his cap). He does not credit for Harper as far as I’m concerned. Klentak/McPhail originally wanted Machado. It was Middleton (especially after seeing a poll of fans) who wanted Harper. And I’m not saying Manny wouldn’t have been a good signing also, but for this town … Harper was the better fit.

        1. Yeah, Harper wasn’t really done by Klentak. Agreed. I love Harper and think that his bat is special and better than Machado. But Machado would be such a massive upgrade defensively at 3rd. So really it is still a coin flip for me on who would have been the better signing.

          1. Think the Harper/Machado decision at the time was a perfect example of the clash between metrics vs. “scouts”.

            By the numbers, Machado made more sense since he played a more premium position and made more “baseball” sense. No doubt that’s why he was Klentak’s primary target.

            From the scout’s side, Harper was a much better personality fit for the city and made more sense in regard to being the primary “voice” of the franchise. I think ownership understood this.

            My personal take is that the Harper decision was the correct one and I don’t think the fan reaction to Machado’s more laid-back approach as the team continued to lose would have gone nearly as well as it has with Harper. To me it shows the problem when an organization goes to the extremes on either side and why Klentak failed. I don’t think Klentak ever understood the market he was in or that he was dealing with people and not just numbers.

            1. The WAR value between them is very close taking into consideration the games Harper has missed over these last four years.
              Machado….17.6 bWAR……519 games
              Harper……..14.8.bWAR……455 games

            2. This has shaken out much as I thought it would. Both Harper and Machado are very valuable to their teams and, in the abstract, about equally valuable. But I don’t think they would be equally valuable to the Phillies. Harper’s drive and leadership are next level. As you can see this year, that sort of thing really matters when it comes to the playoffs. And, let me say that if we had signed Machado, I just felt it wouldn’t go so well. Personally, I think he would have been asking for a trade by his second or third year and he would have been on to the next team by now while we would still be looking for our middle-of-the-order superstar.

    1. I’d go a step further and say top-5.

      Once you’re in that territory, it’s usually a matter of personal preference. It’s pretty uncommon for there to be a clear-cut best pitcher.

  12. Snell vs Nola today.
    Watching Snell vs the Dodgers…not sure he is naturally wild with his 96 mph FB or it is well placed….Roberts only had two lefties in the lineup, freeman and Muncy and Snell did his thing with them, just hope Harper and Schwarber are prepared for his high and tight antics to lefthanded batters.

    1. I can’t fault a pitcher for pitching in so long as he has the command to do so. The key to beating Snell has always been to get into his pitch count early and if he is on just like last night you have to do damage on the limited mistakes he makes over the plate.

      Against the Mets he threw 90 pitches in 3.1 innings and was gone having only given up 2 ER but he had walked 6 to that point.

      In his last start against the Dodgers he went 5.1 but had 96 pitches. He ends up winning that game by a score of 2-1.

      1. Agree….Phillies hitters need to have patience with him and get the pitch count up so it will be an early exit.

  13. Back home in Indiana.
    3 awesome wins by the Phillies. I got to see most of all.
    Great pitching. Clutch hitting.
    It was a little shaky in 9th. But they prevail.
    Just my take and mentioned by announcers. On the Sota ball, it was right to Bohm. It was Stott who took a step or two toward the hole and thus he one was late getting to the bag and two his route was not good at all. I am sure Alex may have rushed the throw a bit hoping for a DP to end the game with Soto running.
    Wheeler said in interview he knew he was done after 7th.
    At this point it looks as though these games may be who is leading after 7 innings.
    Both back ends of the BPs are almost unhittable at this time.
    Let’s go get another this afternoon and go back to Philly up 2-0.
    Just an observation by me. It appears to me the Phillies have a few more difference makers than the Padres do. It does not mean that someone not expected to do something big does, but I think the Phillies just have more of them.
    I do agree with many of you that with a 2-run lead you need to have your best defense in to win the game. But they got lucky. Luck is always good to have on your side.
    Also, the HP ump did have a rough night. But the call I liked the best was the 3rd strike on Soto after the dribbler in front of home plate. Ball could have been a couple more inches off and still been a strike. Think ump knew he missed the call.
    One last thing. I like Davis and Smoltz. I think they do a good job.
    Glad to be home.

  14. Glad you had a good trip, Don. Davis and Smoltz sure beat listening to ARod! I want to also send kudos to the Coaching Staff. Ser’A was really shaky when he came off the IL, and he definitely deserves credit for working through it. But, so do the Coaches who worked with him. I think they mentioned Dave Lundquist who was particularly encouraging, and knew when to push him to forget about the injury and let it fly. Also, Alvarado was sent to AAA during the season, and the way he has bounced back deserves a ton of credit, and also to the Coaches who worked with him. I was, honestly, very nervous when that Soto ball was misplayed, but that was a gutsy and tremendous finish by Alvarado and the team.

    1. An old championship coach of mine used to tell us you can’t win if you’re afraid to lose. I was more upset with the Profar walk than I was with the the misplayed chopper

      As a pitcher you have to have the mindset that Profar can’t beat you even if he hits a HR in that spot. Those pitches weren’t even close. I think he went 3-0 then threw one down the middle to get to 3-1 and the very next pitch again wasn’t close.

      You had to know there Profar probably wasn’t swinging until he got strike 1 then again at 3-0 he was going to see 2 strikes before the bat came off his shoulder.

  15. In regards to removing Wheeler, I’d still stick with him even with diminished velocity as long as he keeps locating his pitches. Granted, that’s largely because of my deep-seated trauma inflicted by multiple years of Philadelphia bullpens. Seranthony is still the only reliever I trust to not give up a run. But I don’t want him going two innings. Nothing against Alvarado, he just sometimes loses the zone. When you only have a 2 run lead, that can’t happen.

    BUT, if Wheeler was being honest about saying he felt he was done, then yes it’s absolutely the right move. If an uber-competitive guy says he’s out of gas, then you always take his word for it and work out what to do next.

    1. I was questioning the move at the time, but it was 110% the right move. His velo dropped, and they need him to rest, as they may need him to go on short rest at some point.

      I’m a bit superstitious because of this run, so … I’ll just say do the math on the games remaining, the schedule, and wanting our top 2 pitches go out as much as possible. Makes sense to go to the pen, and keep the 98-100mph velo going all 9 innings

      1. I agree with you, the Phillies are smart in not getting greedy about Wheeler and his innings, just as they were smart in letting him fully recover from his arm strain in August and September. Wheeler throwing between 97-99 MPH is a LOT different than Wheeler throwing between 94-96. By conserving his pitches they have ensured that he’s nearly unhittable when he does pitch. They need two aces and they have managed Wheeler’s and Nola’s pitch counts to ensure that they have exactly that when they need it.

  16. Gotta say, baseball is dropping the ball on these game times. An NLCS game should not be a day game imho. Lucky for us, it’s 4:30 ish our way. You’re trying to create fans for the future, kids are in school and no out of market expose is going to be seen by possible fans. Not smart imo

    1. Yup. I’m in Portland, Oregon and have to leave work early to watch this game. No clue what MLB is thinking. Unacceptable.

      1. MLB try to avoid conflicting games…playing two play-off games at the same time. So there is that bit of maneuvering that has to be done.

        1. These days if your team is out you’re probably not watching at least to the extent that you are tuning in to see every pitch.

          I consider myself to be a hardcore baseball fan. Like the commercial says when I am not watching a game I’m watching MLB Network. I love during the season just having that on for the live look ins. During the playoffs they are not allowed to have those because of broadcast rights. Naturally so.

          And if a Phillies game is on of course I’m watching most every pitch and flipping over to the network during commercials or if its a blow out.

          One of the reasons I’ll probably never cut the cable is because I’m flipping constantly and with those streaming services that becomes awfully pain full.

    2. MLB has 2 games to broadcast today and they don’t want them to overlap. Of course the Yankees are going to get the prime time slot. That’s just the way it goes.

    3. Meh I think that ship has sailed Tac. Young kids are only going to become fans if you get them interested in playing the game. I think having a love for the sport starts there.

      And then maybe they should have programs where they invest in getting kids out to the ball parks. Whenever there are tons of empty seats they should be trying to fill those with free tickets IMO to youth groups.

      Besides most kids are out of school between 2-3. It’s a little early for the west coast but a 3+ hour game none the less will have them home in time to see the end.

      My dad used to say about basketball you only need to see the last 5 minutes to have seen the game. I think these days the same holds true for baseball only maybe you change that from 5 minutes to 3 Innings.

      1. My mom likes to tell the story about how my grandfather loved report card day because the Phillies used to give tickets to kids who got A’s in school (and my mom always did).

        They should bring that program back. Set whatever academic requirements you want, give kids 3 tickets (so both parents can come) to a weekend game. They wouldn’t even be losing much (if any) money, because the parents would still be dishing out money at the park. I’ve never seen a family NOT buy food and/or souvenirs at the games. Plus all they need to do is convert maybe 1 in 100 of those kids into lifelong fans and they’ll easily double their investment long term.

        I’ve been a Phillies fan since before I could talk and I’ve definitely spent more than a thousand dollars on tickets/merchandise. I’d actually probably be depressed at the actual number if I knew it.

  17. Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s all World Series games were in the daytime. All the kids I know loved baseball and we listened to the games at recess on transistor radios, and rushed home to see the games on TV. After the game and dinner there was still time for shooting hoops, or homework, or replaying the game on Strat-o-Matic. For kids, I think a 837pm start time and a 3 plus hour game on a Tues night is worse for making young fans.

  18. On Harper v Machado, the latter is looking increasingly thick and heavy to me. I wonder how long he’ll retain the flexibility and agility for 3B

  19. This is way too reminiscent of game two Phillies vs Cardinals in 2011. Phillies up one game to nothing. Phillies ahead 4-0 early in game two then don’t score again as Cardinals gradually claw back and win I think 5-4. That changed the series and we lost series as you know.

    1. I thought about that game a lot last night but it’s really apples to oranges. The Phillies were at home in a five game series, much more devastating than this game. Nola wasn’t sharp from the jump.

      I think it was important they scored and continued to threaten they had a shot before Manny turned that beautiful double play to get back into the game. Game 3 becomes a must win and I expect a battle from Ranger Suarez. He wasn’t very good in ATL but that game 1 could’ve been a disaster.

  20. How do they say it? You just gotta flush this one? Obviously, a poor showing by Nola but not much help from Hand. Nola had handled Cronenworth twice and Hand hits him with a pitch.

      1. Those are the Nola innings that bug me the most. Cruising along for the most part then bam he hits a parked car…

        1. That also annoys me….he can be so dominant for those first 3 or4 innings then wham.
          Probably losses that pinpoint command…..and maybe JTR needs to change some of the pitch calls. I know they like to stay low…both away and low with his 2Smr that will tail back over the plate….but I like the idea with 2-srikes on the batter and ahead in the count….mid-90s high FB.

  21. I am not feeling a comeback Romus. Very disappointed in Nola tonight. He needs his command snd each hit was on a pitch in the middle of the plate. We need Ranger’s best game Friday night! Did not think we would lose a 4-0 lead with Nola on the mound, but John K brought up Cliff Lee’s loss vs the Cards in ‘11! Painful memory, so is this! But we can end this Series much better than the 2011 one!!

    1. Three losses in the playoffs now with a 4-0 lead…yesterday, 2011 and 1993.
      Over 20 wins with that lead.

  22. The turning point of the game was obviously the 5 run inning. But the point at which I believed the game was over was actually when we failed to score after Harper’s leadoff double.

    Which leads me to wonder… Has anyone in baseball been more adept at killing a rally this year than Castellanos? Bohm didn’t drive him in, either, but at least he advanced the runner. If Nick is up with a runner on, I expect either a double play or a strike out.

    1. Hah……as the announcer said, 57% is his swing rate…highest in the league.
      Especially first pitch swinger…like good ole Jeff Francoeur.
      Smoltz said he would love to pitch to those hitters.
      Bottom-line…Thomson should have him further down in the line-up…switch with Segura.

  23. Amazing how the guy (Castellanos) was such a feared hitter for the past few years. Now, it seems, he has lost all of his power and cannot hit a breaking ball.

    As I wrote before, I can’t see an opposing pitcher throwing him nothing but curves and sliders and an occasional fastball up and in. Let’s hope he comes through.

  24. I am certainly not a professional hitter, but we seem to be guessing at what the Pitcher is going to throw instead of “see the ball, hit the ball” Not everyone, But Castellanos and Hoskins seem to do it a lot. And, Castellanos’ lack of HRs is troubling, but worse, to me, is the lack of the 2Bs he used to hit among the league leaders. He is constantly swinging at bad pitches. Nola gave us 3 of his best games in his previous outings, that were in 3 of the most important games he has ever pitched for us. So, as disappointing as the game was, and how much it hurts to blow a 4-0 lead, I can’t knock him too much. What is evident, though, is that when he has trouble, it is because he loses that pinpoint command of his FB. He gets guys down 0-2 and can’t put them away. Part of me wants him to get a chance vs them again, but that’s only a small part. Most of me wants to win the next 3 games, and let him pitch great in the WS>

    1. I think Castellanos has been hit by a few things that have affected him this year. First, is the weight of the contract and trying to hard. Second, he is just having a bad year with his swing – it happens. Third, and this is really big, I think, as much as any hitter in baseball, Castellanos was affected by the deadening of the baseball and then you add to that that he moved from the best hitting park in baseball (Cincinnati) to a good, but more neutral park, and his power went down significantly. But I think the ability is still there. He needs an offseason to clear his head and begin again. I believe he still has the ability to bounce back but so far, it’s been an awful contract.

  25. Few things that I thought last night.
    Thought it was really important to get Snell out after that 2nd inning.
    But the Phillies allowed him to come back and throw 3 shutout innings.
    Like others I thought of the Cliff Lee game when it was 4-0.
    Another thing to me that was a key was that Nola could not get a shutdown inning after the top of the 2nd. That immediately got the Padres fans back in the game and gave the Padres hope that they could come back.
    It was no doubt an off game for Nola. He was just a little off after that long layoff in the top of the 2nd inning. It was like a half hour.
    In the 5th inning I thought the two key at bats were his brother and Soto. He had 2 strikes on both and could not get them out.
    It is now a best of 5 series so we will see how the team responds tomorrow.
    Watching these games, the one thing that bugs me over and over is Hoskins at bats.
    I do not think I have ever seen a hitter take more stirkes down the middle of the plate than Rhys does. Then he used to swing at pitches outside of the zone but now he usually just takes a fastball right down the middle. Then looks back at the ump in disbelief that a pitch right down the middle waist high is a strike.
    Someone mentioned Nick but I would drop Rhys and get someone who at least can make some contact in the 2 hole.
    Phillies still have the home field advantage, but the Padres won 2 of 3 in NY.
    Game 3 is very important to put in the win column.

    1. Was there in Petco yesterday. Biggest issues – (1) no shutdown inning B2, (2) letting Snell have 3 clean innings.

      The fans were hyped – every 2 strike counts, everyone stood. But as the Phils put a 4-spot, their spirit was beginning to break. Clean B2 , then push another 1 run in 3rd or 4th, Snell gone, and its a Petco Morgue.

      Should have read history on Phils Game 2 Playoff Road Wins (0), before buying tixs.

    2. Don…… true on Rhys….he must be a guess hitter, and just does not have that great hitters ability to adjust on a pitch that was not expected.
      Now he does have the ability to generate BBs and go deep in pitch counts…..but for some reason he will stand there and watch that dead-red FB cut the plate.
      I could only remember someone like Jayson Werth who could stand there all day and foul off pitches he did not like until he gets walked or gets something he likes.

  26. Totally agree SoCal. If Nola could have held serve till 6th and Phillies added a run or 2 game would have been over by 7th. Instead, they got right back in game. Then it was game on from there.

    1. Don….it truly is a game of inches….even with the Padres comeback in that inning…..when Harper hit that ball to the left side of the diamond and the Padres were in that shift…Machado stabbed it and began the double play.
      If that ball was 2 or 3 inches more to the right of Machado it would have been the beginning of a no-out rally with runners possibly at the corners and the Phillies down three at the time. Who knows, the tide could have turned.

  27. Yes Nola got himself in trouble by not being able to put his brother and Soto away but I thought the game was in jeopardy when Hands, with 2 strikes on Cronenworth plunked him with a pitch loading the bases. Drury, who kills lefty pitchers, comes up and with 2 strikes punches a single to center. Game effectively over. Had Hand gotten Cronenworth, who is to say the game would have remained tied until Machado’s homer only to have Rhys tie it at 5-5 with his homer. As I think Don pointed out above, if the Phillies had been able to add on a 5th run (in the next inning) making the score 5-2 that would have gotten Snell out of the game and quieted the crowd. Give Melvin credit for inserting Drury in the lineup despite a lousy performance in the playoffs earlier. Both he and Bell were added to the lineup and effectively killed the Phils. Let’s hope they go back to “sleep” again.

    1. Agree with RU. The key play/pitch of the game was Brad Hand’s 2ball/2strike SL that plunked Jake Cronenworth. Hand was a disaster. He faced three batters. He allowed the HBP and followed that by giving up a 2-run single and another RBI single. And full transparency: I was on board with Thomson’s move to lift Nola for Hand. Cronenworth has had success vs Nola. I was having a bout of post-traumatic stress disorder remembering Cronenworth’s 9th inning walk off homer off of Nola last season.

      Gotta hope Ranger Suarez is better tomorrow night than he’s been his last two trips to the mound (in Houston and Atlanta).

      1. I was also at that game last year – Nola’s no-hit / Cronenworth. I;m 0 for last 2 v. Pads, both Nola starts. Will stay home Monday for our clincher.

  28. Yes, on HBP. I thought that is what one of the travel kid pitchers does. That should not have happened to Brad Hand. That in itself probably the biggest one play of the game. I agree.

  29. Bleacher Report prediction for Phillies off-season trade:
    To PHI: RHP Scott Barlow
    To KC: 2B Hao Yu Lee, RHP Francisco Morales

    …….hope they are wrong on that. Would be a disappointment giving up Lee.

    1. Romus … the closer/late inning BP market throughout MLB just fascinates me this offseason. You’ve got to be strong at the back end to realistically win a championship. There are a lot of clubs who are going to be desperate for help there. Edwin Diaz is going to get record setting money (5/90M or more). Kind of crazy Cohen didn’t get a LTX done with him. Just a sign that his market is gonna get bonkers. Big spenders like the Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Giants, Phillies, Blue Jays, Mariners, and Astros could all use a closer (or upgrade there).
      For me, Barlow is not an upgrade from Ser-Ant’ny or even Alvarado. I could see Dombrowski bringing back Knebel at a much lower number if they believe his shoulder is going to heal. The other guy the Phillies may look into is Aroldis Chapman. He’s got a lot of baggage, and he’s had trouble with the Kzone the last couple of years, but he still owns the kind of power arm Dombrowski could take flier on. Then there’s Griff McGarry. Would the Phillies look to use him as a late inning BP piece at some point next season.

      1. Hinkie….I am at a loss when it comes to the relievers on the market this off-season. And relievers can be so fungible from year- to -year.
        Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and hope for a good roll

      2. Chapman is now radioactive given his latest antics with the Yankees. Cashman had some strong words regarding him when he left him off the playoff roster and if Cashman feels that way then his good friend (Thomson) will take his word. Can’t see the Phillies remotely being interested.

        There will no doubt be a lot of bullpen construction this offseason (every club can say that) and I think the additions will be a mixture of free agents and trades. Some will be relatively big names and others will be cooked up in Anirudh Kilambi’s laboratory. He did well unearthing Bellatti.

        I don’t believe they’ll spend wild on relievers. I think the focus will be more on #3 – #6 relievers in the pecking order but we’ll see. I concur that McGarry is more so a reliever than a starter next year.

      3. One irony of a Phillies’ pursuit of Diaz in free agency is that he was part of a larger Segura-Crawford deal in 2018. I don’t remember who else was in the larger deal, and I don’t remember who backed out or why. I think the Phillies balked at the additional cost whether it was including additional players or accepting additional salary and the Mariners immediately pivoted to trading their big pieces in separate deals. They were able to dump Cano’s contract on the Mets. The Mariners gave up 57 saves for an aging Jay Bruce, 31 starts from Justin Dunn over four years, and three warm bodies.

    2. One good way I know to destroy your future is to trade very good position prospects for relievers who are not shut down closers – these are trades that bad, desperate teams make. I would not make this trade, even though I like Barlow. Lee has a chance to evolve very quickly into an elite prospect with both a high floor and a high ceiling. Now, if this trade were Morales and Marchan, I’d need to think about and would probably do it, although Morales has been really very good in the AFL (although he is walking too many batters) and, perhaps, has turned the corner at long last.

  30. Romus – on your future trade report – I agree with Barlow being the exact need for the remodeled bullpen. I would have forecast that as well, however – I couldn’t agree more with you that I would not trade Lee for him. Barlow is an unnecessary diamond that KC doesn’t need since they have so much more work to do.

    1. RU……not sure how good a Barlow could be.
      If Dave D decides to trade for a reliever…..I surely hope prospects like Lee or Rojas are not part of the mix. A starter is one thing…but relievers are so unpredictable.

  31. Hey’ were home for at least three NLCS games in mid-to late October… I love it..It stunk we didn’t get that win after being up 4-0 but Philly will be rocking over the weekend.

    1. Hawkeye….correct…we are playing in the last week of October ….its been a decade. Sure I will be disappointed if the Phils cannot go further, but overall, I am happy with how it all has come about. This is invaluable experience for the yuong guns…Bohm, Stott, Marsh, Vierling et al

      1. I had the same thought and then realized… it’s good for the (slightly) older guys, too. Most of them have never played in the postseason and none of them have done so in Philly.

        Getting a taste of this will be good motivation for the future.

  32. Was at the game yesterday as well. Socal pointed out that their fans were standing on every 2 strike count but I really didn’t notice it until they started really doing it until after their big inning. Overall it’s no comparison to how insane Philly can get.

    One observation is that Nicky C’s swing looks so loopy right now, I have no idea how he makes contact. If for some reason it goes to 6 games I will be there on Monday. Let’s finish them up at home.

  33. Read that the Padres were 28th in the majors against fastballs 95+. So Wheeler, Seranthony, Alvarado are perfect.

  34. Both the Phillies and the Yankees are home for games 3-5. The boys in red pin stripes are 1-1 while the evil empire is 0-2. Who would have thunk it?

  35. Problem with De La Cruz in the AFL is he has struck out more than half of his plate appearances.

    1. Yeah ciada….he is a 30%+ K rate guy for his minor league career….which does not bode well for his future.

  36. I hope a lot of you get the chance to go to the games this weekend.
    The crowds for the Braves looked awesome on TV last weekend.
    I have to admit I was able to snare a front row seat.
    In my living room! Have fun guys and bring the Phillies some more victories.
    Go Phils. Let’s get win 2 tonight.

    1. Have to move him out of the lineup period. Some guys need game action to break out of a slump. He’s had the ENTIRE YEAR. Time for a different approach.

      Also, if I were a major league pitcher I simply would never choose to pitch in front of this defense. Not sure what that says about our ability to sign pitchers.

  37. Will be very happy when the shift goes away next season. Most of SD hits in this game have been rollers through the IF.

  38. Unbelievable game. This game epitomized the Phillies whole season.
    Romus… you are so right about baseball being a game of inches and inches.

  39. I remember when Seranthony was just a wee prospect we debated about endlessly, and now he’s a closer in the playoffs. Still can’t believe we’ve made it this far…

  40. Guys ponder this a moment.
    The Phillies are now over halfway home with 7 total wins.
    The Dodgers won 1 game.
    The Braves won 1 game.
    The Mets won 1 game.
    As we have said many times baseball is a crazy game. That 27th out can be so elusive.

  41. Stott did it again with another long ab that set up scoring. My he is going to be fun to watch ! On the other side Cronenworth and Drury are lethal – you can see Phillies pitchers get up for Soto and Manny but can’t handle the other aforementioned. Soto did his Acuna rf imitation – let’s all hope batters keep hitting the ball to right!

    1. I don’t understand all the Cronenworth and Drury lethal talk. Even the way Smoltz was talking last night you would of thought Manny Ramirez and Barry Bonds were on deck. Yes, good solid players but can be pitched to.

      1. They were talking about Cronenworth being a star and I was just like… is there another Cronenworth on SD? He’s a very well-rounded player, and a solid one at that. But we’re still talking about a guy who’s about to be 29 and has ~10 career WAR to his name. And a large chunk of that value is defensive. He’s a decent hitter, but a 115 wRC+ isn’t exactly world-beating. And that’s his career number. It’s actually gone down slightly each year so far (110 this year).

        So yeah. Any team would be happy to have him. But he’s not even on the same planet as Harper or Machado (just to name two in this series alone).

  42. Schwarber’s value is increasingly evident. I believe he took over this team when Harper went down. His fun encouraging personality became contagious and has created the family feel that is propelling this “team” through the playoffs!

    Throughout the playoffs you can see his relationship with the other big bats, and his connection and support of every player.
    The “Dancing On My Own” song was the Red Sox song in last years playoffs so I’d guess Kyle is the origin of it in the Phillies clubhouse.
    And of course his home runs have fired up this team up all year!

  43. Ranger was excellent when the team needed him most. Cannot understand what Thomson was thinking. If he’s going to lift Ranger after five innings, he kind of needs to let Eflin go longer than one inning. He should have been allowed to pitch up to Ha-Seong Kim. That would have allowed Eflin to get 4 outs, Alvarado to get 4 outs, and then Ser-Ant’ny 4 outs. Instead, Alvarado and Ser-Ant’ny each threw a ton of pitches and will likely be unavailable for game 4 (even though Thomson says Alvarado should be able to throw).
    I like the Phillies to clinch Monday night (game 6) in San Diego with Aaron Nola on the mound.
    And the shift absolutely killed the Phillies. How many Padres hits found areas the Phils had shifted away from?

  44. Damn, I had no clue this site was still up. I thought they were shutting it down.

    Anyways, this is insane! Let’s go Phillies!!!

  45. Not sure why Hoskins brings his glove or bat to the field. He’d be better off without them. Castellanos is awful. He get the occasional hit but I can’t remember last time I saw him hit a ball hard. Bloop hit to right field is the norm. Vierling would be much better in his place. But we’re winning!

    1. I like Thomson to switch Castellanos and Segura in the line-up.
      Nick C. can kill a rally with those first- pitch- swings- that -every- pitcher -knows -and -then- throws- their- 2Smr- low- below- the- strike- zone- and-he-rolls-over – and- beats into the ground.

  46. (Of course) there is only radio for the game in my area, but even listening not watching you have to be impressed with Suarez’ composure when things go wrong. And while I am at it, 5 thumbs down to Girardi for overworking him when he joined the team with no Spring Training, and 10 thumbs down to the Phillies organization for letting him have a problem with his VISA to enter the USA. Last year Suarez may have been the statistically best pitcher in all of MLB, and then you don’t make sure that he can enter the country without problems in time to be ready for his “job” at the start of MLB?

    1. In regards to his visa, there may not have been anything the Phils could realistically (legally) do to mitigate the issues. Visas are a bureaucratic nightmare. Even when people do everything by the book in a timely manner, sometimes the people issuing just drag their feet.

      1. Dan K, the issue reported was he didn’t have guaranteed work due to the lock out. I think the team could obviously have done something to demonstrate he had employment. Or maybe got him to enroll in college in the USA?

  47. What a sports weekend on tap! Phillies, college and NFL football. Man the honey-do’s are getting backed up

    1. Rojas is electric. His only weakness the past two years are extended slow starts. Hoping he can start strong and get promoted as season progresses.

      De La Cruz I’ve had my eye on since they drafted him extra young out of Canada. (I think he was younger than an American could have been drafted or something like that caused him not to be able to start with Phil’s org right away.). He’s steadily improved each year. Started breaking out this year. If Elmore and others can help him cut down Ks (which is especially hard for someone with such a large strike-zone since he’s 6’8”) he could have a bigger breakout in ‘23. Hopefully!

        1. V1, It’s true that Ks are a challenge for him. I noted it’s a problem which due to his height may be extra tough to overcome.
          However, 52% is against tough competition in a sss of just 31 PA at AFL.

          His in-season rate was 30% (120k in 400 pa). Still too high. Interestingly it was 28.1% at AA (45k in 160 pa).
          It’s a big hurdle for him but hopefully Elmore and others can help him because it’s also true that he has great potential as an ops of .815 this season (.825 at AA) and .915 in sss at AFL spotlight!

          1. The K rate is really high but also his walk rate is really low. Three true outcomes are Walks, Ks and homers. There is no model of a two true outcome player.

      1. De La Cruz wasn’t drafted, he was signed as a free agent out of HS from New York, he was born in Yonkers.

    2. On the steal of home it looks almost certain that the pitcher purposefully threw at Rojas when he was running down the line. The ball hits Rojas and goes past the catcher. What an a-hole. That would start a brawl in a real minor or major league game.

      1. Correct….what was that pitcher thinking….he should be suspended.
        Rojas did maintain his composure and not go after him.

  48. Smoltz mentioned that Hoskins has only swung at 4 first pitches this postseason.
    2 of the 4 are his 2 HRs. Pitchers know they can just throw it down the middle.
    I think Rhys is trying out for Fred Flintstones Stone Cutters team. The look on Grishams face said all you needed to know. Those are really easy plays.
    Segura is still one of my favorite guys. I am not sure I have ever seen a player have a game like he did last night. He mentioned all the ups and downs with baseball, but you have to do your best. I have thought for a long time he is one of the more clutch guys on the team.
    I am all for anyone but Nick replacing Rhys in the 2nd spot. I like the Stott idea. Marsh maybe in time but he strikes out too much. Oh, forgot Rhys does too.
    If they can somehow pull-out the game tonight that will really put the pressure on the Padres. It looks like Phillies are trying to win this with basically 6 pitchers. I am not sure they are going to be able to pull that off.

      1. I just read an article on CBS and it highlights Segura. Good and Bad. The article forgot that it was Jean who slid for the Hoskins blunder and kicked the ball to stands. That allowed the runner to get to 2nd and two ground outs later score. If Jean does not kick it, they would not have scored the 2nd run.

        1. He did kick it on his slide, but it didn’t result in any extra bases. The ball was already in foul territory before Jean even broke towards it and you can see the runner rounding first as Segura makes his way over.

          He was sliding because that was the only possible way he could have thrown him out at second. But the play was basically impossible; as evidence by the fact that the runner was already jogging into second as Segura initiated his slide.

          It’s hard to tell based on the broadcasted angles, but there were some better views of it that made it clear there was no play to be made once Rhys missed it. If anything, what allowed him to get to second was Jean not committing to backing him up on the play. He stopped running toward first because he assumed a major league 1B could handle a routine ground ball.

        2. Yeah Don…..Jean does have his ups and downs.
          Lets hope over the next 10 days…we hope….he has all ups.

  49. Thanks Dan. The only shot I saw was Jean sliding. The only shot I saw of the runner was being in awe that Hoskins could miss a routine ground ball. Either way there is no way he should have got to 2nd base. The ball did not really fall that far from Rhys over in foul territory before Jean kicked it.
    I am thrilled that this team with all of its flaws are really close to advancing again if they can make a few more clutch plays here and there.
    They showed at end last night that Phillies have a good home record in postseason.
    I think it was 19-9. Let’s make it 21-9 and take a few days off.
    Romus…I hope you are right on Segura. They were showing the game replay earlier on MLB but I am watching IU and Rutgers.

  50. BTW … for those who have been speculating on what a new Aaron Nola extension will cost. Look no further than last night’s Padres starter. Last off-season, Joe Musgrove re-signed with San Diego a year before reaching free agency. Musgrove was roughly the same age Nola is right now. Musgrove got a 5/100M deal. I think Nola gets just a little bit more if he re-ups this winter. I’m predicting 5/110M.

    1. Hinkie…sound about right……I think it will be somewhere around $23M AAV., a few shekels north or south of that number.
      Wheeler signed for $23.6M…his Luxury Tax Salary.
      Nola as career 30WAR pitcher vs Musgrove’s career 11WAR probably does put Nola north of Musgrove’s AAV.

  51. I’d take that in a heart beat. Musgrove had about a year and a of good before that contract. I would expect closer to Wheeler’s 5/118 and still be happy

    1. But the difference is Wheeler had reached free agency. Nola (like Musgrove was) is a year shy of the open market. The pitcher is going to have to give up some money for the long term security (insurance from an arm injury).

      Not saying it’s impossible that Dombrowski gives Nola 5/118. Just saying Nola is not going to come close to the 6/180M that some posters were predicting a couple of weeks ago.

      1. I cant see him getting 30 million a yr, but who knows, Watching this playoff, i am in shock, just never thought this team with there defense and poor bullpen, could win, but the bullpen has really turned it around, Love our chances to win series with our two best pitchers going, Hinkie what the hell has this manager done to turn it around,? in your imo

  52. Really don’t understand the use of Hand. Was terrible the last month and was terrible in game 2. He’s got nothing to get hitters out with.

    1. Also used him when a righty and switch hitter led off, and then left him in when one of the best righties in the game came up.

      Only reason they only scored 2 is because the ump gifted him a strike on ball 4 and then Machado swung at a bad pitch on 3-0.

  53. A couple minutes ago I was thinking this is starting to feel like that 15 -14 game in 1993. But now that we’re ahead by two I really hope it doesn’t. 🙏

      1. That’s awesome V, glad you had that experience with your son. Well that was a very entertaining game, now the weather looks iffy for today’s game.

      2. V1, that was a heckuva game to be at! Incredible memories for you and your son! And thanks for bringing home the win! 😀

        1. yes, several homers were right near us. we were in section 145, so left center. thats where all the homers were hit. we were very close on a few balls.

      1. After the top of the first, I was thinking, “oh boy, I hope this isn’t a blow out loss. That would be a bummer.” Then when they responded in the bottom of the 1st, I knew it was their night. Even though they didn’t tie it in the first, I just knew the bats were alive. Was going to be a big night. Everyone around us in the stands knew it. We could feel it.

  54. V1 – what a wonderful experience. Me, being on the elderly side, when the Phillies made it in, my wife insisted that I go to a game – game 1 of the NLDS vs Braves despite commitment to go to Florida. The tix $ were insane but my almost 50 year old son flew up from Florida and we attended – section 115, row 9. He and I had attended playoff games in 1980, 1983, 1993 but missed 2008 – 2009. Priceless. This is a gift that keeps on giving – so you both will have this to look forward to in the future !!

    1. Priceless is a great way to explain it…on the car ride home my son said, “I am going to tell my grandchildren about this game with my dad.”

  55. Awesome for you and your son v1. Atmosphere was electric on TV. Enjoy the memories. I thought Brogdon and Thor were really important last night. Think they got 4 innings. Let’s keep it going today and close this out.
    Go Phillies.

  56. Great memories for you and your son! My youngest, now 45, and I were at Mulholland’s no hitter back in 90 – we still talk about it – especially the fact that his friend’s dad, who we were there with, and who obviously was not a baseball fan, turned to us in the ninth and asked why everyone was so excited – the Phillies were ahead 5 or 6 to 0. When my son said that we were two outs from seeing a no hitter, friend’s father responded “no that can’t be – the Giants have hit the ball lots of times…..”

  57. What did Hoskins eat? I love it because many counted him out. Against the Padres, he is making the difference.

  58. Hell of a job Ranger!! What was Grissom doing? One of the dumbest plays I’ve seen.

    Also, too bad Harper isn’t a winning player 😉

  59. Three of the last four NL World Series participants …out of the NL-East.
    Hopefully, there will be the third World Series Champs out of the NL-East.

  60. Chase Utley was a clutch performer … but … there is no doubt Bryce Harper is the greatest clutch performer in the history of the Phillies.

    Bob Melvin is going to get crucified in SD. AJ Preller went out and got the best LH closer in baseball, and Melvin failed to use him with the Harpwr up, the game on the line, and Hader on 3 days rest.

    1. Also … the Astros had a chance to drive a stake thru the Phillies heart a few weeks ago/the last series of the season. If they had swept the Phils, it’s possible the Phillies don’t even make the playoffs again. Now the Phils can really make the Astros regret not taking care of this team 3 weeks ago.

  61. Just unbelievable guys!!! The World Series! Harper!! Ranger the Closer! This was so exciting and remember just 3 weeks ago when we got blown out by the Nats in game one of the DH, and now this. Every Topper decision worked! So much fun! And, v1, I wanted to add how much I enjoyed your post about you and your Son! Terrific stuff!!

    1. Now all that is needed would be for the Yankees to win the next two games and throw a wrench into the the Astros pitching staff …..throw them out of whack for Friday.

        1. That would work also….right now come on Yankees and win a few more…bring it back to Houston on Wednesday.
          Dusty then will have to scramble with his rotation if that would happen….or Boone if the Yankees win the next four….the downside of the Yankees winning four in a row….. gives them too much momentum.

  62. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year our team would be going to the WS???? I mean how gloriously wonderful was this ? DD ‘s fourth team to the Series. Thanks Mr McMillan, DD, and most of all Tompy and this team .

    1. RU…Dave D had the guts back in June letting a buddy go like Girardi…..he could have waited awhile, but did not hesitate and pulled the trigger.
      That may have been one of the best decisions he made this season.

      1. Dombrowski just wins. He won in Montreal. He won in Detroit. He won in Boston. And he’s now won with the Phillies. He’s made a huge impact!

      2. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/ce/14/6FA11D56-0047-45B8-9340-AF2CB30E83F3/imagepng_0.png

        Needs to be updated … but I think you guys will understand 🙂

  63. To all the Rhys Hoskins doubters – NOW do you see what I’ve been saying all year? Lol!

    Loving the joy ride. Taking one of my sons to game 4 of the WS – can’t wait!!!

    1. Awesome for you and you son. Rhys the last 2 days looked like he did when they brough him up years ago.

  64. What a beautiful day in Philadelphia! Whatever the clubhouse issues have been, and whoever’s at fault, they seem to have worked them out. Regardless of what happens in the Series, this has been a remarkable feat, and if he’s anything at all, Bryce Harper is money.

    1. Four days off now…..Thomson can line-up the starters like he wants, with Wheeler taking the ball for the first game.

  65. IMO the biggest hit of the entire playoffs was Hoskins homer against Strider. That changed everything.

  66. Either that or the hit by Segura vs. the Cardinals in the big comeback win in STL. In a 3 game series, stealing that was huge.

      1. I know i am in shock ,didn’t think they could get there, My two sons are in Boston for weekend, they are screaming at me, why did i go this weekend, Like its my fault, One thing that bothers me is the Announcers saying Marsh cant hit a fastball, so we traded a top catching prospect for a defensive outfielder? Hope they are wrong in the long run

      2. Romus another thing i didn’t hear, maybe i missed it, Bunting for a hit with one out, against maybe the best fielding Pitcher in baseball, really makes no sense to me,

        1. rocco……yeah, why try to bunt …though the batter probably did not know Ranger was a superb fielder.
          Don’t worry about Marsh….not many LHBs can hit high heat anyways.
          So you were in Beantown for the weekend…fathers always have to be able to predict the future…that’s part of the job description….and they must shoulder the blame….mea culpa.
          BTW…if there is a Broad Street parade, remember, better break out the Phillies speedo!

  67. Start Nola in game 1. He was lights out IN Houston to clinch the spot. Give Wheeler an extra day to heal the back of his leg. Suarez starts in Philly instead of Houston where he got pounded.

  68. v1, belated comment: great pix and posts on your night at the ballpark with your son. His line about someday telling his grandchildren about this game with his dad is as good for the heart as a NL pennant-clinching Bryce Harper home run.

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