Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, Division Series

The Phillies continue their first playoff journey since 2011.

They swept the best of three wild card round in St. Louis and punched their ticket to the NLDS.  They will face a rested Atlanta team that drew a first-round bye.

The best of five series’ first two games will be played in Atlanta.  Games three and four will be played in Philadelphia.  The teams return to Atlanta if a game five is necessary.

Television schedule (times for games one and two only)

Tuesday, Oct. 11
Game 1: Phillies at Atlanta at 1:07 PM on Fox

Wednesday., Oct. 12
Game 2: Phillies at Atlanta at 4:35 PM on Fox

Friday, Oct. 14
Game 3: Atlanta at Phillies on FS1 (time TBD)

Saturday, Oct. 15
Game 4: Atlanta at Phillies (if nec.) on FS1 (time TBD)

Sunday, Oct. 16
Game 5: Phillies at Atlanta (if nec.) on FS1 (time TBD)

And, then on to LA.

LHP Ranger Suarez will be the starter in game one, RHP Zack Wheeler in game two, RHP Aaron Nola in game three, and TBD in games four and five.

Atlanta is countering with LHP Max Fried in game one, RHP Kyle Wright in game two,  and 3 TBDs in games three thru five.

The Phillies announced their playoff roster this morning, 13 pitchers and 13 position players.

  • Left-Handed Pitchers 
    • Ranger Suarez,
    • Bailey Falter,
    • Jose Alvarado,
    • Brad Hand.
  • Right-Handed Pitchers
    • Zack Wheeler,
    • Aaron Nola,
    • Kyle Gibson,
    • Noah Syndergaard,
    • Andrew Bellatti,
    • Nick Nelson,
    • Zach Eflin,
    • Seranthony Dominguez,
    • Connor Brogdon.
  • Catchers
    • J.T. Realmuto,
    • Garrett Stubbs.
  • Infielders
    • Rhys Hoskins,
    • Jean Segura,
    • Alec Bohm,
    • Bryson Stott,
    • Edmundo Sosa.
  • Outfielders
    • Kyle Schwarber,
    • Matt Vierling,
    • Brandon Marsh,
    • Dalton Guthrie,
    • Nick Castellanos.
  • Designated Hitter
    • Bryce Harper.

The Phillies also announced their starting lineup for today’s game behind starting pitcher Ranger Suarez.

  1. Kyle Schwarber LF
  2. Rhys Hoskins 1B
  3. J.T. Realmuto C
  4. Bryce Harper DH
  5. Nick Castellanos RF
  6. Alec Bohm 3B
  7. Jean Segura 2B
  8. Matt Vierling CF
  9. Edmundo Sosa SS

They will face LHP Max Fried.

The Atlanta lineup that will face Suarez –

  1. Ronald Acuna Jr. (R) RF
  2. Dansby Swanson (R) SS
  3. Austin Riley (R) 3B
  4. Matt Olson (L) 1B
  5. William Contreras (R) DH
  6. Travis d’Arnaud (R) C
  7. Orlando Arcia (R) 2B
  8. Michael Harris II (L) CF
  9. Robbie Grossman (S) LF

These transactions were made to set the roster for the NLDS.  Being reassigned is NOT the same as being optioned.

10/11/2022 – Phillies activated RHP Nick Nelson
10/11/2022 – Phillies activated SS Dalton Guthrie
10/11/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP David Robertson to the minor leagues
10/11/2022 – Phillies reassigned SS Nick Maton to the minor leagues

363 thoughts on “Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, Division Series

    1. Thomson said he is a little faster than Maton….he has a little more experience in the OF …..and for whatever reason, he is a RHB…so assume they think Fried will go first game and fifth on Sunday if needed
      Of course the middle three game pitchers are all RHPs….Wright, Morton for sure, and maybe even Strider (if he is on their roster this series)

  1. Robertson hurts, but it is a chance to Brogdon to step up. I Believe he will, and will be a nice bullpen piece more the “championship window”

    1. Brogdon has the stuff but he was very shaky to end the season. I would put him in the 7th with the Phillies having a sizeable lead. I would go Alvarado/Dominguez/Eflin for close games.

  2. Cocktail facts.

    The St. Louis series was Harpers’s first post-season series win. The Nats made the playoffs 4 times when he was there and bowed out in the first round four times (2012, 14, 16, 1nd 17).

    Should the Phillies advance to the NLCS they would likely face the Dodgers. They would have faced the top three seeds in the NL. If the AL goes according to chalk and if the Phils continue to advance, they would face the Astros, the top seed in the AL. Running the table against top seeds would certainly be no fluke.

    1. Bold statements, my man. I’d be thrilled if they won in this round. Each round is a gift we haven’t had in over a decade and we are big underdogs, so I’m totally enjoying every game and every step of the way.

  3. Schwarber and Hoskins have to start hitting or will be a short series. Braves are going to hit better than St. Louis did.

    1. I would say that the Cardinals were fraud, but if the Phillies had had the Reds, Pirates and Cubs in their division, they would have won 93 games too. The Phillies played in a division with 2 101 win teams, which made their regular season lives much harder than most teams’.

        1. Yes, even Milwaukee was basically a .500 team so they definitely benefited from the unbalanced schedule format.

  4. A lot of pitches by Ranger, and quite a few called balls were strikes. We need Hoskins to show up.

    1. Fortunately Ranger had six days off before today, so he is well rested.
      And since he is not a hi-90s velo guy, and more of a control hit his spots guy, I think he can afford to work a high PC
      He has thrown 95 or more pitches in 9 of his starts this season….so he is a work horse and the increased pitch count may not affect as bad

        1. Looks right…got Swanson out on high FBs.
          Ump is really pinching him low in the strike zone with his change-up

        2. He wasn’t sitting 94, but yeah he was hitting higher than usual. It definitely looked like he had some adrenaline going. He was overthrowing quite a few pitchers which contributed to the walks.

    1. I’m watching the game on gameday, he’s up to 75 pitches in 3 innings. Somebody has to be in the bullpen soon. Will it be Gibson, Nelson, or Syndergaard?

  5. 75 pitches after 3, and he has been wild, but Ump has also been bad. 3 of the 4 balls to Acuna were strikes. I would feel much better with more runs!

    1. Exactly……….Thomson and JTR are not vocal guys…….but someone should be ‘talking’ to the ump about the low end of the strike zone…that is also a strike .

  6. What I wouldn’t give to hear Harry Kalas say “Edmuuuundo SosAAA”

    Anyway, just love this kid. When something good happens he always seems to be involved. That’s a great sign and a really super trade by DD. That’s what the great GMs/Execs do – fill in gaps you weren’t even aware existed.

    1. No doubt that Trea Turner is better than Sosa, but Sosa has looked really comfortable in Philadelphia. Sosa had 3.2 WAR just last season and he’s only 26.

      I would rather roll with Sosa at SS (moving Stott to 2b) and reallocate the money to Nola and maybe a 4 year deal for Edwin Diaz. Diaz/Alvarado/Dominguez would be monstrous at the end of games.

    2. Cardinals always seem to have quality players come thru their system…great gloves and able to make contact. Sosa even had some power in the minors at one stretch coming up.

    3. And I love Topper, but for those watching the game now (I am not), why the hell would Matt Vierling put down a sac bunt with the team up 6-1? Was he actually trying to bunt for a hit too? If not, it was a not a smart idea.

      1. LOL – of course, because Rob Thomson called for it, it worked anyway. Thomson is such a good manager.

  7. my leash is short with Ranger at this point. Can’t allow this lead to evaporate with walks.

  8. If the umpire isn’t giving the low strike it should be known at this point and he needs to adjust accordingly.

    Can only listen on radio at this point so can’t see how consistent the zone has been.

    1. Fairly consistent. Not my favorite zone, to be sure, but there’s only been a couple outliers on what he’s calling.

  9. Assume Bellatti is coming out for the 5th….he is looking over the upcoming hitters on the ipad with Wheeler.

  10. like using Brogden in this spot. Give him a chance to get his feet wet in a playoff game in a lower stress environment.

      1. Yes, a very whiny kid it would appear. Has a Carson Wentz vibe to him. Bellatti, Hand, and Dominguez all three very well.

        1. Threw, but throwing for SA since he’s pitching another inning hoping I didn’t jinx him

  11. Obviously we’re still in a pretty good spot, but we are playing with fire with all these walks.

    The Braves aren’t gonna continue to come up empty with all of these opportunities we’re handing them.

    1. He has a talented arm but for me, his issues are mental. Lack of self confidence is a big issue I think for him. He needs to talk to the person who’s helping Alvarado.

    2. He has Ryan Madson upside but just hasn’t yet put it together. I’d have him competing for a middle relief role next spring

  12. Bronson has been really inconsistent the last couple of months. He just the Braves back in the game with his control issues. Would have preferred to see Thor because he makes team put the ball in play.

    1. Brad Hand just bailed out Brogdon. Hand needed to get the next 2 guys out before Acuna came up and he did it.

  13. I have great difficulty with sending Robertson out and keeping Brogdon up. Is Robertson dinged up?

    1. Calf strain jumping up for a BH homer LOL you can’t make that Sh!t up. He’s had a history of calf strains as well.

      Brogdon has the stuff but I don’t think he’s learned to lower his heart rate yet. Over throws just about every pitch.

  14. Ranger +Youngins in the BP looking a little too tight…

    It’s 7-3 so I know I’m nitpicking here but man not enough strikes being thrown. Thankfully a few of the Braves seem eager to get themselves out.

    Maybe that was Cotham’s plan for them

  15. Well as bad as Brogdon looked, Seranthony looked like his inverse. I’ll honestly take that trade. Dominguez being at his best shortens the game.

    1. Wheeler is going to have to do some heavy lifting tomorrow. Dominguez going out for 2 innings pretty much guarantees he’s not available tomorrow. I doubt Brogdon will be available tomorrow.

      1. Regular season usage no longer applies. It’s all hands on deck the rest of the way. If there’s a jam we need to get out of and Seranthony matches up better than Alvarado, he’ll come in.

        But it would be nice if we could give him a breather so he’s fresh for potential clinching or elimination games on Friday/Saturday.

    2. Best Seranthony has looked in a long time. Huge if he’s back in mid-season form. Back of the pen suddenly gets much better.

      At this point, can’t use Brogden again unless game is out of hand.

  16. Does anyone else have the feeling that the Phillies are going to blow this game after leading 7-1?

  17. My biggest takeaway watching this game is that Joe Davis and John Smoltz are 1,000,000% better than Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez

    1. I despise Michael Kay. He’s just as bad as Buck Martinez for the Blue Jays. Homer announcers who think that their teams walk on water.

    1. Mariners can start Castillo, Ray, Gilbert and that is legit. The Astros are going to have their hands full.

  18. so, who can help me out. Marsh comes in for center field and Vierling stays in. Up by 4 runs, why is Castellanos still in the outfield?

  19. My lord … I don’t know who is worse, Mitch or Efflin. That said, that was the right order of relievers. They are just down arms. Efflin is not a closer, more of a game manager type pitcher

  20. I’ve been a big critic of Castellanos this year. But he’s definitely the MVP tonight.

    Lots of big contributions, though. But maybe after tonight Thomson will reconsider Eflin in the highest leverage situations. I’m still fine with him being an option; but in 1-run games, it’s gotta be Alvarado or Seranthony at this point (or Hand, but he still scares me, personally).

  21. And as I said earlier, baseball is weird.

    The Phillies just won a PLAYOFF game where:
    1) their pitchers gave up SEVEN walks
    2) they hit no home runs
    3) they started Vierling and Sosa
    4) they needed Castellanos to make a great defensive play
    5) they had FIVE 2-out RBIs

    You just never know what you’re gonna see.

  22. Yeah, can we have Seranthony close? Eflin is fine for middle relief.

    Even though he threw two innings, Seranthony only threw 18 pitches, so he should be fine for tomorrow, especially with an off day Thurs.

  23. I (Heart), so he can make a great sliding shoestring catch! LOL! Who would have believed it! Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! I don’t know who is available out of the BP tomorrow, but when things get re-done for Friday, Eflin and Ser’A need to trade places.

    1. I really think Brogdon needs to rest tomorrow. And maybe Friday. You can’t be too careful when it comes to arm health!

  24. Who ever decided that 9 innings is enough in a regular baseball game is the smartest person. We could not win today if there were any more innings to play.

  25. Please use Guthrie and stop having Eflin close (I know they’re down an arm with Robertson, but still) but a win’s a win. Let’s sweep these guys.

  26. How about this hot take.. Start Thor tomorrow and use Wheeler/Nola at home to give them the extra rest and let them pitch at home.

    1. That is interesting…Thor has plenty of rest and has something to prove.
      Not sure this is correct, but winning game 1 has been massive, according to what they said today….no matter where the game was played, as the winner of the opening game has ended up winning the series 71% of the time
      Can that be correct no matter 5 or 7 game series?

      1. Zolecki on social media – game one winners have won a five-game series 102 of 144 times (71%) In LDS with 2-2-1 format, visitors winning on the road have won 29 of 41 times, 71%.

    2. No way. This is exactly how the Phillies wanted it. Phillies steal game 1 and Wheeler and Nola can seal the deal.

    1. Look …wear Phillies gear…and if the lads take the lead tomorrow….stand up and start ‘the tomahawk chop’, so we can identify you when the TV cameras swing on you and Smoltzie makes a comment..

      1. I did the mock-the-tomahawk-chop chant several times at the Vet during game 6 of the NLCS clincher over the Braves in 1993! Ahhh, memories! 🙂

  27. If Vierling is in RF, he probably plays the ball safely for a single. If that ball gets by Castellanos….yikes.

    Alvarado only threw 11 pitches. Did they have any thoughts of sending him back out in the 9th?

    1. If Vierling is in RF, he catches it without having to slide for it. Castellanos made it look close because he is slow and gets terrible jumps.

      1. Shouldn’t a right fielder (in a no-doubles defense) have been able to get back to catch the Swanson single over Castellanos’ head before Olson’s HR? Or am I expecting too much out of a right fielder?

        1. It feels harsh to say, but my general rule of thumb for Castellanos plays is that if he plays it off one hop (or he’s 1-2 steps away from making the catch), it’s normally a routine out.

          So yeah, I’d say an average RF catches that ball >50% of the time.

  28. Phillies have nine relievers on their roster and used six today to get 5.2 innings. They barely hung on but I hope to God they won’t be in that situation again with Wheeler and Nola up.

  29. This win today now makes it “possible” for the Phillies to win the World Series on the backs of their two Aces Wheeler/Nola (like the DBacks once did with Randy Johnson & Curt Schilling). They’ll start games two and three in this series. The last two series are best of seven. Those two guys will each get two starts in the NLCS and WS.

  30. Whew!!! What a game!! I had some family issues that kept me from posting during the Phillies v Cardinals series so I apologize for the late excitement but I was jumping around the room on that Phillies game two victory!! Now today… Seems like a different club which happens in the post season… That’s why the saying “just get to the playoffs” is so important.
    Hope no heart attacks from joy from the Phillies v Cardinals series amongst my men and woman posters here.. LET’S GO!!

    1. The aging aces over the last week have come up short of the mark….deGrom/Scherzer/Verlander.
      Dodgers better be warned on starting Kershaw

      1. HaHa. I’d still give him stooopid money on a two year deal this winter. I’m not going to let one bad outing cloud his Cy Young season. As a matter of fact, I’m hoping (maybe wishful thinking) his market becomes a little more bearish after today’s flop.

        1. Hinkie…….do you think Middleton wants to go over the threshold two years in a row? You know what the means…..and if they sign a QO…more penalties.

          1. I’m not Hinkie, but if I may … I don’t think he cares. All along, we assumed he didn’t want to go over the threshold. We learned in the last two years, that the threshold was not a barrier. As long as the acquisition(s) make(s) baseball sense and move(s) the needle substantially toward a championship, the PoBO can spend as he sees fit. I also don’t think they care as much about penalties, draft picks, and international bonus money as we thought they did or as we do.

            1. Agree with Jim. Middleton finally sees success on the field. The club’s core is in it’s prime. IMO he’s not going to care about the LTT now. I believe the length of contracts handed out this winter should be of more importance than the AAV.

            2. BTW, Romus … Verlander will be free from a QO (he got tagged last winter). So the Phillies would not lose a draft pick by signing him.

            3. Jim, your last sentence sums it up perfectly. Dombrowski wasn’t brought in to balance books and they’re not hung up on losing picks. They’re not going to spend just for the sake of spending but if they’re bordering the $233M LT this offseason, they’ll have no compunction crossing it if a player signing(s) is deemed rational and strategic, much like this past year.

              They’re accumulating a modicum of depth and if they need to trade some they can also acquire prospects that way.

      1. What’s great about a guy like Trea Turner is that he makes every pitcher better. Every starter and every reliever. That’s what a great defense does. Makes everyone better.

    1. Ha, that’s a little too real to be funny:)

      Joking aside, Castellanos won this game with 3 big plays.

      1- with bat, very obvious. Phils needed each one of his rbis
      2- (probably doesn’t know this one) he saved realmuto from being picked off 3rd. That run eventually scored too. When Nick hustled in for the double his height, and body position protected realmuto. Swanson had to thrown around him. To be fair, the high thrown from acuna didn’t help but if Nick it off to the side a bit, realmuto may have been out. Or a lot closer.
      3- the sliding catch – yes most fleet of foot catch it on the run, but if he lets that get infront or even worse behind him …it’s man on 2nd or likely 3rd, with 1 out. Efflin on the mound. The catch saved the game, as spectacular as he made it look.

      Well he earned his money this game, no question there. Who cares what he did in the regular season now 😂

  31. I agree, v1, at least Schwarber had a couple SFs. I need Rhys to do something. I have been defending him for years. Seriously, would Thompson pitch Alvarado or Ser’A tomorrow? We are going to need 7 from Wheeler.

    1. Wheeler could make that decision easy, by going 8innings, schwarber getting off his 0-3 playoffs. He’s due , I have faith.

      Weather is not looking good tomorrow, could play major factor if it is a long delay that prevents Wheeler from going back out. Would be awesome if Noah could open, and get through the lineup, rain delay, then bring in wheeler to shut it down l. Going to be interesting, GM1 sure was. Wacky odd

    2. Alvarado only threw 11 pitches.
      SerA (even in 2 ip) only threw 18 pitches.
      Both had two days off so I’d hope they’re both avail tomorrow.

      Btw, SerA has 8 consecutive outs with 5 Ks,l! He struck out Goldschmidt, Arenado, Swanson, Riley and Contreras! Is he back? He’s throwing 98/99 and definitely gaining confidence.

      1. Great info.
        So Wheeler goes 7, then Alvarado 1 and SerA 1. Win.
        Thursday off.
        Friday, Nolan 7 Alvarado 1, SerA 1, win, on to the next series.

  32. OK, so bottom of the 9th, 2 out, 2 on, and Seattle brings in Robbie Ray to pitch to Alvarez. Immediately, I said “this is idiotic! Ray isn’t a Closer, and how can you pitch him to start Game 2, after this?” That was before Alvarez hit it into the second deck for a walk off 3 run HR. How did that make any sense? Except lefty to lefty, but Closing is a real art. What a bad move!

  33. yes announcers were questioning move.
    But main thing is Phillies stole one as I had hoped for the other day.
    They never make it easy though.
    I read somewhere on posts and I agree on Smoltz. I think he may be the best.
    He is spot on most times on the hitter, pitcher and even manager moves.
    BTW I missed some of the game. How many runs did the Phillies score with Small Ball? I know Braves had none as always. Phillies won over the Analytics today. Barely but a win is a win. Let’s get another tomorrow.

  34. I think 5, Don, the 2 in the first, 4 singles with 2 outs counts, and then 3 more came after sacrifice bunts, and scored, 2, I believe on SFs.

    1. You really don’t need to do that. Alvarado at most will get $3M in his final arbitration year, and he’s not a closer. Relievers are notoriously up and down and even though Alvarado has looked good this season, he can equally lose his control next season or get hurt. Alvarado has only had 2 decent seasons in 6 years.

      Let him play out his final arbitration year and see what happens. If the Phillies want to re-sign him, it won’t take that much.

      1. Idk – teams are taking notice. 100mph guy with control (enough). Some GM would easily take the chance on him. 5mil for someone like that is a steal. Diaz is looking at 13mil a year. Alvarado could easily get 8mil on the open market even with his past. I’d sign him, or at least have the contract in place if he is a team guy. He’s part of the bullpen core now

        1. How many pitchers have thrown a baseball 100 mph since the play-offs have begun with the six teams from each league involved..
          Reported …… 12.

        1. All are back except Munoz (Sosa has replaced him on the roster).

          Coonrod had a lost year, but not too many cheap guys throw 97-100, so he probably sticks around through the offseason.

          Hoskins has his first contract where his price approaches his actual value – he’s still probably a “bargain” but not by a lot. I don’t see him being traded, but he also isn’t getting extended past next year during the offseason.

          Seranthony might be extended but probably just gets signed for next year.

          If Suarez pitches well early next season he might get extended mid-year.

        2. I can see Boras wanting a million or two more, asking for $14M, in arbitration based on Rhys’ past year performance….hope it does not go to an arbitrator deciding.

          1. The difference between $14 and $12.6 is not enough to stir any kind of animosity IMO. Not for a 1 year deal.

            That said if it you think it lights a fire for him to have his best year ever have at it.

            1. Agreed – a final year arb. player getting paid close to what he’s worth and who will surely be offered north of $10 million. If Rhys Hoskins is offended by that (and I doubt he would be), that’s his problem. In any event, if they don’t trade him, I expect them to come to a mutually agreed upon number.

            2. DMAR….that is how I see it, Middleton will surely give him that extra money. I , however, want to see how Boras handles it.
              Boras has on the majority of occasions have his players go into free agency on their first contract after their control years are completed. But in Rhys’ case….he will enter into free agency into his age31 season… he may be looking at offers in the 3 plus one option year length range only ….and that is a max offering IMO.
              If it were me as the agent , I would invite the Phillies to offer a LTC , buying out the last arb year, and then tacking on another 4 or 5 years…..if the Phillies are so willing to do that.

  35. Topper had team give a clinic in small ball. 5 hits with 2 outs . Bunts. Sac flies. It was beautiful. Love that Sosa.

    1. Too many bunts is NOT a good thing (you give up runs over time, plain and simple), but otherwise, I agree with you and have become a big Sosa fan as well.

      1. I understand giving up outs here and there. But what are Schwarber and Rhys doing now? At this time, they are almost automatic outs. I have mentioned these many times. I have always thought the object of the game is to win. If a bunt does that then that is what should be done. Or simply moving a runner up a base or a sac fly. Those are winning plays. I have seen very few Ks win a game over the years. There sure is a large sample size of those in the game today. Maybe I am missing something.
        Even Smoltz said yesterday in a short series you have to put pressure on the pitcher and defense every opportunity you can. He made reference to all the stress pitches that both pitchers were throwing yesterday. Said a regular pitch count does not take stress pitches into account. I am all for winning the game however that is most likely to happen.

        1. I do not know but I bet Harper bunted on his own. I may be wrong but I remember recently Harper did something on the bases that Thomson was not thrilled with, but it did work. Was it a steal of home? I forget.

          1. Don…cannot tell if it was a steal of home, but do know the second Cardinal game Harper tried to stretch a single to a double and got thrown out , while JTR had already advanced to third base…..purely an over-aggressive miss-judgement as the anouncers Kay/ARod commented
            But it did not affect the outcome of the game.

            1. Romus…I think the play I am thinking of may have been against the Nats. I forget. But I remember Thomson not thrilled even though it worked. It was not in playoffs. I had no problem with Harper trying for 2nd. But he did not run hard out of the box. If he had done that, he would have been safe although it looked like he was anyway.

        2. No doubt that Harper’s bunt was his own decision. He was trying to push it up 3b for a hit but went back to the pitcher and got a sac out of it.

  36. Rain in the forecast for Atlanta today. I’d be careful about starting Wheeler. They can’t waste him for 3 IP then a long delay. They need to monitor the forecast and maybe start Syndergarden.

    1. Was thinking the same. A cat and mouse game.
      Weather is not looking good … it might be cancelled, moved to tomorrow.

      89% chance of rain at 3pm. It drops down to 51% at 8pm. Thunderstorms. I bet the game is pushed to Thursday.

    2. Last game Thor pitched was Oct 1st…he should be strong and assume he has been pitching regularly scheduled bullpens, so he should not be rusty.

  37. Like 3Up said above I’d consider making today a BP game with Falter and Noah piggy backing off one another and allow Wheeler and Noah to get the 2 home starts.

    If you can get some combination of 3 and 4 from those two you should have enough BP left to possibly steal another one.

    1. There is always reliable ‘ innings-eater’ Kyle Gibson just sitting around twiddling his thumbs!

      1. I don’t know where the hell he fits on the postseason roster. As I said before, the most useful thing he could probably do is pitch 6 innings in a blow out loss to save the other arms for the following games. Aside from that, why would you want him out there?

        1. I don’t want that either Frank but Rob has to prepare for any scenario. And the reality is you’re really only needing to prepare for that in one of the next 3 games.

          If that is happening in game 5 who cares its over likely.

          The only start that scares me really is Nola’s start. I don’t know what it is but the Braves seem to give him fits no matter how well he is pitching. He can even be cruising in a game against them and then whamo he has one of those innings.

          In my mind the key win they have to get is Wheeler’s start whenever that is…

      2. Maybe Thomson feels different but I don’t trust Gibson at all unless as Catch says we’re facing a blow out and we don’t want to burn any of the other BP arms…

      3. It’s ok to use Gibson, you just need to keep your Roast or Carving fork handy because he can become well done very quickly!😋

  38. Rain will be a tough call for both teams. Braves definitely do not want to waste Wright either for say 3 innings. Everything has turned out roses for the Phillies so far. But team has to start getting some production from Schwarber and Hoskins. The biggest issue is that they get the most ABs in a game. Right now the Braves can almost pencil in an out each time they come up. I know Rob will not change lineup as all of you do as well. We just need for those two to start contributing like everyone else. If that happens Phillies can be a very tough out if the pitching continues.

    I also agree on Brogdon that he just needs to be mentally tougher. It appears he has the physical tools. It does not seem that he really challenges hitters very often. But he also may need to step it up for team to make long run. Hope he does.

    Romus…you are correct on Gibson. Innings can be eaten. One just does not know if 7 or 8 runs will be on the menu or not as well. He is definitely an all or nothing guy at this point.

  39. I just heard Atlanta has rain now and is expected to continue most of the afternoon. Best bet for starting time is 8 pm. Now watch them start on time %)

    1. Yes sir:
      …………”world-class facility with the latest in player development technology” for an estimated cost of around $300M, according to Tracey McManus of the TAMPA BAY TIMES. Phillies owner John Middleton and President of Baseball Operations David Dombrowski “gave a presentation on the plan” during the team’s annual reception weekend for Clearwater officials Sept. 9 and 10. Mayor Frank Hibbard confirmed the $300M estimate but “warned that the proposal had not yet gone through a process known as value engineering to decrease costs.”

      Looks like Jim Peyton’s taxes may be going up soon.

      1. Middleton must be looking for tax deductions… he’s also upgrading citizens bank, or was this more a result of the recent storm damage?

        1. “….storm damage?”…do no think there was any to speak of.

          One new upgrade…..batting cages with floor scales so one can see the weight distribution thru-out a players swing…seriously…..wonder if Kevin Long will use that tool.

      2. All of that is nice but pretty meaningless if you have lousy scouting. Like signing Ortiz instead of Acuna. Or drafting Randolph instead of Riley. Etc, etc. I would like an announcement that the Phillies are adding a dozen new amateur and Latin scouts and will add another development team in the FCL..

  40. Kyle Wright won 21 games and had an exceptional year.
    However, in his last 5 starts in Sept., his line was not impressive as it was earlier in the season.
    With a WHIP of 1.36 and an ERA of over 5 his metric line was:
    25 innings pitched….25 hits…15 runs….3HRS and 10 BBs.
    Plus , though he has had some time off to rest, he has pitched more innings this season, 180, than ever in the past.
    So there may some chinks in his armor.

  41. MLB network showing TBD for game time of game. Does anyone know where things stand. I just see it on the bottom of game time.

    1. Game has been delayed with start time TBD. MLB’s decision on when to start or postpone until tomorrow

    2. From MLB.
      Today’s Braves vs. Phillies NLDS Game 2 will not start at 4:35 p.m. due to weather. The start time is TBD, and we will pass along the updated start time as soon as it’s determined.

  42. Thomson said in presser no one wants to have a delay in game. So may be unlikely to play. Saying over a 50 percent chance of rain all evening. Both teams want a clear window to get game in if it is to be played.

    1. It’s suppose to rain until 7pm/8pm tomorrow in Atlanta,GA. IMO, the game will be pushed, with a 7:30 start.

      1. so, a maybe unanswerable question is, is this extra day better for the Phils, or better for the Braves?

  43. Wheeler looks amazing. Problem is so does Wright. It would be a sin if the Phillies don’t score any runs for him.

  44. Can’t throw Olsen a 2 strike breaking ball when he couldn’t catch up to FB all night. However, you can’t win scoring zero, and Schwarber, Hoskins and Realmuto are 3-50.

    1. Agree with Matt. Why throw Olson something down? He has trouble with high heat.

      And Hoskins absolutely killed Wheeler’s mojo.

      1. Hoskin’s fielding was embarrassing, but possibly the hit batter killed Wheeler’s mojo, Hinkie! That said, reduced mojo or no, I don’t know that Wheeler pitched badly. You can 2nd guess the call of a breaking ball to Olson instead of a FB, but major league batters can hit almost anything, if they see the same thing enough, and it is not like the were playing a group of nearsighted wounded invalids.

      2. I believe prior to that Wheeler had K’d him on sliders down. that last one just spun and never broke.

        Or as smoltze was describing it, it never turned. C’est la vie. You could also see that the Braves hitters had changed their approach and cut their swings way back and were just trying to get their bats to the ball. Wheeler’s FB still had plenty of life. JT should have kept calling for heat up in the zone.

        There were plenty of reasons we lost that game though. As you said no production whatsoever from the top is doom.

  45. Beat by a high, misplayed ball, swinging bunt and a seeing eye single, but it didn’t matter as the bats didn’t show again. Another shutout…….oh, Scot Boras….no thanks!

    1. Yeah, the game easily could’ve been
      Won 1-0 by the Phillies, or lost 5-0, 5-1. Instead it was a 3-0 loss. 1-1 is what many of us would have taken going into Philly.

  46. The top 2 spots in the lineup have become black holes. Schwarber and Hoskins are already dead weight in the field so they’re just killing the team right now.

    Looks like Syndergaard (18 pitches tonite) is in line to piggyback with Bailey Falter for game 4. And we now know who the Phillies closer for a possible game 5 will be. Wheeler was lifted after just 79 pitches.

    1. You are absolutely correct in calling out Schwarber and especially Hoskins. I have been wanting the Phillies to trade him for at least two years as his fielding has always been poor.

      Alex Rodriguez just spoke about Rhys and that ground ball. Says that fielders are taught at 10 that when a runner is at 2nd or 3rd to become a goalie and get in front of the ball.

      Not Rhys…scared of the ball and turns into a matador

      1. Yup … really wondered that myself, keep it in front of you, at least in the infield so acuna can’t score. Tough result, but they also didn’t score any runs so … 2 more wins

  47. We need Rhys gone. I’ve said it before. He’s awful. Yes. War loves him. He lost tonight’s game single handily. He’s the worst defensive first baseman in the league base on outs above average according to jasen stark tonight. He lost huge game in September with an error.

    Yes. He hits for a week and goes ice cold for 4. He Atleast used to walk a lot. Get rid of him for anything. It’s frustrating to watch him in the field and at the plate.

    Oh yes but he’s a good guy. Gtfoh.

    1. WAR doesn’t love Rhys Hoskins. That’s why the Phillies shouldn’t give him a second contract and I’ve been saying that for years. His defense kills his value. His 6 year career has delivered 11.2 WAR which is terrible, especially for 1B.

  48. Rhys and his bloated 2023 salary need to be sent packing. Put Hall at 1B and save some $. Can play Bohm at 1B vs LHP and use Sosa or someone else at 3B those days. Someone who can actually hit and field. Just brutal watching him be terrible and not even make any kind of adjustment.

    1. Need to chill a little on Hoskins. The ugly side of his game revealed his head, but he can still play hero. It’s the playoffs – Kim Batiste anyone?

      Let’s hope he got that one out of the way, as he did make a huge play in field during the cardinals game as well. We can evaluate how to be better after the season. Need to ride with everyone they got now.

      The bank is going to be rocking, can’t wait to see it alive again

      1. IMO, the ongoing debate over Hoskins has little to do with how productive a player he is. He’s streaky, like many MLB power bats. He’s little more than a cigar store indian at 1b. He’s been relatively cheap until this off season. And he will become a redundant asset on a roster bloated with DH’s, including a much cheaper Darick Hall, and a third baseman who can’t play 3b but might be able to handle 1b on occasion. Unless you creatively move bigger salaried talent, he’s the obvious choice to market this winter.

  49. I forget who posted this, but looking back at yesterday’s game, Thor/Falter would have been a smart pitching choice & save Wheeler & Nola for 2 game sweep in Philly. Hindsight makes us all geniuses.

    1. Team do not like to go down 3-0 in seven game series’, and down 2-0 in five game series… yesterday was a MUST win for the Braves.
      So pitching a Thor to start may have been a good idea in hindsight

      For the Phillies now, Friday becomes a MUST win…..if not and they lose, they then will need to win it then in Atlanta to take the series, and on Sunday with Ranger starting.

      1. Agree Romus. Personally I have reservations. The Braves see a lot of Nola and always seem to have his number. However if he is extra sharp and Strider isn’t really healthy I give us a strong chance to take that game.

        Not that Morton is a bad second option for them but we’ve had no luck vs. Strider at all. Maybe 3x is a charm.

        I’m not one to shuffle a LU and demonstrate some form of panic but I think it might be time. So long as Thomson feels he has the buy in from his boys. Harper is your best hitter right now so I would flip flop him and Schwarber.

        1. DMAR- Nola has faced the Braves 5 times this year ; 34.1 innings; 30 hits; 14 earned runs ; 7 walks; 41 K’s. He has thrown an average of 100 pitches per outing. Record is 3 – 2. He was the recipient of 2 blow out wins. His worst game was # 9 (of the 19 meetings) when he gave up 5 runs in 6 innings. In games # 14 and 7, he gave up 4 runs in each game but pitched a full 7 innings. If you knock out the 5 runs in 6 innings game he typically pitches to a 2.58 ERA vs Braves this year. If you left that in he pitches to a 3.70 ERA. Frankly – when I looked at the numbers I was surprised they were that good – in the 4 games that is. For the record – he pitched in games # 17, 14, 9,7,6 of the 19 games played by the teams.

          1. My 3x a charm reference was in facing Strider. I believe unless I am mistaken that we faced him 2x this season and both times he dominated us.

            But those Nola numbers emphasize what I mean.

            1. Let’s face it – the one difference in this series is if STRIDER does not pitch the Phils will miss one of the greatest PHILLY KILLERS of all time. He has personally won 4 games this year vs. the team ; 3 as a starter and 1 as a reliever (2.2 innings). He has pitched a total of 19.1 innings / both roles ; allowed 7 hits ; 3 earned runs ; 7 walks ; and 34 K’s. He is- for this lineup – virtually unhittable. These stats come from games # 3, 9, 11, 15. Plead for continued oblique issues.

          2. I think Nola tends to pitch well against the Braves in PHI but not so much in ATL. I think it’s another close game unless they jump on Morton early.

    2. I was definitely one who proposed that but that was because a possibility existed for rain delays. Since that didn’t happen I was ok with Wheeler.

      If someone would have said prior to the series opener we would come home 1-1 I think we all would have taken that.

  50. I would not blame Thomson if he decided to do a ‘Billy Martin’ line-up for game three.
    Kyle Schwarber ….. went 0-for 7 in the first round and is 0-for-9 against the Braves. Hoskins went 0-for-9 in the Wild Card round and is 1-for-9 so far against Atlanta.

    1. Well here are the OPS figures for your 1-2-3-4 in the playoffs thus far…


      It’s pretty much a miracle we got by the WC and are 1-1 heading home 🙂

    1. DMAR … Not to nitpick, but Turner is not leading off. And he was not good in the field last night either. Not saying I would be upset it DD signed him. I’ve always loved him as an opposing player. Just saying (sorry to repeat myself) the Phillies would get more bang for their buck by spending that kind of money on another top SP and/or a shutdown closer. I’m a believer in Stott as a leadoff man in 2023.

      1. I think Stott’s destiny is to be a #1 or 2 man in the line-up, but right now, he’s firmly in the 7-9 slots. When he elevates his game enough to elevate his position in the order, is up to him. It could be next year or maybe not. I believe in Stott too, by the way. He routinely has some of the best at bats on the team. If he could develop just a touch more power, he would be positively lethal as a hitter.

      2. My bad Hinkie I thought he was…

        I know I’ve been watching you preach that. I just disagree. Between Nola and Wheeler I believe the pitching is fine (considering what is on the way) not that it can’t be improved some in the middle or backend.

        I like players that upgrade your everyday LU a little more. Once every 5th day is a hard pill to swallow at close to $30 mil.

        Turner is not a guy that is going to go missing for long stretches.

  51. Rhys and/or Schwarber could very well be the heroes in Game 3. We are going to need some Power if we are to win this Series, so I will keep hoping. And, I don’t believe the Manager has any intentions of changing the lineup. He believes, and he may be correct, that his strength is keeping things calm and level, no matter what, and a line up change at the top would be the opposite of that. I have been opposed to Schwarber at lead off, and haven’t thought Hoskins is a good #2 for a long time, so my opinion is simply what I think that Thomson thinks. As far as the offseason goes, I fully expect target #1 to be Trea Turner.

    1. The thing that stuck out to me was that the Braves are attacking Kyle with nobody on base. Clearly weren’t afraid of the solo HR.

      He had some great pitches to hit last night and didn’t square up a single one of them.

      Of all the things that can be critiqued about last night mine is pulling Marsh for Vierling. If he is your future why do that. Let the kid play and get confidence and experience. Sheesh you traded your best position prospect for him.

      No offense to Vierling he’s cute little story but he is never going to be an everyday player. Marsh at least has a chance to be.

      1. I think Vierling should get a little more respect, I know you said no offense to him and I believe you mean it.

        The thing I see in Vierling is he does a lot of the little things that go unnoticed and will help you wion. You need a bunt, he can do it. Need to hit behind the runner, he can do it. Need a sac fly, he can do it. Play multiple infield and outfield positions, he can do it. Play the outfield better defensively than either the LF or RF incumbents, he does it. Maybe not an everyday player, but than will probably never be given the opportunity to be so.

        1. Skeet…I too like Vierling…from the start, after they drafted him out of ND.
          IMO, he probably becomes that versatile player in the mold of a Kiki Hernandez or Marwin Gonzalez in his prime.
          Not sure if he ever is put in one position for 140 games (550 PAs) he will deliver the WAR required to meet the MLB average for that position.
          He could get exposed over a period of time.

  52. If Thomson is open to aggressively changing the lineup, I’d go 1 Segura 2 Bryce 3 JTR 4 Schwarber 5 Castellanos 6 Stott 7 Bohm 8 Marsh 9 Rhys

    If he only wants to tweak, I’d just swap Bohm with Rhys or Segura with Rhys and leave everything else as is

    1. I’d swap Rhys and Segura easily. Not sure what the obsession is with Rhys in the 2 hole. Segura had a (slightly) better OBP through the season but makes way more contact. You have two guys at the top of the line up hitting under .250. Understand BA is an overrated stat but I want guys who don’t strike out hitting 1-2.

      1. Or if he wants a less confidence draining shake up could make a really simple adjustment:


  53. Little MLB trivia.
    Post-season stats for future Hall of Fame aces:
    Clayton Kershaw:
    (21 Series)….W13…L12 …..ERA 4.22……..IPed-194.0
    Max Scherzer:
    (18 Series)….W7….L7………ERA 3.58….IPed-133.1
    Justin Verlander:
    (20 Series)…W14…L11…….ERA 3.62…. IPed-191.2

  54. Help me out here: If a player signs an extension and gets a signing bonus, is the bonus counted toward the AAV?

    1. An example:
      Aaron Nola signed a 4 year / $45M contract , including a $2M signing bonus, $45M guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $11,250,000.
      In 2022, Nola will earn a base salary of $15,000,000, while carrying a total salary of $15,500,000.
      Aaron Nola’s extension of 4 years after arb buy-out years, included a $2M signing bonus……looks like the $2M is divided up over the 4 years to be included in the AAV against the Lux Tax Threshold.

      From what I can see…answer toward your question …yes.
      In the incremental divided portions.

      Perhaps someone else can correct me or have more information on contracts and the signing bonuses as they relate to the Luxury Tax.

        1. DMAR….I suppose the signing bonus is imbedded within the final AAV against the Lux Tax. as ciada had asked.
          That 250K may be a portion of the original signing bonus.
          I dunno.

          1. Romus et al,
            All guaranteed money is divided by the length of the contract to get the AAV. That includes signing bonus, salary, and buyout.

            Nola’s contract of $45M over 4 years breaks down as $2M signing bonus that he receives up front unless stated otherwise in the contract, $4M for 2019, $8M for 2020, $11.75M for 2021, $15M for 2022, and $4.25M for the buyout. That comes to $2M bonus, $38.75M salary, and $4.25 buyout for a total of $45M. His AAV for tax purposes is $11.25M ($45M/4 years).

            If the Phillies exercise his option, it is for $16M. That would raise his AAV by $100K for the 2023 season to $11.35M (2+38.75+16 divided by 5)

            Now, if the Phillies were to trade Nola before the beginning of the 2023 season, the receiving team would get the AAV for the remaining salary/years. In Nola’s case the full $16M. If traded during the season, the AAV would be pro-rated between the teams. I believe this is a new feature of the new CBA. If we ever get access to a copy, we can confirm this change.

  55. just saw the sad news of Corey Phelan passing away. young lefty signed out of NY as an UDFA. had a pretty good start to his career with his stats in ’21. just wondering if Jim or any of the others members here had a chance to see him pitch or had any contact with him in Fla. tough to see.

    1. Just awful. I know the MLB guys were rallying around him after a visit at some point this season. Puts a lot of stuff in perspective for sure.

    2. Yes, gmwannabe, I did see him pitch, had the briefest of contacts with him due to COVID and the Complex shutdown, but also spoke with his brother and friends on one occasion in the stadium for an intrasquad game.

      I considered posting a story with what few anecdotes I had, but couldn’t. I try not to get too close to the players in case they get released. God knows you never anticipate one dying. This is the second such incident. Chace Numata’s death after he left the organization was also tough to deal with.

      My heart goes out to his parents. I always feel empathy for the survivors. But, geez, a parent should never have to bury a child.

  56. Corey Phelan battled hard against the cancer…..from another site it was mentioned he was much loved and admired for his bravery during his ordeal.
    Condolences and prayers for the Phelan family.

  57. In the reply box, does anyone have a problem with the entries missing either the top half of characters or lower half as the case may be. Thought it was my ipad so I went into a different one and its the same.

    1. Strider against us allowed just three runs and struck out 34 in 21 1/3 innings, going 4-0.

      I don’t like the match-up at all….unfortunately.

      I hope the plan is to get into his pitch count early, demonstrate a lot of patience early and see if you get him to make some mistakes.

      1. If they shift on the LHBs…I say bunt. bunt. and more bunt to the left side.
        Until John Smoltz says this is ridiculous.

  58. Must win tonight, not because it’s 1–1 in a 5gm series … but because it’s the 1st playoff game back in Philly in 11 years. They can’t do us dirty like that. Let’s gooooo!!!

    If you need some hype: listen to the network noise level vs in person levels:

  59. Not quite understanding the odds for the game.
    Braves (+100) visit CBP to take on the Phillies (-120) on Oct. 14, 2022.The Braves are betting favorites in this MLB matchup, with the run line sitting at -1.5 (+165).

  60. I have a good feeling today. I know Strider is very good, and was dominant vs us this season, but I still feel good about today. I believe Nola will pitch great, and we will be able to get to Strider after his long layoff. It would be very nice for Schwarber to break out of his slump to start the day!

  61. I really, really need the Phils to win today. I’m going to the game tomorrow, and I very desperately do not want to be at another game where they get eliminated from the playoffs.

  62. I will say I absolutely do not expect the Phillies to win the World Series this year.

    I do, however, expect Stott to win one before he retires.

  63. Before this game Charlie Manuel said that he expects Rhys to break out and be like Pat Burrell was to him. Big Time!

    1. Without Hall on the roster, who would be our late inning replacement at 1B in this series? Sosa? Or Sosa to third and Bohm to 1B?

      If we advance to the NLCS, Hall should be on the roster for defensive purposes, IMO

      1. Weirdly enough, evidence suggests Thomson doesn’t view Hall as the superior defender at first. Out of every time they were both in the lineup, Hall played 1B over Rhys TWICE. He replaced Rhys defensively ONCE (a game they beat Miami 10-0, so it was a laugher).

        The fact that he had 117 PAs as a DH and 19 as a 1B tells me that Thomson thinks he’s either worse than Hoskins defensively, or not a big enough of an upgrade that it’s worth (potentially) throwing Rhys off his game or upsetting him. Which is odd because Hall is, objectively, a HUGE improvement defensively.

        1. I had heard it was more of a respect thing to Rhys that Hall was DHing. Moving someone like Rhys who had never DHd before could impact him offensively and deemed unfair, but I could be wrong. I’ve just heard nothing other than really positive things regarding Hall’s defense

    1. His numbers are great and all but the clubhouse is clearly fractured and a problem, all because he’s such a jerk……LMFAO….this guy has been nothing but a DREAM four years into this contract. So happy for him to not just be winning but to be hitting great. He has taken a ton of grief over the years so this has to be very rewarding for him

          1. If I had to guess, pissed at himself. He watched that a long time only to realize it was very nearly an out.

            Fortunately it didn’t matter because the base ahead of him was clogged. But with just about anyone else ahead of him on the paths, he would have given up a free base (potentially even a run with how aggressive he is) to the Braves with that.

      1. Okay buddy, knock it off or I’ll block you. You practically called me a liar a few weeks ago and I overlooked it. I know things I’m not going to print just to satisfy your curiosity. I’ll kill the site before I do that. So STFU about it.

  64. What a great game! I know, and I was screaming at the TV, that Rhys needs to make both plays. But that HR was so awesome!! I was as excited as Rhys. I would have spiked a bat if I had one! This was so awesome and we need to do it again tomorrow! We can’t forget Bryson’s AB! Yes, v1, Bohm has to make that play in the 1st, and he was trying a little too hard at the plate. He made all the plays after that. We can hit Morton!! Go Phils!!

  65. Aaron Nola outstanding despite some shaky defense behind him. As a matter of fact, home plate umpire Bill Miller cost Nola an immaculate inning in the 2nd when he missed a called strike one on Marcel Ozuna. Nola ended up striking out the side on 10 pitches.

    Mad props to Bryson Stott and his 9 pitch AB in the 4th inning that ended in an RBI double, and helped to lead the demise of Spencer Strider.

    Here’s some fun with stats. In a five game series:
    ● The team that wins game one wins the series 71% of the time.
    ● The team that wins game three of a tied series wins
    The series 71% of the time.
    I’m not a mathematician, but I think that gives the Phillues a 142% chance of moving on to the NLCS!

    1. The ump was aggravating tonight. After the Phils scored the 6 runs he started squeezing Nola, and then would randomly give him a call 2 inches off the plate.

      I don’t know if the inconsistency was more beneficial or hurtful for us. But for someone like Nola it’s better to know where he can and cannot get a call so he can just keep attacking those spots.

      And yes. The announcers said Rhys’ homerun may have been the most impactful at bat of the game (possibly even series), but for me it was clearly Stott. He turned an unhittable pitcher into batting practice by battling and winning.

  66. Also, we are not trading Nola! He has just given us 3 tremendous outings in the biggest 3 games he has ever pitched in for us! And, I loved that we added runs at the end. We didn’t just have the 1 great inning. We need to keep doing that!

  67. ONG I have been jumping around the house for 20 minutes. Tomorrow. Please tomorrow!!! Jim if we win tomorrow please give us a pass on crazy celebrations F bombs!!!

  68. Rhys heard all you haters 🙂

    What a game, my poop jumped out of its underwear in the 3rd inning … on stott’s RBI base hit. The rest of the inning was just a mess!

  69. Bryce was mad at himself for thinking it was out and looking at it, but he has certainly showed up! I am still so excited about this W! I felt like Rhys felt when he hit that pitch, and am so happy for him and Nola and where we have gotten to. We need to close it out tomorrow! I believe in Thor and this is why making the Playoffs means something.

    1. Morton is not what he used to be, I know Thor isn’t either but he is younger and coming back from TJ and has more assets.

      1. main problem for Morton this year has been the 28 homers given up (including 8 in his last 31 innings), 10 more than any other season- still struck out 200 and other numbers similar to prior years. 5.72 ERA on the road though.

  70. Strider’s fastball is unbelievable. He looks like a Tom Seaver type. What a joke a guy with that arm is taken in the 4th round. I know, TJ surgery, etc . But 4th round? If there is a fifth game I wouldn’t be shocked if Strider comes in at the end to get three outs.

    1. Hopefully next season we find out that the Phillies may have their own version of Strider in Griff McGarry

      1. Agreed / the comparison is with 5th round pick McGarry who has control and common issue but crazy good stuff – about as good as you’ll see.

        1. Yes…and Strider also had his own control issues at Clemson as a freshmen….though I think plenty of that was the precursor to his UCL fraying and finally tearing and his TJ surgeries that followed.
          Also heard Davis or Smoltz say the Braves did make some changes to his mechanics once he got into their system.

    2. Spencer Strider is not the biggest guy (6’0, 195 lbs) and in his college career, he’s only thrown about 90 innings. In 2020, he threw only 12 innings. And I’m not sure if it matters, but he’s also vegan I believe. His arm is electric, but it looks like he’s mostly fastball, slider. If he has a 3rd pitch, he’s not using it that much or it’s not as advanced. He looks to have some reliever risk.

      So in that context, I totally believe why he went in the 4th round.

      1. People don’t understand how big the size issue is for major league teams, especially for righty pitchers. Many teams completely dismiss short righty pitchers. Like disregard them almost entirely. Whether that is right or wrong is debatable. However, his size probably pushed him down in the draft at least two rounds.

        1. Sonny Gray, Johnny Cueto, Tim Lincecum and Marcus Stroman are four that come to mind recently , who are short in stature, were able to bring it, in their early MLB careers with quality stuff.
          But there may be some truth in that the RHP 6′ and under may not have the effective performance longevity as the taller RHPs who seem to go into their 30s.

  71. What a game. What a win!

    I wasn’t at CBP last night but I was at the Vet for every home playoff game in 1993. So I know how electric the Philly crowd can be.

    I have to admit, so far this playoffs we have outhit our poor defense. Last night was a really poor defensive game. But Nola was otherworldly and the bats woke up.

    Hopefully the crowd can help Thor regain some of his old magic. Let’s close it out in Philly boys.

    1. Thomson said yesterday the four pitchers they were considering were Thor, Falter, Gibson and Bellatti.
      Is this going to be a modified version of a bullpen game?

  72. When Cutch hit a homer he would play”rock, paper, scissors” with Dusty; what is the routine Harper does with Dusty when he passes him on the HR trot?
    Is it a thank you from above?

  73. Trade Nola. The guy can’t even get to the 7th inning. What a stiff!

    Kidding, naturally. Just another thing for people to complain about.

    Hard to fathom why the Braves would give so much money for another

    year of Morton. Good pitcher but long in the tooth and now homer prone.

    1. Anyone else feel somewhat comfortable that Syndergaard is transitioning into a great finesse pitcher like Frank Tanana did years ago?

      1. He’s always been more of a finesse pitcher than people gave him credit for. You see a pitcher averaging 98 MPH on his fastball and assume he’s a power pitcher. But he’s always been a control artist at heart.

        His career 5.5% BB% and 53% of pitches in the zone are both significantly better than league average. And those numbers this year are very similar to his career averages.

        Really the big differences have been velocity and strikeouts. And I’m not convinced those won’t come back next year. It’s not uncommon for it to take a year or two post-TJ for velocity to come back. And if it does, he goes back to being a top of the rotation guy. But even if it doesn’t, his control allows him to be a 3-4, which is pretty much exactly how he’s pitched for us.

        1. 53% strikes is NOT a good percentage. I checked hoping you typed incorrectly. Turns out he’s much better than 53%.

          Syndergaard is throwing strikes at 67% this season which is his career average.

          His career –
          65% in 150.0 IP in 24 games in 2015 (his lowest %),
          68% in 183.2 IP in 31 games in 2016,
          67% in 30.1 IP in 7 games in 2017,
          66% in 154.1 IP in 25 games in 2018,
          68% in 197.2 IP in 32 games in 2019,
          69% in 2.0 IP in 2 games in 2021 (his highest %, but a VSSS),
          67% in 134.2 IP in 25 games in 2022.

    2. The Braves are not big spenders so they won’t be going after any elite FA pitchers. Also, for the first time in a long time, they don’t have any ranked pitching prospects so they can’t look there for help. Clearly they like Morton and perhaps he brings something else to the table. But I agree, $20M for Morton seems like a lot for someone who only gave 1.6 WAR this season at age 38.

      1. Braves will also need to make a decision on Swanson…..he will get $20M plus AAV for 5 or 6 years…..that typically is not a Brave SOP.

        1. Swanson is going to walk. Max Fried is 2 years away from FA so I’m leaning heavily that he’s going to walk once he’s done in Atlanta.

          1. Yeah….agree.
            I think they will get a cheaper older defensive shortstop or transition Grissom over there and live with his defense .

          2. Swanson will be overpaid so I agree they let him walk. As for Fried, I bet they try hard to extend him. As we see from this postseason, aces are essential during the postseason.

            1. Max Fried is coming off 5.9 WAR and likely Cy Young votes. He’s probably looking at $11M+ in arbitration. And if he continues like that in 2023, we’re talking about something like $18M for 2023. Fried might give a discount, but it won’t be that much. And there’s no way Fried’s agent will accept a team friendly contract 2 years away from FA. The Braves will have to pony up something like minimum 5 years, $100M and MAYBE Fried will take it. I doubt he will though.

      2. The Braves are 8th in MLB in payroll, have 3 players making 20M+ a year, and have 3 players on 100M+ contracts.

        They’re certainly not the Mets, but they’re willing to back up the truck for players they consider to be worth the investment. It wouldn’t shock me if they go after Verlander or DeGrom to take Morton’s spot this offseason.

        1. Dan K……prior to the two years ago that was not the case…..Acuna/Albies/Riley/Harris (now) and Strider pushed that all up…..buying out their arb years and then tacking on a couple of years post-arb..
          When it comes to 29/30 year old free agents…they will not be in the game for 5/6 year contracts.

          1. I’m not expecting them to sign a FA for an 8 year contract, though. Morton is already proof positive that they’re willing to spend more for shorter contracts on vets.

            And yeah, historically they’ve kept their hands in their pockets. But they’ve shown a willingness to spend now that they’ve got a new TV deal and they have an excellent, young team. Can’t assume they won’t follow their recent trends. They’re investing heavily and aggressively in their young guys, and they’ve shown that they will augment them with older guys that make sense to them (Josh Donaldson is another example) as well as trades.

            1. DanK…..agree…they will go for theat short contract for the aged star.
              Letting Freeman walk….probably their greatest showcase star since Chipper retired tells me that they will not alter their fiscal philosophy.
              Which comes to Swanson…..if they follow the same formula, it would at least behoove Dombrowski to kick the tires on Swanson.

            2. Thing with the Braves is their 2023 payroll is already approaching 200 million with all of the long term deals they’ve give out this year. I don’t see them making any significant FA moves this off season, especially since they will need several bullpen arms and a replacement at ss.

  74. Man, the odds maker still lean Braves for today’s game at home.
    Yesterday was the same. Find this a bit perplexing.

    1. Romus you not a gambler, I can see the Braves favorite, Better team better defense, pitching , but the best team doesnt always win That being said, The defense on this team is really bad, Hoskins yesterday, was horrible on more than the one drop throw, Marsh should have caught that ball, cant give braves, extra outs ,

      1. rocco…..yes the defense is horrific….not a mystery to why either.
        Hoskins’ yips could be getting worse. His bat will need to redeem him.

    2. It’s really not that surprising. We’re talking about a 101-win team playing against an 87-win team. Take the personal emotions out of it, and ask yourself who the better team is.

      Would you rather have Syndergaard, a guy who isn’t striking out many people, with the Phils defense behind him? Or Morton, a guy with over 200 K’s being backed by a good defense and the third best offense in baseball behind him?

      Momentum and location plays a much smaller factor in it. Lines are made based on how they think people will bet; not on who they think will win. And most people making bets will bet on the better team to win.

    3. I understand the line……and actually the money also laid out plays a part in the spread.
      But I do think momentum does have a part in the overall line.
      Tough the Dodgers spread for today is similar to the Braves….(-1.5)

  75. Thompson must manage like it’s an elimination game today. They CANNOT go back to Atlanta!!!

  76. Having gone to the game last night I will echo what we all saw – it was truly electric. I think if Chase Utley had been there to sing God Bless America in the 7th Willy Penn would have been blown off the top of city hall. Make no mistake either – Segura’s long 9/10 pitch ab in front of Stott’s marvelous 9 pitch ab and key single got to Strider. The crowd was clearly trying to recreate the “Burt Hooton experience” for Strider. It worked. At that point Strider was throwing nothing but 4 smr fastballs (96/97) and it was only a matter of time before somebody connected. Priceless !!!

    1. RU … I was using the Burt Hooton comparison to my wife, and some other people I text with during games. Crowd played a role in yesterday’s game.
      Offense must outslug Braves this afternoon.
      Hinkie prediction: Phillies 7 Braves 5

      1. I was at the “Burt Hooten” game – young, but old enough to know better. As exciting as it was to be part of a crowd that was actually able to influence the game, the things that were being yelled at Burt Hooten were totally inappropriate and I am still embarrassed!

  77. Acuna, much thanks for dogging it and watching JT race around the bases for his inside the park HR.

  78. Looking good so far but they are leaving ducks on the pond with less than 2 outs again. Hope it doesn’t bite them.

  79. Incredible!!! I’m speechless. I’m so happy… It’s been so long and such horrible 10+ years..

    I was doing yard work today and looked up and thought by now my Phillies flag is folded up for the year… To the posters on this site here we go. The Phillies are freakishly hot..

  80. What a great Series!! Yes, I was nervous that we left RISP early, but that 6th inning was great. Brandon Marsh, Soto, Thor, David Robertson, each helped down the stretch and DD deserves so much credit. I am still excited from the Rhys HR last night!!! Thomson made all the right moves, Harper hit .500 this Series! So many guys did great, Stotts AB last night, Thor and the BP today, small ball, HRs, Pitching, I am beside myself! Thank You, Jim, for this site! It has given all of us a place to vent when things were shaky and to share how awesome it is to see what our team has fone.

    1. I think Thomson has now sealed NL Manager of the Year
      Naturally I am biased but if the Dodgers win the next two games then the Topper should be the front runner.
      If the Padres win, then the voting will be between Bob Melvin and Rob Thomson.

  81. The postgame has almost been as much fun as the game itself. Possibly the best locker room celebration I’ve ever seen.

    Two questions:
    1) Has Acuna always been such a putrid fielder?
    2) Is this the real Marsh?

  82. Apologies to Sosa for calling him Soto!!! My bad! Is this so much fun watching this locker room? No clue why that song has any significance, but they love it. Schwarber is clearly the team leader, and I love how much they are crediting the fans! And it feels genuine!

    1. In regards to the song, it’s partly because some of the lyrics (and name of the song), “I keep dancing on my own.”

      As long as the Phils keep winning, they keep dancing.

  83. Thomso………..steady as she goes………good team win……..everyone contributes. Biggest bunch of overachievers I’ve ever seen……peaking at just the right time!

  84. This is why you scratch and claw your way to make the playoffs even if you are not one of the best teams in the league. Just need to get on a streak at the right time.

  85. Was at the game. It’s a good thing this is a forum where we type our comments and not a voice chat, because my voice might be gone for a few days.

  86. I mentioned yesterday that Bryce Harper was pissed after he hit a double and then after that game. I figured it out, he wasn’t pisaed he was just hyper focused.
    After his double he wanted to make sure the team didn’t think that was enough, then after the game he wanted everyone to focus on winning today. Now he is focused on next game, next series.
    Not pissed, Focused!

  87. I really think the O’Hoppe for Marsh trade is going to be a Win-Win deal. I think both O’Hoppe and Marsh are going to be studs.

    I am so impressed by Marsh’s improvements in a short time. I think with another full off-season with KLong he can be a really really good player next year.

        1. 3up, perhaps I am misunderstanding your point, but is it possible the contract allows the employee to move for a promotion for mutual benefit? You’d think someone who was blocked from a job they wanted by their employer might not later be the most dedicated employee!

          1. Yes, he could leave for a promotion. I just don’t see him getting a manager job elsewhere. Would becoming a bench coach somewhere be considered a promotion?

    1. V, we may start to know next season. LAA scout at the complex said their plan is for O’Hoppe to go into camp as the starter. It’s his job to lose. Stassi and Suzuki were terrible – .180/.267/.303/.571 and .180/.266/.295/.561

    2. I think a comp for Marsh may be Nimmo….It took Nimmo a couple years to become the player he is today and if we have a some patience he could develop into a core player on this team.

  88. They won hours ago yet I’m still only gradually grasping that the Phillies are in the NLCS, the last team standing from the NL East! Every win has been nice but… I kept half expecting it to unravel any moment. It’s been so fun to watch them keep winning when you hope they will but don’t totally expect them to. It’s not that I don’t believe in them, I do. But the the Braves were WS Champs and had gone 72-28 their last 100 games of this season!

    The Phillies beat them! Knocked them out! And the crowd literally went wild all weekend!
    So awesome!!

  89. On the Phillies page on MLB site they have Phillies at LA on their schedule already for Tuesday and Wednesday.

  90. Preferred to have seen the Dodgers win out vs the Padres.
    Rather Phillies had faced Anderson/Urias/Gonsolin/Kershaw then the likes of Darvish/Snell/Musgrove and Cleavinger.
    No matter…..bring on the next hurdle.

    1. Both Dodgers and Padres are loaded. Preller has traded nearly every prospect chip he had to try to win now. The Padres will be very very tough! However, the Dodgers won 111 games for a reason and beating them in 7 game series would’ve been extremely hard. All 4 of their top SPs had era’s in the 2.xx’s and are dominant.

      1. Still Gonsolin since August has been hurt and very hittable….Anderson and now Kershaw are sof tosser LHPs…with Buehler now gone Urias may be their best , with May just having some post-TJ come back issues..and their bullpen, though they started the year thru August as probably number one
        in the baseball has ticked down over the last 6/8 weeks.
        No matter who the Phillies had to play out there….it is going to be a tough road.
        And now have to see Soto again….I thought the Phillies were passed seeing him again until next season.

        1. Good points about how the Dodgers may not be quite as dominant. Either road is tough. I hope Phillies don’t think it’s gonna be easier cause the Padres are a stacked roster top to bottom. We will be the underdogs for good reason. (Philly loves being the underdogs though! 😉)

  91. A lot to say, but I’m so superstitious this time of year, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut…

    Some key observations from the game/series

    GM 4 – 2 Allstar catchers on display – Realmuto proved he’s still the best catcher in baseball. Does any other catcher have his speed? He helped keep that game out of reach with his speed, the braves on their heels on the dribbler to 3B. Riley makes the best play he can, and Realmuto still beats it out.

    Hustle – the reason I and many of us get on players for letting off the gas/lack of hustle, is displayed by Acuna. likely could’ve changed the outcome of the ITP HR if he is backing up the CFer properly. in fairness, it was a terrible route by Harris. Acuna is likely thinking he’s got it, but … but that’s EXACTLY why you hustle all the time. ESPECIALLY in the playoffs. The other play was when marsh had blooper in between him & Harris… I would expect Acuna to make a diving attempt with Harris backing him up. Probably lack of communication but I saw something else in the play. It’s one of a few things, and that’s what helps lose games in the playoffs. Acuna was not invested as the others.

    Lastly, Olson was a great pickup by the braves, keeps their offense scary, but Freeman definitely was another level. You just knew he was going to get a hit against you. Olson – B, Freeman A+ fear factor on who you don’t want up with the game in reach/on the line

  92. Dave Dombrowski … where have you been all of my life/rebuild? The Phillies would not be one step away from the WS w/o his moves (both the big buck FA signings, but especially the shrewd trades). You look at yesterday’s clincher … the team most likely doesn’t get it done w/o Noah Syndergaard, Brandon Marsh, and Jose Alvarado. Edmundo Sosa was also a key contributor down the stretch. Looking forward to the NLCS, the WS, and then Dombrowski’s next moves this winter!

    Also … very, very cool that the team would show up at XFinity Live to celebrate with the fans last night. The town has fallen in love with this squad. Very special season.

      1. Also happy to see John Middleton (and the Bucks) rewarded for going over the LTT. I don’t know how much money the franchise is making for these home playoff games, but I have a hunch it easily covers the tax the team has to pay for being over the 230M cap this season.

        1. Don’t worry about them – they are doing A-OK.

          Assume the Phillies’ average ticket sale price (their price, not the re-sale market price) is about $180 and they sell to $46,000 people. That’s $8.2 million, but further assume that they are making another $70 per customer at the game, that’s another $3.222 million and add another, say, $7 million per game in TV revenue and the like. You are probably looking at around $15-20 million of revenue per home game. It adds up really quickly and good for them, they paid for that right.

          1. I do believe when it comes to the ‘over the tax-threshold’ issues…it isn’t the financial penalty I am concerned with…..a billionaire can easily work around that… is the loss of quality draft slotting.
            Good drafting positions mean more slotted money, and the opportunity for better prospect acquisitioning.

          2. I’ve always been curious about that but is that net profit? We get to see payroll but we never get to see net expenses for operating a baseball franchise.

            1. @DMAR –
              A decent guess. Phillies employee 1,800 workers … let’s say they average a $80 an hr… which is likely very high, but for arguments sake … times 8 hr work day is $1.15 million, and let’s say $50,000 for Utilities…
              That’s 1.2 million per game. Then the players get their share of postseason money, which was already decided on, and divided out before the postseason started. I didn’t know this, but they divide it out amongst a lot of everyday workers. There was a recent video/article on it rhe not to long ago. I believe someone posted a link to it here.
              That’s my guess. I bet Middleton get half your figure per game though, after they divide out the “extra cash”

  93. Interesting side story next series: The Free Agent signing a couple of years ago between Harper vs Machado

  94. Starting Friday in Philly…no days off or travel days thereafter….what goes on here with MLB!

    Game 1 at San Diego: Tuesday, October 18, 8:03 p.m. ET (FS1)
    Game 2 at San Diego: Wednesday, October 19, 4:35 p.m. ET (FOX/FS1)
    Game 3 at Philadelphia: Friday, October 21, 7:37 p.m. ET (FS1)
    Game 4 at Philadelphia: Saturday, October 22, 7:45 p.m. ET (FOX)
    Game 5 at Philadelphia: Sunday, October 23, 2:37 p.m. ET (FS1, *If necessary)
    Game 6 at San Diego: Monday, October 24, 8:03 p.m. ET (FS1, *If necessary)
    Game 7 at San Diego: Tuesday, October 25, 8:03 p.m. ET (FOX/FS1, *If necessary)

  95. A tip of the cap to those of you who believed. Just get in you said….

    I need to stop pretending that I know anything about baseball. Clearly winning 100+ games is no big deal. Clearly Winning your division means very little. And so on.

    What a weekend for Philly Sports!

    1. DMAR……..what the Phillies, or for that matter the Padres, are doing may be an outlier….like what the Cardinals did ….based on regular season winning percentage, the 2006 Cardinals were the worst team to win the World Series. They finished the regular season with only a 83-78 record, but they not only made the World Series, but they beat Dave Dombrowski’s Detroit Tigers to win the championship….so maybe fate is now on Dombrowski’s side.

      1. If you believe in such things Romus 🙂

        I guess all the old tired cliches ring true! Or that a seven game series might be more favorable to the better team.

        Of all the teams left it’s hard to imagine anyone taking down the Astro’s in 7. Let’s hope I’m wrong again and its our Phitin Phillies that pull it off.

  96. Also, Romus, I still carry the scars from 2011, when I believe we were the best team in Baseball, and the Cards snuck in. I was one of those who wanted to get in, no matter what, but they sure made me sweat it. What has happened since has been so much fun! The Dodgers won 111 games, and have a load of off season questions. Not that we won’t have a number of decisions as well, but for now, I am glad to be where we are. And, I know Ronald Acuna, Jr is a really good baseball player. But, what was he doing on JTR’s inside the park HR? I don’t think I can recall a guy just standing there and watching. Bizarre!

    1. Yeah Acuna’s head was not there. Snitker has had his discussions with him in the past about on[ the[ field ‘ taking it easy’
      Also, with his absence, made me realize how important Ozzie Albies is to that team. He is like their heart and soul.
      And , not sure they will also re-sign Swanson at the price he wants.
      In fact Mets also will have big decisions to make with their free agents.
      New York people will want deGrom back……assume Cohen will ante up.

      1. Degrom

        😂. I would laugh all off-season if this happened. Might not be THAT far of a stretch

        1. I don’t know/think it will be deGromm, but 💯 agree Dombrowski should spend his offseason money on pitching. The Phillies have proven they have enough offense to qualify for the playoffs. It’s all about having enough arms to survive the postseason. At the risk of getting a few posts telling me “it’s not going to happen”, Justin Verlander would be a great fit here. He’s probably only going to command a two year deal (even at a high AAV). Verlander would also be an unbelievable mentor to all the Phillies other pitchers (especially Painter/Abel/McGarry).

          Edwin Diaz is the FA I most looking forward to follow this winter. Steve Cohen has the deepest pockets in MLB, but he hasn’t yet signed his closer, and the Mets “to do” list is long this offseason. There are a lot of teams in need of a shutdown closer (gotta have one to win a championship). Diaz is going to get record offers from clubs like the Yankees/Dodgers/BoSox/Blue Jays/Phillies (maybe)/Mariners (maybe)/Astros (maybe).

          1. Hinkie … still enjoying this ride, but early thoughts would be to explore either route to team building –
            Double down even more on offense
            With adding SO bullpen arms (astros formula)
            Bring in that 3rd big arm by using the savings on segura, Didi, and trading Hoskins. Put Sosa in full time. Sign a competent INF, with a Diaz/Jansen. That’s pretty good combo for enough wins to get to the playoffs & a team that is then built for the playoffs (closer to 2011 Phillies formula)

            My argument for going against bringing that 3rd arm in via FA. …is that you have it in Painter… and you have to believe it to take that chance. I’m confident that he’ll be close enough to the braves stridor, that they should take the leap of faith. Add someone like Correra …. Correra/Painter greater than Verlander?
            Good thing is, I believe they can win either way over the course of the window, just gotta execute the plan .. as they are doing right now!

            But if they can have that Ace + Alvarado, Dominguez, Diaz/Jansen, and hand/McGarry going 3x in a playoff series….
            That’s a winnable formula imo. Strong up the middle defensively, with a good fielding 3rd. Bohm to 1st. It’s going to be fun to see what they do. I believe Middleton is going to do even more, so it’s on the players

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