Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, Wild Card

The Phillies begin their first playoff journey on the anniversary of their last playoff game against the team that ended their 5-year playoff run.

The Phillies announced their playoff roster this morning, 13 pitchers and 13 position players.

  • Left-Handed Pitchers 
    • Ranger Suarez,
    • Bailey Falter,
    • Jose Alvarado,
    • Brad Hand.
  • Right-Handed Pitchers
    • Zack Wheeler,
    • Aaron Nola,
    • Kyle Gibson,
    • Noah Syndergaard,
    • Andrew Bellatti,
    • David Robertson,
    • Zach Eflin,
    • Seranthony Dominguez,
    • Connor Brogdon.
  • Catchers
    • J.T. Realmuto,
    • Garrett Stubbs.
  • Infielders
    • Rhys Hoskins,
    • Jean Segura,
    • Alec Bohm,
    • Bryson Stott,
    • Nick Maton,
    • Edmundo Sosa.
  • Outfielders
    • Kyle Schwarber,
    • Matt Vierling,
    • Brandon Marsh,
    • Nick Castellanos.
  • Designated Hitter
    • Bryce Harper.

The Phillies also announced their starting lineup for today’s game behind starting pitcher Zach Wheeler.

  1. Kyle Schwarber LF
  2. Rhys Hoskins 1B
  3. J.T. Realmuto C
  4. Bryce Harper DH
  5. Nick Castellanos RF
  6. Alec Bohm 3B
  7. Jean Segura 2B
  8. Bryson Stott SS
  9. Matt Vierling CF

They will face LHP Jose Quintana.

The Cardinals lineup that will face Wheeler –

  1. Nootbaar (L) RF
  2. Pujols (R) DH
  3. Goldschmidt (R) 1B
  4. Arenado (R) 3B
  5. Donovan (L) 2B
  6. Carlson (S) CF
  7. Dickerson (L) LF
  8. Molina (R) C
  9. Edman (S) SS

The game starts at 2:07 PM at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium.  It will be aired on ABC.

The Phillies activated Hand and Sosa from the IL for today’s game.  To make room and to get the roster down to 26 from 28, they reassigned Michael Plassmeyer, Nick Nelson, Darick Hall, and Dalton Guthrie to the minor leagues.  They were reassigned and not optioned because the regular season is over the minor leagues are not active.

There were also a bunch of other transactions, mostly the housekeeping teams go through when the season is over.

10/07/2022 – Phillies activated LHP Brad Hand from the 15-day IL
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP Nick Nelson to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP Francisco Morales to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned C Rafael Marchan to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned 1B Darick Hall to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP Sam Coonrod to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP Tayler Scott to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned LHP Michael Plassmeyer to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RF Jhailyn Ortiz to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned RHP Vinny Nittoli to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned SS Dalton Guthrie to the minor leagues
10/07/2022 – Phillies reassigned LHP Cristopher Sanchez to the minor leagues
10/06/2022 – 3B Johan Camargo elected free agency
10/06/2022 – Phillies activated 2B Edmundo Sosa from the 10-day IL
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled RHP Vinny Nittoli from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled RHP Francisco Morales from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled RHP Sam Coonrod from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled LHP Cristopher Sanchez from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled RHP Tayler Scott from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled C Rafael Marchan from Lehigh Valley IronPigs
10/06/2022 – Phillies recalled RF Jhailyn Ortiz from Reading Fightin Phils
10/05/2022 – Phillies recalled LHP Michael Plassmeyer from Lehigh Valley
10/05/2022 – Phillies optioned RHP Chris Devenski to Lehigh Valley


228 thoughts on “Phillies’ Playoffs 2022, Wild Card

  1. Thanks Jim, good to see this thread.

    This team is built to win a series like this. I’d feel better if Harper & Sir A were firing closer to their peak, but it’ll have to do. It’s go time.

    Wheeler & Nola … Feels Lee & Hamels, in terms of caliber of pitching. Obviously not what hand they throw with.

    Let’s Gooooooo!
    Dying to see what Harper shows up

  2. Okay, since Tac brought it up.

    Does anybody else think that Harper is playing through a new injury? Did anyone else see the swing in early September where he winced, grabbed his left side, but continued to play?

    A friend who knows baseball better than I pointed out a change in his footwork during his swing. It looked to him that he is shuffling his feet in an effort to minimize weight on his left side.

    His AVG and SLG have dropped since leaving Lehigh Valley and his short rehab.

    This is not an indictment of Harper for a slump or whatever, but concern that he’s toughing it out hockey-style to help his team through a painful tweak of an oblique.

    1. He does play a very aggressive style and seems to be prone to many nicks….then there is the HBP events..last year head…this year hand.
      Maybe he is…hope he just try to make contact

    2. Good to raise this again, Jim. It definitely was concerning during that game, but then it was never really mentioned again. For sure could be. I heard one of our announcers giving a mechanical analysis of Harper and suggesting he’s just not on the ball. He’s got a little bit of a head bob going during his swing, which seems to mean he’s pulling off a little bit and his timing is bad. I’m hoping it’s mechanical and not injury and he figures it out to help us this weekend.

      1. I think he is. Just my opinion. He’s been crushing it for a 1.5 years. Too much of a drop imo, too talented to have those numbers. His footwork from the 2nd at bat, SO, didn’t look good. That’s not the player of the last 1.5 years.

        1. assume it was discussed here but either on mlb or other national show a week or so ago they were showing Harper’s spray chart and how almost everything is going to center or left, and were saying he must be hurt.

          will admit i thought it was over when Yepez dispensed that ball into the seats.
          Marmol definitely made some mistakes, and got away with the fake injury/stall when he didnt have a reliever ready, but for the Phillies to rally by just putting a bunch of balls in play is stunning.

    3. I definitely think he’s tiffing it out, seems to me he’s hitting a lot of weak ground balls lately.

    4. Big thing to me he’s pulling nothing with power. That seems to point to him not firing his hips to get to inside pitches.

  3. I’d of kept wheeler in. Get through the 7th with him.

    Had that primed before yepez did that ….

    1. Agree. My dad and I were extremely surprised he didn’t get to finish the inning (or go until he gave up a runner).

      His choice of pitcher was correct, though.

  4. Shout out to my friend, Frank, who listened to the ninth inning on the radio on his way home from work and sat in his driveway to finish the top of the inning rather than risk jinxing the Phils by going in to watch on TV. He got Larry rather than Arod, so not that big a sacrifice.

    1. I did something similar in regards to superstition. My puppy slept through most of the game (when the Phils hadn’t scored) but he was at my feet getting attention when they rallied.

      He ended up walking away to see what else was going on for the bottom of the ninth, so when the Cards scored the third run I went and brought him back into the TV room.

      It seems appropriate for him to be a Phillies good luck charm since he’s named after Utley.

  5. To me, that was for Roy and Ryan. The former was never the same after the last playoff game. I’ve always wondered if he’d still be alive if the Phillies had scored 2 and advanced. In my house, we still don’t say “Cardinals” without the preface “f***ing.”

  6. What a great game! I(Heart), thrilled for Segura! Sosa’s slide, such a great W!! That’s why they play! 93-0, Cards Post season history up 2 runs after 8! How about those Cards fans leaving? Just so excited and I am looking fir a great game from Nola!

  7. Tomorrow….Nola’s turn to keep the ball rolling and keep the Cards in check.
    Hope the plate ump tomorrow nite is more forgiving..

  8. I forgot what that felt like, to care about every pitch. Intense. Wooooo!

    The announcers did a lot to jinx both teams. Cardinals are 92-0 when leading by 2 or more runs this season. Post season? 0-1 🙂

  9. That 9th inning was as unbelievable as it gets.

    But bringing in your closer, who was hurt earlier in the week, to get a 5 out save in game one? Seriously? Marmol is going to be second guessed like crazy and deservedly so.

  10. That top of the ninth inning the Cardinals defensively looked like…well…the Phillies.

  11. Helmsley may be hurt but he had been lights out when he comes in. Using him that way pretty much means he likely can’t pitch tomorrow. My biggest fear was Cards up by 1 and he comes in to get final 3 outs. Marmol took care of that!!! How about Sosa slide – Wow !

  12. Robin, yes!! Great point! And you never know what happens when the ball is in play. Arenado is a terrific defensive player but didn’t make that one today.

    1. Reason baseball is so different. The best team does not always win.
      Great hitters do not hit.
      Great fielders make an error.
      An unknown in some cases becomes the guy for the moment.
      And the game is not over till one team gets 27 outs and has the lead.
      There is always a chance.
      Cards are due the 93-1. Cliff Lee was like 45-1 when he had a 4-run lead.
      Then it became 45-2 against those same Cards. Pay back.
      Go Phillies. Let’s get game 2 tonight.

  13. Thompson pinch runs for Bohm….Sosa scores. Almost certain that Bohm would have been out. Might say that move is obvious to make….but he made it and really was a key part of the rally. Great job.

    1. Agreed Hal. Great managerial decision. We got two runs out of that decision because Schwarber‘s sac fly would’ve been the third out if Bohm was tagged out at home.

  14. As I said earlier in the week, Eflin is not a closer. He doesn’t have a put away pitch. I hope they don’t continue to use him in that role.

    1. Agreed. That said, I think they are forced too. Sir A is going through something, whether mental, physical, technique, etc … he is not sharp right now.

    2. V1……….did you happen to notice that Wheeler’s velocity was way up over his last start. Maybe the St Louis gun wasn’t right, but it sure seemed to me he was throwing much harder than his last start. …..and maybe it was just playoff adrenaline.

  15. V1…I agree on Zack. But he is giving it his best.
    Baseball is a crazy game.
    Until that 27th out is made you have a chance.
    No clock at least till next year.
    I missed game but heard final on way back with grandson.
    Let’s get number 2 tomorrow.
    I agree with today being for Roy and Ryan. I still see that game.
    Go Phillies.

  16. Oh man, the Friars are currently bringing it to the Mets (and Scherzer). Part of me wanted us to meet them in the NLCS to exorcise those demons and have another storybook series.

    But another part of me just hates the Mets and relishes in their disappointment.

  17. A game none of us will forget. However, the Cards are unlikely to do us any more favors. Let’s hope for a power surge. Harp, where are you? Game 2 is a must. Once you have a team down, keep them down.

    1. The Cardinals bullpen is toast, jump on the starter fast and hard. Just like earlier in the season, big 1st inning.

  18. Hope Thomson takes a chance and puts Hall at first vs RHP Mikolas.
    Mikolas basically sits at 92-94…throwing 4Sm @ 29%, Sinker -8%, Sldr-29% , and Curve-34%.

        1. Agree with you Romus, top of our lineup was 2 for 19 last night. Rhys 0 for 5. I don’t care for the hitting order and haven’t for the entire year. Maybe they’ll break out, sure hope so.

          1. Skeet…I suspect after the next few weeks we may see a portion of this constructed line-up for the last time.

  19. Even if Jean Segura is not in future plans, which I expect he’s not, it would be nice to see him figure in any Phillies playoff success. If they aren’t beyond this series, my biggest consolation would have the Mets knocked out by the Padres…today. I think the Phillies would make a Braves series interesting, and if they get to the NLCS, then they can go into 2023 with a little swagger even should they fall to the Dodgers, which nobody can realistically expect otherwise. And Rob Thomson, despite some questionable ingame decisions latter in the season, will probably be named as next year’s skipper sometime during the NLDS if the Phillies are still in the dance.

    1. I think Thomson already has his contract set for the next 2 or 3 seasons with the Phillies. Getting them over the hump and into the playoffs after that 21-29 start was all it took.

      1. Once they made the playoffs, Thomson was going to return. Had the missed them with the September swoon he would have been gone.

    2. Mark/ – I said my piece on his effort before, but he is a damn good player. Not a superstar but he hovers below it. I took a peak at the FA the other day, along with their expected salaries … he is staying imo. His salary is a steal, but again you know what I’m not a fan of. Trea turner is projected to get a 33 mil contract … I’d take a look at Haringer (sp) Seattle’s CF and Swanson l, the braves SS. The pricing is going to be insane this FA, it’s time to pull in the young pitchers, sink or swim. If Painter is as good as we all think he’s going to be .. then wheeler, nola, painter, Suarez SHOULD be enough with what is supposed to be a top tier offense. Finish off the bullpen, with the bench comprised of mostly defensive replacements, should be good to go

  20. Tac, I think the plan is to try for a Turner deal. And move Stott to 2B. That doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee, by any stretch. If that doesn’t work out, then Stott at SS, and bringing back Segura isn’t the worst idea. I don’t think they are ready to start Painter out of ST, and I see a mid-rotation guy added. Now, if they want to sign Hinkie’s guy Verlander to 1 year and $50M, I won’t argue! And, I am not discounting the call for better D. And, I acknowledge that my belief that they don’t want to trade Hoskins may be wrong. But, I don’t see any thought of moving Schwarber, and I think they count on Castellanos having a big bounce back season, so improved D, other than internal improvement, doesn’t seem to have many avenues to achieve.

        1. Zero chance the Phillies pick up that option. Even if they decide to bring him back, it will be for less $$$ than 17 million.

          I don’t see him returning.

    1. The plan I see for upgrading the defense is through the bench
      Harper back in RF opens it’s up. I don’t see Schwarber, Castellanos or even Hoskins getting traded. I see them counting on the offense through 1-7/8 inings, then defensive replacements like Sosa, carmargo for the late innings.
      The pitching, they are going to build out with SO pitchers in the bullpen. Less chance for errors.
      I see painter in the SR early next year, out of camp as the #5. To get the extra pick. By seasons end, he’s the #3. By next trade deadline the Phillies will have 3-4 SO pitchers, with Alavardo & SIR A. Maybe McGarry is one of them
      With a healed offense. That’s the plan I see. Best chance to win a “chip”. With the DH, you don’t seem to need the “stairs” bar off the Bench. Overload the offense for the 1st 7-8 innings, get the lead, then turn it over to a SO bullpen & defensive replacements.

      Turner would be ideal in many ways, other than the number of years he’s looking for

    1. ciada….are you saying the Phillies restructuring his contract?
      In the NFL their players’ union lets them do it….do they even do that in MLB?

    2. Segura:
      Technically, an MLB player can restructure his contract. However, ….’ the MLB Players’ Association won’t allow a player to restructure his contract unless it is to his benefit.’
      This prevents a player from being forced to accept a cut in pay, a scenario that occasionally faces players in the NFL or NBA. Agent Scott Boras spelled out the risk of a full-scale renegotiation during a 2005 BP chatwhen asked about an NFL player seeing to renegotiate his contract: “‘Renegotiate’ is not in my vocabulary. I advise players to consider all the variables, such as injury vs. improvement, before they sign a contract.
      In other words, the restructured contract would have to pay that player an equal or greater amount of money than his original deal… it will have to remain at least AAV of $17M for 2023…….2024 is where the negotiated contract comes into play…..and then it is under a free agent venue..

  21. I think they keep Hoskins, Harper plays RF, Castellanos is the DH, Schwarber is LF, they sign Turner — they have the room to sign him — and move Stott to 2b. I don’t think they sign an expensive pitcher. I think one or more of Painter, Abel, and McGarry join the rotation in 2023. They might start with Wheeler, Nola, Ranger, Falter, and Plassmeyer (usually the #5 isn’t needed much the first month), with one of Painter/Abel/McGarry joining the rotation by June.

    FWIW, Fangraphs updated its Top 100 prospects. Painter is now #11, Abel is #20. He’s not on the Top 100, but Rojas is ranked #3 on the Phillies’ list, and Crawford is #4.(And FWIW, O’Hoppe is #60 on the Top 100).

    1. If Trea Turner is asking for a 8 year contract, I don’t see how the Phillies will go for that. And Turner plays a physically demanding position. I can see him breaking down in 4 years easy.

      Andrelton Simmons couldn’t hit well but he threw his body around making spectacular plays at SS. In 2021, his hitting declined drastically. Simmons is pretty much finished at age 33.

      Jimmy Rollins had 5.5 WAR at age 29. He averaged 1.8 WAR his next 8 years.

      Even though Kris Bryant is buddies with Harper and share the same agent (Boras), the Phillies stood firm in not giving Bryant 7 years. Colorado gave Bryant 7 years (why, I don’t know) and Bryant gave Colorado 42 games and 0.4 WAR at age 30.

      I think the Phillies will talk to Turner’s agent. But if he’s asking for 7+ years, the Phillies should run (not walk) away from that.

      1. IMO, Turner’s final contract, with whom ever it is, will probably be 6 yrs with the 7th year mutual with the standard buy-out.
        I figure he will start asking for a 7 plus one…….team will counter at 5 plus one….and both settle for 6 plus one.
        The silver lining….his agents are CAA Sports and not the Boras Corp.

  22. I’ve been a Phan for a long time, and I can’t remember a time when the Phillies had two pitching prospects who were both among the Top 20 prospects in the game.

    1. I mentioned a few months ago the Phillies trio of top pitching prospects (Painter/Abel/McGarry) reminds me of what the Pirates had going in 2013-14. They had used high picks picks on Gerritt Cole and Jameson Taillon, and a fifth round selection on Tyler Glasnow. That group was very highly touted. They’ve all had MLB success to different degrees. Most of it with different organizations. Hopefully, the Phillies hit on at least two of their top RHP prospects.

      1. ..I liken it to the Mets in 2013/2014 with Harvey/deGrom/Syndergaard…just hope health does not become a factor with the Phillies trio.

  23. It’s hard for me to see the Cardinals coming back from what happened to them yesterday. They pushed all their chips to the center of the table Friday in an effort to capture game one. That bet failed. Their backs are now against the proverbial wall, and they are without their closer.
    Nola has been dominant this season. Tonight is another chance for him to exercise some more late season demons.

    1. Hinkie… the sayings go…if it gets to their ‘back against the wall’ or ‘all hands on deck’ ….the Cardinals may go with Helsley with a one run lead in the 9th…you know he will want the ball.

    2. Not to be a vocabulary prude, Hinkie & others, but the word is ‘exorcise’ as in exorcist. To exercise demons only makes them stronger🤣

  24. Tonight is a must win, I don’t like the Ranger matchup against STL. Let’s get it done tonight, as we should.

    1. I expect the offense to be a bit more relaxed tonight after that 9th inning yesterday. Expecting 3-4 runs in the first three innings and a great performance from Nola. Phils win 5-2.

  25. I agree with all of you, let’s do it tonight! A Nola gem, and some power resurgence. That combo will work quite well!

  26. I’m going to enjoy this. Hyped for Nola. Just want to enjoy the moment. As a Phillies Phan, I haven’t seen too many playoff games. Same as you guys. My arch has seen 5 out of 36 playoff seasons. I was too young to know what 1980-83 meant. Started watching way too many games from 86’ on. Thank God for steroids because if not for 93’ I’d of had to wait all the way to 07’. When 07’ finally happened, I spent 2x $150 for nosebleeds. Didn’t know at that point if I’d ever see them in the playoffs again. Did get to see Burrell & Rowand go back to back. Back then, that was close to draining the bank account too.
    So seeing Nola go for the knockout tonight…. So pumped. Let’s Gooooooo!!!

  27. Any level of concern with Nola pitching in cold weather tonight? Memories correct his track record is not great.

    1. If he can’t pitch well with temps in the low 50s, with virtually no wind (forecast is for 1-2 mph), he’ll have a hard time being a successful playoff pitcher for the Phillies.

  28. WCP, I expect his adrenaline to make Nola feel like it’s in the 80’s! I believe that he will have a terrific game tonight.

      1. Unless Hoskins gets off the snide his next contract is going similar to the stock market.

        1. Thomson should put Hall on the NLDS roster…..and I have more confidence in Hall to hit RHPs (Wright/Morton/Stride/Anderson) then Rhys….. and the ace lefty Braves have, Max Fried, whose splits are great, irrespective of what side of the plate the batter stands, vs RHBs (231 BA) or LHBs (207 BA)

  29. That Alex Bohm attempted double steal play was the Phillies’ attempt at a Philly Special…

  30. I don’t want to hear anymore negativity about Nola’s late season numbers. He’s been money lately and he’s making himself more money. He’s now entered 5 years, $130M territory.

    1. Agreed Guru. I hope this quiets just doubters. Nola is the man! The Kershaw of September, an unfair exaggerated label.

    2. Oh, it will be more and long than that. Try 6 years and $160-180 million and if he pitches like he has this year, he will be worth it. He’s an ace now folks. He will give them a hometown discount, but they need to get that done asap.

      1. No way the Phillies will offer $30M AAV over 6 yrs ($180M)
        More like $25/.26M AAV…..6/$155M

        1. I say Nola commands (no pun intended) 6@$150+M, and the Phillies give it to him. Assuming they say goodbye to Segura if only to accommodate such larger contracts, then Stott moves to 2b. Despite the previous speculation/chatter that Turner or Bogie will be targeted, they may opt for a glove first SS and allow the rest of the lineup to provide the thunder. However, I still say Dombrowski splashes big in the off season. Extending Nola and signing a big ticket SS suits his historical M.O. And some of the redundant talent (abundance of DHs) will be excised via the trade market. And I like the idea of giving Johan Rojas the opportunity to phase in CF along with Marsh, who may see more RF if Harper is limited to LF, and/or they shift Schwarber and Castellanos to 1b/DH. Gonna be interesting…

          1. Yeah seems to be a direction that Dombrowski can go.
            I guess the word is out that Stott appears to be the 2B man of the future….caught me by surprise, even ARod put it out there last night…normally you do not hear that sort of future stuff from game analyst.
            When Domdrowski mentioned it last week with TMac, I thought it was just something in the back of his mind….I guess it will be in the front come spring.

        2. Agree with Romus. If 29 YO Aaron Nola is getting a new deal from Dombrowski a year before he’s due, the Phillies are not giving him 6/180M. 5/120M sounds more likely.
          LOL, catch. It seems like just yesterday you and I were disagreeing on the size of Nola’s first LTX. You went way high on that one also. A lot of it has to do with the player (especially a pitcher) signing early. They are giving up some money in return for insurance against an arm injury that could derail a LTX.

          1. I’ve been a big fan of Nola. I believe there is an argument that he’s an Ace. The only thing I want to see from him to fill sign off on that is pitching on short rest. That’s to me has been his weakness. That’s said, I’d still sign him to ace level money. Not many pitchers like him become available. Partner him Wheeler and what we expect Painter to be. That absolutely checks off the SP for this window.

  31. Why have review if they don’t the call right on a very clear play? Even the national announcers were saying Harper was safe.

    1. Yes, he was safe. Bad base running decision but best he’s looked swinging the bat in a month.

  32. Great Pitching! Harper HR!! I am thrilled!!! Hoskins and Castellanos with some of the worst ABs you will ever see, and we still won!! Wheeler, Nola, BP, Alex Bohm’s defense! We paid them back for 2011, and we can beat the Braves! Also, I cannot stand listening to ARod, just saying!

  33. Wheeler and Nola! We knew they could be a great 1-2 in the playoffs and they were! 13 shutout innings! Bam Bam!

    And SerA’s strong performance may become huge for his confidence and a stronger bullpen for next round!

  34. We thought we could beat St.Louis with Wheeler and Nola. We beat an historical 93 -0 Cards record in game 1, with BBs, snd HBP, and hits that looked like outs, then a Harper bomb, more great pitching and outstanding D to win game 2. Big contributions from Sosa snd Elflin, who came off IL, Ser’A, who also had health issues, and Alvarado who got sent to AAA, gave up a HR in game 1, and was terrific today. I just love this!!

  35. This might spark something, let’s go!!

    Castellanos needs to get his stuff together, he looks awful at the plate and on the field, maybe Vierling might be a better option at least late in games.

    Marsh has been improving and showing more power. 👀

  36. After 2011, I’m ecstatic that the Phillies …. Behind Nola, Harper, send Sir A .. could put the dagger in Albert, Molina, and Wainwright’s careers … in such a painful fashion.

  37. Things I liked / didn’t like:

    – Alec Bohm. He had a great series both offensively and defensively. He absolutely needs to be moved up in the lineup. At a minimum above Castellanos. People think I am a “hater”. I just call it like I see it. When he is bad I say so and when he is good I say so. He was very good this series.
    – Harper’s leadership. I have no insight how he acts in the clubhouse. But his actions spoke volumes this series. I agree with the speculation that he isn’t 100% healthy. But he grinded out good ABs in game 1 and took a big walk in the 9th. And hit the big shot in game 2. Obviously wish he wasn’t called out at second (he was safe btw) but I like the aggressiveness.
    – Nola was exceptional. Truly elite. His off-speed was unhitable. The only mistake he made was throwing Dickerson a fastball in his last batter. I would have thrown a curve and dare him to hit it. Dickerson is a good fastball hitter.
    – Wheeler was special too. So good. Best 1&2 in baseball.
    – Managerial decision. I thought RT made several good decisions in game 1. Pinch running Sosa got us 2 runs. And I thought his bullpen usage in both games were great too.
    – The kids. Specifically Stott and Marsh have both looked like they belonged. Both playing playoff caliber baseball.

    Things I don’t like:
    – Eflin is not a closer. He has never had a put away pitch. He escaped last night but I do not have confidence in him in that role. I would use Robertson.
    – Time to take the kid gloves off with Castellanos. He has been horrible. His inability to get JT home with 1 out in the 6th is inexcusable. Just a poor at bat in a big spot. His defense is atrocious. At a minimum I move him down below Bohm and Marsh. But I would strongly consider benching him for Vierling in the Braves series.

    What do you guys like/dislike?

    1. Disliked: ARod in the booth. Got so many things wrong (Kevin Stockman instead of Stocker & John Middlebrooks instead of Mddleton for example).

      Liked: Everything v1 posted above

      Loved: the clubhouse celebration

      Sort of like: Their chances vs Atlanta. Hoping the week off may have cooled down the Braves while the Phillies ride the wave of momentum.

      1. Also (not gonna lie) was not a fan of Thomson’s decision to bring in Ser-Ant’ny to face Albert Pujols. Told my wife I felt the moment (facing a guy who is probably his boyhood idol) might have been too big for him. But I loved the way he rebounded with Ks of Goldschidt (mucho gracias for swinging at ball four) and Arenado. That’s the kind of thing that could do wonders to reinvigorate his confidence. Could really use him back to his old self closing out games.

        1. Yeah Hinkie…Seranthony needed those two Ks to restore the confidence, if it had waned during that stretch last month.
          The BP does look strong going into Atlanta.
          Though Braves batters ,thru the length of their lineup, could cause Eflin problems if Thomson decides to continue to use him at the end.

    2. Liked:
      Bohm is showing more confidence in trying to drive more pitches and no just slapping hits to right-center.
      Best swings in game 2 Harper has had in awhile.
      Marsh having some good at-bats off of lefty pitchers
      Wheeler/Nola both embracing playoff baseball.
      Nice job playing small ball getting runners to 3rd(see below)

      Didn’t like:
      Need to be better getting runners in from 3rd base after doing the work to get them there.
      Hoskins/ Castellanos need to hit the lefties at least. Bad at bats by both of them.
      Eflin isn’t a closer and it’s going to bite them

    3. Agree on Eflin. While he may have the mental piece, you need that ‘philthy’ out pitch. Both games he threw 20+, not sustainable.

      ARod is a enigma, wrapped in a matrix.

  38. Romus – When I wrote that maybe Segura would sign for 2 and $24M, I should have included that he would get his buyout, go to free agency, and then perhaps accept the amount I wrote and resign with the Phillies. I really don’t see him getting much more on the open market but then again, I may be wrong (which oft times I am).

    1. ciada…….got it now.
      And agree……I do not see him getting the same deal he got with Seattle which the Phillies eventually inherited.

      How about a little irony……Segura and JPC…two principles in the Dec 2018 trade….both first-timers in play-offs, came up big this weekend for their clubs.

      1. I caught the Seattle game, Crawford looked really good imo. Not a superstar, but a star. Looked poised at the plate, gg shortstop, and a leader. Years later, it’s hard to tell who really won that trade. I’m going to say Seattle . Phils wanted segura to speed up the rebuild, but honestly they could have easily kept Crawford and been in the same position. Minus the 9th inning hit of GM1, id of taken Crawford over segura almost every time. Good for him. He’s fulfilling that potential. I will say, Crawford likely benefits from then acceptance of lower BA, than 20 years ago. The Mendoza line doesn’t seem to bother anyone anymore

        1. When the trade happened, I had no issues with it. Crawford was coming off 0.2 WAR at age 23 and I don’t think anybody here was saying that Crawford was a foundation piece. Compare that to a 24 year old Stott (who delivered 1.3 WAR) and who everybody thinks can be starter level. If Crawford finally delivered on his potential, good for him.

          I don’t really care about who won/lost the trade because it’s all hindsight. The Phillies can just as easily “lose” their next 5 trades or “win” them. Nobody knows. All I care about was was it fair when it happened. And for the Crawford trade, I thnk it was. Segura was a solid player.

  39. I too agree with many of the likes and dislikes of v1. I get the ARod critics but like I heard on the radio on Friday the ONE big thing missing in the playoffs is the local announcers who know the team and players. Alex does not like most others know the Phillies or the Cards for that matter. Guys on the radio think that might be an area addressed by MLB going forward.
    How about this for the new playoff format. There were multiple things take place in the 1st two days that had never happened before.
    1. Phillies 9th inning.
    2. Guardians vs Rays scoreless 14 innings.
    3. Mariners 7 run comeback.
    4. Mad Max giving up 4 HRs in a game. Not sure if that is a 1st ever by a starter.

    I liked that ARod spoke of the old school style of play needed to win in October. He referenced that it is not the current style of play. I liked bunting and moving the runners up. We need guys who can get them in. I like putting as much pressure on the opposing pitcher and defense as possible.

    Concerns. Phillies are 2-0 but only scored in 3 of 18 innings. Also going back, the last 5 games Phillies have only scored 13 runs and 6 were in the 9th inning of game 1. That is a concern to me. Phillies have too many 0fers in the lineup. Not thrilled with batting order but probably no change coming. I could see several places that could be tweaked that might help but doubt any occur. We all know the Braves are going to score some runs in the next series. I am concerned if the Phillies can do the same.

    They have done great so far but like v1 I like to simply mention what I see on the field or do not see. I think Eflin is the closer at the moment. I thought of v1 comments of no out pitch on 1st 2 guys with 2 strikes and also on Edman but we got the out. One of the announcers mentioned Eflin is a strike thrower. I agree and that is why we probably will not see Robertson in that role. Too wild.

    Let’s take a couple days off and get ready for the Braves. This is a question for anyone. Is the NLDS a 2-2-1 format or 2=3? I was thinking the 1st.

    One last thing that came to me was the ghost runner in like the 12th inning of the Rays/Guardinans. Where else is there a rule that is in place all season and goes away in the playoffs. Strange. Romus…maybe shift ban and time clock will as well next playoff season. Hmm.

    1. NHL does the same thing with the shootout. It goes away in the playoffs, as it should.

      Eflin shouldn’t be the closer. It’s asking for trouble when he’s featuring a low-90s fastball and not much else. If he was bringing his best stuff it would be different but his arm isn’t acclimated to that role. Dominguez/Alvarado/Robertson is the group they need to lean on, and mix in the rest by matchups.

      Offense is a concern but shuffling the batting order isn’t going to do much. They need their best hitters to get hot.

  40. Eflin probably shouldn’t be the closer but he’s very calm on the mound, obviously has an assortment of pitches that most closers don’t bring to the table, and the big thing: he doesn’t walk a lot of guys which is crucial in the playoffs. Looks like Eflin is the guy for now and we’ll see what happens.

    1. Big issue with Seranthony losing confidence/command or whatever ever is happening with him right now. Give them the mid-season version closing game and suddenly the back of the pen is looking much better.

  41. Looking over the celebration photos/videos and happy to see that Guthrie/Hall/Nelson are part of the celebrations. I think I saw Knebel celebrating too on Monday. Did anybody see Munoz or Sanchez? They deserve to whoop it up too.

  42. Piggybacking on earlier points:

    Sir A strikeout the leagues 2 MVP candidates. Huge. He is the closer to me. Topper managed to matchups, not innings. Alvarado & Sir A are his best arms. He knows it. Efflin is not the closer imo, but a solid arm. He’s more the traditional 7th inning guy. Still need him, he got the job done, but he really needs an out pitch to be fully trusted in that spot. Kudos for him stepping up.
    I still believe Harper is hurt, even with the homer. What I did like about his hr, was that his front door was planted, and had he enough strength to smash the ball. I haven’t seen that swing on a fast ball. I thinks the issue. He can’t drive fastballs right now. I hope I’m wrong, but I’d throw him a lot of heat right now if I was trying to get him out. Dare him to get a hold of it
    On castellanos… I can’t believe the type of season he is having. It is so far off his career norms. He looks lost. I’m really hoping he can figure something out on this off day. I expect him to bounce back, but the Phillies really need him to beat the Braves.

    To win the series
    They need and three of Harper, Hoskins, schwarber, Realmuto, and castellanos to be on per game

    Wheeler & Nola need to be themselves, with Sir A l, Alvarado l, an d Robertson having the shutdown stuff.

    If they do that, they can pull off the upset in a 5 GM series. Braves should win but Phils have a good shot to knock them off

  43. Good stuff,v1. I loved Bohm’s D yesterday, and the way he played both games. His catch against the netting in game 1 was not too shabby, either. Liked our 2 SPs, both with great games. Liked Sosa’s effort scoring in game 1. Loced beating the Cards, and getting some payback for ‘11. Didn’t like the way Hoskins snd Castellanos approached their ABs. Yesterday, low scoring game, runners in scoring position, Hoskins takes the 1st pitch right over the plate. I need him yo be aggressive and smack that pitch, not look at it. Then he struck out, of course on a breaking pitch that wasn’t a strike. He has to see that 1st pitch and knock home those runners. And, I didn’t like anything about Castellanos. He doesn’t appear to be balanced or comfortable or really being to identify what they are throwing him. Overall, so much fun, I thought we matched up with St. Louis, but couldn’t have predicted the way we won! Small ball and terrific Bohm defense, only 1 HR, the Cards Closer melting down, just awesome!

  44. If anyone missed game, it is on MLB Network now. Phils up 1-0. I think that may hold up. Less stress watching now.

  45. So the rotation for Atlanta is Ranger Tues., Wheeler Wed. (on normal 4 days rest), Nola Fri (on 5 days rest, which is great for him), ?? on Saturday (I’m assuming Falter), and then Game 5 on Sunday is either Ranger on normal rest or Wheeler on short rest.

    It almost goes without saying that Ranger’s game 1 start is huge. Win that game and then have Wheeler and Nola going in the next two games . . .

    1. Not sure if it is good or bad…Ranger last pitched on Oct 4th vs ‘Stroa… he will have 6 days rest.
      For a veteran that may be a good thing…not sure how a younger guy handles it. Hope it is a good thing for him and comes out strong.

  46. Grateful the Phils wrapped up the series last night. My friend is getting married in a couple hours and I didn’t wanna stress about it at the reception haha.

    On another note, I’m glad Vierling is getting some play time. He’s been a trooper for us, and while he’s obviously not setting the world on fire he’s at least been extremely good at putting the ball in play (as well as playing okay defense). With that in mind… it’s time to stop taking away Marsh’s playing time for him. Marsh has been excellent for us. He’s got a .288/.319/.455 slash (114 wRC+) since the trade. And his defense has been excellent.

    Keep Marsh on the field and start sitting Castellanos. It’s way past time. He’s not hitting, he’s not walking, and he’s DEFINITELY not playing good defense. And while Vierling probably won’t be an upgrade offensively, he’s at least more likely to not hit into a double play and to score a guy on 3rd with less than two outs. Plus, he’s actually been very good in RF in his limited time there this year.

  47. Now that the euphoria of the St. Louis win has waned and we have glossed over the deficiencies of this team, what are we going to do about the bats. The last two games our 1rst 5 bats are a combined 3 for 36. Our pitching has carried us. Unreasonable to expect that we can prevail if our bats continue this way. Thankfully the kids are bailing us out.

    1. Time to reshuffle the lineup….draw them out of a hat….some manager did that one time…I cannot recall who it was now.

        1. Skeet….here it is:
          “Throwback Thursday: Billy Martin Picks the New York Yankees’ Lineup Out of a Hat. During the 1977 Major League Baseball season, New York Yankees manager Billy Martin jumpstarted his struggling team by literally picking his batting order out of a hat”

  48. Seriously, Tuesday’s game is at 1:07pm? MLB does know that some Phillies’ fans work right?

  49. Wow, Joe Musgrove is throwing the heck out of the ball and Buck Showalter calls the umpire over to check him for foreign substances! Musgrove took off his cap and the umpire checked both his ears! Crazy. Once the umpires found nothing, Machado was chuckling but Musgrove looked like he would shoot lasers out of his eyes.

    1. An odd moment came in the bottom of the sixth inning when Mets manager Buck Showalter requested a substance check on Musgrove as pictures circulated online of the Padres starter’s ear appearing to shine. Umpires subsequently dug their fingers inside and around Musgrove’s ear, but did not find anything violating rules.

    1. I loathe the Mets, and am happy that they are out. To add insult to injury, the Mets will have their own offseason issues:

      Jacob deGrom (age 34) can (and should) opt out
      Carlos Carrasco (age 35) has a $14M club option that should be picked up but his highest WAR season the last 4 years is 1.5
      Edwin Diaz is a FA
      Chris Bassitt has a $19M mutual option in a year where he posted 3.2 WAR, he could opt out.
      Taijuan Walker will most certainly decline his player option after posting 2.6 WAR
      Trevor May is a FA
      Brandon Nimmo is a FA

      They could potentially lose 4 starters, their closer and their star CF!

        1. Wonder what the asking price (AAV and Years) for Edwin Diaz will be in the free agent market?

          1. Someone will pay 5/100. That is the way the market is trending along with a larger salary cap. With relievers, I never feel comfortable with years but twist my arm and I would give him 4. I don’t think he should be on the Phillies’ radar. They need to allocate their money in a starting pitcher and SS

            1. Right now R. Iglesias ($14.5M AAV)and A. Chapman ($16M AAV)….and both over 30 years old…… have the largest relief pitcher contracts.
              I think a team can get him for 4yrs /$64M.
              And with Falter, Plassmeyer, McGarry, and Painter all probably pushing the envelop next season to solidifying themselves somewhere in the rotation, and not mention what Dombrowski will do with Eflin and Gibson…I would go with a closer like Diaz.

  50. Start of the work week for me…. And I have an interesting conversation to continue with one specific coworker. He has to be a cardinals fan. He was “chirping” … the last I spoke with this was before the 9th inning of GM1 🙂

  51. LOL @ Keith Hernandez. His Mets always seem to disappoint. As far as fundamentally and defensively. the Mets have always been not up to it.


    And how do you think Steve Cohen prioritizes the NY FA class? Who gets (re)signed?
    Jacob deGromm
    Chris Bassitt
    Carlos Carrasco
    Taijuan Walker
    Edwin Diaz
    Trevor May
    Seth Lugo
    Brandon Nimmo
    Aaron Judge

    1. That’s a lot players. I think he runs it back, while trying to add. Stupid money style. He’s pissed right now.
      Degrom for sure,#1, Nimmo #2, Diaz, bassit .

      I don’t see anyone being successful in getting Judge. With His career aspirations, he has to do it in a Yankees uniform now. He’s tied to their history, which is saying something. This is one of the rare times money won’t be the final decision. It will have to Be close, but the Yankees don’t need to offer the most for him to resign. The yanks will be close enough imo. No need to worry about him going to the Mets

      1. I don’t think Cohen will run it all back, the team salaries would approach $310M+, which could be close to the all time record set by the Dodgers. Mets are scheduled to pay almost $30M in tax this season. Did not know that the Mets (like the Dodgers) will also have their 1st round pick be 10 spots lower. Mets (like the Dodgers) wil also be getting less benefits from losing QO players and stiffer penalties for signing QO players.

        Cohen has already previously mentioned that he will not go over $300M.

        1. When I think about Steve Cohen spending a lot of money and perhaps even losing a good amount money some years (which I doubt anyway), I think about that great scene in Citizen Kane where he is hiring away all the best writers and columnists and paying them a lot of money and someone says he lost a million dollars last year (which is like 21 million dollars now) and he admits that he did and that he will lose a million the next year and, at that rate, he would have to close the newspaper down . . . in 60 years.

  52. On the likes/dislikes:

    Dislike/Castellanos – still scratching my head at how bad of a season he is having compared to his career avg. He is way down. I gotta believe he improves next year. I hope he’s in the cage today trying to figure things out. To beat the braves, the Phillies need 3 of schwarber, Harper, realmuto, Hoskins, and castellanos firing, with the other guys contributing.

    Like/Nola – I’ve been a big fan from the get go. I’ve argued he is an Ace, but always allowed to consider him a #2. The only thing that ever concerned me about Nola was his pitching performances on short rest. I still have that concern, and how that plays in the playoffs. That said, I still give him the contract extension now. He should have erased enough doubt, that you ride with him. Hopefully he wants to resign/extend. With wheeler, and painter emerging, I love the SR advantage

    Defense – dislike – Bohm had a nice series. But what concerns me is the play arenado made on the bunt down the 3rd base line. Not a knock on bohm but I have a hard time seeing him make that play. That’s a playoff baseball play. I also wonder about the ball castellanos chased down in the corner, that went foul. If a better defender might’ve been able to make that play, sliding catch style. It’s a tough play, but those are playoff baseball plays. Now, I get how the team is constructed, so the offense needs to start putting up crooked numbers to overcome what could be considered an extra out.

    If the Phils play 85% of their ability, they can beat the braves, won’t be easy m, but they are capable of beating them, but they will have to be on. Cardinals were the worst team in the NL, imo. All uphill from here.

  53. Few things.
    I am glad some have listed the Mets FAs. Big group.
    What is the saying? Money cannot buy everything or was it a WS? LOL

    Two more 1st last night. MLB must be really pleased with how these WC games have gone so far. 1. 1st starting pitcher to go 7+ innings in a winner take all giving up only 1 hit or less. 2. 1st time in I think they said 127 winners take all games team only got 1 hit in the game. Yeah Mets.

    Also, I think games with San Diego are 7 inning games. I think the 8th and 9th are locked down pretty well. Strike throwers at 100 mph. Wow wow. v1 a little difference with Hader closing vs Eflin. But let’s hope Zack keeps getting it done.

    I am hoping Phillies can steal game 1 somehow with Ranger. That would be great. Then have Wheeler and Nola for games 2 and 3. If the Phillies can at least manage a split in Atlanta I think they have a decent shot at the series. I do not think they can go down 2-0 and come back.

    Hope everyone has a great week. We are taking the kids and grandkids to Disney World on Thursday for 6 days.

    1. Don …if it does get to a 5th games……there is no travel day after the 4th game in Philly….so it will be on Sunday the 16th in Atlanta.
      Both Wheeler and Nola will not have their normal days rest.
      Thomson may have to do some juggling if it does come down to game 5.

      1. Romus…hoping Phillies can sneak out series in 4. I heard last night there is no 2nd off day for NLDS. ALDS does have 2nd off day.
        Maybe I could slip up from Orlando to catch game 5. LOL.

    2. Don, I haven’t been to Disney for awhile, but depending on your kids age, there is a restaurant called

      “Coral reef”, I believe it’s the magic kindom. It’s at least 35 years old. Pretty cool to eat & next to the massive “fish bowl”. I’m sure it’s pricey, check it out, probably need a reservation to get next to the glass

    3. Have fun with the family. You might run into my buddy and his new wife on their “honeymoon” (they want to go on a different one after his deployment).

      In regards to San Diego’s back of the bullpen, Hader has had a pretty rough year. But if he’s righted the ship, he’s the best in the business. Still, the difference between their best and ours isn’t as big as I would have thought. Hader has a career 2.73 FIP while Alvarado is sitting on a 3.19 and Seranthony sports a 3.15.

      Robertson actually also has a 2.92, but it feels disingenuous to use a career average for a 37 year old while the other 3 are in their prime.

      1. Thanks guys. I am sure it will be a fun time. Grandkids range from 16 to 1. Big gap. It seems now that everything has to be signed up for in advance now so we will see. My wife and the ladies have been working on that.
        I will mention that to them about the Coral Reef. I think went there about 10 years ago when we were there. It was the grandson who plays baseball birthday. He will be 16 tomorrow. One day before we go this time.

        We are staying at Contemporay. Guess it is across from Magic Kingdom.
        It is one of the Disney hotels. Guess the monorail goes through it.

  54. Romus………. I went through the methodology AKA (Billy Martin)! The batting order is:

    JT Realmuto
    Alec Bohm

    There you go, actually might work!😎

    1. I came up with….not good


    2. That was pretty fun coffee break from work. I did it too and got:


      I wouldn’t mind giving this lineup a try. The only switch I would make is having Castellanos break up the two lefties at the end (or rather have Marsh break up the two righties currently in 6-7).

      1. Right now the Analytic Group is standing on the 59th floor of the Comcast Technology Center saying………”oh crap, they figured out how we do it”! We are finished.

      2. This is definitely the winner. I think this line-up would score more runs than our current line-up. Schwarber and Hoskins actually in a position to drive in runs and the line-up has a pretty nice lefty-righty set up.

  55. You can’t continue in the playoffs scoring just two runs. The big guns must wake up- all of them. If Castellanus remains silent in game 1, I agree it’s time for Vierling..

  56. I don’t as thinking of going to the game Friday, then I saw the prices. Daaaamn. It would be pretty close to a $750 day – 2 tickets, parking, some food, and the rest on beer. To be honest … that could easily reach $900. Depending on the game, would need a baby sitter …

    Lol might have to go solo – SRO. Not sure if my drunk fat ass could stand that long these days 🙂

  57. Thomson gets 2 year extension, Interim no longer. Good for him. First day they could do it, right after the Wild Card Series’ ended.

  58. Talked to my buddy, the Blue Jays fan, about what the team will do with their top prospect, catcher Gabriel Moreno. Moreno is blocked by both Casey Jansen (27, 2.9 WAR) and Alejandro Kirk (23, 3.9 WAR). He says Moreno will no doubt be headed back to AAA. But he also said something interesting, that most MLB teams either have a decent catcher or their own catching prospect. He doesn’t feel that the Blue Jays will get full value back in a trade because of this.

    Perhaps this is why when the Phillies dangled O’Hoppe, nobody was really willing to give anything significant.

    1. Marsh was a top 100 prospect…two years running…three by BP
      Not sure I would consider him nobody of any significance.
      Prospect Rankings
      Baseball America
      Pre-2020 #43……..Pre-2021 #38

      Major League Baseball
      Pre-2020 #79……..Pre-2021 #53
      Prospect ratings from Jonathan Mayo of

      Baseball Prospectus
      Pre-2019 #94…..Pre-2020 #51………..Pre-2021 #44

      1. No doubt that Marsh was a former top prospect, but it goes out the window once he hits the bigs. In parts of 2 seasons (or the equivalent of 1 whole season), Marsh had a .653 OPS, 0.9 total WAR for the Angels. Was it too early for the Angels to give up on Marsh? Yes. But you can argue that the odds were leaning toward Marsh busting than breaking out. In my opinion, the Phillies overpaid (but not by much) for Marsh because the Angels had no reason to trade him just yet. Marsh wasn’t arbitration eligible until 2025 and he at least had a reliable glove in CF. The Angels were willing to wait for Marsh to break out.

        DD already mentioned that nobody was willing to give starting pitching for O’Hoppe. DD took a shot with Marsh, hoping that the staff could turn his bat around. And to the benefit of the Phillies, it looks like it has.

        1. So I guess we can come back and say next year or the following when O’Hoppe struggles vs MLB pitching that the Angels got snookered?

          I am being facetious a bit, but in reality a trade cannot be judged this early on…..but right now Marsh as a Phillie alone….has been a 0.9 WAR player in 41 games, (138 PAs) and for a guy with such a limited and shortened period of time in the majors is a plus.

          IMO, the trade will work out for both teams….filling needs that they had.

          1. To be honest, I don’t care what happens to O’Hoppe. He’s not a Phillie anymore so good luck to him for the Angels. Judging trades is not my thing, and I think trying to fleece other teams is not the way to manage a team.

            Phillies wanted a young and talented CF, and they had to give up O’Hoppe. It’s done. I’m moving on, I’m rooting for Marsh to help the Phillies win a title, regardless of what happens with O’Hoppe.

            1. I already mentioned that the Phillies overpaid by a little, and perhaps I may need to reevaluate the trade value of catching prospects in the future.

  59. Not to crap on the fun of post-season baseball, but had a thought about 2023 Phillies,

    Rather than chasing one of the ss options, maybe pursue Arenado to play 3b after he opts out of his deal with STL and move Bohm to 1st. They can then use some combination of Stott/Sosa/Maton to cover ss/2b and vastly improve the infield defense.

    Move would be revenue neutral by combining Hoskins/Segura money on deal for Arnaudo and offensive would at least be neutral (probably slightly better) between Arnaudo/Sosa and Hoskins/Segura.

    Defense would be significantly better at 3b, SS (Sosa is better defensive vs. Stott), 2b would be a push between Stott/Segura and I think Bohm would be better defensively than Hoskins (Better athlete).

    Can then hope that Harper can return to OF and Castellanos is the DH.

    1. Wow…32-year old Arenado’s five years and $144 million contract left over….is just the starting number for him….so he may be looking for 5yrs or more @ $32/33M AAV……that is a big hiccup on the salary table.

      1. I’m enjoying the playoffs, but to throw some early thoughts out. ImThis team needs another SP. I think they should sign a #5 or nobody. That #5 could be Efflin on a team friendly deal. One of the young guns needs to come up and produce. If they feel they can get Verlander. Okay, but think the money is better spread out. They have enough stars. They just need to play like it. Harper needs to heal, so he can play RF, and it eliminates a lot of current problems. Beef up that bullpen, and watch out. The defense is a concern, and love to improve it with everyday players, but I see that coming more from the bench

        First 6-7 innings
        -Use your SR advantage with a top offense, should make up for errors
        8/9 – defensive replacements in, with a 4 head bullpen monster. 3 guys throwing 100mph.

        Wheeler, Nola, Painter – that’s the window imo
        With – Sir A, Alvarado, McGarry?, Robertson, and .. Diaz or traded closer

        1. For the first time ever, the Phillies have elite pitching that are close to the bigs (Painter, Abel, McGarry). They even have some live bullpen arms too that are close: Miller, Baker. I expect these players to show what they got in ST.

          If the Phillies don’t sign a FA starting pitcher, then you’ll know that the Phillies think somebody is close.

          And BTW, Nola is a FA after 2023.

          1. I’m betting Nola signs an extension this winter. And I do think the team expects at least one of their elite pitching prospects to be a force by the end of next year and form a formidable post-season rotation with Nola, Wheeler, Suarez (or Falter). That said, I expect Segura to be gone, and one big FA signing (Turner is literally perfect) along with a solid-mid rotation piece on a 1-2 year deal, which could be Zach Eflin on a re-structured deal (they won’t exercise his $15 million option – it’s too expensive), or a guy like Taijuan Walker.

            Next year, Nick Maton develops into a supersub (Ben Zobrist light), providing good fielding all over the diamond and some unexpected power and getting plenty of ABs. Stott settles in as the second baseman of the future.

            1. I expect Hoskins to be traded… v1 suggested …hope it is Houston for a controlled pitcher like Luis Garcia. Hoskins would look good in Minute Maid with the short Crawford boxes staring at him.
              And if Belt leaves SF….also look for Hoskins to be a candidate to be dealt to the Giants. I am sure he and his wife will not be upset and would like that…going home to family to finish out career.

            2. If Trea Turner wants a 7-8 year deal, he’s not coming to Philly. 6 year deal max.

              Walker and Eflin want multiyear deals. I think other teams will give them more years (and more money) than what the Phillies will be willing to offer.

              If Maton is the supersub, what happens with Sosa?

      2. Arenado’s deal is odd because with the trade to STL it now includes a bunch of deferred money spread out over many years after he will be done playing.

        Thinking he may not be looking for more $$$ but rather the opportunity to get that same amount of money sooner. Maybe a 6 year-$150 gets you to $25 million aav and he gets all of the cash by 2029 vs. waiting another decade

          1. Yes, always a risk with players over 30 aging badly. Same risk exists with the FA Ss options and FA starting pitchers.

            1. Well according to the tone Saturday in the locker room after elimination…he talked about meeting up with the players in the off-season and prepping for ST in Jupiter…..perhaps he will change his mind in the next 4 weeks.

            2. Could be that he stays but I rarely believe anything a player says immediately after the end of season. Give him a few weeks to think about the options and the decision might change.

          2. Jacob deGrom has already indicated that he will opt out, so hard to believe that Arenado won’t do the same after posting the best WAR season of his career (7.9). This will put St. Louis in a bind because historically, they don’t usually give large contracts. They tried to give Pujols $200M and Pujols went to the Angels for $254M. In hindsight, that worked out great for the Cardinals because Pujols ended up delivering only 13 WAR for his next 10 years so they dodged a real bullet. And it explains why the Angels perennially miss the playoffs.

            This could be really dicey for St. Louis. A reasonable comp for Arenado is Scott Rolen. Starting at age 32, Rolen played 6 more seasons. His total WAR during that time was 16.7. It’s not bad, but you’re expecting much more than that from Arenado if you’re giving him $30M+ per season. I think Arenado will get something like 7 years, $210M. If St. Louis is smart, they should let him walk. Let Texas give him that money.

            1. Does sounds like he is staying put in St Louis:
              Jeff Jones
              Nolan Arenado was making plans to meet teammates in Jupiter early next year and working on ways to stay in touch for off-season work as the clubhouse emptied tonight. Not the behavior of someone planning to leave. 1:06 AM · Oct 9, 2022 ·Twitter for iPhone

          3. My guess is that the Cardinals will tack on one year to his current contract in exchange for removing the opt out. Standard operating procedure for a player of Arenado’s caliber. Little to no chance he becomes a free agent. I’m sure his agents would prefer he made more of an effort to look like he’s leaving. It would make the extra year easier to negotiate but they’ll get it done.

  60. I simply can’t see Arenado playing anywhere else but St. Louis. He clearly loves the team and the town. I imagine he would opt out and sign for a modest increase but he probably isn’t even looking for it. Not that I am speculating but I have seen it written over the course of this year.

    1. Agree, he seems very happy there. Plus he also appears to be a very loyal guy. People forget that the only reason he’s not still in Colorado is because he explicitly said he felt disrespected by people in the organization. But he never even went to arbitration, let alone free agency.

      He genuinely seems like a guy that just wants to go out and help his team win. Obviously he wants fair compensation, but I see no indication that he’s interesting in getting every last dollar he can.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cards tack on an extra year to reward him. But likewise I wouldn’t be shocked if he simply just doesn’t opt out. I really don’t see any other teams getting involved, though.

  61. With the trade of O’Hoppe for Marsh I believe DD’s focus was on fixing the fielding in CF now so the team could do better down the stretch and “maybe” make the playoffs. I submit the trade was about fixing a “now” problem with Marsh being a very acceptable current plug-in. I also think DD would say Marsh has enough of a future that he is viable going forward. To Guru’s point above, it will take years to determine who got the best of the trade – in the interim, Marsh has hit well and fielded well enough to repair that gaping hole in CF. As much as Vierling has endeared himself he is still not a GG fielder – whereas Marsh has that capability. Having an AS minor league catcher and Keith Law’s favorite minor league player of ’22 does nothing for a Phillies team today that is primed to advance to something other than an also ran. Sometimes you have to give up something to get a need filled. Will we miss Logan – clearly, yes as many readers talk about him. Would he have hit that chopping single in game 1 past Arenado to score another run – no.

    1. I agree. I still like the trade. Knapp also put up big AA numbers but it never translated in Philly. CF’s Rojas and Muzziotti still seem a long way from hitting big league pitching and we have catching prospects like Rickardo Perez. JT is locked up for 3 more seasons. And Marsh brings energy and attitude, which the Phils badly needed.

  62. 😁😂🤣

  63. Sitting here trying to decide who I want the Phillies to play in the World Series; thinking Cleveland. Want to squash Francona.

    1. From this point forward, the Phillies are playing with house money. No expectations – just a joy ride.

    1. Rojas had his chance to be a fast riser but now he’ll need some injuries in order to get playing time in the OF.

      Rojas (still only 22) will likely start at Lehigh and stay there most of the year barring injuries. I doubt any team will give full trade value for him so I think the Phillies will just hold onto him and see what happens.

      1. When I saw Rojas this year at LKW they had him playing RF. One would assume he can play all 3 OF positions.

        It could be one of those so called good problems to have!

        1. With Rojas I am looking at two things. First, can he draw a sufficient number of walks – critical for him to get on base to use his speed and not to swing at bad pitches. Two, is his hit tool developing. If Rojas can hit and get on base, I think the power will come and we already know he has elite speed and fielding capabilities. But he’s got to hit and get on base to make all those tools work.

          1. Rojas’ career BB rate of 7% is above the normal BB rate for the average Latin player, and at the higher level of both Jersey Shore and Reading last season, climbed up to almost 8%…..that should be no problem for him…he adjusts well. And all this for a guy who typically use to go O-Zone often early on his minor league career.

            1. Latin player or not, 8% is okay, but nothing great – it would be helpful if it were above 10% if he’s going to make a living stealing bases (which he might!). If he hits .235 with little power and an 8% walk rate, defense aside, that’s not a major league starter.

            2. I should have said “even taking into account his great defense” not “defense aside”.

    2. Nice work from the yutes!

      I’ll be hoping for a Phillies Astro’s WS. Then I can’t really lose. I said it last year and it still holds that Dusty Baker is one of the greats and I would be happy to see him finally get a WS Ring.

      Even if it had to be against us…

      I consider my work from home situation a blessing and a curse. I will be able to see today’s game but will I want too lol. I’m too old (I think) for the stress of some of these games.

  64. Before the game today. So, no one needs to scroll back
    I mentioned Disney earlier. We are there Thursday thru Tuesday.
    Staying at Contemporay Hotel. Accross form Magic Kingdom.
    Coral Reef was mentioned. We went to the Rain Forest last time for grandson birthday. Grandkids range from 16-1. The 1 was last week. 16 is tomorrow. Other 2 are 8 and 12.
    Here are sites and restaurants.
    Thursday. Cape May Cafe. At Beach Club Resort.
    Friday. Magic Kingdom. Food. Be Our Guest. Fantasyland.
    Saturday. Animal Kingdom. Food. Tusker House. Haramby Village Africa.
    Sunday. Hollywood Studios. Food. Prime Time Cafe. Echolake.
    Monday. Epcot. Halloween Party after 4. Food Via Napoli Pizzaria Restorante.
    Tueday. Back home. Hope Philie’s have advanced to NLCS.
    Anyone who has had any experience please offer your thoughts.
    As I mentioned earlier almost everything has to be reserved or signed up by one of their special methods now for rides and stuff. Oh. BTW everything is pricey at Disney.

  65. Happy Birthday to your Grandson, Don. I hope the trip is a great one! Anyway just see that Robertson is off the Roster for the Atlanta Series? Hurt his leg celebrating Harper’s HR! Can’t make this up. Fact is stranger than Fiction!

    1. Yeah, it’s frustrating to have a freak injury like that. Especially in the playoffs. But I won’t get mad at the guy for celebrating his teammate, at least.

      It’s not like he broke a finger hitting a chair or anything.

  66. That explains to some extent why he was not brought in to finish game. Looks as though Zach is the closer for this series at least. I think he will do ok if given the opportunity to finish a game.

    Thanks Matt. He is a busy kid. Driving school. Birthday tomorrow. Disney. Fall Break. Had 1st travel team practice Sunday. He texted me last night and thinks team will be good. They added 9 players this year. Hope that is a positive. Basketball and Baseball practice 2 nights a week for school teams. I was not aware till last week that teams in Indiana can have regular practices either 3 or 4 hours a week during the off season. It did not used to be that way. Open gyms or diamonds are actually regular practices, and you are expected to be there. Some nights he does both that night. Oh, and he has school 5 days a week. This is why we gave up this year a 10 day really good festival in Southern Indiana to be able to take the kids. The only time we could squeeze it into their schedules.

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