Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/22/2022)

Here is today’s result.

Lehigh Valley (74-69) lost to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, 8-7.  Bullpen game, nine pitchers took the mound.  Trevor Bettencourt (5.68) gave up 2 runs in one inning on 4 hits.  Jonathan Hennigan (3.51) struck out 2 in one clean inning.  James Marvel (6.15) pitched two clean innings and struck out three.  Braeden Ogle (5.45) pitched a scoreless inning allowing a hit and a walk.  Tayler Scott (16.20) blew the save in 0.2 innings allowing 3 runs on 4 hits and a walk.  Erik Miller (0-1, 8.44) stranded 2 inherited runners and pitched one inning giving up a run on 2 hits and 2 walks.  Chris Devenski (1.04) stranded 3 inherited runners retiring the only batter he faced.  Michael Kelly (5.33) pitched one inning and gave up one run on 2 hits and a walk striking out two.  Ofreidy Gomez (8.87) also pitched one inning and gave up one run on 2 hits and a walk with 2 strikeouts.

The IronPigs took the lead with 3 runs in the fourth inning on a 3-run HR by Johan Camargo.  They increased their lead with 2 runs in the fifth on a 2-run double by Dustin Peterson.  After the bullpen gave up a bunch of runs, they rallied with 2 runs in the ninth but fell short on a force out and passed ball.

Darick Hall (.261) went 0-3 with 2 walks and 2 runs scored.  Dustin Peterson (.244) went 2-5 with a double and 3 RBI.  Jorge Bonifacio (.234) went 2-4 with a double and a walk.  Johan Camargo (.212) went 2-4 with a HR (2)and 3 RBI.  Ali Castillo (.268) went 1-3 with a walk and 2 runs scored.

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And in other news …

The Paul Owens Awards were given out at CBP before the Phillies game vs. Atlanta.  Darick Hall was noticeably absent.  Darick’s wife accepted his award.  Coach Thomson gave an explanation during the pre-game presser that Darick preferred playing in Thursday’s meaningless game as the IronPigs sputter to the end of their season.  To me, that sounds like the type of BS the media and fans were fed by previoyus managers and execs.  I suggest that the Phillies didn’t want the player who successfully batted cleanup during the team’s resurgence showing up the guy he replaced during that stretch.  That player is batting  .164/.261/.312/.572 for a 7-9 team in September (with an acceptable 11.6 BB% and a not-so-acceptable 31.9 K%).  He also is failing with runners in scoring position and the boo birds have noticed based on the boos I heard during the past few games.


9/21/2022 – Lehigh Valley transferred RHP Jack Perkins to the Development List

35 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/22/2022)

  1. I think Hall said I’m only going to Philly if I’m added to the roster. Otherwise, I’ll stay here and play ball. It’s nothing to do with Harper, who is probably playing hurt.

    1. Maybe……..but minor league ballplayers want to get to the majors, anyways, his wife recd his Paul Owens Award last night at the park for him.

    2. I agree, Murray. Harper might be playing hurt. I remember a swing where he looked to be in pain but finished the at bat. and the game. That’s a possible (probable?), explanation for Harper’s struggles of late.

  2. Jim could easily be referring to Kyle Schwarber or Hoskins, I am ready for the Hall era to begin next year.

    1. Harper, Schwarber and Hoskins really need to pick up their offensive game over the next 10 days.
      And, the Hall era may begin in another city in 2023…..all depends on what direction they go with Hoskins.

      1. Sadly, Romus, I think you may be right. Lately, it’s the daycare seems to be carrying the team with the top of the lineup in the funk. Anyway you look at it next year management needs to work out the DH, 1B, OF conundrums.

    2. JMills, nah, I thought it was pretty clear that I was referring to Harper. And, I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe there will be a Hall era next or any year.

      1. Agreed, Jim. It’s possible, but unlikely, that Hall will ever become more than a complimentary piece (at best). Hall is going to be 28 next year which is very old for what essentially would be a first year player and which creates a strong presumption against his becoming a regular. The Phillies are not going to plan around Hall this off season. There is an near zero likelihood that would happen. The only way Hall could become a starter is if a starter gets hurt or is very ineffectively and Hall just plays so incredibly well as a big leaguer that he takes over and gets the job. The odds of that happening are not zero, but they are not high – maybe 20 percent or so? I mean, it does happen. It’s how Jayson Werth became a starter. But it doesn’t happen very often and I can tell you to a near certainty that the Phillies will not trade Hoskins and deem Hall his replacement this offseason. It will not happen.

    1. I agree, its obvious now. Not sure what he did to him. Harper has been a warrior for the Phillies and it seems he isnt healthy.

      1. I hope Harper recovers to close to 100% by playoff time & leads us deep into the playoffs to shut up the detractors. He is basically going thru another ST.

    2. 3up….my guess, it may stem from not what he does on the field so much, as what is done off the field.

      1. No doubt Romus. It’s evident based on various stories and seeing player comments that Schwarber is looked upon by most of the younger players as the true leader in the clubhouse.

        The Harper situation appears to be similar to the 80’s team where Schmidt was the best player but it was Pete Rose who was the primary leader of the team.

        I can only guess, but Harper seems to be very “self-focused” on his own performance which I suspect can be annoying to teammates and to friends/family of teammates.

        1. Yep…basically that is it.
          The one comment he made last year…true as it may have been at the time, .about how poor the overall minor league system was, may not have gone over that well with the GM and Asst GM.

          The irony….the minor league kids bailed them out this year on many occasions.

  3. I love Harper … but … I’m not going to make excuses for his play during the Phillies stretch drive. Unlike last season, he is wilting. I’ve heard nothing mentioned anywhere that he may be playing hurt. It appears to me, he’s just slumping at a very inopportune time.
    That said … I believe Harper breaks out vs Jake Odorizzi tonight.

    1. I agree Hinkie that Harper needs to be better. So do Schwarber and Hoskins who also picked a bad time to start slumping.

      1. Yes, 3up. Harper, Hoskins, Schwarber, and even Castellanos (who will probably be back Tuesday) all need to pick it up. Kind of embarrassing to have to rely on Vierling and Guthrie (in addition to JTR) to snap the club out of it’s death spiral,

        1. I’m not sniping at you, but what do you think the odds are that Castellanos comes roaring out of the gate after sitting all that time and displacing the daycare who is hot!

    2. agreed, i dont think injury has anything to do with being hurt now. Six weeks of not hitting got him fouled up but seems most guys would have gotten them straightened out by now.
      was glad Acuna wasnt in the lineup last night.

  4. one other follow-up item from a few days ago. Matt Gelb has a tweet up where he notes that Painter said he was proud to reach 100 IP for the season. There was some discussion regarding him making his last start of the season when it was unneeded.

  5. Harper has been just terrible since he got back. And, I am a big Bryce Harper fan. That doesn’t change how he’s played. Poorly! I know that Jim has sources that tell him Harper isn’t great as a teammate, or with the younger guys, except for Stott, who loves him. But, I don’t think that anyone is concerned with Darick Hall showing up anyone. I hope the kid has a great career, and helps us win a World Series. But, I don’t think that even his family thinks he will have a career that matches Harper.

  6. Yes, Harper stinks right now. If the decision was to play a guy with 2 MVP awards over a career minor leaguer with middling stats, I don’t see the fault with that.

    I don’t recall many complaints about Harpers second half last year where he was basically their entire offense.

  7. Regardless of how Harper is presently doing, Hall has been badly treated by the Phillies organization. As I understand it, he was sent down to get more ABs so he would be ready for the stretch run. He’s still there. Why? It appears the organization has broken faith with a young promising player for no good reason.

    1. I don’t think he’s been treated badly at all. He played well and then was promoted and put in the line-up. He was sent down because the team had other needs, he wasn’t going to get many at bats at first or DH and he still needed to work on some things. He’s a VERY old prospect. I think they have treated him just fine and I think they like him. We inflate his value here to an extent that is nearly silly.

      1. Agree that Hall has not been poorly treated. He did a good job filling the DH spot but he’s not going to be the DH ahead of Harper or play 1b ahead of Hoskins.

        I think he should be a bench bat now vs. Sands who never plays anyway but he’s not getting mistreated and was recognized as their best minor league hitter so they’ve recognized his good offensive year.

    2. Rob……Hall may have been mishandled more than badly treated.
      I am referring to the 2020 Alternate Site selections….he was omitted.
      Almost all the MLB teams chose their best prospects to go to their alternate sites…and those prospects benefited from it.
      Hall, instead had to go Mexico and got in approx. 20 games….virtually losing a whole season of development at his age24 season.
      And of course there is the numbers game…Hoskins was established at first base, so Hall had to bide his time.

  8. Hall isn’t replacing Hoskins, Schwarber, Castellanos or anybody now or in the future. He is 1B only, PH, once-in-a-while player. Basically a 4A type player.

    Having said that, he has gone far greater than I could ever imagine. Saw him play multiple times at Lakewood and never thought he would get past Reading. So he has forged a sort of major league career for himself. I think his major league future is with another org.

  9. Obviously, we need Sands up to backup JT since we need to keep Stubbs available when we need a 2 out shutdown reliever.😎

  10. I can’t believe I’m saying this (because I thought I would never see this from the Phillies) but assuming the Phillies don’t sign a FA pitcher for the rotation, Painter has a decent shot at grabbing one of the spots with Bailer Falter. If Painter (at age 20) comes into ST looking noticeably bigger and throwing 98-100 and snapping off breaking balls, there’s no reason for him to go Lehigh, especially with the new benefits of getting votes for ROY. Painter has the makings of a generational talent.

    1. 😃👍 Welcome aboard.
      Even if they sign a FA pitcher, Painter will be given every chance to win a spot in the Phillies rotation next spring.
      For instance:
      SP1 Justin Verlander
      SP2 Zack Wheeler
      SP3 Aaron Nola
      SP4 Ranger Suarez
      SP5 Homegrown arm (Falter/McGarry/Painter/Abel/Crouse)

  11. I don’t think people are inflating Hall, I look at him as a low cost player that will put up the same numbers as Hoskins, equal or better defense and cost a lot less. Harper was having an incredible season before getting hurt and will be just fine. Jim, I knew you were talking about Harper, was just saying the same things could have been said about Hoskins or Schwarber. OPS wise, Hoskins is having his worse season to date.

    1. JMills…I agree with what you have to say.
      Zfor me, it really comes down to the $$$$ under the Tax when it is between Hoskins and Hall….and for that matter also Jean Segura.
      Both Segura and Hoskins have been plus offensive and defensive players this season….a credit to them for that.

      Now Hoskins, as much as he has disappointed me over the years in the RISP aspect and also his Sept metrics ( along with Nola) when it is crunch time, I have to give him credit this season…his RISP is excellent, his Sep metrics are starting to go in the right direction….upward……..and also the same for Nola after last night’s performance.

      However, I still lean on letting both Hoskins and Segura move on….and signing a plus defensive shortstop who also has a bat…like a Turner, Bogaerts or Swanson…and moving Stott to 2B.

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