2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 30 Poll

It’s almost time for this year’s Readers’ Top Thirty.  I will start polling in earnest sometime after the season ends (usually after the Rule 5 draft in the past).   I would normally want to give Trader Dave time to move or add prospects before I start running the polls.  However, I want to see if this workaround succeeds.  I have another in the wings if it doesn’t.

A little background.

Poll Daddy was the polling app that came with WordPress.  Apparently, they were taken over by CrowdSignal between 2020 and 2022.  (We didn’t have a 2021 poll due to COVID).  In order to induce subscriptions, they placed a limit of 2500 free signals (votes) before requiring a subscription.

I checked a wide array of polling apps looking for a free one.  I couldn’t find one.  It has to be free because I do not have purchasing authority on Phuture Phillies.  It belongs to James.

This workaround is set up under one of my other online names.  If it fails, I’m going to place the poll on the old blog I ran before coming over to Phuture Phillies and providing a link to it.

Hopefully, one of these attempts works.  Otherwise, we’ll fall back on the suggestions I’ve been receiving lately.

In any case, the result of this poll seems a fait accompli, so it is a live poll.  (Don’t want to waste any signals.)

Let me know in the Comments Section if you have any problems voting or if you have any suggestions.  Against my better judgment, I made Other active.  May as well find out now if I should lock it for future polls.

14 thoughts on “2023 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Top 30 Poll

  1. This is in response to the following comments on how to conduct this poll. I find the discussion that accompanies each individual poll valuable and therefore I am glad you have (for now) decided to have the polling be place by place, as opposed to a consolidation from a preliminary collection of people’s top 20 or top 30 Even the dropoff in polls votes received as the poll descends into the realm of widely unknown player skills has to me value. So thanks very much.

    1. This was never about me “deciding” to use or not use polling. It was about me finding a solution in case the polling app fails which is still a possibility.

      Polls are the easiest way for me to conduct the Readers Poll. Any other solution creates a lot of extra work.

  2. However it works best for you Jim. I really enjoy the Top 30 and I think this year we have quite a few tough choices to discuss. Painter is #1 for me.

  3. I closed this down. Probably should have done it sooner. We had a hundred and twenty-six votes cast, one hundred and twenty-three for Andrew Painter.
    Bergolla, McGarry, and Rojas each got one vote.

    This looks like it’s going to work. I’ll put the poll aside and continue after the Phillies’ season. Or, should I continue while the minor league season is still somewhat fresh in everyone’s minds?

    1. I know it’s just an opinion, but voting Bergolla over Painter? Seriously? Bergolla had a great season at age 17, but he wasn’t stateside. And he had zero triples and zero HRs. As an unfair comparison, at age 17 also, Ronald Acuna was already stateside and had some power already with 4 triples and 4 HRs. And he finished the season in the appalachian league.

      Painter had the most impressive minor league season since Cole Hamels when he was also 19. Painter also was promoted twice, I think not seen for a Phillies pitcher since Pat Combs.

      1. Two promotions happens more than you think. The first 3 IronPigs I checked were each promoted twice in the same year – McGarry (2022), Eastman (2019), and Marconi (2021),

          1. It could have just been a clever BergallaAwareness raiser, Guru, for someone who knew that even in a trial voting pool, on a fan-site where the winners of prospect pools get far-less-than-millions of dollars, that the near unanimity of votes would go to Painter.

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