Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/9/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (71-62) beat the Worcester Red Sox, 9-2.  Zach Eflin opened and threw innings facing 7 batters.  He threw 27 pitches, 18 for strikes (67%).  Eflin allowed one hit, a solo HR, and struck out three. 

Trevor Bettencourt (3.00) pitched one inning allowing a hit and striking out a batter.  Bubby Rossman (4.79) pitched 1.1 innings and gave up a run on a hit and 2 walks.  Jonathan Hennigan (4-3, 3.71) allowed one of 2 inherited runners to score and pitched 0.2 innings walking a batter.  Brian Marconi (0.00) pitched 1.2 innings allowing no runs on 4 walks and a hit batter.  Nick Duron (3.05) stranded 2 inherited runners and pitched 1.1 innings allowing no runs and 2 hits.  Chris Devenski (2.25) pitched one inning and walked one and struck out two.

The IronPigs took the lead in the third inning on RBI doubles by Yairo Munoz and Darick Hall.  They retook the lead in the fifth on an RBI single by Munoz.  They added a run in the sixth on an RBI single by Johan Camargo.  They tacked on 5 runs in the eighth on a fielder’s choice by Rafael Marchan, RBI singles by Jorge Bonifacio and Camargo, and a 2-run single by Scott Kingery.

Munoz (.311) went 2-4 with a double, walk, and 2 RBI.  Hall (.251) went 2-4 with 2 doubles and an RBI.  Marchan (.238) went 1-4 with a double and RBI.  Bonifacio (.229) went 1-4, with an RBI.  Camargo (.212) went 2-4 with 2 RBI.  Kingery (.224) with 2 RBI.

Reading (58-72, 29-32) beat the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, 11-0.  Andrew Painter (2-0, 1.11) pitched five shutout innings.  He allowed 3 hits and one walk.  He struck out nine.  He threw 72 pitches, 55 strikes (76.4%).  Tyler McKay (5.17) pitched two scoreless innings allowing 4 base runners.  Matt Seelinger (3.66) pitched two innings allowing one hit and striking out two.

The Phils opened the scoring in the first inning on Kevin Vicuna’s RBI single.  They added 3 runs in the third on a solo HR by Carlos De La Cruz (7) and RBI doubles by McCarthy Tatum and Herbert Iser.  They broke the game open with 5 runs in the seventh on a 3-run HR by Tatum (5), solo HR by Iser (2), and an RBI double by Johan Rojas.  They tacked on 2 runs in the eighth on an RBIdouble by Tatum and an RBI single by Madison Stokes.

Rojas (.267) went 2-4 with a double, walk, and RBI.  De La Cruz (.286) went 1-4 with a HR and RBI.  Jhailyn Ortiz (.240) went 1-4 with a walk.  Vicuna (.271) went 3-5 with an RBI.  Tatum (.241) went 3-5 with 2 doubles, a HR, 5 RBI, and a walk.  Iser (.271) went 2-4 a double, HR, walk, and 2 RBI.

Rojas stole 2 bases (27).  Tatum stole one (3).

Painter picked a runner off first.

Tatum, Stokes, and Aldrem Corredor turned a 3B-2B-1B triple play.

Jersey Shore (49-81, 24-40) lost to the Aberdeen IronBirds, 8-2.  Jordi Martinez (0-1, 4.05) gave up 6 runs (2 ER) in 1.2 innings.  Jason Ruffcorn (5.80) allowed 2 inherited runners to score and pitched 1.1 innings allowing an unearned run but striking out three.  Jordan Fowler pitched two scoreless innings allowing 2 base runners and striking out two.  Tristan Garnett (2.08) pitched two scoreless innings allowing 2 base runners and striking out four.  Carlos Francisco (5.13) pitched two innings allowing a run and striking out three.

The BlueClaws were held to two hits.  Lee Hao Yu (.250) went 1-5 with a double.  Kendall Simmons (.273) went 1-3 with a solo HR (3).  The team drew 9 walks.  The team committed 4 errors.

Clearwater (56-69, 21-39) v. the Bradenton Marauders suspended trailing 5-0 in the top of the first.  The second game was postponed.  We’ve got rain! Four games remaining, two days left.

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9/09/2022 – Phillies sent RHP Zach Eflin on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
9/09/2022 – Jersey Shore activated SS Uziel Viloria from the 7-day IL

34 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (9/9/2022)

    1. Sanchez, the guy they just picked up, and probably Falter. There is also the chance they shut down Hand and/or Robertson for a few days but I doubt they want to sit them for 15 days.

      1. Falter isn’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, Andrew Painter puts up another dominant start and nobody says anything because we are so used to a 19 year old who throws around 100 MPH with impeccable control and who dominates each level he reaches. Amazing.

      2. Yeah, Hand is probably hurt the most with the 3 batter limit type. He is more of a LHP Specialist, should only face a lefty here and there. I’m not sure I want him back next year.

  1. Rojas now with 60 steals! Outstanding. De La Cruz keeps on hitting and has mad himself into a legit prospect. I expect him to get an AFL invite.
    Simmons figured something out. After not hitting all year, and last year, he’s on a real hot streak. No way to know if it’s sustainable though. He was always a toolsey guy.

  2. Great night at Baseball Town. Finally was able to watch Painter for 5 innings. He brings it. Routinely was 96–98 touched 99 and 100 on the stadium gun. Off speed stuff was 81 — 85. 9 k’s 1 BB 3 hits. Seems to be around the plate most of the time. 4th inning was a long inning for him, good many foul balls & umpire called a ball on what appeared like a strike forcing an eventual walk.

    De La Cruz, Tatum and Iser, hit homeruns.

    Tatum had a really nice night HR, 2 2B, 3 for 4, 5 rbi’s and started a 3rd to 2nd to 1rst triple play.

    Iser, Vicuna and Rojas with multi-hit games.

    De La Cruz played a ball off the RF wall and fired a laser to 2nd on the fly. Impressive arm and showed good speed on the base paths for a tall guy.

    The guys played very well in the field as well.

      1. I don’t think so, maybe a spot start at AAA. I think they are watching his inning count with an eta for the bigs sometime next year, but that’s just my guesstimate.

      2. Doubt it…100 innings pitched this season, already highest he has gone in a season for him and over what a typical 19-year old normally pitches. Next scheduled start would have been 15/16 Sept….Phillies only have a couple dozen games left after today.
        If anyone is activated, it will be McGarry.

    1. Skeet…Rojas has really come around…since August 1st is hitting .275 and keeps climbing, with 16 steals in those 33 games….pretty consistent since June 1st…over a .270 BA

      1. Yeah, I didn’t mention his SB in my report and he had a nice catch in RCF as well, where he laid out for the catch.

        Some comically bad defense by the Cats a pickoff at 1B where the the 1B was 15′ away from the bag and throw came right at the runner. Another, the pitcher and the 1B converged on a really high IFF and than looked at each other as it fell to the ground.

  3. Rojas continues to hit his best in September. And he hits a lot of extra base hits which is also encouraging! As couple of us have noted here, once he can correct his up-to-end-May struggles he appears to be a complete top prospect!

  4. Skeet, I was there as well. too bad we couldn’t get together to compare notes. he really is dominating. De La Cruz’s homer to right center was on a short compact swing. he has a chance to make it. I think Abel goes tonight but I can’t make it. future looks pretty bright with the pitching. Don’t sleep on Christian McGowan either. he’ll be back strong after the TJ.

    1. There might be something there with de la Cruz. Agree that he’ll probably go to the AFL for some more experience. Next season will be a big one for him, to see if the numbers he’s starting to put up are legit. The K and BB numbers are still a red flag though.

      1. Uh yeah, ya think? De La Cruz is the real breakout player this year along with the since traded O’Hoppe. When a guy gets promoted (especially to AA) and he just picks up where he left off at the lower level with power and contact, that’s the sign he’s making the transition. For all of those who think Hoskins should be gone after next year, hope that this guy becomes a good major league hitter. And no, he’s not going to play first. He will play the outfield and this would allow Schwarber or Castellano to play first. The puzzle pieces work. This kid could end up being a big deal and he’s definitely in my top 10 prospects right now. To me, there’s no question he’s above a guy like Eric Miller.

        1. Reading effect + smallish sample + lack of recent scouting reports + K/BB ratio leaves me still very skeptical. But he’s gone from a curiosity/not real prospect to a top 20ish guy for me. Similar to Ortiz but with an arrow up vs an arrow down.

  5. Probably nothing, but in the “youneverknow” category, this is Kingery since July 8:

    43 games, 151 PA, .268/.404/.423 for an .827 OPS

    BABIP is a little high (.372) and the K rate of 27% is not terrific, but his BB rate of 18.5% is great and 8 SB (in a quarter of a season) is not bad.

    Yeah, he’s 28 . . . but stranger things have happened (look at Appel). Would be great if he could become a super sub for the big club.

    And kudos to him for continuing to work.

    1. Gutherie made it past Kingery and others, but man I would love a middle of the IF of Kingery & Stott. Maybe over the winter SK will hone his skills and win a spot next year.

      1. Ha-ha. If Jason Donald were putting up an .827 OPS in AAA in his last 151 PAs in 2022, I’d hold out hope for him, too.

  6. I don’t know how or if Crouse figures into the team’s plans anymore but it’s nice to see him getting back on the mound.

    1. Depth is always good. Has to be back in a “rehab” though because he’s on the 40, although on the 60 day IL. Will require a 40 move to reinstate him.

    2. Crouse needs to return back healthy and he’ll get his opportunity to show something to the Phillies during ST next season.

  7. Ochart out as hitting instructor. Many of us have complained about the lack of hitting growth this season and wondered if changes were coming. I like that Mattingly sees the lack of progress as well.

    1. Ochart suggested the decision to leave was his own, writing “After much thought, I’ve decided that it’s time for something new.” However, a tweet from Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb of The Athletic implies otherwise. As Gelb put it, “The Phillies are going in a different direction with their minor league hitting program after a year of evaluation.”

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