Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/25/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (66-54) Without Bryce Harper the IronPigs lost to the Gwinnett Stripers, 2-0 on 4 hits.  Kent Emanuel (2.02) pitched seven shutout innings on 3 hits, 0 walks, and 5 K.  Brandon  Marsh went 0-3 with a walk in his first rehab appearance.  Dalton Guthrie (.282) went 1-3.  Darick Hall (.261) went 0-4.  Scott Kingery (.213) went 2-4.

Reading (53-64, 24-24) lost to the Birmingham Rumble Ponies, 7-3.  Matt Seelinger (3.98) struck out 3 in 2.1 one-hit innings of relief.  Johan Rojas (.248) went 1-4 with a solo HR (4).  McCarthy Tatum ( .222) went 1-4 with a solo HR (4).  Ethan Wilson went 0-4 in his Double-A debut.  Luis Garcia went 0-3 in his debut.

Jersey Shore (44-73, 19-33) lost to the Brooklyn Cyclones, 8-5.  Marcus Lee Sang (.254) went 2-3 with 2 walks.  Lee Hao Yu went 0-5 in his BlueClaws debut.  Albertus Barber (1.10) struck out 2 in one clean relief inning.

Clearwater (54-62, 19-32) lost to the Tampa Tarpons, 5-1 in 7 innings.  Justin Crawford went 1-3 with 2 K in his Threshers debut.  Jack Dallas struck out the side in one inning of relief.

Another group of Complex players was promoted to the Threshers.

The Affiliate Scoreboard


8/25/2022 – Phillies sent OF Brandon Marsh on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
8/25/2022 – Phillies placed RHP Zack Wheeler on the 15-day IL retroactive to 8/22, right forearm tendinitis
8/25/2022 – Reading activated RHP Mike Adams
8/25/2022 – Reading placed C Jack Conley on the temporarily inactive list
8/25/2022 – Reading transferred C Jack Conley to the Development List
8/25/2022 – SS Luis Garcia assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
8/25/2022 – OF Ethan Wilson assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
8/25/2022 – Jersey Shore activated RHP Victor Vargas from the 60-day IL
8/25/2022 – Jersey Shore transferred LHP Rafael Marcano to the Development List
8/25/2022 – 2B Hao Yu Lee assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/25/2022 – OF Leandro Pineda assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/25/2022 – RHP Sam Jacobsak assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
8/25/2022 – Clearwater transferred RHP Victor Lopez to the Development List
8/25/2022 – Clearwater transferred LHP Gabriel Yanez to the Development List
8/25/2022 – Clearwater activated RHP Nicoly Pina
8/25/2022 – RHP Nicoly Pina assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/25/2022 – Clearwater activated LHP Andrew Walling
8/25/2022 – LHP Andrew Walling assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/25/2022 – Clearwater activated 3B Otto Kemp
8/25/2022 – 3B Otto Kemp assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/25/2022 – Clearwater activated OF Justin Crawford
8/25/2022 – OF Justin Crawford assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/25/2022 – Clearwater activated OF Jordan Viars
8/25/2022 – OF Jordan Viars assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
8/25/2022 – RHP Jesus Querales assigned to DSL White from DSL Red
8/25/2022 – 2B Marco Soto assigned to DSL White from DSL Red

23 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/25/2022)

  1. Phillies White had a playoff game suspended in the 9th, good guys up 4-3. William Bergolla had 3 hits including a double and 3 RBI. He’s only struck out 3x in 70+ ABs.

  2. Crawford did move up to low a I’m shocked the new farm director is moving guys faster then in the past

    1. Like the idea of giving these guys a sample of what the next level is like for a few weeks at the end of the year so they know what to expect next season when they start there.

      1. I don’t have a problem with this, but wondering why Boyd didn’t go up with Crawford. Boyd actually had better numbers than Crawford in less games.

        1. Was thinking the same thing. One was a first round pick and the other wasn’t. Boyd may be wondering too.

  3. Ethan Wilson is at AA. He did not do very well at Jersey Shore. I wdon’t mind pushing guys, but I would like to see them do very well at one level before getting moved up. Like, actually earn the promotion..238/.290/.344 in 400 plus ABs does not make me feel Wilson outplayed high A.

    1. I agree 100%. Him and Luis Garcia didn’t deserve their promotions. But the Phillies needed to make room in JS and since they both are ranked in the Phillies top 30, they got the promotions.

      1. I don’t see the harm. Reading is a more hitter friendly environment (granted, against tougher pitching). Especially with the reduced roster spots I don’t think you can just let guys continuously repeat levels, kind of have to let them sink or swim and let the next wave take their place in Clearwater/Jersey Shore.

        1. If most organizations are doing it, it probably levels out. Evaluators will need to be better with the mixture.

        2. They didn’t deserve their promotions but I understand why they got it. But the fact is, the odds of somebody being an impact player after hitting poorly in their first couple of years in the lower levels is slim to none. Even Nick Maton had .700+ OPS in low and high-A. Bohm had a combined .896 OPS at age 22.

          I’ll root for Wilson (age 22) and Garcia (age 21), but I know how their futures will likely end up: Cup of coffee or on another team.

          1. Reading has about 20 games left….why not ley them get a taste of AA pithing before next spring when they would been assigned there anyways.
            I can understand if this was a mid-season promotion based on performance, and they were struggling at the lower level. Then it may be an unwise decision.
            At least now they know what to expect before next season, and they get somewhat familiar with ball park and new city.

  4. It makes me wonder if this is part of the new philosophy within the organization, to aggressively promote high draft picks or international signees like Johan Rojas forward whether they perform or not. For those who perform they will fast track them for those that don’t they will not hold onto them as long. I would think a purpose for this is for the new crop of draftees to get them playing in A ball and above as soon as possible. If so, I am all in favor of it. Fish or cut bait as it were.

    1. So could call that the Peter Principle…I say promo them up until AA/AAA and then let them stay there until they can master the pitching at the level…or until they are pushed out by the incoming younger class of prospects..

    2. It’s also a way to let some of the FCL guys keep playing when their season ends; then other players have to move to make room. Since the draft is so late in the year now the new draftees really don’t get many innings or at-bats. I liked it better when the draft was earlier.

    1. It is, but I also like the fish or cut bait phrase. Let’s not take valuable innings or at bats away from real prospects.

      1. Okay, this is silly. First of all it can take even good prospects years to develop in the minors. You can’t wait forever but you have to be a little patient. Second, have you seen our position prospects? As a group they are really bad. Nobody is being deprived of needed at bats. The only log jam in the entire organization this year was at catcher and that ended the moment O’Hoppe was traded. Nobody needs to be rushed to make room for someone else.

        1. These promos, if you want to call them that… the last part of August, are only for a few weeks left in their respective seasons……I think , like an earlier posted remark, give them a taste of the next level pitching and then see how they do coming out of the gates in 2023 at that same level.
          Most of these player were going to start at that level anyway in 2023, might as well give them a glance at better pitching.
          Maybe it will help them work on different things when they get to the FIL in six weeks.

          1. I think it’s a confidence booster as well if that is their intention. Go into the offseason, FIL, etc knowing you earned a promotion.

  5. McGarry walked off the mound with the trainer tonight after 3.1 innings…anyone have an update or info on what the issue is?

    1. They said he was looking at his hand. Hopefully it’s just a pitching blister. Damn his stuff is nasty.

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