Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/21/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (64-53) beat the Buffalo Bisons, 5-3.  Francisco Morales (6.19) pitched two scoreless innings in relief allowing 2 hits and striking out three.  Nick Duron (3.43) struck out the side in one inning.  Dalton Guthrie (.284) went 3-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  He also had an outfield assist from RF at home.  

Reading (52-62, 23-22) beat the Portland Sea Dogs, 8-0.  Andrew Painter (1-0, 0.00) made his Double-A debut with six strong, shutout innings.  He allowed 3 hits, walked none, hit a batter, and struck out eight.  Jhailyn Ortiz (.249) went 1-4 with a grand slam (15).  Johan Rojas (.245) went 2-4.

Jersey Shore (44-70, 19-30) lost to the Wilmington Blue Rocks, 2-1.  Luis Garcia (.173)  broke up a no-hitter with a solo HR in the ninth.  He went 1-2 with a walk, HBP, and his 3rd HR.  Dominic Pipkin (4.98) pitched five shutout innings allowing 3 hits and 3 walks.  Albertus Barber (1.17) struck out the side in one inning.

Clearwater (53-60, 18-30) beat the Daytona Tortugas, 9-6.  Matt Osterberg (3.41) pitched three innings and allowed an unearned run on 3 hits, no walks, and 3 K.  Jack Dallas picked up his first save pitching an inning with a walk and a K.  Lee Hao Yu (.282) went 2-6 with an RBI.  The Threshers drew 12 walks.  Leandro Pineda and Wilfredo Flores drew 3 each.

FCL Phillies (24-29) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies Red (36-21) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies White (38-19) no game scheduled

The Affiliate Scoreboard


8/21/2022 – Phillies placed RHP Seranthony Dominguez on the 15-day IL retro 8/18, right triceps tendinitis
8/21/2022 – Phillies transferred RHP Corey Knebel from the 15- to the 60-day IL
8/21/2022 – Phillies optioned LHP Bailey Falter to Lehigh Valley
8/21/2022 – Phillies selected the contract of RHP Tyler Cyr from Lehigh Valley
8/21/2022 – RHP Andrew Painter assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore

41 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/21/2022)

  1. However good you think that Andrew Painter is…you are still underestimating him. Just so elite.

    He will be in our staff next year.

    1. Before watching him today, I would have said no way. But he was overpowering AA hitters with his fastball. And his curve is very good. His slider needs work though.

      Next season, I give him 4-5 starts at Reading, 4-5 starts at Lehigh, and then he’s up for good.

    2. Agreed. I saw his start on video. Sitting 96-98 and hitting 99 many times. The curve has gone from being okay to a near wipe out pitch. He’s an incredibly fast learner and good athlete with an advanced feel for pitching. As I said before it’s unimaginable that there are 10 prospects in baseball better than Painter. The scary thing is that he is going to fill out and improve his command. He’s what you would visualize if you drew up a dream prospect. You watch him and you just can’t believe he was pitching to HS kids last spring.

      And he also seems like a good and grounded kid. He and Abel compete with one another and are good friends – sharing the spotlight together makes it easier for both, especially Abel.

    1. I liked V but after watching him in big spots I think G would be better. Vierling swings like I did after moving on to the 38+ league, reactionary. Guthrie is on a tear and plays multiple IF & OF spots. Guthrie is hitting close to .300 with 5-12 over last 80 ABs, or 1 month. Overall 10-45-.284.

  2. I think I remember Larry Christianson pitching for the Phillies at age 19 sometime in the mid to late 70’s – could Painter do the same?

  3. Painter, followed by Abel, may be the most important assets the Phillies have but of course while it might be secondary to anyone not in their families they are also young humans. If promoted they may do very well, they may do OK and they may do poorly professionally. Their long term prospects just like the long term prospects of all their players should be the most important consideration. I wonder what the Dodgers did to create a support structure for Kershaw – the most dominant pitcher of my recent memory. The list of professional athletes who have fared poorly for reasons other than professional prowess is definitely a long one.

    1. Kershaw, as a 20 year old in 2008, returned to AA for a bunch of starts. His walk rate went from 4.9 to 2.8 in AA. Then he was promoted, went back to AA for a short stint, then was back in the bigs for good. He skipped AAA entirely.

      Urias and Buehler both had AAA starts.

      The only consistent thing I see is that the Dodgers aggressively promoted all 3 pitchers.

      Not sure how anybody can say that this is a proper plan for any pitcher. If you think the pitcher is ready (physically and mentally), then you promote him and see what happens.

      1. On Buehler……..has elbow surgery tomorrow (bone chips). done for the year and still have to wait for spring training condition to see if he starts the season in their rotation.

        1. You have to start questioning the durability of Buehler now. He turned 28 last month and he’s having issues.

          It seems that we take Aaron Nola for granted. He’s been durable but all we seem to look at is his record in September. Nola is averaging 3.5 WAR per season in his career. Buehler is at 2.64 (not counting his cup of coffee in his rookie year) and Urias is at 1.56.

          1. Yes…..Nola is taken for granted….he just goes every 5th day and pitches…..only that one year…2016… when he needed PRP was his only injury episode, and even then he pitched for the first four months of that season..
            This puts the Dodgers in a decision making mode with Buehler….2023 is his arb3,. normally a bigger raise comes their way, but he may not be able to go until after the season starts.

  4. Rocco, you can get your chance to see both of them, if you’re in the area. the Phils are home again this week, up until Sunday. I wanted to see them as well, but had other plans. I get another chance.

  5. Painter, Abel, and McGarry … very exciting.

    Will see your guys opinions on this … McGarry to the pen for the stretch drive? With Knubel out for the year and Sir A on the mend … what do
    You think the chances of McGarry being thrown into the pen for the playoff drive?

    Next year … something as to
    Give, unless the Phils do a 6 man rotation (not going to happen)

    Wheeler, Nola … Ranger …. Painter, Abel, McGarry ….
    That’s 6 pitchers for 5 spots .. that’s not counting any FA. Sure they can delay one or two … but I’m seeing a strong possibility someone is going to the pen for a year vs being stored at AAA

    1. Tac3, how do you feel when a reliever comes in and immediately walks the next batter? Isn’t McGarry’s walk rate still over 5 per game – in AA?

      1. Ha…not something I like but … what are their options? He has SO material. Might be worth a strong consideration. See if he can handle, if not pull him back. This is of course if the Phillies believe he has the psyche for that. The playoff experience could be an amazing opportunity for him.

        What a dream, making the majors during a playoff hunt- Let’s Gooooo!

        1. Mets threw 2 AA pitchers against us yesterday with so-so records. A catcher batting .130, 3b hitting. 150, a couple of overweight DH’s that suck, the winning pitcher has a 7.20 ERA and their best closer gave up a run. We still lost! ARG!!!!

    2. Next season, it’s going to get real interesting. Wheeler, Nola, Suarez are locked in. If the Phillies don’t sign a FA starting pitcher before ST, then you know that the Phillies think that they’re close and need opportunities.

      Is it possible that one of them starts the season in the rotation? Yes, but they would have to make a monumental impression in ST i.e Painter starts throwing 100 or tightened up his slider or Abel throws 97-99 or McGarry limiting his walks. They would have to be lights out in ST.

      But odds are, somebody is going to struggle and will need a lot more time in the minors, which is not the worst thing in the world.

      1. FYI – Abel basically already does throw – 97-99. He’s a hell of a prospect and if they need an extra big league arm for a stretch run – he’s the guy I might choose. McGarry still need work on his control. Abel has two excellent pitches – plenty for a two month stint in the bullpen.

    3. I don’t think they would move Painter or Abel to the pen even temporarily. Maybe McGarry. I think the odds he makes an appearance this year shot up a lot with the recent injuries.

      Next year I could see him in a swing man role, if he’s ready, but not until later in the season. Having SP depth in AAA would be nice; we’re short on it this year.

    1. I can see this, as a place holder for one of these 3, but would be shocked if DD didn’t resign one of the current pitchers or a new FA. He had a nice game the other day. Good head on his shoulders to do that

  6. A couple observations. Painter’s curve is nasty. It was a pleasure watching pace of game in minors. In flipping back and forth between Mets game and Reading it made me quit flipping because of slow pace of mlb game.

    1. Would not be out of the question to see the Phillies go to a six man rotation next year. It would be a way to limit the innings of the young arms and may keep Nola fresh in September. If you look at his career numbers he is much more effective with 5 or more days rest.

      1. The problem with this is 3-fold. No starting pitcher wants to go to a 6 man rotation. It actually depresses their value because they are losing starts. Second, as a team, you want to give as many starts to Wheeler and Nola and even Suarez. These guys are elite, proven pitchers. There are no guarantees with Painter/Abel/McGarry. And third, with a cap of 13 pitchers on the roster, you can only have 7 bullpen relievers. Good luck with that.

        There is virtually no chance of the Phillies going to a 6 man rotation. And no FA starting pitcher will go to a team with a 6 man rotation.

  7. Emaarion Kenzyus Boyd…though only 8 games, 33 PAs, he has got to a very quick start..also has 6 SBs so far.
    Boyd , with fellow burner Justin Crawford, must cover a lot of territory in the OF.

    1. I think there was one game about a week or two ago that the OF was Boyd, Crawford, and Yhoswar Garcia. That is likely the fastest OF in Phillies minor league history.

  8. Romus with a good find, above. I complained to myself watching the series of how many flare hits the mets get. but they do put their bats on the ball. disappointing for the opposing pitchers but a good sign for the team.

  9. For all the talk on McGarry up either this year or the start of next his control dors not seem to be their yet.

    Painter seems closer. The questions are two fold. What does he still need to work on in the minors? His slider, command, working inside? I don’t know. What image the reports on his change up?

    The other question on Painter would be what will his innings limit be? And do you use a 40-man spot on him to be in the big leagues if it is relatively low? Especially, since the Phillies are hoping to need innings pitched in the post srason.

    1. For sure, Painter needs to work on his slider. It’s nowhere near as good as Seranthony’s slider. He needs experience out of the stretch. He’s such a big guy that I feel that he’s rushing a little to the plate when there’s men on base. And that’s when he leaves his pitches up. Painter said he threw changeups, but I didn’t really see much of it. It’s a distant 4th pitch. You wonder if Painter would be better served throwing a cutter, similar to Wheeler.

      I think Painter and Abel are very close to their innings limit for the season. McGarry is at 74 innings. I think all 3 are supposed to get 4 more starts, but I think the Phillies will shut down Painter and Abel after 3 starts, especially if they perform well.

      The Blue Jays, a team that aggressively promotes their prospects, have already started to cut down the innings for their top pitching prospect, Ricky Tiedemann, who’s 19 at AA (similar to Painter). He’s at 75 innings.

      1. Guru…..innings limit is the deciding factor for these youngsters.
        Some want to get them up to Philly ASAP.
        I think the Phillies will use discretion and monitor their innings.

  10. Good article in the Inky on Phillies prospects. They want Painter and Abel to work on curves and change ups to give them more pitches. Mattingly also spoke highly of Romus’ new find, E. K. Boyd. Said his speed is 80 from a scouting perspective.

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