Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/16/2022)

Here are today’s results.

Lehigh Valley (61-51) lost to the Buffalo Bisons, 5-2.  Dalton Guthrie (.285) went 2-4 with a HR (9) and 2 RBI.  

Reading (49-60, 20-20) beat the Portland Sea Dogs, 8-2.  Johan Rojas (.241) went 3-4 with a walk, 2 SB(16), and RBI.  Noah Skirrow (4.38) pitched six innings and gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and 2 walks with 4 K.

Jersey Shore (42-67, 17-27) beat the Wilmington Blue Rocks, 2-1.  The BlueClaws managed just 3 singles but their runs scored on groundouts by Rixon Wingrove (.263) and Jared Carr (.206).  The hits were by Luis Garcia (.157) who also walked twice, Ethan Wilson (.245) one walk, and Baron Radcliff (.218) one walk.  Brett Schulze (3.38) tossed a scoreless inning with no walks nor hits and 2 K.

Clearwater (50-58, 15-28) brat the Daytona Tortugas, 7-6.  Erick Brito (.230) went 2-5 with 3 RBI.  The Threshers managed just 6 hits but drew 11 walks.  Lee Hao Yu (.289) had 2 walks and an RBI but went 0-4.  The Threshers struck out 16 times.  One poor fellow struck out five times in 6 at-bats.

FCL Phillies (21-28) came from behind in the 8th and 9th innings to beat the FCL Blue Jays, 5-3.  Jordan Viars (.252) went 2-5 with 2 RBI.

DSL Phillies Red (34-20) beat the DSL Texas Red, 8-2.  Jorge Mendez (.405) went 2-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  He’s a 19-year-old catcher who is creeping up on 100 PA (98) with 84 AB and is still flirting with a .400 batting average.

DSL Phillies White (34-19) beat the DSL Tigers1, 3-1.  William Bergolla (.364) went 3-3 with a double.  Maxwell Hernandez (3-2, 0.72) pitched five innings, gave up a run on 3 hits, walked one, and struck out eight.

The Affiliate Scoreboard


8/16/2022 – Lehigh Valley placed LHP Jonathan Hennigan on the temporarily inactive list
8/16/2022 – Reading sent LHP Josh Hendrickson on a rehab assignment to Jersey Shore
8/16/2022 – Jersey Shore sent RHP Victor Vargas on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
8/15/2022 – Phillies designated LHP Andrew Vasquez for assignment
8/15/2022 – Phillies activated RHP Sam Coonrod from the 60-day IL
8/15/2022 – Phillies placed RHP Corey Knebel on the 15-day IL, right lat strain
8/15/2022 – Lehigh Valley activated LHP Erik Miller
8/15/2022 – LHP Erik Miller assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/15/2022 – LHP Samuel Aldegheri assigned to FCL Phillies from Clearwater
8/15/2022 – LHP Samuel Aldegheri activated from the 60-day IL
8/15/2022 – RHP Jack Dallas assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies

31 thoughts on “Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/16/2022)

    1. He’s out for the season with a knee injury. Just when he was starting to hit…. A real shame.
      Roman Quinn the sequel.

  1. When Rojas gets on base 4 times, he causes lots of havoc and creates runs. That’s a great game by him.
    Viars is starting to put it together. Fingers crossed.
    Marsh got hurt last night. Muzzioti got hurt the other night too. That might give Ortiz a chance to get called up to be a back up CF.

  2. I see that Wilson Valdez Jr is following in his father’s footsteps, to the mound. Jr is now pitching and not playing the field anymore. He is 23 and started pitching this year in the FCL, 9 games all in relief, 2-0, 2 saves, 9.2 innings, 5 hits, 6 walks, 8 k’s. Can’t find anything on his pitches.

  3. Rojas is a super fast twitch guy. I would love to see him succeed. Not sure exactly what his hit tool lacks.or what he tends to struggle with.

    And agree it is good to see that Viars is finally starting to appear in some games.

    1. Anybody who isn’t on the top 30 usually means that their ceiling is not high, relative to their age. I believe Hinkie mentioned previously that Lindow is more of a soft tosser. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Lindow can’t make it. But his road will be a lot harder than the ones on the list.

        1. Case in point…….Darick Hall was not ranked in the Phillies top 60 by Fangraphs, PMT, BP and not sure about BA or…..definitely was not in their top 30s.
          His ceiling just did not project high, though probably he had a high floor.

          1. ….and he has probably already contributed more at the MLB level than most of the prospects on the Top 30 lists ever will. Makes you wonder what the goal of prospect ranking is. Should we also rank hitting by who has the nicest swing (e.g.- Mike Anderson from the Schmidt/Luzinski era)? I realize there are many different approaches to ranking prospects, but with AI’s ability to handle big data, the attributes most likely to translate into Major League success should be more manifest by now.

            1. MLL…rankings are an inexact science.
              Some go by the ceiling criteria…..others by the proximity.
              Both have their limitations
              I look around the league…guys who never made the BA 100…Jose Altuve, on his way to the Hall of Fame probably, Paul Goldey…another potential Hall of Fame guy…and there are many more with quality MLB careers.
              Rankings are fun and something a team’s fans dream upon..
              Kind of like the ‘comp’ game we like to play.
              I can remember comping Rhys to Goldey’s minor league metrics…..btw…Rhys was never a top 100 prospect…and he has carved out a nice MLB career for himself so far.

            2. Love the Mike Anderson reference. I have one for you, my dad in love this guy thought he had the prettiest swing he’s ever seen. Do you remember Sammy Parrilla? My dad thought he was going to be an all star.

  4. O’Hoppe with 5 HRs in 7 games for his new team…#1 Angels prospect after updated rankings. I have a feeling this trade is gonna be a head-scratcher in a few years.

    1. Before we anoint O’Hoppe as the worst trade the Phillies have made in the last decade, O’Hoppe was blocked by JT. His value was to be traded and he was.

      The same thing happened to Keibert Ruiz of the Dodgers who was blocked by Will Smith. And Ruiz was a top 50 prospect, some publications had him top 25. And Ruiz is having a slow start to his Washington career at age 23.

      Now you can argue why O’Hoppe was only able to get back Marsh. As I mentioned a lot, you need to give talent to get talent. Marsh is a very talented guy who hasn’t tapped into his offense. And DD mentioned that he dangled O’Hoppe for a starting pitcher and the other teams said no. It’s also possible that other teams already have a good catcher and were not interested (like the Reds with Tyler Stephenson).

      People wanted DD to make moves and he did it. And sometimes those moves don’t work out, or blow up badly. It happens. We need to move on from this.

      1. Correct. Ohoppe doesn’t help us if he’s relegated to backup duty. Marsh is a win now, hopefully win later move. Marsh has current value and hopefully future value. Ohoppe hasn’t made the majors yet. You can argue asset management but Ohoppe’s value was high now. Plus, how long how we moaned about how crappy centerfielders? What was the road to acquiring one?

      2. Good thing the Phillies didn’t trade Ryan Howard since he was blocked by Jim Thome. A fan super favorite no less.

        1. Not apples to oranges. Howard had some MLB success and Thome’s last ops with us was .712 and he missed significant time to injury.

        2. Adding to what JL26 said, Thome was 35 when the Phillies traded him to the White Sox in November 2005. Not only that, the Phillies threw in $22M (half of his remaining contract).

          But the kicker was that Ryan Howard had a .897 OPS in limited time in 2004 and he was ROY in 2005 with a .924 OPS.

          Everybody knew that Thome had to go to make room for Howard.

          Comparing O’Hoppe (who’s still at AA) with Ryan Howard is ridiculous.

      1. It’s based on ceiling. Martin was a 3rd round pick in 2020 with a talented physical profile but a questionable bat.

        Marcus Lee Sang was a 11th round pick in 2019 i.e. a lotto ticket.

        In the end, these lists are fun to debate but will have zero bearing on how these players will progress through the farm system. If Lee Sang is going to make it, it’s going to be solely on him to do so.

        1. Lee Sang got a $300k overslot bonus; he was a real prospect at draft time even if he wasn’t taken in the top 3 rounds.

          Martin is a draft bust who can’t hit in A-ball. Athletically talented sure but he’s been overmatched just about his entire time here and is a non-prospect at this point.

          Nobody’s saying that the lists dictate players’ futures but it’s fair to discuss and critique them.

          1. Interesting…if you go back and look at the drafts and that 11th round pick, for many teams each year it is a high ceiling HS player or JUCO lotto player that teams are willing to dump a lot of bonus money on…outside the 10 round pool money
            and hope they strike gold….like Braves now with Grissom.


            Phillies have done it over the last 10 years with many HS players…..Lee Sang, Jake Holmes, Tyler Greene and Josh Stephen for sure.
            Sometimes yuo get lucky

          2. Every team in every year are throwing big overslot money to HS draftees hoping that they break out in the future. Does that mean that all these HS prospects should be on every teams top 30? So after every draft, all the big overslot guys plus say the top 4-5 round picks go into their top 30?

            The issue is not that Lee Sang is a prospect. Any drafted or undrafted player signed by the Phillies is a prospect. The issue is why Lee Sang isn’t in the top 30 and Casey Martin is. There’s a reason why Martin was drafted in the 3rd round. It’s all about ceiling. Yes, Martin is having terrible season. But again, if he breaks out with the bat next season, however how unlikely it is, he’ll be a force with his tools. Could the people who make up these lists be wrong about Lee Sang? Sure, but it’s more likely that there are limitations with Lee Sang that either we are not seeing, or don’t want to see.

            1. Casey Martin hasn’t done anything since 2018 at Arkansas. He is still around since he was a 3rd round pick and the Phillies system is so weak that they have nobody to replace him. He is like the kid in school that keeps getting promoted just to get rid of him to the next grade.

            2. Ceiling is a large part of these rankings but it’s not the only consideration. How much ceiling does a 23 year old who’s overmatched in A-ball have anyway? It was different when Martin was drafted; nobody knew for sure how he would take to pro ball. Now we have about 2 seasons worth of data and the jury is in. Lee Sang isn’t a great prospect but at least he still has a chance at a major league career.

  5. Anyone hear who is pitching for Reading tomorrow, Thursday nights game. It says TBA … so I’m
    Thinking Painter or Abel?

    Jim Throw me a bone if you can 🙂 I have tickets. I know it’s not McGarry, he’s going Friday.

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