Phillies’ Affiliates Recap (8/7/2022)

Here are today’s results. 

Lehigh Valley (58-47) lost to the Syracuse Mets, 18-2.  Sam Coonrod pitched an inning and was tagged with an unearned run on one hit.  Jonathan Hennigan retired the 2 batters he faced and Nick Duron retired the 3 batters he faced.  Those are the bright spots among the seven pitchers who climbed the mound. Chris Sharpe (.275) went 1-4 with a 2-run HR (1).  Yairo Munoz (.331) went 2-4.

Reading (45-57, 16-17) beat the Hartford Yard Goats, 6-3.  Griff McGarry (2.76) pitched four innings and gave up one run on one hit and 2 walks.  He struck out six.  Eric Miller (2.51) pitched 1.2 innings and gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and a walk with 2 K.  Billy Sullivan (3-1, 3.72) stranded 2 inherited runners and retired all four batters he faced.  Eric Schultz (0.00) pitched a clean inning.  Brian Marconi (4.12) earned his 15th save.  Johan Rojas (.248) went 0-5.  Simon Muzziotti (.259) went 3-5.  Jhailyn Ortiz (.256) went 2-4 with an RBI.

Jersey Shore (37-65, 12-24) lost to the Hudson Valley Renegades 5-2.  Rehabbing Scott Moss pitched three innings and gave up 4 runs on 2 hits and 3 walks.  Brett Schulze (5.40) pitched one scoreless inning, walked three, and struck out one.  Marcus Lee Sang (.348) went 2-5.  Luis Garcia (.176)went 0-3 with a walk.  Ethan Wilson (.251) went 2-4 with an RBI.

Clearwater (47-54, 12-24) lost to the Tampa Tarpons, 9-4.  Gunner Mayer (1-3, 4.50) pitched 3.2 innings and gave up 5 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks.  He walked four.  Cade Fergus (.133) went 1-4 with a walk.  Caleb Ricketts (.500) went 1-5 with 4 K.  Lee Hao Yu (.277) went 2-5 with 2 RBI.  Troy Schreffler (.167) went 0-2 with a walk and 2 HBP.  Erick Brito (.226) went 2-3 with a walk.

FCL Phillies (16-25) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies Red (27-17) no game scheduled

DSL Phillies White (27-18) no game scheduled

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8/07/2022 – Lehigh Valley sent LHP Scott Moss on a rehab assignment to Jersey Shore

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  1. Mickey Moniak moved his batting stance towards the plate to turn on the ball better this year, good news he is hitting better, bad news is he is getting hit.

    1. He hit hit because he held the bat wrong while bunting, just like Segura. Little Leaguers do a better job of holding the bat while bunting. Need to keep the hand behind the bat.

      1. This isn’t the place for this discussion, but it’s not just these two players. I saw Schwarber lay down a bunt Sunday with his left hand wrapped around the barrel of the bat. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a major leaguer bunt correctly.

        1. Just as a heads up, you seem to accidentally have comments turned off for the latest post about the MLB club.

  2. What has gotten into Simon Muzz lately??? Last 10-14 days or so he has exploded, avg risen from .200 quickly near .260 with plenty of XBH … huge fan of the site, great job with it, Jim! Thanks for the great coverage and comments from the gang, this displaced a west coast fan appreciates it.

    1. I’m also on the west coast and I agree. Thanks Jim! Muzziotti missed almost 2 full seasons due to the COVID break and then visa problems. He might be finally making up the lost development time? He’s still only 23 yrs old.

      1. It’s unfortunate, but timing is everything in baseball. All that development time missed pretty much cost him a chance to take CF. Him and Rojas need to hope that both Marsh and Vierling struggle in order to even make the ML roster in the near future. Yes, they’ll likely fill in during injuries but I’m sure that’s not their main goal.

        1. Its about seizing the opportunity though. If Rojas or Muzziotti fill in during injuries and play well, they either give the team something to think about at the ML level, or they increase their trade value significantly. Things like this work themselves out, and im sure we all hope this is real from Muzziotti and he does put the organization in the position to have to make a decision at some point in the near future.

          1. Unless you get prolonged playing time, it’s just SSS, and it works both ways. If Muzziotti hits .800 OPS, does that mean his trade value goes drastically up or he can replace Marsh? If he hits .600 OPS, does that mean he can’t hit ML pitching?
            Muzziotti only played in 9 games this season.

            Opportunity matters when it comes to the amount of playing time i.e. Vierling had an opportunity when Moniak got hurt in the start of the season. Vierling was playing almost every day for at least a month. Darick got an opportunity when Harper went down.

  3. Mets catcher Tomas Nido is a great bunter! Absolutely textbook, even dropping to one knee.

  4. Jim … the comments section for the “A Week Later” thread hasn’t been activated.

    Sounds like Dombrowski/Phillies are very open to inserting Griff McGarry into the big league rotation to start the 2023 season. It’s important he continue to throw strikes because the “stuff” is already MLB ready. Also sounds like Dombrowski/Phillies are open to Pain and Abel both pitching their way into the Phillies rotation (or maybe BP) later in 2023. Love the aggressive attitude.

    And Caleb Ricketts may be a year older than ideal, but he was a metric darling entering the draft.

    Think Ricketts will be in a JS uniform any day now.

    1. Will be interested in seeing how he handles better pitching at hi-A….and especially when he gets to double AA, i assume next season at some point.
      Spent 4 years at San Diego State, but because of the pandemic 2020 was cut short
      I see at San Diego he has played first base quite a bit early on in his career there, also with some LF thrown in there as well..That may be helpful for him going forward.

    2. What are the reports on his ability as a catcher? I saw one report that he may be moved to OF full time. That would speed his development but if he is decent behind the dish that takes some pressure off of the bat.

      1. The farm needs players to have pressure on their bats. They really don’t have many top prospects tearing the cover off the ball.

    3. Hinkie – I heard DD’s comments about that as well. I am wondering if that would cause them to extend Nola & Wheeler, then spend $$ on Turner. There’s a ton of $$ coming off the books.

      Sorry this should be in the main discussion but comments were off.

      Abel, Mcgarry, & Painter – if they all hit ceilings or close to, talk about an awesome rotation.

      1. I think you have to have expectations but also be wary of them. Great pitchers get to the big leagues and can struggle at first. They don’t all have instant success. Scherzer is a classic example of that…

        And then of course there are those that do and shortly there after become victims of the injury DeGrom is a great example of that.

        McGarry at times can remind me of both of those guys in that his potential ceiling can be really high.

        1. DMAR…yuo are so spot on.
          Braves Wright is another….as opposed to Ian Anderson.
          Anderson came on the scene on fire and has mellowed, Wright just the opposite.
          Pitchers can be very fluid in their development…I suppose one can say all MLB players can fall into that category, except the great generational talents
          But it seems to happen with big-arm hi-velo pitchers more.

          1. So in saying that your rotation should include some proven effective veterans to help carry them through…

        2. One of the reasons I hated the Brown trade. Great prospects can be a percentage play. Four great pitching prospects improves the odds that two will really make it.

          Brown’s numbers are out of sight. On a par with McGarry’s. Hope the Phillies are right in their evaluation that McGarry is the better prospect. Among the many faults the Phillies have had over the years is internal evaluations of players.

          BTW, Abrahan Gutierrez is having a productive year for the Pirates in the old Sally League, except for the K’s. The Phillies traded him for a bag of beans. They seemed anxious to just dump him.

            1. Good/Decent chance they would have lost Ogle in the rule 5 if that draft wasn’t canceled because of the lockout last winter. They’ll probably have to trade him after this season to avoid the same situation this December.

              Good teams are on top of potential 40 man situations, and address them ahead of time. I loved what the LADs did last week. It kind of flew under the radar, but they flipped Mitch White (who was both out of options and could be a 40 man casualty this offseason) to Toronto for Nick Frasso. I loved Frasso coming out of college a couple of years ago. He’s working his way back from TJ, but he has got great size, and some pretty exciting “stuff”. The Dodgers stole him from Toronto IMO. They are such an astute organization.

            2. Hinkie…agree .
              GMs probably have to their plan for the 40 two years in advance.
              Dombrowski knew he could not carry 5 catchers on the 40 in three months when it is time to make the decision.
              Of Stubbs, Sands, O’Hoppe and Marchan….two would be exposed to the draft or DFAed.
              And still, just to carry three catchers will make it tight for the infield or the outfield slotting..

          1. Brown is a hell of a prospect. He’s right up there with the other three and, as you correctly observed, might be better than McGarry and, you don’t know, he could end up being the best of all of them. In my view, he is now a significantly better prospect than Rojas was/is and was in the same tier as O’Hoppe, or damned close.

            He will be a mid-rotation big league pitcher by the middle of next year, with more potential upside.

            This is one of the dangers of having a shallow system – you don’t have much room to offer other alternatives when you really want to get someone.

            Hopefully, with the new development and scouting team, they can draft and/or develop more arms and this loss won’t feel so devastating.

            1. And one other thing.

              I think someone said the other day that DD is good at knowing which prospects to trade.

              Well, yeah, sometimes (perhaps even most of the time) . . . but Randy Johnson would beg to differ.

        3. I think of the Mets. Remember when Harvey, DeGrom, Thor, and Matz were going to become the greatest pitching foursome in Baseball History?

    1. Really wish the Phillies could’ve gotten “Thor” with Ortiz. Imho, Moniak was a late bloomer, he ran out of time/hit some bad luck. I’d much rather of had Moniak going out everyday vs Vierling. I think he will be one of the few prospects that hurts down the road. If he is not hit by that pitch in ST, I see a very different trade deadline agenda. Pretty frustrating

      The Good is, they escaped with Painter, Abel, and McGarry. As good as the Phillies are playing now, those 3 are the players are that going to take them into the the top tier of teams imo. Having multiple young talented arms producing results … at the league minimum … it’s going to allow DD to really use Middleton’s war chest appropriately.

      1. Tac maybe your right, but i have seen Moniak play at triple a and majors, he cant hit a off speed pitch, maybe he gets it, but we gave him a lot of chances, I take a superior centerfielder over him at this time. what makes you think he will get better, cause he had couple of hits in American league,

        1. Rocco, for me it was his ST. I believe it “clicked” for him then. Approach was much better. Will see, a few hits isn’t something to worry about, but I’ll say this:
          Moniak wasn’t needed to get Marsh. Granted there isn’t room for both realistically. If Moniak never breaks his hand in ST, I see his season going much differently. Phillies likely have O’hoppe as well or at least is traded in a different deal. It’s all hindsight but you see where I am getting at.

          For me I was impressed with his ST. He had 14 hits in 37 AB’s, 4 doubles & 6 hrs. Sure, off guys who are bagging groceries now 🙂 but … he started to show the power many worried wouldn’t develop. GREAT AVG,SLG, and OPS as well. Sustainable ? No, but he was on fire against AAA/MLB pitching. I see him getting back to that point, close enough. Again, he ran out of time for this team. Looks like a late bloomer to me, we shall see.

          1. It’s interesting that apparently the Phillies didn’t think they could “fix” him like they believe they can/have with Stott, Bohm and Marsh.

            1. Look, I’m not above being wrong, but I can easily see Moniak being a late bloomer. He did seem to catch on as he got enough time at each level. That’s why I mentioned ST. Will see how he does next year, his season is over after breaking his hand for the second time this year. I’ll be interested to see how he does next year, along with O’hoppe. Hey, at least if they do take off, it helps Trout. Baseball really needs him & Otani in the playoffs. I could live with that if Marsh progresses too.

            1. v1…i remember one year Jake Fox hit 14 homers in springs haha!

              Having said that, it wasnt just that he was getting hits, he just looked different in spring. He looked confident. He looked more built. That hbp in the last spring game threw him off, but I think he was about to take over the CF job. I do think that he will be an every day MLB player somewhere else, probably not a star, but a guy who a team is happy to have.

              Sometimes you just need a team to say “the job is yours for a few months, even if you go 0-4 you are gonna be in the lineup again tomorrow” which is exactly what hes getting in LAA and I hope his injury doesnt keep him out too long. He wasnt going to get that shot in the majors in Philly. Maybe I am wrong and in LA he continues to hit .190 and prove hes not a MLB player, but I think hes a great guy for a team like that out of contention to take a shot on.

    2. This one intrigues me:
      Aroon Escobar, 2B, 17 / NR
      Ronald Acuña’s cousin has played well this year showing good speed and power. Maybe the Acuna genes can finally benefit the Phillies in the future?
      Trending: Upward

      1. Though there is 7 years apart in their age, maybe they work out together in the off-season. and the young Escobar can pick up some pointers from his older cousin……cannot be a bad thing.

      2. And Aroon Escobar was the second highest signing bonus with the Phillies out of the Ven….so the phillies have him rated pretty high in their class.
        The six-figure signings.
        William Bergolla, SS, Ven — $2,050,000
        Aroon Escobar, IF, Ven — $450,000
        Romel Mendez, OF, Ven — $450,000
        Neify Rosario, OF, DR — $400,000
        Leny Carela, SS, DR — $400,000
        Nolan Beltran, SS, Col — $350,000
        Manolfi Jimenez, OF, DR — $300,000
        Nikau Pouaka-Grego, SS, NZ– $250,000
        Kilwer Colmenares, SS, Ven — $100,000

  5. And ironically Ricketts achieved the Golden Sombrero yesterday….but he did get a hit in his other at bat.

  6. I was happy to see the Simmons promotion. Maybe he didn’t light the world on fire in CLW but based on age maybe the new philosophy is push these guys up based on age to see if they can stake a claim to staying in the organization.

    Sux for that generation drafted at a time where they lost key development time during covid but it is what it is I suppose.

    1. I am happy to see Simmons get the call as well but am surprised he wasn’t assigned to High A to start the season. Then there is Marcus Lee Sang who is only 21 (turns 22 early next year). He had 2 hr and 2 doubled and hit .348 in his first week at high A and no one is talking about him as a prospect even after a good showing at Clearwater. It will be interesting to see how Simmons adjust to high A pitching. Sometimes the less wild high A pitching helps certain hitters.

      1. Lee Sang is a project but a guy to watch. One of the very few interesting hitting prospects down on the farm now. I think Simmons is in a sink or swim situation; it’s possible he was moved up just to make room for new draftees because he’s now old for Clearwater and wasn’t showing he was ready to move up based on production.

  7. I agree Jim, it seems like Hall may be the odd man out for a few weeks until the rosters expand, but imo he has made a GREAT first impression. So good that IMO, the Phillies should absolutely trade Rhys this offseason. The platoon of Hall and Schwarber should man 1B and they should add a corner OF in the offseason. With Marsh manning CF and a combo of Vierling and another OF manning LF and Harper in RF, that could be a very good defensive OF. Save the money on Rhys and trade him for a good Reliever, or #3/4 SP or a Corner OF or maybe even a prospect. Use that money to upgrade SS or 2B. But I really like what I have seen from Hall. He had 10%+ walk rates in AA and AAA and usually that is highly correlated to walk rates in the majors. I think that he will get those walk rates up more. But the power is real. I think his batting average will come down to the .240 range, but he will have an OPS over .800 due to this SLG. Getting that production on a rookie contract opens up a lot of payroll to add a guy like Trea Turner.

    1. Suggesting to trade Rhys can be taboo among some on the site.
      As for Hall…..before 2020 his power metrics at every level were usually top ten or five in that league.
      IMO, Phillies missed the boat in 2020 on not giving him the opportunity at LHV’s Alternate Site Camp….so he had to go down to Mexico to get a few ABs….lost development…c’est la vie.
      Looks like he is none worse for it now.

    2. I dont like the LH/LH platoon for 1b. Hall has been awesome, i fully agree, but he is not gonna hit lefties. Wonder if it can be Hall/Castellanos/Schwarber in a three way platoon for LF/1b/DH? I def think that Hall, while being awesome, is better playing 4x a week and not 6x a week.

      1. Hall’s minor league splits vs LHBs:
        Yr-2016…slash…333/406/614…..PA -64
        Yr 2022…slash……177/243/.324….PA-111

        …does not look as bad as you would think…especially 2021 where 2020 pandemic basically shut him down except for 21 games in Mexico
        Now this year he struggled at LHV after 111 PAs vs lefties.
        The positive note…..over his minor league career he has had over 700 PAs vs lefties….so he has seen his fair share.

  8. Was waiting to post this in the main thread but …
    Did anyone else notice Middleton wearing an ID lanyard during the HOF reveal?

    I was chuckling, I’m sure he needs it to
    Gain access to some areas, but imagine a Phillies employee asking to see Middleton’s ID. Pretty awkward – as in ..let me see your paystub sir.. that signature.. that’s me 🙂

    1. LOL – that reminds of the story of Patrick Ewing, who was coaching Georgetown, being stopped in Madison Square Garden as the security person asked for credentials. Ewing, apparently, was incensed and pointed up to the rafters, where a gigantic replica of his jersey hangs and said something like “See that jersey? That’s me. Now let me in!”

  9. Ethan Wilson seems to have been hitting much better. I know he had some bad reports early, has anyone seen him lately?

    1. I saw him last week for the first time live. He seems like a good player and a good hitter. He had a good week. My one criticism (but I only saw him this one week) is that both he and Leesang had 8 hits but he seems more like a slap hitter. It would be interesting to see what his exit velocity are on his balls. Leesang hit the ball harder not only on his homeruns but his outs and groundball hits seemed to be hit harder. I know the teams keep stats on average exit velo.

  10. Curious the lack of upward promotion from Reading to Lehigh Valley this year? I realize Reading isn’t necessarily stacked with players but there are a handful of players that deserved to be promoted and weren’t or haven’t to-date.. I never understood O’Hoppe in AA..

    1. There was no where to put him @ AAA, both Marchan and Sands were performing. According to DD one of the aforementioned are very high in their opinions. Maybe 1 or 2 from Reading could go up, but I wouldn’t say that is a compelling assessment. Who do you see as AAA worthy from Reading?

        1. I mean with both of those guys being blocked at the MLB level and still being 22 for water under the bridge O’Hoppe and still not terribly old Muzziotti and Ortiz

          AA is not a bad place for them to be. As stated above the talent in AA might be a tad better than that of AAA. AAA is good for young players at some point to get that veteran seasoning or chances to be around guys who are typically older in age and had some MLB time but maybe couldn’t stick.

    2. My opinion is AA is generally better talent overall than AAA. You’re not necessarily hurting a 22-23 y/o prospect by holding them there for a full season.

      1. Stuff in AA is def better. You are more likely to see a 96 mph cutter with late bite in AA. But you are more likely to see a 92 mph fastball that paints the corners in AAA.

        1. I’d agree with that.

          As for whether McGarry will be up with the big club. I don’t think so unless he really improves his control. But the stuff . . . man oh man . . . it’s amazing. But he still needs work on control. And I mean control, not command. His stuff is so good that he will be effective when he has decent control. If he develops good command you’re looking at a perennial all-star. The stuff is that good.

          1. His FB is potential plus plus. It has plus/plus plus velocity and plus plus movement. The curve is likewise a potential plus plus pitch. The change is potential plus. It’s a lot like watching a young David Cone, but Cone never threw this hard (but he had way better command, even as a 25 year old).

            1. So I get why DD kept McGarry over Brown (you don’t want to be the GM who traded a future Cy Young winner for a 2 month rental), but it doesn’t make Brown any less good.

            2. And for what it’s worth Pain and Abel are very similar pitchers. Abel may have a slight advantage in stuff, but Painter is an extreme strike thrower. He can put his breaking pitch over with great consistency. I also see Painter filling out some more. So he’s a guy who throws in the high 90s and still has some (and perhaps more than a little) projection. Think about that.

              Even without Brown this is, by FAR the best group of young starting pitchers we’ve ever had in the system at the same time. Folks, it ain’t even close.

  11. And, another thing, I am totally on the Nick Maton bandwagon now. He’s developing into quite a player and don’t be surprised if the Rays offer a trojan horse for him over the winter.

  12. I read all the responses to my question; thank you. Prior to the trade deadline O’Hoppe, Rojas, Ortiz and Miller would have been my promotion candidates. Some thought the competition in AA is better than AAA, overall I would question that. Plus it seems Lehigh Valley has too many late 20’s AAAA guys that need to move on. To keep a farm system vibrant and reward talent that’s excelled, you move them up. The pay, living conditions, travel arrangements and competition is better. Matt Gelb posted before the trade deadline that he though LHV was going to make changes to the roster. To-date it seems like just fringe movements..

  13. Maybe the Rays will trade Curtis Meade for Maton. Better yet, maybe Maton takes over for Segura next season. This team needs to cut costs somewhere.

  14. I’ve seen a few post here about not getting too excited about our pitching prospects due to previous experience with the “baby aces”, and somewhat agree, however none of the baby aces had the pedigree of being drafted in the first round (i.e. painter and abel). Most of their success was also in A ball whereas McGarry has been proving himself quite nicely in AA (after putting up video game K stats in A ball). I’m still tempering my enthusiasm a bit because anything can happen with young pitchers and I dont think its reasonable to expect any of them to make a major impact at the MLB level in the next year or two, but this is definitively the best group of pitching prospects we’ve had that I can remember.

    1. The baby aces schtick was complete fabricated nonsense. There were some okay arms but it was just a hype machine designed to play off the aces then in the big leagues. All of these guys are the real McCoy – each has the ability to be an ace. That’s no guarantee, especially if any get injured or lose velocity unexpectedly, but don’t confuse the faux aces with these guys. It’s a night and day difference. This is much more like the group that got the Mets to the WS in 2015. They are all potential studs.

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