2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – June 27, 2022

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held July 17-19, 2022.  You can place videos, scouting reports, or just comments here.  These discussions will be added to the pull-down menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2022 international signing period, too.  It began on January 15th.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a place for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophies.

53 thoughts on “2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – June 27, 2022

  1. The Phillies need a CF, why not Newell from UVA, a local kid, got some pop, and speed, needs to recognize curveball more but a solid fit and pick!

    1. Chris Newell does have some pop as you say, (ISO over .2), however there is swing and miss in his offense. The low BA and the hi-K% (approx 30%) may scare some teams off. His batted ball is a little above average so the low BA is not so much as bad luck as probably contact ability’s.
      Saying that…..I can see a team drafted him the lower portion of the top ten round section….heck the Phillies seem to have good luck in the 5th….he could be the one for them.


      1. Agree with Romus. Newell could be in play for the Phillies for rounds 5 and beyond.
        For me, I think Brian Barber targets a CFer like Ryan Cermack (Illinois St) in the third round, if he’s still available. He’s very athletic/loaded with tools, and he’s got the type of ceiling Brian Barber and David Crowson seek. Cermack is the kind of kid you usually see roaming the OF in Busch Stadium for the Cardinals. Would love to see him wearing Phillies pinstripes.

        1. Hinkie…if Cermak is there in the 3rd the Phillies should definitely look into that.
          Not sure however if he will be there at 93 however.

          1. Cermack rankings:

            #44 BA
            #81 MLB.com
            #84 Prospects Live
            #90 Kiley McDaniel
            outside the top 100 by Keith Law
            #54 college prospect (mid 3rd round) D1 Baseball.com

            … so It looks like Cermack being available at 3-93 is not out of the question. It’s possible Barber could promise an over slot bonus in an effort to help the Illinois State CFer make it to the Phillies.

            1. I guess we will have to see how Barber works this draft.
              They have their $3.8M in the 1st round….but lose their 2nd Rd pick valued at approx $1.4M. He could shave somee off the first Rd pick and pad it to the 3rd Rd pick of $660K….or do as you say work from the bottom portion of that pool of draft monies.

            2. Hinkie………… if there are 8 rounds hypothetically and you have some targets that you really want in the early rounds, are you limited to how much you can go over slot? If you do go over slot say on picks 1-3 can you just strike the tent and go home after pick seven or doesn’t work that way? I guess I’m thinking of Roseman’s wheeling and dealing and calling it quits around round 5. Just trying to understand it better. Thanks.

            3. Skeet … each pick in rounds 1 thru 10 is slotted with a bonus amount. Your team not only has to pick, but sign a player with each of those picks to get that associated slot money. If you can’t/don’t sign a player, you get that slot amount deducted from your total pool. In addition, your team can go over it’s total pool by 5% w/o penalty. How you divide your pool is up to each team.

              So … for instance … the Phillies have the following picks with the slot bonus attached:

              Round 1 … $3,792,800
              Round 3 … $659,800
              Round 4 … $492,800
              Round 5 … $368,100
              Round 6 … $281,800
              Round 7 … $220,400
              Round 8 … $178,900
              Round 9 … $160,700
              Round 10 .. $151,700

              Total … $6,307,000

              Day 3 picks (rounds 11 – 20) are all slotted at $125,000, but they don’t count towards your total pool. However, if you want to offer/pay a day 3 selection more than $125,000, that money has to come out of your total pool.

              A club can also spend up to 5% more than their bonus pool = $315,350 for the Phils this year.

              That means the Phillies can spend as much as $6,622,350 ($6,307,000 + $315,350) next month if they sign all nine of their day one and two picks. So technically, Brian Barber can give their first rounder $6,614,350. And then draft 24 YO senior signs in rounds 3 thru 10 and pay them each $1,000. And then pay $125,000 to all of their picks on day three. That’s the most extreme example of what Barber can do. It’s just meant to show you how the system works.

  2. 17. Philadelphia Phillies

    Gabriel Hughes, RHP, Gonzaga

    Philly has long been predicted to take another prep arm here after Mick Abel and Andrew Painter have succeeded so much as the team’s past two first-round picks. In this scenario, Porter/Barriera/Lesko are off the board, and the Phillies still could pick Snelling, but getting to take the second college pitcher right before a lot of them will get picked makes more sense. You can always float some high school pitchers down the board.

    BTW … McDaniel has⤵

    12 Tigers … Connor Prielipp
    13 Angels … Brandon Barriera
    14 Mets … Dylan Lesko
    15 Padres … Brock Porter

    He doesn’t have Kumar Rocker going in the top 41 picks.
    He does list Ryan Cermak (but doesn’t pick him) among high upside players who may need some tweeking that the LADs would consider at 1-40.

    IMO (and I could be completely wrong), I just don’t see Gabriel Hughes as the type of player Brian Barber would burn a 1st round pick on. He has a history of targeting big tools/high ceilings. McDaniel mocks (former prep LHP) Spencer Jones to the NYYs. Jones had some arm injuries at Vanderbilt, and has morphed into a full time 1Bman/RFer who even plays a little CF. Jones is 6’7″/225 and McDaniel says, “Jones sneakily has a lot of similarities to Aaron Judge as a draft prospect”.
    Guess who was the driving force in scouting and drafting Aaron Judge for the Yankees? Brian Barber. I haven’t read/heard anything linking the Phillies to Spencer Jones (.370/.460/.644 in 2022) yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t get some consideration (at a discount) by Barber/Crowson/Dombrowski.

    1. BTW … not that it matters, but I’m pretty sure Spencer Jones went to the same HS as Mickey Moniak. Pretty sure I remember that from Jones’ days on the showcase circuit.

      1. Hinkie, thanks for the info earlier today on money allocated to draft choice slots. I really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time.


    2. Selecting a college arm like a Gabriel Hughes, or a Preilipp, probably gives Barber a little leeway in going hi-ceiling at the 93rd pick.
      He could get a college arm to sign for $3M, since their leverage is not as high as a HS arm, and pluck the added $600K on the 93rd pick to get that offer up to $1.2M or maybe more depending how he plays the remaining slotted monies..
      Selecting a HS arm at 17, probably entails upwards of $3.5M signing bonus

  3. Cade Horton is coming off a great CWS with dominating performances against Notre Dame and Ole Miss. He’s now likely to go in the 1st round and a case could be made for the Phillies to draft him. He’s the definition of high ceiling and has found something with his slider to accompany his 97-98 mph fastball.

    Horton is another in a long line of TJ pitchers that has recently returned and is throwing hard again. Since his draft ascension is so late, he would probably accept a below slot deal at #17. If so, the Phillies could spend the extra money in the 3rd round on a high schooler that’s 2nd round worthy but wants more $ in order to pass on college.

    I think he’ll end up going somewhere in the 20-30 range of the 1st round and become a really good pitcher on a perennial playoff team like the Braves or Cardinals. Drafting a high ceiling pitcher they feel good about would also allow the Phillies more flexibility in trading one of their other top pitching prospects either at the deadline or the offseason. I’m very curious to see which direction the club goes with their top pick.

    1. If the Phillies are looking at a HS hi-ceiling guy, maybe Sal Stewart will be there at 93.
      A big power bat third baseman from Florida, in the physical mold of an Austin Riley
      Have to break his Vandy commit however.

      1. Romus if he breaks his commitment don’t the phillies still pay his college?

        1. rocco……in short no.
          However teams have been known too put clauses in bonus contracts for those HS players who want future college expenses met by the team, if the player decides to attend college down the road.
          As Nick Castellanos says, he did not go to college, so he has to hit HRs.

  4. Late round (11-20) picks:

    Andy Garriola, Old Dominion RF. .322/.384/.715 this past year, .318/.366/.564 in 2021

    RJ Schreck, Duke LF. .288/.401/.486 this past year. .337/.435/..635 in 2021.

    Both would be senior signs. Schreck is still 21.

  5. My interest in Rocker at 17 is growing….

    He won’t help the big club this season but this season is lost in the sense they have very little chance at the division almost no chance at a WS. At best maybe a cute little appearance as a WC playoff team.

    Therefore here we are again 3rd and long….punt.

    1. If and only if they deem Rocker to have a fairly immediate impact at the major league level, especially with Eflin’s health in question again, I would then take him. But yes, 2022 is slipping away as we near the deadline. How aggressive will Dombrowski be, either in the draft or via trade, in order to boost playoff hopes versus punt and go hard after 2023 and a healthy Harper back. Someone here said you don’t draft based on win now mode (you, DMAR?) and I agree. But Rocker may have the big league pedigree to rise to the occasion, but not sure about what’s between the ears.

      1. Wheeler is here through 2024 his age 34 season

        Nola is here thru 2023 as there is no way they don’t pick up the club option (his age 30 season) and if you’re having trouble with extension talks you might have to consider trading him.

        Gibson gone after the season. Eflin you can’t count on and Suarez is your typical back of the rotation guy.

        Rocker IMO would be another fast mover probably mid to late 2023 and maybe you can say Abel and Painter behind him in the 2024-2025 range.

        1. I think I heard/read Rocker is one of many draft prospects who passed on sharing medicals.. that would have been done at the combine, and he didn’t go. I’m not 100 certain of this. When I get home later today, I’ll look into that.
          If I’m the Phillies (any team), there is no way I can use my first pick on Kumar unless I get my eyes on those medical reports/MRI results. Maybe Boras will share those with certain/ serious suitors. Like I said, I’ll look into that whole situation later this afternoon.

          1. If Rocker didn’t share medicals, then he’s going to slide. You can’t draft Rocker in the first round when his medicals caused the Mets to have second thoughts last year.

            1. Let me clarify the Kumar Rocker story. Players who attended the combine had the opportunity to take part in a new program. The program guarantees the prospect 75% of slot if they took a physical at the combine. Rocker wasn’t at the combine. This doesn’t mean Rocker/Boras have refused to take a physical, or release medical information before the draft. They just haven’t done it yet from what I understand.

  6. Braves, like most teams, have had their issues with first round picks….last 30 from 2001, they hit on 7 to varying degrees of success.

    Obviously, where they seem to have the greatest success…..is in international signings….and with a later draft choices…like a Freddie Freeman in the 2nd round at 78, Phillies at 83rd took Travis Mattair….sometimes you have to have some luck.

  7. Connor Prielipp would be your guy matt.
    He would probably in the rotation NLT 2024

    1. Yes. Agree with cicada, Matt, and Romus. I have wanted a high upside college LHP to add to the Phillies stable of young arms. Prielipp (or even Cooper Hjerpe … I’ve been a fan since last season) could be part of a Reading rotation in 2023 with Abel, Painter, McGarry, and Brown. That would rival any other MiLB rotation.

  8. 17. Phillies … Brandon Barriera

    It’s hard to put a floor on high school pitchers in any draft class, but given how the pitching has broken down in 2022 and how scouts have been talking about Barriera’s electric left hand, maybe this range is the lower end for him. He’s certainly getting a lot of play before this pick, but could fit here if he’s available on the board. The Phillies were jammed in pretty hard to see Gonzaga righthander Gabriel Hughes late in the year, but that’s when he had some of his worst outings as well.


    Lots of smoke with the Phillies and Barriera. Remains to be seen if there’s 🔥. I’m having a hard time seeing this team picking a prep arm for the third year in a row in round one … unless that HS pitcher is Dylan Lesko or Brock Porter. We’ll see just how risk averse they are/aren’t later this month. And I’m not predicting they draft Gabriel Hughes. I don’t see that either. IMO, Connor Prielipp, Kumar Rocker, and Cooper Hjerpe should be in the mix along with maybe some below slot college bats.

    1. All of us are merely guessing what they’re going to do with their 1st round pick, which makes it fun for all of us to speculate. While granted it’s based on a relatively short two-year history with the new regime, I don’t see them drafting Hughes, Rocker, or Hjerpe for profile and/or injury-related concerns.

      Of the high school pitching options, the best choices in my opinion would be Porter, Snelling, or Lesko. However, there’s a strong possibility all three could already be picked. I’m not buying Barriera, as it seems more like a smokescreen, but I’m not completely ruling it out.

      Of the college pitching options, Horton seems to project what they want, perhaps best. I’m going to be very interested to see where he ends up, as there is continued momentum with him for a lot of clubs. If he’s available at #17, he’ll be difficult to pass on but I’m confident someone will grab him soon afterwards. Hopefully, not a club the Phillies will have to deal with on a regular basis (Atlanta).

      Drafts are historically unpredictable compared to all the silly projections and some player they weren’t expecting could be available at #17. It’s certainly possible they grab a bat but I think the handful of elite options will be gone before then and they’ll focus more on position players in later rounds.

      We’ll have our answer soon.

      1. I posted something yesterday that I need to clarify/amend. I attempted to straighten this out last night, but I think some of you may have missed it.
        MLB initiated a program at last week’s combine that guaranteed top 300 draft prospects 75% of slot if they went through a physical at the combine. Kumar Rocker did not attend the combine so he did not take part in this offer. I am not trying to say Rocker & Boras are refusing to turn over medical records/imaging and/or take a physical before the draft. Just saying (to the best of my knowledge) they haven’t done it yet.

        Howard … I agree with a lot of what you posted, but I disagree that the Ohillies would be out on Rocker. If his medical aren’t terrible, Rocker makes a whole lot of sense. He’s probably the most advanced arm up for grabs, he’s been very good in his Independent League starts, Boras has an A+ relationship with Middleton and Dombrowski, and (for good measue) Rocker likely has a mind set that he wants to kill the Mets over the next decade. Not saying Kumar to the Phillies is a sure thing. Just saying he has got to be a strong possibility.

        1. Hinkie….so if the Phillies draft Rocker, he will sign for under-slot, so the Phillies can dump whatever is surplus to the 17th slot, onto the 93rd slotted guy or someone later in the 4th thru 10th pick?

          That is a facetious question.
          You know as well as I do, and every GM this side east of the Pacific Ocean, that Scott Boras will only have him sign for over-slot money at whatever pick he is selected..
          I say it will be $3.7M or $3.8M with the 17th pick…..and that hampers any later pick maneuvering.

        2. I didn’t say they were out on Rocker. I said I don’t see them taking him. What I think and what the Phillies do are two very different things. But there’s a real reason why the Mets ran away from him and a few innings in an independent league aren’t going to sway me and I presume a number of clubs.

          We can debate that all pitchers are eventually a risk but given the current state of the Phillies farm system, they’re not in a position to accept increased risk when it’s unnecessary. I simply believe that they’ll have better options to choose from at #17 and I outlined those above. Maybe the Phillies feel differently. We’ll know in two weeks.

          The Boras connection has no bearing on the decision. I used to be in the player agent business and it doesn’t work that way.

          I appreciate your interest in the draft, as there are few people I can have these types of discussion with.

          1. ‘The Boras connection has no bearing on the decision. I used to be in the player agent business and it doesn’t work that way’…….if so, explain the term that is used, ‘signability’

            1. Romus,

              Signability (at least with regards to MLB Draft picks) occurs when high school players are deciding whether to 1) pass on the signing bonus offer from the team that drafts them and instead go to college or 2) take the signing bonus offer from the team that drafts them.

              Say a high school kid wants at least $1 million or he’ll go to college and makes it known to all teams. He then becomes a signability issue. Obviously, if he gets picked very early in the draft and the slot suggests something well over $1 million and the team is willing to pay him enough to make him accept it, then no problems. But if he gets drafted in a round where the slot is below $1 million and the team is not willing to go over slot, the player (if he follows through on his word) passes and decides to go to college.

              That’s why you see teams often try to sign players below slot in the first round. If they have extra money they then can pursue players in later rounds that are potential signability issues. The best example last year was Bubba Chandler. He was considered a first round talent but teams were scared off because he was committed to play football at Clemson. He ended up being drafted by Pittsburgh in the 3rd round. The slot value was $870,000 but the Pirates offered him $3,000,000, which he accepted. The Pirates had extra money because they got Henry Davis to sign under slot in the first round.

              Does that make sense?

            2. Yes it does…..thanks for that .
              When it comes to the team of Rocker/Boras.
              I tend to lean away.
              Beside the issue with Rocker’s shoulder…and who knows if it is just a minor procedure or not,
              I think there are Boras tendencies that would raise some concerns for me.
              He rarely ever goes below slot…..no such thing as ‘home- town- discounts’ in his vocabulary….so it will $3.6M plus to sign Rocker….and Boras needs to make a good showing since last year was a disappointment that he incurred from the Mets.
              Also……rarely does he sign before the last day….so Rocker will be needed to have another ‘spring-training’ stretch before he gets onto serious pitching. Though he will be rested for sure.
              I hope Dave D seriously considers all things before selecting Rocker.

            3. I’m not going to predict what Rocker/Boras will demand/sign for if the Phillies pick him. But I will note that Boras represented Andrew Painter last summer, and Painter signed for 300-thousand dollars below slot. Slot was 4.2M. Painter took 3.9M.

            4. Hinkie…well that is encouraging.
              And basically, Painter had more leverage than Rocker now has this year.

        3. Boras indicated Rocker has taken a physical, and that it showed no significant change from a physical he took after high school. However, to my knowledge he hasn’t shared that physical so you have to take Boras’ word for it.

          1. I suppose if he was really confident in it then he could cherry pick detail to share with clubs he wants to guide him to. If he doesn’t, then whatever it turned up is significant.

            1. Howard … I appreciate your knowledge/POV, especially when it comes to the draft. You bring a lot to the board. Didn’t mean to misinterpret your words.
              The Phillies have been pretty mum when it comes to the draft under Brian Barber. I recall Keith Law insisting the team would not pick a HS pitcher in 2020. They took Mick Abel. I think only one outlet (MLB Pipeline?) had them selecting Andrew Painter in 2021. When I get the chance to get in on chats w/draft bloggers I usually ask If there have been any Brian Barber/David Crowson sightings. That’s probably the best way to gauge the club’s interest. BA indicated (in this week’s mock) that the Phillies sent multiple officials to see Gonzaga’s Gabriel Hughes late this season. Hughes was leaking oil at that time, but I interpret that to mean Barber/Dombrowski may not be as into another prep pitcher as many are anticipating. For me, Lesko and Porter are in a class to themselves. If they are available at 1-17, yeah … I could definitely see the Phillies be that rare franchise to draft a HS arm in round one three years in a row. Otherwise, in my mind, I can see the club in on Connor Prielipp and Kumar Rocker because of their ceilings. Both guys throw hard and have plus breaking balls. Rocker was a top 10 (or higher) prospect for last year’s draft. Prielipp was probably a lock for the top 5 to 7 this summer if not for TJ. When it comes to Cooper Hjerpe, you’re probably right. He doesn’t fit Barber’s profile. But I like Hjerpe a lot. He’d add a completely different look to the Phillies stable of young arms/prospects. And he’s probably a more safe pick after two high risk first rounders. But … again … based on track record, Hjerpe doesn’t fit the profile Barber seeks.
              When it comes to agents/advisors, I’d put Scott Boras in a category all to himself. IMO, he’s the one agent/advisor who could have an impact on where a kid is picked or not picked (especially when the kid is as high profile as Rocker is). No doubt Rocker/Boras are in an unenviable bargaining position for this month’s draft. Boras, IMO, is not going to leave anything to chance. He will place his thumb on the scales to make sure Rocker goes to a team who A) doesn’t mind spending money, and B) will look to promote Kumar at lightning speed. You can label the Boras relationship with Middleton & Dombrowski as unimportant or having no bearing (and I respect that), but I believe (in this case) it probably is at least helpful. Now, having said all this, the chances the Phils pick Rocker will hinge on what they think of his medical reports. So, in that way, you may be completely right when you say Rocker probably won’t be their pick for “injury-related concerns”.
              This is why I love the draft. Different strokes for different folks. It is the lifeline of every MLB franchise. And IMO, the sport completely dropped the ball when they didn’t address the “no trading draft picks” rule in last winter’s CBA negotiations.

            2. BTW … if Lesko and Porter are gone, and Prielipp and Rocker are either also gone, or the team isn’t OK with their medicals, I think it’s possible the Phillies could pick a college bat for under slot money to help push a prep pitcher to the third round for second round money. Maybe the team saves a million dollars (or more) in round one by picking Spencer Jones or Tyler Locklear, and then re-appropriates that bonus cash to a kid like Noah Samol, or Nazier Mule in round three. That’s me speculating, but I believe Barber/Dombrowski are creative baseball guys.

            3. Hinkie,

              If I may, I’ll address a few of your points, which are good:

              1) Seeing where decision makers are to watch prospects can be helpful in understanding who they’re really pursuing but sometimes it’s also a smokescreen, particularly for top draft picks. For example, I don’t get too worked up when I hear that the Phillies are on-site observing Barriera because he’s a few hours away from where the decision makers are for spring training.

              Maybe they have serious interest in him but maybe it’s more casual and travel convenience allows them to mislead analysts and more importantly, other teams. However, traveling to Spokane to see Hughes conveys something different to me, particularly when the decision maker travels a couple thousand miles instead of relying solely on area scouts.

              2) I hated seeing Cooper Hjerpe throw 136 pitches in a couple days time during the NCAA Regionals last month. Hopefully, there are no repercussions but using a recent example, ask Kevin Abel how things worked out for him when OSU overused him. I like Hjerpe but with certain schools it’s always buyer beware.

              3) I stand by what I said about the Boras connection with Rocker. It has no bearing on who they pick. It’s cool if you choose to think otherwise. I wish it did because our players would have gone higher, as we had a lot of leverage throughout the league.

              If nothing else, I’ll be glad to get to the draft because I have Rocker fatigue.

              4) I totally agree that the Phillies could go in a number of directions with the first pick. The proverbial best available player very much applies in this case and that’s a good thing because we know they have holes to fill. If it were me, I would be more focused on a few high school pitchers or a college pitcher because I think they provide the most value at #17, as opposed to being concerned whether or not they pick three HS pitchers in a row in the first round. But that’s me and I don’t get to choose. I would not be shocked if they got a bat instead. I just know that whoever they pick they’re going to have at least one major upside tool.

              We’ve noted the inability to trade picks being a bad thing for MLB. Boy, this would have been a great year to move down and get more picks.

            4. Howard … thanks for the response. I understand your point on Hjerpe. Pat Casey’s use of Kevin Abel was almost criminal. Casey is no longer there. I was unaware that Mitch Canham had abused Hjerpe’s arm in a similar way. I went and checked that. Hjerpe threw 100 pitches in a start vs New Mexico St, and then threw 36 pitches three days later vs Vandy. Yeah, that’s not great, but it happened just one time, and it’s not too dissimilar to a MLB SP throwing a BP in between starts. But I do get the your point.

              LOL on the Kumar Rocker fatigue. If Barber picks him, you’re really going to be worn out from the Rocker talk.

              Anyway … looking forward to the draft, and talking with you (and everyone else) about it over the next three weeks.

        4. ESPN reports Rocker had shoulder surgery last September..With the Boras/Rocker team being coy with the medicals, Rocker is going to drop in the draft. How far he drops; who knows? I’ve mentioned before something wasn’t right and a September 2021 shoulder surgery will or should scare a lot of MLB teams.

          1. I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for posting it, Hawkeye. I’m not a doctor, and have no knowledge of what this means for Rocker’s long term outlook, but whatever he had hasn’t stopped him from throwing hard (hitting the upper 90s) in his Independent League starts in June. But I’d agree that shoulder surgery could put a dent into his draft position … no matter how impressive he looks on the mound right now.

            1. .

              OK … so according to the story:

              “Rocker’s medical information, including the procedure performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache, was distributed to teams in recent days leading up to the July 17 draft, in which he is expected to again go in the first round. In a draft short on pitching, Rocker’s combination of pedigree and the stuff he showed with Tri-City could compel teams to consider him far earlier than they were in recent months.”

              … and:

              “The procedure was not considered major and did not involve Rocker’s rotator cuff or labrum, Boras said. Rocker returned to the mound early in the year to build up to his June 5 debut with Tri-City. ”

              So maybe the injury and scope do not scare off the Phillies. Maybe his upside and proximity to MLB are too much for Barber/Dombrowski to pass on. We’ll see. Looks like a lot will ride on the opinions of Drs. Michael Ciccotti, Steven Cohen (not that one … or the other one), and Jeremy Close, and/or any other medical experts the club wants to bring in.

          2. Agreed, Hawkeye. Boras can wordsmith it all he wants but there is no such thing as a minor shoulder surgery. I suspected that this was the issue that made the Mets pass and the report confirmed it.

  9. ciada……Phillies have had some sporadic luck in the past 20 years with drafting pitching,
    …Hamels, Myers, JA Happ, Irvin, Giles, Worley, Diekman.. Not an overall lengthy and great list, but there are some bright spots.

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