2022 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – June 20, 2022

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held July 17-19, 2022.  You can place videos, scouting reports, or just comments here.  These discussions will be added to the pull-down menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2022 international signing period, too.  It began on January 15th.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a place for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophies.

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    Keith Law mocks Kumar Rocker to the Phillies. He refers to the Phils and Padres as the two teams who are considering taking the former Vandy star, and fast tracking him to the majors this season.
    I can see this as a real possibility for Dombrowski & Barber. Rocker could help out either the back of the BP, or the rotation if Eflin (or another starter) goes down. Rocker could save the club another top prospect (maybe Painter, Abel, McGarry, or Rojas) at the trade deadline. Then, of course, there’s the Scott Boras connection, and the fact that Rocker could have (killing) the Mets on his “to do” list for the rest of his career. It all makes sense.

      1. Because of where the Phillies are today (in it to win it “right now” in Bryce Harper’s prime), I could see them using the draft to supplement this group immediately (or ASAP). That could mean Rocker at 1-17, and then maybe a quick moving reliever(s) in the third and/or fourth round. Guys like Ben Joyce, Zach Maxwell, Noah Dean, and William Kempner could all be possibilities early on day two.

        1. Anything is possible but of all the draft analysts, I trust Keith Law’s sources the least. I’m also unconvinced Rocker’s medicals will hold up under scrutiny. I like the kid and his talent, so I hope everything works out for him wherever he goes.

          Every year, there are a couple players that go later than what everyone projects. I’m starting to see a trend where Jung and Susac are dropping. Crawford is only dropping with Law because he’s a bit of a contrarian. But suppose for the sake of argument that a player like Jung is available when the Phillies pick. I’ll be curious to see whether they pivot or stay the course because they’re locked in on a player like they did last year when they selected Painter over Watson.

          One final comment – Peyton Graham is the best position player I’ve seen at the CWS. A very toolsy, Brian Barber-type player that can play several positions and is really moving up everyone’s charts. Do not be surprised if his name gets added to the list of potential Phillies picks next month.

          1. I’m unconvinced Rocker who hasn’t really pitched competitively in well over a year can be fast tracked to the MLB and be counted on as major help. Even if the medicals check out.

            The draft should never be looked at from the context of “we are in win now mode”

        2. Love that lefty Dean, just by what you said, i Dont know how good his secondary pitchers are but lefty that throws that hard, i want, we have one now but he is so wild, hope this kid has better control; After the draft are we going to post a Diary on Romus it could keep us going until next draft

          1. rocco … Noah Dean (above) pitches for ODU, but he’s from central Jersey. I think he’s from Tom McCarthy’s neck of the woods (either Ocean County or Monmouth County). Penn State (I know you like the Nittany Lions) has a catcher who should get picked on day two. His name is Matt Wood, and he’ll probably go somewhere rounds 4 and 6. There’s a Villanova OFer who might get picked late day two. Chris Rotondo is 23 YO and in his 5th season as a Wildcat. He could get selected as a bonus saver. Probably the top HS player from around here is Max Martin. He’s a SS from Moorestown, NJ. He could go as high as the second round.

      2. I don’t really follow pre-draft stuff too closely so I’m not sure; is there anything besides health concerns that’s keeping Rocker from going higher? Most mocks seem to have him going after the Phillies pick but I can’t imagine there’s a performance or ceiling based reason since he hasn’t really pitched much.

        1. “is there anything besides health concerns that’s keeping Rocker from going higher?”…yes Scott Boras.
          However, Boras or no Boras, how much leverage can Rocker really have at this point? Is he really willing to sit out another season, and in this case more than likely due to a contract dispute?

  2. Saw Cade Horton pitch at the CWS against ND……..absolutely dominant and filthy, moving up draft boards fast into the first round. May bypass a lot of the injured big name college pitchers out there.

  3. Dan please follow the posting rules above, I do not want this site to go away.
    Please, Thank you.

  4. Such a breath of fresh air to see JT Realmuto, Didi Gregorius, Nick Castellanos, and Ranger Suarez have good games last night. The first three were all good with the bats and the gloves. And Ser-Ant’ny is awesome. He’s got Edwin Diaz like stuff.

    And … like everyone else … here’s hoping this site doesn’t die. Hope Jim and his wife are doing well, healthwise.
    In an effort to inspire more comments, I’ve put together the Hinkie Phillies Only Mock 4.0⬇


    ROUND 1️⃣ Dylan Lesko … would have been a top 7 pick if not for the fact that he caught the TJ flu in April. The 6’2″/195 RHP has a profile that is like cat nip for Brian Barber. Lesko is a whole lot like Mick Abel and Andrew Painter in that he’s been a showcase superstar for multiple years, and was the top ranked HS hurler heading into his senior season. The Georgia native has it all: mid 90s FB (T 98) with lots of life , plus-plus CH, and plus CB. Kiley McDaniel calls this kid the best prep pitcher in the last decade, and says his CH is the best ever for an amateur. Picking prep pitchers is risky. Clubs hardly ever use their first pick on that demographic three years in a row (only twice this century), but if Lesko falls into their laps, the Phillies would almost be forced to go there.

    ROUND 2️⃣ Nick Castellanos … will cost the Phillies their second pick because the Reds tagged him with a QO.

    ROUND 3️⃣ Jalin Flores … is a large framed (yet very athletic) HS SS who may eventually slide over to 3B. The Texas prepster has a sky high ceiling. He’s an abv avg defender. He’s rangy, and has a strong arm. Offensively, his quick bat is a bit pull happy and packs some punch. Flores turns 19 in July. If he’s not offered enough money, he’ll head to the Univ of Texas and be draft eligible after just two seasons as a Longhorn in 2023.

    1. ROUND 4️⃣ … Carson Palmquist … is a 6’3″/180 LHP for Miami. The Fort Myers native brings the funk with a side arm delivery that mostly confounds opposing batters. He throws a 92-95 FB, and pairs it with a big sweeping, swing-and-miss SL. He also has a CH, but doesn’t use it too often. Palmquist was the Hurricanes closer in 2021 (15.1 K & 1.6 BB per 9). He moved into the rotation in 2022, and didn’t skip a beat (84 IP, 70 H, 32 BB, 118 K. The lean “lefty” may remind Dave Dombrowski of (a poor man’s) Chris Sale.

      ROUND 5️⃣ … Dylan Tebrake … is a soon to be 23 YO RHP @ Creighton. . The 6’3″/225 RHP has flown a bit under the radar, and is going to be a smart bonus saving pick for someone. In this scenario, Barber/Dombrowski would need the extra money to sign Flores (round 3). Tebrake packs a pretty potent four pitch mix: mid 90s FB, avg CH, and two high rotation breakers. The CB and SL each spin at 3,000 RPMs, and have excellent movement. Tebrake had a big 2022 (93 IP, 73 H, 33 BB, 115 K). He’s already announced he’ll pitch for LSU next season if things don’t go his way next month.

      1. ROUND 6️⃣ Matt Wood … is a 5’10″/190 LHH bat-first C @ Penn St. The Pittsburgh area native has a short, sweet stroke, and exceptional bat-to-ball skills. This season, Wood was second in the Big 10 in hitting (.379/.480/.667), and he owned the K-zone (36 BB, 23 K).

        ROUND 7️⃣ Levi Usher … is a tooled up, but inconsistent OFer @ Louisville. The 6’1″/205 LHH CFer has a plus glove, dynamic wheels, a strong arm, and plenty of raw power. However, the former Iowa prepster has had a very uneven career because of bat-to-ball issues/high K-rates (25% as a Cardinal). He started out like a house on fire at Louisville, was terrible his second season, but has rebounded a bit this year:
        2020 .411/.484/.571 in just 16 games because of COVID
        2021 .216/.358/.306
        2022 .285/.362/.455, 27 of 28 SB’s ⬆ 62 Ks in 280 PAs ⬇
        Usher turns 22 YO tomorrow (🎈 Happy BDay, Levi 🎈), and is a former day three draft pick (Angels in 2019).

        1. ROUND 8️⃣ Mack Anglin … is a 6’4″/220 Clemson RHP. The former HS Player Of The Year in Ohio throws a 92-96 MPH FB, and two super spinning breakers. Both his CB and SL top out at 3,000+ RPMs. Anglin has been mostly a starter as a Tiger. His future as a pro, is more up in the air. He may profile better as a reliever because of control issues (10.6 K & 6.1 BB per 9). The Nationals picked him in the 13th round last summer. Anglin said, “Thanks, but no thanks”.

          ROUND 9️⃣ Wyatt Henseler … is a 20 YO (turns 21 in August) local college star that is completely incognito. The 6’1″/205 UPenn 3Bman has been tearing up the Ivy League over the past two years. During that span, the RHH prospect has slashed .379/.480/.663. He was good for 14 HRs in 2022. The Lehigh County native has backed up those numbers with two excellent summer season campaigns with a wood bat. He went .326/.414/.539 in the Coastal Plains League last summer. And is currently boasting a .310/.444/.414 line on the Cape this summer. Henseler is not handy with the glove, and may end up in LF after he’s drafted.

          1. ROUND 🔟 Luke Franzoni … is a mighty 1Bman @ Xavier. The 6’2″/220 RHH from New Jersey had a coming out party as a 22 YO senior in 2022 when he totaled .354/.485/.821, and was second in the country in launching bombs (29!). It’s not all rainbows and unicorns for the Musketeer slugger. Franzoni sells out for power and strikes out an awful lot (>30% in college).

    2. Hinkie…Lesko will probably not pitch again until Aug/Sep 2023.
      Then it will be 3, maybe 4 years before he hits the show.
      Harper and the core will be heading south by then or at other locales.

      1. Romus … he had the surgery in April. I’d expect Lesko “could” be pitching again as early as the start of next season. Connor Prielipp went under the knife on May 27, 2021. He threw a BP for scouts on May 23, 2022. That’s probably best scenario, but August/September would have to be one of the worst scenarios.
        Honestly, I do have a hard time believing they’d pick another HS pitcher in round one again, but Lesko’s upside may so high, they’d have no choice.

        1. Also … you gotta consider the trade value Lesko would hold if they wanted to flip him for a “win now” player this winter or next summer. I’d bet Ben Cherington would be pretty into Lesko headlining a Bryan Reynolds deal. Not saying they’d draft him with the thought of trading him. Just saying Lesko’s value is more than ETA to MLB.

          1. I could see that happening…moving him to a team who are well into their rebuilds like the Pirates…..also there are Cincy, the Os, Royals and maybe even the Tigers.

    1. I see he has the Angels at 13 selecting Prielipp and Lesko going to the Reds at 32.
      Those two players are all over the board it seems.

  5. I’d be ecstatic if Lesko fell. I would also jump at Proctor as well. fingers crossed. and if it is health related, get well soon to you and the Mrs. I’ve always loved the development part of the philly teams. looking forward to this site’s resurgence.

  6. it drifts from “grow the arms” buy the bats, but Peyton Graham would sure be a nice prospect to have in the org!

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