Open Discussion: Week of May 15, 2022

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

It’s late, I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short.

Winning five games out of seven on a west coast trip ia great.  Six would have been better, but how many of us could reasonably expect the four we were hoping they would win.  I guess this is me seeing the glass as half full for once.

The FCL (formerly GCL) and DSL look like they are starting on June 6th.  The Complex League has a countdown clock on their homepage til their opening game in three weeks and change as I type this.  The DSL posted daily schedules but hasn’t updated any of the individual team homepages.

Soon, MLB will finally update the rosters and transactions for both rookie leagues.  There will be two DSL Phillies teams (Red and White).  I don’t see any way that the Phillies can field two FCL teams.

And, this word of caution.  Please go easy on your expectations of Lee Hao Yu.  Don’t get carried away like you did with Luis Garcia.  Right now, Lee is seeing a lot of fastballs as teams try to dissuade Yhoswar Garcia and the other run-happy Threshers on the base paths.  I’m not saying that he’s not good or that I don’t like him.  Just take a breath.  He’s only 19-years-old.

Key Dates:

  • June 6, 2022: Opening Day for the Florida Complex League
  • June 6, 2022: Opening Day for the Dominican Summer League
  • July 15-19, 2022: All-Star Week in Los Angeles
  • July 17-19, 2022: MLB Draft
  • August 2, 2022: Trade Deadline (6 p.m. ET)
  • October 5, 2022: Final scheduled day of the regular season

Rosters and Stuff


5/15/2022 – RHP Kyle Glogoski assigned to Clearwater
5/14/2022 – SS Albert Jerez assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies
5/13/2022 – Reading placed RHP Noah Skirrow on the 7-day IL retroactive to 5/12
5/13/2022 – Reading activated RHP Julian Garcia.
5/13/2022 – Jersey Shore activated RHP Victor Vargas
5/12/2022 – Phillies optioned LHP Bailey Falter to Lehigh Valley
5/12/2022 – Reading placed CF Chris Sharpe on the 7-day IL
5/12/2022 – CF Hunter Markwardt assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/12/2022 – Reading placed CF Chris Sharpe on the 7-day IL
5/11/2022 – Phillies recalled LHP Bailey Falter from Lehigh Valley
5/11/2022 – Phillies optioned OF Matt Vierling to Lehigh Valley
5/11/2022 – RHP Mike Adams assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/11/2022 – LHP Ethan Evanko assigned to Reading from FCL Phillies
5/11/2022 – RHP Jean Cabrera assigned to Clearwater from DSL Phillies White
5/10/2022 – CF Hunter Markwardt assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
5/10/2022 – RHP Ofreidy Gomez assigned to Reading from FCL Phillies
5/10/2022 – SS Uziel Viloria assigned to FCL Phillies from Clearwater
5/09/2022 – Lehigh Valley transferred RHP Aaron Barrett to the Development List
5/09/2022 – Phillies optioned LHP Cristopher Sanchez to Lehigh Valley
5/09/2022 – RHP Corey Oswalt assigned to Lehigh Valley
5/09/2022 – C Herbert Iser assigned to Lehigh Valley from Clearwater
5/08/2022 – San Francisco traded RHP Corey Oswalt to Phillies

258 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of May 15, 2022

  1. I knew the Phillies could not hold a 4 run lead for that long on Sunday. With 2 outs and then the Dodgers 3 worst hitters beat you, heart wrenching. Don’t know why I watched the whole game. But baseball is better than football, tomorrow I’ll be back with renewed optimism. Don’t have to live it for 7 days.

    1. Denny…if counting …I believe the 2nd blown ‘9th inning win-in-hand-to-loss’ game.
      First, Mets ….now Dodgers.

    1. I think it’s time to make him the set up man. Only problem is his history (or lack of it) of throwing successfully on back-to-back nights.

      1. I agree 100%, he should be the setup guy. Hopefully, as he moves futher away from TJ, he’ll be more consistent.

      2. I mean I should be happy with 3 of 4 in LA right but I’m not. I like Knebel but not sure he is going to hold up a full season as the closer.

        Also and I preface by saying I’m glad we resigned him…Herrera absolutely has to have a better AB there in the 9th with base jammed. Swinging at a pitch literally that went between his legs from a guy that walked the bases loaded.

        Heading down to Thursday’s game and hoping BH is back in the LU. The Friars are playing really good ball right and Machado is having a white hot start to the season

        How would you lie a slash of 359-453/1.029 OPS and an OPS + of 205

          1. What? You guys had a problem with Odubel swinging at a pitch that goes between his legs with the bases loaded, and in a 2-1 count. The pitch that bailed out the pitcher, and may have cost the Phillies at least another run? You guys might be getting a little picky. 😁😂🤣


            And I really thought the team would have waited until Harper cooled down a bit before giving him the PRP shot. Four ABs from Harper yesterday may have been the difference between a W or L.

            1. I agree, Hinkie, Harper hasn’t just been hot, he’s been on fire. Why shut him down now?

            2. Hinkie…if there is one guy the manager MUST tell to take a strike or TWO in that type of a situation…it is a free-swinger like Doobie. His situational awareness is lacking at times.

            3. Bryce wanted Dr. ElAttrache to give the injection and they were leaving LA on Sunday, so he/they made the choice. Boras sends many of his clients to ElAttrache and they obviously have confidence in him. Yes, it sucks they lost yesterday and had he played it could have made a difference but if ElAttrache informed him that he needed the injection and needed it now, then the collective decision was made for the long view.

            4. Yeah, Remus. That swing by Odubel (especially in that situation) was about as bad as it gets. I really think he sometimes makes his mind up to swing/take before the pitcher begins his windup/stretch.

              I did hear the explanation on TV of why Harper got the shot yesterday. I was just hoping they could have flown the Dr to Philly later this week or next or whenever he might cool down some. But I guess I can understand why it was done Sunday.

            5. Dr. ElAttrache is the team physician for the Dodgers, so he won’t be making any house calls to Philadelphia. He’s also taken on the role as the go-to elbow surgeon for professional athletes (Dr. Andrews is 80 in September and slowing down) and is extremely busy. Let’s hope the injection is effective and Bryce stays healthy afterwards.

        1. DMAR….when Machado comes up with RISP…walk him.
          Him and hosmer are the only two hitting in their lineup…their pitching however has been pretty good…Musgrove, Manaea, Gore and Darvish have done well so far.

    2. He’ll be the closer soon enough, just not this year. He needs to bring down his walks a bit.

    3. at the very least he should be getting Familia’s innings. Familia is a 6th or 7th inning guy at this point in his career, he should not be the go to setup man

  2. Don – I’ll pinch hit here for Romus. Jenkins had 39 starts in 1971 with 30 complete games and 24 wins. He pitched 325 innings and his ERA was about 2.70.

    1. That ump again was pretty bad both ways but surely he misses some of Knebel’s pitches there in the 9th for sure.

      I just think that knuckle curve of his becomes really hittable after you’ve seen it a few times.

  3. Ciada…awesome. That is the way it was then. Back to Romus. I wonder how many total complete games are pitched in MLB in the current years. Not many. I saw Bueler has 1 so far this year.

    I know this is probably unfair but to me Knebel has lots of Neris traits. He has a good out pitch but most of the time it is not a strike. He just seems to miss location badly on key fastballs. As far off the line as Nick was on both hits someone was on the wrong page. Plus, Stubbs set up outside and high and pitch was middle center cut.

    One has to really feel for Nola or any other starter who pitches a great game to go and watch guys just give it away after you leave. The 27th out sometimes is hard to get but he was facing the 7,8, 9 hitters needing 1 out for the win. Not acceptable.

    The road trip was great but game yesterday resembled many games of recent years past. We can only hope there will not be many in that category. Glass half full.

  4. I think that the “well they still won 4 of 6 on the trip and 3 of 4 from LAD” is loser mentality. I appreciate optimism and if you told me on Thursday that they were gonna take 3 of 4, I’d have been elated. But given what we know now, that they were 1 pitch away from a sweep, I can’t be happy about it.

    Knebel has been good enough all season that he can have a pass as long as this doesnt become a regular thing. Familia stinks though. His numbers look better then he pitched yesterday because of that double play, but he was all over the place and had zero confidence in his pitches. That signing had a “this will not go well” feel to it as soon as it happened and it seems like it is living up to that.

    And Odubel continues to climb the ladder of my least favorite philadelphia athletes of all time. There are guys in AAA who the team could trade a single A project for who would be a better option than him in CF right now. Heck, I think Muzziotti would be a better option than him. Really hoping that Moniak gets healthy soon, and when he does the team gives him the job and not in the classic Joe Girardi “if you have one 0 for 4 game you are back on the bench” type of way.

    1. If you are not happy with 3 of 4 in LA then you are living in fairytale land. You just want to come on here and be grumpy.

      That’s an absolutely fantastic outcome. Any other take is silly. Sure it would have been great to sweep. But those guys are good too.

      I honestly can’t believe all of the negativity. Phillies are finally hitting. Crushing the ball. They have clearly turned the corner on the season are finally playing good baseball. Enjoy it.

      1. I think there is a difference between being happy with 3 of 4 in a vacuum and being happy with how it played out.

        1. Only different if you have unrealistic expectations and don’t understand the game of baseball. If you understand how baseball really works, then you don’t get too emotional about one game here or there. It is a marathon.

      2. Before I believe they have turned the corner, I need to see the offense produce over a 20-30 game period or even longer than that. They have been inconsistent over at least the last 5+ years. Remember this is the same offense that was no hit two weeks ago. Let’s see them be consistently good for about a month or longer.

    2. They went 5-2 on the West Coast, where they always struggle, including 3 of 4 against the best team in the NL. I’ll take that any day of the week and if that’s a loser mentality, so be it.

  5. In watching the Phillies over the last 5 years I would categorize them as inconsistent offense, bad defense, bad bullpen. Tough team top root for.

  6. 1. Odubel Herrera is a stain that simply will not disappear.

    2. Girardi’s bullpen decisions are as debatable as ever. Without Mariano Rivera at his disposal idk if he’s ever made solid decisions in this department.

    3. Phillies bullpen ERA now 27th in MLB after the Dodgers series. Another stain.

  7. The wild thing bout the pen is they have had a lot of guys be better than expected. Nick Nelson and Belatti were dudes i just assumed were AAA guys and both have been real solid. Norwood had that brutal outing vs the Mets but hes also looked alright, and Knebel has been as good as we could have hoped. And of course Seranthony is solid. They still find ways to blow games, and its usually walk-related.

    Really rubs me teh wrong way that they sent Morales down. Just goes to show you how Joe views young players

    1. Morales really needs some time in AAA. He has never relieved and never closed before this season. It was always going to be a level to level progression and now he has graduated from AA to AAA. The major league stint was about needing innings because of COVID and his second outing really showed he has some things to learn (and his arm needs to be able to bounce back from shorter outings).

      1. He gave up one run in extra innings against a very tough offense. Nothing wrong with some guys learning on the job. AAA isnt even a great place for prospects. IDK, I would have 100% kept him up.

        1. But AAA is a higher level of play than AA and it is not like Morales has dominating stuff. He has good stuff that needs refinement and he needs to train for the physical aspect of being a reliever. Remember how we blew out Seranthony’s arm?

          1. yeah, that would be the worst thing to happen for sure. at the very least i hope hes up for the stuff is unreal and he could be a big spot reliever as early as this season

            1. I agree there. I think he is very much in the second half plans for the Phillies. Just no need to rush it. I think they also need to decide if he stays in the 2-inning every 3 days role or trains for shorter outings. This is an arm that could sit 97-98 with the right training but it is now an arm trained for longer outings at less velocity. They need to get this balance right.

            1. He has a good slider, that’s not the point. He needs to to be more consistent with it, better control with his fastball, and endurance throwing all out in back to back games. He has little experience being a reliever. He can’t come in and walk 2 guys right off the bat. His leash will be short. He needs to be on point from pitch one.

    2. Pretty sure I mentioned that Morales wasn’t going to stick for the near future. He’s not going to pitch ahead of the big 5. And if he’s up, who’s going down? That means one of Nelson, Bellatti, and Norwood are out (carrying 8 relievers after May 29).

      1. Seasoning sure but the hill to convince me as noted above that Morales doesn’t have “dominating stuff” is pretty steep.

    1. The guy is built solid….over 200 lbs and can barrel it very good.
      In the field, he may eventually settle in at second base…not sure if he as the arm for third base.
      I wonder how high he will go up the prospect charts by the end of the season.

      1. By mid-season, if he’s hovering around .950+ OPS, he should be in the Phillies top 10. Not only that, he should be up at JS.

        I do think that hs best position is 2B, which is perfect since the Phillies don’t have any top prospects doing well and blocking him.

      2. Was he an international signing for them?

        Seems to be a solid all around player. Walks a bunch, hits for average, power, etc. Would be nice to see him rise up the ranks!

    1. Very positive. I think Jim P cautioned a bit back that he is just seeing fastballs. Still, good to see isn’t it?

    1. This makes no sense, Price is 36, he’s on the IL, and will be making $16M. Why would the Phillies want this? If the Dodgers don’t want him to start, why should the Phillies be interested? The Phillies should not be looking at David Price unless 2 pitchers go down.

      1. The blogger @ sportsnaut must be a Dodger follower.
        Dodgers would seem to want to move on from him anyways.
        How he picked the Phillies as one of the clubs, or for that matter any club at this point is beyond me.
        Now if contending teams’ starters begin going on extended ILs then they may look into Price’s availability.

        1. Maybe if it were a swap for Didi and his $$$. The Phillies may as well let the Bryson Stott era begin. Didi essentially gives them nothing so Stott can just kind of come in and relax.

          He’s good enough defensively in this last year of the shift.

        2. The incredibly scary thing about Price is that he’s actually getting $36 million this season and 1/2 of that is coming from the BoSox

          A contract he scored under the guidance of Mr. Dombrowski. One thing about past Dave he handed out some really ugly LT deals. And not that they don’t all tend to look that way at the tail end but his often tended to look that way a few short years in

    2. If that’s their fantasy, I hope they get it out of their heads quickly our SP is ok.

    3. Romus- this article is silly. 16 million for Price – he’s not worth 4 million . It sort of backs into the proposal. Price is on the 19th hole.

  8. Do you see Mark Appel getting called up? I see he picked up his 1st save, would be a cool story if so and sounds like he’s doing well so far this season.

    1. Appel will need a lot of help to make the team. First, he needs to be put on the 40 man. Second, he needs a bunch of injuries (at least 2-3, some season ending) to happen in the bullpen. Appel is definitely behind Morales and Brogdon in the pecking order. He might even be behind JoJo Romero when he comes off the 60 day IL. So it’s highly unlikely that Appel will be making an appearance in Philadelphia any time soon.

  9. From ‘a Fan’s View’,
    …Scott Kingery will be playing for the Iron Pigs this week….he may be in tonite’s line-up vs Rochester..

  10. I’ll be rooting out loud for Kingery. Always liked the kid and I hope he can come back strong.

    1. If/when Quinn goes down, Kingery may be ready to take that spot on the roster.

      1. Kingery needs to show a lot with the bat first. He has a career .667 OPS and .599 OPS last season at Lehigh. He needs to rake at Lehigh in order to get the call up.

        Otherwise, stay healthy, hit a little, and go into ST next year with an eye for a backup role.

    2. same here. i have the worst feeling hes gonna go to the dodgers or rays or something eventually and finally become a good mlb player lol

  11. Kimbrel comes in last night for the Dodgers with a 5-2 lead. He gives up a two run homer and gets credit for a save. I’ll never understand how that happens. Sometimes saves are like the t-shirts they blow out of air guns at sporting events.

    1. Saves has always been somewhat of a silly stat for this exact reason. You can make the case for wins just the same – a pitcher can go 6 innings and give up 7 ER and get a win in a 10-7 game. It is very good that at this point in time, most fans know better than to judge pitchers by wins and saves, but there was a whole era where those were used to judge a pitchers worth and that seems so silly in retrospect

      1. DegDan……in the old days….starters went the distance.
        IMO wins were very important back then..take a guy like Robin Roberts, pitches over 30 compete games in a season…that is pretty amazing.
        Relievers were around, but they also they were 3/4 inning guys….not the one and done like today.

            1. Tell Rocco about the “ball” Grover Cleveland Alexander gave you when you turned 21, now that’s a real story!

            2. Don’t have it anymore….went out and played ball with it, with the boys
              Tore it up pretty good.

        1. Oh yeah, totally different ball game. I grew up in the Schilling/Maddux/Smoltz era, so while it wasnt like RR throwing CGs every time out, pitchers were expected to go 7 for most of my childhood. And of course, that has changed a ton and i think its necessary if not disappointing, but it is a totally different world with how both hitters and pitchers are conditioned. When Felix Hernandez won his Cy Young that was the big signal that the times have officially changed and win/loss didnt matter as much anymore.

          1. Yep…..when Tony LaRussa made a relief specialist of Dennis Eckersley 30 or so years ago…..the ‘closer’ era with ‘saves’ began.

            1. Romus, I think it’s earlier than that. I think the “closer” era began, in earnest, in the 70s, with Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter and that group of players. However, the era of the one inning closer (who came in to start an inning, and only one inning) did start with or around the time of Eckersley. When I was a kid the closer often went two innings and was also often brought in mid-inning to put out a fire.

            2. Yeah…forgot about all those guys…..and yeah Gossage Sutter and Smith even went 2 or 3 innings back then…..along with Tug.
              The methods of usage and the art of pitching has evolved a lot since then.
              Some of those old pitching records, like CGs, will never be broken.

            3. Agreed. The entire way the pitching staff is used has changed dramatically. And it’s my conclusion that both the pitchers and hitters are, as a group, far better than they were 30 or 40 years ago. I used to think it was pretty easy to compare players across eras, unlike, say, professional football. However, I now no longer think that’s true. While the great players of almost any era would also be great today, I think the bar is much higher. Back in the day it would be a big thing if you had two guys who threw over 95MPH on a pitching staff. Now, this commonplace. And the hitters are bigger, stronger and even more talented. I think you could make a pretty darned good argument that Mike Trout is on his way to being the greatest player who ever lived, partially because of his stats (he is going to be an “inner circle” HOFer in any event), but partially because he is hitting like this in an era where the pitching is at such a high level.

            4. While the closer had not yet come into existence then, don’t forget Jim Konstanty who won the MVP as the closer for the Whiz Kids in 1950.

        2. The flip side to this is that a pitcher can literally throw a complete game with 0 earned runs and still earn a loss (or, more commonly, a no-decision if they throw 9 innings and it goes to extras).

          Wins and losses are important, but the stat only paints a very small part of the picture. Context matters (as it does with all stats), so using them in a vacuum has always been rather short-sighted.

          Just look at someone like Steve Carlton; in 1969, he went 17-11. In 1971, he went 20-9. So which season was he better? Well, in ’69, he threw 236.1 innings with a 2.17 ERA. In ’72, it was 273.1 innings and a 3.56 ERA.

          1. In Robin Roberts’ autobiography he wrote about pitching for the Orioles and a young pitcher they had, Milt Pappas. He said that he was basically a “head case” only pitched long games if he had a big lead but was eager to bow out if he was pitching in a close game. He said he wasn’t paid for wins/losses, thinking ERA mattered. Beginning of the new era of pitching stats. Also Orioles relied on pitch counts for their young arms.

          2. Carlton winning 27 games the year the team went 59-97 is still one of the most insane single season feats I have ever seen

            1. Dan… that was an incredible feat. It was as though the team transformed into something else the games Lefty pitched and then morphed back to normal as the clock struck 12 that night. Maybe the most improbable accomplishment of all time. It has to be right up there.

          1. From Roberts’ book.
            RR was rooming with rookie Jim Palmer in 1965. RR was 38.
            One night they were in the room laying in their beds when Palmer asks “hey old man, why don’t you give me some pitching advice?”, RR responded “ok, throw hard and go to sleep.”. That was it.

            1. Denny….LOL, that was good.
              Talked to an oldtimer today…he use to watch Roberts pitch from the early days in the 50s….he said he had pinpoint control….but gave up plenty HRs…..broke the MLB record with 46 HRs allowed in one season.

      1. Romus, interesting list. I can just imagine the old timers sitting around in 1905 dismissing that era’s pitchers finishing only 30 or 40 games a year. “Why, back in our day it was expect you’d complete 60 or 70 games,” they’d say.

    1. I hadn’t known you posted about “Old Pete”, RU. Just ironical that we should both associate him with the life and times of Romus.

  12. Incidentally, while we are having a fun time with Old Pete and Romus, the life of G.C. Alexander is most interesting and tragic in many respects.

    His battle with alcoholism, being mustard gassed in WW1, as well as his successes on the diamond, including his personal catcher whom was traded with him to the Cubs from the Phils. Really interesting.

  13. Jim, can you remind me how many players are allowed on AAA roster and how many can be active this year.

  14. Alright, so here we are… the dreaded .500 line. If this team is for real, they need to run past this mark in the next 10 games. No hovering around it.

    1. I get that we are at home for the next 6 games, but our schedule so far has been tough and it’s only going to get tougher. The worst team we’ve faced are the A’s and it was early. Our next 7 series are:


      If are .500 after this stretch, I would be happy.

      1. That stretch is 22 games, with 12 at home.
        I was hoping they could go 13-9
        That Braves series is 4 games…..maybe get a split there..
        Mets pitching staff now has a leak with Megill’s ailment.

      2. I would be happy with that too. When they left from ST, most of us had a feeling this could be a very good team. I think we were right then and they still could and should be a very good team. It’s going to take a little while for the BP issues to sort themselves out and the hope is that some of the young hitters develop. But this is a team that could easily get scorching hot and go like 22-7 in a month and, then, low-and-behold, you have a team 15 or so games over .500 and ready for a real stretch run. In the decade or so where they’ve been bad, I don’t ever recall them dominating an excellent team the way they did the Dodgers. It wasn’t perfect, but, man, they really beat those guys up and got some mojo. The starting pitching has also been impressive and, I expect, will continue to do well.

  15. Looking at A’s attendance this year…..time for the Commissioner to pull the plug and get them out of Oakland and into Vegas. If it is ever done it may be the most relocations by any MLB team, right now they are the Philly-KC-Oakland Express…..and Vegas makes them their fourth stop
    The Braves are a three stop franchise…. Boston Braves-to Milwaukee- to Atlanta.
    There are a few two stop relocation teams out there.

    1. Yeah, but . . . they haven’t moved in about 55 years, so it’s not like they constantly moving. And, obviously, you can’t have a big league team that draws like that. It’s an embarrassment. Las Vegas would be so much better for them than Oakland, but so would some other places.

      1. Yes there are cities that would like a MLB team….but sometimes existing teams have territorial TV market rights and will not let any infringement happen within their market.
        Then again there are states that have no MLB team and probably can get around any of those obstacles…like Tennessee-Nashville, or Utah-Salt Lake City, Orgon-Portland and Oklahoma-Okie City et al.

        As for the A’s relocation frequency…..the start date is actually 1954..and if they end moving again in two year, four moves in 70 years for a MLB team is rather frequent., since the majority of teams , since their existence, and in some cases is over a century, and have not yet relocated.

        IMO, a move to Vegas would benefit them and baseball..

        1. Give me a break – they haven’t moved in over half a century – they are hardly a franchise on the run.

          1. To put it in a better context – the Seattle Pilots and Washington Senators moved more recently than the A’s. I’m not young and I don’t recall the KC A’s.

            But agreed that a move to Vegas would seem to be ideal.

        2. i just don’t understand why baseball has a team in Miami that doesn’t draw, and we have to kick in to support the cheap owner, makes no sense.

    2. I think Vegas would be a great place, I cant believe how many people walk around Vegas with Knights shirt on, i had to ask what is a knight, i dont follow hockey, That Nimmo obp is over 400 what a good leadoff hitter,

  16. I first started following the Phillies minor leaguers when they drafted Wayne Gomes, in 1993. In all of these years, I have never seen a high school drafted pitcher dominate like Andrew Painter has. Truly elite. It has only been 24 innings. But the combination of elite stuff, command and elite performance is otherworldly. You only get a guy like this in the first round. Which is why I have been pounding the table for years here to draft elite arms in the first.

    1. Look at this slider…wow!

  17. Vince Velasquez 2-3 5.53, 12 walks 30 hits 27.2 innings.
    Nick Pivetta, 1-4 5.08, 33 hits 14 walks in 33.2innings.

    1. Spencer Howard 0-1 12.15, 10 hits 2 walks 6 HRs(!!!) in 6.2 innings
      Cole Irvin 2-1 2.93, 25 hits 7 walks in 27.2 innings

      1. That would be our 2 thru 5 after Nola. Love Wheeler, Suarez, Gibson & Eflin instead.

      2. I don’t understand the Cole Irvin love, last yr 178 innings 195 hits 10 – 15 record, 4,23 era, averages 2 homeruns per game given up, what is so special?

        1. rocco…….I think the aroma of love has faded as quickly as Amber’s next bedroom bowel movement.
          He is what he was projected to be…a back of the rotation arm….a 5th in the rotation.
          Same is now happening with both VV and Pivetta.

          1. Cole Irvin was projected to be a 4/5 pitcher and that’s what he is at the ML level.

            VV and Pivetta were projected to be more than 4/5 pitchers but they couldn’t live up to the expectations and are now 4/5 pitchers. it’s still early for Spencer Howard, but he’s in this boat also.

  18. Cade Cavalli, top 50 prospect and drafted after Mick Abel in the first round by the Nationals, couldn’t get out of the first inning vs Lehigh. He now has a 7.62 ERA for the season.

  19. 1️⃣6️⃣ consecutive innings w/o a run.

    No Harper. No Offense.
    No Harper. Big Problem.

    I know Harper/Boras wanted the Dr from LA to do the PRP procedure. But you gotta’ believe Middleton could have made it worth that doctor’s while to be flown into Philly later this week or next weekend or whenever Bryce cooled off. This team has really lost it’s mojo since Bryce sat down.

      1. Thanks for posting that, Romus. You know I’m a bug proponent of the ballpark organist. I love the guys playing the organ in LA (Dogers games) and Atlanta. They’re both very creative, and add a lot to the ambiance. I’ve been on this blog calling for a Phillies organist for a long time. I’d prefer he play live instead of pre-recorded, and I’d prefer he have an entire all-time music book to chose from … but … this is a great start.
        …. now about hiring Iron Chef Morimoto as the club’s Director Of Clubhouse Food Services.

        1. I LOVE the organist. I grew up going to Shea Stadium (hey, I grew up outside NY, was a Mets fan, been a Phillies fan for 30 years now), where I heard the stylings of Jane Jarvis, who played the organ there for years. The best was whenever Felix Millan came to bat, Jarvis would play the old “Felix the Cat” theme song – she was awesome. I looked her up later and it turns out she was a very serious musician – but that was a paid gig for a long time that must have been a blast and super easy for her by comparison.

          1. The Phillies used to have Paul Richardson playing at the Vet. Richardson is the second most famous organist in the history of the city (Larry Ferrari).

            1. Hinkie..I remember Paul Richardson at the Vet….a nice memory.
              It is a shame that psrt of the ambiance of attending a game has faded.
              Now most between innings entertainment centers around the hi-tech scoreboard in LF….and of course the Phanatic.

            2. My connection with Paul Richardson is that he bought the suburban Wilmington house I used to live in and I met him there after he moved in. And, yes, Larry Ferrari was THE organist. His Sunday morning TV show was regular viewing in our household.

            3. Wow! That’s cool story, Frank.
              And … yes .. we had channel 6 on every Sunday morning for Larry Ferrari too. Also used to watch Al Alberts Showcase Sunday mornings. It’s funny to think how far TV viewing has come in my lifetime.

    1. The lead off guy can’t go ofer with 2 Ks looking. I’m not going to mention the name on the back of the jersey because its unimportant at the moment

      Schwarber will get going in June. I believe it let’s just hope nicky sticks doesn’t go cold. The two are polar opposites as one always starts slow and the other starts hot

      That said everyone talks about the back of your baseball card and how you can look at a players numbers at the end of a season and they will be pretty spot on. That’s all well and good if those numbers come consistently throughout

      its hard to make those numbers work in the W column if they are month to month anomalific highs and lows.

        1. Romus if you tried to get your old act back, i bet you could get the job, Remember in college you and the monkey, its was a great act, You playing the organ and him throwing bananas at the people

    2. I explained this to you a couple days ago. I’m in an industry that involves MLB team doctors and elite specialists like ElAttrache don’t travel to see players. Even if he had any interest, he’s the head team physician for the Dodgers and they would never permit it. He’s also in one of the most prestigious clinics in the country (Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute) and is up to his eyeballs in patients and surgery and that’s not even counting seeing his own players in the Dodgers organization. He’s not traveling to see players. You can keep lamenting it all you want but it was never a possibility.

      Bryce is within his collectively bargained right to see a specialist for a second opinion and chose ElAttrache because he’s considered one of the best, if not the best, with dealing with Bryce’s current injury. He certainly helped Ohtani. The Phillies likely welcomed this visit because this doctor could potentially give Bryce the best possible outcome but that doesn’t give them permission to fly him around.

      It’s possible the timing of the injection was merely a matter of convenience and Bryce only wanted ElAttrache to do it on the last day they were in town. But it’s more plausible to me that he advised Bryce to get the injection immediately. Time will tell.

      The team has been maddeningly inconsistent for years, whether Bryce was in or out of the lineup. It’s not a mojo thing. It’s who they’ve been but hopefully that will change soon.

  20. Agree with Guru, Steve, Handzus, Romus who have noted Hao Yu Lee May be top 5 or 10 now.

    In fact, on Dec 29 in thread to vote for #8 prospect, I wrote…

    This is really a tough one. I’m going with Lee Hao-Yu. I love his power potential at 2B. His experience in national tournaments and success already with a wooden bat make me hope/ believe he may be a hair above the others at #8.

    I am excited by his strong and consistent start. Hope he continues and maybe by mid summer he gets taste of Hi A.

  21. Romus…Rocco is being pretty tough dating those of us who are Seniors. I did not get to see Robin Roberts or Richie Ashburn. But I did see Jim Bunning, Chris Short, Johnny Callison (he was my batting idol), Richie Allen, Tony Taylor and others i the early 60s. I think I actually started following the Phillies on the radio at night during the 64 season. That was a great time. The epic collapse. Gene Mauch is still trying to get into the World Series.

    Anyway, lets hope the team can regroup and turn this homestand around. It is amazing how 1 player can so affect a teams performance. Grandson’s high school team has kind of had a similar deal but on a defensive move rather that offensive like Harper. Coach put grandson on 3B last week because 3B was pitching. Kid has a great game. Usually he plays 2B. Monday and Tuesday leaves him at 3B. But the issue is he moved 3 or 4 others in the process from their regular positions to other spots to counter this. Positions kids had not played. Awful results last 2 nights. Team had won 7 games in a row. Now 2 losses with Sectionals next week. Amazing one difference like Harper or this on a small scale can throw things so out of wack.

  22. Seems from where I’m sitting that this team is still badly in need of a game changing CF. Likely Moniak gets his shot when he’s ready. However, he’ll be batting in the bottom of the lineup. A catalyst at the top of the order is nonexistent right now.

    Saw an interesting piece yesterday proposing the acquisition of Puk and Laureano from Vegas…I mean, Oakland, at the trade deadline. The starting rotation here is not built for the long season. Any and all supplements are welcome. Ironically, Puk was passed over Mickey in ’16 (wow…6 years!?!?)

    Speaking of the draft, could Kumar Rocker be available for the Phillies in round one? If so – and IF he can be signed(?) – it shouldn’t be long before he could help the big club, no?

    1. If the Phillies want to move away from Eflin and Gibson, they’ll just let them walk and make their moves during the offseason. They won’t be trading for starters at the trade deadline unless somebody gets hurt or is really ineffective. Right now, the starting 5 are fine and healthy.

      Whoever drafts Rocker has to know they will have to pony up decent money, likely overslot if he falls to say to the 20s and beyond. The team will need to do their medical checks. However, if all goes well. he’s a candidate to be sent directly to High A or even AA to start. He’ll likely be in ST next season for any team that drafts him. He could definitely be making his ML debut in 2023.

    2. Part of the issue is availability. All the game-changing CFers are on contending teams and/or young enough for teams to build around. Laureano COULD be a difference-maker, but he’s currently hitting .146/.271/.220. We’re getting better production from our in-house options at the moment.

      There’s obviously plenty of time for things to change, but that doesn’t mean it will change for the better. Our best bet is honestly just Mickey coming back strong. Outside of that, we basically need to hope for a miracle like the Angels going on a 20 game losing streak and finally deciding that it’s not worth wasting Trout anymore.

      More realistically, we’ll just need to tread water in CF and just keep upgrading other places to try making up the difference. It could be that we get an upgrade at 3B and move Bohm to 1B (and trade Rhys). There are a lot more impact 3B than CF these days. Rafael Devers is one of them who might be on the move this summer. The Sox may even want to package Chris Sale with him (which could be either a huge boon or just sunk money for the acquiring team). Could be an interesting trade target.

      1. DanK…..getting Devers/Sale would be a huge boost for the stretch run..
        But beyond this year, the $$$$$ could be an issue.
        In 2023,combined their AAV will be close to $50M
        Then Devers is a free agent in 2024…so that number will go up

        1. The number will go up, but it doesn’t have to be on our books. Could always just the draft pick when he leaves (assuming that’s still in place by then). Depending on what we gave up, I’d be fine with that strategy assuming it’s just a stop-gap until our CF picture becomes more clear.

          He’s also only one of a handful of potential options to upgrade at 3B.

    1. If there is one guy who should choke up and ‘punch and judy’ the ball around the field it should be The Romanator.
      I can remember how Matty Alou would do that after the Pirates got him…and Roman has more speed than him.

      1. Not in Roman’s bailiwick to be a punch & judy but, it would have given him longevity had he been. That of course, if he could have stayed healthy.

        1. Quinn can run like the wind and is a superior fielder. But he is one of the worst hitters I have ever seen. I am surpised when he even hits a foul. No way that man should ever start a major league baseball game. He has a role as a 26th man defensive replacement/pinch runner.

          1. Why I is Quinn hitting a issue I don’t see no one talking about Stott hitting and he’s doing the same as Quinn and he haven’t been out for a year

            1. Quinn isn’t a rookie seeing MLB pitchers for the first time in his career. He has a history of this production. Stott has a much more realistic chance of adjusting and producing more than we’ve seen thus far.

  23. Article on Phillies. Bull pen help. Only 3 teams worse BP at moment.

    David Bednar
    Andrew Chafin
    A.J. Puk
    Tyler Kinley
    Dillon Tate.

    Thoughts. All in varying degrees of team control. Some rental and some couple years control.

    1. Sign me up for David Bednar. I was hoping DD could land him in a deal this winter. He’s under team control for 4.5 more years so Ben Cherrington is probably going to demand more than Dombrowski is looking to give up.

    2. According to Fangraphs, Phillies pen is 8th in WAR because it is 10th in FIP (fielding independent pitching). They are 6th best in K/9 but have the third highest BABIP. All together, the problem isn’t the pitchers, it is our poor defense. We knew this would be an issue. It is what it is. If you want to upgrade the pitching, the better approach is to upgrade the defense.,ts&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2022-01-01&enddate=2022-12-31

      1. Exactly………Phillies team defense is 20th overall in dWAR @ negative 2.3…and 28th in DRS @ negative 12.
        Same old issue .

        1. This team should be able to absorb Quinn’s weak hitting….they need a good defensive centerfielder. Only team in mlb that he could start on for sure but we need his defense. As I said before, pinch hit for him when down in game but start off with his defense

          1. Also third base is a defensive issue…..Phillies and Braves had two of the poorest defensive players in the majors…in any given week….each positions for the bottom.

            1. Yes, Austin Riley is an atrocious defensive player. Arguably worse than Bohm. He is an exceptional hitter, but a truly bad defensive player.

      2. v1, I think the amount of BBs is also an issue. No question that our D is subpar, but Alvarado has been very inconsistent, and fortunately he was on last night. I think he has been at a 6BB/9 pace, and a few other guys have also been high 4’s/low 5s.. Not to bring up the whole Bohm debate, and there are weak defensive players all over the roster, but I don’t think it was ever in the teams’ plans to not try and give Bohm the 3B job. Chapman, while good defensively is hitting about as bad as Schwarber. I hoped for better defense out of CF, but I don’t think there were many upgrades out there defensively. You may have wanted to do something that I don’t remember.

        1. Chapman has a .207 BABIP. His career BABIP is .288. His K rate is down considerably this year 26% this year vs, 32% and 35% the prior two years. His average EV is higher than his career EV on batted balls. His walk rate is up this year from last. No other stat looks bad. He simply has had bad luck that is negatively impacting his batting average driven stats. But it will normalize. Always does. Meanwhile, Chapman is playing very good defense. Chapman is a stud. Small sample size bad BABIP doesn’t diminish his value.

  24. Gotta’ admit I was almost certain Zack Wheeler was headed to the IL earlier this season. But he has ramped up to 2021 form, and looks dominating again. Good for him. Good for the Phillies.

    1. I did too. I was very concerned about this drop in velo. and very encouraged to see him throw upper 90s last night late into the game. He looked awesome last night.

  25. With the graduation of Bobby Witt Jr. off the MLB top 100 list, Painter has entered it at exactly spot 100.

    1. If past performance is any predictor, he won’t be there for long. I think you’d be hard pressed to find 25 prospects in minor league baseball (perhaps even 15) with a future brighter than Painter’s. To me, he’s our number one prospect, hands down, and then Abel, O’Hoppe, Lee and perhaps Morales or McGarry. Rojas’s poor start has been troubling as have been the starts of many of our low A hitters – it’s been pretty ugly there. On the other hand, after years of waiting, we are starting to see some really serious progress from Ortiz, who now should be in the top 10. If he can make contact and draw his share of walks, he’s going to be a guy to watch.

      1. I agree, Painter’s upside is tremendous and he might overtake Abel at some point, but I would have the top 10 like this right now:

        Rojas (only because of his ceiling)

        Once the MLB draft comes in July, I would slot the Phillies first round pick at #5.

        1. My top 10 would be pretty similar – I view Stott as a graduated prospect even though, technically, he may not be. And I’m very, very bullish on Stott – he’ll adjust to MLB pitching in time and when he does, he’s got a chance to be a very good player.

  26. I’m not one to take glee in an injury to another teams’ player. That said, Steve Cohen had to have known that investing big money in older FAs is risky business (it’s obvious to everyone else in MLB). Senior citizen players on the open market are most likely going to:
    A) regress, or
    B) get injured

    The Mets handed out almost a quarter-billion dollars to 37 YO Max Scherzer, 33 YO Starling Marte, 33 YO, 33 YO Mark Canha, and 33 YO Eduardo Escobar.

    That Mets squad is built like a house of cards. IMO, the Braves are still the team to beat.

    1. Hinkie…yuo are spot on, the Mets are an aged team i critically specific areas, like starters, come August/Sept it could be difficult keeping them all on the field together.
      Their top four prospects are close to breaking onto the MLB scene…all position players. So that gives them some flexibility in the field.
      They will need starters to come along eventually…unless Cohen decides to keep buying them.

    2. Mad Max going down last night was an inevitability for a guy his age with a history of recurring, if relatively minor, injuries. The Mets have talent, but aren’t constructed to endure the long run. Fortunately for them, the division this year is particularly weak. The Braves lineup, just looking at OPS throughout, has been underperforming. But they remain within striking distance. The Phillies can’t seem to lift themselves above .500 and the curse of mediocrity which has characterized this team since 2018. I honestly don’t see their fortunes changing until they strike gold among their younger, cheaper talent and a manager who isn’t averse to playing them.

      1. Scherzer has been incredibly healthy his entire career. Whatever he’s doing to keep his body in shape to handle the rigors of pitching is working big time. However, he’s 37 and age always catches up to you. We’ll see if this is the year he doesn’t make at least 27 starts.

    3. Hinkie,

      You forgot the third possible outcome for ancient free agents: Both

    1. rocco….you were probably just a little tike in diapers at the time….like the uniforms.

      1. Romus I was trying to think of a player who, hits like Segura i never remember. a guy who bends his legs to the ground on his swing,

        1. Have to think about that for awhile.
          He is short, 5’10″… and stocky.
          So he does not have to go so far down to the ground, as say a guy like Bohm at 6’5″

    1. Oh man, we need Harper back in the lineup pronto. It’s not a good time for Schwarber, Castellanos and JT to go into a slump.

  27. Max Scherzer has an oblique strain and will be out 6-8 weeks. Which means the Phillies won’t be seeing him at the end of the month. The Phillies have already seen Scherzer 3 times!

  28. On our way to another shutout loss. Hitting with RISP is abysmal. I know Bryce is out, but where are JT and Schwarber and Nicky Castles? And, just brutal to watch us play.

  29. What a snoozefest. It was NBC10 “Kids Learn About Weather” Day (or whatever they actually call it) at CBP. When the camera panned to the kids; the 5th graders were so bored, a group of them were playing Uno.

    I get the whole “hunt FBs early in the count” thing, but that doesn’t work against a guy like Yu Darvish. He throws like five or six different pitches. He’s not looking to get ahead early with the FB. He can pitch backwards as well as anyone. The Phillies would have done better taking pitches to get him outta there an inning earlier.

    No Harper. No offense. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but Haper/Boras/Phillies should have waited until the MVP cooled off before getting that needle.

    And why would anyone throw Johan Camargo a FB? He’s pretty much baffled by SL’s.

    1. It sure was. I bought my tickets for yesterdays game about a month ago. Leave it to me to pick a game that Harper wouldn’t play in.

      I can’t believe CBP has gone cashless since the last time I was there.

  30. Well, so much for the Dodger series turning things around. 38 games in, I only have to wait 12 more to panic. This is not on the defense, the SP or the BP. We would be more than OK with all of that, well I am stretching about the D, if the offense was even remotely close to what I believed it would be. Take Bryce’s #s out, and the hitting is flat out bad.

  31. 7 games out. With or without Mad Max and/or deGrom, the Phillies are not 7 games better than the Mets the rest of the season, no matter if it’s before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Add the sleeping Braves to the mix…forget about it. Add the Dodgers, Braves, Giants, Mets again next wknd, an improved Angels club and the Brewers over the next 2 weeks, Add the fact that this team has nary a pulse, and ask how Joe Girardi would still be Phillies manager come June 1.

    1. mark8:29……judging by what comments I have been reading from different sites on the Phillies…. you may not be alone jumping off the bandwagon.
      One comment may me chuckle:
      “Imagine if Odumbo had hit that pitch between his legs – might have taken out Joe in the dugout.”

      1. Romus, we’re getting into the part of the season when the unthinkable becomes reality. I can’t wait for Moniak to get his shot in CF…for 2 reasons – the 2nd one is that Odubel will play that much less, if he’s even on the roster. BUT what worries me most is that somehow, Joe G will find a way to sit Mickey after he’s got an 8 game hitting streak going with an OPS over .900 because a lefty with an ERA over 6 is pitching.

        1. Yeah…come hell or high water, when Moniak is fully healthy and ready to play after rehabbing at LHV….just put him out there for the extended duration.

  32. Jayson Stark today: “Both Gregorius and his heir apparent, Stott, were on the Opening Day roster, so the Phillies thought they had this position covered. It hasn’t turned out that way. Gregorius, coming off a health-challenged, career-worst season (minus-0.8 WAR), has no homers and no barrels through his first 65 plate appearances. He also has played in only two games this month because of a sprained knee. Stott has hit just .135/.196/.154 in 56 plate appearances, and had to be sent back to Triple A for a minor-league reset. So despite excellent cameo work by super sub Johan Camargo, Phillies shortstops rank 27th in MLB in WAR (minus-0.1), 27th in OPS (.570) and are in a four-way tie for fourth-worst in Defensive Runs Saved (minus-4). This team needs to be better up the middle, period, but especially at short.”

    1. If only they had used one of their 1st round picks 8-10 years ago on a good defensive shortstop.

  33. By my count, this is the 5th time we have been shut out this year. With our lineup I would have bet we wouldn’t have 5 shutouts all year.

  34. Blame it on Dombrowski. It’s his fault. He got Shwarber and he got Castellanos. He should have gotten 2 or 3 more $20M a year players. Yes, Rocco, that is sarcasm.

    1. I remember when i was growing up, Romus told me about the old days, Guy like i think his name was Ryan Duren, he would hit you with a pitch start a fight to light up his team, we need that now, this team is lifeless, Ciada i will look up the word Sarcasm and get back to you

  35. Moffo – You’re a good guy with a lot of baseball knowledge and I am NOT being sarcastic.

    Answer this one for me (or anyone else). Here are stats so far this year of players A and B.

    A 173 PA 42 H 10 HR 36 RBI 14 BB 38 SO 279 BA 996 fielding %

    B 155 PA 33 H 7 HR 20RBI 16 BB 44 SO 239 BA 990 fielding %

    1. I’m not saying you did it on purpose, but if you want to make comparing two hitters a lot more difficult, just omit their OBP and Slugging percentage (or even just OPS), which you just did. For those wondering, Alonso’s OPS is .866 this year and Hoskins’ is .773 – so, this year, Alonso has been notably better. Over their careers, Hoskins is a very good hitter with a 126 OPS plus but Alonso is definitely better, with a 139 OPS plus. I’m a fan of Hoskins, but Alonso has been better and will likely continue to be better over long stretches of time.

  36. Forgot to add that they both play first base. That helpful tidbit (which I stupidly omitted in the first place) should make it 100% easier to figure it out.

  37. Article on CF possible options


    Any good choices to help?

    1. Word just in that Moniak officially begins his rehab assignment in Clearwater so we should be getting daily updates from Jim🤗….right, Jim?

          1. Is the value there for that trade? Maybe. But the Phillies are not in a position to add another hitter who is about to become much more expensive.

          2. Bryan Reynolds won’t be a FA until 2026, so there’s 2 more years of control here. At the minimum, it begins with Abel and you have to add in Falter AND Morales easy.

            1. Phillies will probably never give up all three pitching prospects like that in a deal….there will be a position player in there ilo of one of those pitchers.

      1. Perhaps Reynolds can be had at the deadline for less than he would have been over the winter…??

        1. mark8:29…exactly, if he is still slashing what he is currently slashing now for the next 50 games…piece of cake.
          But Cherington will probably try to avoid moving him because his value is sinking…and hope to move him in the off-season and also hopehe rebounds in the second half after the trade deadline.

    2. I don’t know that Rojas is still on my untradeable list, although his D and base running are terrific. I don’t trade Painter or Abel, still, for anyone on that list.

      1. If you’re not trading Abel, Painter or Stott, you’re not getting Reynolds or anybody cheap and good for that matter. You have to give talent to get talent.

      2. I would trade Abel for the appropriate return stud, but I would not trade Painter since I think his ceiling is higher while Abel is closer to the majors, and perhaps more desirable in a trade. I’ve a hunch the brass sees it the same way.

  38. I has just looking at the list of players in the organization that are on the injured list and it is 58. No wonder that the organization is having troubles.

  39. I am not suggesting any player. I just saw an article on BP yesterday and CF today. Seems these are the same areas that have now been major stumbling blocks for Phillies for several years.

    I just hope the team starts playing better.

  40. What would Trea Turner cost us? Awhile back he wasn’t all that interested in California.

  41. Wasn’t everyone saying how having Long as the hitting coach was gonna be massive? Didn’t realize massive disappointment is what was meant by massive.

  42. They scored 46 runs in the 6 games prior to Harper’s PRP shot. They’ve scored 8 runs (in 5 games) since Harper’s PRP shot.

    1. Hinkie,

      Understand what you say. And it is very disappointing to rely so much on one person when this is supposed to be a team built to mash. Costellanos was supposed to play with an edge. Schwarber was to provide veteran leadership. It wasn’t to rely on one guy for a spark.

      Meanwhile, players like Bohm and Odubel are not Major League regulars. Bohm appears to be a really nice young man but his ISO is 105. Take names out of it. Who would want a starting 3B who is a defensive liability and just a singles hitter? And Odubel showed once again in the ninth inning that he’s an untrustworthy batter.

      Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow. And with this game an excruciating three hours and 44 minutes, it almost is tomorrow.

      1. Frank, & V1…………. points well said. If there is no fire 🔥 in the boiler room, most likely there will be no fire on the field. When other teams lose I see players looking out on the field visibly upset with what just transpired. I don’t see that with us…..just gather the gear and retreat to the locker.

        Although, the person is anonymous we know there is still a cancer in the locker room because it has been reported on here several times and in the media. Maybe by end of year we can eradicate him or them via trade/release.

        Also, w/o naming him there appears to be one who needs to toughen up considerably. Cuddling these guys who are over 21 is a bunch of crap.

    2. That is a fact (on a small sample size) but Harper is not worth 7 runs per game. Our offense will have up and down days. But imo the #1 issue with this team is that they don’t play with heart. No passion. No energy. That is largely on the players. But imo it is also very much on the manager. Watching Girardi’s press conferences make me want to take a nap. He has no energy. No passion. He doesn’t demand energy from the players. The Phillies play uninspired baseball. Watch Buck Showalter next time we play the Mets. He looks like a volcano ready to explode on every pitch. The Mets play with passion and energy. The Mets maximize their talent.

      It is time to fire Girardi and shake things up. This team needs a big spark.

  43. Joe’s pat answer is “look on the back of their Baseball cards.” And, we play like it’s just going to come around. Play smart, play with an edge, ground out ABs, manufacture runs when they are scarce. These are all the things that we do not do, and it starts with Girardi.

    1. Slumping bats isn’t his fault but the lack of energy and no sense of urgency is troubling. That’s on Joe. It’s as if he knows his time is short, won’t resign out of professional pride, and waiting for the axe to drop. Dombrowski probably has a date in mind when he’ll have to make the move, if only to shake things up. You can’t sell this to the fan base indefinitely.

      1. Yeah…Joe, being lame-duck, has 4/5 months left on this contract….and no extension in hand, though the team has the option for 2023, which so far they have not picked-up.
        You would think there would be a greater sense of urgency/desperation.

        1. I don’t buy that…most players have their best year in their walk season. If anything, his lack of long term contract should inspire Joe to be more passionate. That’s just his nature. He has never been an energy guy.

          1. All the same, it’s time for him to go after showing none of the magic he was supposed to wield after 2 years and 2 months. Something’s amiss.

  44. Since the 2-strike count on Bellinger the Dodgers are 6-0. The Phillies are 1-4 and going nowhere fast. Hard to believe a difference a week makes.

    1. Dave D may need to make some type of a move to shake things up prior to the Memorial Day weekend..

  45. Thankfully, Bryce is back at DH tonight.

    Realmuto is now hitting 8th! Not good for somebody who is in year 2 of a 5 year, $115.5M deal. JT’s defense is keeping his value up. JT is the only position starter (which includes Didi) who has an OPS+ of under 100.

  46. If Long is going to showcase his ability to coach hitting, how about teaching Doobie to hit the “bouncer”! He is especially inept on the 55 footer!😎

  47. Another blown game. I had zero faith we would win when it became 4-2. Nola’s command deserted him. We stopped scoring, and there is no way Alvarado should have been out for a second inning. He was lucky to get through 1. I couldn’t wait until it’s officially over. We are a bad team.

  48. Currently, the Phillies are good but not great. The hitting is decent, but only Harper is a difference maker. Same with the starting rotation, only Wheeler is a difference maker. The bullpen has been better, but’s a low bar to pass compared to previous years. However, when the Phillies have this killer first half schedule, it won’t cut it. It’s actually a miracle that the Phillies are 3-3 vs the Dodgers, for what it’s worth. I think the wins and losses will be more indictative of what we are once they start playing some bad teams: a wild card team that’s likely to get bounced early when they play the Dodgers or Brewers.

    What can be done? Not much. Even if the Phillies are sellers at the trade deadline, nothing that the Phillies have will bring anybody significant (i.e bringing back lotto tickets). And the top prospects are far away from helping. I mean, you can cut Didi and let Stott have SS the rest of the way, but that’s about it. And let Moniak have CF to showcase himself. Simply put, the Phillies just have to play better. And it starts with the guys making the big money: Castellanos, Realmuto, Schwarber. These 3 players are getting almost $63M combined this season and only delivering 1.7 WAR after a quarter of the season.

    1. BTW, Brandon Nimmo has 1.8 WAR which is more than Castellanos, Realmuto, Schwarber combined. Jeff McNeil is not too far back either at 1.5 WAR. And these guys are making a lot less than $63M.

      1. Brandon Nimmo is my 2nd favorite player in MLB (Trout #1, Nimmo #2, Betts #3). He’s exactly what the Phillies needs at the top of their lineup. He’s constantly on base, and (just as importantly) brings some energy to a club. In a dream scenario, the Mets let Nimmo hit free agency this winter, and Dombrowski spends more of Middleton’s stoopid money on him.

        BTW … Mookie Betts is just an incredible player. He’s not just a fantastic offensive player, he is a phenomenal defender in the OF (other worldly!!!).

        1. Brandon Nimmo would fill a large hole in CF. However, he would likely be one of the top sought after FAs if the Mets let him walk. I mean Starling Marte got 4 years, $78M at age 33. Nimmo will be 3 years younger. I can easily see Nimmo get 5 years, $110M. Perhaps he might get 6 years from somebody. The Phillies need him, but we can’t be paying everybody at every position. At a certain point, we have to roll with what we got. The big money players need to play up to their contracts.

          And the farm need to start developing consistently. Even though it’s a low bar, the farm has gotten better. Yes, that JS team has been a monster disappointment, but Abel has been holding his own. Stott has hit at AAA, and even Maton has woken up at Lehigh. O’Hoppe has been red hot and Ortiz has improved a little. Lee has come out of nowhere, Painter is now top 100, and there’s some optimism with Ben Brown.
          We have 3 top 100 guys, O’Hoppe I think is close to top 100, and Lee is a wildcard. This farm is looking a lot better than last season.

    2. I would never say there good, They spent a lot of money, Have no pitching in the higher minors, No real hitters in higher minors and still have a terrible bullpen, They are up against the wall, there is no help from the minors for a while and they are capped out, The experts were right the minor is bad and the big club, is no better, heartless team, No hits on the dodgers bullpen?

    1. Romus m8 told you he couldnt hit, but he did make majors, so i was part wrong

      1. rocco…LOL…he hit .315 in HS as I recall, and you wanted to know why the Philies drafted him so high. :).

        1. Romus i saw his tape, and i just couldn’t see him going that high, 315 in hs isnt great,

          1. He (Luke Williams)made the US Olympic team, Rocco. Maybe just because you didn’t try out. Still that isn’t too shabby is it?

            1. I said he cant hit, when i saw his tape, and stand by that, he is a better fielder than i thought, but has no bat, I could care less about him making the Olympic team, i Just never saw him going that high with what i saw on tape,

  49. Ahh dodgers are a tough team. Here is my partially informed take.

    It was ST, BUT the team was clicking – energy/motivation wise. Having Stott, Moniak, Breaking into the lineup was a big deal imo. Sure it’s not the regular season. The hype the team had coming in offensively, then add Stott & Moniak to it. Was pretty big imo. When Moniak got hurt you felt it somewhat. Then they sent down stott. That momentum is gone. Throw Bohm in there, when the team put all 3 on the opening day lineup. I’m hoping Moniak’s return can get a partial feeling that this is the team. They got the prices back,and they can go on a run once they get through the harder part of their schedule.

  50. One of the dumbest plays I have ever seen from a player I have always respected!

  51. And we still win! The reason I keep watching although it’s torture and I spend most of the game yelling at the TV. Bohm put the ball in play, Muncy botched it and Roman scored purely because he has elite speed. Crazy game!

      1. The baseball Gods have said that the Phillies have endured enough, here’s a freebie. And I’ll take it!

  52. The announcers mentioned that Moniak will continue his rehab this week at Reading.

  53. I didn’t see this addressed anywhere and forgot to ask until now but did Odubel try to score on his own or did Wathran send him the other day?

  54. Joe seemed to intimate that he was sent and that he didn’t have a problem with him being sent.

    1. That is so troubling on all fronts. Management needs to be accountable and Oduble mightbeon waiverssoon for his lack of baseball IQ 0

      1. If Odubel gets cut, it’ll be because Moniak is back and the Phillies would rather keep Quinn’s speed over Odubel’s hitting.

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