Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (5/14/2022)

Lehigh Valley and Reading were rained out.  Jersey Shore lost, Clearwater won on the strength of 4 home runs.

Went to the Complex in the morning to watch an XST game vs. the Blue Jays.  As the Phillies fell behind, my attention was diverted to the live BPs on the back field.  JoJo Romero, Starlyn Castillo, Brett Schulze, Albertus Barber, and Sam Jacobsak pitched to Mickey Moniak, Rafael Marchan, Jordan Viars, Felix Reyes, and Gavin Tonkel.

The pitchers thre at least 15 pitches and the batters walked, struck out, put a ball in play or other.  Fastballs for each were Romero 93-95, Castillo 93-95, Schulze 94-97, Barber 92-94, and Jacobsak 92-94.  Schulze FB seemed to be popppin.  Barber’s slider was snappin of pretty good.

Moniak made contact twice that I can remember a semi-line drive to left center for a single and a line drive into the left field corner for a double.  He seemed to swing okay.  I heard it was his hamate so I would have liked to see him hit one to right or right center.  He didn’t seem to have any problems afterward.  I watched to see if he shook, rubbed, or treated his hand differently.  He didn’t, but he didn’t bat after Castillo nailed Viars on the back of his right hand.  Kind of reminiscent of Moniak’s injury at the end of spring training.  Moniak batted with a protective guard over the back of his hand.

Back at the game, the Phillies lost, 8-3, I think.  Christopher Burke and Scott Kingery hit HRs for the home team.  Lou Helmig was present and played left field.  He, um, looked a little raw.

Clearwater (17-12) beat the Daytona Tortugas, 9-5.

Andrew Painter (1.14) pitched 3.2 innings and gave up his first 3 earned runs ofthe season on one hit, 2 walks, a hit batter, and a wild pitch.  He struck out seven.  Gabriel Yanez (2.87) pitched 1.1 innigs and allowed 2 of 3 inherited runners on 2 hits.  Malik Binns (4-0, 2.12) blew the save allowing one run in one inning on 2 walks and a wild pitch.  Konnor Ash (0.00) pitched two innings allowing an unearned run on a walk and 3 strikeouts.  Rodolfo Sanchez (2.19) pitched a clean inning.

The Threshers scored first with 3 runs in the first inning on Lee Hao Yu’s 3-run HR (4).  Daytona tied in the fourth and the Threshers went back ahead in the bottom of the inning on a solo HR by Anthony Quirion.  The Tortugas tied the game again in the sixth and the Threshers retookthe lead in the bottom of the inning on an RBI single by Quirion and a 2-run HR by Micah Yonamine.  They tacked on single runs in the seventh and ninth on a solo HR by Alexeis Azuaje and a balk.

Azuaje (.268) went 2-5 with 2 runs scored, a HR, and an RBI.  Quirion (.207) went 2-4 with 2 runs scored, a HR, and 2 RBI.  Yonamine (.178) went 2-3 with a run scored, HR, and 2 RBI.

Lee stole his eight base, Brito his 2nd and 3rd.

Painter threw 73 pitches, 46 strikes (63%).  He was lifted after he threw 38 pitches in the fourth inning.  His last pitch was a strike for his seventh strike.  His FB was 95-99 with 2-3 pitches at 100 and one at 101 on the stadium gun.  He is throwing only his FB and slider so far this season.  His FB has a little movement on it, his slider about 3.5 feet and 6-12 inches.  He left a lot of pitches up and out of the strike zone.

Lehigh Valley (18-16) v. the Buffalo Bison was rained out.  Makeup on May 15th.

Reading (14-17) v. the Bowie Baysox was rained out.  Makeup on May 15th.

Jersey Shore (10-20) lost to the Bowling Green Hot Rods, 6-3.

Mick Abel (1-3, 4.50) pitched four innings and gave up 5 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks.  He struck out four.  Carlos Francisco (5.11) pitched two innings and gave up one run on 2 hits and a walk.  Andrew Baker (6.30) pitched one inning and gave up a hit.  Erubiel SArmenta struck out two in one inning.

The BlueClaws scored 2 runs in the first inning on a 2-run HR (3) by McCarthy Tatum.  They scored a run in the third on a solo HR (2) by Baron Radcliff.

Radcliff (.216) went 2-4 with a run scored, double, HR, and RBI.

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5/14/2022 – SS Albert Jerez assigned to Clearwater from FCL Phillies

14 thoughts on “Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (5/14/2022)

  1. Thanks Jim for the rehab players update. Sounds like some are getting close to returning, and that’s some nice talent there. It’s great that the CWater team is doing much better now with some hot hitters and some nice pitching too. Painter is obviously working on FB command. It’s the most important thing. Abel has been very inconsistent which is worrisome but it’s tough to know if he’s getting hit only because he too is working on certain things.
    Every good thing Kingery does gets followed by “if only..”

    1. This is why there’s no rush to promote Painter or even Abel. They’re still young and they’re both a work in progress. If we compare both of them to a young Zack Wheeler:
      age 20, low A, 3.99 ERA, 58.2 innings, 1.449 WHIP, 5.8 BB, 10.7 SO
      age 21, high A, 3.53 ERA, 115 innings, 1.322 WHIP, 4.1 BB, 10.1 SO

      age 18, rk, 0 ERA, 6 innings, 0.667 WHIP, 0 BB, 18 SO
      age 19, low A, 1.14 ERA, 23.2 innings, 0.761 WHIP, 3.4 BB, 17.9 SO

      age 19, low A, 4.43 ERA, 44.2 innings, 1.209 WHIP, 5.4 BB, 13.3 SO
      age 20, high A, 4.50 ERA, 22 innings, 1.364 WHIP, 4.5 BB, 13.5 SO

      Wheeler was at AA at age 22. So both Painter and Abel are already on a faster progression than Wheeler. Painter and Abel will move up when it’s their time. They need to stay healthy and get their innings.

      1. That would be a huge jump and it would be more indicative of how poorly the JS players (Rojas, Wilson, Garcia, Martin) are performing.

        1. The only guys I think can justifiably be put ahead of him at this point are Stott, Abel, Painter, Rojas, O’Hoppe, L Garcia, McGarry, Wilson and Morales. Depending on scouting reports, he could move past 5-6 of those guys.

          I think it’s indicative of the system being bad but also him being a legit prospect. We just don’t have that many of them.

          I was done with Martin before the season started. NP.

          1. It will be interesting to see where Lee ranks in the mid-season report. The other position players you mentioned have a higher ceiling, but perhaps Lee is starting to show that his ceiling should be just as high as theirs. It’s exciting to watch since the Phillies haven’t had an international FA have a start like this in a long, long time.

      1. For non-asians, his name is Hao Yu Lee. For asians, the last name is first, so it’s Lee Hao Yu.

          1. That’s funny, but asians born in their home countries usually don’t have 4 names. However, asians born in North America could have 4 names, consisting of an English first name, their 2 word asian name, and then their last name.

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