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Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (4/24/2022)

The Phillies’ affiliates had a very good week.  They were a combined 16-8 and improved their combined 10-29 record to 26-37.  On Sunday, Clearwater completed a 6-game, series sweep of Tampa.  They tossed 2 shutouts, allowed one run in three other games, and 6 runs in the whole series.  Jersey Shore rallied with a 10-run inning to take their series 5 games to one, including their current 4-game winning streak.  Lehigh Valley won their series 4 games to two and has a modest 2-game winning streak.  Only Reading had a losing week dropping 5 of 6 games in their series.  All 4 teams take to the road after their Monday off day. Continue reading Phillies Affiliates’ Recap (4/24/2022)