Open Discussion: Week of March 27, 2022

This is the courtesy thread for comments and discussion about the Phillies and other BASEBALL topics.

We are down to twelve days before opening day.  The Phillies have ten games remaining and have started paring down the bodies in the major league camp.  You will see that players have been assigned to or optioned to their minor league teams.  The list of all transactions is below.

You will notice that a lot of minor leaguers are assigned to the Phillies.  This is a common practice when a group of minor leaguers is brought up as bench depth on a given day.  These players get the experience of sitting in a major league dugout or bullpen during a game, they often get into the game, and they receive major league meal money for the day, a big perk for a minor leaguer.  They will not have to be reassigned to their minor league team afterward.

I bring this up because if you look closely, you will see below that Ronald Torreyes was assigned to Lehigh Valley on March 19th.  He was assigned to the Phillies for a game on March 23rd.  He does not have to be assigned to play in any future games during spring training.  The important distinction is that he was assigned to the Phillies NOT selected.  He remains an IronPig until his contract is selected.  I point this out because that indicates to me that barring injury to a player still in major league camp, Torreyes would appear to be out of the running for the opening day roster.

Also of note is that the practice of bringing so many many minor leaguers up to the big team during spring training really blossomed under Gabe Kapler.  It may be the only carry-over from his stewardship.

I’ll save you a little scrutiny below and list the assignments and options here.

Options – Luis Garcia, Jhailyn Ortiz, Rafael Marchan, Francisco Morales, Hans Crouse, Simon Muzziotti, James McArthur

Assignments – Ronald Torreyes, Dillon Maples, Austin Wynns

Designated/traded – Luke Williams

I haven’t seen today’s post-game options but expect that the starters and bench guys will get more reps as we get closer to the start of the season.  Of the ten remaining games, three require hardly any travel to Dunedin and Tampa.  They close with a game against Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field before breaking camp.  The only big travel game is to Lakeland on April 1st.  Most of the players might be optioned or assigned after that for the start of the Triple-A season.

Heckuva game on Sunday.  I’ve been to all the home games and Sunday’s game in Dunedin.  I watched or listened to all the other games except Saturday’s game in Lakeland.  This has cut down my attendance at the Complex.  So, I have seen a lot less of the minor leaguers as I am accustomed.  I haven’t seen enough reps to report accurately on the activities on the backfields.  I may have seen enough to construct the affiliates roster with a decent degree of accuracy, but until I know which NRIs are going to be kept/released it’ll be tough to guess the pitching staffs.  That said, I’m pretty sure I’m getting Painter and possibly Ottenbreit with the Threshers.

I guess you saw Jim Salisbury’s article about Stott.  He writes that Stott has a shot at going north with the Phillies.  And, that Joe says if that were the case he would be playing every day.  Salisbury does not print rumors.  He researches the things he wears and gets verification before writing.  He’s a solid source.  So, If Stott has a chance of winning a spot on the 28-man roster, and barring a trade, it would look like “somebody” may be optioned to Lehigh Valley.  Again.  Stott’s and Camargo’s positional flexibility as well as their hitting this spring makes such a move possible.

That Reynolds trade I hinted last week probably died before I posted the possibility.  It may have been a ploy to get the Pirates to up the prospect package exacted from Miami or it more likely fell apart when the Phillies didn’t want to include all the prospects the Pirates wanted in addition to Rojas.

No matter, has Mickey Moniak hit his way back into the platoon picture?  Moniak has made changes in his stance and where he holds his hands based on advice from Kevin Long.  The changes have paid dividends recently.  He even played center field in the Toronto game, a position Girardi and Dombrowski have stated he can’t play.  SMH.  So, maybe he gets a look over the struggling Haseley until Herrera comes off the IL.  Oh, BTW, the advice from Long is the same guidance he received from Jason Ochart the past couple of years.  SMH, again.

You may wonder why Marchan was optioned without getting into a game.  Quad.  He may start the season at the Complex.  There are quite a few injuries so far this spring.  A couple pitchers have “disappeared” from the Complex, Jordan Viars is on crutches, so was B. Schulze for a while early on.

Have you noticed that among the guys who figure to make the roster that Segura has not struck out and Gregorius has only struck out once?  Eighteen guys are hitting above .290? Including Stott, Muzziotti, Realmuto, Camargo, Harper, Maton, Gregorius, and Vierling from the 40-man roster?  Hoskins is at .267.  I know it’s a small sample, but better they hit well than be hitting at the Mendoza line.  Castellanos is also above .290 but has only had two at bats.  I am excited by their everyday lineup.  And, before you point to the bullpen, a lot of the late-game damage is being done against pitchers who will be pitching in Allentown or for another team.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed but Alvarado hasn’t pitched yet.  Hmm.

Key Dates:

  • April 1, 2022: Lehigh Valley breaks camp
  • April 2, 2022: Reading, Jersey Shore, and Clearwater break camp
  • April 5, 2022: Lehigh Valley season opener at home v. Columbus
  • April 7, 2022: Phillies final spring training game (at Tropicana Field)
  • April 8, 2022: Phillies season opener at home v. Oakland
  • April 8, 2022:  Clearwater season opener at home v. Fort Myers
  • April 8, 2022:  Jersey Shore season opener at home v. Aberdeen
  • April 8, 2022:  Reading season opener at home v. Somerset


3/27/2022 – C Anthony Quirion assigned to Phillies
3/27/2022 – RF Jadiel Sanchez assigned to Phillies
3/27/2022 – SS Freylin Minyety assigned to Phillies
3/27/2022 – RHP Aaron Barrett assigned to Phillies
3/27/2022 – 3B Will Toffey assigned to Reading
3/27/2022 – Phillies trade 3B Luke Williams to San Francisco for 3B Will Toffey and cash
3/26/2022 – C Vito Friscia assigned to Phillies
3/26/2022 – RHP Andrew Schultz assigned to Phillies
3/26/2022 – SS Kevin Vicuna assigned to Phillies
3/26/2022 – CF Yhoswar Garcia assigned to Phillies
3/26/2022 – LHP Zach Warren assigned to Phillies
3/25/2022 – RHP Braden Zarbnisky assigned to Phillies
3/25/2022 – SS Dalton Guthrie assigned to Phillies
3/25/2022 – Phillies optioned RHP James McArthur to Lehigh Valley
3/25/2022 – Phillies optioned CF Simon Muzziotti to Lehigh Valley
3/24/2022 – RHP Andrew Brown assigned to Phillies
3/24/2022 – CF Hunter Markwardt assigned to Phillies
3/23/2022 – C Austin Wynns assigned to Phillies
3/23/2022 – SS Ronald Torreyes assigned to Phillies
3/23/2022 – SS Kendall Simmons assigned to Phillies
3/23/2022 – Phillies optioned RHP Hans Crouse to Lehigh Valley
3/23/2022 – Phillies optioned RHP Francisco Morales to Lehigh Valley
3/23/2022 – Phillies optioned C Rafael Marchan to Lehigh Valley
3/23/2022 – Jersey Shore BlueClaws released RF Ben Pelletier.
3/23/2022 – Clearwater Threshers released 3B Juan Aparicio.
3/22/2022 – OF Jared Carr assigned to Phillies
3/22/2022 – Phillies designated 3B Luke Williams for assignment.
3/22/2022 – Phillies signed free agent 3B Nick Castellanos.
3/21/2022 – RHP Bubby Rossman assigned to Phillies
3/21/2022 – RHP Julian Garcia assigned to Phillies
3/21/2022 – RHP Jason Ruffcorn assigned to Phillies
3/21/2022 – SS Jonathan Guzman assigned to Phillies
3/21/2022 – Phillies optioned RF Jhailyn Ortiz to Reading
3/21/2022 – Phillies optioned SS Luis Garcia to Jersey Shore
3/19/2022 – C Austin Wynns assigned to Lehigh Valley
3/19/2022 – RHP Dillon Maples assigned to Lehigh Valley
3/19/2022 – SS Ronald Torreyes assigned to Lehigh Valley
3/17/2022 – RHP Aaron Barrett assigned to Lehigh Valley

421 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of March 27, 2022

  1. My biggest concern with Joe Girardi has been his favoritism of veteran players over younger when the latter either deserve or warrant a longer look. With Herrera out indefinitely and Haseley’s underwhelming spring, Mickey Moniak has to be given a legit opportunity to go north should he continue to show signs of life under Kevin Long’s whispers. What a shot in the arm to this organization if in fact both Stott and MM earn regular playing time on the major league roster. Good feeling about Camargo’s role as well.

    I’m more concerned about the starting rotation than the bullpen. Get used to the football scores this summer. It’s gonna be “hittin’ season” at CBP. I’m hoping but not banking on Eflin’s effective return. Nola’s propensity for giving up the long ball early and often, no matter how many K’s he racks up, is unsettling. Wheeler’s health, period, may be an ongoing issue simply because he’s on the wrong side of 30. Gibson is a 5 inning #5. That leaves the Lone Lefty Ranger. Other than his brilliance in 2021, there’s little to project his future success accurately. If Seranthony is a renewed force to the bullpen, that’ll be huge but we’ll first need to get to the 7th inning.

    1. To suggest that the Phils or Joe G do not give young a shot over veterans is to ignore the opportunity that Vierling has been given in CF or Alec Bohm at 3B or Ranger Suarez at SP.

      Joe and the Phillies front office want to win. They will play whomever they believe gives them the best chance to win. I don’t believe that they care about the tenure of players at all. Actually, if it is even, then I think they will give the opportunity to a young player because they have a top heavy salary weighting on the roster. They desperately want a young (read cheap) player to grab an opportunity. But if a kid isn’t up to it, they will play the veteran.

      1. I think you and I were watching a different manager last year if you think he gave Vierling a legitimate shot.

        His first call up was June 19th and was short (optioned on the 26th), so the fact that he only started one time is fine. He was a depth option. What’s less understandable is what happened after he was recalled for good on August 31st. From that point, Vierling was eligible to play in 31 games, and he appeared in 28 of them. Pretty good. Except only 16 of those appearances were starts. And they weren’t even all in the OF. 5 were at 1B because we were scrambling to replace Hoskins after his injury. So there were plenty of places we could have him play, but he only got a 50% chance at starting? And let’s not forget, for a while he was hitting over .400 (and ended the season over .300 with a 121 wRC+). Does hitting .400 not justify a longer look? It wasn’t sustainable, sure, but we’re not talking about playing him over Bryce. The people who got play time over him were illustrious hitters such as Travis Jankowski (93 wRC+), Herrera (93), Torreyes (68), Brad Miller (105), and the ghost of McCutchen (107). So again, at this point we had black holes at 1B and 3B, and middling-to-bad performance in LF and CF… and we couldn’t find a way to play the guy hitting .400 more than half the time? He wasn’t being blocked by superstars. He wasn’t even being blocked by players that were on long contracts. He was blocked by a 31 year old bench player hitting .227. That’s giving him a shot? Hitting .324 isn’t grabbing an opportunity?

        And let’s be clear; Bohm played as long as he did because he was the incumbent and because of Joe’s lack of options. Vierling is getting the lion’s share of time in ST in no small part because Odubel is hurt. I can understand sticking with “your guys” for the majority of games, because it helps players stay in (or get into) a rhythm, and it shows trust in guys that will be depended upon next year. I can also understand riding the hot hand, or letting the young guys play. There are merits to all three of those strategies. But Joe did none of them with Vierling. His strategy last year, when we desperately needed some help and/or a spark down the stretch, is best described as “picking names out of a hat”.

        So yeah. Maybe it’s not that Joe dislikes young players. But he’s certainly not letting them earn their spot on the roster, either.

        1. What you just described to me, along with getting a great chance in ST this year, sounds to me like a manager giving a young player a chance to earn a spot. This is the MLB. And the Phillies are trying to win. No one without MLB experience should be given more than that under any circumstances. Point is, Vierling took that opportunity and ran with it. So good for him.

          1. Well we clearly disagree on what chances a young guy hitting .400 should be given, then. When he gets 6 hits in 4 games (3 starts) immediately after his callup, he shouldn’t be sitting in 5 out of the next 6. Not when you’re running out two back ups and two below-average starters every day.

            Being a pinch hitter is extremely tough. Especially young guys. It’s hard to keep your hitting rhythm without regular game work. So either play the young guys or let them play in the minors. Don’t yo-yo them between roles.

            By the way; after his callup on 8/31 Vierling had 70 PAs (2.26 per game), Torreyes had 72 (2.32), Miller had 85 (2.74), Galvis had 98 (3.16), Cutch had 114 (3.68), and Herrera had 119 (3.84).

            With the possible exception of Herrerra (which was definitely up in the air at the time, and still is now), none of those players had any shot of contributing long-term for the Phils. And none of them came even CLOSE to matching was he was doing at the plate. So I can understand if you wanted to keep Herrera in for the potentially better defense in center. And I get playing someone else at 3B because he has very little experience there. But why on earth was he not playing LF or 1B regularly? Torreyes should have been a defensive replacement or in a platoon with Miller at 3B. Cutch should not have been starting every day with a .222 batting average and terrible defense. Galvis was either the starting 3B (keeping Torreyes and Miller on the bench), or the super-sub. And yet all of them got more playing time than the guy with a 121 wRC+ and positional flexibility.

  2. Two releases in the middle of Jim’s list above were Ben Pelletier and Juan Aparicio. Ben was no surprise. He had some power but couldn’t seem to hit enough. His last decent season was 2018 when he hit.277/.333/.481 with an .814 OPS. It seemed like every year we’d be talking about this might be his year but sadly no.

    Juan was always high on my list of catchers in the organization but Marchan and O’Hoppe are better. He’s still young at 21. He’ll be 22 in May. He could catch (no pun intended) on somewhere else unless he has an injury that precludes that.

    Good luck in future endeavors to both.

  3. The minor league roster designations seem late this year but I guess that’s due to the condensed ST schedule and trying to sort players out for teams..

  4. Anyone notice Bailey Falter’s game yesterday? He is currently lined up with Wheeler’s turn in the rotation. Cristopher Sanchez pitches today and is lined up with Ranger’s rotation turn. Sanchez walks too many to me, but Falter is underrated in my opinion.

    Moniak and Haseley are vying for Odubel’s CF (platoon?) spot until he is healthy again. Moniak seems to be taking hold of that while Haseley is not getting good abats.

    If Stott makes the team I wonder if Bohm starts in AAA? Gregorius is looking pretty solid and he is my pick for player who will likely rebound the most and maybe even vie for comeback player of the year. Gregorius was hurt and sick last year and if he is healthy we will likely see an average fielder as he was just two years ago and a decent hitter for average and 20 or so homers.

    1. The wifey cracked the whip this weekend, had me in midseason form on the to do list. I didn’t get to see how Didi is playing, other than a 1 pitch highlight, but I believe his stories may, about his injury limiting his range of motion. It’s not a guarantee, but I agree that has a strong chance to rebound. Imho, he should be closer to the 15 mil player they signed. Which pushed Bohm back to the minors. In any case, I hope bohm, pushes him out with them both playing well sometime this year.

      Crazy thinking Bohm being back in the minors after his rookie campaign, but if it does happen, let’s hope he gets straightened out, ready to take over next year. He’s starting to look like the odd man out, which is a head scratcher.

      1. Tac3……why a ‘head scratcher’?
        For me it is a disappointment….he just has not adjusted well at the plate to the MLB
        pitchers. His defense, that is another story.
        A trip to the minors for a few months may do him good.

        1. Romus – more a scratcher in player development. I’m sure it’s happened before, but when you “essentially” get what is the rookie of the year…you don’t expect them them move back to the minors. That’s some issues the team’s coaching/player development need to address. Ultimately it’s on the kid, but to “have it” for as long as he did … Hurts. Hurts his trade value too imo. He’s got a year to figure it out before Didi is gone. Then it would be back in the FA pool if not.
          It’s tough to see Bohm struggle after Kingery. Both seemingly figured it out and lost it. Yes it’s a game of adjustment but the baseball gods are cruel in fans. Really makes me appreciate the Utley,Rollins, Howard era a bit more. The game is just brutal sometimes

          1. Tac…I see yuor point….it is troubling when it is both Kingery and Bohm…..hopefully we do not see a repaet performance down the road from other prospects, ie Stott.
            But, as often heard….’prospect development is not linear’

          2. i get that it’s a little disturbing that Bohm seems to have gone backwards a little, but this often happens after the league adjusts to the player.

            As for sending him down, we have to remember that this would primarily be for his benefit, to work on swing adjustments and work on his fielding. He could be back in a month or two. It’s not a death sentence or the end of his run. But, yes, he needs great instruction while he’s there (so many of our guys have been sent down and done less than nothing, reflecting very poor organizational guidance – but this is a new regime) and you have to weigh whether he would be better off playing a lot less in the majors but sitting at the feet of the master (Kevin Long). So glad we pilfered Long – that might be one of the best acquisitions of the off season.

    2. Falter is walking a very fine line. He got above 90 MPH once in his appearance against the Jays (91 MPH on his very last pitch of the day). His two saving graces are that he’s a lefty, and that his pitches have decent movement and deception. But if he misses his spots just a little bit, balls are gonna travel a long way. I think he’s good depth, but I don’t really trust him to be anything more than a back-end piece.

      I can’t say for sure what Girardi is thinking, but it doesn’t seem like he trusts Mickey in center. So if that’s the case, he’s fighting for a bench spot. Not saying I agree, but Moniak hasn’t started a single game in center yet (he’s slid over from a corner spot twice).

      It’s looking more and more likely that Bohm starts in Lehigh, yeah. I’m not sure if that means Stott takes over at 3B or Camargo gets bumped up to starter. Personally, I would really prefer if the rookie DIDN’T have to learn a new position while also adjusting to being in the MLB. I would much rather slide Didi over (or sit him and play Camargo at 3B if Didi is still struggling).

      1. DanK….Falter probably will need a few more innings under his belt this spring before his velo picks up a tick or two.
        And don’t forget, the team analyzed his elongated release point a few years ago and it was determined that the ball does get up on the plate at an equivalent higher velo than what the gun reads.

        1. He averaged 91.8 MPH on his fastball last year when he worked mostly out of the pen, so I’m not expecting much more velocity to show up. The deception on his delivery is real, but we don’t have much sample size to determine just how much it helps.

          What we do know is his peripherals were decent, but his bottom line results were not. But again, too small of a sample to determine anything from that. I’m open to the possibility that he is more than the sum of his (apparent) parts, but he’s gonna need to prove it. I’m not holding my breath or overly optimistic like I would be about someone with better raw tools.

          So yeah, good depth. Just not expecting more than a back-end piece.

          1. I am not surer anyone was expecting Falter to be anything more than a bottom of the rotation pitcher.
            I did not ever see anything written in the years he has been in the system suggesting that he would be anything more than that or eventually a reliever.
            I suppose there are those few die-hard rose-colored glass types who felt he could become a stud starter at the top, but his minor league metrics really never gave those indications.

            1. Romus – I think Falter has quite a bit more projection than that. The issue with him is whether he can routinely sit 92-93 and touch higher. Falter’s velocity plays up much better than the gun shows because his release point is far closer to home plate than a typical pitcher. So, when Bailey Falter throws around 93, it looks like it’s 96 to the hitter. That’s a big deal. See the article.

              Also, I am not sure what you mean about his minor league metrics, but he’s been extremely good, statistically, in the minors, including 2-0 last year with a 1.76 ERA and 44 Ks in 30 innings. That’s damned good work, got him an early call-up and it’s not a fluke. In his full minor league seasons before last year he had a 2.99, 2.69 and 3.84 ERA. So, to me, you’re looking at a guy who could turn into another JA Happ – a solid 3 and maybe a little better. His floor is either as a AAAA pitcher or middle reliever.

  5. My concern about the Phills manager is not his tendency to prefer veterans, but his tendency to overuse his pitchers which dates back to his days on the Marlins. Pitchers who dial it up as fast as today’s do, in my opinion, can not sustainably be treated that way.

    1. It’s a fair concern. It’s not like Charlie Manuel, where guys are routinely throwing 125 pitches, but it’s a bit too much. They have to be really careful about riding Wheeler or Nola too hard – the former because he could break down and the latter because he can just implode when he’s gone too far. Hopefully, with the better bullpen, he will have more comfort in removing those guys sooner rather than later.

  6. Jose Alvarado and his camp did come to terms with the Phillies last week and avoided arbitration ….$1.9M contract for 2022.

  7. IMO Stott’s first two at bats (both full count walks) were more impressive than his homer. Over the years, I have seen many hitters hit spring training homers only to not do much during the regular season. But the approach that Stott showed in his first two at bats (the first against a really tough lefty with a big curve ball) was extremely impressive. When I say that I think that Stott will be a really good MLB player it is because of his first two ABs, not the homer in the 3rd AB.

    IMO, the Salisbury article about Stott starting the season at 3B was a plant by the Phillies front office. Meaning, I think that is what the plan is unless Didi gets hurt. I think that Bohm will go down to AAA or they will trade him.

  8. If you didn’t see the game on Sunday, there was one of those “now I’ve seen everything” plays.

    In the second inning with a runner on first, Falter threw a pitch in the dirt that Realmuto blocked back toward the mound and Falter. The baserunner broke for second, Falter retrieved the ball and threw it to second base. Stott who because of a shift was covering second base caught the throw and applied the tag.

    The hardly ever seen 2-1-5 caught stealing at second.

    The inning ended on a ground ball to Stott who because of another shift was playing at his normal shortstop position.

    So, Stott’s only two plays as a third baseman yesterday were at the shortstop position.

  9. Romus…continued from last night. Opening Day for high school baseball here in Indiana. Presently 31 degrees. But sun and slight wind at this hour. I am sure by 5:30 it will be cloudy and windy and still in the 30s. But exciting time for the kids. I look forward to seeing them start. Plus, they are playing at the elite facility in Indiana. Lots of kids and I am sure some on his team who do not do the travel ball have never played there. They play there the next 3 days because of connections his coach has with the organization. BTW Wednesday is predicted to be in the 70s.

  10. Regarding the Phillies I wonder also if SP might be an issue. I think we may need to get used to the long high scoring games. At least MLB Extra Innings does not charge more for time of the games. It is pleasing to see some of the youngsters doing well. I had the video game part on yesterday when MM hit his HR with Harper on. It showed being hit to left field. Do you guys see Odubel being placed on the 60-day IL? If six weeks not really very far from that on recovery. Does open up a spot for the moment.

  11. Good time to remember one of the better lines from the movie Major league, with everyone hitting these spring training homeruns

    “Off a guy who will be bagging groceries in a few weeks”

    Tempering expectations

  12. MLB has article up now on top 10 lineups in baseball. List Phillies #7. Only Dodgers and Braves in NL are listed above in NL. Seems like a good starting point for the Phillies. Hitting based only.

  13. The baseball season is underway in Japan and Freddy Galvis had a great 1st game…… a game-winning, pinch-hit grand slam home run for the Fukouka SoftBank Hawks

  14. Schwarber and Castellanos both go deep today … hopefully we get to say that a lot this year.

  15. If there is really a competition to make the ballclub, then Stott has earned a spot. I know that in reality there are other factors. so that is why I prefaced it with “if.” Just heard Bowa on the radio raving about him. I was typing about the impressive outing for our Pitchers today, especially Sanchez, and just saw that SerA gave up a dinger, but we pitched well today otherwise. I think Sanchez, Falter and Crouse are the top 3 SP options in case of emergency.

  16. Sam Coonrod shut down and out at least a week. That leaves another BP opening, and I have no idea what to make of Alvarado not Pitching yet in a game.

    1. Not necessarily. He could be out a week and still be ready on opening day. Or if he’s not, we may only need someone for a game or two. So we may never actually see his replacement pitch in a game.

      But shoulders are scary, so who knows…

    2. Alvarado has pain in his neck. He’ll be back soon though because he threw live BP. I’m expecting Sherriff to take Coonrod’s spot on the 28 initially. I think Alvarado might be fine by then.

  17. Thanks, Romus, we have a number of guys who really throw hard. Hoping they find some command.

  18. According to a Jim Salisbury article, Coonrod will open the season on the Injured List. I don’t know how long that keeps him out. I know one of you will. Stott was really good again today, and Salisbury also said that it seems Didi is locked in as the starting SS.

    1. matt:
      “Players can be placed on the 10-day injured list (IL) for any type of injury, though players with concussion symptoms are first sent to the 7-day injured list.
      Players on the 10-day injured list must remain out of action for at least 10 days, though a player can also stay on the list for considerably longer than 10 days, if necessary.
      Players may be placed on the 10-day injured list “retroactively,” meaning the stint is backdated to the day after the last date on which the player appeared in a game. The maximum an IL stint can be backdated is three days, even if a player hasn’t appeared in a game for longer than that.”

  19. Thanks, Romus! So somebody will get a chance to come North in Coonrod’s spot. And, there will be 2 extra Pitchers until May because of the 28 man roster adjustment to start the season. Joe G said they would be Pitchers.

    1. I could be wrong, but I thought MLB was going back to the 15-day DL this season. Like I said, I’m not 100% on that, but I thought I heard that.

  20. Moniak with another hit (double) today. Certainly seems that he is locking down at least a platoon position to start the year. Realizing it’s spring training I’m still beginning to think he’s turning a corner – wouldn’t it be great if he became even an average major leaguer.

    1. I think Mickey has played well enough to earn a spot on the team’s opening day roster. Just not sure it would be in his best interest to sit on the bench most nights instead of getting steady ABs in AAA.

      1. I agree with both takes. Certainly out performed Haseley. But imo the best thing for him is to go to AAA and dominate. It is a guarantee that someone will get hurt. Then he can come up full time. But go dominate in AAA.

        1. I agree that Moniak should start in AAA. If he’s as good as he’s looked so far (it’s such a ridiculous SSS, that it’s hard to project anything at this point, although he’s got a big up arrow next to his name), he’ll fight his way back onto the team sure. I also think Bohm should be sent down and given at least a couple of months to settle in and, hopefully, look dominant.

          Stott has been fantastic and he has shown two things that you don’t need that big of a sample size to determine – fielding ability and plate discipline. I’ll say it again – his plate discipline is so extraordinary that it has the chance to make him an above average regular almost right away, even if the average and power are average to begin and develop into better tools later. I am so amazed by this guy. His development from the beginning of college to now is staggering. He started out as a very average-ish college player and every year he progressed and then he did the same thing when he went to professional ball. If the team decides to send him to AAA to start the year, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be there more than a month and probably even less than that. I think he’s that good.

          By the way, for as much as I’ve sold him short (given his being on the other side of the painful Curtis Mead trade), Chris Sanchez has shown me something this spring and there’s a reason they keep running him out there. If he and Falter can develop, we will have some nice starting depth.

      2. As a lefty batter wouldn’t he actually get the majority of starts in a platoon? I think there are more right handed starters than lefty starters.

        1. I would agree, especially considering that Moniak was such a highly touted draftee (1-1 in ’16). But Dombrowski didn’t draft him, nor does he or Girardi seem infatuated with him as many of us wish they were. But yes, while Vierling has merited a good long look, he hasn’t yet proven anything beyond a short sample size. Moniak has worked both his body and game into an increasingly competitive profile, against much adversity. He may never be the star we’ve hoped he’d be, but I would hate to see his trajectory lowered due to minimal or marginal use as a player getting only 250 plate appearances. Should he continue to progress, let’s hope that he finds favor with the decision makers and plays against most if not all RHPs.

          1. Miickey Moniak will be turning 24 in May. He has a career minor league OPS of .702 in 6 seasons. SSS but his career MLB WAR is -0.3. If he was part of the future, then the Phillies wouldn’t have signed Schwarber or Castellanos. Currently, his value to the Phillies is a 4th OF or maybe a LH platoon in CF. He can always be a late bloomer, but he needs to get it done at the ML level and he hasn’t come close to doing it. You can say that the Phillies are not giving him chances but the Phillies are in win-now mode. The Phillies can’t afford to let him work through his struggles while trying to win games.

            I say he’ll make the opening day roster as a LH platoon in CF. Unless he gets hot at the ML level, he’ll likely be sent down once Odubel is healthy.

            Moniak is not even arbitration eligible until 2025. Phillies need to do what’s best for the Phillies.

            1. Your point is well taken, but if they simply afford him the opportunity to platoon against righties, I can’t see the harm early on. He’ll probably be batting 9th anyway. Let’s find out since CF was decided to be addressed internally.

            2. @Mark, I think the Phillies have high hopes for Johan Rojas and have given him the opportunity to take CF quickly (maybe even next season) if he starts off strong in the minors. I’m assuming Rojas starts at Jersey Shore this year. Rojas just needs to consistently hit. A comparable would be Jackie Bradley Jr. who has a good glove but can barely hit at the ML level. But even JBJ had a career .853 OPS in the minors.

            3. Yes, Guru…Rojas is an exciting young – and RAW – talent. He may rocket up the minor league chain this summer, and that would be a great problem for the Phillies to handle moving forward. But as we agree, this is a win now roster. Moniak’s limitations, coupled with his reasonably high ceiling, give us a more projectable idea of what he brings…Rojas’ future will be decided in 2023 and beyond. Consider what if Moniak finally turns the corner on his career NOW, versus the dilemma of figuring out CF next year.

            4. No offense to MM, but I agree with Guru. MM hasn’t earned a place in the majors yet and hasn’t earned a promotion from AAA. He was okay there last year. Make him force his way onto this roster as it competes for the playoffs. It’s the right way to go and if he’s good enough, believe me, we will all know. So go down there young man and beat that door down until they can’t say no.

  21. While doing my daily transactions checks, I found three releases on the Threshers page. The F/GCL page has a broken link to transactions and the DSL teams don’t list transactions. So, I did a player-by-player check of the rosters and found three more releases. They are listed below.

    All were for March 28th.
    Clearwater Threshers released RHP Dylan Castaneda
    Clearwater Threshers released RHP Jose Ulloa
    Clearwater Threshers released 1B Joe Genord
    FCL Phillies released LHP Tyler Adams
    FCL Phillies released SS Edgar Made
    FCL Phillies released SS Guarner Dipre

  22. not Castaneda! he was one of my breakout pitchers this year. Darn. I might have to go D J Jefferson now.

  23. In other news, Wilson Valdez Jr, is being converted to pitcher, Chris Burke converting to CF, and Jose Valdez-Acuna has dropped the Valdez- and is going by Jose Acuna.

  24. Maybe its my old age, i have seen Moniak at triple a, he really the times i saw him, struggled against left hand pitching, i dont know if he will ever hit enough to play

    1. Rocco, you’re right, we don’t know. That’s why, in my opinion, they should send him back to AAA. If he excels there he can get another chance in the big leagues.

    2. Phillies LHV team could have a bunch of first round top-ten draft picks in the lineup….Moniak, Haseley, and Bohm.

        1. Yes…….it is rather depressing.
          The first four batters in the lineup could read:
          Lead-off-2B Kingery,
          CF Haseley,
          RF Moniak
          and clean-up 3B Bohm.

          1. Instead romus its, 79 million 100 million 200 plus million 115 million, big difference

  25. Adam Haseley has been traded to the White Sox. No word on the return but I can’t imagine it will be for a lot.

      1. MLBTradeRumors on Moore: Moore, 23, was the Sox’ 14th-round pick in 2019 out of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Listed at 6’6″ and 225 pounds, McKinley is a big, power-armed righty with an upper-90s heater and a slider that, per Baseball America, will look like a plus offering at times. Moore has fanned a huge 31.7% of his opponents in pro ball and also boasts a strong 51% grounder rate, but he’s walked far too many opponents (13.4%). He split the 2021 season between two Class-A affiliates, pitching to a 4.20 ERA through 40 2/3 innings.

        1. This looks fair. He’s a big arm reliever who walks too many people. He’s now depth for the Phillies and at least the Phillies won’t have to put him on the 40 man (which I think was their primary goal).

          1. I love the new administration – oh my gosh have things gotten better since the MacKlentak team departed.

            This is a great style of trade. Move on and get someone who has big upside if things work out. This is another Griff McGarry type of arm. I love it and, really, we have no place/use for Haseley in the short or medium term so there’s no big loss there (the bad pick is a sunken cost – it’s over), but I hope he can carve out a career for himself.

            1. Oh yeah and thanks again for nothing Johnny Almaraz. May you suffer in soff-tosser and contact hitter purgatory (just joking y’all).

    1. Think this makes it most likely that Moniak stays with the big club and is the LH half of the CF platoon until Odubal gets healthy.

      Here’s hoping he can take advantage of the opportunity.

  26. He may get a chance to platoon there, and although I have no idea what personal reasons caused him to step away, I hope the change of scenery helps him. We have not fared very well with drafting 1st Rd OFs, and I still have hope for MM.

    1. Another fair assessment. Stott looks like a legitimate starter level player but Abel and Painter are at least 2-3 years away. Crouse is a 4-5 pitcher and Morales might be ticketed for relief. In order for the Phillies to improve their rankings by mid-season, it will depend on Rojas/Ethan Wilson/Luis Garcia taking their games to the next level. And of course, having some players in rookie ball have big seasons (i.e. Perez/Viars) would help also.

  27. NCPhilly, add another hard thrower, who has trouble throwing strikes, to our arsenal. Someone has to develop command, don’t they?

    1. If you want to trade a second level talent and get first level upside, this precisely what you do and this is what coaches are for.

  28. No complaint from me about the trade, catch, I would just like to see one of these “hard throwers, can’t throw strikes” pan out.

      1. mark….Eric Longenhagen’s assessment of Moore from last year:
        “Moore is an arm strength-only prospect who actually threw strikes pretty consistently during instructs, which he needs to continue doing as he climbs the ladder. He’s up to 98.”

  29. It looks like we have 30 players on the active roster and we need to remove a catcher and a relief pitcher for the opening day roster.

  30. mark, according to Matt Gelb, the Haseley move probably opens a 40 man spot for Bryson Stott. He also believes MM will go North with the team until Herrera heals.

      1. I’m not going to speculate on what Adam Haseley was going through off the field, but I can evaluate what’s become of him on the field. Haseley has never shown any ability to impact the baseball with the bat. At one time, he showed a plus defensive profile. However, he has completely regressed in that area. He has somehow lost the ability to track fly balls, and he’s also shied away from the wall.
        I know nothing about McKinley Moore. Hopefully, the new development staff can unlock something that allows him to throw more strikes. Too bad Dave Dombrowski couldn’t have talked Rick Hahn into Sean Burke instead of McKinley Moore.

        1. IMO. he just is not wild enough…always around the plate AND with most of the time less than <95 mph FB, ……well you get the picture.

          Though he was not comfortable with Chris Young as his PC….his hi-heat in the zone, when ahead in the count, resulted in fewer HR/9….less than 1 per 9 innings in 2017 and 2018. Since it has climbed to his highest 2.9 in 2020….and 1.9 in 2021.

        2. Too many pitches in the middle of the plate in the hitting zone and not overpowering speed

        3. It’s only spring yadayadayada….

          But I would have moved Nola last year and gotten a nice haul in return. Now he’s nearing decision time for the Phillies at season’s end, pick up his option for 2023 OR not…of course they would, but would they be better served by trading him with his lack of outstanding results since he K’d 10 straight last summer…??

          Plus the notion I get that he’s simply not happy here in Shangri-la, as per Col. Nathan Jessup.

          1. Well, except Nola gets banged around every spring – so, truly, that doesn’t mean anything, especially since I believe he works on specific pitches.

            As for how good he is, Nola has a lot of exceptional numbers and they mean something – its not all an illusion. Girardi sometimes leaves him in too and sometimes Nola hangs pitches or loses command.

            Still, unless someone makes you an offer you can’t refuse, he’s a very good pitcher with even more upside. And for those who want to move him, I ask you with whom will you replace him? There’s nobody, so be careful what you wish for. Guys who pitch like a 2/3 and have ace seasons are hard to come by. I always feel like he’s just a hair away from being one of the best pitchers in the league again, but I guess we will see.

      1. What is an EH? BTW grandson started at DH. Team won 6-2. He went 0-3 but hit 2 fly outs to RF. One of the 2 was hit really well. K first time. Said he was really nervous that time. Playing 2B today.

        1. Softball option…’extra hitter’
          And good luck to your grandson….makes you a proud grand-dad for sure.

  31. Jorge Bonifacio was on the field at the Complex today. Francisco Morales said he is closing for the IronPigs this season. Yesterday, Mike Stephen said that Josh is doing well. Wilson Valdez Jr is converting to pitcher. Chris Burke is moving to CF from C.

    1. That probably is a good move for Morales in the long run.
      His ST relief appearances were very good…and if he continues at LHV, then may get him to the majors this season

      1. In Morales’ ST appearances, he was primarily FB, Slider and he was still a little wild. You knew he was going to the bullpen.

        1. His last appearance last week the stuff he exhibited was exceptional….both his slider and CB had sharp bite….and he had the three Ks in that inning.
          IMO, they are moving him a little too soon to relief.
          But if that gets him up faster to the majors, then I am sure he is with it.

  32. Not that it should surprise anybody, but the Pirates are playing the service game with their most pro ready prospect Oneil Cruz. Last season at age 22, he had a .970 OPS across AA/AAA. He ripped in ST but I guess he needs more seasoning in the minors…

    1. It’s not our problem until the Phillies pull a similar move with Stott.

      The Pirates will point out that Cruz only had 29 Triple-A plate appearances, 21 ABs. It’s not as heinous a move as Twitter commenters are making it out to be.

      1. The Phillies not taking Stott north to open the season = BAD BUSINESS…why spend $240M on this year’s payroll, only to downgrade third base in order to capitalize on a nonsensical technicality which should have been removed from the CBA to begin with. What bureaucrat came up with that in the first place?

        1. mark….same bureaucrat that came up with the ‘guaranteed contracts’…that door swings both ways.

  33. Hinkie – There is no comparison for Sean Burke’s stats to those of McKinley Moore’s so that’s all they could get for Haseley considering Haseley’s stats. Wishful thinking but reality trumps your desire.

    1. ciada … yes, Burke is a level up (in terms of prospect status) from Moore. I liked Burke @ Maryland last season. Was just hoping Dombrowski could pull something like that off. Haseley is a real mystery (both on and off the field), but it was clear he had to go/was never going to succeed here.

      BTW … here’s a little clip of McKinley Moore. IMO there is no comparison to Griff McGarry (or even a Griff McGarry arm). Yes, they both throw hard & have a less than stellar history of finding the K-zone, but McGarry has a chance and two +(plus) off speed pitches. Moore … not so much.

        1. Fair enough. I didn’t say he was as good or advanced as McGarry, just that he is a hard thrower who has some untapped upside. Also, with hard throwers, I always believe there’s an opportunity to develop breaking pitches, and perhaps some good ones. But if you throw 92 MPH, the likelihood that you can become a guy who throws 97 is pretty minimal.

  34. Nola has one more ST start before opening day. Should I start to worry about him? Also, Matt Gelb posted that he thinks Brogdon was held out today, he was supposed to be on the travel squad. Although Joe said it was a mistake that he was listed, his velocity has been down, and Gelb cautioned to keep a watch on him. BP may be thin to start the season.

      1. Brogdon got a late start ramping up. He lives in a remote part of his state and had no one to throw to during the offseason and lockout. He has always taken longer to regain velocity. I think I would worry more about Nola’s continued location problems. At least until we hear something more definitive about Brogdon.

  35. Nola wouldn’t worry me if I hadn’t seen this movie before…I still think our BP needs another arm Joe can rely on…He may tell DD to call on his old employer…

    1. I think the BP can always use another arm or 2 or 3. Seems like a revolving door of arms.

  36. Sorry but don’t get all of the complaints about Nola. Guy eats innings, has good bb/k rate, and does so on a contract that is rather team friendly for the next 2 years.

    Maybe the expectations that he’s a #1 starter because he was their best starter for several years are too high. For those who want to trade him, tell me who you’re getting on the FA market to replace his numbers for the 2 years / $31 million he’s going to make in 2022/2023.

    As for giving up Homeruns, his HR/9 rate in 2021 was 1.3, highest in his career. Max Schertzer at $45m per season, was 1.2 in 2021.

    1. Awhile back I suggested sending Nola to join his brother/battery mate in San Diego for SS CJ Abrams whose ETA is 2023. Perhaps ask SD to take Segura as well. They’re also going for it and Abrams is indefinitely blocked in San Diego.

      1. To the followup question, who takes Nola’s place? Manaea isn’t Nola, but he’s a solid MOR, and we’ve no assurance Nola is rebounding to his old self at his higher salary. Manaea is a rental but with the possibility of re-signing with a competitive team. Then we have Abel within a 2 year horizon.

        1. How much do you think Manaea is going to sign for as a FA after the 2022 season? I expect it will be higher than $15m per season and as a Boras client he is going to test free agency.

          Also, who are you trading to Oakland to get him for that 1 year rental with the chance to then try to resign a 31 year older pitcher as a FA.

          They would save $5m in 2022 in a swap between Nola/Manaea minus the lost asset(s) needed to acquire him via trade and then most like pay him more in 2023 and beyond.

          All of this and in the end, they end up exactly where they already are with a MOR starter.

          1. I would trade Bohm for Manaea, who IS a Boras client, and in our case that’s NOT a bad thing necessarily. I don’t think Manaea will command more than $15M, even with Boras as his agent. Anyway, my hunch is Nola is no longer on the upswing of his career, and even if he is, it’ll happen in a change of scenery.

            1. And why would the A’s trade Manaea for Bohm? Would you make that deal in the other direction?

              Charlie Morton got $20 million for 1 year from the Braves. Guarantee you that if Manaea has another season like last year and he will be getting that same number over multiple years.

            2. You may be right about Bohm but teams like Oakland may be attracted to his upside and he’s cheap. Manaea will be gone by the deadline and Oakland will ask for cheap young talent.

      1. Yes, his HR rate has been increasing but it’s not significantly higher than most ML starters

        #1 pitchers are getting $35-$40 million per season now so getting a #2 or #3 starter performance from Nola fits with his salary and is better than the cost would be to replace him.

  37. Mickey Moniak should be evaluated mainly on his ability to hit RHP. If he could hang tough on lefties that is a bonus. But a platoon of MM & MV is acceptable .

    1. Well, that and defense too…for some reason, the organization said that he wasn’t a CF this offseason. I never really understood that. IMO, defense was always one of MM’s strengths. Not arm, but defense. I thought that he got good reads and has at least 50 speed (maybe more) to track down balls. So I don’t understand why they don’t view him as a CF.

        1. If Howie Roseman was in charge he would be crowing that his MM might be the new MM from the Yankees.

  38. I don’t want to trade him, 3up, and I don’t think he is a #1. But, I do expect #2 results from him, and we did not get that last season. On another note, I may be naive, but I really like what I read about the coaching going on. For example, Matt Gelb wrote a story of the OF defense and Paco Figueroa. A simple thing like the new guys and Paco talking to Vierling and letting him know he is the CF, makes the Outfield calls, and needs to be aggressive and speak up, I think goes a long way to help develop a young player. Not expecting him to make fancy plays, but make the routine ones, cutting off balls, hitting the relay man, “shagging their asses off” in practice to work on getting good jumps and tracking balls. I haven’t heard that before. Positioning Schwarber deeper because he is good at coming up on the ball, and the goal is to keep singles from being doubles. I am hopeful that while the D isn’t great, it can be competent.

    1. Yes, he didn’t have a good overall season in 2021 but other than ERA, it wasn’t particularly bad either. It was also a departure from the previous 4 season where he did pitch like a #2 and was twice in the 10 in Cy Young voting which would indicate he pitched like a #1 starter in those years.

      Even if he performs as a middle of the rotation guy, he’s still a better option than they will find elsewhere for the same $$$

  39. Agree, 3up, I want the Nola from the previous seasons, not the one last year. The inability to put batters away when he was ahead in the count was the most troubling thing to me. I would not trade him, I just want him to pitch better.

    1. Think we all want to see an improved season in 2022 and I wasn’t singling you out specifically. I’ve seen a number of comments regarding the idea that Nola is somehow an issue and they should be looking to trade him.

      Just makes no sense based on where they are with the rest of the roster and what he provides vs. the cost.

      1. I feel like Nola is crazy close to another breakthough, although it’s impossible to know if it will ever happen. I think he needs another pitch or a slightly different release point or something and he definitely needs better strike zone command, all so he can give up fewer big hits and put batters away more efficiently (which is admittedly a problem at times). Still, the stuff can be filthy. You don’t strike out 10 batters in a row, or 223 batters in 180 innings (wow!), without great stuff.

        1. Not even sure he really needs a breakthrough. His underlying numbers in 2021 were mostly good overall. As you note, his biggest issue last year was having that “big” inning where he couldn’t stop the bleeding or would give up that big HR.

          Was that an early indicator of what’s to come or a one-year issue that can be resolved? We don’t know that answer yet but seems that too many Philly fans are looking to bail out at the first sign of trouble.

          1. Maybe it’s an adjustment rather than a breakthrough, but it seems some change is in order and, yes, even without the change he’s a really good pitcher. No argument there.

  40. Another pretty good outing for Spencer Howard: 3 IP 5 H 1 ER 0 BB 3 K. Albeit it’s only 3 innings but the kid is inching his way up. Hope he finds some success.

    1. Not convinced. This is about velocity. By the third inning he gave up 3 hits. His issue is a physical issue – the dramatic inability to retain velocity past a couple of innings. It didn’t get any better in the last two years. As I’ve said before, I’ll believe in him as a starter when I see he’s sitting around 94 MPH in the 5th inning. Maybe he just needs to be a reliever for a few years and then his arm/shoulder can do the type of deep healing necessary for him to throw hard for a long period of time. I don’t know, but I do know the pitcher the Phillies traded was a long way from the prospect he was in 2018 or so who could sit in the high 90s and had TOR stuff.

      1. All of that said, the good news for Howard is that he can throw in the mid to high 90s and when he does his stuff is excellent, so there should be a place for him on a major league team. And this isn’t unusual – Goose Gossage had similar problems when he tried to become a starter and I think things turned out pretty well for him.

    2. Wasn’t Howard good with the Phil’s also when for the first three innings. Then after the hitters had seen him once is when I though the wheels came off??

  41. MLB article now up on top 10 BPs. Braves, Brewers, Giants, Dodgers represent NL. I could not find Phillies. Worst Braves listed #1.

  42. James Norwood acquired from the Padres. I don’t know much about him except he was with the Cubs before. I assume he gets a 40 Man spot? Anyone have any info?

    1. I know he’s 6’2″, He’s a righty reliever, seems to BB a lot of hitters and his middle name in Krittipum.

  43. Hated to see Haseley go. He never became what we were all hoping for but does the way he was handled/developed by management have anything to do with it?

    Haseley always took a while to adapt to the next level. Does anyone here on PP think that if he was brought along slowly and given an entire year at AAA, things would’ve been different?

    He had gotten only 78 PA when he was promoted from AA to LHV. He was just starting to settle in when the Phillies rushed him up to play in the majors. Poor management?

  44. Gets a 40 Man spot, no options left, throws hard, of course, and has 27 total innings in the Majors. Add him to our BP of “hope they regain what they had a few years ago, or hope they develop command that they have never had before” options. Maybe there is more to him than I can find?

  45. .

    Think this should turn out to be a useful trade. Gave up (practically) nothing. Received a live arm who also throws a splitter. He’s capable of big K #s. That’s a must w/this defense.

    1. I love these low risk/high upside moves. This is what good organizations do and they do it as early in the season as possible. Bad organizations, like the one Klentak was running, wait until the trade deadline and then get a bunch of soft-tossing retreads. No thanks.

      1. This is brilliant because if you look at current MLB bullpens, they are full of guys who either throw gas, have an out pitch or present an odd look to a hitter (side armed or submarine throwers – guys like Ryan Sheriff) and of course both righties and lefties are well distributed in good pens to match up with hitters. The Phillies realize this and they’ve been stocking up on these types of arms with the hope that a few of these guys will stick. It’s a great plan.

  46. Now we need to remove 2 relief pitchers and a catcher to get down to 28 on the active roster.

    1. Coonrod may go on the 60 day IL…??

      Sanchez and Jones probably get assigned to AAA, as well as catcher Donny Sands. When (and if) Stott is selected, perhaps he takes Coonrod’s spot on the 40.

    1. I almost want to laugh out loud when people suggest that Bohm should play first. His bat would need to improve a ton for that move to be justified.

  47. I think we would be better off with Cristopher Sanchez as the #5 instead of Kyle Gibson.

    1. Yes, but they aren’t going to pay Kyle Gibson $7M (over $9M against the cap) to be anything less than a #5.

    2. I can’t say that I agree with you. Sanchez gets hit around often and Gibson has been a decent 5 before. He was an all star last year…

      1. Yes, agree…Sanchez should go to LHV and start 12/15 games there and see if is up to it, and then merit a possible promotion to the majors.
        Gibson is a proven veteran and he just has to get his work in.

        1. Romus, it seems like some of our veterans are working on their 92 mph flat, hanging fast ball. We need another SP, spring work or not.

          1. Yeah, not worried about Gibson. I’ll worry if he’s still getting lit up 3 starts into the season. He’s a back-end guy who mixes pitches and speeds.

            I know Jim said not to be worried about Brogdon, but he’s not going to be very effective throwing 92 or 93, so hopefully he recovers some velocity . . . and soon.

            1. Yeah…Joe said his velo did pick up ‘a little’.
              He does have about week to 10 more days to get in more work with live BP and/or bullpens.

  48. Romus…low 30s last night for game here in Indiana. Hard to work on the radar gun when your fingers are numb. Kidding. 70s today. Game 3. Life in Indiana. I just hope some of the BP guys can get some out consistently in the late innings. I think Phils will have some leads going to the end. Can they hold them. I hope so.

    1. Prediction: Mickey Moniak will accumulate well over 400 plate appearances in 2022, and play more innings in CF than any other Phillies player. Just sayin’…GO MICK!!

      1. I see ROY race between Stott and Moniak…neck- and-neck…Phillies get another first day draft pick! 🙂
        Do you agree/

            1. Sorry guys – people have posted much more silly things in a serious way, such as when people were literally demanding that Kapler be fired AFTER HIS FIRST GAME! Yeah, some nutty things get posted on here, so sorry for not getting the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this.

  49. Mark – Hope your prediction rings true. Can anyone who watched today’s game write about Stott’s error? Was it a very routine grounder?

  50. Not all pessimistic re: the BP. Knebel has been really good, also Familia. SerA wasn’t great today but he showed he’s healthy and probably wasn’t counted on until mid season. It will be a very interesting April between long relievers and leverage ones.

  51. Gelb had some things on the bullpen,

    – Norwood had pitched in two games this spring for the Padres. His fastball sits 97 mph and his best pitch might be his splitter. He spent most of last season in Triple A.

    – The Phillies optioned Francisco Morales to minor-league camp on March 23 and then converted him into a full-time reliever. The plan is for Morales to pitch in a late-inning role at Triple-A Lehigh Valley, perhaps as closer, while he learns a new routine in the bullpen. But the 22-year-old righty might be in play for an Opening Day roster spot now because he’s on the 40-man. A player optioned during spring training cannot return unless he replaces an injured player; the Phillies have yet to place Coonrod on the IL. It’s possible.

    – Braeden Ogle is not on the 40-man roster but he has made a strong impression this spring. Should the Phillies need another lefty during the season and the 40-man roster situation has changed, Ogle could reach the majors. Acquired last summer in a trade with Pittsburgh, Ogle made an adjustment last month during minor-league minicamp when Girard and pitching coach Caleb Cotham suggested he stand on the first-base side of the rubber. It might create a better angle for his slider, they thought. They were right.

    – Brogdon, who has lost 3 mph from his average fastball a season ago. A pitcher doesn’t always reach his baseline for velocity during the spring. But the abbreviated schedule and the degree to which Brogdon’s stuff has declined might be enough to force the Phillies to not carry him on the initial roster.

  52. Read in MLB Trade Rumors that the Pads have a surplus of potential starters with limited options – Paddock, Knehr and potentially Weathers and Gore. And Pads need help in OF.

    Any thoughts on a package that would include Moniak for Paddock, plus?

    Phils bolster rotation, Moniak sells high / comes home to SD. Love what Moniak is doing in Spring, but can it be consistent?

    1. Paddack might be had but the Padres would want significantly more than Moniak. They would probably ask for Rojas and DD would rightfully say no. Besides, SD wants a major league ready outfielder. Moniak may be, but Vierling is probably more attractive at the moment. Otherwise the Phillies have little to offer for a Padres SP.

      1. mark….Besides Moniak, Preller would look also for a minor league pitcher that probably does not need a 40 designation this year. The Phillies two best are Abel and Painter, assume they will not be in any deal, so next on the list are Grif McGarry or Erik Miller, or even maybe Micah Ottenbreit if Preller is looking 3 years down the road.

  53. MLBTR also reports that Michael Conforto suffered a shoulder injury in January while working out, but according to his agent Scott Boras, he’s healthy now and weighing offers. His market can’t be too deep, otherwise he would have signed by now. On a one year prove it deal for a guy considered to be a strong bounce back candidate, he might be a good acquisition for CF, with Vierling and Moniak as depth or trade bait, and Rojas poised to be ready by 2023. $18M-$20M seems high for him after the Mets’ QO was declined, his off season injury, and a less than spectacular 2021…maybe $15M? Then try to unload either Didi or Segura midseason…

    1. I am/have been a big Michael Conforto fan/believer. He was my #1 FA target this offseason. While I’d love to see John Middleton splurge (again) on Conforto, I just don’t see that happening. And certainly Boras would insist on more than 19M for a one year pillow contract. Conforto could have secured that by signing the QO five months ago. Noah Syndergaard was in the same position as Conforto. He also turned down the QO, but got a one year/21M deal.

      As things stand now, DD can’t afford to trade Mickey Moniak. If the Phillies (shockingly) were to acquire Conforto, then you could see a deal. Mickey or even Odubel could probably bring back a guy like Pedro Avila from the Padres.

      1. Also … while I still believe Alec Bohm can rebound, he’s obviously been outplayed by Bryson Stott this spring. Stott is more ready to help the club on the field. And (maybe just as importantly) is ready to help the team in other ways: from the new CBA … “teams that promote top prospects to their Opening Day rosters will be awarded draft pick compensation should that player finish in the top 3 of Rookie of the Year Voting and/or Top 5 in Cy Young/MVP Voting”.
        Stott looks like a strong ROY candidate to me.

        1. Stott does look like a top ROY candidate (certainly for the top 3) – but what is the draft pick compensation offered? If I am the Phillies and it’s a first or second round pick, it might be worth it, if it’s later than that I’m still sending him down to the minors for a little while (totally justifiable if a question is ever raised as whether there was inappropriate service time manipulation) to delay his FA clock.

          1. Just pure speculation on my part….but IMO cannot see anything higher than after the Round B selections. I do not think MLB wants to mess around with the small market teams set in stone selections.

            1. Okay, are those supplemental picks after the first round but before the second round? If so, it’s worth considering. I am not sure if Stott would be the top ROY candidate (probably not), but I could very much see him in the top 3.

            2. It hasn’t been announced, but I’ve heard it speculated that it could be after the first series of competitive balance picks. That would land it in the 36th – 40th overall pick area.

            3. That would be ideal…plus the slot money that goes along with it gives the team additional alternatives in their selections.

      2. Under the old CBA…..another option to increase his attractiveness, Boras could hold Conforto out until June 15th and then a team does not forfeit their 2nd rounder if they sign him.
        I do not know if that changed with the newer cBA.

        1. Romus … not certain, but I think Boras/Conforto would have to wait until after the draft. And the draft is now in July.

          1. Yeah that makes sense…the old draft dates were prior to June 15th.
            Probably would not please Conforto to sit out that long.

  54. Before I hunker down to crunch Mickey Moniak’s batting stats against lefty/righty pitching this ST; does anyone have these stats?

    I feel that he is really tearing it up against righies, which is his duty if he is on the MLB roster at beginning of the season.

    1. Here you go. My view of brining Moniak up is that, while I think his development would be better served by his returning to the minors, because he’s no longer an elite prospect, I’m fine with them giving him a chance in a modified platoon role. Let’s see how it works for a month or so and see where things stand when Odubel returns to full health.

          1. Denny, I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic about Moniak and the “duh” comment was directed at myself (not you) for not hitting the paste button in my first post responding to your request.

            1. When you look at Moniak’s AAA stats from last year, it really isn’t pretty. He had one truly great month and the other months were either bad or just mediocre at best. He has made progress as a minor leaguer and there’s no doubt about that, but that’s not the profile of a typical guy who gets promoted and then makes an impact at the major league level. I’m not saying it’s impossible he could be good in the big leagues if they promote him now, but last year’s stats do not suggest it is a likely outcome which is why I hope he gets sent back down to work on his game.

            2. I think we should look at the 2020 & 2021 seasons with squinted eyes. Both were trying times for all and now we are back to normalcy, we look at the present. IMO.

            3. Gotcha Catch. Thanks for the explanation. We’re good and I retract my post. A top shelve bottle of boubon is on it’s way and I’ll be over later to share.

  55. Well here it is just one week until opening day. I think a very exciting time for us Phillies fans. With regard to MM I think I’m in the now or never camp. If the new swing is for real and is helping him to unlock more consistency great.

    Keeping him around Mr. Long for a while longer could pay dividends. And unlike last season he has so much more presence in the LU around him.

    I’m really keen to have Stott break camp as the every day SS but I also like what a healthy Didi can bring so I’m torn there.

    The amount of games compressed into April almost allows us to call it XST. Its not how you start its how you finish.

    1. The ability to have MM work with Kevin Long directly is a serious and significant benefit of keeping him in the majors and perhaps it tips the scales because, as I said, his AAA season last year was just so-so at best.

  56. NIce start for Luke Williams with the Giants. He homered in his first at bat and played 4 innings at third base for them. Wish him well. Just hope he doesn’t turn into a star.

    1. Ciada, I like Luke Williams, but he isn’t star material. Several years as an extra man will be a good career.

  57. Jorge Bonifacio signed again for Reading. Reading also signed Michael Mariot, a 33 year old starter.

        1. I was talking about opening day roster. Right now you can go to MILB and see who is assigned to each teams roster.

    1. IMO Didi and Stott cannot co-exist both LH both play SS. Ideally DD would find a home for Didi and his $12 mil for something of a need. Whether its a trade for equal or similar salary or some shedding of a portion of the $12 mil to allow for some type of mid season acquisition

      I don’t like being overly redundant on the left side of the plate

      1. DMAR, it would appear to me that Didi has SS locked up barring a trade. Stott looks to have the inside track on 3b. Bohm is on the outside looking in, despite the fact that Stott hasn’t yet been added to the 40 man roster. But that may be impending…

      2. DMAR….the one underlying benefit of LH hitters…70% or more of the MLB pitchers are RHPs and the LOOGY scenario is virtually nil these days with that added batter rule

        1. Next year no shift no problem Romus…

          Mark I agree you’re not going to put $15 million dollars on the bench

  58. Padres and Pirates discussing Reynolds. It will be interesting to see what happens, and if they make a trade, what it costs SD. I did not want to part with our top guys, no news in that, but I am interested to see what happens.

    1. I’d bet it would cost the Padres Abrams and Hassell to start. MacKenzie Gore has seen his prospect status fall. AJ Preller would probably be ok with including him also.

    2. The report wasn’t clear as to how recently SD and Pittsburgh talked Reynolds. Could have been right after the CBA was settled…in any case, Preller is one guy who would part with his top prospects, but Abrams’ name was not mentioned in the MLBTR post as an ask from the Pirates.

      1. Perhaps Cherington has intentions of Oneil Cruz coming up in a few weeks and Abrams would have to incur a position change….or Cruz for that matter. ..

  59. Might today’s lineup be the same on opening day?

    Schwarber lf
    Hoskins 1b
    Harper rf
    Castellanos dh
    Realmuto c
    Gregorius ss
    Segura 2b
    Stott 3b
    Moniak cf

    1. I’d expect Scwarber to DH and Castellanos in the field, but other than that, this could be our normal starting lineup.

  60. mark, I still have doubts about Stott being here opening day. No question, he has, so far, “won” any real competition. I also haven’t ruled out the team giving Vierling the nod opening day, regardless of any future platoon. Do you bat Segura behind Didi?

    1. I think Joe G would alternate left hand bats instead of having say, Didi-Stott-Moniak batting consecutively at the bottom of the lineup, and then Schwarber at the top.

  61. We should cool out jets on MM. Hey maybe he turned a corner but this is spring training is he hitting well against true major league pitching??? If he makes the club and if he plays let’s see how he looks in July. That’s how you will know if he turned a corner. If he is hitting about 260 ish and playing good CF when july comes around then we may have something with him. Hey I would love to be wrong about him it would be nice if he turns into something. But we need to wait and see.

      1. On MM. He’s had a great spring thus far and what I’ve seen is that, physically, this guy has completely filled out. He’s a big strong dude now, which can do nothing but help and obviously, he has approached everything the right now.

        Now to Bryson Stott. If he keeps playing like this or even close to this he’s a first division regular or better. They aren’t going to be able to keep him down in the minors. I really can’t wait to see what he does during the regular season – the guy has just blossomed in the last year and the plate discipline and approach at the plate are superb.

        1. The right way that is. MM has clearly worked hard to get to this point – good for him!

        2. For me CF is pretty easy with Herrera on the shelf. It’s MM and Vierling in the octagon for the month of April to duke it out and prove they can be everyday players

          The bar isn’t as high as it was last year with the additions of Schwarber and Castellanos.

          1. Interesting factoid I’m not sure we discussed before but Brian Reynolds was in the 2016 draft. He went in the 2nd rnd 59th overall to the Giants and was acquired by the Pirates in the Cutch trade to the Giants in 2018.

            The Phillies passed on him 2X (obvious MM and Gowdy)

            Reynolds made his debut 3 years later in 2019 and was outstanding at the age of 24. Throw out 2020 where he was abysmal and wow again he was stellar in 2021. Now going into his age 27 season he is the prize of all contenders in need of a CF

            We’re 6 years removed from that draft and MM is now 24 the age that Reynolds was when he made his debut

            Its puzzling that we talk about MM salvaging a career

    1. No, but this is exactly what he did in the AFL. He does two things that suggest to me it’s not a mirage. First, he hits the ball where it’s pitched. Second, he doesn’t swing at balls out of the strike zone. Sound familiar? It’s like he downloaded and installed the Bryce Harper’s hitting mind and it shows.

      1. I mean, of course, adjustments will be made to Stott and he will have to adjust in turn, but when you watch him hit, he sure doesn’t look like a rookie. He does so many things right at the plate.

      1. LOL – be careful or I’ll tell Terry “Franconia” on you. Sometimes I listen to WIP just so I can hear people mispronounce the names they’ve heard on TV and the radio oh, I don’t know, a thousand times. It’s pretty hilarious.

  62. One thought on Mickey…last year he really struggled on pitches on the outer third. He rolled over on them a lot. KL noted that the main adjustment is that they moved MM closer to the plate. If you look at videos of his hits this spring, they all seem to be on outside pitches. Event today’s double, was on the outside pitch. His second at bat they pounded him inside and he struck out.

    It is great that he made an adjustment to handle outside pitches. The league will adjust too and pound him inside. He needs to show that he can handle both.

    Hopefully he can do it. I love a comeback story. Would be awesome if he salvaged his career and became a legit player. Would be happy to eat crow on his turnaround.

    1. Yes, you are spot on. My issue with MM has nothing to do with how good of a spring he’s had and everything to do with his prior performance. Once in a while a guy takes a huge and unexpected leap forward (Matt Holliday was a so-so minor leaguer and broke out in the big leagues – there are other examples too), but that’s the exception and not the rule.

      1. Third at bat, they pounded him inside on the first two pitches. both called strikes. they got him to pop up on a high pitch. really good to see that he made the adjustment from last year. hopefully he can handle the inside pitches too.

    2. Yes I agree I would be more then happy to eat crow too if MM turns into a player. All I was saying and all I am saying is let’s see how he does three months into the season. See how he does in late June or July. We will see then if he turned a corner. Look I would love to be wrong and be the first to admit I was it would be great to have a solid CFer. Hey I was totally wrong about the off season The moves the Phil’s made were Great especially in the outfield, and maybe MM can be the final piece to a great outfield we will find out this year.

  63. Boston is playing great, and does not look at all like a liability at 3B. How they send him to AAA, I can’t fathom. A nice outing from Eflin, and a really nice defensive play from Didi. His being healthy, I think, automatically makes him better at SS than last season, and Segura is good at 2B. Maybe D isn’t at much of a detriment as we feared?

    1. Didi was so bad and limited last year with his injuries that I forgot how good he has been at SS. Didi has, historically, been a plus defender. Most years of his career he’s either been average or well above average. If he is an average defender this year, that’s a huge plus.

  64. “How they send him to AAA, I can’t fathom.”

    Free agent service time, that’s how. They need to weigh that against his performance and the likelihood he will finish in the top 3 for ROY, but they could easily send him down, although I doubt it would be for long.

    1. If there’s any confidence at all in Stott’s future from the front office, they might (should?) hedge their bets and look to lock him up early and making service time irrelevant. Of course, he’s a Boras boy so that wrinkles the matter but all the same…and don’t use the Kingery case against the idea. That was a Klentak/Kapler fiasco.

      1. …I don’t mean right away, like before he even plays an official major league game, but after a year or 2.

      2. Note that the Phillies tried to lock up Kingery and Hoskins to team friendly deals and only Kingery accepted. If Boras thinks that his client is an elite player, there’s no way they will accept an early deal.

          1. Not that I recall. But it can backfire. Boras totally screwed Ryan Madson by pushing too hard.

  65. I know, catch, I get how it really works. Just venting in advance in case he gets sent down. I feel for a kid who was told to come to ST to win a job, play like this, then not make it. Bohm isn’t even playing.

    1. Matt – don’t worry too much about Bryson Stott – if he continues playing like this he is going to have a long and lucrative career and this just some nonsense he has to deal with for a month or so. It’s not a big deal – just a bump in the road, at most.

  66. Gelb or one of those guys had posted a tweet that Stott has been able to train with the coaching staff for over a month while other hitters/players didn’t have that advantage if on the 40-man and subject to the lockout. I do think that’s a good point and could have some bearing on his other-worldly performance right now. I’m as impressed by him as you all are, but I’m not sure what to expect if he’s promoted from Day 1.

    1. From Day 1, Stott could come out hot like a Juan Soto did….or then again, like a Willie Mays….5 for 44.
      My guess….somewhere in between.
      There is no doubt he has the skills.

  67. Can’t blame McKlentek all that much for giving Kingery AND Herrera long term contracts when they were hot even though all of Kingery’s heat was in his time in the minors. It’s the chance they took and they didn’t work out.

    The Braves did the same with Albies and Acuna. I realize that both of them were already in the majors but it’s a risk that sometimes you’re right and other times you’re wrong. Just the Phillies luck, they were on the wrong side.

  68. Hard to fathom that only about 3,700 people attended the game today in Clearwater. With the Yankees coming in, it used to be 10,000 but it probably shows that people are backing away still because of the pandemic.

    Also, ya gotta believe that Stott makes the team and plays against both RH and LH pitching until he proves he can’t hit the lefties thus making Camargo his platoon. And that leaves Bohm to play in LHV.

    1. Attendance today had nothing to do with the pandemic. People made their vacation plans before these games were rescheduled. Most vacationers went home after the originally scheduled “last” game.

  69. It’s still not impossible that Bohm starts the season at 3b with Stott in AAA due to limited 40 spots. Pen injuries could force other moves.

  70. Ciada… does the fact that this is a Thursday game make a difference than say a weekend game. I did notice all the empty seats. Plus it looked like a nice day other than the wind. I have neve been to any ST games so this was just a thought on my part.

  71. Perhaps the Phillies gave up on Luke Williams too soon. He showed promise and grit. He could have been sent to LHV, allowed to play everyday, and perhaps either called-up or brought an enhanced trade value.

    1. The Phillies needed his 40 man roster spot, it’s as simple as that. If he does well in SF, good for him, but he wasn’t good enough to be a bench player for the 2022 Phillies.

      1. We will see, Guru about whether they needed to release Luke W for a 40-man spot! Personally I rank him well above D. Jones or R. Sherriff possible contributions to the Phils, but…..

  72. Eflin looked very good.
    I am think in his walk year he will be excellent.
    Phillies may sign him to an extension soon.
    Maybe he will agree to a small home-town discount.
    I am thinking…5yrs/$75M or $80M

    1. I doubt that Eflin will take that. Sure, he has a history of injury issues but he’s so close to FA, he might as well just roll the dice and see what happens. If he pitches anything close to a #2 pitcher, he’ll get seriously paid. I mean, just look at what Jose Berrios got (7 years, $131M) after posting a 3.2 WAR season.

      1. Yeah……Phillies will probably not go out 7 years, but they could go to the $19M AAV like Berrios’ has, for a shorter length..

    2. Rodon got a crazy 2/$44 from Farhan…

      I like Eflin but he reminds me a lot of Mike Pelfrey so sure if you can get him on a deal you do it. If not you can’t be afraid to let him walk.

  73. JRoll hired as an Asst. to the POBO. He will do “periodic “on field work, broadcasting and some other assignments.

    1. Ciada, While driving from Delaware to Florida recently, I met a guy and his wife who were on their way to Clearwater. They go to spring training every second year. This was their year to go but they were thrown off track by the lock out. They were heading down hoping to catch some games after having turned in their full spring training package bought before the lockout. I can imagine this and similar happening to many fans of many teams this spring– their well laid plans upset =by MLB vs. MLPA

  74. SWFL and ciada – to the spring training attendance – I attend every year, have done so for 20 years – my season ticket plan in Orioles/Sarasota lost 10 games of the home 16 games ; even when the games were finally played, the ticket information was all wrong – the Orioles were not playing the team stated on the ticket. The final 3 “make-up” games were then sold to fill in so teams could continue to play and unless you were “in the know” you wouldn’t likely be aware those tickets were even available ? Typically these games are virtual sellouts.

    I went to a game on Wednesday with about half the usual crowd; no vendors, reduced concession stands, and the feeling that the stadium was only “half open.” It made for a very inclusive experience. Today I will see the Phillies there. Clearly the lockdown had a serious impact among those who plan to follow their teams (with travel packages, etc.) – and I will know more after today because the Phillies enjoy a very large travelling group of fans. My guess is – it will be lightly attended again.

  75. Well, RU, you get a chance to see, first hand, Bohm at 3B and Stott at 2B. I am interested to hear your views of how they play. LHV leaves Florida today, so the 3B job is still open. Not that Stott will play 2B once the season starts, but they still want him to get more swings in.

    1. At matt 13 – OK, Bohm had a good day with the bat – 1st inning line drive homer over 400+ sign in center ; seeing eye single up the middle in 2nd AB. He missed a foul ball he might have caught but had no other chances. He had solid AB’s. Stott went 1 for 3 – his hit was a beautiful cue shot down the 3B line (and he tried to do it too) to avoid a shift. He looks very fluid in the field but didn’t handle anything even noteworthy. As Whitey would say, “he looks hitterish.”

      Other comments – Ranger is bigger in person than I thought. He looked a little rusty but was striking out alot of batters but did give up the 1st inning HR. Hoskins had 2 hard hit balls to right of CF- one fell and the other was caught which was a very good stab by OF ; Camargo looks good with the bat and hit a couple of line drive shots – only one fell in to drive in a run. Mickey hit the ball weakly to 1B twice and then struck out ; Vierling did not look sharp against the junk he saw either.

      Attendance was about 1/3 the stadium’s seating. More than half the crowd were Phillies fans.

  76. Just seeing on CBS that deGrom is having MRI on shoulder. Could be big new regarding Mets.

  77. Weird no concession stands open. My grandson played 2 of 3 nights this week in low 30 degree weather. They at least had stands open for those who braved the temps. Of course in 70s for 3rd game. Life in Indiana. Snow on ground today.

  78. Maybe Rocco but time is of the essence at this moment. I am sure $$$$$$$$$$$$s will be no issue. Welcome to the Cohen world. Looks as though the Browns have upset the apple cart in the NFL with Watson deal.

  79. How’s your grandson and his team doing, Don? Random question? Let’s assume Stott gets sent down to start the season. Does that eliminate us from receiving extra picks if he comes up in May and wins ROY? Does he have to start the season in the Majors for that new rule to kick in?

  80. I went back through earlier posts and found one from Hinkie that says the player must make the Opening Day roster for the compensation to be in play. In that case, there is no way I send Stott down. He is, for sure, a Top 3 ROY candidate. Even for the equivalent of a Second Rd pick, which would make up for the one we lose in signing Castles, not to mention that he can flat out play, he makes my Roster coming North.

  81. Matt13…they are doing ok. His school is a 2A meaning around 500 kids. Played one 2a and won and 2 4A schools who have over 1,000 and lost. Team had one bad inning the 3 games with maybe their 8th or 9th pitcher in. Grandson and 2 other freshmen are starting. They are playing C, 2B and my grandson is SS. He and the C are both good pitchers as well. Coach told them they will begin pitching 1 game a week after Spring Break. This is a really young team. But they have 5 kids who play major travel ball. The one thing that is going to take some time is for the kids to hit these Senior front line pitchers. Big jump for them. All 3 games were the 1st for opponent so they faced the ace of each team the first 4 innings or so. The coach knows these kids can play and he is going to live with the growing pains. All 3 are really good defensively so that is no issue. Sorry for the essay but I really enjoy watching young kids play and develop. Coach is hopeful this group is a state title contender for their class next year.

  82. I enjoy reading about him and his team, Don. When I grew up, many years ago, the best player played SS. Your grandson has to be good, and a freshman, no less! Great stuff

  83. The Grand Park facility that the kids play at is by most accounts the finest in the Midwest. Scott Rolen is involved there. His kid is a year younger and on one of top teams. Tom Thacker from Kokomo former MLB pitcher paid for a huge indoor facility that even several of the MLB guys were training at during the lockout. They showed Rodon throwing one day on a local TV. This facility has been around for about 10 years, and you can see a major upswing in the talent levels of the kids here in Central Indiana. Teams from all over Midwest come here during the Summer. So the competition has spiked as well. Facility has 32 turf fields ranging from small youth up to the high school and college diamonds.

    1. Don…Kokomo, Indiana…Phillies once drafted and signed a LHP from there….do you remember who he was?

      1. Romu…I told you I think last year that was one of my claims to fame. Tommy Underwood. I forget if it was the Summer of my Sophomore or Junior years we played them and I hit a home run off of Tommy in a tourney somewhere in Indiana. Tommy was a year younger but still good. Brother Pat was probably the better pitcher. I think he was couple years younger. He played in the Majors as well. I am not sure who had a better career but both made it.

        1. Yes…Tommy Underwood….always loved hearing Harry and Whitey say the kid from Kokomo, he was about 21 or 22 at the time…..may he RIP.

          1. Yes he passed away way too soon. He was a good kid. So just a few years before that I homered off of him. LOL. I only live about 30 miles from Kokomo. Both Kokomo and Grand Park are located right off of major State Highway going N and S here in central Indiana.

            1. Ok…..that is a cool memory…a home run off a future MLB pitcher…now I know what the Green Wave saw in you! 🙂

  84. I checked it out online, Don. What a fantastic facility! I read Matt Gelb’s Athletic article this morning on the Minor Leagues, and the Jersey Shore team looks to be loaded, and should be a great team to follow. I think that team provides us with enough upside performances that our Farm ranking jumps significantly for next year. Abel, Rojas, Casey Martin, Luis Garcia, Griff McGarry, after he ramps up after his injury, Ethan Wilson, etc. I expect a lot from all of them, and even if I am overly optimistic, which I probably am, enough will show that they are really good players.

    1. Matt, in business before the digital age, the 3 most important things used to be location, location, location…in baseball today, especially for the Phillies, it’s development, development, development. Yes, talent evaluation is important, and this organization has been justly criticized over the years, but with the new regime and credible people in place, it’s about bringing kids along. Most of the young talent is evaluated by a consensus of scouting reports before being drafted. But once they’re yours, the development staff MUST know how to coach them up. The greater talent will emerge regardless, but most need to be brought along through the system. I’m encouraged by the recent hires of Mattingly and his staff, but only time will tell…

  85. You put it perfectly, mark. We have been far short of where we need to be in our developmental programs, and I am hoping that this new regime fixes it. I have been impressed by what I have read from Preston Mattingly, and I know that the results are what really matters. Jersey Shore will be a great place to watch those guys make progress.

    1. I wonder how much blame is on the players themselves for say lack of MLB talent, unwillingness to be coached, etc be the inability of the coaches to help unlock that talent m, assuming it there. Imho, I feel like we just saw some red flags from the coaches ability witu Kingery, bohm,moniak and numerous pitchers . Obviously it’s ultimately on the player, but you gotta wonder how much better some of these players could have been/become with better coaching. I good litmus test will be to watch haslely and Howard. See how they fare. Granted I think Howard has an injury, but will see.

      1. One formerly uncoachable prospect recently gave credit to Kevin Long for adjustments. These adjustments were suggested by Jason Ochart as far back as two years ago. So, yeah, the inability to get better rests heavily on the players. Especially those who are projected to improve and then follow their own coaches rather than team coaches.

        1. Gotcha. Interesting to review/consider over the last 10+ years. Hopefully the new regime has things dialed in best they can, And the players are receptive to the instruction that works for them. It’s not always going to mix, but I’m hoping that it does far often that it. That’s a bad combo if not, with the drafting results they gotten over the years. Not looking to blame, just to have it identified & addressed where it should be.

  86. The Dodgers sent AJ Pollock to the White Sox for Kimbrel, straight up. I wonder if DD has any irons in the fire. The starting rotation isn’t deep enough IMO.

    1. I was hoping Phillies might have found a way to land Kimbrell. When he is right, he is really good. I realize his best days are in rear view, but I still have concerns both SP and BP.

    1. 2B Stott
      3B Bohm
      LF Castellanos
      DH Hoskins
      1B Camargo
      CF Vierling
      C Stubbs
      RF Moniak
      SS Maton

  87. Matt…it is a beautiful facility. The absolute best for me is I am about 20 minutes away from it. I spend lots of time there. Kids played there on Monday because their field was too wet. His coach is connected so game was moved there at last moment. The coach knows the young kids barring injuries are going to be really good but there are going to be growing pains along the way. Patience.

    Mark.. we do food concessions in the Summer here in Indiana. It is still location, location, location, for success there. But totally agree on the Phillies improvement.

  88. MLB has top 5 ROY prospects for each league up now. They have Stott in tie for 2nd with kid Pirates just sent down for a week or so. Hoping Phillies find a spot and let him play. He looks like the real deal.

  89. Bohm goes yard in 1st! he is not giving up yet. I would love to have both he and Stott be every day players. I know! I can dream!

  90. I promise not to bore everyone with a play by play, but Ranger walked a guy on 4 straight Pitches, every single one looked like a Strike! Next batter, 1st pitch, HR.

      1. Oriole feed…they do not talk Phillies.
        Feed is not great either.
        Ranger is just missing down, no velo readings that I could see.
        Looks like he gained a few lbs.

        1. Romus…if you go to the MLB Gameday feed it has what pitch and speed for every pitch that is made. This is like a video game showing but I look in from time to time. I did see that Alec homered in his 1st AB. Good for him.

        2. Romus…my bad. Looks like today there is no Game Day available for free. Must have ended on April 1st or this is a April Fools joke. It has been available.

          1. I guess having a woman as a play-by-play person…seems to be the future for MLB teams. Phils may have to go that route…unless Tom McCarthy decides to identify as a non-binary.

            1. Man, Romus I wish I could give my opinion but …. .
              I can’t watch Sixers and if Franzke doesn’t re-sign we might get Reading’s announcer.

              Getting old and probably going deaf soon, lol, might have it’s advantages.

            2. Phillies were the first (or among the first) to have a woman do play-by-play with Kirsten Karbach in Clearwater. She got as far as Reading before the old boy network beat her out for a full-time gig in Lehigh Valley. Opted out of seasonal broadcasting for a full-time job as Director of Communications & Impact at Pitch In For Baseball and Softball.

          2. Denny, Agree. I understand being spring training and talking up the home team, but the Oriole announcers took it to an extreme. As I was driving, I couldn’t pay much attention to the video and the announcers made it hopeless to follow the game by what they were saying.

        3. Romus – I commented to matt13 – he was missing down but not by much. I thought he looked rusty.

    1. Gelb has a few things posted,

      LV – Donnie Sands, Austin Wynns
      Hans Crouse

      Reading – Muzziotti, O’Hoppe, Matt Kroon,and Jhailyn Ortiz.
      rotation – Erik Miller, James McArthur, pen – McKinley Moore closer Francisco Morales

      Jersey Shore – Abel, Rojas, Luis Garc, Ethan Wilson, Casey Martin
      rotation – Cristian Hernandez, Ben Brown, Christian McGowan and Dominic Pipkin. Griff McGarry

      Clearwater – Yhoswar Garcia, Hao Yu Lee
      rotation – Andrew Painter, Micah Ottenbreit, Oswald Medina

      injured – Marchan – hamstring
      Jordan Viars – ankle out at least a month
      Kingery – expected in LV in April
      Samuel Aldegheri – no word just injured
      Josh Stephen – multiple facial fractures and underwent surgery to install plates

      1. Reading will be a world better than last year. Beginning of last year they could barely win a game, only 1 player hitting above .200 . Then they brought in players that other teams released.

      2. I work in Wilmington and now, finally, after 30 years of no Philly minor league teams playing there I can see Jersey Shore visiting games there and I am really excited about that.

        1. Catch I’m Wilmington to love to pick your brain and watch the Jersey shore club on a Friday fireworks game night … my treat,

    1. rocco….you may have to move on……Fanti is gone, Stephen perhaps if he cannot recover enough to play again, you have to pick a new guy……what about the guy from Italy….LHP Samuel Aldegheri ?

  91. some other things of note from the Gelb piece, which btw it’s totally worth the 1 dollar per month they are charging right now. Can cancel at any time.

    Editor: Let them pay the dollar or reword the writer’s work. Don’t plagiarize six paragraphs.

    1. On 3/18 Kroon was invited to big league camp as a non-roster. I thought he played great and would end up in LHV, surely will later this year.

  92. When will the Phillies decide on the guys going North? When do they leave Clearwater? I hope it is warmer in Philly next weekend than it has been here the last week. BRR.

  93. Players have been told where they are going and left town today. Official announcements will be made next week.

    1. Lehigh Valley and Reading left today. I believe they are scrimmaging on Sunday in Allentown. IronPigs season begins on Tuesday at home. Reading’s on Friday at home.

      Jersey Shore leaves tomorrow. Season starts on Friday at home.

      Clearwater can’t cross the Complex to their clubhouse until the Phillies leave after Wednesday’s game at Tropicana Field. Possible scrimmage against Complex players on Tuesday. Season starts on Friday at home.

  94. CBS saying deGrom out at least 4 weeks. Not a good way to start the season. May be good news for Phillies. Go back and look at those last dominant Phillies teams. Once the pitching went South all else followed soon after.

    1. Mets and Cohen should have realized….deGrom and Scherzer have many innings under their belt as aging superstars….the money is about $80M this year between them. Even Scherzer found it hard getting past the 5th inning last August and Sept.

      1. Yep, my prediction that deGrom and Scherzer won’t combine for 40 starts is getting out of the blocks swiftly. That would be a huge boost to the Phillies chances of finishing 2nd in the division.

  95. I am so ready for the season to begin for real. The high school games were a warmup this week but now they are off for Spring Break. I also wonder if my MLB Extra Inning package is carrying these last Spring games since the regular season was originally scheduled to already be going on. I need to check that. Romus…nice compliment but South Alabama Jags not Green Wave. LOL

    1. Don…oops…sorry about that, not sure why I thought Tulane.
      So you and Phillies prospect Ethan Wilson share the same alma mater….the Jags of Mobile

  96. RU, sorry, I was off the grid. I thought the 4 pitches looked good, but I wasn’t there. I think Ranger thought they were strikes, also and elevated the HR pitch a bit. Overall, for a first outing, he looked ok.

  97. Can’t believe nobody here pulled an April Fools on us by breaking news of a fake trade. I was tempted…you know I’m always thinking. Would have been the perfect opportunity for Jim to punk us with a doozie, then pull the rug out after we got all lathered up. But I guess we’ve enough excitement these dystopian days.

  98. Dream scenario here but what if no one offers Comforto a contract by late June? maybe offer him a prove it 1 yr 15-20per along with talks of the Gaurdians breaking down with Ramirez. Start with an offer of Rojas and Bohm. You are obviously going to have to outhit to win. So why not go for it. This will never happen but man that would be a hell of a lineup adding those 2

    1. What would be an even greater dream scenario is if, say, two of the top three ROY candidates were Phillies…and Mickey Moniak finished first! And we lost nary a top prospect at the trade deadline! That’s something to dream on…

      1. I reality, Stott is a legit ROY candidate. I’ll be very happy if Moniak can stick as a good 4th OF and CF platoon partner. That’s a great outcome for him this year.

        1. Me too. I’ve been a MM supporter and I think he’s going to contribute.
          I always wonder, other than Ian Anderson, which of the other top 10 picks in 2016 can anyone say would have been a better choice? Nick Senzel?!? I guess Cal Quantrill, too, but I don’t think I’d rather have any of the position players taken at the top of that draft.

          1. Bryan Reynolds was a 2nd rounder in 2016. He was greatly overlooked by virtually every team.

            1. And many teams could have had him for a lot less, than what the Pirates want now, after the truncated 2020 season……

            2. Correct, but I don’t recall ANYONE suggesting in 2016 that the Phils should draft Bryan Reynolds with the first pick. Yes, hindsight is 20-20. If we could all go back in time, he would be drafted much higher, as would Pete Alonso and Bo Bichette, and others like Corbin Burnes.

              The reason I focused on the Top 10 picks is because those are the players who might have reasonably been considered at the time for the first pick. Maybe a little outside that, because players like Blake Rutherford and Jay Groome had some buzz.

  99. Alvarado pitches tomorrow, but I have serious doubts that he can be ready, even if they say he is. He is a guy with command issues, who hasn’t thrown. Even when completely healthy and in a a groove, command is a big issue. Without pitching much, how sharp can he be? And, Brogdon, without his velocity going back up 3 or 4 MPH, his breaking pitch, which is a weapon, becomes much less so.

    1. Alvarado has been throwing regularly on the back fields. I heard he prefers getting ready not facing batters in spring games. So, if true, maybe he starts the season okay?

      1. Thanks, Jim. I hope so, and I am certainly no Pitching Coach, but would think that facing batters is more helpful. However, maybe the next couple of days in front of batters is all he needs?

        1. If the goal is just to stretch out and get feel for pitches, batters aren’t really necessary. They could be a hindrance, in fact. If you just put up a cardboard cut-out, you can get more work in because you’re not waiting for anyone to get in the box or waiting for a play to finish. Just straight into the next pitch. It also allows flamethrowers to air it out without fear of, you know, hitting (and potentially injuring) someone.

          The benefit of having a live hitter to practice against only comes into play when you need to measure your progress, really. You can’t judge your own deception (or if you’re tipping pitches), so you want someone to help with that.

          Most of the reason spring training is simulated games is that it allows hitters to get good practice in at the same time. There’s a couple of other benefits (like getting pitchers used to game speed), but generally it’s just a matter of overall efficiency for the team(s). Plus the ability to sell tickets.

  100. MLBTR has rumors of the Padres sending Chris Paddack and (dumping some of) Eric Hosmer to the Mets who need insurance with deGrom out for at least 2 months. Other players may also be included, but those are the principals.

  101. Yesterday, the Clearwater Threshers released RHP Dallas Dyar.

    Hilton Dallas Dyar was selected with the 630th pick in the 21st round of the 2019 Amateur Draft. He was a prep player from Clinton HS (MS).

    The twenty-year-old has the distinction of never throwing a pitch against an opposing batter.

      1. Situation like that, he should be able to return $$$$ and get his eligibility back to play in college.

  102. Gelb’s article in Athletic yesterday has lots of positives from minors camp. Lots of quotes from Preston Mattingly.

    Ethan Wilson a camp standout. “will play his absolute ass off.”
    Griff McGarry a potential breakout candidate.
    Ben Brown had a strong camp.
    Yhoswar Garcia “high upside guy. Really raw.”
    Micah Ottenbrrit has caught scouts eyes.
    Hao Yu Lee “good instincts. He can really hit.”
    Oswald Medina a camp standout.
    Jordan Viars drew attention on backfields.(before ankle injury)

  103. Wheeler was switched from Toronto game to intrasquad because of a chance of rain.

  104. Phillies signed Ricardo Sanchez 24, a left handed starting pitcher to start at LHV. He began career with Angles and was traded to the Braves who sold him to Seattle who put him on waivers and was claimed by the Cards. He pitched 5 innings for Cards in 2020. He pitched 2019 in AA for Cards. Never pitched in AAA. Had TJ surgery in Sept 2020. Just starting to pitch again.

  105. Cant believe Twins release my neighbors kid, In 107 games he hit 263 with 19 homeruns obp of 338 and is really not good. but great outfielder, the kid can run, throw and play all three positons,

    1. rocco…tough business…only certain amount of slots available in systems anymore,
      He will probably get a ‘look see’ from another organization.

  106. Hey all. Thought I’d let you know Mickey just text me and say he made the team. I am so excited and so proud after this long journey. I keep saying he’s going to prove everyone right or wrong depending on what side of the fence you’re on! We will see but figured I would let everyone on here know because you guys have always been supportive, objective and honest which I always appreciate. – proud dad

    1. That is great! So impressed with how you handle your business here. And I use the word business as that is what baseball is. I don’t post a lot here, but read every day. There have been many difficult comments made about your son. Nothing mean, just probably difficult to hear from a Father. You’ve always presented yourself as a realistic, but proud Father. You both have a lot of perseverance!!!!

      Wishing you both nothing but the best.

      1. That’s GREAT news, Matt! I’m very happy for you, and more importantly, Mickey. You can tell just from looking at him, Mickey has worked hard on his body. He looks strong/powerful. The chance to continue working with Kevin Long should be a big deal for him.

    2. That’s great. We are all rooting for him. It seems that his swing change has really unlocked something. We all want his success. You should be very proud. He has shown great resilience.

    3. 👍way to stay the course and congratulations to you, Mickey and all your tribe!!

    4. Good news for both of you. Hoping he can take the spot he’s earned and turn it into a long career.

    5. Congratulations to Mickey and the Moniak family. Hope he crushes it in the bigs this season. Two more bombs in ST today, one to each field. The power seems real.

    6. Matt, Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

      With all of his hard work, Mickey surely has earned it. And given his performance this spring, we, as fans, are super excited.

    7. Awesome to hear, I can’t wait to see him lead the league in triples! Love that part of his game. Congrats to the whole family, im sure it’s a rollercoaster.

  107. Matt M… congrats to all of your family as well to Mickey. He has had a really good ST. I hope he is given an opportunity to play CF. I have felt he has done fine there. I am ready for Thursday.

  108. Romus…Spring Break week here in Indiana. Why I could never get to Clearwater before Phillies were headed North. No high school games this week so let’s go Phillies. Hoping for a strong start to the season.

    BTW I did make Clearwater back in 73. Kinda like some of the stories told this year of games not being when they were supposed to be and so on. Back then just locked gates but I did get to see the complex back then.

  109. Congratulations to you and Mickey, Matt. That’s great news, and I hope he flourishes in the Bigs. Making the team is a tremendous achievement, and we can see how much work he put into building himself up, and being coached. Now, I will root him to have a good, long career!

  110. Matt, I want to join with others to say how pleased we are about your son’s progress. I would love to see him make a mark and become a fan favorite.

  111. Imo the prospect that SD gave up for Manaea comps to Garcia. He seems like the headliner for the deal. So would you make that trade? Garcia for Manaea?

    1. Agree with you, v1. Eruibiel Angeles & Adrian Martinez = Luis Garcia & James McArthur. If you’re the Phillies, and you’ve made the moves/spent the money to win now, then you’ve got to make that deal IMO. I’m worried about SP depth.
      You need to look at the transaction like this; you would have been giving up Garcia and McArthur. You would have been getting Manaea, Aaron Holiday (a decent reliever prospect who was one of the top prep pitchers in Delaware [with Billy Sullivan] a few years ago), and a draft pick if you can’t sign Manaea to a LTX. Granted, the pick would follow the 4th round because the Phils are over the cap this season, but it’s still a day two draft pick. And the Phillies have a good track record with 5th round selections.

      1. I agree. I was surprised that we didn’t top that. But maybe DD wants to keep some powder dry for the trade deadline

  112. Congrats to Mickey and your whole family….it takes a team! Hope he’s here for a long time

  113. LHV and Reading will have mostly veterans, most of the players will be over 25. Many from other organizations but this will provide some depth. Many transactions will need to be made, 24 pitchers on LHV roster.

  114. Wow Mickey Mo’s dad posts here? Thats super cool, congrats on him making the team. Kid is still 23, and while it may feel like hes been around forever, hes younger than Stott and may be coming into his own – could absolutely still be an everyday player. Excited to go to opening day and see him in CF

    And as I am typing this our boy went yard! What a bomb!

    1. Yeah, he’s one of the more active family members to frequent PP. But he’s certainly not the only one. We’ve even had active prospects around here in the past (posting and making themselves known; there’s probably even more that have just read or posted anonymously that we don’t know about).

      It’s always cool to get another insider perspective and it’s also nice to be able to pass along well-wishes and votes of confidence to the young guys toughing it out every day.

      And with that said; congratulations again Mickey and family! I’m still a believer that his best days in baseball are still ahead.

      1. DanK…and lest you forget…the Family and Friends additions to the Readers Top 30 poll every year.

  115. Congrats Matt! Just catching up on things here in SoCal and I saw your post. And then Mickey just homered off Casey Mize!!

  116. This kid Hennigan looked ok to me today…what do we know about him? He gave up a HR but it was extremely wind-aided.

    1. Eh upon review, looks like hes just an org arm…26 yrs old with a high ERA in AA last year

    1. Man MM is fantastic! He kills righties and hopefully he learns against lefties. Forget about OH.

  117. Hennigan seems to have a lot of movement which is difficult for him to control. He has performed better in Spring Training, but that pitch had home run written all over it.

  118. Great days for Bryce and Mickey!! Nola with the outing I was hoping for going into Opening day!

  119. Matt – Congrats on Mickey making it to the show. Couldn’t happen to a better kid. Just hope he’s around for the entire season. May the force be with him.

  120. I am not being a Debbie Downer here, Nola was quite good…he did give up another 2 strike homer and later on struck out a batter on a 2 strike pitch that was a meatball and he got lucky it was missed.

    I hope he can put it all together, but these 2 strike meatballs down the middle are gonna have to stop or hes gonna get hit in the reg season

    1. If that’s your takeaway from Nola’s outing today, then you are looking hard for issues.

      EVERY pitcher makes mistakes, even with 2 strikes. If he pitches like he did today for the entire season the Phillies will have the Cy Young award winner in 2022.

  121. Great news for the Mick and Congrats to you as well Matt. They interviewed Micky, on the Philly telecast, when the Phils were batting in the 6th, 7th? after Alvarez pitched. Said he did some soul searching after last year about where he was at in his career. worked in the off season real hard and came to camp in a good frame of mind. talked about his adjustment with the batting coach and said he feels good about his whole plate control. real nice interview and he seemed very comfortable and a real nice kid. Although you already know that Matt. good for him. hope he and Vierling have great seasons in Center Field. Mickey might have saved Painter’s and Rojas’ career as Phillies. Reynolds Who??

  122. I’m rooting for Moniak, and as a LH hitter, he’s going to get the majority of ABs while Herrera is out. Fair or not, he has at least 4 weeks to show that he can consistently hit ML pitching. The opportunity is there.

    1. Guru,,,,,As probably going with Montas on Friday afternoon,….so both Mickey M. and Bryson Stott should be in the opening day lineup.
      Has Odebel H. had an IL designation?

  123. Hey guys (and girls?!) What a day ! Thanks for all the kind words I really appreciate it. Means a lot. Been a long journey that hopefully flourishes this yr! Either way, Phillies going to be tough! And thank you Jim for all your tireless work! Been reading this site for 6 years now!

    1. Like to also congratulate you and Mickey, as a former neighbor (Escondido) its great to see a Young man from North County get a shot at the Big Show !!!

    2. Congrats to you and your son!

      A few things became clear as your son put in all those difficult years in the minors. He obviously has worked incredibly hard to develop his skills and get his body in optimum shape. He also seems to have an incredible attitude. Obviously, he is really fine young man and was raised the right way. You should feel incredibly proud not only of where he is now, but what type of character, determination and grit he had to display to get there. You and your family clearly did a great job of raising a good and hard-working person and that’s the sweetest thing of all.

  124. Has anyone seen the Pitch Com experiment that MLB is using some this Spring? I saw Severino using it yesterday for Yankees. Most like it as way to speed things up between pitcher and catcher. Article says will be use in AA but may make it to Majors sometime this Summer. I watched and the announcers were talking how fast they were going from pitch to pitch. Boone said they just let Severino know at last minute yesterday they were going to try it. Have Phillies done anything with it to anyone’s knowledge?

  125. I took a quick glance at game box score earlier. Might be a precursor of the season. Final 8-7. Phillies 5 HRs. Tigers 4 HRs. As long as the Phillies have the higher number, I am ok with the numbers. Three more days till opener.

  126. Romus…MLB has show on now on Don Mattingly. Donnie Baseball. BTW he is a Hoosier as well. Lot of good MLB guys from Hoosier state. Hinklie’s guy Kiermaier is also a Hoosier.

  127. Let me add Congratulations to MickeyM and I wish him a full and satisfying career ! And to Dad, early Happy Father’s Day gift !

  128. This comment got placed in a much earlier time, so I’m posting it again for those who didn’t see it. Beg your patience if you did see it:

    Matt, Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!

    With all of his hard work, Mickey surely has earned it. And given his performance this spring, we, as fans, are super excited.


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