2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #26 Prospect

On to the vote for the #26 prospect in the organization.  This is where the polling process changed.  The rules are listed in the next section.

I guess I have to remind you that this is a readers’ poll.  It’s not a popularity contest for friends and family.  I found that some people were voting multiple times for the same player.  The player was DQ-ed from this poll.  No votes cast for this player in the future will be counted.

In order to make this as easy as possible (FOR ME), I’m asking you to confine your answers to TWO WORDS, FIRST NAME (a space) LAST NAME.  I don’t need a prelude before the player’s name.  I don’t want an explanation after the player’s name.

e.g. Al Jones or AL Jones or A.L. Jones or in the case where a guy has three names, Al Lee Jones

It’s simple, not rocket science.

Any comments regarding the polls should be entered in the weekly discussion.  I’ll read them there.

The number twenty-five spot went to Alexeis Azuaje.

  • Alexeis Azuaje won with nine votes,
  • Rickardo Perez received seven votes,
  • Andrew Schultz and Casey Martin received three votes each,
  • Jamari Baylor, Kyle Dohy, Christian Hernandez, and Donny Sands received one vote each.

The Top 30, so far:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling
  8. Hans Crouse
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Erik Miller
  11. Ethan Wilson
  12. Griff McGarry
  13. Jhailyn Ortiz
  14. Simon Muzziotti
  15. Francisco Morales
  16. Mickey Moniak
  17. Jordan Viars
  18. Damon Jones
  19. James McArthur
  20. Lee Hao Yu
  21. Kendall Simmons
  22. Christian McGowan
  23. Erubiel Armenta
  24. Micah Ottenbreit
  25. Alexeis Azuaje

Here are some players from which you can choose –

  • Andrew Baker, Jamari Baylor, William Bergolla, Erick Brito,
  • Ben Brown, Jean Cabrera, Jared Carr, Kyle Dohy,
  • Christian Hernandez, Marcus Lee Sang, Adam Leverett, Ethan Lindow,
  • Casey Martin, Jordi Martinez, Gunner Mayer, Freylin Minyety,
  • Andrick Nava, Rickardo Perez, Corey Phelan, Dominic Pipkin,
  • Carlo Reyes, Christopher Sanchez, Jadiel Sanchez, Donny Sands,
  • Andrew Schultz, Eduar Segovia, D.J. Stewart, Billy Sullivan,
  • Nicolas Torres, Manuel Urias,Gabriel Yanez, Mike Adams,
  • Tyler Adams, Samuel Aldegheri, Aiden Anderson, Joalbert Angulo,
  • Mark Appel, Edward Barboza, Eiberson Castellano, Colton Eastman,
  • Jaydenn Estanista, Wilfredo Flores, Yemal Flores, Vito Friscia,
  • Matt Goodheart, D.J. Jefferson, Estibenzon Jimenez, Matt Kroon,
  • Nick Lackney, Victor Lopez, Fernando Lozano, Rafael Marcano,
  • Brian Marconi, Jake McKenna, Alex McKenney, Oswald Medina,
  • Adony Mejia, Matt Osterberg, Jose Pena, Kervin Pichardo,
  • Anthony Quirion, Baron Radcliff, Austin Ross, Matt Russell,
  • Brett Schulze, Jeff Singer, Josh Stephen, Gavin Tonkel,
  • Giuseppe Velasquez, Zach Warren, Jared Wetherbee, J.P. Woodward,
  • Braden Zarbniskey, Michael Kelly, Tyler Cyr, Trevor Bettencourt,
  • Jonathan Hennigan, Scott Moss, Albertus Barber, Matt Seelinger,
  • Julian Garcia, Ethan Evanko, Joe Gatto, Darick Hall,
  • Colby Fitch, Wendell Rio, David Parkinson, Dalton Guthrie,
  • Taylor Lehman, Joel Cesar, Madison Stokes, Tyler Carr,
  • McCarthy Tatum, Jake Hernandez, Braden Ogle, Jack Perkins,
  • Luke Miller, Jack Conley, Chris Cornelius, Josh Hendrickson,
  • Tyler Phillips, Blake Brown, Kyle Glogoski, Nick Matera,
  • Keylan Killgore, Jonathan Hughes, Chase Antle, Tom Sutera,
  • Tyler McKay, Hunter Markwardt, Andrew Brown, Mark Potter,
  • Herbert Iser, Jonas De La Cruz, Nate Fassnacht, Jhordany Mezquita,
  • Sal Gozzo, Noah Skirrow, Ben Pelletier, Manuel Silva,
  • Carlos Francisco, Johnathan Guzman, Carlos De La Cruz, Jose Tortolero,
  • Victor Vargas, Konnor Ash, Dylan Castaneda, Starlyn Castillo,
  • Gabriel Cotto, Dallas Dyar, Jordan Fowler, Alex Garbrick,
  • Maikel Garrido, Buddy Heyward, Sam Jacobsak, Tommy McCollum,
  • Nicoly Pina, Jason Ruffcorn, Rodolfo Sanchez, Jose Ulloa,
  • Spencer Van Scoyoc, Cam Wynne, Juan Aparicio, Christopher Burke,
  • Arturo De Freitas, Rixon Wingrove, Felix Reyes, Yoan Antonac,
  • Carlos Betancourt, Malik Binns, Ty Collins, Tristan Garnett,
  • Lee Ji Tae, Scott Parker, Jaylen Smith, Christopher Soriano,
  • Jose Valdez-Acuna, Freddy Francisco, Oscar Gonzalez, Micah Yonamine,
  • Guarner Dipre, Albert Jerez, Edgar Made, Wilson Valdez,
  • Uziel Viloria, Jefferson Encarnacion, Luis Pelegrin, Aroon Escobar,
  • and Daniel Brito.

Let’s try and muddle through this for the remaining five polls unless (heaven forbid) you want to go past thirty.

There had been a suggestion that I just use the extended results from poll #23 to place the final 7 prospects.  I considered the idea and probably would have resorted to that if this went badly.  I still may.

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