2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #19 Prospect

On to the vote for the #19 prospect in the organization.  There are 34 players listed in the poll below.

The number eighteen spot went to Damon Jones who received 11 of 93 votes (11.9%).  Ironically, this vote could have been closed after 70 votes.  Jones had a 2 vote lead at that point, and even though he only received one of the next 23 votes, he still held on to win.

There’s a sick side of me that wants to keep the voting secret and say 19 players received the remaining 82 votes or to just report –

  • Two guys received ten votes each,
  • one guy received nine,
  • one guy got eight,
  • two got seven each,
  • one got six,
  • one got five,
  • one got four,
  • two got three each,
  • two got two each,
  • and six received one vote each.

However, common sense prevailed –

  • Rickardo Perez and James McArthur received ten votes each,
  • Kendall Simmons received nine,
  • Alexeis Azuaje got eight,
  • Christian McGowan and Erubiel Armenta got seven each,
  • Jamari Baylor got six,
  • Lee Hao Yu got five,
  • Casey Martin got four,
  • Andrew Schultz and Dominic Pipkin got three each,
  • Kyle Dohy and Ethan Lindow got two each,
  • Marcus Lee Sang, Ben Brown, Christopher Sanchez, Jean Cabrera, Nicolas Torres, and Corey Phelan received one vote each.


The Top 30, so far:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling
  8. Hans Crouse
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Erik Miller
  11. Ethan Wilson
  12. Griff McGarry
  13. Jhailyn Ortiz
  14. Simon Muzziotti
  15. Francisco Morales
  16. Mickey Moniak
  17. Jordan Viars
  18. Damon Jones


6 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #19 Prospect

  1. Jones? He’s not in my top 30. He can’t throw enough strikes and he’s not young any longer. I’ll try Simmons again.

    1. Jones is not in my top 30 either. Perez is possibly the furthest away but has a lot of potential. I didn’t have Armenta in my top 30 but people were voting for him so I took another look. Wow! 21 year old all last year. He played at 3 levels including 1 appearance in AA. He had 49 Ks in 23 IP. 3 Saves in 3 attempts. They were all in relief but still… I moved some people around and he’ll be coming up soon.

    1. I like Kendall Simmons, but he’s no longer super young and he definitely did not get better last year. In fact, I’d say his season last year qualified as a very large disappointment. The raw physical tools are there, but if he can’t improve his hit tool, frankly, he has no future. Here’s to hoping he can.

  2. Between Erubiel and McArthur’s Park,,,decided on the tall lanky righthanded pitcher.
    Probably will be pitching a few games at the Bank before the 2022 season ends.

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