2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #13 Prospect

On to the vote for the #13 prospect in the organization.  There are 25 players listed in the poll below.

The number twelve spot went to Griff McGarry by a large margin of 23 votes.  He received 40.9% of the votes cast.  Jhailyn Ortiz finished second with 16.1%.  Simon Muzziotti, Mickey Moniak, and Francisco Morales finished third with 9 votes each.  Jordan Viars received 4 votes.  Rickardo Perez and Damon Jones received two votes each.  James MacArthur, Jordi Martinez, Lee Hao Yu, Alexeis Azuaje, and Ethan Lindow received one vote each.

A separate write-up on Griff McGarry can be found here.


Features of this poll include –

  • To be eligible for a prospect list, a player must still have rookie eligibility.
  • The names will be in alphabetical order.
  • The Other option will be OFF.
  • You can choose ONE prospect.
  • Repeat voting is blocked.
  • Results will be hidden and revealed after the poll is closed.
  • I reserve the right to set aside any outcome if I think anything irregular occurred.

The Top 30, so far:

  1. Bryson Stott
  2. Mick Abel
  3. Andrew Painter
  4. Logan O’Hoppe
  5. Johan Rojas
  6. Luis Garcia
  7. Matt Vierling
  8. Hans Crouse
  9. Yhoswar Garcia
  10. Erik Miller
  11. Ethan Wilson
  12. Griff McGarry


13 thoughts on “2022 Phuture Phillies Readers’ Vote: #13 Prospect

  1. I have documented future problems with polling in previous articles. I am declaring a winner as soon as it is reasonable to do so. I saw all the whining a couple of polls ago and kept the last poll open for about 20-30 additional votes that did nothing but extend the lead of the prospect who was ahead when I considered closing the poll.

    That won’t happen again. I figure I can squeeze about 13 more polls before we have to finish up with me counting votes in the comments section. Of course, close votes will be kept open longer to allow later voters to decide a race. Even if that decreases the number of polls I can get from the app.

  2. Lee Hao Yu here for me. This is where it gets really hard to pick, and he can really hit, so maybe I have him a little too high, but we don’t have enough guys who can flat out hit the ball.

    1. I too like Lee Hao Yu but i picked Morales over him because he has some electric stuff. Lee, Viar, and Rickard Perez I have all bunched together with not knowing a whole lot on other than seeing some videos and reading scouting reports/stats. All 3 hitters have a great eye and seem to be good contact hitters who will not strike out much. That usually translates well to majors. Ortiz would be a good pick but his strike outs make him very volatile as a prospect (high risk/high reward). Carlo Reyes interests me but I know very little of him so far.

  3. On upside potential after a decent season, I took Ortiz. Likelihood of him improving his plate discipline probably isn’t great but if he does…

    1. Agree….he seems to have the IT factor and the potential to be special….amazing how he decided not to do, or maybe he just wasn’t selected, to do the AAU/All-star travel team route thru HS, so he flew under the radar.

      1. I’ve already explained the polling process and the limitations of the current application and any possible replacement apps.

        What you think and what you’ll need later during the lockout mean little to me. I’ll be pressed for time as I start going to the Complex and DiMaggio Field to watch the players who have already reported. Later in the month, I’ll be going to an undisclosed site (if and when I find out where it is) to watch the major leaguers work out during the lockout. So, if I felt an additional need to rush things, I have a few.

    1. I’ve added 6 prospects to #14, he wasn’t among them because he didn’t play last season. The next new group for #17 will include A. Schultz and a couple others who missed most or all of the season. FWIW, I agree he’s an interesting and top prospect.

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