Open Discussion: Week of June 6, 2021

The Phillies went 3-2 last week.  They split in Cincinnati and took two out of three from thre Nationals.  Another tough week follows as they continue their homestand with a three-game set against Atlanta and a pair against the Yankees next weekend.

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • June 28, 2021 – GCL season begins (through September 12th)
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • July 12, 2021 – DSL starts (through October 2nd)
  • July 30, 2021: Trade Deadline (4 p.m. ET)
  • Oct. 3, 2021: Regular season concludes

The rosters and lists are up to date as of June 6th … 305 players in the org

Transactions (last week’s transactions)

6/07/2021 – Phillies optioned SS Nick Maton to Lehigh Valley
6/06/2021 – Phillies activated RHP Hector Neris from the paternity list
6/06/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Chase Anderson on the 10-day IL
6/06/2021 – Phillies placed RHP David Hale on the 10-day IL
6/06/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP Cristopher Sanchez from Lehigh Valley
6/06/2021 – C Herbert Iser assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
6/05/2021 – Phillies activated RF Bryce Harper from the 10-day IL
6/05/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Hector Neris on the paternity list
6/05/2021 – Lehigh Valley placed SS C.J. Chatham on the 7-day IL, left hand fracture
6/05/2021 – Lehigh Valley placed RF Cornelius Randolph on the 7-day IL, right elbow sprain
6/03/2021 – Phillies sent CF Adam Haseley on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
6/03/2021 – SS Kendall Simmons assigned to Clearwater from Phillies XST
6/01/2021 – Phillies sent SS Scott Kingery on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
6/01/2021 – LF Hunter Hearn assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
6/01/2021 – SS Bryson Stott assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
6/01/2021 – Clearwater activated LHP J.P. Woodward from the TIL
6/01/2021 – RHP Leonel Aponte assigned to GCL East from Clearwater
5/30/2021 – RHP Leonel Aponte assigned to Clearwater from Phillies Organization
5/30/2021 – Phillies selected the contract of CF Travis Jankowski from Lehigh Valley
5/30/2021 – Phillies placed CF Roman Quinn on the 60-day IL, achillies injury

253 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 6, 2021

  1. Is Cornelius Randolph expected to be out more than 7 days? Who was the batting coach who was so helpful to Randolph earlier this year at Lehigh Valley?

  2. So who gets the call up to replace Maton? I’m guessing Tejada, a former Met, will get called up until Didi is ready and Maton will go down and play every day. Chatham broke his hand so it’s not him and I doubt they’d yank Kingery back up already. They’re off today so they don’t have to make a move until tomorrow.

    1. True but a guy like Lail could easily be released. He’s been terrible. Or maybe Didi will come back without any rehab, which would be very surprising .

  3. Hope none of the Phillies pitchers have been doctoring the ball with foreign substances……MLB will implement and instruct the umps to begin the checks this month.

    “Among the final possibilities being discussed:

    * Pitchers will be checked randomly by umpires, with every starting pitcher likely to be checked at least two times per start. With officials cognizant of having equipment checks slow a sport in which the pace of play is already thought to be too deliberate, pitchers may be checked as they walk off the field at the conclusion of an outing. One management source estimated that there will be eight to 10 random foreign-substance checks per game.

    * The discussion about penalties has been centered on suspending offenders 10 days without pay. Upon hearing this in a meeting the other day, one owner noted that the Players Association might file a grievance….”

    1. Well if its the guys in the bullpen, The league should let them go, cause the y stink with the stuff and without

      1. This (crackdown on foreign substances) is a terrible idea for multiple reasons.
        At a time when MLB is using pitch clocks, limited # of mound visits, 3-batter minimums, etc to speed up the game, they are now going to have the ump do body checks maybe ten times per game.
        In addition, the less grip a pitcher gets on the ball, the more dangerous it becomes for batters. Look at what happened yesterday at CBP. VV (whom I’m guessing went substance free because of the new crackdown) had a difficult time in the 90-degree heat with sweaty hands and a slick baseball. He hit two batters, including Austin Voth, who is still in Philadelphia having his nose rearranged.

        And VV was an isolated case. I’m not certain what the problem was with Spencer Howard on Saturday, but he was having a helluva time throwing his offspeed pitches. You’re probably going to see more balls getting away pitchers.

        MLB should just allow pitchers to use a minimal amount of pine tar. Hitters are able to use it to better grip the bat. Today’s baseball is a far cry from the baseball that the league used decades ago. It’s more slick and the stitching is much more tight/lowered.

        … and selfishly, I love watching pitchers make the ball move.

        1. I believe they are working on a pre-tacked ball to eliminate this. Really the problem is teams like LA and Houston who spent big money trying to come up with the perfect formula to enhance spin. I think pine tar and rosin/sunscreen have been a gentlmen’s agreement for awhile now.

          I’m interested to see how Cole and Bauer perform moving forward. Both got hit around this weekend. Same with Kershaw.

      2. Trevor Bauer says it has been going on for four years from what he knows.
        I would think guys that have a lot of breaking action where the ball has very high degree of vertical an even horizontal movement, will be the ones that I would be first suspicious of using the sticky substance.
        Plus I would think it is mostly the bullpen /relievers that use it the most.

  4. Putting pine tar on a bat, is not like putting it on a ball, I guess the game has passed me by, Now we are saying let them cheat, three batter minimum . Dh, which takes the thinking out of the game, What’s next thirty ft bases,? I guess the new Generation of Fans, dont care about the game, lets do it fast so we can go home, Why not just open the stadium , have two beer and a hot dog, and watch the game on replay where you can speed it up with no in-between innings, skip some outs, maybe that will please people,

    1. rocco…LOL,
      how about no mound….flat surface ..what say you?
      The gals can do it in underhand softball.

      1. No, my thoughts are dig a hole same circumference as the mound. Say start with a 1’ hole, we’ll go deeper if we need it. The pitchers get to pitch uphill and the batters get a break because it takes the “sinker” out of play and pitchers covering a bunt, have to learn to step-up or go-down. What do you think?🤔

        1. Sounds an awful like a sand trap thingey ….most play golf, so it could go over rather well.

  5. i’m all for enforcing the elimination of foreign substances. This is in the same league with corked bats and steroids. Aside from leveling the playing field, I am sick and tired of the way the game is played today with only 3 outcomes for the batter. I want to see base runners and the return of small ball. I have seen enough 10+ strikeout games and am tired of 50% + of runs coming off home runs. Today’s game borders on being unwatchable, the length doesn’t bother me near as much as the lack of action.

    1. Tony … if you’re tired of three outcomes, and want to see more base runners and small ball, then teach hitters to abandon launch angle swings, and outlaw defensive shifts. They are more responsible for three outcomes than a little pine tar on the baseball.

  6. rocco, you always bring a smile to my face! That sounds like a great day you are going to have on Wednesday!

  7. Making the ball move too much is a problem. A bigger problem than velocity. It’s the reason the spitball was banned in 1920. “Strikeouts are boring”:

  8. Though with only 38 innings pitched in the MLB, Spencer Howard has graduated from the prospect list. However, apparently he has now accumulated more than 45 days on the active roster of a MLB team so officially not a prospect anymore according to criteria.
    Mick Abel now numero uno..

    1. Very concerned about Spencer. I’m not ready to label him a bust; if he’s a dominant reliever moving forward that is very valuable. Just disappointing. The piggy back of Suarez and he works just fine but he’s got to be able to throw more than 40-50 pitches before tiring.

      I look at 2022 and see a potential very solid (and cost effective) rotation of Wheeler/Eflin/Nola/Howard with Falter/Suarez competing for #5. But thinking they may need to go out and get somebody now.

      Just strange I don’t remember another big time pitching prospect having this trouble (not that we’ve had a lot recently)

      1. Not sure if i can remember correctly…about 15 years ago Ryan Madson was considered a top Phillies prospect and finally they decided to give him a chance to start….did not work out. He got hit around…even with a plus change-up
        His velo hovered around 93/94….then he became a reliever and his velo shot up to the 96/97 range.
        Not sure if he lost his velo thru the course of a game however

        1. I think with Madson it was more the breaking pitch not being good enough to get hitters out on their second and third at bat. Not sure the actual scouting grades, but he probably had a 55 fastball that was a 60 out of the bullpen. With a 70 change and 45s for his slider and curve. The choice of giving him a couple of years to improve his breaking pitches versus letting him be a good reliever immediately fell on the side of needing bullpen help immediately.

          With Howard he does have the pitches. He just can’t hold the velocity and it is really weird because he did hold velocity at Lakewood that year. I have always wondered if his body was cut out to throw in the high 90s and the velocity jump was just not something he could sustain physically after it happened. In some ways those concerns were not unlike those of Sixto Sanchez, though we just assumed they would not be concerns since he had more of the classic power starting pitcher build.

        2. That’s not exactly how it played out. I remember how it played out because his development was unexpected and striking.

          Even when he was a reliever, his velocity started in the 91-93 range, a little more than he had as a starter, where his velocity hovered around 90 or so (and you’re right, he wasn’t a good starter for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was that he didn’t have multiple above average pitches and he didn’t throw all that hard). However, at some point he went to a trainer and worked on strengthening his shoulder. After he started the exercises his velocity increased dramatically, to roughly the range you mentioned.

          1. Yeah….could not remember all the details….though now remember the training he got in Arizona in the off-season….Throwers10 program is what I thought they said he did with a specialized trainer…then he came back with his velo skyrocketing..
            Of course he did end up with TJ right after signing with the Reds a few years later.

    1. He’s probably not considered a prospect anymore. He’s still only 24 BUT this is his 6th year in the minor league system.

        1. Interesting I went all the way back from his draft year (2015)… never ranked him in the Phillies top 30….plenty other pitchers who have since left the game.

          Now wouldn’t it now be the cat’s meow if he ends being a dominant pitcher for the Phillies.

        2. Wayne…he has never been ranked in the Phillies top 30 from what I can recall.
          i guess do not want to start now.

  9. So number of years in the system makes Simone not a Prospect?
    18/19s in DSL 2014/2015 still are in Prospect Lists???

    Kintzler $3M 2-1, 850 ERA, 18 inn. 36yo
    Anderson $4M 2-4, 7.34 era, 38 inn 33yo
    Bradley $6M 1-1, 4.82 era, 9.1 inn
    Hale $850K 0-2, 5.64 era, 22.1 inn 33yo
    Moore $3M 0-1, 7.36 era, 18.0 inn 31 yo
    $16,850,000 for above
    Brady Lail 0-1, 9.0 era, 8 inn 27yo
    Rob Kaminsky IL60 0-0, 1 inn, 0.0 era

    Sal Gozzo 1 year GCL , AAA .044 ave, 2-45 23 yo?
    AA player , .250 Aus league , .250 AA 2021

    Ruben 31 yo 29 yo ave Texas League .290

    DD have a True Pulse of Phillies Minor System
    Or his Development Staff?

    1. You have a lot of questions so we’ll take it one at a time.

      1. Why did DD sign all those veteran pitchers? You sign veteran players because there is an expectation of consistent performance, and they should have the experience to adjust when required. Also, they generally know their role and how to prepare for it. If you give those type of roles to younger players, you might not get consistent performance, you might get growing pains, they might not even know how to do it properly. There is a long list of young Phillies relievers who couldn’t hack it at the ML level in the past few years. So usually you have a mix of young and old in your bullpen. If instead of signing Moore and Anderson, you had Medina and Howard in the starting rotation at the beginning of the season, I’m pretty sure people would not be happy about that. Not that they aren’t talented, but you don’t know if they can deliver consistent performance.

      2. Why have Lail and Tejada at AAA? Besides the fact that not everybody in the minor league system will be prospects, you will have “filler” players. Players that are holding onto their dreams, players who are trying to get back to the bigs. Signing Lail is for the purpose of helping the big club in the short term. You take a chance and that’s it. It may or may not work out. Tejada is a decent backup solution if Torreyes goes down. Unless you want Maton being a backup. And we’re seeing the struggles Maton is having when he’s not having consistent playing time. It’s hard to work on facing big league pitching when you’re getting maybe 6 ABs a week.

      3. Prospects are players that have above-average ceilings. The majority of them wil never reach that celing or even come close to it. Age matters but also how many years being in the system matters also. The idea is that if it takes you a long time to develop (i.e. spending many years in the system), the odds go way down for that player to reach their ceiling. But in the end, prospects list are just for fun. If Falter takes 6 years to reach his ceiling, I will take it any day of the week since he’s still only 24. I won’t take it if he’s 26.

  10. Signing Bradley, Kinzler and Joyce was not good in hindsight. The Diamondbacks and the Marlins did not resign them for a reason. The Phillies are really good at signing other teams’

    1. Bradley was a surprise for me…he was very effective with the DBacks and a little with the Reds last year.
      But his issue…..staying healthy this year.
      The others …a roll of the die.

  11. A lot of it is good fortune. I can’t knock the Bradley signing because I always liked him. I was all for the signing. I’m surprised Kintzler isn’t better. Clearly, they envisioned Kingery as the key RH bat off the bench, and that was a mistake. They knew the D was not good, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this bad. A lot of work to do.

  12. DD was hamstrung by Klentak giving away Irvin (1.3 WAR so far this year) and trading Pivetta (1.1 WAR so far this year) for lousy rentals.

    1. I wonder how people would have reacted if those trades never happened and Pivetta and Irvin rounded out the rotation. I’m pretty sure people would not be happy wtih DD for not upgrading the rotation. I would go so far as to say that people would be angry about it.

  13. WCP, That Boston trade last year was a disaster, wasn’t it? Pivetta and Seabold for Workman and Hembree? I have flashbacks of batters hitting lasers off both of them after they got here. We will get to see Dombrowski at the deadline, or earlier, if I am correct, and I sure hope he does much better!

    1. Amazingly, Workman is back with the BoSox now

  14. Scott Kingery outrighted to LHV, after clearing Waivers, 40 Man Roster spot is opened.

      1. Haseley will need it in a few days (I think by the 12th) even if he stays in the minors. While they could promote Adam while they DFA Jankowski, pretty sure they want Haseley to have a few more weeks in the minors to play every day and have some success.

        1. You are correct, Haseley needs to be on the 40 man on Saturday. Whether he stays at Lehigh or comes up is another story.

  15. Matt Moore to pitch Tommorrow at LV. He does Good he’s back as starter or relief? He does bad? He still back because DD and Joe want experience. Exciting things to happen?

    Maton demotion a surprise, just needed to play consistently not platoon. Sure he’ll be ok. Great Kid, strong mental

  16. Matt Moore to pitch Tommorrow at LV. He does Good he’s back as starter or relief? He does bad? He still back because DD and Joe want experience. Exciting things to happen?

    Maton demotion a surprise, just needed to play consistently not platoon. Sure he’ll be ok. Great Kid, strong mental

  17. I was hoping to see Luke come up, but DD has very few pieces to move. Most of the inventory Is sub-average, not like our system is bursting with guys who can make an impact anywhere. I don’t see how he can do it, MacPhail and Klentak left him nothing to move. I figure people here will be upset when he does movie chips, but what recourse does he have. When is MacPhail officially gone, retirement?

  18. Watched Pivetta some today. Still think he will be good mlb pitcher. I hopefully envisioned him as a John Lackey type pitcher for Phils. A number 3 who could put it together in big spots like I said hoping.

    My hope is Phils organization thanks all the old Phils but says please stay away we need to make this a whole new type of organization and most of past was plain stinky

    1. Remember this…..Nick is 8th in the majors with run support from that offensive Sox team —6..5 runs, but actually third in the majors as a starter..many of his peripherals are just average and BB/9 are below average.

      Would he get 6.5 runs per start as a Phillie starter?

      Pitcher Gmes Run Supt Wins Losses ERA
      Adam Plutko 1 10 1 0 4.60
      R. Castellani 1 8 1 0 5.40
      T.Thornton 3 7.67 2 1 2.54
      Jack Flaherty 11 7.55 9 2 2.90
      E. Hernandez 2 7.5 1 1 3.68
      Julio Urias 12 7 9 3 3.48
      Phil Maton 1 7 1 0 6.05
      Nick Pivetta 12 6.5 10 2 3.78

  19. Romus, It’s not so much that I think Nick Pivetta is or isn’t a good ML SP, but how awful Workman and Hembree were when they got here. Klentak simply wasted one of the few trade chips that we had. I don’t know what Dombrowski has to make any additions with, and there are multiple holes to fill. And, v1, none of those players were signed here, neither was Alvarez or Pache or Chisholm. Pretty depressing

    1. matt13……from that 2015 J2 international class, I still believe Ortiz will come around as a power bat in the majors The Phillies will probably move him up to Reading before the season ends to get him indoctrinated to AA pitching,

  20. So, I learn a lot of things from other posters on this site – I really do.

    One of the things I learned a few years ago could be very relevant here and that is, once a reliever has one plus pitch and another average or better secondary pitch, that player has a very fast road to the major leagues – there is almost no developmental time in this scenario. This is why we saw Seranthony jump from high A ball to the majors a few years ago in what seemed like a blink of the eye. I bring this up because we have a few guys in the middle minors who are throwing it lights out (Billy Sullivan) and who, I think, might make it to the majors this year if everything goes well.

    1. Mentioning Seranthony….after all the IL visits in 2019 and 2020, he ultimately got TJ in late July of last year……recovery from TJ typically takes between 13 and 15 months, no margin of error for any setbacks for him, but so far so good from what I have read, and he could be in the bullpen in August or Sept.-down the stretch….hopefully the team is playing meaningful games then.

      1. The team will not be playing meaningful games in august or September unfortunately

          1. Romus try to make the softball game tomorrow, Remember Kathy DD she is playing, Could you imagine if she hits a triple? WOW i will be standing on third base side,

    2. Catch – I agree with you on Sullivan. Was thinking if he keeps putting the fires out he has a good chance to see Philly in Sept.

    3. Then there’s someone like Morales who they’re trying to keep as a starter but who hasn’t shown starters’ stuff. He does apparently have one great pitch.

  21. I think its quite remarkable what the Red Sox are doing. Verdugo is a heck of player and no org wants to lose the likes of a Mookie Betts but if he was hell bent on going somewhere else do the best you can do.

    And Bloom sure did. When the sum of the whole is greater than the parts that is the winning formula. Now we’ll see if he can take home the big prize one day. It took Friedman quite a while to get there.

    Neander was close last year. I think he’ll struggle to win the big one always if he stays in Tampa. At some point you must have the payroll to get over the hump. And then you need to know when and how to employ it.

  22. DMAR, I remember a number of folks on this site who wanted Bloom instead of Klentak. Wow! What a difference that would have been. Hard to believe they trade a player like Betts and are playing as well as they are. We just have to draft and develop better. We cannot only rely on FA. I read somewhere, and I think it was in relation to an article about how crucial Mick Abel becoming a TOR SP is to the system, but in the last 50 years, we have Cole Hamels and Aaron Nola are the 2 best Pitchers we have drafted. Madson and Myers have been pretty good, and there have been some others who have made the Majors, But Hamels and Nola are the top. In 50 years, that is close to unbelievable, except I have lived through it.

    1. Wolf and Carrasco were good – but clearly no in Hamels’ of Nola’s league at all.

      1. And Carrasco obviously didn’t become a good player while he was with the Phils. Gavin Floyd is another guy who had a nice career but only with other teams.

    1. He pitched 4 years with Phil’s, he was 25 when he last pitched for them. He then had like 3 years in minors.

  23. Next on my list would be Larry Christenson and Dick Ruthven, and we have been hard pressed to draft that well over the years. I think that pushes us to the 50 year span.

    1. matt13….what about Kyle “Please Get Me Out Of This First inning” Kendrick?
      or even animal nicknames….Vanimal and Mad Dog.

  24. J.A. Happ has been a better selection than KK, and Vance Worley did get us the legendary Ben Revere! Who could forget Randy Lerch? What a list!

  25. Luke Williams is up in the Bigs, and Kintzler on the IL with a neck! Congrats to Luke, and isn’t he rocco’s guy?

    1. A shame, he’s no longer eligible for the Olympics and it’s possible he’s only up until Didi is back

    2. Maybe. But I think there’s room on this roster for break-out prospects. Maton definitely would have stayed with the team had he kept hitting.

  26. Luke Williams deserves an opportunity, but what’s his role?

    Knapp – backup C
    Miller – primary LH pinch hitter and spot starter
    Joyce – LH pinch hitter
    Jankowski – Defensive OF replacement and pinch runner
    Luke Williams – RH Pinch hitter?

    He’ll likely get some starts here and there but for the most part, Williams will get 6-8 ABs a week? Has he developed enough in that he doesn’t have anything left to prove in the minors? Will he get an opportunity to take LF next season?

    1. Another option for them….. Bohm to LF and Williams to third base….which he has played the most in his minor league career.
      I just want to know what he did differently at the plate beginning in July 2019 that has him become a better hitter…..and pass it onto Kingery and a few others.

  27. I was looking at AAA box score for Sunday. Phil’s had 3 players hitting .250 and Tejada .290. How are you supposed to win without hitting?

  28. Losing Williams, Jankowki, Chatham and Randolph the team is now SP and BP.
    Get out in front in early innings and HOLD ON.

    Filler guys as mentioned above need to step up. Having two catchers as bench help is putting a lot more pressure.
    Reading is ? But maybe?

    Let’s hope Mickey stays HOT

    Congrats to Luke Williams, Great Kid

  29. Riley Pint, another highly regarded prospect in that 2016 Draft retired today.

  30. Stott with a double and two homers so far tonight for Reading.

    By the way, do you ever remember a Phillies prospect who walked as much as Stott? 53 walks in 313 PAs in the minors heading into tonight. That’s a 16.6% walk rate.

    1. Stott’s play is a hugely encouraging development. A middle infielder who can hit is immensely valuable and that’s what it looks like we may have in Stott.

    1. Not only did he get a hit, he actually looked at the 3rd base coach as he rounded 1b on his way to 2nd. When have you seen that lately? This team drives me nuts!
      Do you think Girardi will manage these guys next year? I don’t think he’s having any fun. These guys are a mess!

  31. Aaron Nola … SMH. The guy used to live on the corners. This year, the guy can’t stay out of the center of the plate. The Braves could have hit eight or nine HRs tonight. At times, it looked like he was throwing BP tonight.
    If Nola can’t straighten himself out, this team isn’t going to win anything, and DD may end up being a seller instead of a buyer at the deadline.

    Aaron Nola ⬇
    Rhys Hoskins ⬇⬇ (complete buzz-kill at the plate tonite)
    Odubel ⬇ (ugly Odubel showed up tonite: misplaying balls, and swinging at pitches up at his eyes)
    Jean Segura ⬆⬆⬆ (excellent ABs, and tremendous on those DP relays)
    Luke Williams ⬆ (You go, kid! The versatility, the speed, and the attitude ought to keep him on the big club as a utility player for the remainder of the season)
    Sam Coonrod ⬇⬇⬇ (can’t stop inherited base runners from scoring)

    About the Braves … the Freddie Freeman situation ought to be very interesting this offseason. He becomes a FA this winter. He wan NL MVP last year. He’ll turn 32 in September, and has not been good this season. He’s a Braves icon, a model citizen, tremendous father and husband. He’s loved in Atlanta. How will Alex Anthoupolis treat Freeman this winter?

    1. I only saw a little of the game, But with runners on first and third and the whole right side open and no one tries to go the other way, they were giving you the whole right side, just terrible hitting and selfish play, Yes Romus i was in love with Riley Pint velocity, coming out of high school, Brogdon numbers at home are horrible, When are they going to get the bullpen fixed,

      1. Rhys puzzles me.
        When it comes to ranking first basemen in MLB,
        …he ranks 7th with a 1.3fWAR and 8th in wRC+ @ 125
        Virtually top ten across the board in many offensive metrics.
        But like last night, bases loaded, a chance to put the game away,
        ……first pitch pop foul out.
        It is frustrating to say the least.

  32. Complete dysfunction why Phils may be losingest sports franchise. No fannies in seats says good time to tear it down. But 3 best players stars signed to long term contracts. General Manager is win now guy but no players in minors to fill gaps and basically no $$ to spend. In the middle of the desert which way do u go.

  33. Can’t argue with that. I was actually excited seeing a hit and run with Brad Miller and. Nola squeeze, and it was so shocking because we never see it. Nola’s pitching is seriously off and the BP was just awful in the 8th inning. And Rhys, he looks like he is guessing at pitches. No reason to swing at that pitched he popped up. Kudos to Luke Williams. He plays with energy.

  34. That was a disappointing game. Nola’s command hasn’t been good the last few starts and it looked real bad against a good hitting lineup. Not sure what’s going on.

    Brogdon looked like a different pitcher after he gave up that HR on a fastball that he missed location. He’s talented but his control is not there yet.

    I hate to say it, but Coonrod’s decline more or less coincides with the story of baseball cracking down on foreign substances. I hope that is not the case.

  35. Can we lose that stupid HR sombrero now….

    I guess that is how the league is trending now. It’s about showcasing not winning. And its not just baseball its all professional sports..

      1. I don’t need to see this kids stuff, but I would like to see a sacrifice fly when it’s called for instead of a K or an elevator foul caught at the plate by the catcher or in the field “just catch the ball and make the throw.” That would be good enough for me, don’t need the props!

  36. I should have realized it by watching us play, but the 8th Inning BP performance has been even worse than last year’s. We have 6 blown leads after 7 innings, next to last in the league. I expected more from Archie Bradley and Kintzler, and we need to do something soon. If we wait until the deadline, it may no longer matter, and instead, we will be talking about what we get for Neris and Bradley and the others.

    1. The bullpen hasn’t been great of course, but it’s been a lot better than last year and, unlike last year, you can see a lot of these guys improving, particularly Brogdon and Coonrod who have good stuff. Bradley needs to get his velocity back and perhaps he’s getting there.

      Last year was a bullpen full of David Hales – it was, by quite some degree, the worst bullpen I’ve ever seen. And I’m not going to crush DD because he had little in the way of time and resources to fix that disaster – but they still need to work on things down there for sure.

  37. We now tied for 10th in next yrs draft, come-on guys, you can get to top 5 at least

    1. Good point, rocco. Just 5 GB for a top five pick. 9.5 GB for the 1-1 !!!
      I’ve always felt you’re a “glass half full” kind of guy.

  38. As someone who grew up rooting for a Phillies team that DID develop internal pitchers and DID it well, its worth noting that the 1964 Phils had a rotation of Art Mahaffey, Chris Short, Dennis Bennett and Ray Culp while occasionally starting 18 year old Rick Wise. Oh, and and an obscure righty on their Triple A roster was a fella named Ferguson Jenkins.

    At their best [Mahaffey in ’62, Bennett and Culp in ’63, Short from 64-66] any one of their then starters would have been nears aces in the organization today.

    1. For the 1980 team, almost all the pitchers other than Carlton, McGraw, and Reed were from the system. On the 2008 team, only Hamels, Myers and Madson were from the system. We’re about the same now with only Nola, Howard, Neris, Brogdon, and Suarez. We obviously need more, especially with their free agent price tags today.

      1. The last of recent WS winners.
        Giants….mix…but MadBum and Lincecum were home grown
        Royals…basically insiders but Volquez
        Cubs….outsiders, Arrieta/Lester/lackey…Hendricks not so much
        Stros’ – a mix…Morton/Peacock outsider…McCullers/Keuchel home grown
        Sox….all outsiders…Price/Sale/Porcello/Epvaldi/Ed.Rodriguez
        Nats…..Scherzer and Corbin outsiders
        Dodgers…almost all internal

        There seems to be different ways to skin the cat.

  39. FYI – I’m not sure what’s going on with Nola but a lot of it stems from command issues. When I saw the replays from last night, the big hits from Atlanta were balls right in the middle of the strike zone. I assume Nola will adjust – maybe he’s just having a bad year. Who knows?

  40. Yes kudu’s for Luke Williams. Never a Prospect, just kept working on his game. 2015 Draft always looked over.

    Recently read innings, mental, physical, intellectual toughness and how to handle day to day failure and or success!!

    So Pitch sequence of Brogden, Albee’s 1-2 Change ok but next batter 1-2 or 0-2 left up Execution . Really. Pitch sequence👎.

    Matt Moore AAA rehab stats do they mean anything or is it we just get him innings! Or we paid him $$$ so let’s just go with the Vet! Need a Vet for Phillies trip out West!

    Let’s just run out Bradley to chew up innings. $$$

  41. Ya, this is a tough patch and just think we are back to where we have been since 2012. We just don’t have tge pitching to stack up. Wheeler is the only one who is stacking up against other teams top starters. Elfin is ok but not compared to other good staffs 1’s or 2’s and even some 3’s. Nola has looked like a bottom of the rotation pitcher over the past month and no rest did not change a thing.
    Bullpen is still extremely inconsistent.

    They need another top of the rotation starter and at least another reliever or two who can consistently get us through innings 6-9.
    Maybe someone will step up in the next month but if not I’d be selling if I were Dombro.

    Hopefully a miracle or three will happen in the next month. Until then I’ll be cringing. Just tired of being strung along for 10 years now.

    1. Personally, I like to see Baily Falter given another chance….maybe after 2 or 3 more starts….maybe 25/30 more innings… in LHV since he only has 28 innings pitched so far. That would put him around the end of June or first part of July.

  42. This team was supposed to win (at least compete) on the back of their big 3 SPs {Nola/Wheeler/Eflin), and their offense. Their defense and the rest of their pitching was always expected to be average or worse.
    So far, the defense and the rest of their pitching has lived up (more like down) to expectations. The problem is one of the big 3 SPs (Nola) has been terrible, and their offense has down right sucked. It’s hard to believe that this club is still even in shouting distance of a playoff berth.
    To this point, I’ve been banking on Dave Dombrowski making trade deadline moves to push the club across the finish line in a spot to finally qualify for the postseason. However, it’s time to look at this objectively. If Nola can’t overcome his command issues, and get back to working deeper into games. And if Harper can’t return to pre-“hit in the face” production. And if Didi can’t get healthy. And if Hoskins can’t be more consistent. And if Bohm can’t look (at least) a little more like the hitter that finished runner up for ROY, there is absolutely nothing Dombrowski can do next month to help the Phillies win.

    Maybe the chemistry on this team just isn’t right. Maybe DD has to shake things up by trading a guy or two nobody is expecting to be dealt. He may not do it this summer, but he’ll probably make some sort of earth shattering move this winter.
    My money is on a deal involving Rhys Hoskins. He holds value. He’s under team control for two more seasons, and the NL will use the DH beginning in 2022. There are a number of clubs who could use Hoskins as a 1B/DH. For example … I could see Dave Dombrowski and David Stearns getting together on a MEGA-deal that would center around Hoskins going to Milwaukee and Josh Hader being shipped back here. Other pieces (maybe even a third team) could be included. This is just one possibility. Something big needs to happen.

    1. I agree with almost all of what you have stated. While Nola hasn’t been as good as he has been in the past, he is still pitching well enough in my estimation to win. Wheeler is our best SP, Nola, 2nd and Eflin 3rd. Those three have won lost records that are ho hum in the league because when they pitch we play lousy defense and don’t hit or score runs.

      I agree with you 100%, the chemistry on this team is not right. The team needs to be turned upside down and shook out. That to me means some of our guys who are the better performers are going to need to go, because that’s all we have to barter with. Hoskins, Segura, Cutch, Eflin, and actually everyone except Harper, JT, and Wheeler are in play in my estimation and if you make an offer for any of them, I’ll listen. This team is not a contender as constructed, nor will it be a finalist should it luck into the playoffs. It doesn’t’ know how to win.

  43. This is my busy time of year but I try to scroll through comments. I have been watching the WCWS as much as I can. I have caught several of the FSU games and vs Oklahoma last night. I surfed back to the Phillies 8th inning disaster.

    I love watching FSU play. The total team effort they exhibit is refreshing. They play the game the right way and are now 1 win away from the national title. They totally remind me of the Rays. No super stars. Just players who contribute in whatever manner is needed. Last night the number 9 hitter accounted for 5 of their 8 rums against Okie. Oklahoma has by far more talent. Just look at the season numbers. Okie has one All American after another and even has an All American from 2 years ago who sits on the bench. Point is simple. Okie made 4 awful plays last night that cost them the game. Two on offense and two on defense. FSU may win one of the final 2 games, OKIe is flat loaded but FSU plays the game the way it is supposed to be played. I will be rooting for them to pull it off for the way they respect how to play the game.

    The Phillies now are the same as the Phillies of the last 10 years. It may be chemistry. There is no doubt there is something wrong internally. The kind of mistakes they make are the ones you see teen age kids make. Major leaguers should not be doing these. I know there are some other teams who are awful as well but the Phillies are going nowhere fast.

    Saw the Giants are rolling so maybe it was not Gabe after all. They have a really old team but he seems to be getting the best out of them. Will it last? Who knows. But at least hope there. Phillies are very hard to watch. I do not see DD making any move that tips the needle forward at this time. Hope I am wrong. Hi Romus. Hope you are dong well. My grandson’s team is finally playing very well. Won a big tourney in Cincinnati last weekend. Take care and all be safe. Keep things in perspective. It is only a baseball game.

    1. Don53:
      good post….except take exception with,
      “Saw the Giants are rolling so maybe it was not Gabe after all. ”

      Have to respectfully disagree…it was a fair amount with Gabe.
      IMO, he messed up Kingery with all the movement of a 23/24 yea old.
      Did not help JPC, nor Nick Williams, and played tug of war with Maikel at third.
      Granted none of the three produced as expected.
      Then there was the Rhys experiment in LF….because he had to give his blessing on obtaining Santana. Also, remember the fiasco with bullpen issues…injuries did hamper them however

      With the Giants…..technically gabe is the manager, but IMO the real managers of that team are Posey, Longoria, Crawford and Belt of over 45 years experience and close to 150bWAR.
      having those four in the middle of that lineup has goee a long way for them.
      None have fallen off the cliff with aging, yet.
      All 33 or older

      1. Good points Romus. Maybe the older Giants ignore. I am disappointed in Girardi.
        I really thought he would turn things around. Hope he still does. I was by no means a Gabe fan. I always remember his 1st game taking Nola out

        Luke Williams just hit walk off homer. Awesome.

        1. I live in Bay Area and endure Giants game with my wife. IMO, he difference between the Giants and Phillies is not Gabe and Joe, it’s Farhan Zaidi and McPhail/Klentak While all the vets mentioned (Posey et al. ) are playin well, FZ has done quite well building out the team with under the radar acquisitions (Yaz, Dickerson, Solan, Duchon, etc.) while building a farm system on the rise. Giants ownership reached out to a Dodgers FO guy, the Phillies to the Orioles (?) and Angels. Poor decisions by an ownership that lacks a consistent philosophy for building a winning organization.

          1. BINGO !!!
            Excellent post, ml1971. I (and a few others like v1, eric, etc) have expressed this same sentiment.

  44. Be watching WCWS tonight and checking in on Phils. College women and men much funner to watch.

    1. I was so hoping that FSU could hold on. Oklahoma just has so much talent.
      Amazing. I do not think the Noles can pull it off tomorrow. The Indiana gal will get a chance for her 2nd win. Winner will have 2 losses in double elimination. Loser will have 3 losses. FSU has won 8 straight elimination games. Maybe one more.

  45. We need to get Bohm out of the infield with the exception of 1rst. base. Very generous scorekeeper IMO, he could have easily 2 errors tonight and it’s only the bottom of the 3rd.

  46. Bohm cannot play defense. I am sorry, and I have held out hope until now, but he made 2 bad plays by the 3rd inning with some unexplainable extra hop before he threw tge ball. I am not a PC, and don’t play one on TV, but Nola has to have mechanical issues and where is Caleb? The D is worse than was feared, and we didn’t have a high bar. Offensively, we are far short of expectations. Bryce should have double his 8 HRs and 15 RBIs even with getting hit. The only point I don’t agree with h you Hinkie, and I usually always do, is I am not trading Hoskins for Hader. I know you like him, and I do, but he’s not making us a contender and I don’t trade Hoskins for anything less than a game changer. If I could get Hader for prospects not named Abel or Stott, sure, but not someone I think is part of our every day lineup, even if it’s as a DH.

  47. Torreyes to short didi to third makes infield better. Bohm start shaggin flies. Infield defense better lineup better.

  48. Start of top of 6 joe west has Realmuto throw out new ball to elfin. First thing elfin does is take ball and fingers to bill of cap. Hmmm things are really gonna change with substance

  49. With an L tonight, the Phils will have the same record that they finished with in the 2020 sprint season.

  50. Seriously!, our hitters were terrible! A LH young SP we made look like Sandy Koufax. Not only doubles Luke Williams double off him, he wins the game! Hoskins and Harper were terrible tonight but you go Luke Williams! If this doesn’t spark something, this team needs to be blown up.

    1. Its almost like our guys come up and are really good then they start hanging out with the big club guys and go in the tank LOL

      In the military we used to say “that guy is gung ho” meaning the guys fresh out of BT were always set to do everything by the book.

  51. Luke Williams and Ranger Suarez just saved the Phillies season. That was crazy.

    1. Guru – I don’t know if I would go that far, but the two of them plus Eflin are certainly responsible for a feel good W tonight.

  52. Don’t know if I’ve ever been happier for a Phillie. What a story of perseverance. I had a tear in my eye watching the post game interview.

    1. Hinkie – I teared up a little myself during the post game interview. A very special moment. Williams seems like a great guy. I hope Joe G. gets him regular AB’s.

    2. i tear up at my age every time i go to bathroom, but Luke has really fooled me, He wasnt a hitter, dont know what happen in his fifth year to change,

      1. rocco….he read your post saying, how can the Phillies draft a guy in the third round who barely hits .300 in HS….and decided to prove you wrong.
        Though something clicked for him at Reading in July 2019.
        Hope he can stay up and contribute both at the plate and in the field.

  53. Did anyone read Tod Zolecki’s piece this morning on the Phillies’ MLB site. He wrote,

    Nola has a 4.06 ERA after 13 starts and a 4.97 ERA in nine starts since he threw a shutout against the Cardinals in April. It is his worst start since 2019, when he had a 4.63 ERA after 13 starts. He finished that season with a 3.47 ERA in his final 21 games.

  54. … and somewhere, Johnny Almaraz is smiling. Luke Williams was his third ever draft pick as Phillies Director Of Amateur Scouting (behind Cornelius Randolph and Scott Kingery). I don’t think anyone had Williams rated a third round talent, but Almaraz saw something in him.

    BTW … Williams has accumulated 0.2 bWAR in his two games with the Phillies. The only other 2015 3rd round draft picks with more bWAR so far are:
    Harrison Bader (7.4) over 370 games
    Brandon Lowe (6.9) over 239 games
    Drew Smith (0.4) over 66 games
    Taylor Clarke (0.3) over 62 games

    One last thing … if Williams hadn’t signed with the Phillies out of HS, he was scheduled to play college ball at Cal Poly, where he would have been a teammate with Spencer Howard.

  55. Also … now that the euphoria of the Luke Williams walk off has subsided, it’s important to note the Phillies offense was miserable again last night. They were only able to muster five hits … and two of them (their only extra base hits) were from Williams.

    Two thumbs up to Zach Eflin, who pitched well under a lot of stress, knowing he had to be almost perfect because he was getting little to no help from his offense. And major props to Ranger Saurez who was fearless vs a fearsome Braves lineup. IMO, Saurez needs to be moved to the starting rotation beginning next season.

    1. Who knows, Corn Dog Randolph may yet come up and provide more ignition to that offense

  56. Hinkie, I agree. Right before Luke’s heroics, I felt that Rhys and Bryce looked particularly bad last night. Segura hit the ball hard, his first AB required a really good play by the braves 2d Baseman. We left runners on early, again, and did nothing against the Braves young Pitcher. Eflin got himself out of a bases loaded, no out situation, and Ranger was terrific. I need to see the bats explode today, building off the energy of last night’s walk off, and Wheeler is owed an outing where he gets a lot of offensive support.

  57. Kudos to the Phillies scouts for Carson Ragsdale. Looking like a real find in the 4th round! Looking at these numbers:

    ERA: 2.55
    WHIP: 0.851
    K/9: 16.4

    I’ll take a repeat in the 2021 draft!

    1. Yes, agreed, but the team as only good as the sum of its decisions – if Ragsdale becomes a TOR starter then it is an epic failure for the team – epic. And another move where you can give a strong assist to John Middleton – who is beginning to look like a “bad Steinbrenner”.

  58. Yes. Agree. Carson Ragsdale is a really nice pitching prospect.
    I mentioned last year at this time … between his size, TJ (and the missed time that came with that). spending some time focused on being a two way player at USF, and the abbreviated COVID season, Ragsdale had a lot of upside to him.

    BTW … as I write this (B7), the Braves are set to send the top of their lineup to bat in the ninth inning. This is why DD’s top priority has to be acquiring a dominant closer with proven track record.

  59. S.T.U.D.
    Just too bad this Phillies offense is as bad as Wheeler is good.

    1. You can make a pretty compelling argument that Zack Wheeler is the second best pitcher in the world – the closest thing you’re going to see to another Jake deGrom (I think at beyond dispute he’s number one and is giving Bob Gibson a run for his money on the best season ever) – and it’s mind blowing that they were on the same team.

  60. Wheeler deserved a W, now a hope the team gets one. Another blown save. And, Odubel is lucky Segura drove him in. He stood and watched his hit, and should have been at 3B with a Triple, and I happened to hear LA go crazy on the radio.

    1. yes we desperately need a lights out closer. I’m hard pressed to agree that this years pen is a big improvement over last years.

      1. Odubel has a vertical of about two inches. Having said that, he has almost single- handedly saved the Phillies season up to this point. Remember CF before Odubel?

    2. Matt, you coined it yesterday.
      That this team did not come out and blow up Jethro Tull after watching the inspired performance from Luke just says this team has almost no pulse.

      I agree that bullpen needs a closer and setup guy or two. But it also needs more consistent clutch hitters.

    3. I couldn’t watch it because of work, but Bohm scored ahead of Herrera on Segura’s double, so how could Herrera have gone to third if Bohm was on base ahead of him?

      I agree that players shouldn’t be standing still admiring the fact that they can do their job well, but in this instance I think it actually cost us nothing.

  61. Throwing 100 doesn’t help much when you cannot find the plate. BBs, WP, PB, this is pathetic and sad!

    1. Amen, don’t you love it when Phillies think they can turn any pitcher around. I mean try developing one first

  62. For sure, Neris blew that save. For sure, Odubel admired that almost HR. But blaming those 2 guys for the ills of the Phillies is crazy. Both Neris and Odubel have 1+ WAR. Could you image how bad the Phillies would be if they weren’t on the team? If you need a scapegoat for this series, it should be Rhys #1 and Bryce #2. Those guys haven’t done much with the bat the whole series and Odubel has been outplaying both of them this season due to their subpar defense.

    Seems like Rhys and Bryce are getting passes on their poor play, and every time Hector/Odubel make a mistake, they get piled on.

    Again, Odubel and Neris should get criticized for their poor play. I just don’t see it when the other players make mistakes.

    1. Ya I hear you. Nereid is an ok 7th or 8th inning guy and maybe a spot closer (which by the way he is paid as), but they do need a lock down closer if they are ever going to be serious contenders.

    2. Guru, you are spot on! Even before the game today, I was thinking, “how come the little guys” are the ones that produce on this team and not the so called stars”. If you need some clutch, it comes from the guys who aren’t Earning the 💰!

  63. Amen, don’t you love it when Phillies think they can turn any pitcher around. I mean try developing one first

  64. .

    Where do you start?
    I’m loving the come-from-behind, heart-stopping wins (even though my blood pressure is taking a beating).
    The BP … I’ve posted this ad nauseam: DD’s #1 shopping item has to be a shut down closer, a guy with a proven track record of ninth inning dominance. He’s probably going to have to outspend Alex Anthoupolus for that guy.
    The offense is still horrific. Both Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins left that insurance run on second base in the eighth inning. No bueno.
    I’ll run Zack Wheeler out there against any other pitcher in a deciding playoff game when/if we ever get to the postseason.
    Odubel is both infuriating and gratifying. He does some bone-headed things on the field (should have probably caught Freeman’s HR/didn’t run hard out of the box/didn’t read the game winning hit correctly), but this team wouldn’t have won today/quite a few games this season.
    LOL @ Jean Segura (in the dugout during his post game interview) telling Odubel (in Spanish), “That ball was off the wall, you should have been running.”

  65. The Guru, I agree with you, and I was only reacting to the moment something happened. The Closer blowing the Save, and Odubel not running on his Double are easy to pick on. Last night, before Capt. America won the game for us, I had singled out both Rhys and Bryce for awful ABs. They were not good today either, a collection of weak pop ups and ground balls. They do not get any free passes. In fact, Hinkie has Hoskins as a “shake up the team” trade candidate. I am not going that far, but I expect much, much more from both of them. Remhoward, I really expected Bryce to have a big game, with multiple RBIs, and lead an offensive burst today, I really did. And, Denny, I am with you. I was so disgusted, but kept watching. Hoping for something while telling myself how foolish I was! I know the reason he didn’t start the season with the team, and I, in no way, condone what he did, but if we had Odubel from the start, and he drives me insane sometimes!, how many more Ws would we have? Kudos to Segura, who also drives me nuts, but clutch today in the 10th. And, last, can we please get a real Closer, and let Hector be the set up guy? And do something soon, not wait until the deadline?

    1. I get it. Do I want Neris to be better? Of course. Do I want Odubel to be less “flashy”? Of course. But in the end, both of them make the Phillies better so I take the good with the bad.

      Do I think that Neris is better suited for the 8th? Yes, because he’s too wild. But getting a legitimate closer might cost us a lot. I wouldn’t trade Stott or Abel, but the Phillies might have to trade somebody like Abrahan Gutierrez.

      1. You will not get a Hader with Gutierrez, as much as I like the kid.
        You will need to put more into that deal.
        And if you look at the Save leaders…and the teams they are on….mstly all contenders right now.
        So it will be costly for a good one.
        And Ian Kennedy does not excite me.

        Melancon • SDP…19
        . Reyes • STL….16
        Kimbrel • CHC….15
        Hendriks • CHW….15
        Hader • MIL….14
        Jansen • LAD….14
        Barnes • BOS….14
        McGee • SFG….12
        Chapman • NYY….12
        Kennedy • TEX….12,d

        1. Romus, There were an awful lot of folks on this site that wanted Liam Hendriks. I don’t remember what he got, but I think we were in saving $ mode.

        2. Agree with Romus. The Phillies probably don’t have the prospects to outbid other clubs for Hader. That’s why I threw out the possibility of swapping Hoskins for Hader and Daniel Vogelbach. The Brewers are in need of a middle of the order bat who can play 1B.
          That said, Milwaukee is right in the thick of things in the NL, and will probably wait until this winter to deal Hader (who is about to get pretty expensive).

          Raisel Iglesias may be the best closer on the market this summer. The Phillies should have the prospects to compete for him.

          1. Another (more short-sighted) option for the Phillies is drafting Sam Bachman or Ryan Cusick at 1-13, and throwing them in your BP right away. They can then be stretched out again next spring. The CWS picked Garrett Crochet at 1-11 last summer, and he threw out of their BP almost instantly.

          2. Hinkie…..agree.
            Angels without Trout probably will probably fall to far out of it about the time he is ready to come back.

  66. Jean Segura has been the Phillies’ most consistent player with the bat AND glove. He’s pretty much been hot the whole year. I don’t want to jinx it, but he’s on pace for a 5 WAR season.

    1. And one who seems to be on everyone’s …malign list.
      Him and Doobie can be electric at times, but sometimes the simple , routine things befuddle them

  67. Looks like the Phillies are catching a break. Phillies won’t be seeing Gerrit Cole but they’ll be seeing the Yankees worst starter Jameson Taillon. Not only that, Stanton won’t be playing the field. Against the Dodgers, we’re missing Bauer and Buehler.

    1. Cole’s spin rate is in decline for some strange reason…Spider Tack must be wearing off I guess.

  68. Brady Lail went through waivers, and assigned to LHV, opening up a spot on the 40 for Adam Haseley. Does anyone know how he is? I don’t mean the specifics of whatever his issue was causing him to take a leave, but how he is doing now? On the baseball field?

    1. Apparently still early for him, and yet still trying to find his rhythm/timing …after just 26 PAs……167/.231/.208

  69. LOL! Talk about first impressions. Yhoswar Garcia is making his first start as a Phillie prospect tonite for Clearwater. The kid has singled and BB’d in two PA so far. Each time he’s reached base, he has stole second and then third base for a grand total of 4 SBs. And they’re only through 4 innings.

  70. For everyone clamoring for a shut-down closer (and believe me, I feel your pain. We’ve all been suffering since we traded Giles all those years ago), let me remind you; there are NO sure things in the bullpen. Even the ones we think are… aren’t.

    Archie Bradley had been good-to-great every year since 2017. And then he came to Philly.

    David Robertson was the picture of consistency. He had the ability and the track record to be considered a shut-down closer. And then he came to Philly.

    David Phelps was having an incredible season out of the ‘pen. And then he came to Philly.

    And if you wanna argue that those pitchers aren’t the same caliber as the type of reliever we should target; 1) the relievers that are better than them will cost too much and won’t make us a championship team. 2) Craig Kimbrel. You think the Cubs are happy about that signing? He was a “sure thing” at the time. He never had an ERA above 3.4. Ever. And then he goes to Chicago and posts a 6.53 and 5.28 ERA in his first two years.

    Relievers are volatile. All you can do is stock the cupboard with talent and hope you get a little lucky.

    1. Always felt that Brad Lidge spoiled us with the year he had in 2008. Our expectations after that year for a reliever were never realistic. Good post, Dan!

    2. DanK….totally agree…. You load up and cross your fingers.

      Look how mediocre Lidge was towards the end of his Astro’s tour….comes to Philly and wallah…a few cheesesteaks and he was Phillies blunt perfecto…for that one magical year.

      The following year wow…..but he kept his sense of humor…I always liked his quotes.

      :“When I was a youngster, I always dreamed of breaking records in baseball,” said Lidge, after literally throwing away a game with the Atlanta Braves. “But there was always one that was near to my heart, the holy grail; the single season blown saves record.” …. record for blown saves in a single season is 14, held by four different players. The last pitcher to achieve the feat was the Minnesota Twins’ Ron Davis in 1984.
      “That was a magical year, 1984,” said Lidge wistfully. ”It takes a special kind of situation. You can’t just suck. You have to suck in a special way. “Kind of like I do this year.”

  71. Romus, didn’t we later find out that Lidge was injured in the celebration after we won in 2008? I don’t think we found that out for a while. And, finding a Closer is difficult, yes. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t need one/ And, I saw the replay a few times after the HR yesterday by Freeman. It seemed Odubel mistimed to jump, but he also seemed to not get back quickly enough. So, they can share that blown save. If we are to be a contender ever again, we are going to need a Closer, and a good one. And, it is not against the rules to develop one internally. I just don’t know who that could be.

    1. matt….yeah he did say later on he tweaked a knee in the pile on.
      Long shot….Seranthony could be back towards end of August or Labor Day…but that is iffy and who knows where the team will be in the standings.

  72. Alvarado has more walks and strikeouts than innings. Is that a rarity in the MLB for a pitcher that has pitched as often as he has?

    1. For walks, yes. Usually the pitcher gets cut or demoted before it even gets that far.

  73. Romus Yesterday talking with the girls at cheerleaders, They told me they been using the same stuff, that cole was using, Snake lady loves to use it on the Pole, she says it makes you glide up or down, with little effort

  74. Phillies now with two Friday off days in the last two weeks….28 May and 11 June.
    Not sure I have ever seen that before.

    1. LOL – funny you say that. I was looking at the box score the other day and was thinking (seriously) “man, this team is loaded with high upside prospects, if there’s a future superstar, it’s probably coming from this team.” The good news is that the post-Johnny A. prospects are already in the pipeline and looking good.

  75. If the Phillies really need a closer, Brandon Workman is available with the Red Sox. They can get him for Pivetta and Seabold. Oh, wait. They already did that. How about if they give the Sox VV and Suarez this year for Workman? Come on, he can’t be as bad as he was last season.

    On a serious note, Matt Wisler will be joining his seventh team in his short major league career. Why do I bring that up you might ask? Well, this time the team that acquired him is the Tampa Bay Rays. If they see something in Wisler, they are the one team that will get it out of him.

    1. Ciada – can you say Fireman of the Year ? That team should be outlawed – rocco would have a 7.0 war with them – any position.

  76. .

    Dodgers lineup will probably be w/o Bellinger and Muncy when the Phillies come to town for three games beginning Monday. I won’t miss them.

  77. Appears that Bailey Falter will join the Club in time for the Dodger series, and be Spencer’s new piggyback partner.

    1. matt…meaning now, maybe Ranger is now an official first inning starter as the 4th/5th in the rotation

  78. Romus, Matt Gelb speculated that Ranger is going to first move to higher leverage situations in later innings, as Alvarado is way too wild. What do you think about that?

    1. Oh yeah…that makes more sense.
      Ranger has excellent control, always has.
      Alvarado and LHV’s Dohy are very similar LHPs….both with great sliders and heat…but very inconsistent control…though Dohy is a little more extreme.

    2. 100% Ranger needs to pitch in high leverage situations. Right now, Brogdon/Alvarado/Coonrod have all been dicey lately.

  79. If Casey was around today, he’d really be calling the Mets Amazins. They are playing without Confaro, McNeil, Nimmo, Davis, Syndergaard, and Carrasco and they are sitting in first place. Dang, even deGrom is only pitching six innings. They’re going to be scary when they are at full strength. Cole Irvin, another six innings with only one ER. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Moffo.

    1. Giving away Irvin for cash was probably the stupidest move of the Klentak era. Not the worst move in terms of negative impact, but the stupidest. Just senseless. Incredible that he has 1.4 WAR — and makes the minimum salary — and our “5th starters” have:

      Anderson -0.6
      Moore: -0.5
      Howard: 0.0

        1. I stand corrected. DD did it to open up a 40-man spot for Moore. So far, that has cost 2 wins . . .

        2. NL…keep this in mind…Ragsdale is 23-years old in Low-A West (LAW)….as you can see, there are quite a few batters 2 or 3 years younger than him.
          That makes a difference for a pitcher at the level.
          Plus he was a college pitcher, so he was in some pressure situations in his conference.
          When he gets to the next level I would like to see how he does.

  80. Each MLB Team’s Prospect Turning Heads Right Now in MiLB | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

    Phillies: SS Bryson Stott (No. 4)
    Team(s): A+ Jersey Shore BlueClaws and AA Reading Fightin Phils
    Key Stats: 31 G, 133 PA, 7 HR, 3 SB, .287 AVG, .451 OBP, .545 SLG

    The Phillies’ Didi Gregorius is signed through next season, yet his grip on shortstop perhaps isn’t as tight as it should be. After a strong 2020 season, the 31-year-old hasn’t even been a replacement-level player. This could bode well for Bryson Stott, who’s picked up where he left off from his strong pro debut in 2019. Notably, his batting line with Reading (.286/.447/.536) nearly mirrors the one he had with Jersey Shore (.288/.453/.548). Come early 2022, he’ll be knocking on the door to The Show.

    1. I agree, but Didi is making $15M and you can’t have that sitting on your bench. It would be less of a problem if the DH comes in 2022.

      1. Agree….the DH makes things a little easier to navigate when it come to the every day line-up construction.

  81. Haseley reinstated from the Restricted list, and optioned to LHV, Se Los Santos brought back up, and Marchan goes down. I am guessing that DLS goes down Monday and Falter brought up, if Matt Gelb was correct.

  82. What is it that this team continues to see in Hector Neris???? I just don’t get it.

    1. I’ll be the first to rip Neris. He’s just too wild to be a closer. They need to move somebody else there in the short term.

  83. There is a lot, I don’t understand… Hoskins can’t hit a routine fly ball with a guy on 3rd. I wonder how many games this year I’ve seen him do this…..seems like a lot. Just has to kill it.

  84. Girardi needs to tell Neris that he’s off the closer role temporarily and insert Bradley.

    1. Guru….looks like Joe heard your request and responded.

      “…difficult to gauge what the two blown saves this week have done to Neris’ confidence. Girardi was asked about his closer’s psyche. “I don’t ever pretend to be a psychiatrist, but I’ll make sure it’s OK,” . Archie Bradley got the win with a scoreless top of the 10th and showed his best fastball of the season, topping out at 95 mph. Could he soon get a look at closer? “That’s the best Archie’s thrown but I’m not making any changes,” Girardi said.

  85. Man, why does it have to be so hard with the Phillies? Yet another white knuckler, but they got the job done again!

  86. I really hope DD is on the phone right now with the brewers to get Hader. Don’t care of the cost at this point.

    1. Besides the point that the Brewers are 9 games over .500, Hader is going to cost you Mick Abel. You want to pay that cost? I certainly don’t.

  87. Well, that was blown save number four for Hector. The only closer with more blown saves is Seattle’s Rafael Montero, who has five.

    1. Is he available? Don’t answer that because we might get interested if you say yes.

  88. BTW, there are two closers who have yet to blow a save this season: Alex Reyes (STL) who is 16 for 16 and Josh Hader (MIL) who is 15 for 15.

  89. I expect my Closer to save 1 run games, yet I can’t trust Neris with 3. We need a Closer! Thrilled with another W, bit this was awful. I don’t think Bradley is the answer, and DD needs to do something. I don’t think that it is Hader. Not trading Abel or Stott. But we need someone!

    1. You knew when he started throwing balls he was going to walk a couple of batters and allow a homer or extra base hit with guys on the bases. Hector is a set up man, who is forced to do this job. It shouldn’t matter when a guy pitches if he is good, but I’ve watched this bad movie for about 30 years – closers have a different mentality which Hector doesn’t quite have. But now we have to be concerned because I expect DD to empty out our farm system to get a closer. If you think that’s a great idea, especially for a team just trying to make the playoffs and not on the verge of a championship – no, it’s not – it’s what losing organizations do.

  90. I get what Girardi is saying concerning Hector. As much as we all want another pitcher in the closer role, Hector is still probably the best closer option out of all our arms in the bullpen. And the fact is, the Phillies need Hector if they’re going to make the playoffs. Hector needs to be better.

    1. Girardi has definitely got to send Hector Neris on a short sabbatical from his closer role. Physically, his stuff is too inconsistent. I mean he’s thrown some excellent “splitters” this week (low in the zone that drop out of the zone as they reach the plate). But … he’ll follow that up with too many “splitters” that lack much movement. Mentally, he’s a mess. A closer needs to be fearless. Lately, he looks fearful.
      In addition … after today, the team heads out to LA for three with the Dodgers. Neris has a history with them. The Dodgers have been waiting two years for a shot at some payback. In 2019, at CBP, Neris nailed David Freese after caughing up a HR. Then in the last game of the series Hector yelled, “F@#& You!” into the LADs dugout after getting the last out. The Dodgers were pissed, and did some pointing and yelling back. They don’t forget that stuff (even after missing the Phils during the COVID season).


      I’d use Bradley or Brogdon as my temporary closer while I keep trying to right the Jose Alvarado and Sam Coonrod ships. I also wanted waste any time in promoting Billy Sullivan to LHV. As long as he is (mostly) throwing strikes (and he has been), he’s got the right stuff to be closing out games in the not too distant future.

  91. Honestly does Girardi know this? I have no faith in Netis. I was at the game yesterday and figured it’s a 3 run lead so Neris gives up 1 or 2 and we still win. He has had some epic BS in LA and right now he has zero confidence. Also Coonrod has the straightest 98 mph fastball out there. There is a reason why we got Alvarado and Coonrod for nothing, their former teams had watched them F up too many times. It’s great a guy can throw 98-100, but if one guy gives up ER every appearance and the other is walking more than a batter per inning, they ain’t really helping you. With that said our bullpen is better in 2021 than 2020. That’s also like saying the winter at Valley Forge was a wonderful time when compared to 2 weeks at the Alamo.

  92. What changed these past two weeks or so as the offense has been on fire and looks so good right now.

    Bohm has been killing it in June so far, I know it’s a short sample but how did he go from such a bad start to going into today,

    Mar/April – .207/.245/.304/.549
    May – .200/.252/.300/.552
    June – .370/.393/.370/.763

    Segura is red hot after hitting well all season and Herrera after a few games to start out where he struggled he just keeps getting better at the plate. He had a really good month of May but in June he’s been even better. Cutch is another one, he stated the season off poorly but had a better May and so far in June has been much better.

    The only one that’s been kind of opposite is Hoskins who had a really solid month of May but since then has really struggled.

  93. Enyel really looked like he got his velo back and he also showed some confidence.
    Have to see how he does out there when the game is on the line and it is not mop up time.

  94. It’s like what ei5 said about Coonrod goes for DLS, too: ninety nine mph FB as straight as an arrow.

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