2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – May 25, 2021

This is the Phuture Phillies forum for the discussion of prospects eligible for the amateur draft that is scheduled to be held in less than two months (July 11-13, 2021).  You can place video, scouting reports, or just comments here.  You can reference these weekly discussions on the menu above.

Feel free to discuss the 2021 international signing period, too.  It began on January 15, 2021, and runs through June 25, 2021.

This space is for the discussion of prospects in the upcoming draft and international signing period.  This is NOT a place for you to complain about past picks/signings or the organization’s past/current draft and international philosophies.

50 thoughts on “2021 Discussion in Preparation for the Amateur Draft – May 25, 2021

  1. I’ll be first since I was last on last thread. I previously said not familiar with all young men in draft but if I were Phils I would either draft a college arm or a young hitting SS that can always be moved to another position. I would not draft aCF just cause we have hole there. With Phils financial situation need to hit on guys that can play at mlb level. Phils can fill in around homegrown kids

    1. James Franklin does have more WRS in his last two recruit classes.
      White if drafted in the late first or early second is looking at approx $1.5M signing bonus before any team manipulation for over-slotting.
      Last guy who Franklin let try to play Lion’s WR and Lion baseball was Mac Hippenhammer…but he was not the athlete White is.
      It is a hard thing to do at the D-1 college level

      1. Baseball is a full-time business. Only the elite of the elite (Bo Jackson types) can do both. Lots of kids try baseball (Cord Sandberg) for 4-5 years and then give up and go play football.

        Delino DeShields from Delaware was a first round pick of the Expos, signed with them and it surely worked out for him. He gave up a basketball scholarship to NOVA.

        Baseball is such a tough racket that most of these two sport kids that sign don’t make it and then go play football or get on with their lives.

        1. My youngest thought it was CGI with the clip of Bo chasing down that fly ball with KC and running 3/4 qtrs. of the way up the wall and coming down to throw the ball back into the infield..What an athlete… Best I ever saw…

  2. Latest Callis mock gave us Bennie Montgomery, OF from Red Land HS, PA. Said we are not wedded to any demographic and connected us with:

    College Hitters – Frelick and Cowser
    College Pitchers – Madden, Wicks and Cusick
    HS Hitters – Montgomery
    HS Pitcher – Anthony Solemeto

    1. Callis, Kiley McDaniel, and KLaw have the best mock drafts because they include intel on what demographic teams are looking for/what players they are scouting the hardest. Kiley McDaniel also had the Phillies taking Benny Montgomery in his last mock.

      I’d be happy with Montgomery, Solometo, or Cusick at 1-13.

      1. Is Montgomery really a better prospect than White? I don’t know. I do know the Phillies need to get the pick right. Just a look at their position players in the minors and it is scary bad. They need an impact position player. They still have Cole Stobbe in the low minors striking out every other AB. That tells you a lot.

  3. Hope the SJ guys go first round but usually when it shakes out it don’t happen. Saw both kids play. No offense to SJ kids but usually not many HS hitters go early. My youngest is friends with one of them and played against both of them so rooting for both

  4. Anthony Solometo was on the mound again yesterday. The Bishop Eustace LHP, and possible target for the Phillies at 1-13 won again. His outing was shortened because of weather. Solometo’s line: 5.2 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 1 BB, 12 K. For the season, the South Jersey southpaw is now at 32.2 IP, 5 H, 5 BB, 64 K. He’s allowed just one run in 2021.

      1. I like everything about Solometo. Although, I wish he’d use his CH a little more (even though he doesn’t need it to get HS hitters out). He might be my favorite choice for the Phillies at 1-13. I’d love to pair him with Mick Abel as the Phillies’ righty/lefty “baby aces”.

    1. Here’s some video of Vastine. The fact that he is committed to Vanderbilt means two things: 1. he’s gotta’ be good 2. he won’t come cheap.

      1. Not sure KLaw is on target with Vastine to the Phillies in the second round…..Mayo/Callis have him at 173rd ranked of 200.
        That would put him in the 4th/5th round category….and an over-slotting to break the Vandy commit.

        1. Romus … TBH, I knew nothing about Jonathan Vastine when I read KLaw’s mock.
          Like you mentioned, Callis/Mayo have him at 173.
          BA lists him at 166.
          Prospects Live ranks him 215.
          Keith Law ignores him in his 100 list.
          Baseball Factory doesn’t include him among it’s top 100 HS prospects.

          Only Kiley McDaniel shows some love to Vastine. He has the kid at #71.

          All that aside, If (Vandy head coach) Tim Corbin likes Jonathan Vastine, that says a lot IMO. Corbin is one of the brightest baseball guys around. He’s probably the top recruiter in college baseball. If he wants the kid at Vanderbilt, it’s because he thinks he’s one of the top HS talents in the country.

          I also like the fact that Brian Barber hired David Crowson away from Miami as a national cross-checker. Crowson has a proven track record of scouting and green-lighting prep talent to be drafted. He helped the Marlins pick Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yellich, JT Realmuto, Jose Fernandez, and Brad Hand out of HS.
          I’m assuming Barber relied a lot on Crowson when the Phillies picked Mick Abel last summer.

          1. Hinkie…..I just remember…KLaw does this sort of thing every draft year…..he picks some relatively obscure or lower ranked player and elevates him higher than everyone else.
            Rarely does it come to fruition…..he did not even get the Red Sox pick last year correct…..and they took a kid, Nick Yorke at 17, who was ranked very low as their first pick…..MLB Pipeline ranked Yorke No. 139 in their Top 200 draft prospects,

            So when it comes to predictions on draft sections ….I am skeptical of KLaw’s outliers.

            And yes..I hope the hiring of David Crowson works out well for the Phillies.

            1. I don’t doubt Law reports what he hears. I’m sure it’s not a member of the Phillies who tipped him off to Vastine. Word gets around in the scouting community which teams like what players.

              Law is not perfect. Before last year’s draft, he was emphatic the Phillies would NOT pick a prep pitcher in the first round. He was wrong.

              The Red Sox played the shifting bonus pool game last summer. They saved ~1M on Yorke so they could overpay Blaze Jordan in round 3, and push Shane Drohan to them in round 5. Law didn’t see that coming. Neither did anyone else.

  5. Not sure what you are seeing but from the videos my initial thought is ….i hope its NOT Benny Montgomery,….he needs college badly before the phils should pick him…not sure what you are seeing, but no way based on the videos I’ve seen. He looks like a “hunter pence” type swing, not that he wasn’t a bad hitter, but this would be serious disappointment. Get a polished hitter. Matt Winkelman even stated a boat load of tools but NOT the hit tool. I’m done with tools! And your expecting the phillies to develop a hitter…frighting based on the last 10 years….

    1. If the Phillies use their 1-13 pick on an OFer that makes four All-Star appearances, and produces a career 31 bWAR, I’ll be ecstatic.

      Adam Haseley was a polished hitter (.390/.491/.659 in his jr season at Va). How’s that working out for you? I’d be happy with Sal Frelick, but I don’t think he’s going to be there at 1-13. It sounds like Colton Cowser might be the guy for you. But even he comes with questions, like “How much of his college success has to do with mostly hitting pitching in the Southland Conference?”.

      Trey Sweeney and Connor Norby are a couple of guys projected to go in the 2-49 (Phils second round pick) area. They’ve been very productive college hitters.

      As far as the Phillies development department goes … I 100% agree with you. They’ve been abysmal at growing talent.

      1. GoEagles … here’s a mock that may make you more happy. Vinnie Cervino and Brian Sakowski (Perfect Game.org) has the Phillies picking Colton Cowser.

  6. Looked at that 200 list. Where are they getting some of those heights from. What they project a kids height will be or in spikes with lifts in shoes. It’s the talent that matters but jeez they are adding multiple inches

  7. I actually put a fair amount of stock in what Law says. In the past I remember him being the first to connect the Phillies with.Jason Knapp, Mitch Gueller and Kevin Gowdy. That being said, there has been a good bit of turnover in the Phillies front office since those days. So you never know.

  8. Here’s the latest on the most recent mock drafts. Who are the Phillies predicted to take?

    Keith Law … Benny Montgomery
    Kiley McDaniel … Benny Montgomery
    Jim Callis … Benny Montgomery

    Kiley McDaniel: “Montgomery had a quirky hand pump in his swing but otherwise was an elite prospect over the summer. He’s now toned that down a bit, letting his above-average contact skills and speed stand out.”

    1. BA … Jordan Wicks

      Carlos Collazo BA: “Wicks has posted all season and has good command of a solid three-pitch mix that includes arguably the best changeup in the class.

      1. Prospects Live … Sal Frelick

        Prospects Live staff: “There’s a lot to love about the package he brings to the table. It’s a short, compact swing from the left side with impressive bat speed. He’s a 70-grade runner, a potential plus defender out in center field, and has enough arm to hold runners in place. Frelick has hit all season long, and he simply doesn’t strike out. Scouts believe the power ceiling and total star upside may be limited, ultimately pushing him to this point in the draft.”

        1. Perfect Game.org … Colton Cowser

          John McAdams PG: “Cowser is an advanced hitter that does everything well, albeit nothing that may be considered plus. He mostly likely projects in the corners, where his above average arm will be best suited. He is certainly an above average hitter that projects for average to slightly more power long term and runs well enough to help the Phillies rather quickly.”

  9. Thanks so much for all you bring Hinkie! The mock draft I most look forward to is yours. I would be hard pressed to pass on Jordan Wicks id the draft falls the way Mayo suggests. It rarely does, but in the scenario he laid out, Wicks looks like a good fir for us, and should be in the Majors fairly quickly.

    1. Thanks, matt. I started putting together another Phillies mock draft yesterday. I’ll try to finish it up, and post it later today. Depending what happens with the first 12 slots, I think I like Solometo at 1-13 right now. Although, I have a different guy at 1-13 in the Phillies mock i started yesterday (I’m trying not to repeat guys from previous drafts … until my last Phillies mock).

  10. .

    Some highlights from the Top 150 list:

    9. Sal Frelick, CF, Boston College
    10. Colton Cowser, CF, Sam Houston State
    11. Benny Montgomery, CF, Red Land HS (PA) (Virginia commit)
    12. Harry Ford, C, North Cobb HS (GA) (Georgia Tech commit)
    13. Matt McLain, 2B, UCLA
    14. Will Taylor, CF, Dutch Fork HS (SC) (Clemson commit)
    15. Gunnar Hoglund, RHP, Ole Miss
    16. Andrew Painter, RHP, Calvary Christian HS (FL) (Florida commit)
    21. Jud Fabian, CF, Florida
    23. Ty Madden, RHP, Texas
    24. Jordan Wicks, LHP, Kansas State
    28. Anthony Solometo, LHP, Bishop Eustace Prep (NJ) (UNC commit)
    31. Ryan Cusick, RHP, Wake Forest
    34. Sam Bachman, RHP, Miami Ohio
    39. Jaden Hill, RHP, LSU
    43. Chase Petty, RHP, Mainland Regional HS (NJ) (Florida commit)
    110. Jonathan Vastine, SS, Bartow HS (FL) (Vanderbilt commit)

    McDaniel also mentions a scenario where the Nationals at 1-11 attempt to float Kumar Rocker (#6 ranked) down to them by offering him more than the 1-7 bonus slot. I looked at the numbers. That means the Nationals would go ~1M over slot.

  11. With five weeks to go until the draft … here’s another shot at a Phillies mock.

    ROUND 1: Sal Frelick … is mostly being talked about as a top 10 pick, but I think his size may give him at least a chance to slide to the Phillies at 1-13. The 5’7″/175 lb LHH CFer was a three sport (baseball/football/hockey) Massachusetts prep star before enrolling at Boston College. He’s got plus speed, a plus glove, and tremendous bat to ball skills. Frelick has been a career .345/.435/.521 slasher for BC. He’s had more BBs (60) than Ks (50) during that time. He’s also swiped 38 bags, and never committed an error as an Eagle. The kid projects to a Lenny Dykstra-type leadoff hitting sparkplug/dirtbag. Nice!

    1. ROUND 2: Joe Rock … is a 6’6″/220 lb LHP from Ohio U. He’s young for the college class (won’t turn 21 until after the draft), and has a nice combination of present stuff + projection. The velo’s been a little inconsistent, but at his best the Western PA native throws his FB 91-94 T96. He adds a sweeping SL that gets lots of swings and misses. His third best offering is an avg CH. When I watch Rock, I see a whole lot of James Paxton (from a slightly lower arm angle). Rock was named a second team All-American this season (88.2 IP, 67 H, 27 BB, 117 K, 2.33 ERA, and authored a no-hitter) despite coping with the death of his mother.

      … and if you believe in lightning striking twice … it was 40 summers ago that the Phillies used a second round pick on a Ohio University player. That turned out to be the most productive draft pick in franchise history.

      ROUND 3: Cody Morissette … is a 6’0″/170 lb IFer, and Frelick’s teammate at Boston College. Like Frelick, Morissette was a three sport star as a prepster (baseball/basketball/football). He’s played 2B/3B/SS in college, but will likely be a 2Bman as a pro. Morissette swings a quick bat. The New Hampshire native put together a .321/.398/.497 slash line this season despite getting off to a slow start.

      1. ROUND 4: Zack Gelof … is a 6’3″/205 lb RHH 3Bman at Virginia. He’s a Rehoboth Beach, Delaware kid, and a Philly sports fan. Gelof has been a .310/.390/.468 career slasher at UVA. Although, he was down a bit this season (.294/.378/.463, 7 HRs in 214 ABs). Gelof also has a strong history of success with wood bats during the summer leagues. He hit .349/.426/.490 in 2019 and .364/.442/.636 in 2020. The former Indians’ day-three pick is also an athletic defender with good range.

        1. ROUND 5: Calvin Ziegler … is the top Canadian prospect for this year’s draft. The 6’1″/205 lb RHP is from Ontario, but is playing for a top prep academy in Florida this season. Ziegler has added a little lightning to his arsenal over the past 12 months. His FB now sits 92-94 and has hit 97. He’s also developed a plus CB. If things don’t go well for Ziegler next month, he’ll throw in the SEC for the next three seasons. He’s committed to play for Auburn.

          ROUND 6: Levi Usher … had been a very productive offensive college performer (and a guy getting day one buzz) until falling flat on his face this year. The 6’1″/205 lb RHH Louisville OFer began his career in JUCO where he hit .409/.493/.538, and had 36 SBs in 38 attempts. 2020 was his first season at Louisville, and it went well. Usher slashed .411/.484/.571 in the abbreviated COVID campaign. 2021 has been a year the Iowa native would like to forget. He’s only been able to muster a .216/.358/.306 line. Usher has impressive tools: plus speed, plus arm, above avg power, and he’s a former 37th round pick (LAA’s in 2018).

          1. ROUND 7: Jake Smith … is a dude the Phillies have liked for a while. Johnny Almaraz used a 21st round pick on the North Carolina HS RHP in 2018. Instead of going pro, Smith chose school. He spent two seasons at two different JUCOs. During that time, he K’ed 102 in 78.2 IP, and was named NJCAA Pitcher Of The Year in 2020. This season, the 6’4″/195 lb RHP is throwing for the Miami Hurricanes. Smith attacks hitters with a lively 92-95 FB T97, above avg SL, and an avg CH. He’s gone 43.2 IP, 33 H, 11 BB, 59 K, 2.68 ERA for the “U” this season. Opponents have hit just .203 against him.

            ROUND 8: Eduardo Rivera … has been one of the major eye-openers in MLB’s new Draft League this spring. Rivera is young and big and very raw. The 17 YO, 6’7″/237 lb LHP from San Juan, PR showed up in Williamsport throwing a 93-95 FB T96 & a sharp, but inconsistent upper 70s CB. Plus, this kid has no college commitment. Clubs are going to be all over this profile.

            1. ROUND 9: 10: John Thrasher … is another bonus saving senior sign. The 22 YO, 6’2″/190 lb RHH Hartford CFer was mostly a speed-over-everything kid before this year. However, Thrasher put it all together in 2021. He slashed .369/.470/.680, hit 7 HRs, and stole 37 bases in 40 attempts to become Hartford’s all time SB leBrett Harris … is a 6’3″/208 lb RHH 3Bman from Gonzaga. He turns 23 in July so he’s going to come cheap. The inexpensive Illinois native has been excellent at the plate and in the field for the Bulldogs this season. He slashed .353/.481/.547. He BB’d (27) more than he K’d (25). He also was HBP an incredible 23 times. To top it all off, Harris was named Defensive Player Of The Year in the WCC.

            2. ROUND 10: John Thrasher … is another bonus saving senior sign. The 22 YO, 6’2″/190 lb RHH Hartford CFer was mostly a speed-over-everything kid before this year. However, Thrasher put it all together in 2021. He slashed .369/.470/.680, hit 7 HRs, and stole 37 bases in 40 attempts to become Hartford’s all time SB leader.

              ROUND 11: Hylan Hall … is a tooled up 20 YO, 6’2″/190 lb RHH OFer from Wabash JUCO. The kid has been a highly thought of prospect since his days as a Florida prepster in 2019. He was also a member of the USA Baseball 18U team. Hall originally committed to Florida, then Miami, but eventually went the JUCO route after not getting drafted. He features plus wheels, plus bat speed, and a plus-plus arm. Hall slashed .348/.443/.587 this season at Wabash, and is scheduled to play at Washington State if things don’t go his way in this summer’s draft.

            3. Just noticed I somehow screwed up the ninth round pick. Here is what should have posted.

              ROUND 9: Brett Harris … is a 6’3″/208 lb RHH 3Bman from Gonzaga. He turns 23 in July so he’s going to come cheap. The inexpensive Illinois native has been excellent at the plate and in the field for the Bulldogs this season. He slashed .353/.481/.547. He BB’d (27) more than he K’d (25). He also was HBP an incredible 23 times. To top it all off, Harris was named Defensive Player Of The Year in the WCC.

  12. Phillies 1-13 Sal Frelick
    Phillies 2-49 Jay Allen HS OFer

  13. A lot to digest Hinkie. McDaniel having Bachman at 34 seems awfully low. Interesting that you are currently on Solomento at 1-13. I remember when there was hope we could get him in Rd. 2. Frelick seems to go Top 10 in all the Mocks I see. He looks like a fun player, and as much as I have been on a Pitcher in the first Rd., it is easy to dream of him leading off and playing CF. Like Dykstra, but with the “dirt bag” reference only pertaining to the way he plays, not his real self!

    1. matt13……former hockey and football players, seem to have a certain aggressive gravitas…especially the smaller ones.
      If the Phillies go with him, if he is still there at 13….the CF depth chart, will get a little more crowded.

      1. Good point Romus. That means that we see development from others on that depth chart. There is already noise about MM moving to LF, we don’t know about Haseley, at all, mentally or his game, I don’t think that Herrera is here long term, and Simon Muzziotti can’t get out of Venezuela. We may draft Frelick, if he lasts until 13, and find him at the top of the CF depth chart with Johan Rojas!

        1. Yeah… Dave D may try to move Haseley at some point, if Frelick is chosen.
          And don’t forget…..Rojas is the newest flavor, but Yhoswar Garcia is also considered a very good prospect.

          1. You are correct, and I did forget about Yhoswar! He may, also, be a future CF. There should be some really good talent at 1-13, and we need to get the right one.

  14. First, I want the Phillies to draft their guy, not a guy that they think they can save money on so that they use it later.

    If Solometo is their guy at 1-13, I don’t have a problem with that. They just better make sure they sign him.

    1. They won’t draft Solometo/any guy on day one or two unless they have an understanding of what he wants/agreement. The only way something like that usually happens with high picks is when the player’s post draft physical (usually MRI) turns up something unexpected. When that happens, the team will want the player to take a substantial cut to his bonus. Most times, the player and his agent will balk at the idea.

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