Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 5/13/2021

Well, it was bound to happen.  All four of our affiliates lost last night.  Clearwater rallied only to be bested by a 4-run inning.  Lehigh Valley dropped a game to a hated rival.  Reading lost pretty big again.  And, Jersey Shore was shut out on two hits.

Clearwater (4-5) lost to Fort Myers, 5-3.  The Threshers gave up a first-inning run but rallied to tie and then go ahead only to hand the game back to the Mussels in the eighth inning.

Rafael Marcano started and reached his 60-pitch limit in the fourth inning.  He gave up one run on 5 hits.  He walked none and struck out four.  Aidan Anderson relieved and walked one in 0.2 innings.

Starlyn Castillo pitched the next three innings and kept Fort Myers off the borad in spite of 5 walks.  He allowed no hits and struck out four.

Tyler Burch took over in the eight with a 3-1 lead.  He only got one out, hit a batter, gave up 3 hits, and left the game with the bases loaded.  JP Woodward came in.  Two singles, a throwing error on one of the singles, and 4 runs later the Threshers trailed 5-3.

The Threshers did rally to tie the game with a run in the sixth inning on Baron Radcliff’s RBI single.  And, they took the lead in the seventh on a run-scoring throwing error and Johan Rojas’ RBI single.

Rojas went 2-5 with a run scored and RBI.  Nicolas Torres went 2-4 with a run scored.  Luis Garcia had the only extra base hit, a double.

Lehigh Valley (6-3) lost to Scranton, 5-2.  

The IronPigs collected 7 singles and 7 walks, yet managed to bat with runners in scoring position seven times.  They went 1 for 7.

David Parkinson went 4.0 innings and gave up 3 runs (2 ER) on 3 hits and 0 walks.  He struck out eight.  Kevin Dohy gave up 2 runs in 0.2 innings by allowing one hit, 3 walks, a hit batter, and a wild pitch.  Ethan Evanko entered with the bases loaded and allowed zero inherited runners to score.  He went 2.1 innings, walked one, and struck out one.  Bryan Mitchell pitched the final inning allowing one hit.

Ronald Torreyes and Ryan Cordell each went 2-4.

Reading (2-7) lost to Bowie, 9-3.  

The Phils fell behind.  Pulled within a run.  And, fell more behind.

Kyle Glogoski went 2.1 IP, 5 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 1 K

Joel Cesar stranded 2 inherited runners and went 0.2 IP, 1 BB,1 K.

Mark Appel went 2.0 IP, 3 BB, 2 K.

Tyler Carr went 2.0 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.

Austin Ross went 1.0 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 3 K.

They scored 2 runs in the third on an RBI single by Daniel Brito and a double by McCarthy Tatum.  They pulled within a run in the fourth on Nick Matera’s solo HR.

Matt Vierling went 2-4 with 2 doubles.  Tatum went 2-3.  Matera went 2-4 with his first HR.

Jersey Shore( 3-6) lost to Wilmington, 5-0.

A thorough butt-kicking, this one.  Two hits both singles, by Jhailyn Ortiz and newly promoted Keaton Markwardt.  One caught stealing.  No walks.  The Wilmington pitchers faced little resistance, saw one batter over the minimum, and struck out 14.  Seven of the batting averages in this game were below .200.  Three of those were considerably below .100.  Must suck to be a pitcher on this team.

Jhordany Mezquita left in the third without getting an out.  Brian Marconi entered with the bases loaded and allowed one of three inherited runners to score.  He lasted 2.0 innings.

Adam Leverett pitched 3.0 innings striking out six.  Riley Wilson got one out in the eighth but gave up 4 runs.  Mike Adams got the final two outs without allowing an inherited runner to score.

Mezquita – 2.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 4 K

Marconi – 2.0 IP, 1 H, 3 K, 1 of 3 inherited runners scored

Leverett – 3.0 IP, 1 BB, 6 K

Wilson – 0.1 IP, 3 H, 4R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K,HBP

Adams – 0.2 IP, 1 K, 0 of 2 inherited runners scored

GCL Phillies East and GCL Phillies West (runs 6/28 thru 9/12)

DSL Phillies Red and DSL Phillies White (starts 5/30)

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of May 13th … there are 303 players in the org

Today’s Transactions in bold text. Watched a four-inning intrasquad game Wednesday.  The following players have turned up at XST – INF Uziel Viloria, INF Ruben Tejada, INF Juan Herrera, INF Wilson Valdez, C Edward Barboza, OF Jefferson Encarnacion, OF Felix Reyes.

5/13/2021 – Phillies placed C J.T. Realmuto on the 10-day IL
5/13/2021 – Phillies recalled C Rafael Marchan from Lehigh
5/13/2021 – Reading placed 1B Matt Kroon on the 7-day IL, right shoulder contusion
5/13/2021 – OF Hunter Hearn assigned to Reading from Jersey Shore
5/13/2021 – OF Hunter Markwardt assigned to Jersey Shore from Clearwater
5/13/2021 – RF Carlos De La Cruz assigned to Clearwater from Extended Spring
5/13/2021 – RHP Carlos A Francisco assigned to Clearwater from Extended Spring
5/12/2021 – Phillies sent RHP Archie Bradley on a rehab assignment to Lehigh Valley
5/12/2021 – RHP Kyle Glogoski assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
5/12/2021 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Jersey Shore from Reading
5/12/2021 – Clearwater placed RHP Gunner Mayer on the 7-day IL
5/11/2021 – OF Corbin Williams assigned to Extended Spring from Clearwater
5/11/2021 – OF Baron Radcliff assigned to Clearwater from Extended Spring Training
2/13/2021 – SS Alfredo Alderete assigned to DSL Red
2/13/2021 – RHP Daniel Mejia assigned to DSL Red
2/02/2021 – LHP Jesus Garibaldi assigned to DSL Red
2/02/2021 – OF Raylin Heredia assigned to DSL White
2/02/2021 – C Dervin Andrade assigned to DSL White
2/02/2021 – RHP Ender Paz assigned to DSL White

23 thoughts on “Threshers’ and Affiliates’ Recap – 5/13/2021

  1. The lack of prospects in this system is disgusting. It’s not even fun to check the box scores every night anymore. Save for Clearwater. Johnny A put this system in a huge hole. Randolph, Moniak, Hasley all top 10 picks. The guy couldn’t draft a pitcher to save his life. He hit on Nola and that’s it. Maybe Spencer Howard.

    1. Johnny did not draft Nola. Nola was drafted in 2014. Johnny joined the Phillies after that draft. Marti Wolever and Ruben Amaro are responsible for Nola.

    2. Joe i just cant believe how bad the minor league teams are, There might be one guy who might be a prospect on lhv and that is a guy who i thought couldnt hit that is luke williams, I check the scores and its horrible,

      1. rocco…..not all that bad at the plate.
        They have some hopeful bats lower in the system….Stott, Garica and Rojas are very talented prospects. Muzziotti, would be in Reading now, if he ever is released from the Ven…and the catchers…Marchan, Rodo Duran, O’Hoppe and Gutierrez.

        Have yourself a Midnight Bourbon…remember Adonis Medina Spirit to place tomorrow.

        1. I am using Midnight Bourbon in a three horse exacta. Win and place bet on bourbon if he is above 5 to one, Really lost on this race with the Drug problem with baffert horses. I have some hope for Rojas,

          1. Sounds like a plan…good luck.
            Also Concert Tour…another Baffert stable….may also have a good showing, quick out of the gate..lets see if he is up to the 1 3/16

    3. I can’t believe the minor leaguers are struggling after a year off.

  2. We have no pitchers who have put together two or more multiple strong outings but even worse is our hitting. I’ve never seen so many sub 200 averages. We only have about 4 guys over 300, combining all 4 teams. Yikes. This will also limit DD’s interest in trading any of the few good prospects we do have.

    1. Poor MiLB hitting isn’t just afflicting Phillies franchises, it’s across baseball..

        1. There are some that are hitting: Franco(1), Rutschman(2), Kelenic(4)

          There are some that are not: Torkelson(3), Witt Jr.(7)

          Braves top 100: Pache (in the majors, not hitting), Waters (not hitting), Langeliers (hitting)

          Blue Jays top 100: Martin (not hitting), Groshans (not hitting)

          Unfortunately, all of the Mets top 100 are hitting so you never know.

            1. Development is not linear and not guaranteed. We’ve seen top prospects fail, and we’ve seen players come out of nowhere to become all-star players.

              But the highest probability of a prospect becoming an elite player has not changed: top production in the minors at a young age.

              Age matters when it come to elite prospects.

              But even developing starter level prospects have their benefits because of the cost savings involved. Not 1 team will have 8 elite players at every position.

              If Luke Williams becomes starter level at say LF (2ish WAR), that would be huge for the Phillies.

            2. Williams or Torreyes up, Kingery down. Only thing major league about Kingery is his salary. Definition of “flash in the pan”.

  3. Really! How can Milbers expected to not be behind in hitting and/or pitching. LOST a year in development( plus Phillies inadequate development system) what would everyone expect.
    Players ( Top Prospect/Draft had access to alternate site) System accomplished were left out plus New MGT decisions. New Boss, New Staff. Covid affect

  4. Haseley coming back, which I think is great news for the young man. He’ll get 30 days before they need to put him back on the 40, and dropping someone else. The Phils have to decide about Torreyes also, who is not on the 40 right now. Maton making the decision tough but I think they want him to play every day. Adding Torreyes will cost someone else’s spot on the 40.
    As for Kingery, he’ll go down as soon as Quinn is ready to return which could be this weekend.

    1. Today was 30 days from when he went on the RL.
      Hopefully he can get his swing back at LHV…or maybe stay at CLW.
      I would think he would have kept himself in physical shape, just maybe now get his timing back at the plate.

  5. I would keep Haseley at LHV the entire year assuming Herrera plays decently. Herrera and Quinn can man CF. Haseley hasn’t proven anything anywhere and Moniak even less. People keep hoping against hope for those two. Let them do something at AAA for an entire season.

    I have said this before and will keep saying it. Maton needs to stay on the team. He will get enough chances. Didi and Segura are getting hurt more frequently. I don’t want Maton getting on a plane and flying to Phoenix and needing to play the same day. Those two also get hurt in the middle of games. The Phillies may not win that game the other night without Maton when DiDi got injured in the 5th inning. It also sends a bad clubhouse message when a kid like Maton gets sent down.

  6. Rooting for Haseley. He will be the regular CF next year after the Phils release Hererra.

  7. Reading has some 26 year old pitchers who stink that have to be on the clock to get cut. Sorry, tough appraisal but good Lord. On a positive note Vierling looks like he’s due a promotion sometime soon to Lehigh Valley.

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