Open Discussion: Week of April 18, 2021

The Phillies are 8-7 overall, 2-4 this week.  They went 0-3 against the division foe Mets and 2-1 against the Cardinals.

Not a pretty week.  But, the real Aaron Nola showed up this weekend.  And, the Phillies are 2-0 in games Mickey Moniak started.

I know there’s a lot of frustration over center field.  But, remember, Moniak was sent to Allentown for a reason.  He can’t possibly have gotten the seasoning and experience he was going to get for a few months in a couple weeks.  Be patient.  He hasn’t cost the team a game yet.  Yes, he’s here two, maybe three months too early.  But, he’s the future centerfielder.  And, even though he has six strikeouts, he hasn’t looked lost at the plate.  This team has too many other warts surfacing to be a real threat for a wild card.  May as well get him as much playing time as possible.  I believe he’s going to be better.

The back end of the rotation and parts of the bullpen are still giving fans pause.  Rotation help will probably come from Allentown when the Phillies have given up on their 4th, 5th, and long men.  The guys performing the best up there among pitchers who are stretched out are probably Falter, Medina, or Morales.  Howard isn’t really being stretched.  He threw a 32-pitch inning for the Phillies in relief.  I heard that was about how many pitches he was throwing in Allentown each appearance.  He just threw 37 pitches Sunday to get 5 outs.  He had 2 strikeouts in a 1-2-3 first inning then rolled his second after 2 hits, a run, a walk, and 2 more Ks.  I don’t know who might get the next call for relief help.

I think the Phillies’ actions this week make it clear that Odubel Herrera will never again play for the Phillies.

I don’t know what I hate seeing more – Roman Quinn’s ridiculously long swing or his pathetic attempts to bunt.

I see the reactions of people here and on social media to the changes to baseball that are being discussed.  Like most people, I am loath to accept change.  However, you would be surprised at which changes I am rooting for.  But, that’s not what this piece is about.  I have a suggestion that would be better than moving the mound back and should even delay any decisions on shifting.  So, give it a thought.

There was a time that a strike was defined as a ball that passes through the zone above home plate.  So, how about we take away the corners and edges and redefine a strike as a pitch that travels over home plate.  Completely over home plate.  That would shave away about 2.90 inches from each side of the plate.  Plus the extra inches umpires mistakenly give pitchers each game.

This should put more balls in play, reduce walks and strikeouts, increase home runs.  Win. Win. Win. And, win.  Of course, pitchers will still try and nibble around the inside of the box, but pitches will effectively be more consistently closer to the sweet spots within the strike zone.

Of course, umpires will have to adjust to a new strike zone. And, they have never shown the ability to deviate from the individual strike zones they each protect.  So, robo-umps will solve that problem.  That’ll leave the umpires free to watch the clock and see that pitchers and batters keep the game moving.

Monday’s ST games have already been canceled due to expected rain.  I’ll be back Tuesday.  Mick Abel was supposed to make his game debut toward the end of the week on the backfield.  We’ll see if the rain pushes that back.

Still, no spectators.

This is the Alt Site Roster.

My estimates of …

The Phillies’ running payroll is $191,091,962.

The Phillies’ salary against the competitive balance tax is $202,454,782.

The Phillies’ margin under the CBT threshold of $210M is $7,545,218. (spreadsheet)

This is the Phuture Phillies Open Discussion for Phillies and other baseball topics.

Key Dates:

  • April 1, 2021 – Phillies’ home opener v. Braves
  • April 3, 2021 – ST for minor leagues begins
  • May 4, 2021 – Opening day for all four full-season affiliates
  • June 25, 2021 – Close of the 2020 international signing period
  • July 11-13, 2021 – 2021 Amateur Draft
  • October 2, 2021 – Phillies clinch a playoff berth in Miami

The rosters and lists are up to date as of April 18th … 318 players in the org

Transactions (newest transactions are in bold print)

There are 12 players who are not in the Phillies Media Guide who I am not counting in the total for the organization. I’m carrying them in their own section on the sheets.

4/16/2021 – Reading released C Nerluis Martinez
4/14/2021 – Phillies optioned RHP Spencer Howard to Alternate Training Site
4/14/2021 – Phillies placed CF Adam Haseley on the RL
4/14/2021 – Phillies recalled CF Mickey Moniak
4/13/2021 – Phillies recalled RHP Spencer Howard from Alternate Training Site
4/11/2021 – Phillies recalled LHP JoJo Romero from the Alternate Training Site
4/11/2021 – Phillies placed RHP Archie Bradley on the 10-day IL
4/03/2021 – Lehigh Valley activated RHP Mark Appel from the RL
4/02/2021 – SS C.J. Chatham assigned to Reading Fightin Phils

349 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 18, 2021

  1. Who would have thought budgeting only $7 million for the back end of the rotation would result in a substandard product. You can only get away with that if you have guys who are just entering arbitration. I have seen a lot of comments on here that backend starters are fungible. Well the Phillies have done a terrible job of funging them for the better part of a decade.

    1. Ideally, the 4th starter would have been Spencer Howard, Ranger Suarez or some young pitcher. But the pandemic wiped out the minor league season so we don’t have any of that but that said, neither does anybody else. In the end, pitching is expensive and the Phillies are paying the price early on.

      But let’s face it, nobody has 5 aces so at least 1 starter on every team is likely to not perform. Drew Smyly got $11M and he’s already on the DL. James Paxton got $8.5M and he’s headed to TJ.

      It could be worse, look at the Nationals. Strasburg is on the DL yet again and he’s owed $105M after this season. I mentioned previously that Corbin was declining and he’s having a disastrous start to the season. He’s owed $83M after this season.

      1. Guru…Strasburg has some shoulder issues ..inflammation…that is not a god sign.
        Braves have a few also down for the count…fried I think is one.
        So Phillies and Mets are fortunate so far, with their top three starters.

        1. Acuna, was holding his right ribcage last night, Albies was hit in the knee the day before.

    1. Strike Zone is definitely a pet peeve of mine. The one I hate the most is a strike not called because the catcher sets up inside/outside and the pitcher misses the location but the pitch is clearly a strike.

      These umps are getting almost instant feedback on their calls behind the plate after each game. It would be really interesting to see their stats published for public view LOL.

      Those not cutting it get sent to the minors

      1. I always thought that a little wire in their pants that would buzz their left butt cheek for a ball and right one for a strike would be an instant critique.

        1. LOL…Angel Hernandez, Laz Diaz and one other that escapes me now, seem to have come under a lot of flack these last few years for their umpiring.

        2. I’m thinking more like an electronic collar on a dog. Where you get a mild electronic shock if you miscue and the intensity is dialed up with each transgression. By game end some of the blue crew would be standing straight up.

  2. I hate the idea of Robo Umps for Homeplate but I think that I am moving towards “voting” for the idea now. I would like to have batters and pitchers feel that a strike is a strike and a ball is a ball, no more trying to figure out the umps strikezone per game.

    1. Just one more way to ruin the game, people Lets make it all zoom no fans, large bases, three infielders no shortstop, no bunting allowed, four strikes, killing this game, and the start was saber, like when someone says bunting a man in positon with no outs to second is bad move, But what isnt taken into account is, when you get him in scoring position what are the chances he scores with top of lineup or middle compared to botton, saber is nothing but people trying to outsmart the game,

      1. I think it is just my frustration when a umpire controls the game by being a “pitchers ump” or a “batters ump”. Probably got me thinking of a robo ump when the Braves got all the calls when Glavine and Maddux pitched 6 inches off the plate and got the calls.

        1. That’s a “Bingo!”, Denny. I have resented the strike zone that Maddux and Glavine got for decades. The unfairness led me to drift away from baseball. When the talking heads reminisce about the greatness of those two pitchers, I always wonder how great they would have been if they had the same strike zone as our Phillies’ pitchers. And if they would have made it into the HOF.

          1. 100% agreed Jim. Those two have always been the most egregious abuses of the zone. I have no idea how they continually got balls called as strikes for so long. One game here or there, ok. But those two lived outside the zone and continually got calls. It enraged me

      2. It would seem to me with the technology we have today an UMP could wear a device that vibrates each time a strike is thrown.

        Fans don’t even need to know this is going on. As you’re watching from home you’re thinking wow this ump is really calling a good game haha.

      3. LOL……zoom it!
        Very good rocco.
        Hey…as for the ABS… has been doing it for 20 plus years…it works…..

        “Players subject to the ABS will be measured before their first game, and the top of the strike zone will be 56% of their height and the bottom 28%. The strike zone will be measured two-dimensionally at the front of home plate. “We have a significant amount of accuracy in this new system, I think slightly plus or minus 0.1 inches,” he said. “The technology has really matured and gotten to the point where it’s ready to go. The delay in terms of the next step in terms of trying to implement the automated-ball strike system is really getting the players to understand how it works and try to get feedback on the shape and the design of the zone and other sort of behind the scenes features about how the system is sort of structured and communicated with players.”

        ….you cannot beat the accuracy
        And still need a home plate ump for other things.

        1. This does call into question the top and the bottom of the strike zone that we see on TV. Are they really customizing it for tall players like Aaron Judge and short players like Jose Altuve? I’ve kind of noticed there are some really low implied strikes for Bohm and it would make sense that the box is not perfect. Now whether one has to measure each player electronically before using that is a different question.

          In general I am a fan of the automatic zone. It really wasn’t that much of an issue until we saw it on TV all the time. But now that it is there and the technology is relatively inexpensive, just go ahead and do it. Not sure if any type of tennis appeal system would work also, as it would slow down the game too much.

          1. from watching so many umps in youth games who have no idea where the outside corner in and they call strikes where you’d rip a kid if he swung at a pitch so far off the plate….ive wondered- would an umpire be able to call strikes better from behind the pitcher than behind the catcher?

  3. I am with you, Denny. I was against it, but am now moving towards Robo calls for balls and strikes. There is just too much discrepancy from Ump to Ump and game to game. I think that jim is correct about Herrera. To me, he was the best current option to play CF, and Mickey M. needed more time at Allentown. A month-6 weeks should show what Herrera is. I just want the team to do well. I have no horse in the race. I completely understand why they don’t want to deal with the agg of calling him up, and I was never a big fan of his. But, aside from the other issues, he can probably hit better than .043. If we had not signed Moore at $3M and traded Vinny, that’s $4M, is there someone we could have signed at $7M that would have been a better option for the SR?

    1. We keep pointing at CF but let’s face it LF has been pretty awful as well and that position is batting lead off. 3B is struggling and 1B has been ok but lack luster by most 1B metrics.

      As for pitcher Guru notes above it was a crap shoot. Two of the lefties that ended up costing close to $20 mil…one is on the DL and one is done for the season.

      If you want to use hindsight maybe you say they could have gone Rondon who signed for only 1 year $3 mil.

  4. From an NL perspective and we’re not even through a months worth of games everything is really tight. No more than 3 games separate the bottom from top in the East and Central.

    Only the west has its bottom teams more than 3.5 games out. 7 D-Backs and 9 Rockies.

  5. About rule changes:

    I didn’t think I would like any of the alterations to the game MLB wanted to implement last season … until they were actually made. I like the DH. I like the “man on second” xtra inning rule. And I love the 7 inning double headers.

    Having said that … instead of moving the mound back (which could possibly lead to arm injuries?), I’d rather they move first base closer. Instead of 90′ from home to first, how about 89′? That might promote some batters to cut down on their huge swings and hit the ball on the ground more, or even bunt for base hits. The big swings are the main reason for batters pulling the ball. Pulling the ball has lead to defensive shifts. So maybe an 89′ dash to first could possibly lessen shifts. At the very least, runners on base make it more difficult for clubs to shift. Just an idea.

    1. I’m just trying to figure out what is the real problem with baseball and not a perception of what is wrong with baseball.

      It was my understanding the real problem with baseball was pace of play and length of games.

      How does moving the mound back address that problem? If anything it will just exacerbate the problem.

      1. At some point, I would think the owners will tire of the 10th Commissioner in MLB history, and his continual and ever changing tinkering. And after 6 years now….he has not found any semblance of peace with the current game. He works at the pleasure of the 30 owners and his current term expires 2024.
        If December’s CBA talks do not produce positive results for both ownership and the MLBPA, and the game faces a lock-out or shut-down in 2022, this could be his last term..

        1. I suppose there could be Jim. IMO I think there are two problems mainly the biggest being pace of play and length of games.

          The second for me is shifts. Personally I don’t view Ks as the problem. I liked watching Tug strike out Willie Wilson for the final out of the 80 WS and Brad Lidge K of Hinske to win 2008.

          Shifts have caused the increase in K rate. Personally I believe shifts have caused an exponential increase in the launch angle craze.

          Subsequently pitchers made an easy adjustment to pitch above that swing path.
          But I’m just one guy. If you ask 13 guys you’d probably get 13 different answers.

  6. Rocco, sometimes change is good, sometimes it is needed. Perhaps you would prefer that there were never any changes Here are 6 of the original 20 rules that would significantly change today’s game.

    – “The game to consist of twenty-one counts, or aces; but at the conclusion an equal number of hands must be played.” (21 runs wins the game. Counts and aces are runs, hands are innings.)

    – “The ball must be pitched, not thrown, for the bat.” (Pitched = underhand)

    – “A ball knocked out of the field, or outside the range of the first and third base, is foul.” (Any struck ball that bounced into foul territory was foul, no matter where it was when it passed first base.)

    – “If a ball be struck, or tipped, and caught, either flying or on the first bound, it is a hand out.” (A batter was out if a ball was caught on the fly or on one bounce.)

    – “All disputes and differences relative to the game, to be decided by the Umpire, from which there is no appeal. (No appeals, no replays)

    – “But one base allowed when a ball bounds out of the field when struck. (Ground rule single)

    1. Yes, but there was a lot of alcohol consumed at this meeting; I know, I was serving. I was a big proponent that only pretty girls can sit behind the backstop. Didn’t pass, but it was a close vote.

  7. I believe Aaron Nola has retaken the WAR lead of all players drafted in 2014.

    Nola 22.5
    Matt Chapman 20
    Trea Turner 19.4

    I still can’t believe the Padres traded Turner away.

  8. In the 2016 draft, Mickey Moniak went #1. Who has the most WAR of any player drafted in 2016? That’s right, 4th round pick Shane Bieber with 10 WAR. That 2016 first round was not pretty.

    1. May be wrong, but I believe Howie Roseman does some outside draft consulting for the Phillies to supplement his income…..or maybe it is pro bono!

    2. Thank goodness the Phils didn’t take Blake Rutherford. He’ll turn 24 in a couple weeks and I saw that Fangraphs currently has him rated as the 17th best prospect in the White Sox system.

      Of course, a lot of folks wanted the Phils to take Groome. Here’s what Fangraphs wrote about him in its Red Sox rankings: “he arrived for instructs again looking soft-bodied and weighing in at a listed 262 pounds. His velocity was down in the upper-80s and low-90s rather than in the low-to-mid 90s. Boston added him to the 40-man anyway, but it’s clear a big part of Groome’s future depends on his ability to keep his body in check, which he hasn’t done consistently.”

      1. This is why I say that the baseball draft is a crapshoot. I mean, how many elite players does a draft put out? In 2016, it looks like it’s only 1. So if you get lucky and get an elite player in a draft, you did your job. Heck, if you get a solid starter, you did your job.

        1. I do agree the 2016 was weak. However, there were a few more pretty/very good players drafted that year.

          2nd round: Bo Bichette & Pete Alonso
          3rd round: Sean Murphy, Jesus Luzardo, Dustin May,& Zac Gallen
          4th round: Corbin Burnes, Joey Lucchesi, & Shane Bieber (you mentioned)
          5th round: Cavan Biggio
          9th round: Tony Gonsolin
          12th round: Zach Plesac

          1. So Phillies had a chance at all of these guys. But we got
            1-Mickey Moniak, OF
            2-Kevin Gowdy, P
            3-Craig Stobbe, 3B
            4-JoJo Romero, P
            5- Cole Irvin , P
            6-David Martinelli, OF
            7-Henri Lartigue, C
            8-Grant Dyer, P
            8-Blake Quinn, P
            10-Juluan Garcia, P (might be something special)
            11-Josh Stephens, OF
            12- Justin Miller, P

          2. The flip side for me, as the Indians are my other team (grew up there), what an absolutely ass-kickingly great draft for Cleveland!

            1. Me too, but probably before your time. Bob Feller, Mike Garcia, Early Wynn, Herb Score, Bob Lemon, Jim Hegan, Vic Wentz, Bobby Avila, Larry Doby, Gene Woodling, Al Rosen and Harry “suitcase” Simpson.

          3. You just named 12 players for 30 drafting teams. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that a lot of teams will end up with no starters from this draft

            1. Yes, it is very difficult drafting baseball players. Who cares if you are a Phillies fan. The Phillies are a perennial .500 or worse team with a bottom 1/3 farm system. The Phillies need to draft much better if they want to be a top team and organization. Otherwise, be satisified with perennial mediocrity.

              I sure hope Middleton doesn’t have the attitude that it is difficult drafting baseball players so give us a break, Phillies fans, that we are a .500 or worse team with a bottom 1/3 farm system.

              I don’t think Middleton has that attitude otherwise he wouldn’t have replaced the guy in charge of the draft and the player development director. And I don’t much care for Middelton.

            2. @NL, I’m not giving the Phillies a break, I’m just stating facts. It’s a results oriented business and if the scouting directory of the Phillies gets canned because of poor drafting I don’t have a problem with that.

            3. Yes. Drafting is hard. I agree with you. The teams who draft best, see on-field results over the following decade.
              Look at the Phillies renaissance from 2007-2012. The club’s drafting was spectacular in the 10 years leading up to that time.

              1. Adam Eaton … 4.6 bWAR
              2. Jimmy Rollins … 47.6 bWAR

              1. JD Drew … 44.9 bWAR
              2. Randy Wolf … 22.8 bWAR

              1. Pat Burrell … 18.9 bWAR
              4. Jason Michaels … 5.6 bWAR

              1. Brett Myers … 14.6 bWAR
              10. Marlon Byrd … 25.8 bWAR

              1. Chase Utley … 64.5 bWAR

              1. Gavin Floyd … 15.7 bWAR
              5. Ryan Howard … 14.7 bWAR

              1. Cole Hamels … 59.1 bWAR

              4. Michael Bourn … 22.8 bWAR
              7. Kyle Kendrick … 4.6 bWAR

              3. JA Haap … 23.1 bWAR

              They later drafted:

              Lou Marson 2004
              Josh Outman 2005
              Kyle Drabek 2006
              Adrian Cardenas 2006
              Jason Donald 2006
              Travis d’Arnaud 2007
              Michael Taylor 2007
              Jason Knapp 2008
              Jarred Cosart 2008
              Jon Singelton 2009

              Not all became MLB performers, but they were used to help the Phillies acquire key pieces for their playoff clubs.

              The Dodgers and Braves are the two best teams in the NL now thanks in large part to their drafting prowess.

      2. May be wrong on this…but believe Mickey Mo, Blake Rutherford and former Phillies prospect Josh Stephen all played in southern Cal High School ball around the same time.

        1. Yes, although Moniak was in San Diego (different CIF Section, so couldn’t even play the others in the playoffs), Stephen was in Orange County, and Rutherford in LA County. The last two play in probably the two best high school leagues in the country (Stephen was in the Trinity League (five Catholic schools in Orange County, plus Orange Lutheran) and Rutherford in the Mission League (six Catholic schools in LA County, plus Harvard-Westlake).

          Just to give you a sense of what the high school competition can be like in these leagues, this year JSerra (whose 2016 squad included 2017 #1 overall pick Royce Lewis, 2019 1st round pick Davis Wendzel, and 2019 second-round pick Chase Strumpf) has 13 D1 commits on its roster. 13! Though not all seniors . . . but the senior class this year has 4 UCLA signees, an Arkansas signee, and a Univ of Washington signee. People in Southern California don’t realize how unusual that is.

          1. Competition must be of very high caliber.
            Then you have the AAU teams and the other summer circuit all-star teams from that area made up of those HS quality players.
            JP Crawford played with Dom Smith of the Mets back 8 years ago from southern Cali.

          2. Hi Phan, are you in SoCal? My son plays at JSerra – amazing program, and the Trinity League is a BEAST. League play begins next week. Thanks for the callout.

      3. but, just to rub a few raw spots rawer…. i believe the Red Sox #5 starter and former Phillie, is 2 wins zero losses.

    3. corbin burnes also went in 4th round of that draft..536k bonus; bieber got 420k;
      first pick of round Jo Jo Romero got 800k

  9. Alvarado, Moore and Torryes on IL, Covid protocol, Sanchez, Jones and Maton recalled

    1. What happened? Alvarado warmed up in the bullpen yesterday.

      Didi has a sore elbow so Nick Maton is making his ML debut at SS tonight.

      1. If there’s one guy who could surprise us all and become a pretty decent major league hitter, it’s Nick Maton. I think he’s got a decent chance to be a solid major leaguer.

  10. Wow, I just browsed the Giants roster, that is a seriously old team. Most of their hitters are 30+ in age. This is a team that needs to tank and trade off whatever they can at the trade deadline.

  11. Always liked Nick Maton. Could never understand why the Phillies seemed to rate Gamboa higher than him. There wasn’t a single thing Gamboa could do better than Maton.

    As for Josh Stephen, I think he is a pure hitter but subpar fielding, throwing and is an average runner. I also think the Phillies have given him the shaft. He wasn’t at the alternate site last year and has never been invited to spring training. They invited Matt Vierling and Ortiz over him this year. Don’t believe he was in the FIL last year although I could be wrong. He had a decent hitting year at Reading in 2019, on the same par as Moniak with 100 less AB’s, although he did strikeout way too much. Would just like to see him get 400 ABs and see what they have.

      1. Yes, he’s still here. His father was in town last week. I think Josh is injured though. He should have been in the Double-A games I watched if he’s not at the Alternate Site (which is where he should be).

  12. Romus, C.B. is one of the most inconsistent umpires. He has called several balls strikes to night. I have a question that someone may know. I have MLB Extra Inning package. I get almost all of the Phillies games during the year. However, I probably get the opponent announcers probably 70 percent of the time. I asked Mark Patrick who is the Dad of Drew Storen a few years back and he was not sure. Over the weekend all games were broadcast by Cardinals. Tonight it is the Giant broadcast. Sometimes both are aired but very rarely is is the Phillies. Does anyone know if it deals with who does the broadcasts? I have never figured it out. Thanks.

    1. with you usually get your choice of tv
      broadcasts and if the tv is only the opposing team’s you can watch the tv {roku) and listen to the phillies radio on the computer. it does take a little fiddling to get the two synced up.

      1. I have Direct TV. Then the Extra Inning package which is my best deal. It is like $29 a month. Lots of games have both broadcasts at same time. I was scrolling through last night. But for some reason usually Phillies are on the opponent broadcast. It is not a big deal. You just get a different perspective. Game is the same. I just wondered if the tv packages the Phillies have is some reason for it. Thanks.

    2. Don…correct….Buckner was the guy I forgot, I remembered instantly after the first inning last night…….Diaz, Hernandez and Buckner….well below average umpires at the plate.
      They should have home plate umps and base umps…specialization umpiring….the athletes do it……not very football payer can be the QB, not every MLB player can start and pitch, etc etc.
      Home plate umpiring is critical to the outcome of a game.

      1. Good point, Romus. That definitely has merit, but I think it is more grueling behind the plate and to do it day in and day out will take its toll before too long.

  13. He is just overmatched at this point in time. This past inning is what I have watched with my grandson’s travel. Constantly get runners in scoring position and then fail to score with less than 2 outs. Phillies get 2 runs in inning with simply 2 infield groundouts. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of the game today to me. It was not like Gausman was throwing the ball 100 mph. Just put the ball in play.

  14. You have to give Maton a pass since it’s his first game but Gaussman struck out MM and Maton without throwing 1 fastball. MM needs to realize how pitchers are going to go after him. He’s not getting fastballs until he can lay off the non-fastballs.

  15. Moniak, to my disappointment, looks completely overmatched. He has looked good the last two springs but missing an AAA season seems to have really set him back. I still think there is potential there but I think he could spend this year in Lehigh…….seems like he’s been around forever, but he still is young. If he wasn’t drafted 1.1 we might consider him to be “on track”.

    1. For the most part, you can’t rely on ST to predict future results. Pretty sure that in ST, Moniak wasn’t getting a barrage of non-fastballs. He’s still young, and he could yet turn out to be starter level, but the odds of that are declining.

    2. Bring up Odubel — Now!

      The Phillies cannot continue to go oh-forever at centerfield. Odubel is the one proven Major League centerfielder. despite his inconsistency. Bring him up now.

      This is not practice. This is not spring training. This is the real season for a team that needs to win every game it can to reach the play offs.

      I understand what Jim says about Odubel not playing and he is plugged in and I will respect that he is right. But from any sane point of view, Odubel needs to be brought up and given a chance.

      As for Mickey Moniak, I’m sorry that he missed an important year of AAA because of Covid. But that’s life. Players missed several prime years because of World War II and the Korean War. Moniak can miss a season go back to AAA to get the growth he needs, and then come back late this year or in 2022 and be the player we need.

      Finally, I would not give up entirely on Adam Haseley. Obviously, I know nothing about his state of mind. However, I do know that William Tecumseh Sherman and Doc Halladay took time out for mental breaks and came back strong.

      1. Absolutely right, Frank, about this not being practice. Guys like Moniak and Howard are no longer prospects. They are now major league players and the sole purpose of them being drafted, signed (huge dollars) developed and coached in the minors is for them to help the big club win games.

        I read a quote many years ago from somebody that said just that and it stuck with me. Once you reach the majors you lose your prospect status and your only job is to win games for the big club.

      2. I think this is a joke, and a cruel one at that, played on Odubel.

        My guess is that the worst Odubel would do if he gets a chance is be a replacement level player (2 WAR or so, over a full year), which is way better than what we have now. Most likely, he close to average or better, which is an enormous upgrade over the current zero value players who are out there.

        If you’re going to bury him and not let him play, at this point, it is a studied exercise in cruelty. It’s mean-spirited and, it’s wrong, aside from being really stupid (which it also is). Either bring him up or release him already and stop playing games with a person who has done everything he was asked to do to rehabilitate himself.

        The team has a right not to want this guy around, so, fine, dump him already if you’re not going to play him.

        1. By the way, I don’t mean this as a comment on Mickey’s future. He could end up being a good player, but he is obviously struggling right now and might be helped by about 200-300 ABs at AAA.

        2. “The team has a right not to want this guy around, so, fine, dump him already if you’re not going to play him.”….they already DFAed him, he is not on the 40… I think he is free to go to whomever contacts him and signs him ….but they will have to pick up his existing contract…..and that may be the biggest hang-up

          1. Of course it’s the biggest hang-up – until he re-establishes himself in the majors he’s not worth anything close to that contract price.

            1. But he’s a sunk cost.

              It boggles my mind that, given that he’s a former All-Star and was twice a 4+ WAR player and still has a hell of a lot to prove that he’s not even being given a chance. Literally, every other player has done as poorly as he could possibly do and still youngish Odubel can’t even get a short tryout? It makes no sense.

          2. Herrera was really kept around because of the potential for COVID to wipe out part of the season. The contract is a sunk cost, but if he had been released before last year they would have paid him 100% of his contract rather than the pro-rated 60 games. So it is to the Phillies advantage to keep him in limbo. Herrera could cut a deal with the Phillies to arrange for his release, but that would not be in his financial interest either.

    3. Every year we do this…every year we say a player “looks good in spring” based on some early spring at bats.

      Does everyone realize that Mickey was 3-6 (2 homers and a double) in his first 6 spring ABs. When the pitchers were just getting loose and throwing mostly fastballs to build arm strength. His 2 homer game were against pitchers not on the Yankees team. From that point forward, he was 3 for 18, including 1 for his last 13.

      The scouting report on Mickey is that he doesn’t hit soft stuff well. And we saw that last night. Gausman was just toying with him. 3 off-speed pitches out of the zone.

      Moniak had over 1,600 PAs in the minors and had a career .302 OB%. He is definitely better than his 0-12 start would indicate, but he will never be a very productive MLB starter.

      We need to add 2 quality outfielders this off-season as Cutch is done as well.

  16. Moniak is absolutely terrible. He’s looked worse than Quinn and didn’t think that was possible. Get Herrera up now.

  17. Or maybe we can trade for Aristides Aquino …the Reds have a surplus of outfielders and Aquino can play all outfield positions and hit for power. I don’t think it would take a big prospect to land him. Maybe something could be worked out. I believe their catcher Barnhardt is a free agent next year and we certainly have good catching prospects that will be blocked for a couple years. Worth a discussion.

    1. Hal….Aquino has definitely the power swing as you say….but he also fallen overall at the plate a lot in the last two years……all of that unusual season last year…and at the end of 2019…..teams may have found how to pitch to him.
      His slash for Sept 2019…..196/.236/.382

    2. Yes , probably have. Breaking ball causes him trouble but if we could get .240 -.250 average and over 20 home runs and fairly decent defense I would take it considering the options. As I said, No Howard, Stott or Abel would be necessary to obtain him.

  18. I respect jim’s opinion and his inside information. But, I think they bring Herrera up for the next road trip. I think they play in St. Louis and Colorado. Mickey belongs in AAA getting to play while still developing his game. This is not fair to him or the team. He missed all of last season. Sure, it’s early, but Ws in April still count.

    1. Who gets DFAed when Odubel is put on the 40……Roman Quinn may be the one.
      There are some pitchers that would seem likely be let go also.

        1. I thought he would go last month….but they seem to like his potential I assume.
          He is getting older and still has not made any sort of meaningful dentation at the MLB level.

      1. They don’t need to DFA anyone unless Haseley comes back but it sounds like he’s going to be away awhile. Hope he gets right.

  19. Again are we just going to ignore the production we’re getting out of LF and the lead off spot in the line-up?

    Look at RISP LOB last night. It wasn’t MM or Maton…

      1. He’s a class act I would never want him disrespected but it can’t be ignored much longer.

        But some are posting nasty things about our CFers with little to no MLB service time and the broadcasters are amplifying it. Joe and DD should look in the mirror. They constructed this team.

        You wanna be angry at someone and name names make it those two.

        1. More than likely he w=il be dropped in the lineup….no other options long term this season.
          I do not blame Dave D or Joe…they inherited Cutch from Klentak’s signing of him at the bequest of none other than ,Gabriel Kapler.

        2. “Joe and DD should look in the mirror. They constructed this team.”

          Oh give me a break! DD got here at the last minute and was in triage mode with almost no cap flexibility. He didn’t construct this team!!!! It’s amazing he was able to shore up the bullpen in such a short period of time – seriously amazing. It’s April 20 and I’m sure he still assessing everything and figuring out what to do and, by the way, not panicking too much, lest he make a stupid move.

          I slammed DD before he got here, but thank God for him. If you had Klentak here, this team would be like 4-12. Don’t blame him, be grateful he’s here!

          And don’t blame Girardi either – he’s not the GM!

          1. Agree……this team is basically Matt Klentak’s construction as it stands right now.
            I am confident Dave D will make the moves in time to get it on the right track.

          2. but isn’t it fair to say that Girardi has done basically what Kapler did over his tenure but with a better roster? I haven’t been impressed w Girardi one bit . . . not saying he needs to go or anything but he’s sure nothing special, or at least hasn’t shown it so far.

          3. Catch so you’re cool with those that want to blame Haseley MM and Quinn? You have guys on here saying “he’s terrible, he stinks he belongs in AAA yada yada”

            All I’m saying is why are some lashing out at those kids. They don’t decide who’s on the roster or in the LU every night.

            Oh right Mickey since he was the 1:1 can call the league office and say hey I’m sending myself down I’m just not ready and oh by the way we are going to purchase the contract of Herrera and bring him up.

            That requires a 40 man move so I’m going to designate so and so. Got that? Mr. Dombrowski or his assistant will send over the paperwork. C YA

            1. Well, first of all, I can blame Klentak and MacPhail, and certainly won’t blame DD. This isn’t his fault at all!

              As for spots on the 40-man – there’s a whole bunch of guys who wouldn’t make me pause a second if they were dropped. Ronald Torreyes? Roman Quinn? Suggesting MM has to be removed is a false choice. There are plenty of bad players to choose from.

            2. DMAR….as one poster mentioned earlier…Haseley is on the ‘restricted list’….so his 40 spot is vacated.
              “Players on restricted lists do not count towards the Reserved List or Active List limits. A player may remain on this list for two consecutive years before he is removed”.

  20. Did anyone else find the reaction to be weird when Segura hit his 200 double? I could be wrong but i’ve never seen a game stop and a player tip his cap for 200 (I realize it didn’t stop for more than a second or 2 but still seemed weird).

    1. Only needs 11 more doubles and tied for 996 or 1004 place in MLB history:

      Duke Farrell 211 996
      Todd Frazier 211
      Tito Fuentes 211
      Charles Johnson 211
      John Mayberry 211 1000
      Cody Ross 211
      Howie Shanks 211
      Dan Wilson 211

        1. “Howie Shanks died of a coronary occlusion on July 30, 1941….at age 51. He was entertaining family and his pastor on the porch at his home in Monaca, PA. He excused himself for a few moments, went into the living room, and died. He had just remarked, that very day, that he had never felt better in his life”.

    2. Not really, I remember something similar for Harper when he got his 1000 hit I think. If the fans are clapping, you should tip your hat.

  21. DMAR, not ignoring the LF production, at all. I have always been a Cutch fan, but his bat looks slow, and I am definitely concerned. But, he has a track record, so I am willing to give him more time to get right. CF is much more concerning, IMO. Also, Chase Anderson has not pitched poorly, he just can’t go too long, so needs BP help. Moore, OTOH, has been much less effective, and we can’t afford 2 guys who can’t give us many innings. So, after CF, and before LF, my concern is SP #5, and I move Anderson up to #4. With Howard not being stretched out to potentially start, we are very weak depth wise. I can’t go through another Vinny experience as a SP.

    1. Cutch is going to get some leash at LF because of his veteran status and the money he’s making. But he’s not barreling the ball at all and he’s hitting straight into the shift. Multiple times, he’s had a decent pitch to hit and hit it to the SS. You have to figure that Matt Joyce will start taking some time away from him very soon.

      Nobody knows if Haseley is coming back this year. And if he does, he’ll need time to get back into game shape and to see live balls. Moniak is clearly not ready and it seems that Girardi has lost faith in Quinn. The announcers mentioned that it was curious that bottom of the ninth against a LH pitcher and Knapp came up to hit instead of Quinn. I’m assuming that the Phillies are waiting for Kingery to hit more before bringing him up to play CF. But really, how long can the Phillies wait, especially with Herrera there. If the Phillies didn’t want anything to do with Herrera, they would have cut him and ate his contract and be done with him.

      Chase Anderson was signed as a #5 pitcher and he has probably pitched slightly better than I thought. In general, a #5 pitcher should give you 5 innings and a low 5 ERA. He’s done better that. I think when Matt Moore was signed, the Phillies thought he could give 6 innings, with a mid 4 ERA. He hasn’t come close to that. But it’s still early and we’ll see what happens. And yes, our starting depth is not good right now.

  22. On a separate note, although I was no fan of Amaro’s as a GM, he’s been a very good TV commentator and he’s pretty honest and frank. It’s refreshing.

    As an example, yesterday he was asked whether, when he was drafted, the team thought Nola was a future ace/#1. Amaro, said, no, they didn’t project him as an ace and that he has far outperformed expectations. He confirmed what we always thought at the time, which was that the team was in a hurry and wanted to draft a guy who they thought would get to the majors as quickly as possible. It’s funny that the team’s best draft in the last 10 years (2014 – Nola and Hoskins), was the one where they were probably had the most questionable draft philosophy. I’m not sure what my takeaway is on that, but I think it does show the element of luck in the draft and also how hard it is to project high schoolers, particularly hitters (if you look back, the team’s biggest draft blunders have consistently been with HS hitters – it’s like a very painful and broken record for a Phillies fan).

    1. I think the Phillies got lucky with Nola. I believe the Phillies were hot for Nick Gordon and that when it came time for the Phillies to pick, Nola was the best available so they picked him. Note that the following 2 players selected after Nola were also college pitchers. Imagine if the Phillies picked Freeman or Hoffman instead of Nola.

      1. Usually, when a team drafts well after, say, the 5th pick in the draft, they often get a guy who was probably not first on their draft board. I mean, if the Phillies had their way in 2000, they would have draft Rocco Baldelli and not Chase Utley. There’s almost always some luck involved.

      1. People don’t realize this but a #3 pitcher is hard to find. You’ll be surprised how much a #3 pitcher will get in FA.

        As a note, I consider Eflin to be a #3 pitcher.

        1. A solid #3 is probably worth about $10-17 million a year. I think both T. Walker and Stroman on the Mets are #3 pitchers and that’s roughly what they make.

          1. I do think Taijuan Walker is close to a 3 but he got $10M per year because he’s been hurt a lot. Stroman is probably closer to a 2 but his size will always be against him.

            I think a #3 pitcher will command around $14-20M per year.

  23. I really like Amaro as an analyst. I would like to see him become the full-time TV analyst. I am really tired of Kruk’s act. Adds nothing but his good old boy schtick. Ben Davis is average. Schmidt is probably the best but he would never agree to be full-time.

    1. The wife loves Kruk she thinks he’s funny. I like the rotation of all 3 of them to be honest. They all bring a unique perspective.

      1. What ya really gotta love is Larry Anderson. In reference to the anniversary of Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run, he was asked if he remembers what he was doing on that date in 1987. Probably blowing a save, Anderson responded.

        PS: I also very much like Amaro and like DMAR, I like the rotation, too.

  24. Probably sometime by the end of May-middle of June, the team will have to run through all its’ internal options to solve the CF and BOR problems. That includes Odubel, Janikowski, Howard, Medina, and maybe Jones & Falter.

    If none of that works, I’m certain Dave Dombrowski will be aggressive this summer.
    I’ve already suggested (a few times) a Phillies-Rays deal makes sense where the Phillies swap Odubel for Kevin Kiermairer. That deal would save Tampa ~13M over the next two seasons. Kiermairer is currently on the IL. He’s weak with the bat, but he’ll save the club lots of runs with his glove and arm. He’s also a winning clubhouse guy.

    The other thing to keep in mind (as far as I’m concerned) is DD’s past with the Tigers. Dombrowski has a great relationship with Al Avila. He hired him as his Assistant GM, and they worked together for 14 years. Also, Dombrowski’s final two transactions in Detroit (before being released of his duties) were a couple of trades that netted the Tigers Matthew Boyd, Daniel Norris, and Michael Fulmer. Connecting the dots, I could see a possible deal where the Phillies acquire one and a half years of either Boyd or Fulmer this summer to improve the BOR.

    1. Hinkie…Phillies again bottom of the barrel or near it, with the Yankees and Angels for DRS….NEGATIVE 7 or 8 now.

      1. Yeah. At this point, just give me a guy who’s going to give me +D in CF. Bat him 8th. And Kiermairer is also a “winner”.

    2. Romus, Yesterday me and Hinkie had Tea, we talked how intelligent you are, and how much knowledge you have, He told me you have lived in many different places, and have known many important people, Like Ike Turner, Winston Churchill. Elvis, and have hung out with Ma donna, Robert De Niro, i didn’t know all this about you, We are lucky on this site to have someone who has lived the life we all want to live, To travel the world and not have to work, must be great, keep it up m8

  25. Amaro really opened my eyes last year as an analyst, not least because the laziness of Kruk and Schmidt had set the bar so low. They have been better this year (esp Kruk), but Amaro has so much more to say of interest. Folks who blame GM Amaro for everything need to remember that there was a fair amount of evidence that most of his bad decisions were not his, but ownership’s, especially Montgomery (e.g. Howard contract and Lee trade). The bonehead timing of the Papelbon signing seems to have been all Ruben’s.

    FWIW, I notice Crawford is hitting .255 for Seattle. The money we’ve spent on Didi could have filled a lot of holes. The amount of long-term damage done by the Santana signing really is remarkable.

    1. Are we doing this again? JP Crawford hit .214 in consecutive years for the Phillies. He was packaged in that deal to get rid of Santana’s contract but it’s not like JP has been setting the world on fire in Seattle either. I have to give some credit, his defense has gotten a lot better.

    2. Robin, I agree with you about Ruben as an analyst. I really enjoy listening to him. A lot of what are deemed his mistakes were Ownership’s. I believe the Lee deal was still a Bill Giles fiasco, not on Middleton. The delay in rebuilding is on all of them. I don’t give Ruben a pass on everything, I just don’t blame him for the whole mess after 2011. Not replacing Polanco after he got hurt in 2011, and he was hurt from mid-May on, I believe cost us another WS. Anyway, the Klentak rebuild was a total disaster, and the Hoskins to LF, sign Santana, then undo the whole thing was a perfect example of the whole Klentak tenure.

  26. To get onto a different subject, help me out here. Sunday Hoskins ran into a ball, was called out, and Realmuto was awarded a base hit while Hoskins was called out. Say Moffo is pitching a no hitter late in the game with Romus on first base and Hinkie at bat. Hinkie hits a grounder toward the right side of second base. Romus does not want Rocco to get a no hitter so he “steps in front of the ball” and gets hit with it. Does that mean Hinkie gets credited for a hit and the no hitter is lost?

    1. I hope so, that Romus is such a cagey guy, always thinking. But, I bet the next time Rocco faces Romus, he gets one under the chin!

    2. ciada…..interesting…..MLB Rule 6.01(a)(6) and 6.01(a)(7)…..Rules 5.06(c)(6), 6.01(a)(11)…..the wording they continue to use is ‘unintentionally’ getting hit by a batted ball.
      If a runner makes no attempt of avoiding or continue his movement toward the next bag….then assume umpires may call runner out, naturally…. and also batter out.
      I do not know what the ruling would be on that.

      When Conforto decided to plant his elbow in the strike zone of the plate and get hit to force in a run……it was later revealed the ump could have called him out.

      It may come down to unethical intent.

      Do we have a former umpire on this site?

      1. Yes, unintentionally is the key word. Otherwise could prevent a double play by intentionally kicking a ground ball. Umpires discretion to make the call.

  27. No Robo umps. Love watching catchers who are good at subtly can get the borderline pitches and laugh every time Yanks Sanchez tries to pull one in 8 inches off the plate.

    I wish they would get rid of any replay from baseball. Make it/ keep the human human error sport.

  28. Larry Anderson on WIP talking about how Herrera needs to come up “he’s the best option we had by far” and believes the players are thinking that as well. LA spot on once again!

    1. EricD…..initially he may give the team that needed spark…he always does well initially. His adrenals are pumping out the adrenaline….it is when he gets comfortable and relaxed, that his game goes into that gloomy morose state.
      If he can keep his adrenals pumping for 4/5 more months like he did in 2015 and 2016….then great.

      1. Odubel may be their best option … but only by default. You guys have very short memories. It’s been four calendar years since Herrera had a good season. During the 2018 & 19 campaigns, he slashed .249/.306/.405.
        And I have no problem with him getting a second chance. Odubel has been punished more harshly than any other player I can recall who faced the same type of allegations. I’m just telling you he is what he is. Odubel is a streaky player. He’ll get hot for a week, then be totally lost for the next month.

        1. It has now been 16 games. Haseley, Quinn, and Moniak has combined to give us -0.8 WAR in CF. I’ll take my chances with Odubel.

  29. Matt Moore may not be able to make his start Friday against the Rockies. There’s a rumor going around that Bailey Falter may make his ML debut on Friday.

  30. Lineup changes for tonight. Cutch sits, Joyce leads off and plays LF, Bamboo Brad at 1B, MM still in CF, Maton for Didi, again, at SS. Besides the CF issue, and the #5SP issue, there is a real need for a Right Handed bat off the Bench. That may not be crucial today, but will be as the season goes on. I know that is the so-called Kingery spot, but there is a very good chance he never gets back to what he was.

  31. The kid pitching for SF tonight gives up a lot of hits and walks, If the Phillies can’t hit this guy then they are in big doo doo.

  32. Welcome back HR’s w/men on base. Miller’s was the first three run homer of the season (haven’t hit any grand slams either). Gotta’ have more of those.

    1. That is a Joe Girardi problem. It was obvious Connor Brogdon just didn’t have it tonight. The manager should have pulled him after the first HR. No excuse for allowing him to face another three hitters.
      Sorry to say this (some of you are going to come at my neck) … but … if Gabe Kapler had made the decision to stick with Brogdon for that long, we would have never heard the end of it. And I’m not saying Gabe is a better mgr than Girardi. Just saying that was a horrible job tonight by Joe G.

  33. I have to agree Hinkie. I am a Joe G fan and I was not one of Gabe. This was a poor job tonight. Bad enough Wheeler blows a 4-0 lead, but Brogdon should never have been in the game to give up a second 3 Run HR. 7-6 was still a ballgame. We woukd have given Kapler grief for weeks. Bad game tonight by the Manager.

  34. I too – agree completely with Hinkie. It was evident after 6-7 pitches that he was not himself and could not control the change up. Once he got 2 men on base I started yelling where is Kinzler – get him in there to get a DP !!!! Chalk this one up to Joe “trying to build up Brogdon’s confidence in tight innings” – no thanks, win the game for a change. This Giant team is terrible…..however…..2 losses ????

    1. Aren’t these rules still current?

      Previously, Rule 5.10(f) and also Rule 5.10(g), stated that the starting pitcher must pitch to one batter until that batter was put out or reached base…and that any reliever must pitch to one batter until that batter was put out or reached base.

      They were modified to require pitchers to either face a minimum of three batters in an appearance or pitch to the end of a half-inning, with exceptions for injuries and illnesses. If a pitcher faces one batter to end an inning, he may be removed, but if he is brought back for a second inning, he must still face two more batters for a total of three.

  35. Hinkie i hope the draft next year is loaded, i think we have a great chance to pick in top 5

    1. Rocco … here’s the prize for being the most awful team in MLB this season. If we can find a way to lose more games than the Rockies, we’ll end up with HS OFer Elijah Green next summer. He’d be the first pick in this year’s draft if he were old enough. He’d have been the top pick in last year’s draft too (if he were eligible).

          1. Sure LOL

            its a small snippet of video but the big component I can glean from it is that the pitch was off speed and he doesn’t flinch. He recognizes it stays back and absolutely crushes the pitch.

  36. I am so depressed this morning in regards to going forward with the Phillies. I went to bed with a 6-4 lead and the ….. . Was looking forward to today’s game now …. .

    On to the Union.

    1. DENNY
      Gray skies are gonna clear up
      Put on a happy face
      Brush off the clouds and cheer up
      Put on a happy face
      Take of the gloomy mask of tragedy
      It’s not your style
      You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad
      You decided to smile
      Pick out a pleasant outlook
      Stick out that noble chin
      Wipe off that full-of-doubt look
      Slap on a happy grin
      And spread sunshine all over the place
      And put on a happy face

  37. Help me understand something I ask this in good faith, is this just bad luck or signs of a good vs bad organization.
    Walker Buelheler 25th pick 2015- Cornelius Randolph 12th pick 2015
    Dustin May 101st pick 2016- Cole Strobe 78th pick 2016
    Cody Bellinger 124th pick 2013- Jack Sweeney 121st pick 2013
    Will smith 32nd pick 2016- Mickey Moniak 1st pick 2016.
    Julio Uriah 450k bonus 2012- Devi Grullion 575k bonus 2012

    1. It all starts with player procurement first and player development second, and the Dodgers are the gold standard (by a wiiiiiiiide margin). Gotta admire the way they run that franchise.

      1. Also … about 2015: the Phillies (and other teams) liked Walker Buehler. They were just too risk averse. Buehler was dealing with arm issues at the end oh his junior year. The Dodgers (and some other clubs [Nationals, for example]) are more willing to gamble on upside. They picked Buehler at the back end of round one, immediately sent him in for TJ, and the rest is history.
        I think Brian Barber last year showed a more openness for taking risks in one draft than Johnny Almaraz did in five. He took Mick Abel at 1-15. HS RHPs are the shakiest of all 1st round demographics. And Casey Martin and Baron Radcliff are complete “shoot for the moon” selections. They each had some of the most outrageous tools in the 2020 draft, but (at the same time) came with lots wholes: particularly swing and miss issues.

  38. I think the hardest thing to change is the culture. When you’re just used to winning it seems to come naturally. Regular season losses don’t sting and don’t carry over to the next set of games.

    Conversely when you’re used to losing you just seem to find a way to lose. Even when this team is winning sometimes it almost appears as if they are trying to lose it.

  39. Alex, some of it is luck. No one had Will Smith as a top pick in 2016. And, it was not a year where there were top players available. If the Dodgers had picked that year at the top of the draft, they would not have taken Smith. Some of it is development in the system, and I don’t think we have done a great job. Some is very poor talent evaluation, and Randolph is an example of that. So, put all 3 together, and you see how we got to where we are.

  40. Romus, it was Harper in one of the Brave series who did your drag bunt. He tried one last night or Monday. My internet was out for a day. But he was safe. He actually dove in head first to 1B. Probably not the wisest move. It came to me as soon as I saw him do it again.

      1. He actually bunts down 3rd more often but as soon as he tried last night it hit me that it was him who had done it successfully recently. The game last night really kinda reflected on the entire 2020 season. Phillies score early and get a rather comfortable lead. Phillies starters had leads quite often last year but would let the teams get back in the game and then the flood gates opened when the BP arrived. Plus, Phillies do not seem to score much late in games. That is where other teams seem to thrive.

        I was surprised Joe stayed with Brogdon. After the 1st batter you could see he just was not on. Even the Giant announcers who gushed over his 15 scoreless innings at the start realized he did not have his good stuff. There are going to be games where that happens. Brogdon looked shell shocked sitting in the dugout. Hopefully he can wipe this clean and start another streak.

        Just watching the recent games this team looks very similar to last year. At this point I do not see them challenging for a playoff spot. Only injuries to key players on Mets, Braves will allow that to maybe happen. I am thinking at best something in the 72 to 74 win total.

        Right now the Phillies are basically playing a 7 inning game vs the opponent 9 inning game. Opposing pitchers know that 2 or the 9 hitters are basically outs in the lineup. That is 6 for the game and 2 less innings of hitters. No DH and and the CF issue is hamstring the team right now. Did anyone predict Flores would be the difference in the game last night. Probably not.

  41. Hinkie…….I see the Phils picked up and signed left handed Rob Kaminsky to a minor league contract. Anything on him?

    1. I just remember him as a draft prospect. He was a North Jersey LH prep pitcher. Not the biggest guy in the world.

  42. Have no fear. Jetpax is here!

    1. Think there was 8 home runs last night. How many regular hits were there? I think Harper and Joyce had an infield hit each.

      It is what it is. I am surprised that the same thing now happens with the young travel teams. Kids do not care if they get 1 hit out of 10 at bats if it is a home run.

      So no surprise at all in the 11 of 18.

  43. Maton should continue to start, Kingery or no Kingery. Start Maton at 2nd when Didi comes back.

  44. Skeet – Kaminsky is from north Jersey – was a 2013 1st round pick (late by Cardinals). He was known for his curveball in HS – he has been in their system for about 6 years with no notable results. In 2020 he was swapped to the Indians and then returned end of the year. He is an extreme ground ball pitcher – or has shown that in the minors. If he doesn’t keep ball down he gets clobbered.

  45. I’m impressed with Nick Maton. He has a good glove and a strong arm so you figure he’ll be positive on defense alone. And he seems to have a sense of what to do at the plate. He’s almost like a LH Freddy Galvis with a better hit tool. He could be a starter in 2023 after Didi/Jean leaves.

    1. I said this before his first game. Nick Maton has a real chance to be a solid major league player – as in a regular. He looks sure in the field and has some pretty solid hitting chops. He’s a guy to keep your eye on and a very nice surprise.

    2. Not everyone is cut out to play all over the diamond but as athletic as he is I bet he could be pretty good in LF too

      I like him much better than Torryes but again don’t want him up and sitting the bench either.

    3. Please no Freddie galvis comparison. He is an afterthought when thinking about Phillies’ Shortstops.

  46. I just heard JoeG on the pre-game, and he said Didi is back for Friday. Kingery working hard but they didn’t think he completed the work they want him to do, but this us an emergency and it sounds like Maton will play 2B.

  47. What a horrible thought: Gabe “Mr. Kottier” (As Washington would say) Kapl(in) is in the process of sweeping the team that rode him out of town on a rail.

  48. Gabe should just be referred to as Mr. 500. Starting last night he was 200-200 in 400 games managed.

  49. Kudos to Mickey Moniak! DeScafani is not just some run of the mill SP. He has good success with Cinci, and has had a very good start to the season. Now, let’s hope they get the game in. Maybe Herrera doesn’t get called up so fast! Hopefully, Eflin holds the lead better than Wheeler did. And, I agree on Nick Maton. Very pleasantly surprised, Good for him!

    1. Good for Moniak. He can definitely hit a fastball, and he has the power to go opposite field.

    2. Sometimes talent comes up and finds early success then it cools off. Sometimes it goes the other way. But if you don’t allow talent to play through a couple of cycles you may never know what you have.

      They seem committed to the talent they have at 3B and allowing that position to play through those challenges.

      Maton has a presence I like that a lot.

      1. DMAR…Maton reminds me, right now, of a poor man’s version of Jeff McNeil of the Mets….knows how to approach an at bat.

        1. I’ll take that Romus. I just said above I bet he could be pretty good in LF too. I’m not really a fan of Torreyes but I understand why he is here.

          That said you can’t keep Maton up and not get him regular starts

          1. DMAR….I see what yuo are doing, still trying to move Cutch out of LF….you are a sly one! 🙂

            1. LOL I really do love him but we all know he isn’t here past this season and he probably is better in spurts than he would be playing everyday.

  50. Congratulations, Mickey and Matt Moniak. Hopefully, the incoming rain doesn’t wash this thing out.

  51. Will be interesting to see if Zach Eflin comes back out after the delay, or does this become a VV affair.

    BTW … Don’t rule out a second rain delay. I know here in South Jersey, we got a storm around 1:30. It cleared up, and then we got an even nastier storm at 2:15-ish.

  52. According to today’s Allentown Morning Call, Kingery was 1 for his last 26 with 12 k’s in alternate site games.

    1. If Kingery doesn’t start hitting soon, he’s going to spend the majority of 2021 not with the big club. After this year, he’s still owed $15M for the next 2 years (which includes $1M buyout for 2024).

    1. Buckner is the worst MLB umpire that I can ever recall in terms of getting the calls right. On close calls it’s as if he is presumptively wrong and it’s not like he’s any genius at calling balls and strikes. He is so deficient.

    2. The ideal crew!
      …Cowboy Joe, Laz Diaz, Angel Hernandez and CB Buckner….can you just imagine.
      Pitchers would be shell-shocked.

      1. Good picks. Guy last night really squeezed Wheeler early in game. He missed lots of strikes. Then a real delay call. Quinn was already walking to dugout when he called 3rd strike.

    1. Romus, you are my guy on finding the link of any topic. Think Hernandez and Country Joe are crew chiefs.

      1. Don….as far as Angel Hernandez and his suing MLB…..last month a ruling came down….”In March 2021, U.S. District Judge J. Paul Oetken granted a summary judgment in MLB’s favor, writing “The court concludes that no reasonable juror could find that MLB’s stated explanation is a pretext for discriminatory motive,” and “The evidence shows beyond genuine dispute that an umpire’s leadership and situation management carried the day in MLB’s promotion decisions”

        Not sure he was ever a crew chief…since he sued because he thought he was discriminated against.

        MLB needs to publicly publish umpire ratings…..but MLBUA will not let that happen.

        Here is your list Don:
        19 crew chiefs with crews…..76 regular MLB umps….16 subs from AAA…92 total

  53. I asked this other day. I noticed that Giants broadcast is the one on again today. So that means all 6 games on homestand were visiting broadcast team. My question is does Comcast do the home games and someone else the away games? Doubt that is the case but I do think it is the home games on Extra Innings that I rarely get. I scrolled through list and many of the games today have both broadcasts available. It is not a big deal but something that is confusing to me. Thanks if anyone has any idea.

    1. Don…you will be able to figure it starting Friday….Phillies go on the road for three at Colorado then St Louis… may hear the Philies broadcasters then….then return home against the Mets…maybe yuo will get the Mets and Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez.

      1. I like Darlling. He does an excellent job and is very positive for both teams. Some guys are real homers. Nats guys maybe most. Murphy and Kruk have been on a couple times. Phillies were on ESPN.. Kinda weird since most games have both broadcasts. Oh well. Let’s hope for a winning trip.

  54. Has there been a more pathetic display of baseball since last season’s fiasco than the 3 games this series? We can’t field, BP has issues again, can’t situational hit, and Joe G seems to be pushing all the wrong buttons. This is frankly awful!

  55. Agreed, I can’t watch anymore. Not superstitious but the Phillies are making me a believer. it’s pretty sad, the get guys like cutch, kinsler, artists and they just turn awful. They go to another team and they are born again. Even guys like Ruf. Ugh. At least I can watch the draft and dream fir another team and season. Although Tim more of a Andy Reid , now Frank Reich and soon to be Peterson fan. The Eagles and Phillies are depressing. Even the 2017 super bowl seems like a dream.

  56. I know it’s early, but did anyone see Maton coming? I could see management liked him in spring training, based on how much he played, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s just one of those rare guys where it clicks in when he hits the majors. Really solid player.

    Now, if The Big K (Kingery) winds up taking playing time away from him, I’ll scream.

    Howard’s velocity seems to be back

    And one more time: I love Bryce Harper.

        1. I’ve been a Nick Maton believer for a couple of years now. Spring training this year just solidified my opinion of him: no plus tools, but is at least solid in every phase of the game. He’s got MLB utility player floor. Could even end up a solid starting player.

          1. Well, the thing about Maton, aside from what appears to be solid fielding, is that he tracks the ball well at the plate and has a short-strong swing. He also appears to have filled out quite a bit and perhaps could add even more strength. He absolutely has the look of a major league hitter. If this team is going to go anywhere, depth guys like Maton are going to need to step up and perform. So far, so good.

            As for Howard, I agree he will start in the bullpen, but has the team affirmatively said he is in the bullpen for the rest of the year? If not and he’s effective, I would expect that he could transition from reliever to starter sometime in June or July so they can use him as a starter during a pennant run and, at the same time, limit his overall innings.

            1. Gelb has a piece on Maton in the Athletic today, and makes me even more optimistic about Maton

  57. They was an ugly series vs Kapler’s team but was fun to see Knapp with the winner.

    Congrats to Moniak on his first HR, good thing cause with 2 on and 1 out he likely swung at ball 4 but of course glad he ended up hitting it out.

    Maton has really impressed so far. Howard looked good, with Moore struggling I wonder how long until they look at a replacement and if that could be Howard at some point.

    1. Monuak starting hitting the ball his last 2 at-bats Monday. All he has to do is meet the ball.

    2. Spencer Howard will not be in the rotation. There is a concerted effort to limit Howard’s innings for 2021.

    3. One of the best possible outcomes for the Phillies is for Maton to develop into a solid (3+ WAR) starter in the middle infield. This will allow them to try to move on from Segura next year so they have money to address other needs.

      As for the bullpen, yeah, Brogdon had one bad game, Romero is developing and Kintzler hasn’t been his best. That said, the pen, on the whole, is still a relative area of strength, something that is astonishing given how bad it was last year.

      1. One other thing. Middleton so made the right choice in signing Harper and particularly choosing him over Machado (which we all know Klentak would have done had Middleton not decided between the two stars).

        Harper’s shortened season last year showed he was entering into a new level of performance. Had he not been hurt that last month (he shouldn’t have even been playing), he could have been an MVP candidate.

        This year, it seems to have all come together for him. He’s staying controlled, hustling like hell, hitting the ball where it’s pitched and exercising his typically excellent plate discipline. I expect him to perform at a superstar level for at least the next 5 years – maybe even longer than that. Thank God for him!

      2. Maton is getting it done now, but he’s headed back to the alternate site once Torreyes/Segura are healthy. If Segura has a good year at 2nd, I think he sticks around at 2B unless the Phillies get blown away by a trade offer.

        Or for another scenario, move Bohm to LF (or 1B if the DH comes in), Segura to 3rd and Maton to 2nd.

        1. I believe Segura has a full no trade clause and that could make him tough to move. He has a $17 mil team option for 2023 he may require that be picked up to waive.

          I mean that is what I would do if I was he and his agent.

          1. You are correct, he does have a no trade clause. And yes, I wouldn’t waive it unless the 2023 option was picked up. Another thing, he’s good friends with Didi so that’s another reason for him to want to stay.

            1. Klentak didn’t give Jean that no trade clause, the Seattle GM did. Klentak traded for Segura and Segura agreed to waive it to come here.

            2. What difference does it make who gave it to him? He acquired him knowing that he would have that restriction in the future. He didn’t inherit Segura as a player, he acquired him with all the attendant salary cost and baggage, so it’s no different than if he gave him the clause himself.

            3. But like I’ve always said, Middleton gets a strong assist for the damage done in the 2018-19 timeframe. He wanted a contender in 2019 and he went out on a limb to get it. Look, Segura is an okay player, but he’s being paid a premium salary for what he is.

            4. @Catch, I’m not sure why you think he’s getting a premium salary ($14M per year) because basically he’s giving the Phillies (around 2 WAR) exactly what he costs. Last year, he was on track for 3 WAR including positive defense. Segura’s contract is not the issue.

            5. So far Jean Segura has been paid approx $23M (full-2019…, 1/3rd salary-2020, 1/6th-2021)…his brWAR stands now at 3.6….3.8 FWAR… which by Fangraphs equates to $28.8M/$30Mcontract dollar value.
              So right now he is doing a bit better than his dollar value of his contract.

            6. I didn’t say Segura was overpaid, I said he was being paid a premium salary – the top anyone would pay for him and then you have the issue of the no-trade clause, which devalues the contract further for the team holding his rights.

              So let me ask the group this. Let’s say Nick Maton becomes a stud (I’m not saying he will, just pretend for the exercise) and you want to move on from Segura.

              Would anyone take that contract and maybe give you a truly valuable prospect? I would think the answer to that is no, because Segura is perceived as being paid a premium salary for what he is and projects to be over the life of the contract.

              Now, would someone give you a lottery ticket or grade C prospect and take Segura’s contract? Uh, maybe, but it’s hard to tell. If the answer is no, it means that Jean Segura, under his current contract, is overpaid and the contract has no value in the marketplace.

              Look, I don’t hate Segura, but on a team with a lot of needs, he doesn’t provide great value and it would be nice if you could replace him with a less expensive option so this team could use the money elsewhere.

            7. Segura will probably not go anywhere this season, unless the Phillies collapse in July and some contender has injuries that he will be the answer for……next season is his last season….club option for 2023…..his AAV is $14M
              I would think Dave D and the Phillies could easily pick up a percent of the remaining contract for either the last two months of 2021’s season and the 2022 season and facilitate a trade for a value exchange piece

            8. Uh, yeah, I guess it depends what they would get in return, but if they don’t get a good piece and have to pick up a lot of salary and option year to move him, it’s a negative value contract.

            9. You’re only going to get a valuable prospect if you’re getting a player that is young, outperforming his cheap contract, and is controllable for multiple years.

              Segura’s contract was fair, so in general, he wasn’t going to get a valuable prospect even if he was on the trade block. In fact, most FA contracts are like that anyways. The majority of premium prospects being traded are for stud players on cheap contracts i.e arbitration or before.

              If Segura is giving you 2 WAR and he has only 1 year left, the Phillies should definitely be able to get at least a lottery ticket.

            10. I think his is a slightly above market contract, and solidly above market if someone has to pick up the option.

              I think the Phillies would have to pick up enough money to make next year and the option year attractive to another team (probably around $8-10 million) and they would get a lottery ticket prospect. In short, this isn’t a great contract. It’s not a nightmare, but it’s more an anchor than a flotation device for sure.

            11. Guru:
              Teams’ needs can change over the next 3 months….if a contender’s 2nd basemen goes down….and the Phillies are ready to move Segura in July, and pick up a portion of his salary, then the Phillies could get a legitimate top tier prospect…..if Lux does not come around and Friedman wants more offense from his 2nd base position…a Dodgers 10th thru 15th rated prospect could be considered a top tier prospect from a perspective in the Phillies organizational farm system.

  58. Kudos where they are due. Eflin pitched very well, Bamboo Brad had a great day, Bryce with a clutch game tying HR, Knapp a great game winning hit and Spencer threw some terrific stuff today. I congratulated Mickey earlier for his 1st HR.

  59. Romus, Simply out of curiosity I just scrolled through the games on Extra Innings today and tonight. Braves vs Yankees on ESPN so neither team broadcast. In every other game today both teams broadcasts are available. Even when MLB Network puts one on it is still on Extra Innings. There must be something weird with the broadcast rights that the Phillies hold or something. I had never gone thorough and checked every game before.

    1. Perhaps Comcast has it written with an exclusion clause, in their contract with the Phillies. Seems strange however.
      The Yankees YES could have something similar

      1. I better take a nap tomorrow afternoon, could be a late Friday night.

        With Didi’s arm issue, think he would go to second and Maton stays at SS?

    1. VV vs Marquez
      Nola vs Senzatela
      Anderson vs Gray

      Note that they are not sure how long VV will last on Friday. Falter is there to piggy back him just in case.

    1. Romus talk to your people,They banning jockeys from the whip in New Jersey, they are now going to ruin my sport, without a tap from the whip, The horses will do crazy stuff ,

      1. rocco…unbelievable. Must be a PETA initiative …who else.
        What next!
        Want to see what happens at the Derby….wonder if it will be a point of discussion.
        Wan to see how the trainers react….like Bob Baffert……he can have a big influence in questioning this.

      2. rocco…here is what I do not get.
        The rules have already been changed from decades ago to ease the pain to the animal…. permitted number of uses of the whip with hands off the reins is 7 times for Flat races up until the last 200 meters of the race…or 1/2 of the last furlong… the whips used in horse racing now are lightweight and made with soft foam. Jockeys strike their horses to encourage them to run, and hitting them with the whip creates a popping sound that makes a horse focus.
        Not sure if horses are in terrible pain or not…and their skin is very resilient.

  60. Just read Ethan White on Good Phight. He suggests to platoon McCutchen with Joyce on a regular basis. I say go one step farther and platoon Hoskins with Miller. Miller is not a good defender at 3B or even 2B but I think he is just as good at 1B as Hoskins. And he is hitting.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think so. You don’t take Hoskins out of this line-up. He’s not a perfect hitter, but when he rakes he can carry the team for almost a month. Sure, he can get a rest now and then, but if you take him out of the line-up to occasionally hit against lefties (meaning you’d be sitting him for like 60 percent of the starts or more against righties), in the long run, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

  61. A question for those who know the rules of college and high school softball and high school baseball. I go to almost all of the UConn softball games when the pandemic has allowed them to play and that hasn’t been much at all. So here is the question. Keep in mind that the sports I have mentioned allow a player to leave the game and reenter one time.

    Now, the pitcher(A) is tossing a really good game and leaves the game with let’s say a 5-0 lead after the fifth inning for someone else to mop up. The opposing team scores a run in the sixth inning and another in the seventh and puts a runner on. The coach reenters the starting pitcher(A) who stops the rally and ends the game. Does pitcher(A) get a save to go along with the win?

  62. Ciada, that is a really cool question. I played the highest level men’s fast pitch for about 20 years then coached girls high school for around 10 years.

    There are so many rules now but your situation is probably correct. I forget if it is 4 or 5 innings in softball for a win. But if it is 5 then she should qualify. The reentry is crazy in the travel baseball. It is almost free substitution. I have been away from softball for awhile.
    Last I knew you could reenter once and only the starting pitcher could come back in. Your example seems to sound as if she would also qualify for a save as well.

    I do not know if rules allow for that to happen in one game. I have the sources that I can find the answer to that for you. But it may take a little time.

    Awesome question.

  63. I love baseball and always will. But after I messes up the rotator cuff on my shoulder I had a really good guy teach me how to pitch softball. The amazing thing is it never hurt my should pitching. But I could never get the shortstop out of me and would feel a ball and throw like an infielder. Immediate pain.

    But I loved playing softball. Kinda like now in baseball the really good pitchers in the 70s and 80s dominated the game. 46 feet is not far to have to react to the ball.. Almost all games were 1-0. 2-1 scores.

  64. There was never a question on physical ability. He has all the traits to be excellent. During time with the Phillies it all became mental. Just think of the return now for him. Oh well.

    1. Yes, I made a comment yesterday about Pivetta that must have been deleted as I used an acronym created in WWII for things being messed up being all recognition. Didn’t mean to offend, nor did I swear. In any event, Chris Young really messed up Nick Pivetta, among others. And the hitting coaches at the time weren’t much better.

  65. D53 – The scores in D1 softball are like that only with the ace pitching and in some cases the #2. The ladies nowadays are such good hitters that a lot of teams can put up multiple runs. Pitching under hand is such a natural motion. Pitching over hand puts tons of pressure on the shoulder and the elbow.

    1. Some guys are change of scenery guys, Matz could never get it together for the Mets and now with the Jays he’s looking a lot better.

      We are now the division where no team is above .500 and boast the lowest games back total of 3

        1. He does lead the AL in walks……so he is playing with fire giving up plenty of free passes.

  66. Totally agree Ciada on the softball pitchers. My reference was to the men fastpitch which died out by the 90s. All those really good guys got old and no one came behind them. All the guys moved to Slow Pitch so they could hit 3 home runs a game. I only played one slow pitch game. Ugh.

    The other thing on the gals now is that the really good pitchers throw and throw. Couple years ago in the World Series one game went like 12 or 13 innings and both pitchers were like around 200 pitches. Then they come back on the next day.

    You are so right on the motion. When I throw with him I throw underhand back to him because it does not affect the shoulder. I never had surgery so if I was to throw a ball hard today it would hurt just as much as 50 years ago.

    The thing I liked about fastpitch softball was the games went by quickly.

      1. Romus,, Feigner and his guys came to Wabash Indiana when I was playing for them. But I missed the game s that night because my kids were also 4H kids and we had to be at the Indiana State Fair. He did all of his tricks. Pitching blind fold from 2nd base. He was getting up there in age at the time. But so were all the really good guys I played with. By 90s it was all slow pitch.

        The BEST pitcher that I ever played personally against was a guy name Alan Coleglazier. He was pitching for a team out of Decatur, Illinois when I played against him. He then went to play for Aurora, Illinois and they won a few National titles when he was there. Our Wabash team managed a single to center for the game. He threw incredibly hard. Remember it was only 46 feet.

        I got to play against some really great guys. There were some really good guys who came from New Zealand. It was alot of fun.

        1. Yeah Don…in Philly there was a guy named George Ulmer and a team called Flatiron. in the 60s, he could also bring it up there.

          “George Ulmer – (Pitcher).Flatiron AC, was one of the dominant teams in in Philly Softball History. With Ulmer, they won Central Atlantic Regional titles in 1960-63 and 1966. In 1960 and 1966 Ulmer was named regional MVP. When Flatiron won the 1960 regional, it marked the first time a team from Philadelphia had qualified for the ASA Men’s Major Fast-Pitch National Championship. …… Ulmer, who started playing softball at age 16 and continued until he was 52, had some outstanding seasons. In 1970, he was 60- 9 with 802 strikeouts in 468 innings; in 1972 he was 50-5 with 616 strikeouts in 400 innings ………. Ulmer was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1995. Sadly, he passed away in 2009.”

          1. ROMUS There was a left hander first name Tommy who was great too, I cant remember is second name, i saw Umber pitch once, unreal, hardly anyone hit a ball out of infield,

            1. I remember a right handed softball pitcher in the 60s/70s with the last name Byrd or Bird. He was 6’7″ or something like that. He was a challenge.

  67. D53 – As I stated a couple of weeks ago because the women’s game doesn’t allow leading off the base, the game is not held up by the pitcher going into the stretch and tossing over again and again.

    1. Totally agree. Just a much faster paced game. We played lots of games in less than an hour and a half.

      Romus, softball also has the slap hitters who simply slap the ball normally between 3B and SS. Reason I know baseball guys could hit the opposite way if they worked at it.

      Refresh my memory on Ty Stoffett. I have heard that name. All of these guys who were really good had HUGE hands. That allowed them to do all kinds of things with the pitches.

      1. Don, live in Allentown, Ty’s home town. Saw many fast pitch games with his teams the Patriots and the Reading Sunners. Played in 16 National championships, won in 1975,77,78. Pitched expo inning against LA Dodgers struck out Reggie Smith and Davy Lopes, steve Yeager weak ground out. Remember several times they played exhibition games against Eddie Feignor. Great entertainment. used to draw around 1000 fans to games. Coached for HS for awhile. Ty died this January.

  68. Romus, Rockies announcers tonight. Yankees are on a lot on YES.
    Also, they are talking about Harper shoes on Opening Day.
    My youngest grandson got some Bryce Harper shoes tonight. He is just a 6U.

  69. Phillies CF are now 5 for 60.
    Rhys just not a number 2 hitter. Got to make contact.
    Phillies runs allowed are 63 percent via HR.
    Next closest is 52 percent.

  70. Don – As a kid growing up in New Haven, I got to see the Raybestos Brakettes with Joan Joyce and Bertha Regan and the Raybestos Cardinals and her husband Bill Tickey many, many times.

  71. I went to bed with score 4-2. Seems 2020 dejavu.
    Phillies score early to gain lead.
    Phillies then do not score against opponent BP.
    Opponent scores almost at will vs Phillies BP.
    I like Nick Maton. I hope he is a keeper.
    Leadoff, 2nd, and 8th in lineup just killing Phillies.
    I realize Jim has said over and over that Odubel will not play again.
    I guess my question is why do they still have him at Alt Site then.
    What is the point? Hinkie has said Odubel is streaky. One does not need to be streaky to be better than 6-62. At least the CF are being consistent. All now have 2 hits for the season.

  72. i went to bed because this is the same phillies team. Bullpen stinks, lack of defense, Shame another year of hope but they will miss playoffs again,

  73. Agree, I went to bed at 4-2, also.

    Never saw VV throw so many changeups and curveballs. FB was mainly 90-92. Just a few 93-94.

    Basically, this is the same team as last year with the exception of the bullpen, but Maton is a breath of fresh air.

    Until they find who holds the key to the stocks that Odubel is locked in, CF is not going to get better. Actually, LF is barely better and Scott does not belong up. So, while DD is looking for OF’s/B he might as well look for 3.

    I really don’t see this team contending and I say that with little emotion.

  74. I think Maton is a top of the lineup guy in the batting order if he can continue.
    He does not try to do things he is not capable of doing.
    He puts the ball in play fairly consistently.
    Phillies are wasting Harper and Realamuto.
    There is never anyone on base when they come to bat.
    Zolecki said in the recent games Phillies are 3 for 39 with RISP.
    But they did score 3 runs on outs last night so a little misleading.
    He had them 0 for 10.
    Also said BP is over 10 ERA in the last few games.
    I have mentioned this over and over but Hector is not a closer.
    He does not have the makeup or really the pitches to be successful in that role.
    This team as presently constructed is a below 500 team. Maybe 75 wins at best.

  75. We need a lineup change. Cutch is no longer a leadoff hitter. Rhys is not a #2. He is swinging and missing way too much. I have no plan for CF except keep sending Mickey out every day, and hope he develops. I don’t think Herrera is coming up, and I am not a fan anyway. Although, he could probably perform better. I am not arguing that point. The opposition always seems to get the bat on the ball vs our BP. Not just the HRs Coonrod, who has pitched very well until last night’s HR, and Neris gave up, but the run in the 7th. We, OTOH, swing and miss way too much, especially against the opposition BP. We are lousy with RISP because we are lousy at situational hitting.

    1. matt13……Phillies arguably best hitter is Harper…..with two strikes, as Ruben says, he goes into his two-strike stance….legs spread more to make more contact.
      It doesn’t always help him……but at least he makes an effort to become more defensive with two strikes.

      1. Here is something I had never heard. Last night Rockies announcers were talking about when Harper played on a Colorado travel team at age 12. So they go to Alabama for a tourney. At the conclusion either Bryce called his Mom or vice versa. She asked how did he do and Bryce said he did OK.

        Little later his coach speaks with his Mom and asks if she had spoke with Bryce. She said yes and that he said he did ok…Coach goes OKKKKKKKKK! He hit 12 times in the tourney and hit 11 home runs and a double. Announcers said fences were 250 feet. That is pretty normal for that age.

        They were getting a kick at how it was just ok. One said he must have been upset about the double. Thought this was funny.

  76. It’s amazing how most of the bullpen guys from last year who were basically run out of town are doing pretty well. Even Moffo’s favorite soft tossing lefty, Cole Irvin, is having success. It can only be one thing: The Phillies bullpen is cursed. Even the new guys who came in this year who have shown good things in the past are beginning to go sour. Are we going to see this kind of result again and for the rest of my days because of something someone did many years ago is coming back to haunt us. Was it you, Romus? Hinkie? And what was it exactly?

  77. I know I am old Romus, but I have tried to embrace a lot of the new analytics and how they can help players. But, I can’t understand hitters like Roman Quinn, who refuse to change an approach that has had no success. He should swing where the pitch is, and I am not just picking on him. Especially with 2 strikes, and especially with runners on. His speed should be a weapon, but he never changes his “swing for the fences” approach. Rhys is a power hitter, and he drives me crazy by failing to swing at pitches down the middle and getting himself out on pitches that are not strikes. He’s supposed to have a good eye. It is still permissible to hit the ball early in the count. I wouldn’t be opposed to Bryce leading off, just to change things up. Segura or Nick Maton would bat 2d for me. The team is just so frustrating, and I can’t help but believe that basic baseball, moving runners over, hitting behind runners, would still be beneficial.

      1. rocco….now with Flex Seal Paint….you can watch it dry in minutes…..and get right back to the game…..cock-a-doodle-doo!

          1. I watched the game (I pretty much watch every game).
            Last night’s contest proved what I have mentioned recently: The key to winning games is to hit HRs w/men on base. They scored 5 runs with two Rhys Hoskins’ swings of the bat.

            1. Also … Nick Maton is a BIG WIN for this team’s player development department. 😎👍

            2. Hinkie….try to avoid jumping the gun with Nick Maton….it is still pretty early and a SSS….pitchers have not adjusted, and then he will need to adjust.
              Like most players they correct themselves to the level they have been accustomed in the past….for Nick in almost 1200 minor league PAs….his slash was .259/.342/.378…20% K-rate, ….11% BB-rate….ISO- .119.
              His OBP is not bad at all, but he will have to make an adjustment at some point when they get a book on him
              But right now he does look like a good prospect going forward.

  78. Agree, Hinkie. Maton looks like he has a plan at the plate. He has been a very pleasant surprise. Rhys is key. And the 2 HRs were great, and won the game, but more importantly, I think, going forward, is that one was to CF and one was to Right/Center. His opposite feel hitting is huge.

      1. How about we wait until the end of his second full season before we start comparing him to future Hall of Famers?

  79. … and the second one dwarfed the first!

  80. Can we just release Hale? He is not good. And we can’t compete when every 2 of 5 games, our SP can’t go 4 innings. Yes, Anderson had bad luck with 2 bloop hits on good pitches, but an inexcusable meatball to the opposing Pitcher. Then Hale throws gasoline on the fire. This is one awful ballgame, despite Harper trying to win by himself

    1. Yeah, matt. Right now, it looks like the Phillies will either win or compete only 60% of the season. I’d send Spencer Howard back down to stretch him out, and add him to the rotation by the end of June.
      DD will proibably trade for another BOR guy this summer. I envision a deal with the Tigers for Fulmer or Boyd.

  81. I agree, Hinkie. Except we need to be in Playoff contention for DD to make a deal. A number of players need to play much better, like McCutchen, and whoever plays CF, and we need Alec Bohm to pick it up. We will need to out hit some less than stellar Pitching.

    1. rocco…..jump on that Union bandwagon! Become a charter member of the Sons of Ben (SOB)

      1. Romus look at next years contracts, They lose Mc Cluthen, but have to either pay some guys or they walk, This team isn’t good and the minors are bad, so i guess your right jump on another teams bandwagon, i cant do that, but i cant take how bad this team is with the payroll they have,

        1. rocco…..looks bad now, but could turn around.
          Dave D may make some trades at some point ..maybe before July or in July…maybe Dec…but personnel will change.

          1. Romus……… you think we have anyone to trade that will actually get us someone to help? The only assets we have in the minors are catchers. We can’t lose our performers or we rob Peter to pay Paul. If DD can turn this around in 3 years he’ll be a magician and if he can do it with JM’s cap restraints in place he is not of this world.

      2. Union lost this week and tied last week.  We are tied at the bottom of the league.  I will look into becoming an SOB, I think I have the credentials.

  82. If DD smart and obviously he is he is not worried about this year. He should be looking to compete next year when pitching is better hopefully with Howard in rotation and a better infield defense. And additional player or two like CF, Bohm in left Didi 3rd base and Rhys DH.

  83. This goes back to the complete failure of the MacPhail/Klentak regime and Middleton’ using the first level LT as a salary cap. Let’s pretend we don’t make the Playoffs this year. I know that is hard to imagine! We need a LF, a CF, 2 SPs, and a Closer. Is Dombrowski going to be given the leeway to get all that? In the meantime, I will watch every game and root for my team, and hope we get back to being good sometime soon.

  84. Hey, if Anderson can get the opposing pitcher out, who knows the final outcome? Who am I kidding? The Phillies weren’t going to score any more than Harper’s two long balls.

  85. The “best division in baseball” has one team with a positive run differential, and that’s the Marlins at +1. Phils at -15 after today’s debacle

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