Some Early Observations After Game Three (3/2/21)

The Phillies are a lackluster 0-2-1 after Tuesday’s game in Dunedin.  It’s too early to write any team or player off after such a small sample size.  But, there are certainly some things to things that we ought to be happy with.  At least, I am.

“And then depression set in.”  Probably the line I most often repeat from Stripes.  Now, I’m not clinically depressed, to claim that I am would be a disservice to people who do suffer from depression.  But, the restrictions at the Complex have put me in an unhappy state of mind.  I just can’t get into trying to report on stuff happening over 300 feet away, standing on a ladder, using binoculars.  So, as you may have noticed, I have stopped going to the Complex.

I have started paying more attention to the Phillies’ games than I have in recent years.  These early games are opportunities to watch “our” guys as they get a lot of playing time.  I followed Sunday’s game on Game Day, Monday’s game on MLB.TV, and attended Tuesday’s game in Dunedin.  (Thanks for the tickets, Boss!)

I already gave my impressions of Game One.  Here are some observations from Games Two and Three.

Monday.  If you didn’t get to watch the game, here are a few observations.  The pitching was better.  Only one walk but only 4 strikeouts.  Aaron Nola was okay.  He’s working on multiple pitches and actually threw all 4 of his during the game.  His only mistake was hanging a curveball for a 2-run HR.  Kintzler wasn’t bad. He nibbled until he threw a 3-2 cookie but got a double play.  Ynoa threw some heat and was really good when pitching ahead in the count.  His only base runner was a 2-0 single.  Rosso had trouble with the strike zone and was victimized by the Phillies’ first and only error so far.  Hernandez got a strikeout with his curveball (a hanger that caught the top of the strike zone.  He only threw 3 curves out of 12 pitches.  The other 9 were fastballs 88-91.  David Paulino filled up the strike zone with FB and CU, missing with 4 of his 5 CB.

The Phillies tied the game in the first on Knapp’s 2-run double.  It probably should have been caught, the left fielder seemed to lose it in the sun, it landed on the warning track, and bounded into the terrace.  McCutchen reached on a single and walk.  Segura scorched a couple balls to left, one a double down the LF line.  Quinn singled and later walked and scored on Joyce’s HR out toward route 19.  And our young guys had some good at bats.  Duran doubled to center and singled to left.  Stott had a hard single.  Ortiz, O’Hoppe, and Williams all worked walks, laying off pitches that were meant to be chased (especially Ortiz).  Rojas’ speed beat out a Taylor-made double play.  (Yeah, when I was young, I thought they meant Tony Taylor, not a tailor.)  Even Garcia looked good in his at bat until he was frozen by a hanging curve that dropped into the top of the strike zone.

Joyce made a great diving catch in the third and doubled a runner off first.  Then homered in the bottom half of the inning.

Monday.  Their second loss.  Wheeler was okay.  Bohm made a great charge, bare-hand, and throw on a soft chop off Vlad’s bat to help end a first inning jam.  He was better in the second logging 2 Ks after a leadoff walk.  Medina was very good, retiring the side on 7 pitches (6 strikes).  One, George Springer’s routine grounder to Bohm and another a sharp line drive to Herrera.  Falter gave up a leadoff HR on a 1-2 pitch that he got a little less in than he wanted.  He followed that with strikeouts of Vlad and Biggio.  Joe eventually rolled the inning after another run scored.  Damon Jones worked around a leadoff walk.  (Note: I thought that Wheeler, Falter, and Jones were getting squeezed a little.) Sanchez gave up a double on an 0-1 pitch and avoided the strike zone like he owed it money (Sorry, if you saw me use that on twitter, I liked it).  He only threw 3 more strikes as he forced in two runs.  Joe rolled the inning without recording an out.

Darick Hall provided the offense with a 2-run double that landed on the warning track in RCF.  Herrera had lined a single to right and Chatham had walked to set the stage for Hall.  Haseley singled later in the inning and aggressively took second when Dusty held Hall at third and the throw went through to the plate.

Bohm had a busy day at third and made all the plays, both the difficult and the routine.  We will never confuse him with Mike Schmidt or Brooks Robinson, but his hard work has paid off.  He’s making plays that a lot probably thought he couldn’t make.  Because of his size, he’ll probably always be (or look) a half-step slow.  And, sometimes it seems like he takes an extra beat to unwind and throw to first.  But, I still think that he’s good enough to provide average defense as his floor.

There was a ball hit hard down the line to start the bottom of the sixth when you would expect a “no doubles defense”.  I wonder why that would not have been deployed in a tie game in the bottom of the last inning.  Joe?

Oh, and if you did see Monday’s game on TV, did you notice all the people without masks?  A conservative estimate would be 70% not wearing masks.  I also learned after the game that most of the ushers refused to police the situation.  They are mostly imports from up north.  By contrast, almost all fans wore masks in Dunedin.  Most of those who didn’t were wearing Phillies garb.  But, that would be expected since the fan base for Blue Jays’ games is from Canada, a country that won’t let Americans enter.  If you are reading this and are attending games in Florida, “WEAR YOUR MASK!”.

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  1. What a wonderful, interesting update! Enjoyed the humor and completeness. Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Apologies about a non-baseball post, but since Jim broached the topic … the attitude and unwillingness of so many Americans to wear a face mask in the midst of a global pandemic continues to astound me.

    I will now step off the soapbox.

    1. There may be some people who believe that wearing masks is as effective as putting up a cyclone fence to keep mosquitos out. Let’s be careful about opening up this discussion because it’s about a WHOLE LOT more than wearing masks, which don’t exactly enhance the flow of oxygen to the brain.

      1. Just STFU! One of MLB’s COVID-19 protocols for fans in the seats is that the fans wear a specific type of mask while in the stadium unless eating or drinking. So, just take your BS elsewhere.

        1. This isn’t about anyone’s COVID-19 beliefs or political stance, these are from the Phillies’ and Blue Jays’ sites –

          Face Coverings
          – All attendees age two years and older will be required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times on the ballpark property other than when actively eating or drinking at their ticketed seats.

          Blue Jays:
          – Masks are required for all guests (age 2 and up) at all times, other than when actively eating or drinking in your seats.
          – At this time, based on guidance from health authorities, neck gaiters, face shields, open-chin triangle bandanas and face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind are NOT acceptable face coverings.
          – Fans who do not comply with the face covering policy may be required to leave TD Ballpark.

          Doesn’t matter what “some people believe”. I repeat, just “WEAR YOUR MASK!”

    2. It’s Jim’s site and he’s more than entitled to his opinions on COVID.. As for the rest of us we stay out of COVID declarations and politics… So maybe burn that soapbox…

        1. I know you’ve had some opinions on tourists who come to Florida who don’t wear masks while out in public. That’s fine..The MLB stadium protocols is another matter of which bak25 was not commenting on… That was my point of which we’ve all done a pretty good job of steering clear of..

        2. Well said, Jim.

          I’ve noticed the same thing here in OK when we had baseball last summer (college league at the AA stadium). Rules were simple – when at your seat, wear a mask unless you’re eating or drinking, sit with family or leave a row and seats between you.

          Very few people listened to that. It’s a shame there are people who think they are above the rules.

          They probably don’t wear a seatbelt or stop a red light because they think they’re being controlled.

  3. Bummer that AAA has been delayed. I hope the AAA/AA/A/etc seasons happen

    It’s sad to see states taking away all restrictions because of a slight dip in numbers. The drop has plateaued

  4. Thanks Jim and I couldn’t agree more on mask wearing. Makes no sense to me how it became political. Everyone needs to get their shots quickly, and avoid Texas.
    From the games, encouraging so far on Bohm’s defense and Haseley’s overall play.

  5. Herrera’s emotive apology for his ‘mistake’ two years ago, after the game, was very affecting.
    From first appearances, he does not seem like the same guy from the past.
    In fact in yesterday’s game, at the plate, the hit, the steal and the right field dive catch, evoked no ‘sophomore’ celebratory response as was his past custom
    Maybe the fans will see a better Odubel.

    1. Agreed. He seemed very different and came across as a much more mature and changed man. I hope he is and can resurrect his career and life. He had a ton of talent – far more than most major leaguers

    2. Love to see it. As someone who has spent a lot of time around many young men some mature for their age some not I’ve almost always been rewarded years later to see them or hear from them in a way I never expected

      A few weeks ago at my gym I ran into my 14 y/o legion SS. Now 28. This was a kid I thought would never get it. Mostly disrespectful loads of talent very intelligent but just wouldn’t play for anyone but himself.

      I don’t need to detail the conversation other then to say it brought me to tears when it ended with thanks for putting up with me.

      1. Yeah DMAR… that is amazing and heart-warming when someone can do that.

        We have seen it first hand on this site……look how many times rocco has been banned….and come back, but now he is a repentant man! 🙂

  6. I agree about keeping our views of COVID out of the conversations. But, I am so for and against masks, and for and against going into public, and not afraid and scared out of my jock about the virus.

    So, I stay home and will be very safe watching and listening to ball games and reading Jim’s site, which is a great way to connect to the outside world.

  7. lol, caring about the first 3 games like they matter. Just stay healthy. That’s all that matters at this poing.

  8. It seems pretty clear the line has been drawn at … wearing a mask.

    BTW, equating having all citizens wear a mask to prevent the spread of an airborne virus to forcing identification on victims of a genocide is beyond ridiculous.

  9. The discussions on this site are, for the most part, intelligent and lively. We all come from different backgrounds, different places, and have differing opinions. We all share an interest in the development of future ball players for our Phillies. On numerous occasions over the years I’ve changed my opinion on certain players based on comments here. Covid has impacted all of us in different ways but….if someone past a certain age wants to wear a rock tee shirt, or a hat featuring a politician I may think they look silly, but they don’t have the potential to hurt anyone. Not wearing a mask can have life altering consequences for those you are around. Enjoy the ballgame but WEAR A MASK. It’s not a political statement – it’s thoughtfulness and common sense.

  10. Please take off the tinfoil hat.

    I’m here for baseball not to hear someone’s paranoia about how the government is trying to control us

  11. If you’re worried about control, you should avoid the internet. I am not being facetious. Simply accessing the internet and using a website puts more information out there than you can possibly comprehend. It’d be way easier for the government to control you via what they know about you than to try enforcing a mask mandate. Same goes for your phone. Oh, and you should stop paying taxes.

    But something tells me that you aren’t so worried about it that you’d give up modern convenience; only inconvenience. Feel free to prove me wrong, though.

    1. Amen, Dan.

      And throw away that smart tv and lap top as well. Theyre watching you!

  12. This conversation needs to get back on track. The Phils are on tv today and tomorrow so I’m looking forward to watching them. We’ll get our first look at Moore and Anderson plus get to see Spencer back out on the mound.
    Bradley ended up signing for 2/$24M so good for him but I’m glad we didn’t wait for him because that’s more than we could have paid him.

    1. And besides watching some of the new young guys and vets… is the US Army’s favorite day of the year….March Forth

    2. Well, if we’re looking for redemption stories we’ve got a handful that could be starting right now;

      Doobie and Jetpax both homered, Moore and Vinny both pitched two clean innings.

      I’m not putting any stock in it just yet, but even just one of those storylines playing out over the course of this season would be huge for us.

      It’s also interesting that Kingery is in CF over Herrera. Wonder if that trend continues should the latter make his way back on to the team.

  13. Has anyone seen any information on how states & localities are coming up with the figures for how many in-person fans they allow into MLB stadiums? We see and hear a lot of data for other COVID precautions but nothing on what their using to determine the size of in-person sports crowds. The Phillies are using an approximate 20% capacity number. Seems a little low but I’ll take it. Scuttlebutt in CA will only allow 5% without any transparency from the state and local governments how they came up with that percentage…Hopefully not true or just a first pass at getting to a number. Any information would be appreciated..

  14. Agree, Rafe. These same people no doubt agree that it was correct to forcibly put a couple of hundred thousand Japanese-Americans in “internment” camps in the middle of nowhere USA at the beginning of WW2 and keep them there for almost four years. Afterall, that was during a “national emergency.” The constitution is needed most in times like these, not thrown away at somebody’s convenience. Funny that the USA was also fighting Germany and Italy but German-Americans and Italian-Americans weren’t put in “internment: camps.

    1. Again, how is asking an entire population of people to wear masks in the midst of an airborne virus pandemic at all analogous to targeting and sequestering a specific ethnicity? Who is being threatened with internment? If you don’t want to wear a mask at a baseball game, just don’t go to the baseball game. Please stop with the straw men.

      1. No straw men. I am talking about excessive government powers by would be dictators in the mayor and governor offices around the country. Closing down or virtually shutting down entire businesses for MONTHS, and going on now for a full year. Putting everything people have worked for in jeopardy. Threatening people with arrest for not wearing a mask while turning a blind eye to looters and rioters and in fact pretty much encouraging people to do just that. But God forbid you should have your restaurant at 21% capacity rather than 20%.

        This is how excessive goernment power gets started. The #1 reason the United States was even started was for individual personal liberty. Unfortuantely too many people just want bread and circuses. Read what Martin Niemoller had to say. Still very relevant today.

        1. Penalties for not wearing a mask are no greater than those for not wearing a seatbelt.

          The initial equivalency compared requiring masks to Nazi identification of Jews, then to internment of Japanese. I don’t know why we’re now talking about businesses being shut down during the pandemic, which wasn’t part of the discussion.

          LMAO blind eye to *protesters. Local police and the National Guard brought out all their finest SWAT gear for the summer protests. (They must have been at the cleaners on Jan. 6).

          I’m not familiar with Martin Niemoller. (Thanks for the reference, I will check it out more deeply). However, I do find that his “First they came…” poem starts with the fact that Nazis targeted Socialists and Unions first (sounds familiar).

          Look, I’ve been coming to this site for 13 freaking years. I don’t want to have these discussions here. There are just some statements being made that I find to be incredibly irresponsible and illogical. There is a once-in-a-century pandemic happening, and government is doing what it can to prevent its spread. It’s not trying to take civil liberties away.

          I’m not going to continue a back-and-forth. I will instead focus my energy on Luis Garcia’s breakout, Bryson Stott’s ascendance and Francisco Morales’ meteoric rise through the system when he is moved to the bullpen this season.

    2. NL, An interesting bit of history. In WWII there were prisoner or war camps in central Delaware. The POWs were German. They were hired out to work as laborers on local farms. They also were given considerable freedom, perhaps because there were of no danger of flight. That freedom included going into the town of Dover to the movie theater. In the theater, they sat on the main level, along with all the white customers. Black Americans, however, were segregated into the gallery. Imagine, American citizens treated worse that enemies who had taken up arms against our country. The Germans were so well treated that some, after the war, emigrated to the US.

  15. Your assertion that all diseases “originate from within our terrain” falls apart the second you pay attention to the SPREAD OF DISEASES. If that were true, how do diseases spread? Or are you also claiming that the flu, the common cold, et al. also don’t exist? If you are around a person with a cold, you have a solid chance of also catching it. Almost like there’s an outside factor that causes these bodily reactions.

    Secondly, viruses are NOT invisible. They’re small. That’s why you can literally find pictures of what viruses look like. Did you actually not go to biology class? Because it was part of our curriculum to use microscopes to look at things that are smaller than we can observe with the naked eye. Are you also doubting the existence of cells? If so, you’re genuinely less educated than people from the 1700s. We’ve legitimately had the means to observe things this small since the 1600s (1665 is when Hooke discovered cells).

    You are right about one thing; masks do not prevent diseases. They prevent the SPREAD of diseases. It’s not 100% effective at that, either, but it is INFINITELY better than not wearing one. It’s also mildly inconvenient at WORSE. So what you’re arguing is that you care so little about others that you aren’t willing to be mildly inconvenienced for a chance to prevent their possible deaths. Are you actually that self-absorbed? Even if you’re right, what’s the downside? You are allowed to make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Even if you say yes to wearing a mask, you can still say no to forced labor camps or whatever else you ridiculously think this is a gateway to.

    Finally, I think it is remarkably hilarious (and unbelievably ironic) that you both say that “invisible bugs” aren’t real, but you invoked God’s name in the same breath. I 100% support your right to believe in whatever deity you choose. I, personally, was raised as a Roman Catholic, and my parents are devout and active in the Church to this day (in socially distant ways, currently). I am not here to say there is no God. What I AM here to say is that there is literally no tangible proof of God, and there IS tangible proof of viruses. So placing your belief in God but not in verifiable facts is absurd. Hell, feel free to take it a step further: God gave us the ability to discover these things. We have. Trust in God’s plan that scientists were created in order to lead us to better lives. You know, like how vaccines effectively eradicated Polio, measles, etc. (and yet now they’re making a comeback since people are avoiding vaccines…) . And how the Bubonic plague never went away, but science has allowed us to cure it. Doctors aren’t here to make your lives worse. The first thing they do, in fact, is to take an oath to do no harm. If they cause harm, they open themselves up to liability. If you can prove that doctors are pushing a narrative and that viruses aren’t real, then vaccines are malpractice. You should sue all the doctors who offer them. I look forward to hearing how your case goes. Make sure to update us.

  16. Baseball talk, please.
    Bohm bombed one today. Plus good at bats by Chatham and Maton after early no doubt homers by Kingery and Odubel. The Yanks sent a true B team today and the Phils easily handled them. Moniak just homered also. Nice hitting. So much fun!

    1. I’m rooting for Odubel to keep his head down and work. That HR today was crazy, not the worst pitch in the world, but Odubel didn’t over swing and the ball jumped off his bat. The Phillies have a club option for 2022, so if he wants the money, he needs to perform.

      1. By the time he got to 2018 and 2019 Odubel, the person, was really a wreck.

        But Odubel the baseball player was extremely talented. He always had the ability to be a top 50 player in baseball. He had (or maybe still has) that much talent.

        I mean, one year, in response to criticism that he didn’t walk enough, he just decided out of the blue to exercise plate discipline and he was leading the league in walks at some point. Let me explain this – almost nobody has the ability to just “turn on” plate discipline (as Jimmy Rollins showed time and again) – only an elite baseball talent could do that. His eye-hand coordination was also insane – he would drive pitches he had no right even hitting in the first place.

        If we get the player Odubel always could have been, look out. And kudos to the organization for giving him a shot to apologize again and see if he can come back.

    2. Moniak looks like he bulked up during the offseason. With no DH, there’s a chance he could make the team as a reserve.

      1. Herrera, Kingery, Velasquez all playing great right now and all in very good shape…Trader Dave must be salivating right about now and hoping they continue this way for another 3 or 4 weeks

          1. Denny…as Gus, the second-most famous ground hog from PA says, ….”keep on scratchin’!

        1. For the rotation, Wheeler, Nola, Eflin are locks. Moore is more or less a lock unless he implodes. VV will be given every opportunity to take the last spot. VV is not a consistent reliever and the Phillies didn’t give him $4M to send him to the minors (though I’m not sure if he has options left). Unless somebody gets hurt, Spencer Howard is starting at AAA I think. Now if somebody is willing to give a decent reliever for VV (which I doubt), VV is sticking around for 1 more year.

          Kingery is not going anywhere. He’s making peanuts and he’ll be depth for the infield and outfield.

          Herrera is also not going anywhere. He’s still owed $15M (including buyouts). Nobody is trading for that, unless the Phillies just want to dump his salary and get pennies on the dollar.

          On a normal roster configuration, there are 5 OFs. Cutch, Haseley, Harper are the starters. So it’s going to come down to Herrera, Moniak, Quinn for 2 spots. It’s going to be interesting.

          1. As for Kingery… I said in earlier posts…if Friedman cannot find the right player to replace Kiki’s versatility, then Kingery would be the perfect fit for them.
            He could come a calling.
            Plus, there is a reason Dave D. traded for his former draft pick while in Boston, Chatham.
            Then there are both Williams and Maton, who appears will be given every opportunity to prove what they can do….and all three are inexpensive and all 24 or older, so they are about ready ….and all three can play numerous positions.

          2. You forgot Joyce and he’s making the team. Herrera is fighting Quinn for a spot and Quinn could be traded as he has no options left, plus they’ll need a 40 spot for Joyce.
            Vinnie is not being traded as he will be their long man and 6th starter. Neither Moore nor Anderson pitch deep into games so Vinnie could get a 3 inning stint once every rotation turn. Kingery won’t be traded unless the Phils think he can’t rebound, they don’t want him to blossom elsewhere.

            1. I have come to see how Trader Dave performs and operates, if he can find a way to mold a WS team, as soon as possible, and has the trade chips available …he will not hesitate to do so.
              In fact, three months in now, he may be getting a little closer to his first block buster.

  17. Hope we get a new post about how jazzed Jim is now that the Phillies won 2 in a row.

  18. Thanks to the people actually discussing the Phillies and not being a qanon outlet.

    Moniak looks buffed up. Not sure he is anything more than a 4th OF tho. Would love to be wrong…

    1. The Phillies definitely have interesting outfield decisions to make. Cutch and Harper are shoe-ins. That leaves Kingery, Haseley, Odubel, Mickey Mo, Roman Quinn, Joyce and Bamboo Brad fighting for the fourth and fifth spot.

      If my often failing math is right, that’s seven players all with a healthy claim fighting for a spot.

      I’m going to assume that Odubel becomes the player we all wanted him to be and takes centerfield. Now, we’re down to six players fighting for two one or two bench spots. Who gets them?

      Each has a case. Kingery still has the potential to be Scotty Jetpax and maybe last season was stolen by COVID. Haseley looks good all around, but maybe just a fourth outfielder. Mickey Mo has filled out. Can he be the guy who deserved his 1-1 status? Quinn has super speed, which might be enough to get him a bench job. Joyce has a chance. Bamboo, like JetPax, can play all over, though maybe not as well defensively as JetPax.

      The answer to who gets what jobs might have as much to do with what Dombrowski can get in a trade as anything else.

  19. I happy to see some of the Herrera comments on here. I’m getting crushed on Twitter for saying he’s paid his due and deserves a second shot (when I say that I mean he serves his suspension). Personally I’m rooting for a nice comeback story for him and his family (him changing benefits those people more than anyone else).
    Btw imagine throwing 2015 or 2016 Herrera into this line up . . .

  20. It’s a shame to hear that Haseley is hurt and will be it a month. It might open a spot for Herrera. However, due to multiple factors, my guess is that Herrera starts the year at AAA, forming an OF with MM and Jankowski, and that Chatham or Maton, both on the 40, will get to start the year on the 26 with Kingery and Quinn playing CF. This will give Herrera more time to show he’s a new man before they invest a 40 spot in him. Haseley’s IL 40 spot could go to Watson and save them some time before releasing or trading a young pitcher from the 40. Joyce and Kintzler will need 40 spots also with Rendon a remote possibility. All that said, I feel really bad for Haseley who will have to start behind again once he comes back in April.

    1. Two years in a row now….last August left wrist sprain and now the groin.
      Hope he is not developing a Romanitis Syndrome.

    2. Yeah, definitely disheartening for Haseley. But I have to imagine this helps Moniak more than anyone. Like Chatham and Maton, he’s also on the 40. Unlike those two, he’s actually an outfielder and a CF to boot. Nick has never played the OF in professional ball, and CJ has 12 innings in the OF in the Arizona League. I’m a believer in their defensive abilities, so I definitely think they could learn it fairly quickly. But if you need an OF you’re going with Mickey and letting them learn in the minors rather than having them have to adjust to both MLB pitchers AND a new position simultaneously.

      All that being said, I’m fairly certain the inside track for our OF depth belongs to Kingery and Quinn. If (when?) Quinn gets hurt, then this will be a much more vital conversation.

      1. So where do you see Odubel…especially if he continues what he is doing thru the spring?

          1. I just can’t see the trade bait idea. That would mean another team is bringing in a player w his past, I feel like those optics would be bad. Think it’s slightly different for the Phillies being that he’s been with them since 15.

            1. Eric D…I do see one team that may take him…that would be his original team and Jon Daniels as the GM…Rangers. He was in their system for 6 1/2 years from his beginning in pro ball, so they know a little about him.
              However,,,,more than likely…you get little in return.
              Not sure when MLB will open up the international money line for trade again……but if it happens I would try to get at least maybe $500 to $750K on that credit line.

            2. Here’s the scenario I mentioned the other day: if none of Haseley, Kingery, Quinn, or Moniak look ready to be the GUY in CF this season (and so far, they all look pretty good), DD flips Odubel to the Rays for Kevin Kiermaier (who is overpaid). There are few fans in Tampa who pay that much attention to the Rays, let alone Odubel and his history. And Tampa would save ~13M as a result of the swap. Saving money is always a big thing for the Rays.

            3. Hinkie…yes I remember you mentioned that a few weeks ago…that is another possibility where he could go if Dave Dombrowski decides to move him.
              And Kevin K. strengthens the up the middle defense .

        1. I want the best players on the team. If its Odubel I am fine with that. If MM is going to break out I’m fine with that. I like the bamboo on the bench. On my team Quinn is the odd man out. Kingery has to produce this year as other players are starting to come into focus. Jankowski, haven’t seen enough of him yet. Cutch is a given unless DD trades him away, which is always a possibility.

        2. He’ll go to AAA and play every day. Remember, he hasn’t played in 2 years. If he plays well and handles himself correctly, I think he ends up back in the majors mid season. You want him to be tested first and better to do that in the minors.

          1. With Hasley being injured, there’s probably a better then 50 percent chance Odubel makes the squad.

            1. I’ll take that bet. The 40 spots are valuable and Haseley will be back in late April

  21. The Inky suggests Odubel mqy be the leader in the race for starting centerfielder. I think he’ll get a fair chance and will be the starter next month.

    Meanwhile, two interesting tidbits. He made his press comments the other day in English, a break from his past practice. This might show the new maturity and playing to the fans. He also forgot his Number 37 jersey on Saturday and had to play the game wearing Number 93. So, mature or not, Odubel still might be an airhead.

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